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Ep. #552: Frank Figliuzzi, Peter Hamby

2021-01-29 | 🔗

Bill’s guests are Frank Figliuzzi, Peter Hamby and Kmele Foster. (Originally aired 1/22/21)

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Welcome to reach me, apart from HBO real time.
Thank you very much. I pray you are right. I know why you're half witted, I America got ready that not so fresh real rights, Joe Biden, Joe Biden, was sworn in his America's forty six president. I think we have now, and I would like to say America give yourselves a round of applause for pulling off a semi. Peaceful transition will certainly increase androids gone three days now with the new president. He has not yet insulted any one did not have
melt down on twitter did not. betray the nation that he works for it's nice have a president whose hinged We have the bad guy can get used to it and I'm still running were doomed on my checks. So I thought the inauguration. Did you watch that after that came off quite well dignified enough, Hadrian free? They know to remind us that we are getting back to normal. Some nice touches Garth sang amazing grace and by the look, he rarely, MRS a chance to say grace. The theme minor unnoticed of the inauguration was America United, at least I think that what it was
aren't you read the banner behind the razor wire and then the new president when in got his first intelligent brief, which describes the state of the country, and he read first paragraph one if the guy in the Viking home it's the wants it. So that all happen, and then earlier in the day of course, the one little bitch laughed that's right by proper measure to port millennia, thank God. That's over with no Maloney was very comforting to Donald. He was in a bad mood, but you said it's ok dear and you get older its heart
to achieve insurrection. Nobody, malaria looked happy there another day they love tissue, left Washington, DC wearing a somber black outfit and then she I've been Florida dress like she was on her way to fuck Jimi Hendrix. Why Donald draw boy? The last couple of months left graciously didn't me yeah, you know, triumphant. I gotta tell you triumphant out there. Among the liberals, I was pretty much the nicest one. Do you? I always said you can hate Trump, which can help, people like going to state your boy, told class. That's not what must you people love the most is class from not being man enough to it, that he lost the election to then telling the mob. I'm with the other, runs back into the house
not attending the inauguration class. All the way this mother fucker, I'm so glad you did not I'm so glad he did not attend the inauguration, because you know he's the ex husband you don't want to invite. The wedding is stand up and yell she's a whore had to get that system, but you know his followers now the trump Q and on what to think because they were told to follow the plan, the trump would prevail Ellen when the second term and then go after the saving worshipping pedophiles, and that didn't happen You know it's not like the internet to lie
so have you guys believe that I have some very bad news about horny milks right in your neighborhood? I really bad, and if you want to leave you in on people who are being the scales, are lifted now, you're saying boy, it's hard to believe. I fell for all that tonight's. That. Finally, there's something you found hard to believe I think I know, and then people in America just basically unhappy and then they find political reasons why I mean anti for the other side of it they were up yesterday in two days ago, in Portland Smell, windows. After Biden was inaugurated, burnt, abiden, flag like him either. Genji, they will binge watch thirty episodes of a tv show before it gets good, but the only
right and one day I mean a rioted one trump, not first. Now the writing one binds there. I think some people, just don't like windows, a great shout. We have two male plaster here. First appears before every eye system, director of Counter intelligence and author of the F B, I weighed inside the bureau's code of excellent frankly, Goosey straight you see. First of all, I know it's only, but thanks for all your service vaguely I feel like I'm serving even now, educating people on the threat we're facing. Well, that's what I want to pick your brain about, because you know when we first I've been in over two weeks now, since the January sixth attack there in the capital and at first it looked like a bunch of
Vienna Knuckle heads taking selfies and it was some of that- but the what we find out about it. It was. There was a sum pros in there. This was coordinated attempt. I was using the term slow, moving co before Trump took office, so it looks like someone these people were actual prose knew what they were doing coordinated effort is that were you read it bill, as the evidence continues to develop we're seeing signs of tactical exe? parents and knowledge coordination coms in play- people with earpieces talking to each other. So while the asked majority were wandering around dumbfounded that they even got in the guise of front the guy is breaching the guy's beating police officers. They were ready, they were planned, it was coordinated and what what were they? Hoping would happen. I guess like any any clue right you have to have the situation in this is what the coop lot.
the thinking where people will rise up. Because your overthrowing a regime of sorts right, I mean you'll, think about the Hitler situation with funds Dolphin Burg. They started something like we're gonna like the flame and then people will rally around us or air to one in Turkey where companies years ago right now, if it doesn't work the coup plotters. so while that we're saying it was coordinated- I'm well where they hoping that who would rise up where they hope they must have been hoping, people would rise up with them for the military, the police, since part of, The overall fail here to understand that their living in this echo chamber, where all These masses will come together. Have they simply do this right? It's a fingers crossed coup that everything we ve hope for is going to play out. Obviously it did not, and now they don't know what to do, but that should concern law enforcement and the rest of us for the foreseeable future, but there, but there people in the ranks of law enforcement
or a sympathetic we're finding that out. Nothing a complete surprise. We know this. kind of a super right when Christian Cabal within the military, I'm I'm guessing that they thought those people were going to be the ones who would rise up and help them, but look let let's the call that we saw Trump a cops for Trump rallies throughout the can't hops heavily well attended. We ve seen rice with TAT clear. and Q and on patches on their uniforms. So the notion that the police are a monolith and they all think one way there. There is poor, Christ or split everyone else's and their more dangerous, because they are technically trained and they have power and authority in from cultivated them. But it's one thing to have different politics within an organization is another thing to have a fifth columnist, meaning seems like if you are willing to do the kind of things that some of these people did on January. Six. That's true, fifth column,
Would you not agree? They ve betrayed the oath, the same oath that I took the same oath at most law enforcement officers took they beat trade and they need to be fair it out, and we need to rethink even how we recruit police officers in the degree of background investigation done. But but all of this comes together for me, as a former into law enforcement guy to say it's time to adapt this for what it is its domestic terrorism and we need a law against domestic terrorists may, when you say a law against, I don't know in this law I feel like we have laws like that on the books are ready, and when you say, laws against domestic terrorism, what I think are immediately is listening. What else could it be? Is listening in on people. I mean Frank, I love the FBI, but they did
the tape recorder under Martin Luther King bed. Yet we gotta be goes way back right, so we gotta, what's the best way to stop bad guy, listen in on what the shit there thinking and planning before they even know you're in on it. But it's time it's time to have this discussion seriously though begun. Look. If you rob a bank, you don't get arrested for trespass, you get arrested for robbing a bank. Its serious crime actually crime against the government right. So what happened at the capital was trespass we're seeing people arrested for trespass after Nancy policies, podium which I'm sure is near and dare to her. But that charge doesn't reflect the gravity of what happened. What happened was an insurrection. What happened was domestic care and we can't charging domestic domestic terrorism is the only criminal category in the FBI where they can investigate you, but they can now
the charge. You there's no such cry, but what he asked me. What is the law that we're going to pass? That's going to change this, and that's also going to respect them amendment, so I advocate a law that looks just like international terrorism. So if you change the religion of those people at the capital bill on January six and you make their mission violent jihad or establishing a caliphate all of a sudden. We have an international terrorism, Walker and they go to prison for the rest of their lives, but that's what it native languages we would be listening to those who do is we re listening to those people overseas. We would be listening to them. Big, that's that's me. We are allowed to listen. We also know what I mean when we can't. Let me get you up. We listen to those people here, there's terrorists. writers, international terrorism law here or there You have to be connected to something overseas, It does unwelcome boy, but these were these people that the people who attacked the capital they would not be in that category
those are just within the shores of America a little bit different. That's my point is that it's time to Rio, you think we should be able to listen I'm saying that the FBI, It is saying about against that annoying that, what's, let's talk about on saying when FBI agents rank and file write a letter to Congress, as they did last year and said that mastic terrorism occurring under this registration is something we can handle and don't have the investigative tools for and we needed, domestic terrorism or when the folks who are charged with protecting say they can't do it. We should to them teachers who has been proposed frequently in the house and even the senate- and it keeps getting knockdown it gets knocked out because of civil civil liberties concerns, but I noted call it what it is. Ok, but you would also allow would you not that as bad as the proud boys, Google boys. However, these crazy people are there not true. To acquire nuclear weapons like the jihad is right. That is one big difference. I hope
the right about that, but let's alarm on using our with they're gonna blow up there. Let's talk about arrest that have been made over the last ten years with people building radioactive bombs, right biochemical warfare anthrax. rice in their trying. So here here's the thing this This kind of civil liberties thing is valid, but also stop us from having the law. So let's take baby steps and say all right: we're not going to get into the that tools and spying on american citizens put by God when they do it and we catch them. Let charge them with something that sends them away for twenty years to life, because they are terrorists asking what I certainly are. What you think is behind ETA mean. Obviously we have this, this vast array of of seething men. Those men are mostly men, usually white man, ok
at a proud boys. Like I mentioned by the way I have ever found out what their proud of, as the agency gotten, but it to me it's it's it's probably more what's going on in their personal life, and then they attach politics to it. I think it's the same thing with islamic terrorism. I think if, if you're happy and you're getting laid you're. Not shut up. This is why this is like this is my point. What we ve seen over the last four years looks a lot to me like the kind of radicalization process we see when people tore down jihad and yes, it is something in their life that causes them to look for a cause greater than themselves, as a fuel. You have disenfranchisement and yes, I think you're making me these are radicalized people who need to be treated like domestic terms. I would disagree with it just question yet
I passed so let me ask the last thing: I mean that January next thing really wasn't the FBI's beat, but I mean when I think of the F B, I think well, that's the last line of defence here should they have done or I mean I hear I think, of that term- failure of imagination that we have after nine eleven I feel like this EL. To imagine that people who are pro Trump but also be so proof against authority. You know it seems, counter intuitive, but it's not, here's what I've been calling the insurrection. It's, not a failure of intelligence, so much as it was a failure to act on available intelligence, you and I could sit at home our on our replied, her and watched and social media. This thing play out for about two weeks before the answer so they had it. They did pass it throughout the capital region to the capital, police FBI
offices, like Norfolk Virginia said to headquarters you're gonna have problem here. The problem is twofold: one f b, I doesn't protect. Things, but to I'm not buying this hey. We told the capital police, not our problem, that's how this works, and you are right, I think again. If we, religion and or color of all these people planning this. We might have seen a more aggressive response. That's a problem! Thank you. You're too young to be on tv is really back in the building, but let's wait stamp chats political show, good luck, America, and contributing rider for vanity, fair, Peter Handy he's the cost of the fifth column. Podcast Camille fosters overhear greatly, see. Ok, so guys you what's the first press briefing today
was inaugurated. The idea about the names yet jam, then Saki she's good bars, right. I don't give a real right off. The bat Jane is great for the Oslo, the Bars of course it is, but I mean it was just so good to see you know first, while I feel like talking to you. My friends. Everybody has sorted. This dream like quality to the experience like two tat really happen it's like interview, remembered the tv show Dallas you're too young for like that, a whole episode where it was a dream like people. The whole whole season was a dream and the next and started a new guys in the showers. Like I dream that season, that's how I felt like this. There was it was shockingly normal and then I think, was helped by the fact that whatever about the idea of it tat platform, kicking and political leader. Often the platform was helped by the fact that tromp was an ape
tweet during the inauguration during the first few days like it does. It does feel like the whole Trump administration. Is, disappeared help. We lived through a fever drink, whether here's the conquest. You know how much power where does he retain Donald Trump. Is that all tell a lot I mean is it is at the end of training. Gay we're dens or Washington is like a king coming up here and there like no you're, not anymore. No, you are your power is guarded, Russians killer or remains to be seen. I think there is already some indication that sum of trumps base of support seems to be a rotating. His brand is, I win. I go out and I win re very much loss than there may be a narrative out there about him having one, but a lot of folks are Buying that any more even It takes a little bit of time for the polling to catch up with that. You know, Nixon leaves Office Republican still a little high on a baby, a little less reluctant to acknowledge the awfulness thereof. Eventually, that's right, you know he's they say:
starting this Patriot Party, that's the name of it that, first of all that sounds like nazis. they are not like the kill and all the Jews Nazis, but, like fascist, come to America Patron Party whenever you that blatant about where the patriots where the good people, for a Trump organization? Is the name of this new anti? I actually word patriarchy variety, which is a very broad majority, and I do worry that you know all those people who just believe Mightest. right who we know where these two generations past, where they taught anything in school so it's not like people know that their violating the constitution, because they have no clue what's in it to begin with, so that out other fascist, but they are an like they're all going to be in the Patriot Party and its going a dangerous target. Fifth columnists. I think it. I saw some people,
on Twitter serve snickering about the idea of from creating a Patriot party and park? Has trump doesn't necessarily have the work ethic and attend to spend? Do such a thing that from University Trump stake. Re nature is moral judgment, however, but he has people around me. One hundred, if I take it somewhat serious, actually saw all of these people and conservative Universal Lou dogs. Charlie, Kirk, say this is a good idea if if anyone can get ballot acts raise small donor Money have bored in every single state outside of it local party, its Donald, try The problem is, you know it would just deprive him. I think. different way of power. I mean the way for Trump ISM to reach success: so do the hostile takeover of the Republican Party to win republican primaries anyway, intellectually- and I mean Patriot Party- would hold down republican votes as a threat
party in a general action. It would just allowed Democrats to win, because we're just syphon those voters out of the republican majority, I'd other avenues to take advantage of one of the other third parties. That already exists, not the libertarian party that is nearing dear to my heart, but perhaps the reform party, or something like that, but in each in either case. I am far more sceptical of this proposition. I think It actually takes a great deal of organization, and if there's anything we know about Donald Trump he's not terribly well organised and in turn this spent as writing, but I can tell you and money on other candidate. I must tell you, gentlemen, this does sound like the same shit I heard before he became president drugs just about not serious about browser that old ever do. This will never do that and then he did at all, and here we are. Rather, access is a little bit different than having rain name recognition. I don't cashing having had a television show. This is very different. I will say one thing, though, that the notion of a sort of referring to these people as fascist. Rather even Donald Trump is a fascist. I often worry about. Giving the man too much credit, and I worry about
using words that are highly charged. That may not, in fact, illuminates the conversation in the way that we really are accepted, that I agree with that and in theory, but there's a lot of definitions of measures, and we have heard me over the years and from learned people disagree. But I think, one thing we can all line up behind it is this idea might makes right and that we don't respect democratic norms. If you can't call what the people who to undo the election that even the reply public and judges and politician said, was fairly called. I dont know what fascism is then, what definition do we have that vat is fascism, one it's just like make? Is there not a lot of these people? Even the Republicans in Congress, there
sorry about what happened on January, six that you're sorry, it didn't work this I haven't, they came into their office, they felt hurts my friend I'm putting right. That's one reason Mcconnell is so angry about. This is because, like that is his I'm pretty sure, Article that assertion that they're, not that they don't regret that this happened. Look I just try to put it into another context. Imagine one possibility here that what we ve seen over the course of the last say. Ten twelve months is actually a bit when unravelling this, escalation in political violence that is not limited to the right, but that is existed on. The left is what we saw: two billion dollars worth of damage done over the course of several months. We saw days of civil unrest in the street. We saw federal bill, things surrounded held under siege for days at a time you're talking about this is the United States of America and we have seen a steady increase in the regularity and frequency of political violence in this country? And if there is a broader trend, as opposed to a specific movement that is broken, then we're talking
too narrow a problem as opposed to the right problem which might be but there's a really major defect in order tat, always bad we're going back to the Seattle Debates, YO protests and two thousand I mean there's I've been like a anarchists black block. Hung element on the languages: this was for us, the country, but but you summit as a means of possession is, has infected every state capitol. It is it. We were every harnessed armed rebellion at every stage, capital that did not materialise, which is why I'm saying I worry right, maybe miss casting this right. If we're thinking its trump Trump is the problem and, as you mentioned already earlier, in the show bill, we saw hundreds people in the streets. Looking windows after buying one something is wrong. I am worried that we're not talking about this in the very that's a great question to get too now that we have gotten rid of trumpets were faced with with this problem as American
Now we can't blame everything on him now we're going look in the mirror and most suitable find out in the next hundred days like if it was all trump. who was the bad guy, and I said from the beginning, with the virus. He certainly play his part horribly part beginning with getting that little team out of China that could have stopped the whole fuckin thing to begin with, but it's also, I think on. the american medical establishment and never told the american people. That's why you handle? This is get yourself in better shape, the current system better, stop eating shit, food and sugar and gay drinking. They never have the guts to do that. They would even say the word obesity on television. That would be Fatch aiming the code and I was precondition, yeah. Ok, so America. Do this kind of mercury compounds As always, when I come back to, I see it personal level in my life. We all do as we go out in our day when we used to go up in our day and wasted
is to go out and- and I see it on a national level- can we do shit anymore? We can't seem to get the vaccine roll out going. That's a great harbinger of what's to come. Can we even if we can blame it on Trump B. I dont I mean here in the great socialist report of California is only hard to get don't get started. You know, where am I mean same here- is a good example. My my parents are in their early seventies. My mom got vaccinated today at a distribution. in Richmond Virginia my dad's vaccinated at a Kroger like our care system is so bunk that we're going to see the asses and Walgreens and I think it is a little too glib of the left to say that you know nationalized healthcare in this country would have made are covered.
that much better but certainly distribution, front I mean it would have been way better. I you know of any justice he's telling people in their communities in the UK like you're ready come on. I will give you will stick your arm like here, half the country, doesn't even know how to get a vaccine literally like according to surveys, I dont know when might turn time comes where gonna get a vaccine or we will end up with is one thing we seem to be really good at and its by parts, and that is that we are able to print money. We don't have any. handed out to the needy and uneasy alike. That seems to be what we're really good at printing new money and giving it away yeah that's what That's what we're gonna. Do you Paul Ryan, now back all right is out wrong. I think it's worth being sir, and about a circumstance where we ve created effectively around five trillion dollars, are committed to doing that over the course like eleven months, so
they trillion dollar economy. That is a big deal in the question of whether or not we're doing that in a way that gets aid red people are really needed is a big deal. Do you think you know I'm not Paul Ryan, but if I agreed with him on something it wouldn't make me arm a burgeoning. Although Republicans is that argument like owes you sound like someone on the red team, you must be wrong right now, I'm just saying we just sit rather see the money targeted more. I don't feel like we're graded targeting and the only thing we can do precisely is bomb You know when we want somebody, that's the one thing we do is like us, where we really for other things Is it just like we spread? Would you spread around you know I mean I I mean I talk to some republican leadership is in this. yesterday about the about the bill viands proposal, one nine trillion dollars of spending Roma the stimulus in two thousand nine, when Obama came in, was eight hundred bill.
And they were and they went back. You did that number, notably. So we got the fabulous euphemism jobs created are saved, which is correct, cracked and by then presided over the recovery ACT, two thousand nine and he has lots of big ideas about how to become enough to our style. Present harbour. The republican viewpoint on and the Senate is, is kind of what you guys are saying, which is like checks like thought. Publicans came out at the end of the trunk ministration for their two thousand. Our Czech, like checks, could work. You know vaccine. money for vaccine creation tradition that work, but the really balking at the the idea that we have already allow four trillion dollars worth of spending over the last year, we wanted more money to states and cities there sure about that, and they also think that checks Nancy, close you're, just gonna lard up this bill with whatever they to remain calm. Radie got money the last time, yeah Joel all steam in here
I mean like some of it, you can never transfer money, except with a leaky bucket. Someone once said. I get some of that It just seems like we don't do anything with gray care and I had an it just why? Why not it's gonna we're just making the money in the minutes anyway, and I think I think the Biden people even say this privately- that this is a starting point. There's gonna be a negotiation anchor. I think send violence heart that he wants to kill off some republican centres and show a bipartisan president that we can obtain some kind of unity. Writing checks is, let me see the really hard stuff the important stuff. The single most important thing they could do is reopened schools and focusing like a laser on how to help states do that but do in. But where is the money for that and in the proposed? All families minded so that nobody is going to take a lot more than money, and I am unfortunately, I just think, there's a lot of grandstanding taking place and I think you're absolutely right, though. The profound failure of this entire government. The bureaucracy Democrats Republicans alike, to actually
rise to the occasion and meet this challenge of covert. They failed profoundly and the question of what we do from here, I think, is the most important question that we ought to be pondering and we don't have trumped to kick around us to persuade us. I think one of the dumbest things of that is going back to what you're saying earlier that we, I think that a lot of people left think that just because Democrats are doing something you're saying something it's automatically correct enough Republicans do is automatically stupid. Wrote me our sitting here in LOS Angeles governor, knew some like. Why is why is the governor of New York Andrew Cuomo, a lake saint of Covert like his sports to it and having a tour before they re who pandemics even override any ridiculous right, but because he is not to go back in the nursing exactly he did the wrong thing. You did the wrong the idiot in Florida. Did it better and he rather interesting political disagreements with the mare New York City. You get in the way of swift and good decision making, and he is just
hold up, is a paragon of good governance just because democratic going, but it still great to have a new president and not just because the last one was the worst person in the world for comedy because we know so. I was watching the inauguration and I tell you, like. I thought to myself. Let's just start right here and I was looking Joe Biden, and you know it look because mind was drifting at times, and I thought I
I can read this man's mind. Would you like to hear what I was here are some of the era of some of the things that were going through Jos, mind jail? I thought you said we were having jello, not bad for a kid for major role, hope that was just gas. I see Lady Gaga where's, Lorn Gaga, I am so getting laid tonight, mostly be now fuck face. So let's get back on the discussion of the economy I mean you have been critical of black lives matter. Relations with
while communism and anti capitalism sure there's a new Africa can congressmen who said capital is capitalism is the new slavery. You said by black lives matter, an anti racism. You said their part of a broader programme that is hostile towards free markets and we happen alyssum hostile towards notions of individualism and this scientific method, give me some examples of what you're talking about look bullet. That the important thing to consider here is that when folks talk about black lives matter too often said look. This is just an ethical statement. If you can't acknowledge this, that that's a real problem. Likewise, There is a political statement and there is a political programme attached to it and plenty of people. You know More broadly may not be aware of it, but the fact that their it does have some routes in Marxism that there are radical, elements of the black lives matter, movement that are very distinctly. Towards free markets and capitalism, that challenge very
basic notions that I think are broadly shared by Americans about like equality under the law, for example, this pivot towards equity, racial equity in a focused disproportionately on outcomes, is something that is rather new, but seems to have taken the country by storm. It's the only thing people can talk about equity, meaning as opposed to a quality equity as opposed to quality, which you can you. I can give you up ethical example of that yes covet. We were just talking about a moment ago. We know that the most Global population when it comes to covered are older people that if I took people over the age of fifty five sure at eighty percent of the debts there have been. Sure conversations about prioritizing people on the basis of their race, because covered is said to disproportionately impact black people relative to white people It is a ridiculous proposition, but it's a problem. Can they found its way into the mouths of governors here in California that the pages of the New York Times were actively
I'm talking about this kind of ridiculous because we actually now, when we look at the global impact of covered in the United States, again, eighty per se One of the people who are dying older around eighteen percent of the people who are dying are black. A life lost, a covert is a life that matters and we focused on the people who are vulnerable without making this about race, making it about Ray, only obscures the actual issue, if in a separate help, maybe have separate race from economic and security. Sure right like up like this, extra hospitalized three four times the rate of white people for a variety of reasons, for a variety of their essential weren't going right. You're writing the blossom boil right here that you are giving that no one is that it's not fundamentally about race. You can't on hispanic than there may be different issues in their communities. It could be that they live in homes with more people. It could be that they live in more urban centres. If that's the case, the policy or tailoring is for people in urban centres, not Latinos. This is a confused
of categories that is actually distracting us from forging good policy get a great soundbites. You re actually probably it always makes people there's this. Something happened with white people. White liberals is certain zebra them and like revelling in guilt. that I dont understand so that you're saying I understand this, a good issue that you you chose to view there's, an example because, yes, you're right there are, I think, if you look at the stats it does disproportionately affect the african american community, but took to make the white people feel better about their guilt. you only hear about it because of yes right, that is a part of it. Another party It is obviously not that there are plenty of that white people a part of it is vitamin D. Vitamin D is very, important my pasty way, again absorb it easily you
Does not the council shares of science, but has also already there doesn't fit? The paradigm of this is a racist plot in geography is a huge part of people live in different parts of sometimes requires they actually worked. If we actually look at the data points from with the respect them or do black people do, they live in urban areas I'm going to see that black people relative to where they live and relative to combat impact may not he's so disproportionate. We see that all the time, let it be stipulated. College educated, white people on the internet, professing why killed and displaying their virtue are some of the worst people however, this is about shared sacrificed, I think that the amount of this I am white guy who has in common access to health care, I am also white guy who really wants to fucking go to a bar to go.
But a concert to go to restaurants, and if we vaccinate people who don't have access to health care first, maybe that things hospitalization rates down baby, then we can go back to her indoor, dining, like Mary, I'm being selfish here break all these are at an actually see how that could possibly be more effective than targeting the people who are the most vulnerable with the vaccines, because we already know that we can find ways to live with the virus. We have been doing it for blackened and economic reasoning, article of away to the thereby more vulnerable because of their blackness or little can only bring up. When we give another example, last week were taught me about how I was saying the media really, a different kind of media that it was even ten years ago. Every story has to be interpreted by. How is my demographic that watch me like this. So after
election. We found out trumpeted better with minorities. Then he did the last time or republican president's I mean you wouldn't, Her hear them talk about this on MSNBC it frank they would bring they would not. Have you on well what now you're really right, because because it's a different point of view that gets in the bubble that makes them and turn the dial to another channel. I guess, but What is your view on that? Why did why did trump? Do why you think that's, the reporting halfway, let's get him, you don't wife's blades kidding around Kitty Joe moment for the white guys. These are about no look. I don't Think it's unrelated to what I was hinting at before. I think there is
a general dissatisfaction among the populace. I think, for the most part, people aren't voting in favour of things or in favour of candidates, their voting against things people have now. I've been waiting around four fifty fifty odd years, Joe Biden has been in the public life saying you know who we need as president more than anybody in the world Sleepy Joe that's the guy. We need Joe Biden I've just the right time and Mr Mobutu. His way into the White House was popular humans on earth fresh through this, My boy said. Forgive me if I am repeating this people have heard it before, but the two main, the ultimate white privilege, is what now is the desire is being able to be impractical? Black people have to be practical right. They don't have the luxury, Sometimes I can be impractical right. I've been hurting in general and political. You see that all the time this is, they were very practical about Joe Biden.
It wasn't who they loved, made a NATO was possible and they got lucky. There too got lucky a bit of a bullet. The numbers were huge for everybody, but cross on the flip side of an item in some of the sum of the reasons the trumpeted well among hispanics- and this was reported throughout the Rio Grande in Texas, rightward Trump out ran Biden by significant margin compared to last election. They, like the checks. They, like the Czechs, Sombre Donald Trump that came through after the last covered bill right like Trump. If he did, understood better than transactional nature of politics and governing might have one if it really focused on that. I think that that's practicality, we're, like I don't know, government does for me, but if I'm getting a check, this guy shit, Annabel form like that's powerful, and I think that help them is. the economy throughout the campaign throughout pretty good compared pretty the rest of was plenum researcher.
And a shudder. So am I wrong. Do not want to see race all the time, because that's how I was brought up like that's what a good liberal don't see race and now they switch all around and I'm dead I don't see it all the time and it is, is you couldn't even effective there to make people aware of this issue at every turn. In a wanted. One of the first thing to buy the ministration dead is got rid of these prohibitions that the Trump administration to put on this diversity and inclusion, training and one thing that we know and it's unfortunate I have to agree with I'll drop because very unpopular to do in many circles, but one thing we have to acknowledge is that this diversity and inclusion? Training can often increase, people's racial sensitivity that it can often make workplaces. harmonious that talking often about racism, and discrimination can make people presume that it exists in places where it does not, and we have to acknowledge that racism is a subject Dave allegation right, I can present
intent on your behalf. Weather, but it is actually there and that's a major defect, and I don't want to be the object of your special concern: Mariah anyone else's. This is what I hear your limit its individual, and this is what I hear price you. This is a good thing. I am so sympathetic to the cars, but don't gas like, and this where your privately from my black friends, I don't wanna, be the focal point. Blend in. I would have a beer. like you, don't don't look at me like I have to like make a speech about it or the EU I have to make a speech about it. So let me ask you this question. is the picture of America that's presented by the radicals? I would say black lives matter? Someone then the anti racist of Amerika twenty twenty one. Is it an accurate picture biggest sometimes I'm like? Are they talking about twenty twenty one? no, I don't think so. I
There are a lot of issues. Unfortunately, we could talk about criminal justice reform, for example, where we traffic and a great deal hyperbole, where people who, quite frankly, just do I have a serious grounding in these issues, are out in the streets and screaming Then there they ve got the bull horns in their hands and they don't know the numbers. I am always surprised when I see sort of the outrage in Portland over these issues when actually go back look at the number of police involves shootings or deaths in custody, for example, and the numbers we do not bear out this genocide against Black America. It's not a thing we do know is. We need criminal justice reform, but it's because there are genuine impacts across the board. or in many instances and a lack of accountability and transparency in those smart policies dont require us to think in terms of racing likely. All the energy goes towards this emotional port, instead of like, of course, there is
stomach racism in America that I mean when you look at the stats of you, don't just like black wealth versus white wealth or health care. You're talking about how long people live. I mean this a million things you can look at music. Obviously this is because we had this Atari history that has continued to the present, but when, when I I look at the the present I'm very often asking the question like or we are we not address what should be the drug war get really The drug war and wooden should get rid of a lot of the black deaths because it's been who die. In Chicago. Is it mostly accept the hands of the beliefs sure will that don't worry. It's is gangs fighting each other over drug turf near its driving crime. There sure contraception retraining the cops. I feel like the practical pro rams get lost, because that, as you say, doesn't get I think I think Biden deserves more credit on this stuff in the New York Times reported this week that in meetings when staff,
sickly, younger staffers who sort of traffic allowed suffer talking about the kind of academic which, when they use academic or a lead US language, descent, Twitter Biden stops them and says pick up the phone toy grandma, which she understand what you are talking about, if not Wanna hear it again here. You know, and I think his, Four star has always been that nor me not online voter, you know a black person over fifty white person in the suburbs who isn't falling stuff, and he is, I think, reasonably care all about the racial language that you know we see in Ghent. At about on the internet. We would like to see where art, because he's not on the internet will have to see where it goes, a mean that we have seen in recent days. Folks, who are part of team bite and say things along the lines of race social justice are going to be in every aspect of policy that we do every economic policy. This is to be our lodestone and one that sounds like a bit of a constitutional issue which we may have to adjudicate, I suspect, will the two
this does not sound effective to me. If you want to focus on problem really complicated problems. Nuance problems like education, like health care, Those problems are not things that we get a clearer picture of that we see better when we, inject race, into the conversation, races, divisive. It divides us and obscures the truth. Generally ruined or just matter in those conversations, often but you're you're saying make I'm in this network critical regulatory wanting it. So it matters in that way. Some people want you what they want to hear. You say it, and ceramic racism is a is a phrase but I find really frustrating because I think it categorizes things, but it doesn't but really explain. Then she doesnt actually gave us a sense of how to fix them in any material, since there are all sorts of disparities, and they, exist for all sorts of complicated reasons, and we ignore that when we just every all sorts of ways you can be disadvantaged in life. Sure you know I mean advantaged I I have outlined
anyone who looks at me and presumes on account of my appearance that I'm disadvantage is a fool. But if we want to look at this sitting, Rapporteur area- yes, I mean they're right, but if you're born the Mississippi Delta and you're living on a poor farmer? Shack like you're there in your poor because black and because there is a history or you could of waging racism, you could be white. In those circumstances. Poverty sucks within aren't Elsa your guard of the severe race one at a ten people, their weight in Ireland on plantation. In there we go to places like appellation where you'll find concentrations of deep Sea ice democrat hot poverty in all of the people are white. I don't care what they look like? I want solutions that work and, quite frankly, Ta about racism, all the time, is not a solution for anything. But where do you know about cocaine
I explained to you, Sir baby Eyes discussion, but now it's time for a neural girl that next time bomb attacks Congress, don't hide in the cloak room. That's the point: place. They look also, who wears cloak anymore. Cloak, you know, you and I think, you're in a sex called. Remember the only people aware cloaks Dracula habits party magicians, bitter critics, iron- Britain trophy wise,
by curious, bad men and late period Elvis took. I don't knock yourself. Neuro Trump era is over. Let's all agree to never mention it again. Sometimes something seems like a good idea at the time, but then later you just won't forget you. You tried it. It was stupid, move like oral sex. and the poor Sandridge wraps or that year he wore a fedora narrow Republican, do tweet quotes from Martin Luther King Jr on his birthday, must admit of king we're alive today, you'd call him a socialist and dark in his skin and campaign ads. You have a dream at its making harder for minorities, devote my
staff. I can't get amazing, it's just amazing. I think you got to hold the paycheck till after the taping. I think that's going to be the case News angers have to get through one entire newscast. Without saying the words grim milestone, do your only depressing and already depressed population. Besides, it's not fair to actual milestones which are, after all, just rocks. I am Bill Marfa Wrong. You ve been hearing a lot of bad things about milestones. Lately, infection rates rising global temperatures, the national debt, but rocks, are so much more. We
you're right fish tanks, whole down papers and fill Steve Deuces had rocks life would be hard without us, your old woman who bought that candle that would it Paul Dro cells. You know that one smells like her vagina: brought it home and claims that exploded has to tell us. One thing
bitching bragging also what happened with the Jimmy deems Pure Borg, sausage and finally neural New year's call for new departments here on real time, and we have something very special for you tonight as our loyal friends. No after every election season, we prepare a memorial package called farewell douche bags So we can so we can better do a proper due to the conservative, not jobs, who just got drummed out of office. Here's a little bit of our last instalment from two months ago.
always a fan favorite doing it for all these years, problem is Republicans restock douche bags the efficiency of an Amazon warehouse. They turn. new crazy, like the Hallmark Channel, makes Christmas movies. So I thought I might be prudent moving forward if we took a moment at the beginning of the year to get to know the up and commerce the douche bag.
I keep an eye on the new fresh faced hate for profit. Truth, bending opportunities that you'll be cursing out for years to come so sit back and enjoy our premier edition of how long do how, for example, there's a new opportunistic infection in the Senate named Josh Holly. Oh he's up, encumber Washington insiders disease among twenty twenty ones, most punishable faces handsome youth full and vigorous he's the far right, J F K with a little Dashwood KKK and there's the son of a wealthy banker and a graduate of Stanford Yale and private prep school Josh knows what he hates most in this world elites.
Loads the men transparently, ambitious, just was the first tentative formerly choose trumps baseless election fraud. Conspiracy over his pledge to uphold the constitution but before you say, is anti democratic just once you didn't know that he's just asking questions, questions like what is the winner of an election always have to be the guy who gets the most votes, not to be outdone in the area of hating government from the inside fresh.
In Colorado, Rep and high school dropout, Lauren billboard is someone you may have already thought of. If you ever thought what would happen if Michel Bachman smoke bath assaults, this ass, a gal is taking your hoops out to fight the Lib Tarzan and she wants everyone's. You know she has exactly one issue guns: sport. Alert she likes them. She has from a town named rifle and owns a restaurant called shooters where the weight staff no kidding are in. Orange to carry loaded weapons on the job
my suggestion of eat their make sure your tip at least twenty percent. I ate their ones. I asked the waiter how fractures the fish he said. I don't know you feel lucky punk, our Burma's newest senators, Tommy Tub reveal how to describe Tommy, he's like if a hot MIKE slur got voted into office. This time is the warmer coach of the Aubert TIGERS, football team and intellectually, let's just say, a few yards shorter, but first he refused to debate before his primary and general elections. It's a good thing, because it good luck
gave a tick, Tock Toto was Saint Bernard Tommy's, the model of today's constitutional conservative, who has absolutely no idea what's in the constitution wrong. The answer to the question: what are the three branches of our government strippers can get this I know I've asked financially Tommy's within five at least three business associates who have been convicted for financial fraud, send Tommy, I'm not smart enough to understand all the numbers did I mention he wants to be on the Senate Banking Committee and see now afresh raised. Is your thing get ready to swipe right.
Rising hate longer Madison CORE Thorn from North Carolina, one of the leaders of the stop the steel fiasco who hype the riot at the capitol like it was the fire festival and who, at the tender age of twenty five, is the youngest republic. ever elected to the house, I have thrown up scotch older than this prick. You know every Chad douche bag, you see on a jet, skis, Instagram yeah, he's a congressmen now and this one brags that he carries a gun on the house floor, but not irresponsibly. It safely secured this Bob Droll, lunchbox and finally, but certainly not least, we have the freshmen congresswoman from Georgia the true mayor of crazy town.
Everyone's favoured Karen Marjorie
Margaret Shepherd Green, the congresswoman who mixed most people say I was she not a teacher from Florida who fucks or student I dont know what a holy shit is. This lady crazy? She does not listen to lobbyists and special interests. No, she listens to microwaves, talking dogs. If it's all lived, Q and non believers who thinks science and reasoning Eric conspiracy to trick people into thinking, Reagan saw shining city on a hill. This chick see spiders under, aren't, you see, say a lotta debbie, it's all right, that's how do I want my mail caused their bright, but they will say, or next week, Franco, German, everything we want to make a move from each other and each be dot com,
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