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Ep. #558: Annabelle Gurwitch, Scott Galloway, Larry Wilmore

2021-03-12 | 🔗

Bill’s guests are Annabelle Gurwitch, Scott Galloway, and Larry Wilmore. (Originally aired 3/12/21)

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Welcome to reach me. Apart from HBO making real time the film.
My coming near the end- and I say I always I always say I know why you're happy, but I feel the actual had me there's two that I do now, because President widened made his beats last night. You are just read, you said the by May. First back seems everybody in these as July. Fourth, we look like we'll be back
they too normalcy that yes, I mean and also looks like the schools will begin reopening. I know that leaves a lot to allow people yeah teachers around the country already practising crying in their car in the mornings and also they passed the big relief bill, stimulus checks, This guy needs it's going out. Like so many jobs are going out, it's like reparations for being stuck with your family. That's all the republic, Every single one of them voted against the house, beginning the obscenity all every one of them, of course. Now that those benefits the property taken grow. for the benefits that are coming like that guy the office
get your birthday and then something to give you a gift to go. That's from all of us. Also. This week we finally got some clarity on the most pressing issue of our time. Did Megan make cake cry or did make. I tell me now so I know who we're not talking do at lunch. I have this. I never understood this fixation with the royal family, but boy this week, you're all talking about it that we without you can't avoid it Oprah and a big interview with Harry and Megan on CBS, which makes sense because when I turned it on, why did I We bs
You can even hate the racism, but not love them for everything else. You know I mean I mean Megan did claim that before dating Harry she'd, she never google them, and she said she didn't know much about the royal family young. Firstly nature thought it was ensuring that's how much she didn't live out. I'm begging you filmed your television job for years in Toronto, a region I bought a market Chino. You use coins with your mother in law, s face on it. I think, but of course the big bombshell none, but it's not a big bunch, yeah that those horrible racism. It is terrible in the royal family and I'm sure it was very painful under member,
said the royal our hierarchy. She said rightly asking her. You know when she was pregnant, how dark the baby skinned would be and the queen said problem This is why we ve oil discouraged sex outside the family. Who else is who else is on the ship? Was this week bindings dog major yeah major. Fuck up, he's back in Delaware, like Malaria left she's right. The first six months of the organs is a common finger, but burdens
bit somebody in the secret services. This is the first biting internet. They can remember that they did ones have to pull Linsey Graham off trumps leg, but I'm so glad you're in a good mood. This is our corona nursery. It was almost exactly a year ago that we did our last show here, and we all remember what happened then, and so we have a lot of interesting stats now about what happened during the last year. People's weight is up drinking more, mental health issues unless sex a canoe? previously known as marriage,
this I got this was interesting. Also, men have development inflated sense of how often step moms have sex with their steps, and I think, porn hub friends know what that means. We could it s, amazing when you think about it and just twelve months covered Around the world, touching everyone like Andrew Cuomo, He's a big trouble he's in big trouble ass. We do these wonders stories every week. The numbers go up now: it's six women and this journey to look like the only way we are going to be able to stop him is heard immunity. The latest is that, apparently, he called an aid to help. This is, is wave in making out with the Ladys.
Called an aid to help committee, whose office privately to help with his cell phone. This is An accuser who says that that was you know, help with my cell phone was the roofs, because nothing makes women hotter than older guy. You can't figure out his phone, stopping governor gotta, stop it. I'm so wet you're gonna have to put me in rice. We gotta get salary. Scott Galloway, first of the New York Times best selling author, whose latest book is you're, leaving when adventures and downward mobility also hosted Newport. Guess gold tiny victories, my friend
Annabel girl words you grant ass. You like the day we met only audition for pizza, And yes, we are both like you're you're, one of the last boomers right. Let your generous high guy They relate to bring up they cause like cuss. People were on the cost between Jackson, boomers growth, really different experience and people born in the same year is me, and you remember, bonanza. I barely bill. That's two different sets of big big difference. You got me. There was a great show that cut off that's the kind of it I feel, like you know, people our rage or mere you're, obviously making a point of being young
but around our age I mean you find out it a certain point that all the sadness in badness in, like not all I mean I had shity times when I was young, that's true, but a lot of it. The real bad stuff is kind of back loaded towards getting older. Yes, you know, yes, look better, you know people, bless used for you. This is a country that has is shitty to older people. That look, am I
look, I call us than never tire mint generate, never rehiring, no one. I know things are going to retire. We also were not allowed to get tired because we are all working several jobs, wrong, gig economy, right. Yes, it's like it's. It's one thing to be in your twenties mean we all had the shooting apartment right. You know with the roaches when you woke up on your face in same eating, blimp bees, and but when you and your torrent, you don't give a shit and that should than hurt you, you can eat blunt these every day like, I did and that a new one year older. You want comfort, that's the key thing, and this is what your book as about that's. What downward mobility? Is it we really fuck the older people and not in a good way.
not await its enjoyable for everyone? There's not a you know: there's no consent that fucking organic! That's right now, I'm in in this book was written at a time when there were many destabilizing events in my life right and there events that have happened to write a divorce. One divorce always got divorced me I was there and I was caretaking for my parents first and that destabilized people's economy and that primarily women who are the caretaker right. Then also the biggest stabilizer of all. Besides the fact that I have now a freelancer- and you know it, a voice, and, oh my god, you know if I don't die of a worse disease. You know it just be like that by a thousand invoices. it's so hard to be a freelancer without benefits that the issue- and that was the breaking point for me- was health care and this gig economy, people doing things
When I read in the book it's hysterical, I see so many Moby seemed in this book, but Are you became a landlady idea, the became someone who took and homeless people. I yet so but more people experiencing homeless people experiencing I'm errors and fell. that little apologize and resign yeah. That's it or are you just so you know this this thing. I decided that the best way for me to stop hemorrhaging funds in the world to stabilizer was losing my union health insurance and going out into the free market, you know, and at the same time that happened to me this time. Last year March, twenty twenty five point: four million Americans lost their employer, sponsor health, insurers.
course doubt headstone mobility right, so I became a landlady sir, taking in people to why rent- and this help our work here, but the homeless people you took an they weren't helping with ran what that's, not good, Equally true, so what happened? Was I lost a tenant at the last minute rate, and I heard about a programme which a rapid we housing programme Which is actually going on in eleven citys around the country. Now, where you take in people experiencing homelessness, young label and You get a stipend, a small step in, and we know ones getting rich doing this you're not going to the top one percent bridge by doing just Arab every bit, helped you. I thought May we better than nothing and when I first heard that phrase just one, say, Unhoused were experiencing homelessness, thought. Okay, is this the new pc thing, but really, when you look at who is slipping in and out
of homelessness in America. You really accurately describes as we're talking about teachers living in their cars. We're talking about young people, one out of four community college students have housing instability, in the whole country, so this is a condition in new became kind of close to these people, at first it seemed like obviously I thought they were going to murder me road. I was worried, they were going to murder me and my, but that's because they are understand who was housing in secure so near the big they're coming to my house, and I want to be. nice and friendly, but I'm hiding my joy, mothers, silver in the closet and they get to my house and they just start doing very suspicious things. They start cooking salads, They start darning socks, their reading, they're calling their mothers and honestly build. That blew my mind because I
didn't imagine I had you know where they were normal people. They were normal. People wanted and in fact I was such events that they were sketchy. You know that I The point is: not ok, I'm gonna put their names into a background search, and I never had any experience during that. So I put my name in two and it turned out there was the person who is flagged. I was this sketching person in gas, but why? Why are you schedule because I had unpaid parking because those because I was where even this is what happens when you're worried about money? You start delaying pay your bills, I wasn't paying attention so I had more red flags, and they didn't. You know that the thing is they become to LOS Angeles. To be, you know, artists right I am in entertain business, I gotta, probably not right there
I never incur not tonight. That's it. I have a problem being artists over from with everyone in America needing to be an artist yes- and this is why so many people I completely agree with its like you. Don't you may be why you're home what yeah this is no impact. This, cause. The thing is, is it you know? I thought Ok for Surat, it's a terrible idea to move to LOS Angeles, to work, and I always tell don't: do it right, Sue as I got to know them? I realize they had saved up money too dear always the same amount as I had saved up right. They had done that working in factories They had worked menial labour jobs. Me. I moved here passion stocks. I got from my bar mitzvah, I mean who is more hard working.
you know and then, when you look at at the difference between what they were facing and what I was facing right, that I got an apartment for seven hundred and fifty dollars when I moved to the same apartment in the same zip code is twenty four hundred dollars. Now I got a job in a restaurant right in what you did your movie and nineteen. Eighty nine, well dear and eighty three, and one was three fifty plough in boys and it was Heaven I move from New York where had a bus outside my window. Every day now at a fuckin bird, I arrived in Paradise takes all relative. It is even that's indifference. That's it that's an age difference, rosebud! So look now. The thing is: if wages had kept pace with housing costs, that would be different, but so I got a job in a restaurant when I moved out here now that you can't get those
Now that job was even though its not terribly high paid. You had shifts you're coming dependable. You can't count on the money that you're making if you're working for a vote delivery at the bigger issue? Is you can't expand your social network if you, if you're, like delivering sandwiches from the back of your care, now you're meeting people will help you later in your career. You know, and that's what you do when you working one when we were starting out, his job in thirty seconds. Give me I love this. This idea, you have a piper small victories, because I do feel that way I mean. Maybe it isn't age thing like all. I found a roach in my pocket I didn't know what I am running- the smoke it because I got even better stuff at home, but the fact that I found that that's what I think of it,
I think that your thing rats surfing its tiny victories its podcast. I started after my cat got applied chasm like well. I guess I have to do now. during launch this during covert and ate what I found. Like was so many big pleasures had been stripped away from everyone. We just had small mercies road, so I thought, okay, what we do is show where we celebrate. Small mercies and causing, as I wanted to do, a podcast that
the same length is my attention span. So it's a fifteen minute long, weekly pike cast you're, always pleasure, so glad I know you may go find out about our words. Ladies and gentlemen, I bought this funding. Greater insecure and executive rooster, the network's doc. You series amend the fight for America, Lowry Wilmore. My powers over here could see the seal, maybe the match this year ago, I'm off the poet he's a professor of marketing and N Y, you stern school of business and author of Post corona from crisis opportunity,
God Galloway. Why is it so? It is the Corona nursery was a year ago minus two days where we did our less coherent employed and ended work widens the whole thing, and I mean I thought I was gonna come back next week. We had a battle, but first. I want to get a shot July. Fourth, guidance says independence day. If you get it, we gotta independence, so I've been leading reading out the year bridge running recapture this kind of stuff. This tat, I have to start with that I thought was most amazing. Just vetoes law, lost thirty eight million and is the work. Thirty eight billion is divorce and he made at all back in a month. He made thirty five billion. One month. What does this tell us about America, gentlemen?
it's worse than that we ve had one individual, add the gdp of Hungary to his network since the first virus mats on Mars. Just in time for the peace out a move to taxes, so it doesn't have to pay tax We ve seen billionaires, go from one point: nine trillion and while the four trillion the dirty secretive this pandemic is at the time a ten percent, much less the top one percent or living their best lives. a virus and that don't be a minute. We see a lot of that. We actually see places that went out of business like myself, I'm so my favorite restaurant. I drive by and I want to cry because they ve been. Therefore allow goes gone, it was ever ever, but the people who did We are in the sit on your ass. Look at US greens, business, Amazon, Apple, Google, Facebook right they made their now, twenty one percent of the whole economy. There
we use the return by the US and pay five hundred at sea S M p. Seven, there is now seven countries have only one percent of the market. Cap Amazon since March has added more market, capless, asian and all european retail. We have effect way for companies which are so dominant. There's more, we ve been overrun. there's more law This full time obvious. Why should in working for Amazon than there are? U S? Senators is more people working and pr and comes at Facebook, manic hearing in March and shells in then there are journalists at the Washington Post. We are so beyond any sense balance in our economy, the ecosystems out of control. We absolutely need we need to break these. Companies are yet some of that group I'm old, school Burma stepping out of its own rules
the way that you said that bill. It sounded nefarious almost like they plan to hear something. You know not that they did, of course, but whether they take advantage, but they took advantage of there's almost like an inevitability of this kind of progress. Let's, let's call it. You know where How all of that money just starts flowing in in these. the same directions. You know, no matter what happens to the economy it I'll keep for in that way requires. One question: when I read this about the Amazon Apple: Google, Facebook, Twitter, One percent I mean it was written, forget where I read it, maybe you name it was written like on my guy, Twenty one percent and the economy for companies is that's a ban. I would have thought it was eighty four If I hadn't read that I mean the biggest, for companies. Who really I mean this is what's propping up America as the rest of this goes to shit
is that such a big thing that those before biggest companies are one fifth of the economy impenetrable that alarmed. We want one company deciding ninety three percent at a time when we type in over pro government, whether you get instructions on how to build a dirty bomb or voter registration. Should one company control those decision? Ninety three percent of the time should one person control the algorithms to decide the content of the Southern Hemisphere plus India received, should work. company, effectively control. Ninety seven percent of all increase in value of all retail, the third, and learn- and I know you think Healthcare is next right. Don't you think that Walmart Is it Amazon who are you, we battling to. Of course, why? Wouldn't they want that they own everything else, whereas all the money going sick people that's what America does best make sick people like the fastest. are just business in the world- is yours healthcare, it seventy seven
did he pay its prices, keep going up, it's empty s keeps going down that spells here. Comes Amazon, but not only is it bad or morally correct. These countries have so much power, it's dangerous. They equipment or the NASDAQ and Israel is down not up vaccinating at seven times the right when the most powerful wealthiest people in the world our lives. Nobody lives, we don't. This virus, the full throated capitalist response. We are capable of If Amazon, STAR Amazon, STAR Amazon, stark decline, seventy percent instead risen. Seventy percent in the last ten months, when van with a smile shows up in my driveway tomorrow morning, someone with a somewhat in don't doubt in a lab, coat and vaccinated us. We are living our best lives. This virus has not seen what with the U S is capable of because stop stop. It hurts.
Good, if you're the shareholder class, but they are that. The other point is the average time you want to talk this guy's laws as usual. I sit over there. I wanted to say it is that right now, but the other side of it is providing a service that people like exact. You know I mean during the pandemic. You wanted delivered to Vienna. So the that's what I mean the confluence of them being there at exactly the right time with exactly the right service, is both very convenient but in so I know so many people who have signed up for Amazon Prime over the last five years, because the ito all the things that this aid cometh aid in Amazon is? It is amazing that type of company that Amazon is and how their position serve to literally Peck man. Every come every type derisory that is out there. It really is a good thing. We see anything like that type of colonel member, equal the diaper market. Here.
like a hundred million just, but I don't care. I want diapers to read somewhere but their guy anyway, but it's not as bank account People like you, said living our best lies I mean you have kids, yes, absolutely. These are older, older, like like fifty there now, but they're, probably unscreened more than we are o completely, will that's their? What that's what I worry about like as all these screen companies started doing better and when we know it's an addiction already, especially for the younger generation, but in your best. Life virtually seems to be what they care more about than reality, and I feel it that's something the pandemic made worse it. So it's more important to look good as you, living on the Instagram picture and you actually are that
I got one I mean, there's always there's always a trade off. You know some people whose lives? Maybe they feel? Maybe their life is kind of shady? They can represent a little better themselves. You know, sometimes people can reach out people and have more opportunities for connections with people were maybe they're, really they wouldn't have those connections. They Billy Annabel, saying the type of job Tat may not allow them to network the way that the digital I've got. them to a network, so plus or minus with that type of thing. By is that your kid darkening, through the day that we need to get rid of all the work which is coming to the realization at Facebook is not going to take care of us from a world are concerned with a condition of our sole team suicide skyrocketing, because a concert bulldozer parenting where we ve created a pencil, this new piece of our youth,
it also has acted them also addicted to them to social media. There's all this talk about movements among young people with its game stop or other. I just movement right because they won't take away the phone, but you want to move the parents, or I want a movement acknowledged that the food industrial complex wants to meet you fat and vulnerable to the two viruses. We want a movement realise that every social media platform is trying to divide you and enraged you. You want a movement, Instagram is trying to make you feel worse about yourself. You want a movement than rebelled against addiction. Divisive a lack of self esteem and it means going after these companies and holding them accountable for the damage during the commonwealth and to our kids. You have kids, your world of work here France, Euro, the kid something comes off the tracks, one, your kids, your whole worlds, brings down to those kids and
Otto Times and covert. It's because a brain has been rewired because of these goddamn devices so desire. But your address, but honestly you can go to any error. Rock and roll was was the devil Why are we here in the lack of mutual benefit? Television was kill innocent, socially every error. There's something you know I mean but does things really didn't tv? Wasn't it like that. I didn't like have to watch Mikhail Navy it was on once a week. It was a bunch of the week, When I go back to your thing, were beginning started with crony capitalism, you didn't say those words, but they don't really. What we're talking about is a facade, we're, ok,
you'll, get your applause break in a minute. I feel that neither bonafide greatly surprised about defending this, but I would defend capitalism. I feel there's a flirtation now on the left, because people don't read history, they don't know what happened before. They just live by slogan and they don't understand communism. We tried it, it wasn't: that long ago, just too long ago, if you have that idea in your head. Well, I wasn't alive for it, so I should know about it. Maybe you should because we did try it and its eye say: communism is worse than crony capitalism, even crony capitalism that had been communism. Would you agree with that profession, capitalism, his hands down the best system of its kind, when young people are saying it ass, an eye capitalism? We have rugged individualism on the way up, and then we're all in this together on the way down and we have socialism
capitalism on the way up were five ceos of airline companies make a hundred fifty million bucks use other access catch quota buy back stock, so they can artificially inflate their own. Compensation and then it gets real on a pandemic comes and they don't have any money and all of a sudden we're in this together when you have capitalism on the way up and you have socialism on the way down- I'm not done yet. You have social ism on the way down. That's not capitalism! More socialism is cronyism. It is the worst of all world capitalism. Calcutta lesson is full bodied contact, violence, it a corporate level, so we can create prosperity and progress. The restaurant, a bed of empathy. We have left a script here. We need to be more loving and epithet, it would people- and more
harsh on companies. Capitalism, we are protecting. We should be protecting people, not companies, parking delta, burn, baby burn. You got here and I think I would like to make your production right now before this shows over sir, you will be the governor of New York state. Secondly, there look at Rwandan. We know you got this breach ready list of other states pinion in those things, and sometimes we make too much at a deafening. Since you know, and these things, we debated philosophically in that sort of thing. But in the practical, like furnaces capital isn't even in a constitution that word that is in the constantly right. You know our countries since I would say, Teddy Roosevelt, we expanded with capitalism and the government's role in tray,
it is. You know During the new deal, we redefine the government's role with the person, in other words of security. The government can can intervene directly with people and since then we have had not. We ve never had a pure form of capitalism forget a hundred and fifty years, but it's always been expanding and redefining itself, and now, with the payments with Siemens famous once again we're expanding the role of government and how how people feel about RO the government directly and people's lives. Ok, but again just got this thing, but if I could just reset from where I was starting with the communism point. This flirtation and people not really gentlemen, I agree with everything that was said to great applause,
our capitals and has super big problem with communism? We did have this experiment for seven years. It's not just bad. It's super bad! It. Nobody killed more people then communist leaders, you know people weren t shirts. Castro and shake were very, not good, guys pol pot, not a good guy Stalin, they killed millions and millions of people, and even the people who lived we're living horrible lives because it doesn't work because against human nature, you have to harness. What is you have to Graff institutions on what is real about people and what is real about people selfishness? Absolutely all selfish! That's not something! This apologized for when cab, excesses. Yes, of course, but to I think we can make the river flow in the opposite direction. We tried it. It didn't work, let's reform,
federalism and not go to Mars. Make Earthward my other burning get. There is good and ensuring better. I just I want to talk about this just for one. Second, this thing bothered me but there was an ad in or is it true, I guess both Burger King Mister, and to be funny internet, and I think they were funny they were. Talking about a program they have to increase the number of women chefs. There aren't comparative number of women shifts in the world. Maybe they should get more opportunities. maybe there's a reason why they don't, and we should address that, that's what they were trying to say. So they had an ad women belong in the kitchen allowances. And, of course, you know that hit the fan, her usual suspects- and I just want to say this. This is what's wrong with us. It's like, if you don't get the job here than you.
stupid, you don't get subtlety, don't get humor, you don't get perspective and and you do and your pretend that you don't just so you can have something to be pissed off that then you're both ways, your gross. We're gonna have to call a fellow their way. This is a book, that's as good as you is that it is an ad at every day, not a model on joint migratory. I don't know I know to me. I mean, I think seen that if I just saw thereby what the fuck is burger king, but then you would read it, that's the point in hand, Shin advertising all they get and why you ass, a writer on us and gesture, should be taken with the intended there given in this. Monterrey. I lie sexism unfortunately, what we have in my industry is guilty of this. We ve created an industrial, shaming culture where there's money in donkey
people and sang making a caricature of comments and then using that to extract an ugly play. So you can get virtue points, whereas the moment you're offended on our country, it means you're right and where we have the universities is, we need be graduating not woke, stirs but warriors, and that is here here, giving you an applies, and we need to look at those and we need to look at those ads and say: does that humor work? Why didn't work and have a thoughtful conversation and move on? But not this industrial Duncan Comp? Ok! Well, we will hear it real time. We thought it did work without a works so well that we created some other ones for other companies
in the same style. Would you like to see them? Is it is it? Is it just gets people agendas and we thought other companies could use. For example, Oscar Meyer, good have nothing says: termer like putting a winner in your bun. Its provocative gets you thinking of voters when you're here you're looking at TED Bundy Great nuts, we have ways of making you shit the army, it's not murder. If the people you killer, foreign six flags are roller, coaster are great for women with kids and pregnant Ladys. Do not want them american airlines. Let's get this, you don't like us Pfizer. We vaccinated grandpa and made his dick harder you're welcome and encourage the republican Party. No seriously a woman's place really isn't Miguel. I do have breaking new
we always take Friday. We used to be exactly like seven over a few hours earlier because of the virus, understand exactly what it is, but I go along this happy to be here breaking news. Breaking news of Friday afternoon Schumacher now, Angela Brand, the two senators from New York are asking Andrew Lukewarm or to resign. We talk about this last week, but it is. Changing. I said last week for me these cases always case by case, but I find all data from incredible and I just obviously if he was head of any corporation. He would be gone That argument seems now to be. Can we just have the investigation first and I think there is merit to that? It seems we are in this old west mentality of you know, just we heard Sutton but anger and and we just is that wrong, putting aside but he did. Can we have the investigation first? Well, you can. If
I want to figure out what the criminal liability is. A part of this is a political argument. What's the writing to drive, you know: there's like the moral argument, political argument, legal argument, you know for illegal purposes: stick it out. Allow you to see what happens politically is. the right thing to do. I'm not deal sure you think Trump. being the guy who never back down change. This dynamic people saw that, and it was sort of bodies. Can you do? I didn't got cancer dynamic for one party has Herzog only acknowledge we ve. Never, I dont also I'm as sixty right now. I've never had to endure the bull shit that women have endured at work for a long time. Let me just point out there, but it does I am time this traders made because women and people of color lost one of the most powerful advocates point Cinderella brand decided to disappear out frank, and so she could have a seven minute run for president and work
amidst a pile and there's the reality without here, boaters get to decide in eighteen months, the majority of of forty nine percent of white people sixty three percent of non wide. Believe you should not resign. We is damaged, I need to be the parties of women, but we also need to be the party of due process. We need to slow down, let these women be heard and lead dupe process incur innocuous pile on foot. I think it forget it be the party of women too. We can't just blame a woman for our frank and leaving now frank and decided. Do then himself up younger people make him Lee. That's that's around. She asked him to, but he didn't have to you. You know that posted things. They did had nothing to do with while he was in the office of being a senator. You know that on the Senate floor no Democrat would talk to him. It's ridiculous, but the
That's ridiculous! Without really America I'll break ins, his transgressions happened him his private life. Supposedly, you know when you're taking pictures in these sorts of things. You know he could have stood up and said, look or whatever his defense was, I don't think you could have been of a Senate investigation over those things corners a little when these things happen, while he's governing, while he's in office those or sexual discrimination. Yes, now those down issues, one of them today sounds very Paula Jones. You know he saw someone across the Roman called back the next you look like some of the good, but my waste management programme, You know I just meant a government I regret that no reason there is no reason why he would warrant, but they also say he's surrounded by a lot of twenty some thing women here, which we should be higher, twenty something women, but if it's
for the right reasons: Governor North, another example like. we have recently a guy who stuck it out in Britain If you don't remember, Governor Tenaya was accused of what a black face right: ETA at a party and eightys, apparently there are these black based parties, and I was never do they make sure they had, among other places where we can make movies member them soul. Man movie literally in very Crystal center. I live here. You Sammy Davis, Jr oldest. I love it. I mean that's yes, I mean, I think, the different times different. This, but also a specific character exactly, but it wasn't like that again, a black face. You know, and that type of they now we lost all sense of new wants, as you were thing before, but the point is governed in autumn I bought? It was short of a similar situation. You heard
many of the leading Democrats at the time you could go through. It rang Clinton. They all said govern autumn should quit here, but over the difference was black because it I managed to whoever because basis they liked the programmes that he was implementing or that he was there to implement and they wanted to see that process happen. They wanted to. those things happen rather than you know over dies of distant upload pictures that happen years ago. So, and it is this all the time, but this to mean the shining example of what white privileges, the ability to be impractical. They give every week privilege. I think I think that we will miss that all that you have the luxury to be impractical about things and this This is a pattern we see, often in I mean sixty nine, then this is March for it. So this is related, but very if we give everyone a time machine there. Now talking about Churchill statue has to be protected, could see said some very racist snakes.
And the reality is the most non racist thing of the twentieth century was turning back Hitler and we're fond of taking a time machine and take aching taking today's taking today's conventions and norms, and thank God this should be held accountable, but should report By the time machine because we like to travel back and apply today's reforms and conventions to behaviour, fifteen, a hunt two years ago, and I just wondered that's where at some point high schools will have JFK. Luther kings, names ripped off because at some point there infidelity will be seen as massage earnest and at what point we decide that did we need to be accountable, people due to be held accountable, but we need to put away, A time machine and learn from the past, as opposed to trying to revisit it and shame people I just
I just want. I just want to make sure he knows he's on the record for saying he will use the time machine to kill baby Hitler. That's all I'm saying I just want rapid per se. Read me you're. In no time machine Killin baby, however, mean that there is a sea turner. Classics now has they are showing movies from the past that are problematic which, by why is every single moving? If you look, if you're saying awoke every I mean even five years ago I mean I watch stressing the they make I watch a lot of movies probably have seen before. Thank God s more positive, remember I saw them and I mean they're just run of the mill kind of movie tat their things in it that you would not all way and they turned
classics they're gonna have somebody come on before the movie to explained right? Why you're a bad person for watching it, but we're going to show it and then you can't people look if Harrison Ford looks a lot younger than it does now. There's something in the movie like just go by that I dont need to you: don't have to walk me through which we have lost all sense of subtlety and perspective no yeah, I like it's it's there's, there's a culture. It feels like everyone is by four created and then the far left has decided that being the opposite of work, I think we ve created no four moderates, because essentially the far right is, in my opinion, grace racism in bigotry and found that it has mobilise and weapon eyes a core base. Now they ve lost control of the right and on the far lad with that and on far loved. We I've decided in the public has anointed us and said the most important thing you can do is be a self appointed police force for cultural issues, and it is
I'm time we have to find some ground in the metal to join, hands and say work one out of five households with children as food and secure. We got bigger fish to fry in trying to create new known trying to do gone each other only loss was furious. I think bill, I'm with you on this. I dont want bills, I'd gone with the wind birth, I dont want those had disappeared. Those to me our receives it's like any time somebody says radioactive and will take no naked, Ternata Tarletan, ok, watch, then why those people, like that, because that's how the world was back, then I mean it was nineteen, thirty, nine and then, when you watch you Armenia through the ages. Like you see me now, I watched lumber. Recently, a lot of luck, no, not Colombia who have no one, and I there's one guess leading guess those black, but it's the seventies. So black!
Miller like very supporting roles, rank hardened criminals into the nineties and use the first kiss and but the black people then are like the friend. Ass, the saying is a major role, but not the less. I mean yes and of course people are shit, but they get better That's my slogan! That's all you you don't they things are getting them to use that people get there Sometimes some guy get better. Some people, though some adjourning all that, but I think that the Ark moves yes, but the art lose after pushing Of course, the art- yes, I just want the archives are clear about their. You know these things happen because of the hard work that a lot of people put into make them happen. You know the weekly watching the register to say about the royal thing
bitch pursue in January last year right before the pandemic. we did an editorial about it because they had just announced they were stepping back and, I said, Bernard you too, instead of just stepping back want just round the home bullshit to lock stock and barrel You know just said this: what is his royal bullshit to begin with? we'll call each other, your highness, what can bring less woken and that, where the woke people, I'm not your highness, how grows and and then like the next day, show the headline whither I ever headline here that just shows you there. Like the next day. They did it and I thought oh well. They heard me I see that you're just mad at their family was mean to them. They don't want to renounce royalty and they still kind a regal. yeah. It is interesting that that did come up at last. You know people.
We say what did they say that about you know the baby and all that about making sure they did when you know when it's an how dark the baby's can be like thousand percent- absolutely right not only to somebody said if they were all thinking it then, through the royal family. It's not bridging. The tab
The press is going to cover those that you know, lady whistled down or whoever like eyes like eyes hundred hundred year old grandparents for travel to hunt, stags and reigned. Rovers have a racial bias, that's news, and ever so, but I must say for every one who, like racial buyers and the royal family, there are other royal families in the world. Americans only seem to be interested in the white one that I gotta go to new early on. His daughter has written a piece about how she loves being the unicorn enthusiasms and its major. A better person really has to call a family meeting where he gets and drag put his hand on his pants and drugs.
I down his face was screaming. You will not embarrass the Giuliani family Euro. Someone must tell me what's up what was gold there's law civil war goal? Was war war to go was gold of the Incas? Why are people always losing goal? You don't do that would go. You know that with Acapulco goal, no role in today's stressful timed. It's more important than ever to focus on good news like this heartwarming story out of Japan, that one hundred and Eighteen year old, Canada It will be a torch bear in May for this summer's Olympic Games. What a tribute to the house capacity nevermind,
you're, all Americans must celebrate the one year on a version we have covered with a face made up of the items in your pantry board, in a panic at the beginning of the locker and then never touched on each year on March eleven. This will become our traditional meal: sardines, a bag of black beans trader Jos, Chile, spaghetti from a company, you'd, never hurt, and your failed attempt at southward overhead neural. Now that the city of Paris has erected a giant glittering in front of the Eiffel Tower to honour women's day. Don't tell your boyfriend a major there, because there's a good journey won't be able to find it and finally, no role you're, not gonna win the battle for the twenty first century. If you are a silly people, an American
our assembly people, that's the ass, a phrase from large of Arabia when large tells his bedouin allies that, as long as they stay a bunch of squabbling tribes, they will remain a silly people. Well we're the silly people now you know it. care that there's a stereo type of a chinese man in a doctor's juice book. China all One point: four billion of them could give a crouching tiger flying fuck. Because they're, not a silly people. I think they are a serious as a prison fight. Look we all know China does bad stuff, they break promises about Hong Kong, autonomy, they put wiggers in camps and punish descent, and we don't want to be that. But it's going to be so between authoritarian government that tells everyone what to do
representative government that can't do anything at all into generations. China has built five hundred entire cities from scratch. Move the majority of their huge population from poverty to the middle class and mostly cornered the market. In five g and pharmaceuticals are when they bought Africa. their new silk road initiative- is the biggest infrastructure project in history, indebted not just that continent, but large Parts of Asia or Europe in the Middle EAST did the people who built their roads bridges in forts. If you want to go anywhere in the world these days, you better have a yen for travel. In China alone they have forty thousand kilometers of high speed rail America. Has none
professional training, the train that goes around the zoo California wanted to build high speed rail connecting the entire state, but, alas, could not worse billion in the whole just trying to finish the track connecting the vital ups of Bakersfield and were said one small step for nobody. One giant leap if you are raising on a national level. We ve been having infrastructure wig every week since two thousand nine, but we never do anything half the cut. He's having a never ending, woke competition, deciding whether MR potato head hasn't dick. And the other half believes we have to stop the lizard people because there eating babies. We are a silly people
even when we all agree on something like getting rid of the penny, no, the inertia, the asked covering the graph, the lawyers, the cowardice, nothing ever moves in this impacted colon of a country we see problem- and we ignore it- lie about it, fight about it endlessly litigated, sunset clause, it kick it down the road and the right of bill where a half ass solution, doesnt kickin for ten years. China, China sees a problem and they fix it. They build a damn. We debate: what to rename it. that's why they're airports look like this and ours look like this in San Francisco it took ten years just to get to. bus lines through environmental review, the big dig a tunnel in Boston, took sixteen years and don't get me started on my solar hooker,
China once put up with fifty seven story skyscraper in nineteen days, they demand and rebuild the son you on bridge in Beijing and forty three hours, binge watch, they binge build Calvin hit, will harm the city built a quarantine centre with four thousand rooms in ten days, and they barely had to use it because they quickly arrested the spread of the disease. They were back to throwing raves in swimming pools. While we were stuck at home surfing the dark web for black market Sherman. We're not losing to China, we lost turns just haven't all come in yet they made
robots. The czech kids temperature and got there asked, is back in school. Most of our kids are still pretending to take zoom classes, while they watch tiktok brain cells slowly commit ritual suicide. as George Bush once said, is our children learning there is a progressive trend now to sacrifice marriage for equity colleges or chucking the S eighty and eighty detested in New York merited bless. Yo announced or it would no longer decide who gets into the schools for advanced learners. but rather a lottery system, China is doing that letting political correctness getting by of nurturing their best and brightest. You think chinese colleges or offer The courses in the fullest Sophie of STAR Trek the sociology of sign, felled and survive having the coming zombie apocalypse, those a real and so
China and they are eating our lunch. leave me in an hour. Don't they'll be hungry again right, that's how shall I wanted? I guess it's gonna get away and I will say it actually. Thank you. You seem to be having Friday night Watchman remove information, not ninety HBO, dot com.
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