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Ep. #551: Kellyanne Conway, Katie Couric

2021-01-15 | 🔗

Bill’s guests are Kellyanne Conway, Katie Couric and Matt Jones. (Originally aired 1/15/21)

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Welcome to each year pipe from HBO real time. Everybody where we ve been since November twenty in great to be back, I've been a bit of a news died, aiming big happened, today. Stop it was happening in America right that was happening anywhere else in the world. We didn't bade that Country Biden,
Did you see him today? He announced its inauguration, Beam America, United and all I could think is, or you have spent a lot of time in the bay. there's this twenty thousand armed troops on heightened alert in Washington right now and Joe will be giving his inauguration speech in front of basically noble welcome to my world Joe. Now these I guess what what is it you hear some people here these are. We are not allowed to have an audience anymore. I'm not complaining about that. We are very appreciative of the authorities and on all levels of let us be here and our studio. We get it. There's a crisis out here in California.
the country. So these are just the normal ask answers. I hope there ask as hang around allowed. There are not really have no debts, but Joe outlined this plan today for the future. We want to give everyone American a cheque for fourteen hundred dollars best grandpa ever, but let's see what but that's review what's happened while we were off oh yeah. There was an insurrection at the Capitol Buncher Fox NEWS, freaks and Q, and are not from deep red districts bashed and rammed and broke their way. capital, instead of getting the usual way by being elected.
You also the video right they stormed in and they chased retreating police up the stairs ransacked the building. This is something I never thought I would see in America, Trump supporters taking the stairs even the people eroded. laughing that much so I, where I help, help me at home, but it was sad right to see this in America, people were hiding under their desks in the capital looking for hiding holes in the then it someone tried to get into a closet and and and Wendy Graham said
get out of here. This is my spine kid. I don't even know what that means. Democrats are now saying that they witness the day before, listen to this day before they take they witness republican lawmakers giving some of the rioters, who came back the next day tours of the capital of the day before the attack that it giving too to the people who are coming to ransacked the next day? This is the Senate chamber. Where we will. be hanging my pants and were walking and we're ok, so that happens and then see what else out. But I ain't drunk got impeached again, there's not a re run. Trunk got impeached again for egging army mob and this time ten Republicans is in this interesting. Ten Republicans voted for impeachment.
What took was for them to get personally attack by a violent mob, waving trump flags, the other ninety five percent of Republicans. Still, ok with that more of a thing broke. I guess rough crowd on my pay, still a rough, but let it it's a hundred and forty seven republican one acres. This is it senators and congressmen are still standing by the lie that the election was fraudulent after the attack took place after the attack and because of the attack now Congress put in more metal detectors. Republicans, are refusing to use force and I'm just rushing right through because that could violate, their freedom to overtake
legally elected government by armed rebellion and who wants to live in a country like this is this is this is historic president to be impeach for a second time? First Second time trump has been asked to leave office. Three, if you count the election to Richmond she's like these, like the vaccine, you need two doses and still no guarantees but he's having a rough time in the last five days and offers trompe was a twitter through a mob he's been banned on Facebook, Instagram Youtube, the Pga golfing, the love of his life cancelled his big tournament, New Jersey, Deutsche Bank no longer be giving loans to the term family everyone's turning their backs, and this guy his bank in Florida dumped in the New York, did he blushed is kind?
dragged through the ice skating ring and vodka just wants to be friends. It's the head of the motion trade Association asked today that Bush was no longer be compared to his dick. This is very sad, but amid all of this, of course, the Biden inauguration is going to happen and we are going to have a new president and he's being welcomed with open arms. I don't love. You know. Marjorie Taylor Grange he's one of the New Republic Congress, people there, a q and on person she has drafted articles of impeachment against by I'm not kidding, she said she says she's going to file on January twenty first, his second day in office. What she wants to give him a chance,
You got a great shout Katy courage when first, she is the former see your council president from Plays, Welcome Kelly and Conway you re worth of all. I never have to worry about remembering your birthday we share when we a day for another reason that is our day work nor duration, day January twenty, as is our birthday that we share both gonna, be thirty. Five, and I pulled up this picture Does your four years ago, four years ago this week now people made fun of this. I actually thought that it was kind of dope. I must tell you, and I see you still got to choose their different shades, but yes, There was a real split of opinion on that. Not that I ask anybody road about what when I worked the inauguration. I love all the sort of
feminism and the pro woman and be your own person independent until Our black stretch pans one day or something that buttons Napster zippers add to the inauguration and somehow offend half of the country. Why don't you have any blogs regiment now, they're not stretch manned by town, but that was a great day every day today. We can it be a beautiful day. How do you look back now? Four years later I mean anything, go wrong. I remember a lot went right and he will be remembered that people are right. The hysteria that chump administration or any a boring, but look a lot of last week notwithstanding his last week was vulgar, there's no place for violence and vandalism, and I wish the President heads
again with the people earlier than the hell out of here, and I made that clear, the White House just to add my voice. Were you on on January ship? You did try to get through to him right. What are you going to say? Why did why I do get through to him? Oh, I did. I said to the persons and inaction. Please add my name to the chorus of pupils are saying you have to tell them to get out, and you know what they're doing why there there but tell him to get out there. Looking at their twitter feeds as they're bringing you last may be, the reason why they were there is because he never conceded the election while, but I did a long time ago, where you could seated in Europe, most senior person around him. He never did start the steel fraud laughing. I haven't been on tv and nine or I know- and I first like meant to think forgot to say: that's a thank you because we know you have many choices: marijuana thanks for flying and interviews anew I really do appreciate that, but I mean the election was November, Sir, in fact you acknowledged by one on December. Fourth, why the rush-
now. I acknowledge acknowledge it long before that. That was the first time. I did any kind of public statement to whom I acknowledge the president, so he with Dutch publicly the first time, I'm not sure, simply but remember it's a month. I remember. I think he had every right to exhaust his legal challenges, but that was long gone. Those allergies, knew you had you had real questions of law in places like was constant, Pennsylvania and automatic recounts. You had audits, there were things happening, people were signing affidavits, but that have long been exhausted, and I think the real disappointment for people like me is that the last two months, this just say from November six to January six warrant, spend mostly talking about the accomplishments reviewing the accomplishments. He built the greatest account.
May we ve had improved over the budget. It was pretty much built. Ok come on tell what they were doing very well when he took overboard. Jewelry with unlimited did even better, and you know it the corporate tax rates, ok from thirty five percent to twenty three percent. These are facts that poverty rate fell. For the first time, so nineteen fifty nine levels for ages exploded, and you know why now our green energy jobs manufacturing the kinds of people I grew up with well lunar Joe go there's decisively environment, they don't love, they don't. Necessarily, though we want to go to college and have a path they have another Patsy excess. Why are we pushing everybody to college when people can graduate with skills certificate and start start working that day we built those kind of evil, those kinds of this administration, these policies and the people who we heard the most of theirs reversal. Those policies are the Trump voters. Other people will be just fine, a lot of people profit.
Lot of his critics profited tremendously from his presidency with deregulation, he rebuilt the military he are met. And I'm going to get it wasn't like the military needed rebuild, moving, even payrolls hedge clean needed. Having pages are what was what was the defence budget under robot? Maybe we're being watched similar over seven hundred billion annually? Never stop whatever party it is they give everything they want to our giant knock your dick in the dirt It gave a word ready or something and do something that he did something that did not really something that you don't languages. He didn't bring us into a new war, he's the first modern president's not bring us into a new water. Me Carter never fired issued on. That's that's our forty some years ago, but that would be,
modern perceived ass. Do I lie one. Two three: we had five since he's alive. How does modern had outlet seeming had to Russia's Clinton Obama? Ok again, since we went to war and what lessons as we look back many lessons I won't. Let me ask a male role will only see. Let me suggest one: we shouldn't humor crazy people when they are in power because wasn't the humoring of him part of the problem, They use that you will do that in three one election, so everybody humored, whom you're still here I had lunch everyone December, twenty second, not about the election away, but not about collection, and this is important. I had lunch with him at his imitation December twenty second, just the two of us today before he left for the Christmas in years break. We had a great lunch. He spent about thirty two seconds talking about the election, because I don't do that. We spend a few minutes talking about the stimulus package he's very adamant about you. Thousand dollars, not six hundred dollars and the rest time. We talked
like you say. We talked about the future. We talked about the fact that we ve got minis peace. Tells me you talk about the fact that he's the first president of seven who made the problem- to keep the promise to move the american Embassy to Jerusalem, unrecognised Jerusalem as the capital I said I was for then I'm just making the point. That is one thing I like I did. He read it was did pretty good women and we never talked about January sex. We never talked about anything like that. I put in my Since I saw you will you left, the White House in August sounds like you're still work in their work, I'm not going very much very much a defender, no agreement. one of those defending a more them, always gotta give among the two of us who, as you know, one gallon, always going to defend the fact that there were a lot of people in this country felt that this system to work for them and they wanted somebody out of out of politics to be a true disrupted. colonel enables upside down disruption to break some glass and guess what ever you won't get an end,
they are called me. I mean look, can't deny them people. Many people are better off. If you do high that that's will I'm not better off. Now one of them are dead and had he and had he lived at the beginning of cove any at sixty. One percent approval on that and I lost it because he just didn't do you think you how this normalize anything bad? You know people have said that he did I'll look more than mouth residence, I mean no president is completely truthful. But, let's he's a metaphor, I also share exaggerate and some lie, but didn't do a lot more than flagrantly my, but it didn't you say I know you did you one said he doesn't hurled personal insults and is making the point that when he left wing isn't context or something- and I also seen him be very- very compassion towards people he's gotta play
Jail who were languishing there- this is just not avoiding said about me a dummy dopey he's, not a smart guy, dumbest men on television fire, not our dog needs to go back on the pot dumb ass. A rather jump guy, a low life, done as Iraq, Moron stupid, guy, very dumb guy, failing alleviating, really dumb guy, so called canadian third rate, Canadian insane sick, wacko, stone, cold, crazy and crazy. I imagine the applause sino, but but come on. He said he doesn't Maryland cherry picking on it. Just Jerry had listened islands, I love being in public service. I love serving this country. I love. I gave up millions of dollars to go into the White House and I loved what my portfolio included, which was health care education, the opium crisis, and I really liked it that the incoming that people asking to have information on this can you
last year. This way I dont know what I'm doing this there's a certain Diana public service and some people look the other way, and I would also tell you does lumping together a seventy four million people with all the troublemakers, the thugs marauders? That's my editorial its but is it really on? Europe is incredibly it's it's an incredibly dangerous chew and I know they vote every two to four years, but they consume products and services every day, and I think that corporate Amerika make a big mistake trying to lump them altogether and just and just ignore them. I think that those marauders and murders, I think that they insult not represent the whole, the whole Trump movement and seventy four million- is not a base, its a large percentage of the budget. For me, when I look at the good that was done to help impact people's lives positively, I think that government is messy. I'm happy that I worked for a president who kept the of office door open to many of us. We can go in an express ourselves. I didn't when every policy debate, but I was heard and I think any woman in the workplace who was heard
Her boss and has a seat at the table should really appreciate that all these corporate handbooks haven't on page six, eighty four we're going to have more women at sea to the table. I had one and, like I said I, I lost them those policy too, because I want somebody always liked people to disagree in front of them too, but he is the person who represents the country when he was. There. I remember saying there was a book called everything I need to know. I learned in kindergarten. Remember that boy. Do you remember? It was probably when you were first doing all politically incorrect, chauffeur, probably doggie by that date, and I, I've done some of the things from it as we look back on the Trump years, let's see if any apply. This is. This is everything I need to know. I learned in kindergarten, don't lie dont boast, don't threaten dont, Bully, don't accused people of stuff. That's not true. Don't show off your wealth, pay. Your taxes serve your country, dont pay, and you go to church of you- don't care about that one.
They races. Don't insult soldiers, try to learn something about a subject before you talk about it. Don't mock the handicapped and this one was not in the book dont great women by the pudding. I should have it. I mean when you say that you have any say you using nothing than humane unless I'm just what they thought about, that. The people who the people who believed in Donald Trump D, forgotten manner, forgotten woman. They appreciated Expansionist gulch, horse and charter schools. Why should we should use the bridge? Kids? I have all the opportunity that I love about you re done then you're right onto charter school, you implying, if you're good, at what you d always isn't that this is what I do and I think it's important to recognize. You have dead terrorism. Some money bag. Daddy the whole judiciary deters you have well, but but that doesn't happen by accident royal that happen,
somebody Obama, go onto differently, of course, and I and I find that renders, but I think that people shouldn't be marked for what they wear. How well, what they look like and that young people are constantly mocked and they felt like they had Donald Trump, somebody who was giving them more voice and visibility, and if you can match that with policy gains where you do have deregulation and taxes lowered for people where matters other people, we just fine and an eye, and I think that that I think is legacy on the policies of will will survive. A lot of this last week was horrible. I made that I made that very clear I speak is inexcusable. Disgraceful justice is being swiftly serve. You see indictments already prosecutions or should be punishment, and I think the FBI is- is digging in a little bit more to things that maybe they knew ahead of time. Well, happy birthday
haven't worth Eddie, you good luck with what we do in the future are or are not decide. You Kelly and Conway much cleaner panel. The award winning journalism founder of petty girl, media court media Katy Kirk is over way over the way I could barely Seer Katy Kirk Impersonator from this here's the matter and hosting good Turkey's words ready on the author of the New York Times vessel Mitch. Please I get it sought out? Can factory in America to imagine Matt. I do so were we're all in America, but on edge right now, there's been violence in the country and there may be more this weekend The head of the
FBI today, our gb talking about we're having a lotta chatter chatter, that's the word. We heard after nine eleven member when we were talking about. Terrorism is not a terrorist chatter, and now it's coming from Americans. It's this talk about, I mean, as militias, are going to go and protest at every state capitol on Sunday, and this much is I'm worried about these loans who break into government. I'm actually mean I'm worried about the loans who did get elected, because I mean what do you do about these people, there's a hundred and forty seven Republicans in Congress who still don't concede that Trump lost the election. What do you do about people who are in the government who don't believe in our way of government at a cell shocking? Not only are they not conceding vow but there's thoughts that there might have been some collusion
among members of Congress Summer refusing to go through a magna, not magnetometer or whatever. You call them too, to check for weapons there. wearing mass. During the siege I mean it's really bazaars and when you think about how a wall so many these members of Congress have gotten, but I also think some of them are believing the garbage that they are being fed Twenty four seven on the internet by their constituents and bought into this big lie, and the question is: how are we going to really almost deep programme? These people who have signed up for the culture you're not going to be programmed you're not going to be program, the tubes that are in congress- and I think what the first thing to do is just say. These people are coupes often we try to just by having them out there act as if their opinion is somehow more important because they got elected the Congress to these women that got elected the one from Jordan, one from Colorado say completely ridiculous things. Once more.
for four times one of em where's, the mass that you know we're basically Coonan slogans. There's no reason to try to DE program that person. I think that those folks like woman who's going to do the impeachment the day after. I actually think you have to consider that count. this has to censure those people consider ultimately, maybe removing them, because they are has it they are Congress. Yes, it's not gonna happen. That's what because there's the rest of us have to do it. I mean to me: you are talking about Ms Mcdonald. This all comes down and Mitch MECCA Mitch. Mcconnell holds the tease. Where am I bid? You wanted to run against them? What I wanted to run against him? I thought about it. Really, I think, he's directional. Do you? It's not persuaded. Kick me off. My radio show, but it's not personal, it's the fact they let Donald Trump for two months. They let Basically they got it. What what's wrong we're just letting do it. We saw
what's wrong with it on January six and its may, I think Mcconnell will decide, because I think I was talking to Katy before I think he's gonna vote to impeaching. I really do that such bullshit no Much Mcconnell is playing a very worrying about fiddle. Yes, I'll bet you how much you Well, when you get more money, let's have it wouldn't be, though I mean it would be. Such a Hollywood ending Mitch Mcconnell comes out of a hero, volume taken back Donald Trump and you know No, I mean yes, Alain Chow has stepped down as secretary transportation. We re doing some serious maybe they're doing some serious pillow targets is wise and Andrew yeah, ok, yeah, I think you'd be doing pillar talk with well, but he's not he's is Roper doping, you did it the media all the time he fool them into. He liked it out that he might do. This is never going to do
He is not going to about two years in jail. Donald Trump, once Donald Trump loses he's, not a useful for anymore. He liked having Donald Trump, because Donald Trump best thing for Mitch Mcconnell is. He took policies that were very unpopular in rural America. Tax cuts for the rich and made them to where they ended up supporting them because they thought they were supporting Donald Trump. The moment he's not an office anymore. He is act, the harm and if you don't believe me he's lost his last three elections, he was twenty eight teammates terms he lost the only twenty election and we lost the Georgia Senate. So I think Mitch Mcconnell is no longer going to put up world because it doesn't help he's gonna niche. Does it a lot of other republican family? sleep bill will fall online. Do you think we're living in a fantasy world? No, I think I'm the one who doesn't work That's mutual Donnelly's Johnson Gonna run again here: I'm going away and he's a brand. Now I see these other politicians who talk like him now the disgusting like they used the word disgusting along its brow,
and you know what we let the alien on the spaceship and it had eggs. I think you had eggs and their breeding and if you think that this is not, I mean this primary people's EL. Thank God this week is Aubert. Didn't this. The battle is over. This chapter is over. This war is just beginning, but if any fifty wine senators to prohibit him from running again- and I think- that could happen. Well, sixty seven! No now now with they just need a simple majority to burn him from running again. They need two thirds chicken victim for Impeach MA, so they some legal scholars, say that taken have that vote even without Convict Tina. So how springs eternal
He also here's the other thing, though about Trump the people. There are like him in your exactly right. There's this whole group of sort of Trump created. You know people want to follow this path, but here's the problem there not as popular as him. People in places like Kentucky dont like them as much as they like tromp Rob, was a brain That was a feeling. Trunk was something was ideology. It was a feeling, these other folks, GOSH Holly TED crews. They don't do that. Nobody looks it Holly and says. Let me have my Holly's head on and I want to go out and scream. Foreign trump is different and I would argue bill. Nobody else is gonna, be able to do what he did with that covertly. What makes him so charismatic you think I mean, I think it's because he hates both parties. I do a thing. People in this country are just fed up. they're, not political. I mean who is the first thing that the marauders asked for when they got it.
The capital nutrients stirring up my pants. That's what ISIS does they go after their own people? First, you know they go after the less pure of the muslim also they felt he was a trader because he was saying. Luncheon was re like what? What what did the first thing, Donald from say when he was running he should on Mccain wages, should on the bushes Mitt Romney. What Republican has he ever respected? He hates everybody, and there like good he's on the only person he hasn't turned on scullion calmly, if look it basically everyone. I think we just saw why, but I mean I think about it: everyone, its work for everyone, its work poisonous turned on them. I think the thing that he does in this is you know people who like to hear this, but it's true. There is a group of people in America, rural Americans who Been completely disregarded by the media, by academia by Hollywood, etc,
and they never had a person who would say you folks matter, you folks, are the people that really are. What America's about, and so it's not about. Are you talking about every that's what the exact location in the world, but nobody thing all go sit on a Bela, hay and say that here we are talking about here is a definite took Donald Trump from his penthouse in Manhattan to go and do that here's the deal was in Tibet, the first want to say that difference is he rides with them, no matter what the I study rides on a limousine there on a tractor. They I didn't say it was legitimate knowledge like he is a complete phony, but the differences he takes up for every part of rural american existence and that's why they liking. I'm not saying they should. I think they are but that's why they like him and that's why not replica war? because no one else has that credibility. I agree with you how in the world that they have Donald Trump has never been in them.
on these never been on a whirling, thereby farm, but they believe him and I think that's why they ride for ok. Let me ask you a load question about. What's going to happen in five days now Joe Biden, rehersal dinner, I mean an operation were Hersel was postponed today because of threats of violence and fear of violence. Why not just junk the whole thing why we going outside. I mean all I here. All the time is right because of covered we have did not trouble and not get into big crowds. So why we having this inauguration why can't I just go in a room. All you need is a room. The wife, a judge, a balloon,
a copy of the old book, a jewish fairytales, to put your hand on an you're done. What I mean he's been doing that campaigning that way and twenty five thousand that day I d just four and twenty five thousand members of the National Guard to be in Washington DC all this day, capitals or under heightened security alerts. I think I think it's him. I think bill it's an important symbol of closing the chapter on Donald Trump, turning the page, I think there has to be some kind of special event to signify, even though now with the the impeachment hearings that are probably going to be transpiring after the inauguration, and so we can meet, you know Trump is ever present, but I don't know, I think it's important for the democratic
says to have something happen: you're the one with the kooks, where the biggest thing is. If you go to tuna message boards and those types of things, if you postponed the inauguration, they believe they want. They believed that they stop everything. They believed that they act we interfered with government, that's kind of after, like nine eleven exile, we had to keep America. If no no- and I think there are certain rituals and symbols that are critically important, though that if as a cornerstone and touchstone so how we move forward. But do we have to keep Joe Biden going? You know there was a present William Henry High was well he's a distant relative of my William Henry. How I hate. Yes, he was president first effect. No Turkey is present at one thirty one days. Thirty one years she gave a two hour inaugural address in terrible coal rainy weather
we're making my point for me: ok to die after Daniel Webster, edited it by the way his friend and then he died of pneumonia. You're sorry advice to Joe Biden should be keep it short, ok, Joe Biden. These is a friggin tragedy. Magnet little, don't say that it's not true. Well, I mean I I yeah. That's a brokers, give only a bad feeling, don't broke his foot playing with his dog, but I mean he's. I exploded from blinking. I we have to treat this guy, like the baby, children from men. You know, whatever. That movie was where they had to keep the baby, and I think these pretty, I think, he's pretty vibrant and in good shape. You saw him run across the stage when he made that speech. I think I made
compare here's your uncle who died air, his physical fitness, Donald yeah. That's also say on care about your life. You ve Joe Biden, credit for this. He has been discounted in the primary was in fifth after I will everyone thought he was gonna lose most people thought he could make it through the debate you couldn't do actually think Joe Biden is amazingly brazilian, actually think he is the only democratic politician that will what I mean if any of the others had run, they out of law sends out a different story, but ok, I'd say: listen, there's no convincing trump that he lost, but we thought we try now advisers with our colleague Anton when talking about friends, everybody tried to tell him the courts, but We thought we take one last shot at it and we wrote a children's book called packaging.
Then go and we thought the lad show all these rights Reich and sit on this guy. I've tried to be even handed the whole time he was positive, but it didn't work out. But would you like to hear some of the pact in all the votes have been counted. All the courts have said no you're all lot of options. Now, pack, your shouldn't go it's clear that you're angry that you're feeling quite low that feelings called losing. So You shouldn't go pick up a new, hardly like living or banjo call your favorite hooker. Just pack your shouldn't go start a cable network, dried talk, radio, there's an opening limber
What you're, gonna pack your shouldn't, go. There's you treated your job like a reality shall well now it's been cancelled, so back your shit, but he's gonna know what do you think about this impeachment to electric Google? Oh, I mean it's it's reminds me the first one in that kind of had to do it right, because you can't let the precedents then, but it's just gonna be horrible. It just a horrible way to start a new administered. First of all the Republicans or twenty first ever going to be saying: oh you people have trumped arrangement syndrome, your hounding him in retirement. You can't let this go. It's like the guy You know breaks up with somebody and then we gotta talk now we broke up, we don't have to talk about failing
commit a crime and the new. Does that mean you we're not going to charge you with the growing cause you're moving out of the neighborhood ludicrous. I think there have to be guard where rail on presidential power system delivery of inciting violence, you just as Warner, what's a unique role- the video tapes some of this stuff- he was spewing sum. This up, ready, Giuliani was spewing. You heard him say: oh I'll, walk down the capital, what he meant, a walk in the opposite direction, watch it off from my bark lounger, but you know he was real the really inciting violence, and you hurt you know as more details come out. They wanted to capture assassinate all these members of Congress. I mean it is insane and you cannot let that's
and you just can't review what my own bad about all the bath emotions. How will be? He was because he sits there and says, go fight by our march with you and then he goes away and he leaves them to it. He has to be. He has to be impeached oils in peace, but he has to be convicted and I think the Republicans goes back the appointment and I think they want to convicting so it doesn't run again. But if you let this go, if you let this go, how do you impeach any in the future, because this is the worst behaviour right under saying, and I think it is granted its inconvenient. I think that two thousand interfere which binds first one hundred days. You know, can Congress to come and walk at the same time. Can they take care of the new administration, the requirements of a you know, approving or confirming the cabinet, etc, etc, and carrying on these impeachment hearings? You know the networks are doing the happy dance, because it's like wow, more tromp, they thought in opium
really worrying. What's gonna happen, but let's face it, Joe Biden is boring. Danziger menaced is Michael, Joseph settled so excited when the news is gonna be boring again, but the radiance are really gonna grow. Now they're gonna he's gonna be have the oxygen. He crave in a weird way. I wonder if he's happy that he's gonna be the centre of attention for a little bit. We're still gonna be the centre of attention tried is now no. I didn't that doesn't matter now. You don't get intermediation, no social media platforms and if it and only reporting on him giving context and- and I think that that he's gonna be deprived of the oxygen that direct relationship with the voter that he lives for ask about that toward think, as he was thrown off to areas thrown off all the platforms and Jack Dorsey runs. Twitter said he said sets a precedent, I feel is dangerous. What I just
I'm saying I feel I made a permanently said. The power and individual or cooperation has reported the global public conversation. So He himself has second, those Angela Merkel. I can imagine anyone who thinks less of Trump brilliant. as saying Angela Merkel there's their statement, the chair, circuits and is a problematic that the president's accounts have been per permanently suspect. The ACL, you said it should concern everyone. When companies like Facebook and Twitter wield the unchecked powers to remove from people from Ruth people from platforms that have become indispensable for the speech of billions. I'm a free speech person, men frock trump, but when someone anyone anywhere decides you know what speeches allowed in what isn't, I dont, know not allowed he I'll fire in a crowded theatre. So if your inciting violence will your spreading lies set are getting
Four fired lies israeli violence. I think there should be some standards, many reasons, but there should be a standard, but there can be a standard that says we will allow some. things and not others. Look I'm glad trumps guy because I think he's a negative, but they have loud. Similar speech from Putin is still on on twitter, so I do think, there's a difference in what they're doing but this is a result of a time where the Republicans have for generations. Deregulated companies say free market free market, free market, and now the market has turned and is actually going against them. They are actually now complaining when they could have done something about this along. A lot of people are saying: don't warning twitter and Facebook and all of these deciding who gets to speak in Amerika. I don't lie, but its danger. I don't want them to be deciding, but I think this is a critical moment when we have to figure out these platforms with Facebook, three billion users I mean, how can we get? Is it just be
control have. Has the technology superseded the large elaboration? Maybe they should have an independent board that talks about you know. You know it's not a million. Its sees people have really, considerable influence? They have? Indeed hundreds and thousands of followers. I don't know you know. Maybe he felt a talk about. I dont know individuals that are considered to be in a smart Amanda framework. Are you all right? Let's wait a second and they decide what incite violence and there are certain standards and practices. These are private companies. People have to here, too standards and crackling, who are these mythical people that America could agree smart and prince of maybe you gotta, because that that's the problem with America that we can agree on that we can have a functioning cunt.
If anyone could ever agree on that, but we can't and Tristan Harris who, I know, what's the guest pretty ratio on the social social dilemma, he talked about having a constitutional convention for the digital age like how are we going to agree on certain principles because, as it exists now we are never we're going to be too divided were never going to be you the five, because people are getting affirmation that information there being drowned in their view of drowning in their own echo chambers. So how are we gonna even agree on certain basic set of facts? Maybe we're too far gone. I don't know, but I'd like to think there's something that these companies and that we as a society can do. I think we can all agree that should bear the people who instigate violence, but when you start talking about a commercial and look I'm on your side, I wish that there were new sources like you that that people would have listened to and everybody here's the facts, but that's gone, and once you decide who
gets to decide what news is real and what's not, I actually think that's problematic. I mean everything's all right now that we'll news I'm talking about I'm talking about things that actually incite violence, but that itself You know I mean I saw what Twitter said was a step too far for drop. No, I think he's been inciting violence since he got there. I concentrate for, I think the second he wouldn't can see the election. That is, but color, they were moved version of inciting violence and what he said that this is a step too far was he said thing like a we have a voice will be heard for years to come. I mean that's pretty vague. The apprehended on that one thing at seems like these things: become a then that's the one true opinion in the liberal bubble, read a great quote from matter Maybe this week he regrettably said media farmers work backwards. They first asked
How does our target demographic want to understand? What's just unfolded, that's not the way to report the news, but let's be real. They banned because he's not presently more, you think they would have done this two years ago. They did it because it's easy, while they have look alike, accounts that repeated a lot at the things that he repeated they got kicked off in a New York minute. So you know it, but will he be really think he's not going to get this message out somewhere? I, though I think he is lost a lot of his platform. Here's the other thing in court, You don't think so. You think he won't get his message. I think I'd be much harder for corporate Amerika turned on him. Think of thinking about think about just the last, but his people who are just interpreter By this I mean this feeds into their work. These are conspiracy, people to begin with, and now oh you're, shutting up Just like you. Why do you think someone who can't hear him from the next two weeks is gonna? Go? I didn't hear Donald Trump Smell,
I guess all become a reasonable centrist now they're not, but he will not, but here's the deal. He will not be able to that right. Now. He s present. He could validate the craziest thought. The craziest thought that parlor said the craziest thought on cue non. He could get up invalidate it. You can't do that anymore. I do think that makes a difference. Now. The crazies don't have the person in the oval office saying that what they it is true correct in matters that is a big difference, but that a lot of power. But can you wonder if he's going to buy one american news and if he's gonna start its own cable operation, but nobody watches those stations are now, but nobody now a lot of distant disillusion, far more words nor one using over to these more conservative conspiracy but it still not. Now these deal networks, it's not so how but you I think, they're. There is an audience for that. Still large Monday night role than wrought watch, newsmagazine away at once. What
We need to teach you about how you should come out a dirty. I thought it was something, but it might have been something good. One thing we know about the Republicans, though, is that they always unite. They always unite. So my This is in a year from now they will unite again. Maybe I'm one trump first came aboard. It was like a. There was a big, a lot of talk about that. Never transfers and the real republic protein it wasn't that long before it was well, it was the Trump Party so now there Some people who are truly never drum Persian, seem to have been turning want to turn their back on them a year from now which party is it? Is it met? Mitt Romney is deftly. I think that gonna run in twenty twenty four, never too late, Tromp approved, he's not to old, used to be too old for Mitt Romney. Now it's perfect for Mitt Romney and he's gonna run. believes a million years old. He seems like Nelson Ban that mantle at this point net Romney, Daphne I think so
a glass. But yes, we may seem to be an incredible statesmen now out again, well that he does to liberals, but to the conservatives, he's a trader, quitted illiteracy in an Irish, his party, urgent, trumps Bernie. I think it's a middle. Brown, it's like a Mickey Hayley or that governor of South Dakota Party, they're gonna, beat there's gonna, be a little of trumpets, survives and then there's gonna be a little because the thing is they can't win a national election bill until they, when the suburbs back. That's really the issue Mitch Mcconnell this is what he cares about. They will never wear a national election till they when the suburbs so he's gotta find a person who gets the Trump voters where I live in. Kentucky gets them excited, but doesn't scare. Are the suburbs that I can hardly be highly Nicky. Hayley is the person who find the Democrats and twenty twenty four on the scariest of Mickey Hayley.
of anyone she is. She is their ticket to unify and I think that's the direction they should go and you'd think she'll then run for president. No, yes, I've she's, gonna run for President already created, we could have to America, Indian Americans run. It could become a Harris against Nicky, highly balancing fascinating one net, but she never spoke out against Donald Trump was very right, airing very care, which is why she can balance right. Shine be right in the middle and I think that's what you do, but I think that will be held against or too because I think those suburban voters were so especially women were so turned up by Donald Trump by the end of his administration. That they're going to wonder why she didn't speak out more against. They might, but he's not going to be back to my theory that he's notably on tv every day the grossness of him we'll go will fade over time because we won't see every night. I think shy tomorrow. As soon as we get back to being able to go out only asked to do. I give her once DMZ anybody can get our tv show up at a restaurant. There's cameras out
rubber restaurant. Here you don't think Donald Trump could be on tv every night. He can't be on tv, but he's not gonna have the pulpit. U S side and for your first show, aren't you, except for your first show where you don't have to mention in your my love. Well that and I'm saying that's going to be hard to. You still think that's gonna happen. I think he's going to be yes, I do I think we let the early and on the spaceship. I don't think you're going out of this room. I think he's going to be around, but I do think the fact that every right now every new story has to filter through what is Donald Trump think about it. That's gonna, go all right. Thank you. You're a great tunnel tie her first and only a pandemic is over. Tofu must come up with a warning label that reads now you don't have given. This Duff has no J
you're all the mortician handling they recently departed. Children, adolescents body has to admit that its job as now Urban easier talk about coffin, ready, mortician takes one look at this. Guy goes that does the thing that fund He doesn't look in the mirror stop putting my name on your c b d oil products. Without my permission, if you see like this. It's bullshit, I me be clear- I don't sell dvd oil. I dont endorse dvd oil, one clueless its a scam, I'm bill, marinade, made from the part that cannabis plant that don't get you. I it's outrages to learn that you're being used to sell something without your knowledge. Meditatively.
Went to the door and all of a sudden there was a picture of you and your name on some product. Bob Smith, tampons, the tent Bob's, rather always buys for his wife, enjoy hearing from my lawyers assholes. Well, it's true. I mean this shit's pisses me off neurons stop talking to me through the medium of pillow. I'm sure, you're pillow has lodge to teach me about beauty, dignity and the meaning of life. So let me know when the dog stops humping it. We were all don't put toothpick on your penis. really that's a new trend guys are doing in order to last longer during sex, but doktor saves.
Rio and women they hated? They say when it comes to payments is the last thing they want is for them to be twenty percent wider and finally, new rule as bad as last week was worse school trip ever. let's not confuse five thousand people with seventy four million gives me. Yes, even even supporting the insurrection in Spirit is well deplorable, But there's a difference between holding illiberal beliefs and acting violently on them, at least that's what they always told me about islamic terrorism.
I keep wrestling on their show with the hard question of how do Americans all of its learn to share a country with assholes. You can't stand, I've preached and still do that you can hate Trump, but not all the people who, like him, and his counter intuitive, as it may seem. You can like something run by assholes without being one yourself, just ass Jack fillet, there's been so much liberal, happy dog this week, jerking each other off about how all this is. The end of the Republicans now yeah, just like Watergate, was the ended, the Republicans and Bush after Katrina Workers and now its trump. Please does anyone think that no matter who's running in twenty twenty four on election day, it would be extremely close. Oh, but anyone out there were quadrillion zillion dollars. It will be because seventy
Four million trump voters are not self deporting, and neither are we one of the casualties in this attack on the capital. This month was Ashley Babbage was a trump loving small business owner, she had a pool cleaning company right down the road here in San Diego She was an air force that who served in Iraq. Ghana and she lost her life, trying to prevent Biden from becoming president, even though she had voted for the Obama Biden Ticket not that long ago, but somehow She came to believe that of Joe became president horses, full of Greeks. Would rape are women and Georgia would go communist She is the tragedy of the modern republican voter, personified pissed off at the greed and corruption that yes, has squeeze the middle class hard, what all? he's coming up would be wrong answer to who is doing most of this squeezing.
She was in financial trouble because, in order to keep her business afloat, she resorted to a short term alone with an interest rate of a hundred and fifty nine percent. That's right! You is based large two hundred and sixty nine percent interest and went to Washington. So she could chant stop the steel. She died for a second Trump term, even though that would have solved exactly none of her problems. The same mistake made by all of her friends in the Waffle House Brigade. Guys you're storming the wrong building Speed up shouldn't have been on policies desk. They should have been on trumps tanning bed.
You thought Trump was gonna, be your bull in a China shop yeah he was but there were the China, so should actually buy that have applied better logic seeing that her real problem in life, wasn't pedophile, Democrats or anti for and that people like Elizabeth Warren were actually the ones who were at least trying to do something about predatory lending and economic exploitation. Yes, yes, but not everyone and watch MSNBC all day she had other priorities like fighting overseas and maybe, since all politics is local all she knew was that she lives in a state that seems to care more about her toxic whiteness than her toxic, broken us and that the state its run entirely by Democrats yeah they didn't anyone from charging her a hundred and sixty nine percent interest on alone, either it shouldn't be
That's uprising that America is full of FED up unhappy people who just want a break shit. prompt sure didn't drain any swamps, but when it comes to graft and corruption and everybody wedding is big. California yeah, that's a swamp too. We can't put up a housing unit for the homeless for less five hundred grand or build a rail line connecting the state for less than two hundred million dollars a mile, though in France with all their socialism, they did it for more. Like fifteen million California's, a blue state is completely held together by red tape. So wonderful leaving in droves. I am in year for of trying yet my solar power hooked up just building this shed up to code took three years will begin,
our power from dilithium crystals. Before my solar gets turned about this. We hook it up. If I but the homeless live in it all right. That's how I want to thank Katie, Couric, Matt Jones and Kellyanne Conway will see you next week we're back on the air. Thank you very much for watching anytime on HBO on demand for more information log on to HBO dot com
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