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Ep. #553: Heather Heying & Bret Weinstein, Van Jones, James Pogue

2021-01-29 | 🔗

Bill’s guests are Heather Heying & Bret Weinstein, Van Jones, and James Pogue. (Originally aired 1/29/21)

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Welcome to each year pipe from HBO real time. Thank you very much. That is a fantastic impression of an audience really it's reload. Most people did Joe, but now I think
We have a good energy here today because you know, like California finally lifted some restrictions. We are now here now allowed to get the mail and flee wildfires. So things are really loosely about here and that's just locally I made on the national level boy Biden boy. He eats praise president. You hear that that's good and reduce reversing everything. Drop dead, who reversed everything. Obama is a great where we govern this country by undoing but he like I've, been doing some good things. Trump had a ban on transgender people serving in the military Biden. Undid
but to avoid confusion, drill sergeants would no longer say, drop your Cox and grab your socks. That's who knows you even has the Navy's new policy is whatever afloat your boat. That's also, this is great, were putting Harriet Tubman on the twenty the tunnel. I I can't wait to go into this drip glove and make it rain with twenty aids and scream it's all about the tab. Then I'm gonna do that as soon as this pandemic is over Harriet Tubman under twenty. That's great, not a surprise that America, because
as always respected black women on paper. Oh yeah, that's right! Both first then think about it. Ok, that's right! That's always both its safe, even when I'm with you but however, in the Senate, the Republicans senators have listened to this voted against even holding the impeachment drought You should go there all about, but maybe we should have been drawn up now. They say no empty. we don't want to trial. We know acquit him anyway, not even censure, but they say it will go on his permanent record. Yes, and trumpet been very quiet, does not Army a little. It's like an jaws when the chalk went out to sea for a little while, it's like, I think, it'll be.
so he's down there and moral logo and he's off twitter. I guess that's a lot of it. You know who else is up to her Michael Index, the my pillow guy bedroom Twitter for sorting out it lies about the election being rigged, which you know. I think it is right. But The repeated lies about his pillar being more than just a goddamn pillar. Together, I tell the Republicans they have a little bit of a lunatic problem in that party. They but like that, and then they have somebody in Congress. working in the building more the retailer great. We ve talked about it here on the judges, a freshman, congressperson and she's dead, our tweets this week, but that this is only from a cup couple years ago that she's like a lot of things on social media about murdering Nancy Policy and its threaten to do so. How? How does that work?
how do you call for murdering energy policy and then you're working together, what do you say to it when you see in the elevator I love your shoes when we hang you they're gonna, look great and Kevin Mccarthy's. These they had guy in the house. He treats heard about the murdered. Our group has been saying in these. Like he's a very disturbed hasty. Mr Chichester, because he plans have a conversation with a conversation Marjorie, we ve been getting some complaints from coworkers that you want to kill them. I think, if you look at your freshmen orientation, God you'll see plainly unpaid. Sixteen, it says we don't kill our workers. Thank you. Someone coming America, Marjorie jailer Green, believes in this
She had never met a conspiracy theories you'd, unlike She believes in something called fragile drip. I'm not make I couldn't I out frazzle drip. It sounds like something Lil Wayne uses to get high what fragile drip. This is listen to this. This is a real theory that they have in the coop town. That there is a video out there. That shows Hillary Clinton In the face of a teenage girl wearing it like a mask and then drinking the girls blood so that she can obtain a certain, chemical, the through special powers, What we hear in Beverly Hills called the vampire facial pastel you maybe I'm just give no, but I remember when the Nazis thing Republicans believed it was trickle down economics friend.
Whole drip. I'm sorry, I'm not watching this video what comes out in the theater. That's where I want to see it. I understand it then Jones and James Cogar here, but first up their evolutionary biologist, my old job and visiting fellows a hunter gatherer guide for the twenty first century. Please! Heather Hieing and bread wines dean you so much for being here. I must tell you: I've been watching you, cast and sing you talking about vaccines, which of course, is on everybody's mind number one these days and it is a refreshing to see people. have a new ones conversation your ear I mean obviously medically sophisticated people who know allow
about this, you ve had a lot of vaccines yourself right. We have. I make, as you been to the tropics, this is your life, whereas well vaccinated as anyone right but it's interesting. You constantly interrupt yourselves when you're talking about that is to say, oh shit help. We don't get in trouble for saying this. Just because it's our job, it's but it's true. You just having a nuanced adult. Conversation as opposed to mere cheerleading. That's all the place for science to be right when your work, when you're. Looking over your shoulder like that, while this is a problem built into the question of vaccines, which is that there is a difference between the public health analysis and the private decisions that people have to make about their own vaccinations and The problem is one of game theory where the best deal give that vaccines are very effective, but they can.
Ray some risk is for everyone else to get vaccinated, but you not to be, and if that happens, then you get the benefit of their immunity, and you don't many of the risk. But of course that makes you a free rider, and so There is a tendency to underwrite the risks of vaccines in order to get everybody on board with getting them, and then people who raised Quest let's get demonized so having that new asked neurons converse is not an easy thing to do, especially when you know what's coming, gonna be called: but it's science we have to do it right away, I understand. What's going on now the free rider thing I get it, I would say: look we're in a way I'd situation we do now. These vaccines, but just don't gaslight me right. Just don't treat me as a child. can't hear the truth, because it might scare me or scare other people just tell me the truth.
that's all I want when you discuss this ever know. If you both believe, I know you said that you would prefer the asterisk go on which is the old school one, were they give you a piece of the old, though the real virus, as opposed to the New M Rna, one which exciting new technology, probably ever proven, but you say I believe I have heard you say that you would like the older one, because the new one is just so no not just to be clear, Three Seneca is not a fully traditional virus. It use There's a method delivery that is more traditional has been used for longer. the peace of the real virus throughout the you. Have that Ray mechanism which is in a dino virus, but the Edina viruses completely unrelated to Sars, Kogi too so they're just simply using it to get a piece of dna into the cell, and then the cell manufactures pieces of the corona virus despite protein, which then hopefully the immune system learns to reckon
nice, but there is no danger of getting Sars Kogi too, because, virus being used to deliver. It suddenly comes back to life. This virus doesn't carry that capacity and we know we have a long, evolutionary history with the dino viruses. They cause things like the common cold. So it's not very serious, even if something were to occur so in some ways the simple fact that its using a virus to deliver the dna- rather than a novelty manufactured coat of lipids. These nanoparticles, which is what the the M Rna vaccines, are using. That's a novel technology. We don't know what its implications are because hasn't been used in humans for even ginger. Just recreate a little bit of that govern station for me about just the new in Iraq, I just you know, there's stuff real well you're, just saying right, I'm in a hurry I have heard you say it's not science,
fiction science fact the old one, so just just to be clear, again. The Astor Seneca vaccine is not a traditional vaccine. It uses a new, a new technology, but it also uses an older technology that we have more experience with. So it is not fully traditional Maxine vaccine. I would. However, there are also some of those with ducks the one you would prefer, but it yet the older it is the more commonly we have already used it. The more likely we all should be to trust it so because the data already exist right. I am already reactions are branded until twenty twenty, they hadn't preventing humans before and we are hoping both of us and we, as you say, we are scientists. We ve got We ve got more vaccinations than almost anyone, given that we ve got your yellow fever and rabies in all of these things, because the way than we have done up just wheat. Bread actually is,
done bats, and so you know, in order to work on bats. In the NEO tropics, we have. We ve been vaccinated against rabies in yellow fever and number of things. most Americans never run into soviet region bats? Let me ask you about this, because we ve heard but recently about the fact that maybe the virus did start in the lab. Let's talk about that. The fact that there is this lab, I think it's the only one in the world quite like it in war on where it started. It would almost be conspiracy, theory to think it didn't start in left right and an That theory was demonized at first that oh account that come on that's conspiracy, thinking that it would started in the lab, but it itself he's a fifty fifty. Would you say that it's far more likely than that as a matter of fact right that I think in June the chances that it came from the lab look to me to be about ninety percent, ok
So this was never a conspiracy theory. In fact, that term is simply used to make it go away. It's an obvious hypothesis, that is, need of testing, and we are only now a year in getting to the point where we can discuss it out loud without being stigmatized. Ok, part of the problem, of course, is that we are so politicized were so polarized partisan now right country that if the wrong guy proposed this to begin with, for half the country. It was the wrong guy, then. The rest, The country says no way, no, how we're gonna call that a conspiracy theory and- and We're never gonna revisit it and the fact is: that's not how science works, that is not science. You did to you need to say: I've got a pattern, I'm gonna, some observations and I'm going to consider every possible explanation on the table and then at least from a lab that was clearly from the beginning, a possibility. So let me ask you this:
at first I was going to say when they make me get this ongoing. I want the Emma because its new I feel like it's an improvement over the old ones, Then I heard you say no, no you're loaves wearily about it tonight. I argue that you want the one where they have a little piece of the virus in the the way they did it. For many, many years now What about the lab and as I wait if they made that when, in the lab. Do I really want a little piece of that virus in me? possible, there's something in a light: made virus that is different and would make a vaccine different than the ones we ve had four decades which were made from virus is that occurred in nature where this is This is a complex topic, the I dunno virus. Why you're here rights may be no virus, is one that you have history with, or at least via. in that family you,
very unlikely to have any evolution, evilly evolutionary history with beta corona viruses, which are the ones that Sars Covey too comes from. So just from the point view of what unexpected might happen. If we give you the Edina virus vaccine, it's much less likely to be dramatic than leopard nanoparticles, which is what the emigrant vaccines are packaged in. As far as the the little fragment of dna in question fragment of our night. They produce the same proteins. So the target is the same. The the virus is wrapped the source code to viruses wrapped in like proteins, and the idea is to give those spite proteins to the immune system so that it recognises them immediately. If you ever get infected and from that point of view, the the the vaccines that are currently available
or equivalent they're all delivering. Do you not worried if it was made in the lab that it would be different that a vaccine would be different made from that? That was that came from a lab instead of nature it, of which I mean the lab is taking nature itself, of course. Yes, who all that doesn't concern all of our best tricks. We are borrowing from nature right case. We are just simply taking that spike protein and figuring out how to get it into yourselves, so that your immune system gets a chance to see. So if it, but I assume that the Chinese were not trying to create a by a weapon its past. although they were there are, they did out of a job because they shut down the world, but let's assume they were just studying. This form imaginary reasons we want, and we want to have them, but it got out maybe on a workers, you know it's like
the best way, doesn't wash his hands before he goes to the bathroom, and then you get food poisoning, but for the whole world, Frank right, that's what so, ok, so they got out. It raises the question should we ever be studying viruses and lapse this way, if we're just going to create the price when that we're trying to well. That battle was taking place before the act of nineteen epidemic there was. There were two factions. There was a faction that said, we had no choice but to study these viruses and, in fact, to engage in what's called gain, a function, research where we turbocharging viruses and make them much more data. Worse than they are in the condition we find them, and the argument was that we had to do that in order to know what they would be like in their dangerous form and could perhaps prepare by generate a vaccine, and then there was another faction that said they were likely to create exactly the disaster. We fear and what was missing.
From this discussion was a proper evolutionary analysis and the fact is there are lots of viruses that can escape from nature and in fact people, but in general they don't have a second trick, that is to say they can in fact you they can make you sick. Maybe they can kill you, but they can't jumped to the next person, and so what's really conspicuous about this virus is that it had both tricks from the get go. In fact people and a girl from one person to the next. With no explanation I would seem to be having third trick, which is its mutating, which of course is not new. Viruses are always mutating. That's why flu that's a very often so ineffective because you're getting a vaccine for swine ever wanted of Lucia for the one that was around last year, some as there there is little. Is ten percent effective but ok? So this his deftly mutating. We have a lot of them now the south african one british one at that they're all over the world. Now, I heard at the beginning. It is that they use
we'll get milder virus. As they mutate. because they want to survive, then I want to kill anybody than they got no host. You might expect that a virus that did emerge from a lab that was doing gain of function. Research, Would precisely not do the thing that, while type viruses wouldn't do that it might exactly do what we seem to be saying, get more variant, get more path you think it's getting more virulent demanded mutations. If any there, think about it, the the speculation amongst those who have been seriously investigating the question of whether this is again a function lab escape virus is that the virus would have been passed through either animals in the lab or tissues in the lab in order to use evolution to re rig it. And that mean, that effectively tension was put on the virus pulling. It goes in the direction of certain things. Some of those things were intentional, like infective eighty of human cells which may have given it extra capacity
these, like this, this foreign cleave, excite that no other virus like this has bazaars Covey to does so in any case, in an attempt to give these extra capacities law things will have been inflicted on the virus, including things that we dont think about. So many characteristics. The fact that this virus attacks, so many different tissues in the body does not seem natural. The fact that it does not at least at the beginning, didn't I, seem to transmit outdoors nearly at all is very conspicuous Simeon after all, most annum, without door, so a virus that seems to be adapted to indoor transmission is a bit conspicuous in this case. But having Heather's point is all right. You take the tension off of it. Let it go into the human population it spreads out. We ve now got many millions of individuals with infections. It's now going to move the direction that makes the most sense for it, rather than the most sense for the researchers. So, yes, I think that there is every possibility.
Is that what we are seeing is a response to this virus now being free to explore evolutionary space. The common form is when, evolutionary perspective on the right search. This being done, it seems, there is. There are certainly perverse incentives to once you start doing research to try to keep doing that research, regardless of whether or not it still good for humanity right and sees me whether or not this virus from a lab or not actually has applications for how it is likely to behave now that it's out in the world and how therefore we should we should imagine how likely these things are going to be going forward too. We should have been the attention to the lab theory at the beginning, but we did because it was politicized, really is the moral there well in fact, if we had paid attention to it and recognise just how likely it was, then it would have surely put pressure.
From the Chinese to reveal what they knew about rights, and if we had had that information, we would have been in a much better position. We would have known what to expect and we might have had a better Approach on the vaccine front. Instead, we ve been fighting a clearly false notion. All the things that we were assured were true at the beginning that this was a bad virus that infected right angle in and then escape through a wet market. That's all known to be false, we're the only part of that that stood is Originally this virus, or the major part of it clearly came from about, but the rest of it has just come crashing down.
Well, I was hoping- and on a happier note, I really I thank you for the new ones and the conversation alright, Breton Heather. Thank you very much to meet our camp outside Burma. We gotta get the information I gotta get out of control. You know that already has a Finn and political commentator and see our reform alliance, our friend Van Jones. The man is a journalist, Germany, Harpers magazine James, pose great to have you here. Let's move to a somewhat related topic: the environment, because Joe Biden writing shining
secular borders on that which is good. I say that guy yeah moving in the right direction, putting it on the front burner. I really wanted to talk about this tonight, because this I want to remind people. This was your portfolio. Thank you. The world knows about Ban Jones because you were the greens are and got fired for some before we get to the invite actually say that, because this bothered me are we thinking about you begun the show and getting five. I remember what it was, but I know it was nothing, I've been watching this not Marjorie Heller, great, yes, ok, who has put like talking about killing all workers- loan alike in the bridegroom kind of stuff, like I'm, going to tell you and Anne, but they don't fire her. Yes, who is here,
possible for this double standard. I of of what you can get away without Frank and has to go over the things that are democrats of apologize for the slightest little things, and then they get away with anything who is responsible for allowing this. I think the Republicans of essentially profited from the same kind of stuff that she's talked about. If you look at republican retail politics you go to above, it can rallies, you go to the town halls you go on this. This did she sings, not that crazy and David today refers to the right and to encourage this kind of idea. We understand. Gasped tonight is nine, are established. The gas does not not we'll get their work, but what I was going to say is that if you
get the way republican, retail politics, where a trick like this kind of stuff is fuelling the energy. This. That kind of stuff is what gets people all across the country elected and then you get into Congress and they refuse to work together. They refuse to even countenance the idea that a lot of Democrats are not socialist trees in this crazy people right and then you get there but can constituencies that are fed this idea that hey we dont work together. Everybody on the other side is evil and you're gonna have this stuff fester up. It seems logical to me, but it's it's a different. It's kettle of fish. I'm sorry to talk about it in the abstract, versus having actually threatened when this was only a couple of years ago that she was threatening Nancy Pelosi. Cathy Griffin just did a picture of competitive edge on God. Ginger was a photo issue, is a joke was drums had it wasn't real had, of course, like I, first of all,
it is remarkable me. I I was caught on tape, saying that Republicans we're being assholes. guy got. Is that what it why, even though there was that there was that the fourth thing around the planet now living Jupiter and stuff like that Goin, now you have somebody you saying there are jewish space lasers star. Fires in California, where it anyway, that's good. I knew what are you talking about jewish sparing with Bates Lasers Ass, the most recent thing that that Madame Marjorie has been quite what I should do, or Spain Zoo in utero. Don't you know I know she's an anti semite. You mean doing things that to do this is applied by Jus, yes to start yes.
Yes, I like, nor do I think I was going to go on so early in programmes and our brains Miller, having what I'll say is article one section. Five Congress can throw out they should throw ass out, and we should move on being assured them. Boats were bare and have a hell of a party, but what one that's not going to happen is that haven't, but that's one. The chance we have now is how much attention You give somebody like this, we finally given her more attention than some. The ghost up the Biden has done. We did that would tromp. So what I'm sayin is that we need to make sure, you understand. This is the direction of some people. Republican party is despicable and terrible. They have a remedy, they can censure her with only a majority or they can throw our two thirds Congress should in the media should move on, I don't want to make another tromp out this crazy person.
But even he just said, lock her up. I didn't say, hang her. She, I just feel like this is absurd. Still far. I don't I don't. I don't know how you I have a kind of hard take on this, which is that I think a lot of this stuff is focused on what she liked on Facebook, and I do think that like if we're gonna be principled people. If we're going to talk about you know, I'm a leftist. I've like the lot stuff about revolution today, I mean that I've endorse seditious conspiracy against the United States or something if I ran for office. What I then still insured and cast out different in nature is totally different, but if something I've been thinking about like a where do I? U water line on this stuff? Ok, but can I this? Is she in February twenty nineteen March tell the grain, let a group of Trump supporters into the speakers office. I I need to find out how that happened, but something with Facebook
Facebook and get anywhere where she is use, policy of treason, adjusted she's shall suffer death or pricks it. I mean Facebook commentator the year before until now. Do we hang them referring, Obama, Hilary and she wrote back stages being set. Players are being put in place. We must be patient different level, a k it can. You know, member during your browser. This will not stand. Yes, cannot stay in what I have someone again like. I said it in that it was a joke. But what do you say when they were in the aim of my question about this, and I think you I've sort of come around. As I was mentioning I've sort of come around thinking. I think centre is a good idea for her something something so Republicans can say: hey look we! Actually don't think that these people are truly evil crazy, lizard scorpions, but, on the other hand,
what's crazy about it is, if you send to her and throw her out and or throw her all of a sudden. You end up in a situation where she becomes the martyr right. It's almost it's almost non killable virus. I dont have a good answer for it, but I wonder sometimes like it, but that can't be the I couldn't do that you couldn't do it on the street. you can't threaten people like that. you can't elected officials or wages and words really do have consequences for no forget gave a gift for don't forgets police we ve actually had Advertising is a get January let me get the insurrection there does is actually, Mr Tea Party, remote keeper, they were? They were just like me in writing. Be you know they weren't, like they were murderous trader, wished us just government. I think if you were at tea party rallies, you heard murders traders all the time right. That's where this started and and frankly as it was.
Before republicans encourage that at that time there this is where this all began. This kind of no carbon is loud deal. I think it's slightly different to go to a tea party really when they say stuff into what we saw in January sex. In other words, I do think that everything symptoms he mutating in a worse direction, the right this- is not the worst showed that things mutating in a worse direction. The only good thing that happening is Joe Biden without Love Doug about go by, and let me be the vaccine. Ok, well, how romantic miata minis? Yes, we're going! Letty that but and let's talk about environment, you're, old portfolio, bead government is about priorities, that's what ginger about government is about. We have ribbon aid, but now it's great that signing executive orders, but at a certain way. My second always feel great. The first week at a certain point, you have to legislate to get anything real dont get ok so
How do you get the Trump voter. to feel that the environment is a priority. I know the people who think it's a priority. They were there before. Trump they are there now, but you know, again I said this undoing. What comes in again does everything Obama does now Biden companies I'm doing trumpet it's just lateral movement. The country doesn't move forward it good for a conservative. How do you get? We have to get the other half of America to believe that climate changes is how this happened but believe it or not. I have had to have some good news for you on this, which is, I was actually there's something called common ground on climate by partisan, Chris Coon's and my brown abroad, hard work. Liberal, Harcourt conservative actually trying to get something done. They got fourteen senators, but here's. Here's a crazy thing has happened on the right. You ve got rid state farmers, ranchers people
Bob and fishing industry who are losing their everything because the floods, fires, droughts, rising temperatures, so you start inhabitants, the inner Republican Party saying oh excuse me also, you got these young, libertarian conservatives who say we openness. We leave and ale sees economic policy, but believing the climate science. So there is an opportunity to get something believe or not even on climate is bad now that even a grassroots conservative think someone's gotta be done. That's good! about a year, and I think that you know one of two things: the term bills had been talking about one of the things that people are really Madame Voss on bills and back
when's your with areas need AG secretary agriculture speak that regular paper suddenly boil age. What I'll for rape allow? Someone who was appointed a lotta liberals reprieve pretty pretty angry and I think part of that had to do with the fact that a big tenet of push for the green new deal, has been to try to bring rural people along try to get these kind of hard core trump people to understand that environmental policy can help repair. Wind and water can help rebuild the american family farm economy. Things like days, and they connecting. I understand that you say there seeing these these deleterious. Things happen in their own life. Are they connecting it to the right thing? as opposed to Julia.
you know, I mean, I think you know if they think he has, and I dont have as much waters are used to in my cattle are dying in the military is eating babies. Then? Where are we making this connection? That the thing we let? What I'm saying is that we often get the attention to the Jew laser ground? We don't talk about the American Conservation Coalition. Right concerns were there's plenty of Republicans. You will not kill exactly in these groups. I do think, have a shot under binding because there that we could put forward something that would get their attention because jobs also can come out. The things were nothing, but I thought, The flip side here is that maybe you can't bring them along right? And if the question is, do we save the planet and if we have to save the planet. Do we try to steam role? People you're gonna have to end up trying to seem real people and the Euro Zone boy at a certain point. For example, Joe Mansion, as somebody who shot
We must give ourselves the Democrat denigrate from West from one in Virginia reads the one like he very often votes with the republic because he's from like the most republican state, so the Democrats, a Democrat, but count on him as a Democrat ran, and you can learn a lot about how you gotta, really you Vander to him on key. policy. I mean he shot with a hunting rifle for a campaign at the two thousand and ten right climate bill at some point. People like that are going to have to get pressured whether from the White House, whether from the streets like Democrats are gonna, have to he's unconventional means. If we only have as they say you know, they had say, we have ten years. Where our behind that schedule, so that in two thousand, but I'm in this work You know, I don't wanna, be the pessimists dear. But yes, I mean that that that we pass that a long time ago, but what we have to try- and we also saw that at the beginning of the pandemic, when we our state and had under the bed. The environs
got better like in a week, if I may, that is how butterfly otherwise like gave us a week. It was maybe I lit in LOS Angeles. They were literally the coyotes ensconced, walking down the street just like, but the which is dead. The human judar up right envelope. It can come back again here, but we have to have. We have to have some breakthroughs and we're all going to have to have a conversation at some point about by their society this oriented around infinite economic growth, infinitely spiralling use of resources and energy is actually going to ever be able to get to the point of being sustainable. That's not something. We can hope to have Joseph Arbed and fixed now, but it is going to be the conversation down there. What do you think we're gonna get to a tipping point like we did with gay marriage or pot? You know where forever it seemed like people were not budging, and then they got the message. Ok, you know gay people what they should
Be able to get married have fully equal rights marijuana, not the devil's weed certainly not my bathtub and and in how they changed that. So I think the way you this is more abstract only weaken the way you get. There is America's military than ever single now scenario at the Pentagon has catastrophic chaos as it already? U S interests. So, if you have the farmers in the ranchers and the generals and other people, not Dan Jonathan Al Gore, right that people who are going to be heard didn't give them a chance to speak,
right, you may be able to deliver. You know what they're coming out with an electric hummer truck that has eleven thousand pages of eleven thousand pounds of talk. I have no idea what that means, but I know I gave people in the MID West, an erection, that's what we need hammer the electric em. Let's get absolutely absolutely let us make it and everybody issues. Evolution show the Biden Dogs, I like to move right into a feel good issue. Since we regiments Downers, abiden dogs, champ and major other names, they moved into the White House on Sunday, beating millennia by six months that the dogs there are already one of them is the first rescue, and this is a new new data. America eunuch worse with Joe Biden, and you know he was the moderate in the race, and so we he's trying to, I think you know
he'll with their progressive wing of the parties. So he has two of the most progressive like me
sell this real most progressive dogs, emanation. These dogs, jap and major really progressive, for example, their pronouns, Archy and good boy, but these are gradually ship is german? Shepherd buddy identifies as Adobe via these both dogs. They only chase electric cars these when they stiff and other dogs, but they don't judge and major only smells assets that are gluten free. These. They refer to catch as deplorable before Champ humps your leg. He asks for consent, that's major ones to deepen the male man down and they feel really guilty about. Wearing fir, wood go over a little better with the people who wrote it but and this monopoly on the right. So something else Biden did this week not going to renew the contracts for for profit, prison
Why we, every week, God we have some good idea like no knock, it was The word searchers fucking three strikes you're out for profit prison. Just if we just get rid of the bad idea, bad ideas lead to bad policy, led the people suffering is so, but that's a step. no courses in federal prison, which is not where most of the prisoners are, but you know you worked with Trump, and the administration on this, and you said before I got beat up by liberals guy saying he did some good things. I always commended you. This is what we need so much more of a people who are willing to say, let's just get to what the truth is not using what side were on the same thing. We were time with the virus enjoys what what side IRAN and What what did he did? The first step back was when it was called their trot past. Look, I mean people didn't want to deal with this, but we got fourteen thousand people
federal prison Road and they would have gotten very good and get some rest after Obama was able to do on the crack. Cocaine disparity that wasn't retroactive, so tromp actually made Obama's policy getting lest distinction between cracking crack and powder. Cocaine done Rachel ACT. We ve got a lot of people home so less near to deal. They are forgetting my view on this is trumpeted that were his own political reasons. Democrats, like myself, would do it for a different set of reasons, but the fourteenth out people came home, we're happy come home. They don't care about the past six in the White House, unwanted onto their mother's house, and we will be able to focus on that sometimes ok, so that was the first step back. What's the second step, while they methods fourteen thousand, what sort we have more than blessing why the reform alliance? We we ve, got no legislation and multiple states to deal with the probation. RO. We form a lot of stuff can get
What I like about criminal justice is a Democrat like it for racial justice and social justice, but Republicans like it because it saves money. Are the libertarians, don't like the governor of this much power and some other christian conservatives and other another roads and service actually asked the question: where is the redemption where it is where does a fallen synergy, get a chance to rise again, not in our system, and so it is an option for us to come together have a second third, fourth and bit step and we're gonna pay for that this year, and you think you think Biden, fine people to work with others on criminal justice, absolute actually becoming an exercise. One hears it. I mean you know this but you would have said that for the last four years and it didn't happen while not really very expensive, we spend like three hundred billion dollars, policing and incarcerating people in this country. and is now working out so so you're here, but I would say on on this in particular:
its eighty billion dollars, literally just locking people up and making them worse. You couldn't come up with a a way to waste money. Then it takes some kid off the street and meant a hundred twenty thousand dollars a year. Brutal using them and then turning them I'll. Take it eight thousand dollars, give it to a black grandma and give it. Bag black grandma without money and see what she does with that kid that gives them went up at Harvard okay. So if you really want to make our community safe, stop spit money hurting people induce me to help people that's possible and what you're saying in states like Texas in Georgia, there actually doing it in red state And began to work but you're talking about saving money. So you're saying the answer is with money, but that's also the problem because again we ve turned with for profit present Where are the for profit presents a usually in rural counties? Am I right? You know it's you taking people from urban areas and putting in imprisons where people's jobs depend a mean they're. Not
prisoners, their customers are doing. You need the continual supply of customers. That incentive is. The problem will first ball with private prisons, I mean it's even greater incentive in the States prisons right and and will ensure that that's what drives most. Oh, yes, going on right, but No, I mean, I think, that the moral argument that you're talking about something that found a lot of purchase and something that I brought people together across political lines in way, particularly with regard to religious conservatives, something like I do a lot of reporting on that and it's amazing how often people talk about redemption? How often people talk about. The ways in which they live These are the prisoners. And the ways in which the church has failed to like lead on this issue, That's something that I actually I'm working on a piece about, and I found it sort of to be a kind of shocking sea change, and I think that I think that the idea that binding, and particularly because this is where this can have two changes at the level of state governments. The idea that we can't do this is a kind of roadblock that's been thrown up
I don't think really has a lot of purchase reality in a new. You actually said something much more radical, though in that is not just a private prisons. Also, the public presence had that same incentive. to keep that the doors open the sitting at the start of union the prison writ Large union. They want the customer once you have the profit motive, whether public or private presence. In fact, in your justice system, you're, not then get justice, especially for all who can afford a great lawyer, and so what I would say is Let's just reverse the whole thing: pay the wardens when somebody gets out of prison and gets a job and stays here Ok, so now that war is going to work hard to actually make make sure something good happens in their, as opposed to just wait for the repeat, Ripley customer That's the same philosophy. We should use with healthcare. That really was tried to we written into Obamacare that reward reward health
the sickness for keeping the matter, which is just don't, do anything right anymore, but we do have biting without Christ, you chip and made no employees so wished is Trump take asian the. Where are they now been? I am so sharp Waldo that this guy has been so quiet. Are you not how did you get that email that he sent out from the office of the former president that I got simply go? It's crazy guy. I think I know every journalist I know let's go cubic behind it. Shit email from The office of the former president announcing that somewhere in Florida, their rebuilding and he's going to constantly work in the service of the american people. What he's gonna be doing, I dont know what is really fascinating, email to get right. Well, there's a little. I say that
that South Florida now the new Argentina, a lotta, a lot of the people in that orbit. Now It's around. Marmara logo is at the center of it, and I just don't trust that no he's just so not like him. Radio silence is just never return. My associated with Donald Trump Bewildered, actually Garbo, ask fading away. Gracefully he's not cavity. Haven't Mccarthy's get my lady there right now. I can Mccarthy's around they're trying to make amends? After all of this noise of saying? Maybe we don't want this kind of thing, maybe not number one. The number one problem that number one Republican and the House Kevin Mccarthy. It goes there, basically kisses the ring, if it is he's kind of more kind of its quiet like the guy.
At bother and away- and you see, he's not giving up control of the Republican Party, and I think that that is going to put a lot of pressure on thought it bother again be able to turn the page when Cabin Mccarthy, who knows better decides that he's gonna continue to don't try to run the party into the ground that signed it and we're going this trial, where the insurrection took place? with a jury of the cocoa spirited editor It's already indicated by a vote that they're not gonna, convict him, so it can be. Another big pantomime, that's going to end in another wash, but but but what I will say is there been for impeachment in the history of the country,
in Tromp has half of it. At the end of the day we gave you know what else do we ve been closed just about everybody? No good denied this? I just want to say one more thing before we go to new rules were about it. I recall in this debate again: don't do it? Don't I I have my frustrations of California absurdly, certainly, but not shy about voicing run, show but governess It's a smart guy, ass, a good guy. I love talk to him in a Roman conventionally view things, but his place don't do this
it is they who put it away, but I'm conspiracy to take over the state that solid is like we do that. You must stay forty mill. Ok, I would get some work here on a story right now about rural, California and I'll. Tell you whatever you think it is not a conspiracy didn't it is something that is a real grounds while feels like. I don't know how you it is really the frustrations with this state of selling I've. I've said that we get it This- is not helping and he's a good guy. He I think every
putting in politics into tough job. You need a minute to get your feet and to get the ship right. You know Kennedy fucked up at the beginning, everybody fuck it up at the beginning, except Joe Biden, has occurred. I gotta go to your own out. A doctor found she says. Wearing two masts is more effective than just one: let's not stop there. Let's, where the same number of masks as we have blades and our razors five, the first mass gently lifts the virus from the skin. The second traps, the virus so that it can escape the third mask, sits on the viruses shoulders and makes it start getting itself. The fourth squirts your face were pure air. While it sings happy birthday twice and the fifth hide your face, or nobody knows who that Idiot is wearing five mass euro another we know nasal swabs are more accurate at detecting covert, been oral swabs, an angel swabs are even more accurate. Someone must open a testing facility that does all three.
Swarthy lobby. Where were you can help? It happens I or bend over and say neural another prison that lets. You read your garage to strangers and another at that lets. You read your swimming pool to strangers, Tell me again why prostitution is illegal, because I would rather sell my ass to a stranger than let a stranger bring his kids over the prison by blue conversation. I never want to pay bell. You want to hang out. I can't I rented my pool. Do a baptism neural if you own more than two funny tee shirts about wine, get help, there's a good test for you. If your wine t shirt is actually said, rob
the word wine with crack like Mama needs, crack or awoke and crackled cloth, or I tried running, but I kept spelling my crack another good rule before you buy it. I love wine teacher for your mom. Imagine Janine Piero in it. Ladys before you say dear yoga, where'd you do ya, got wild drinking beer is for you I think about hand it'll come in when you get hammered and need to piss in an alley and finally new rule when you're riding against Donald Trump and he loses stop.
This month, radicals in Portland in Seattle took to the streets in protest against the President, who for far too long, has presided over corruption and criminal behaviour, Joe Biden That's right, Joe, is president for one day when protesters went to town on building, storefront, garbage cans and, of course they broke those at Starbucks because well it's like they say in that insurance, commercial, it's what you do you know, I understand the impetus for street fighting at times and done peacefully. It can move the needle on how the Public sees an issue important, but I'm sure it's fun to cosplay v for vendetta every night, let's be clear as a means of actually affecting change its right up there with holding your breath to you get a pony.
Now that normality is back and there is at least a chance that government can function again. We to be reminded of something really important- that making progress real progress, but actually changes the lives of real people. Comes mainly from dull patient plotter. to put in their ten thousand hours mastering the. details of public service, it comes from people. Try in tiny rooms at three a m was stale pizza. Called coffee crafting, on line by line that few will ever read or thank them. For I know it's not Sexy answer, but change comes from people who look like this. What if I told you, there was a single member of Congress who brought the tobacco industry to its knees, paved the way If a less expensive generic drugs expanded at a cave to include pregnant women and children put the teeth into the
clean air and safe water drinking acts and wrote most have Obamacare you're, probably wouldn't know who it was, even though I just showed you is picture, you got. That was your pharmacist. No that's Henry Waxman, you, hear things like the insurance companies wrote Obamacare well sure they had their input, but no most. What was written by Henry Waxman and not just the portable, correct, nursing, home reform foods, fifty reform resurge. Basically, if you ate and drank in breeze it or fucked it and it didn't, kill you, you have Waxman to think when it came to actually making people healthier between one thousand nine hundred and seventy five and two thousand and fifteen
everything would get the cigarettes out of firing squads, as one top Republican said, three percent of the social safety net was created by Henry Wax when when no one was looking and that's it About being a workforce, instead of a show horse, no one's looking maximum never went on the Sunday talk shows new tv at all the camera Love him and the feeling was mutual. We asked and wants to do our show, and he said no, I'm too busy having put himself on the cover of his own book. He couldn't published relentless. Taking back America from the takers who took it with that, wasn't his style his day, I was getting stuff done, liberal! to paraphrase TED Kennedy see wrong and try to write it, see, suffering and try to heal it, see war and try to stop it.
see this and wanted to become this. But how does that actually happened? It's easy to spray pay, Fuck you on a federal building, it's a little harder to work inside make sure this. This lady just want someone in the government to take responsibility and clean up that toxic waste dump. That's ok, to where she lives. Who actually gets that done Baldy over here. I hate to have to put it this way, but mostly You'll have to make Republicans. Do the right thing, sorry to have to say that you do, and this guy doesn't do that.
Guy has people people to live in the world of political philosophies and endless intersection of theorizing they live in the world of is they're gonna, be a hot lunch at school. no, let in the toys getting minimum wage and helping the victims of human trafficking, John Kerry always looked tired because things like than IRAN's nuclear deal or the Paris accords. just plan themselves,
The irony of Hillary Clinton being done in by our emails, was that if you actually read them, they bore you to tears, because that's what a policy want meticulously doing her job looks like John Kerry, Hilary Barney, Frank, John Louis Nancy, Pelosi Obama. This is the time for people like that. The war monks who never satisfy the radicals, but no how to actually make progress as opposed to doing progressive theatre. It's not the screamers and the twitters. It
the worker bees with the name tags and the binders they deserve and award, and so tonight I'm introducing in honour of our first recipient Henry Waxman bawled the ball. They each year will go to the most Waxman like Congress person and hopefully to become the most coveted award, a politician can earn. We need
to bring unsexed back, Congratulations Henry. This is for you and all the unheralded grinders imports. The boulders up is the resale right that I shall read by saying that I was there. That's why you folks bill for this would be the first. We stipulate the boldly award the other bodies that will follow me also be deserving, but I've gotta get back to work. There's a lot of work to do so. They give very much at home, you everything we haven't had a united watch him. Any more information, not mind each be oh dot com
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