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Ep. #549: Jenna Ellis, Caitlin Flanagan

2020-11-13 | 🔗

Bill’s guests are Jenna Ellis, Caitlin Flanagan and Max Brooks. (Originally aired 11/13/20)

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Welcome to each year, podcast from the HBO late real time.
Thank you very much space. What everybody lies in Greece, we ourselves were knows branded the disease in here right. We are safer than in this place. That's our motto here,
the way we have one more show. After this we have the issue we have been on. This can happen now and then one That's the end. What a year boy while started with the flu? with a coup. Oh, my god, I mean people notice, you know, there's like five stages of grief after a long you, everyone knows this denial, anger, bargaining, depression except
I don't want to name names with somebody seem stuck on the first two, because this has been the most drawn out transitions in Caitlin Jenner, I mean shrunk by. We thought it was. A russian plant turns out he's an irish relative. This guy reminds me of the member, the movie, the six cents, member, that movie the main character, doesn't know he's dead. Really this place is this presidency was a bar is way past, closing time
We need that guy who goes to go home, but you can't stay here, but you know the president is making an interesting case for himself. He sang he's uncovered a conspiracy, a widespread conspiracy involving tens of millions of Americans voting for his opponent, really that's his cakes. His gaze is presently, if you don't count all those words for Biden. I won by a landslide that as much as I can leave and also the will of the people, the ruins the regions, but don't ever say these people, don't I mean the president has been sending out is a really Giuliani
whence it. That's. Life itself went to contest the vote in Pennsylvania. They said I was gonna, be at the four Seasons Philadelphia. It was at eight four seasons- total landscaping, I'm not joking about. I wish I was this- would make a great sketch. It was in a Fuckin home depot, we're gonna, bring out witnesses to the fraud, one of the witnesses to the voter fraud. Billina brought out, didn't even live in Pennsylvania and to be a sex offender with way when they offered him the job of Paul watcher. He thought they meant something Please don't think that, just because all this is going on, the president has the president because that Wednesday was veterans Day and Trump visited the tomb of the unknown soldier and accused him of voting illegal.
all right, we have again MAX first got she's staying here, legal advisor for the term twenty twenty campaign. Please welcome warmly Jenna Alice Jenna, you haven't you. Thank you for doing this. Can I call you Jonah absent my friends, call me Jonah. So, ok! Well, I hope referendum. We can have a honest conversation without looking points of view, the main principle I do admire you for coming on? This is a tough argument. You have they make. Would you acknowledge, while I think that argument were making? I appreciate you having me on because what all Americans should be concerned about is that every legal vote should count fairly and act. Thirdly- and this is about the future of our presidential elections in your agreeing with that, and I wish that German arguing under way, we have been talking boy there, the legal legal vote, no one is
testing the idea that we are not one wound legal votes. That's really, no! Writing biting his press conference last week. He said: what's count all votes, what he hasn't acknowledged, isn't he This account all legal votes. What he's warning is the weight ballots he's wanting all. these ballots from dead people from non residents all of us and has not come out in a whirlwind, our show every legal that we open with a show. Please please of a hand to my guest. I don't have to say: please give a hand to my guests who are sitting on the panel. We welcome the majority of that area. Gordon, certainly when someone says votes, we assume it means legal votes. But let me let me ask you today: the president was talking about the corona virus and he said when I I'm talk about that,
but in the middle of it, when he was talking about we're, not gonna, be going into a locked down. He said, hopefully, the whatever happens in the future. Who knows which admitted ministration it will be. I guess time will tell ok Utah to him on a daily basis. You know his minds that I have not heard this tones election day. What a twitter, A few days before was, I won this election by a lot. This seems to be a different tone. are you guys admitting that maybe you lost. I don't think it was a different tone at all, and I met with the president actually arrive before that press conference. I was in the oval office and again he is wanting to make sure just for his own election and but for every future election. That we know that we have free and fair elections in this country, and so I think that we do know hollow Jane we don't know that your own, I mean they don't know that, but we came at this juncture that we have evidence and we have a lawsuit
there are currently going on. We have recounts some recounts like in Georgia, with the margin that are so close is actually mandatory report. Your machines show being left out of court, I mean I'm sure I don't want to make. This intention is not all that. I'm just trying to prevent present what is the truth in what's going on in the courts and all in your own administration, the department of up, whenever this connected at the Department of Homeland Security. No, this is going to sound a new work and government. no now very gradually doubt actually down. I want to clarify that I don't work for the White House. I work for the campaign for the present directly sell all the people on who are saying, hey you work for me, some attack spare. Maybe they need to read my twitter profile a little more closely. Apologies! That's! Ok! Thanks Department of Homeland Security, that is the Government- yes, ok, they have a branch called the Cyber security and infrastructure security agency is what I'm trying to say it's getting very bureaucratic, but that's governments and by the way, that one reason
Why we love government? Why we're not a third world country quite yet is because we have people in place for people of goodwill from both parties who do a tough job, as this election was, and they did it brilliantly in Department of Homeland Security. Under these cyber security and infrastructure security agency. There is a group called elections, infrastructure, government, coordinating council. They came out too hey and said there was no no fraud. no evidence of fraud, the most the most. This is not of the most secure election in history. And five we learned wasn't appointing a Trump super loyalist. He would not fire the head of this already edgy. When he said this, when you lose Chad, Wolf, isn't it time to say? Maybe we lost this one,
it's not ashamed law? You know if we had said that if we had said that bill when everyone was telling Sidney power to stand down on Michael Flynn- and you know that the Russia collusion oaks and also impeachment and everything else, trumps where my health included. We have prevailed on all of those things and we have shown through the evidence and through the fight that we are willing to stand up against the deeps state of Israel and a just cause where we play. Where have we prevailed in Pennsylvania? We have actually recently we have. So Were you in Transylvania? We have. We have you have a court order. You have not given ground because you have not prevail down. I'm sorry, but this is you have more Europe relating to energy, we actually have so out and suitable now, you're switching states. If we can go back to consult Vienna, we have prevailed on two things, one
is that we have I've been meaningful access. Part of this, where we got a court order from a judge that said, because it's the long standing tradition that both Republicans and Democrats need to be able to observe. the ballots being counted that was not going on in Pennsylvania or Michigan of Kurdish. Slovenia said absolutely no, it was not. We actually have we. There are six hundred. Be two thousand ballots that were counted without meaning access from Republicans or teen tromp not build valley, what they say in those areas, even by repayable loans. You just Not sure- and we have no doubt that its six hundred eighty two thousand balladur, but that were counted without meaningful access to and so that there are no more than misjudging Pennsylvania, have you recently during the court that I am not aware of. These are living working women Could you what the judge in the Pennsylvania court said you were talking about?
Serbia's by the way. This whole idea that you need observers. There are always observers in elections. Do you think that either party would going? Do you think I'm a hearty hadn't thought of this before the election or why we should maybe I'm in our team in there looking at a balance? Of course, both parties have people who live in the room looking ballots. This is fair. Suddenly, ideally, observers judged. That extra bell know what you want the facts. We are not talking about extra observers, we're talking about meaningful access. If you have people in the room for a hundred feet away and they are not able to actually what's going on in there actually saying that there are or a ballots that are being manipulated that are counted twice, that are being change, that the signature matching some of the invalid serbian destroy these, we have over eleven thousand credible reports that are coming into our election hotline, notably that are Please front that, yes, I would ask you are yet
So again, they are undesirable, and that is what our law suits are trying to do, which is to begin underscoring traditional energy prices from your own, your own, homeland security, cyber security infrastructure agency. There is no evidence. any voting system deleted or lost votes change, roads or was in any way compromise. I will tell you what to do with the lawyer with the judge in Canada You said he was asking he said. Are you are your observers in the counting room, which is what you care about your planet there. Your own them seriously. Let me just show you can answer your Pain guy said: there's a non zero number of people in the room, I'm not making get up a non zero numbering, that's gotta be a new one, for why should meaning that there are people in the room
and then manageress diamond said, I am asking you as a member of the bar or people representing the plaintiffs in the room. Trump campaign, yes, judge die. and I'm sorry than what's your problem. What's going on. I know I will call you dig unknown number means that we could have one or two people in there, but you know that Pennsylvania that would they took the court order and they We will move up the election observers by six feet and then they moved back the ballot counters by sixty. If you have to people in the room from a hundred feet away, that's why the term meaningful act, the utter nor undergoing a hundred going away their marketing the biology or go there but that's exactly what I we are contesting. Would you not a word order and we want in pencil them, but what you and your boss, or are contending? not what your lawyers are even fighting in court here is the Trump campaign,
the lawyer in Arizona, Corey Lang, hovering this is not a fraud case. We are not alleging fraud. We are not saying any one is trying to steal the election and and let- and let me let me explain that so. Of course, that's one of your talking points and understand that what's going on in Arizona is that you had this, don't touch the green button wear if there was a problem with the machine that was being used, the the election officials were telling the voter to touch the green button, which is effectively canceled out. That is not fraud. That is a different problem in Arizona and we're alleging in Pennsylvania or Michigan or Georgia. So when you say we're not alleging fraud in your using that, as a talking point you or miss characterizing, what the attorney in Arizona set in your lying to Molly, by its very
point. It was a quote from your lawyer. It's a tardy quaintly, let's nor I want your audience to know the fact. In the truth, you invited me on to explain what team Trump is doing telling you you're miss characterizing that statement to apply it. Other lawsuits outside of Arizona in a way that does not apply in the context of what our lawyer set an error, that reactors should we are alleging flawed abroad. But we, our alleging fraud in in the other states Arizona is very specific to the green button. Let's move on, I see we're not going to come to a meeting of the merger let's move onto a more philosophical discussion of this, because the president himself has said leading up to the election repeatedly over
over again, the only way I lose is if its rigged. Is that your view also because it seems like if you have that view in your head, then you could not just accept that you might have laws. Can you accept that you might have lost? Of course we can accept that we might have a wife, so you think went to rest, the point of this Nobel, let me clarify is that we want every legal vote to count, there's always a winner and always a loser in every election the United States of America, what we want to make this one the loose. I always learn without that Iraq has not an end. Let me remind you that score in two thousand had. We had more time to contest this and having recounting simply one say that had a one, very narrow issue and it took thirty seven days for that.
To be resolved close. It was five hundred volunteers in a giant stay has and and Bell that with that was begun bushes about other issues here the issue here is that we have six hundred. Eighty two thousand votes in Pennsylvania alone that we have not been able to see how they were counted. We have reports of election fraud and irregularities across multiple states. There are seven states that don't you care about free invited, what do you got here, you care that, since two thousand voter fraud has been studied by me, many organisations, including conservative ones, like the Heritage Foundation, they found out voter fraud in person. Border fraud is not a it's just not a thing. Why doesn't have any kind of level that has ever had acted any vote and it hasn't on this? When aren't you aren't? Don't you aren't you a little bit ashamed of?
eugenic, wait a second how you're deliberating on people who worked so hard in the most difficult election in memory. They worked so hard Megan right. Unfair is so many things against. If they were working really hard for this than they would want to make sure that their states are certifying an accurate count? They should all be holding the public. Can you can't say that you can't say that for sure bill, don't You want to know that the that this election, and the result is an accurate count. Come on fraud is ok with you. Why do you think so? Many but on the right, including people like Rupert Murdoch, Carl Rove Irwin, the strong man of Turkey, the Pope, China, now congratulated Biden. Why have so many people come over to decide That's! Ok. America had a free and fair election workin. you letting the new guy, that's the way it works.
You'll win some lose some. Why well tenants definitely congratulating Joe Biden because they know they can control invasion Biden there's something. That's actually really needs to be looked at more readily. That, when a question guy you're, really, though you give China can gradually by there's, not a really good thing, a Bible, how we have always had contested elections through the legal channels through their recounts and just because we have the Pope, or somebody on media who is, can gradually putting Joe Biden. No states have yet certified their results and that's all We asking us to make sure that the the results that are certified are the legitimate count, and I think that that is absent, a fair and every American, should agree to that. Just like Al Gore further the democratic candidate did in two thousand are worst one question, I let you go again. I commend you for coming here and you got it, your face, like all you happy warriors, do I go to admire that so.
having somewhere, it's very defend the constitution. That's what it's about! So ok! So, but let's just for the final question, let secular truce error, my guess is if I gave you three zero metre yeah. I know Joe Biden was this one, but I'm with a group of people who just leave the did the ideas the Democrats have are so dangerous for America. I think this is what you believe that we just can't let them take over, and so what ever we have to do now Trump tweeted out a retweeted Jon Jon Voight's tweet the other day, which said this is now our greatest fight since the civil war, the battle of righteousness versus Satan, which I guess, makes five and Satan. and then he continued yes Satan, because these left this or evil
I know, you're mad Angelica. Do you believe Biden is Satan? Do you believe leftists are evil? Do you believe you that it's ok to do anything to prevent them from taking up anything now I am uneven geological, I'm an outspoken Christian and I believe that we have a country that has a rule of law rather than rulers and that's what we're defending. I campaigned very aggressively and very hard for President term, because I believe that the american people should have re elected him for former years, but that was the campaign on November. Third, the people cast their ballot and what I'm fighting for now is to make sure to protect the american system which require, there's that every legal vote be counted fairly and accurately. I believe in our system, the separation of powers and that the judicial branch at the end of the day needs to intervene to make sure that whoever is declared the winner is the legitimate fair winner, just like in baseball, umpire passed a call balls
Strikes fairly, I am and gradually fighting where election integrity Trump got the right girl over job. Thank you very much. I appreciated dinner hour. I found a somewhat different discussion. He is a fellow Othello, hey Fellow, at both the Atlantic Council and the Modern WAR Institute, an author of the novel, diva Lucian MAX Brooks easier and Diana Jesus ever under the Atlantic and author of Girl and Caitlin Land again, whose backwardness thoughts on general. What well did for first off what are what lovely interview with the black night from Monday Python,
the Holy GRAIL me. That literally, was that seed, your arms off? What is interesting is I have a real, though I have to correct around something, though, when Janni said that we have this precedent of taking a very long time because of Gore Bush Harry Lippman pointed out this week that the nine Eleven commission, one of the things that it bad, but that is just a factor to consider and nine eleven was that there was not a new president being read and discordant briefings for much longer than usual and that this period of transition- it's not just about hiring people and its not just about decorating the oval on this very important things are being postponed world. Has this lunatic procurable again broken since the supposition. That Biden is actually going to stand there on January twenty, and I still don't it could happen, what I'm sayin. hurry. I've been using the term slow, moving coup in the shouts and look before the last election was over,
And finally, I heard somebody else say it very much. every this week that we are watching a slow moving Trump coup to defy the Biden election believe you are eyes now. Maybe this won't come to pass, but you know we terminated him as president. We didn't know him as a narcissist. You cannot break up with a narcissist I've read about. We know from Michael Cohen's book that that troubles spent all his life just having these aggressive lost about ridiculous? I was one of them: go to spread like a hundred grand in court to defend the fuckin ape the right and he will go on and on and on about these than it pisses me off that there is no repercussions for reform. it was a lawsuit. It's like take. Your shot, If you don't get it, no harm no fell same as this there.
we're gonna precautions for trying this shit. Why just be able to like. Oh, I try to steal their election and, if I can't well had been there might be from his philosophical point of view, we have to remember that Trump is a dishonourable man in a system that operated on the honor code yes, and so a lot of things were not done simply because they were not done hose trump, and that's why That is why we have laws laws take over we're personal morality ends and so, therefore, a lot of things that we're just not right we'll have to be illegal in the post from parliament. But again I don't think we're at the end of this process, just because he sounded a little of she denied it a little more conciliatory. I think first he's firstly tried to stop people from voting altogether. You know votes oppression that didn't work. Then you go to the courts. If that doesn't work
then you go. I've said this: we go to the electoral college. The state legislators are in the hands of Republicans. They actually pick the electors. If that doesn't work, you got the Supreme Court and then, of course, we have to talk about the purge at the Penn well ass step, if you can, if you can't get it any other way, is the military is very this year, to me that he is getting rid of the top people. He fired the defence secretary and the three guys under him you. This is what coups do they put people in place when you need them twice place, you're a military, and I can tell you that and crews happen. This is the difference wet for successful coup to happen. You need to have people in place who act really are not just loyal to you, but have the loyalty of the people under them. so. These loyal is he's. Put in place are great, a consummate fuck ups, who don't know what they're doing
and have no loyalty from the military you just in the military. You take orders from the fuck up above you right, even if he is in fact, but these are really an aim thing in the military is I got to do with the flag up above me. Cite. Remember that you frank in that, and that is a good point, because the zero civilians. As far as the uniform services Mark Milly, chairman of the Joint Chiefs, was very very clear and I was actually I was in a conference once we're Milly turned the cameras off cuz he doesn't screw around when it comes to the press. He said I do not want a sound bite taken out of context and spy for a political and a grand. You brought him up because, if he's the next to go, we're in trouble The head of the joint chiefs- he said, I think his quote- was didn't belong here when trumpeted that thing worry, he emptied Lafayette Park and you brought out the military
so that couldn't have gone over well with trap, and he said the military as we ve. Always nice should only be a last resort. It should not involve in personal polytechnic shouldn't be used against your own people. Isn't there you're an idea, but if we start, if I see a purge of generals, even colonels, because that's what happens, I've seen it in other countries. We What about it? That's when you know you're in trouble because they're getting Stalin, did it getting rid of the officer corps that doesn't agree with you and leave, and we know the military has this super christian element and, as I mean Jane and ending about avenge eloquence, lovely people she's one, but there is a big connection more than we thought between Trump and the evangelist goes. I would say, because they are gullible people their use to believing a bunch of nonsense and now Q and Non come
along and Donald Trump DAS and novel leaving this none then said he I feel like Trump is using this christian arm now about the half theory of the case, for these Republicans is that democrats of organised a swat team of poor workers and that their highly organized these ever met a pull worker I mean, and it's a hugely important job. My mother would do it every four years. This is not an elite fighting force that can like screw up an entire election because they have a heart of assassins, therefore disappointed disorganized, their small time too doing their job, they believe in their job, and it's really wrong too, to bring their work and their service into the kind. Of course. They did incredible, dried it. It's like the one further in our country that kid is broken. You know doing about the corona via originally fucked up every other thing. This one. We got right, the bureaucrats,
Could I just leagues again, if you don't think it's possible, might palm peo? I thought he was a regular republic and not my type, a guy, but were expecting a smooth transition to the second Trump administration. This is our secretary of state. This is days after the election. Peter Navarro. What is something big and the White House, he said were proceeding under the assumption that there be a second Trump Administration, Newt Gingrich call what's going on a left wing power grab otherwise known as an election, yes Connell. I mean we showed much more colonel. Do this with Merrick Garland. We watch that when you really wouldn't which Mcconnell couldn't he wouldn't, but he did so. Are we sure,
the wooden couldn't well. What you said, I think, is very telling, because the people that I have spoken to international security and homeland security think that, while it you never want to say that thing? Whatever happened, you know what to say that a coup would never happen. Special, the age of tromp, the danger right now. The real danger that we're facing is homegrown insurgency, because us think about this is the first time since the nineties, when militia enlistment, has gone up during a republic in administration. It always goes up during Democrats down during Republicans during a sharp meaning, meaning any sort of armed government antigovernment group any armed in government in surgery, clearly not a government Granada, not these are just guys in the way. These are the Timothy make measure guys playing army in the work of other more than we lay ever more powerful. There were there more than how I know, they're, not official, and I'm not just out or not camouflage
They go in the yes, these are militias of these and other meant. You say, militia bits Andrea at I dont mean Delicious seventy six, but to try corns or anything. No, I mean there's another guys who get and get laid, who are playing in the woods, okay and a lot more than they have guns. Well, that's the threat is when we think to ourselves or God what if there is a cool? What are we gonna do? Do we do peaceful demonstrations a general strike while they have a plan if they feel like this government has been stolen and they're all that's left. They have their aid, our fifteen and they have planned Possibly for the next Oklahoma, safe said it then they have set it. We saw this with the attempted kidnapping of the governor admission. I must go back to John Void and say you doing if, yes, because he speaks for a lot of people, if you think that
They are Satan. Yes and again, this is a big part of cuban yes, which is now a big part of the republican belief system. if you believe that the other side are pedophile ring baby eaters, blood of babies, which I think is an, I think A lot is good, but the baby I didn't get straight push the baby around. I never knew how to cause of Zion. I think it's a very anti semitic trope that there also working into that that Miriam is always an area where we can never. It's, like probably never heard, to throw a little note. What, whenever a bell ring, is not always gets his way, it's always a little, but there is a mega march this weekend. Is it tomorrow that it starts? They know they don't have permits, but they're, calling it the million mega Margie expecting fifty thousand people a gun.
his estimates, but but say it is a million I mean this is in the city of Washington DC a black city. There's gonna be counter marches and good. Maybe maybe it's good that these people get as Nepal, they called it a whiff of the grape shot, because I'm putting my money on black lives matter on this. I just think they're harder and harder and harder people. I just do. I think that the proud boys are gonna, be the pants boy.
If this comes to this, because they like black, hawk down for them there in there and they came to a wise, their sorry. They gave well vanilla max and I will start with the kids of world war. Two. That's my father's blown Patty, ok! So it's like for the first time in our lives, our country needs us and we need to stand together. Even if the elections clause stand behind the winner we need to and on our side we need to start being far more generous about people who have supported Trump and not keep these lists and start saying that we're gonna start making a bigger tent we're going to start working across the aisle, because we cannot go on like this. play that's, I'm going to get tonight at the end of this week, but right now I just want to say election day always brings not just the winners, the big winners, but here in California. First we are the king of the proposition. We kind of
Ben did this in America were rather proud of it, although its I hated every year because ridding the voter guide takes me ten hours, but we like our propositions and its court, all around the country and the region now one from a lot of different states. Would you like to hear some of the state from the proposition that we're on ballots around the country, for example, of Florida, has passed proposition? Seven that makes it illegal to keep your shotgun and crystal in the same group? That's that's gotta Reagan, my home state of New Jersey, pests, proper eleven. This is good, establishes contact racing for those exposed to the cast a Jersey sure they went California impasse prop. Eighteen requires real house Five to recycle their old faces.
North Dakota voted on Prob twelve, which officially changes the stage name to the real Dakota a Portland Portland Oregon. They pass measure fifteen, which place replaces the city's police department with due to play ultimate there has been an taxes, has dropped to all decisions now about whether to have a baby are private between the doktor and the slut. But what were you saying before I had to do my bit? You know those they get to that would have Bernie Sanders was the. Can I mean if they were this? Not about centrist old
sleepy Joan, but they are not afraid of fleet the jail. I mean we all have to accept that for very good reason and everybody watch that murder. In almost eight minutes on television, the whole country rose up and there and following that there were a hundred days of violence and I think there was even though that was a tiny proportion of the Democratic Party electorate any that was inspired by the most important cause. We can imagine, I think they are being vat. I think when they say evil. I think they're seeing that, and then not really understanding that shows that guy, you know, he's been raging across the aisle they deaf later when he won by slightly. You know it was a certain victory, but but you know when you look at the margins again, we all know the posters were wrong. We thought it was going to be a much bigger victory. He won by sea and we know the words. The country looked a trump for four years and even
by God, more than Hilary first, what does not say that maybe we're not a sexist and we thought I mean it really doesn't seem to be that oh Hilary As a woman, we wouldn't vote for her. They voted for Biden by this much more after Trump fucked up for that long. but you know that is how you defeat and insurgents that you do not do it with street violence, because every insurgent you kill you make another hundred, and this is exactly what my dad did in World WAR two. He hunted what was called werewolves, which were nazis when the Reich fell, went into the hills, vowed to fight the allies for a hundred years, and you know how we do it. That insurgency we rebuilt, Germany rose guys came back out of here. I agree with you. I got a job for you and if we want to defuse this home grown insurgency agree, we have to govern well. In fact, if you look at the U S military counterinsurgency manual, peel away the tactical layers, it's just a handbook for good government, but here too
we need a Marshall plan for West Virginia. Ok, you to modulate well nobody's, because this is what we ve been talking about. Ever since I've been on the show, globalization has ripped half the heart out of this country, and automation is gonna rip half the other, part of it, and if we don't get a handle on this, if we don't start your governed by what effects the most Americans, then we will lose it and in four years now that I made it through them. I mean the Democrats lost their base of especially whitewash working class voter Armani, Ronald Reagan. Right I mean the Irish were never Republicans in this country. Hotel right Reagan came along and they gave the white working class. The Democrats have the policies that have you no support the safety net and that the working class really need but socially were very, very different and its terrible. It's terrible is heartbreaking for the Democratic Party to have lost any of the working classes
here's the kind of drum I mean? I guess I agree. You don't want to further alienate the republican base, the republican voter. On the other hand, the republican leadership so has the whip hand and how power comes about in this country, and if we get back a little of it with Biden, I think no indeed to do this, but you need to when you have a little this power, especially since things are so stacked against with the electoral college. The way it is there and send it to senators for from the fuckin decoders They have how many people love forty million and cope with these structural. Did you have to get back power which means backing the court which means adding Porter Rico as estate. You have to
do those moods. How do they shone with merit garland and now this and everything else drop is done. They are no conscience about power. We need to get back power, we're like the deer. nor were they have us not Jack Lane russian roulette. We gotta get more bullets in the garden, but the best way to do that is to understand how did Trump get elected, because every fanatic, no matter Nazis communist Taliban. There always starts with the Kurds of a legitimate concern for and what are those legitimate concerns, because people who voted for some of us are tromp absolute. My auntie, loving Yonkers New York voted for Trump yeah she's, not offend right. Why? So? We can fix these problems because there are issues we all agree on right. We none of us want, illegal immigration? We just want to treat illegal immigrants like animals in cages.
Yes, but I mean Democrats did a lot of things during the libraries I mean they made it sound like one come on, come all right and you get free healthcare, one that they want to give There were certain elements of our party did said. We want to give prisoners the right to vote in preparation. Why is it so? It will be nice, though, if I can just vanished if we got back to a place where we didn't have to operate all the time by this is what Donald Trump things, and now we have to react to that as opposed to just watch true or not right, Donald from thinks it. It was the election people our age, this bizarre that Donald Trump, it's a joke, is all right. He was able to do
the controls, are thinking you everything we have to pretend all the time, but the best way to to isolate that's the thing you do an insurgent. You dont destroy them. You isolate them. Mouser tongue said that the insurgent is the fish that swims in the sea of peasants dry in the sea and do that by delivering that's how Franklin Roosevelt brought about this liberal world that we all enjoy. He delivered, so we ve got concrete results, but here again I agree with all those you ve been making. It happen was reading this week about parlor do yeah, you know it. Parlor is one good. Ok, parlor is Isn't it you can be honoured its it's like the current turned.
And, like the right wing, twitter, the right in Facebook was shot the number one on the apple store and Google. Ok, if you think it's bad that we have curated feeds now, which we do, of course we all see the same knows we say the opposite knows: that's why a vast majority vote. I can still think Trump won the election right now we're going to have different platforms. Apparently this is because- and I was criticising summit last week for going up- they twitter, threw off this guy I was one of the heads of homeland Security and he was giving his opinion about the wall and Mexicans and it wasn't my opinion, but it was an opinion right. It should not have been shut down there not doing it well. So now these people, of course, are saying we'll go start our own and they did and now we're not ever going to hear. The same information. I dont know how we achieve these goals that you're talking about
worthy though they are one of the things we can achieve is let people have a forum but make sure you know who they are. It's like you're, a health guy right in the nineteen. Seventy my mother, lobbied so hard to get ingredients put on the Box of the food? She was feeding her child, while the social media platforms need to do that by putting a Czech next to every single member, I had to be ready to go on Twitter, facebook, I'm sure you did, I'm sure you did right. So people know that it's really us, while that needs to be every single member. So I know I'm not listening to Sergei, an Eagle war in Kaliningrad, if we want to bring back people, bring back the right we have to at least pretend slightly, but every single major news network is not completely left road. You know all I was just trying to watch
but turns everyone was crying Sokoto. Msnbc know they are crying to if we're crying about the returns from Alleghany County and gorgeous to explicitly showing that our news castors are so completely biased. Of course, the rights gonna go somewhere out. Of course, they're gonna leave the traditional lines, and you know the New York Times forget it. It's got nothing to say to the right, and I think that's what we all that's this issue, that No country actually needs us. You know we all need to grow up a news. Gathering sources need to grow up, people on air, no more crying on the news, a bill doing about somebody getting by headed after school, but I look at the. Accounting. We're gonna have to be taken out in a stretcher. We, Are we just going to have to really suck it up and be a little less partisan, new agree,
by the way, to your point about issues, marijuana minimum wage medicate. When rob when Democrats run on those issues they win and they, even when in red state this last election, New Jersey, Arizona, Montana, South Dakota. Made marijuana legal vary, but even Mississippi made legal for medicinal Trump
one Florida, but minimum wage raise one big in Florida and he was against it. During the twenty eighteen midterms expanding Medicaid Benefits, Idaho Nebraska Utah. Can you find more conservative trio of states and that of if it's not the secret sauce is not that secret and propositions are where people don't feel. I'm I belong to. Republicans are I've along too Democrats. The propositions are where they can do. Say what they believe in its actually. They have a lot in common beliefs right. Thank you. This was really enlightening. Things were come in time for new rules. Since my pants vanished for a week and came back wearing a mask. We have to ask We got his lips done.
Am I don't stop there get yourself a killer ragged, because America early has asked that just won't quit neural. The Trump winery has to commemorate the election, with especial vintage sour grapes with notes of bitter Orange horseshit Something Eric dropped in the barrel, sour grapes as a full bodied voluptuous, dare I say, morbidly obese wine that
rose with everything from burnt stig decay of sea, also available in a sparkling variety. If they can get the hookers european neural. Mcdonald's must stop trying to come up with healthy options like the New MC plant sandwich and just lean into being Mcdonald's Mcdonald's. The greasy, hi gallery junk food for when you want to fuck your mouth. with absolute garbage, because everything in your life says fuck it. Besides. Mcdonald's already has a MC plant. There called french fries You also after Adele Iphone enough already with the hidden features the latest. Is there too, sensitive secret button or good luck, wet
four men defined goes back goods neural someone, those Del Rudy Giuliani, whose banal promoting up substantiated conspiracy theories about the integrity of our electoral process. You might be taken little more seriously. If the last time: we saw you weren't lying on a bed fumbling for your dick and finally neural with two Senate seats in Georgia still possible seats that will make the difference between gridlock and progress dammit. rats, must figure out why so many voters still say to them. You are good enough smart enough, but dog on it. We don't like you,
under the headline something went wrong? The New York Times described a post election conference call between democratic leaders where they wept, cursed and traded. Blame. Wait, I thought we want this one which we did we did and yes, Ding Dong, the one little bitch is dead, celebration is an order. We took a big step towards saving democracy and in the process lost two hundred and eighty pounds of ugly fat That's why last project for the next five minutes, but Democrats we're supposed to flip the Senate and didn't supposed to flip state legislatures, not a one and they lost seeds. the house in a year that was so much about making people aware of racism theirs, AIR of majority votes went down. The message to Democrats from so much of the country
It seems to be we dont like Trump, but we still can't bring ourselves to vote for you if crackerjack was made of popcorn and dog shit and half the people throughout the popcorn popcorn should want to know by levels can either right off half the country as irredeemable or they can ask what is it about a d next to a candidates, name that makes it so toxic? Let's Reuben. Guy ego he's a congressmen from Arizona rezoning. He was asked. How is Democrats can do a better job connecting to Latinos? He said first start by. Using the term latina tax, which the vast journey of Le Tito's I've never heard of and when they do don't like it who likes it. Pandering white politicians who mistake twitter for real people and don't get it that latrine x is like fetch. You can try to make it happen.
It's never gonna Virginia Congresswoman, Abigail Span. Berger said after the election. If we are classifying Tuesday as a success, we will get fucking torn apart in twenty twenty two netteke algorithm she was urging members not to talk about defending the police. James climb, burn agreed, defend the police is killing our party. He said. Pennsylvania, Democratic Conor, Lamb says democratic rhetoric needs to be dialogue back. It needs to be rooted in common sense. Thank you, Thank you there, in my opinion, is the crux of the problem. Democrats, too often don't come across as having common sense to a huge swathes of Americans needs are people who believe in Cuba.
But, as I have said before, politics in this country is binary. You have to wear everything. Anyone on your side does Republicans are the party of don't wear, masks kids in cages walk her up and Democrats are the party of every hypersensitive social justice warrior woke bullshit story in the news there, the party that disappears people or tries to make them apologize for ridiculous things and Hathaway poligized last week, because in our new movie she plays a witch affectional character that has three clawlike fingers and that's offensive to people with limb differences.
the week before the innate shovels, Arizona, coyotes dropped a player after it came out in the press that when he was in eighth grade, he bullied and disabled kid. Yes, that's a bad thing to do. But are we really going after people what they did in middle school? Now Democrats already lost seats for going after what Brett Cavanaugh did in high school common sense Last year I read about how NBC held him. Urgency meeting to determine if Mary a Lopez should be fired from his job, that access Hollywood, I thought holy shit. Did he sexually assaulted somebody? No, he went on a pod cast and when the host brought up the trend of liberal parents, letting toddlers pick their gender identity He said my god. If your three years old and you're saying you think you are a boy or a girl, I just think it's dangerous as apparent to make that determination. Cue. The grovelling apology
followed by America Saying year. I think Mario's right, maybe kids shouldn't make big life decisions Well, you still need to make to chew noises to get the food in their mouth. I can do this all day so stories big and small that are endlessly on people's newsfeeds that add up to a constant drip drip drip of these people are nuts. Everybody heard about that story at San Francisco, but a guy who got on a crowd, an elevator with a female professor, and when she asked what floor he said men's lingerie, You know a little joke. Which he earned a formal complaint, because it left her shaken shaken. Who are these jellyfish.
What the woman who almost derailed Biden campaign, because he kissed the back of her head before she went out to make a speech. She said her brain, couldn't process what was happening. Really your brain couldn't process that, like string, farrier wormholes an old man was trying to show support in his old man way. She said she was embarrassed, shocked, confused. Well, then, the outside world isn't for you and certainly running the world. Isn't it to a guy in the MID west. Once who told me the story about the day he went out to get his car in the supermarket parking lot, but couldn't back out because a mother and her very young daughter were standing behind his car, which was next to their car, which had a pillory bumper sticker on it, and the little girl
was screaming at her mother who was profusely apologizing to the child, and he said to me: I just can't let people like that take over this country. That's what people vote on, not policy Democrats kept saying in the campaign. You can't possibly think twice, Is preferable to what we're selling and many voters keep saying? Yes, we can. In fact, our primary reason voting for him is to create a bulwark against you because your side Silence is violence and looting is not because you are, the party of chasing speakers off college campuses and making everyone walk on eggshells and replacing? Let's not see color. With- let's see it always- and everywhere, formerly the position of the coup Cox, clan. It would be so easy to win elections if we would just drop this shit Democrats
I need to listen to our new president elects old boss. This idea of purity and you're, never compromised and you're, always politically bulk and all that stuff You should get over that quickly quickly, like before they go to Georgia right. That's all I want to make us believe that makes life by the Roma. I told me when he said that we are having had a united watch him any more information not on each be oh dot com.
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