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Ep. #560: Christopher Krebs, Caitlin Flanagan, Bret Stephens

2021-03-27 | 🔗

Bill’s guests are Christopher Krebs, Caitlin Flanagan, and Bret Stephens. (Originally aired 3/26/21)

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Welcome to reach me, apart from the HBO real time.
I thank you. I very like a boy brown. Well, I am not going to list these sports grounds where we go back to normal. Really I've gotta love it, and I know why you're happy today. The back see now of April. First grew days later from now
going to be available to people over fifty, so agents all over town or calling their clients and saying don't do it? It's a trick to me, you admit you're over fifty, but it has itself money. You know you can get the vaccine bunny age if you're a smoker and ex vulgar live in a crowded neighbourhood. Have a handicap, and the thing is you have to prove many this because we are always aiming to protect a key sector of the economy liars It is still Americans we just want to get out of the house. We don't even have to have exactly the old wives back, just don't make us watch. mad land- really what's on.
You see. What's going down in Florida Spring Break there in Miami O, the kids are going nuts erratic drawl, at least as they should be kids It should be added that refusing to wear mask which in their defence, how are you supposed to tell if you're potential hook up hats? if they have as its right. Can you blame if I'd been locked up with my parents, for your I'd, want to snored xanax and to work on a squad guard to acquire its normal in America also means the shit that makes this country Judy. Mass shootings again with- this for a while. Now we ve had minnow my last week. On this week, mash shooting at twenty one year old, christian lunatic quick before and now a muslim twenty one year old, lunatic related store. Today an atheist when crazy and rearranged his books
the lady and you heard about that. I love this story. The world is setting its pants economically, because it's a fucking ship, in the Suez Canal, this one ship, you talk about a traffic, oh my god, like the four or five times a million people are- and I love this part of the story queuing I'm not making this up pure nonsense. This ship probably has time. Hilary I couldn't be transporting children to molest. I you know what You guys think about sex with children. A lot, I'm just saying how how'd you get there from boat.
But why not a press conference interesting. You know he hasn't had one you have. This has been a big talking point on the righty. Whenever press comedy did and of course they talk themselves of their on Fox NEWS entered the eye. Did that Biden has completely senile like he can't get through a sentence without forgetting what country this is or anything he's. Gonna pay. His pants, like Bradley Corporate a star, is born of course, she was fine for an hour. I thought he hit the just just the right note forceful without, asking anyone to step outside that of course is big news. Is we now proposing? He is proposing. Democrats want to sell, was a three trillion dollar infrastructure plan? just kind of infrastructure in the broadest sense of the word, includes childcare energy
Chauncey in buildings, five g, rural broadband, retraining of workers, lots of stuff roads, bridges boards realise redoing. The elect the great vehicle charging stations sounds very ambitious. Considering the last guy couldn't build a wall, there are worse things about it. I have trouble with the girls good. These countries moving again you know it's very with out of this retrograde, and you can feel that all over and things are happening all over. I beg, for example, in Virginia first southern state now that banning the death penalty that they already got a call from West Virginia asking. If they can have the chair and New York state spend so much of my time, gonna legalised pot,
ok, now governor foremost, as he will sign the bill as soon as he gets done, searching his assistant for Japan We are bred, Stevens and again is the former yours director of these cyber security infrastructure Security agency, my old job Is it better? in times at the most regulars one. Yet it was now a founding partner. I'd crabs stay most grew Christopher Grabs, so Washington is known to have that kind of crazy alphabet soup. Every agency, as we know, some of them a p, I think most people know some people down to this one eye
not familiar with, let's go through a word by What is the name of the place you work for the cyber security? an infrastructure security agency. Why are those linked together? Well Cyber security is just another risk posed. to our nations. Businesses are government agencies. Are our nations infrastructure, this fiscal risk, cyber cyber security risk a wee wee help? What did you do all day first, they are normally. They are not saying that skeptically. I really don't know where to big it's a big mission. At the first thing I would do. Typically, in the last four years, was checked twitter and see what the former guy tweeted about and how that would affect my day, is that right variants. The big issue. Well you an example of a tweet, and then and they were like I'll fuck. Look what he said and then you had to do some typically or the last year was eleven twenty election, the rigged elections in that would cause,
cross a lot of our or partner state local election officials? That would cause a lot of consternation that we we'd have to get the messaging straight gets guidance out. part of that it was a lot of Russia are the right ones and then Trump fired till I came to know you set out how we can do not be the last word. Yes fired you bite to eat, of course, so that day, when you are looking at the tweets got very personal that day, yeah that was the actually the end of the day. Seventy six pm eastern time, not that, ok, now not so I looked at her. I I had just walked in the door, and I thought I kind of we got through the worst of it and I might be able to stick around for transition, and then I get it to attacks from
a body that is just a broader perspective. This is after the election when drunk was saying, the thing was rigged and when we know that this is what three weeks after the allied to east to the deck to ok, so we know we know who won by them, but he was still ranting and raving yes, and you came out and said basically when or no word for word My remember any of it was I looked at this I may exploit these people have not created is the cleaners election we ve ever had- and this is all bullshit and your fire dad. yes, but you didn't than the need good for you. That's why we, like your happier weird with your decision than ever and busy, I never thought twice about it. Read me this was the is put in country over party.
Fan. Ultimately, I I thank God it worked out. They were for me worked out. There were. There are some rough patch in December January guarantee, but what yellow camps in IRAN is not even on twitter you on this one man. So let s talk about what's going on in the present, because there's the Lord, what I can Reading is the largest cyber attack ever happened in the last year, right which one, The one that went on there, eight or nine months there might yet there might be two or more, but but it's where there is one that we, while been reading about ya, got into every department. For months and months. I guess they didn't know what was happening. that was the Russians again and everybody trumpeted China, but everybody else. Does Russia you're sheerest ashore,
Russia raids got all the hallmarks of a russian espionage up? Ok, so we we keep having these things happen with Russia. What is the appropriate? In your view, response without escalating intervene on a blow each other up of others, but we would seem like we're not really doing anything. So that so we are in fact Journal aka Zone either head of cyber command. In the USA, the National Security Agency was testifying. The other day you talked about some of the opera nations? They ran ahead of the election, Actually, look at this specifically in the sun, Burst hack affiliated with The solar wind was was actually there is greater strength to it. I know it's crazy thing to say, but if we think back to two thousand seventeen, when I just started my old job. There is something called want to cry. There was not picture there is bad rabbit or really monkey names, but that didn't seventeen was probably the the year of the great hacks.
these events and clear the more recent one attributed to China maybe now and with the Russian. When shows some restraint that maybe they ve learned, maybe there's something book cyber. Just it's it's the new normal! Let's go back to the part about what what are we doing. That's a great question: somebody a great question for somebody: you just can't go, go, go go Sonny Dunker, but it Is it offensive because it seems like defensive can only do so While there is a man. I know we ve done it before we went to a ran with sucks net right there. There is a meeting last, I think, was last week or the week before in Alaska, between the tray, his government and the Secretary of State now secured advisor? and the Chinese had a line about how we are the champions, and I attended think that, from a cyber perspective that the? U S is the best of the bunch
but we live in the glasses of houses, which make things you know rattle challenging just within with cyber with everything it's just. The digital economy is the way everything we do now school business governments. Everything is dependent upon the internet. Credibly, relying dependent upon the internet now, just that makes for a lot of opening up with a bag. What do you think I'm gonna have a with Bitcoin in ready. You see that going. That's in short, a Euro area. I see bringing down civilization, but maybe I'm being so now I so you know it's better. What angle of Bitcoin encrypted currency but crypto currency is the is I see it one of the single enabling fact
first, there is allowed cybercriminals to deploy a massive amount of ran somewhere across our state. Local agencies is the anonymous payments, the ability to pay, and honestly, I think, That is the cyber threat that the average American is most concerned, about your they steal it at home, all this other stuff Russia and China right, that's a female! Yes! talking about schools. I think something like sixteen hundred schools were hit. Last hospitals and government agency rhyming, we had Baltimore Guy Twice Atlanta Mecklenburg, County North Carolina. Twenty three counties in Texas Louisiana has been hit a couple times it just it then this and they just want money. This is not doing anything sophisticated. This is not ideological, it's like at the end, to die hard when he finds out there not terrorists, they that areas of vulnerability, yeah right right, a little bit like Knox only tolerate if there's, if there's
I've owner ability. If there's an exploit. If there is more, it or information to be had in their no meaningful consequences, the bad guys? Are gonna run wild, so we ve got to change that equation. I think, looking at it crypto currencies in the exchange. While we need to look at that, we need to sort out. Some of these countries like Russia that allow these cyber criminals to operate in their sovereign territory with impunity. We need to focus on that, but but bringing back home we ve gotta, help state local, improve their defences and- and I I dear. It's only gonna get worse, because the way that tax revenues to state local level have taken a real hit because a carbon. I think I think when we talk about infrastructure investments, I think we ve gotta have a twenty first century digital,
restructuring. Thus you will tell, by new, tell bide near ready to go back to worldwide is watching right thanks, very much greater appreciate what you do is our times. Msnbc contributor, bread, Stevens, is over here and she's a staff right here at the Atlantic or for their approval cover story. We will get into a private schools, have become truly obscene, say what you really think. Caitlin Flanagan is over here a great battle and I've started. Somebody shows with this that my solar clock. Ladies and gentlemen, the eagle has landed
Ladies and gentlemen, we got em. We have solar, lady, eleven thirty one. Yes, I have a little clip of them putting it on today. This is rose and burger pulling this, which there at my house and that so many people a thing or two Dana Solidarity, the people who actually did it day they did great and a group called son, run solar got involved, didn't ask for a penny, but they are very
involved in doing this. They just well. I was bitching about it on television for six months. This is what some amazing that all these people I heard from so many people, email me famous people. Can I help you don't like it got so many people helping, and I was bitching it publicly. I talked to congressmen on the options and it still took eleven two hundred and thirty one days, six months after I started bitching about a publicly. What is the regular person do so I had to that's what I was reading about. The new infrastructure bill, okay, but remember one thousand one hundred and thirty one. For me, I don't know if they'll get the whole state anyway. I guess what I mean to say is: what are your thoughts on the infrastructure bill? three trillion as a lot of money. They ve color. Did you ever see boosters billions? He needs to spend thirty million dollars in in
thirty days to get to get his three hundred million dollar prize and it turns out to be pretty tomorrow. I'm probably going to agree with that. At the end of the show, but for now I'm just going to look at the pot, besides, it is a Trojan horse for green energy and a Trojan horse. I welcome that. If that's how we have to do green energy in this country with a trojan horse- and we do so- let's do it that way, because it really is it for everything in it, as it is really about that. But if it's called infrastructure and jobs, and this in that, but really that's what doing, and I think the Democrats finally got it through their thick skulls how to sell something. Yes right, although I don't think anybody, even those at the way infrastructure means oh yeah. Well I mean I don't really know skip that part, but go by MRS Maes we're really major roads and bridges and portray electrical grid. He's he's he's being very generous with the definition and its child learning in human infrastructure and when you could call
bidding for Georgia, because we win arguments these days, changing the meaning of words science is violence. I really I thought violence is when it hurt, but listen to me this week for the first time I wish we had more confetti fifty one percent of Republicans boats afford gay marriage and legal, sing pot. We ve gone over the fifty percent, so why couldn't carbon be next? No, while large, ensure by all means they should do that, and you know one of the ways of doing it is actually being serious about carbon solutions. Supporting nuclear energy? Ok, so I got a picture. There was broad Biden at his press conference. There was no questions in an hour about the pandemic vaccine programme.
or the one point, nine trillion dollar relief plan. He just past your press people. What do you think about that? You think the press is all in all in meaning provide, and I think that you can always not getting press so to speak on a lot of the tough issues right now and I have to say, as somebody who's you know, in the media, but isn't really a journalist. I think you are doing the right thing right now. I think hating America. It is no longer a luxury that we can afford when you and I were young. You know my group in Berkeley my point slightly to the left of Karl Marx. I knew Amerika was a war machine and imperialist power, and my parents are helping kids dodge the draft and get to Canada, and you can have past nine opinions like that when the rest of the countries holding up Erica people are either laughing, and everywhere you know u turn it's like people break into the
capital building and should on the floor and terror These are in the name of lobbying America, more than any other, but it's not like anybody hates America. They just hate the people who are on the other side that they see I mean they did a survey recently and they ask people what is the most pressing problem before the winter was other people in American. I'm not kidding me four percent, where the others and it is your life- don't agree with- are the brought that's a merit. I mean. Obviously, the press needs to hold the administration to account in a normal way, but on the other hand, we just went through. for years in which the presidency was a joke, The camera outside your window at six, a m should have all the rest is pretty good. That's good analogy, but United in Doktor, Robert read for now
I knew I was after Robert Red Feel document, a former head of the CDC. Ok, he said something very interesting or at least made news today that he things corona via This came from the lab, which has been talked about since it began, but in this binary way. We live in them in a country. It's like if you're a Democrat, it's a bad night. If you are a publican, it's a lab and it's so fuckin stupid, because This is a scientific issue. It totally could have been a lab. Why? If you like, what happened to us that that everybody behave in this way and that there's all these people to believe in I mean when we grew up. I know you're much younger, but it wasn't like this. It really Then we had a lot of problems that we didn't have people thinking. There were trial. We masters in the Suez Canal that Hillary Clinton sent there and issues like this did not everything became
Polarizing is right and we the trained, I think in throughout the country. We have sort of train people to turn off their brains like the default is don't think, join the group and adopt whatever the prevailing view is of of that group. You know it is possible to hold conservative views. and still think Donald Trump was the worst president. America has ever has ever seen. It is money while they were far some like level of independence, he could get. His passport will think that maybe this from a lab, but at the end of the day it doesn't matter because we have a global pandemic that we have to. Saw? Well it does matter, because if it does matter because it affects how we understand the disease, I mean what he is saying is he thinks it came from a bigger. had acted in ways that it wouldn't if it had come from nature that significant it's not something they say.
Well, that's a republic. Unfortunately, like Hydroxyl Chloric. When is a Republican, I wouldn't take it, but who knows they use it in some countries, its medical issue? It's not my trouble took it. I wouldn't take it. I've saved my life, I mean there are people who it was always bandied around before he took it. It was unknown. Very early on in the pandemic is seen as something that might you know, work of it and it has a right to talk about the shooting. can guns, you know every time it happens, and it's just make you sick that this is America, The word, the gun country, that we keep shooting each other, but we have to know My question today is: what's the law that stops this TED crews, and every time there's a shooting. We play this ridiculous theatre where this committee gets today,
it proposes a bunch of laws that would do nothing to stop these murders, and you know they said both of these guys got the guns legally. They I dont know what I don't know what we're talking about. If you know I've been one point, law would change it, and what do you know if he is he saying nothing to stop these murders. Most people are four of these things. Then try it and see if it and if it doesn't then The one thing we know about these, these men, always who do these mass shooting incidents? We know a few things about them, but one of The main commonalities is profound childhood trauma and deep mental illness. So a background check that involve mental illness. I think that would come up, and I think we would have an opportunity to screen
it makes sense to be harder. It should be harder to get a gun than to get a driver's licence that basic common speaking about like when I think of my big scrubbs alive. It's usually when I click send on an email too soon, and I sometimes wish there were an algorithm. They would just say this looks, angry email, we're gonna just hold this for a few hours and, and it would have saved me a lot of grief and my life about this looks like you look like you're. The staffing you're in a gun- store, go back, go home, for three days right and we're going to Turkey well remember, Hamerton Day waiting period, but an angry now right I mean ninety one percent of people support background checks. Eighty nine block gun sales to people have been reported is dangerous or mental health rums. Eighty percent think should be a mandatory three day. Wedding good this even
clothes like most Republicans and even in our ranks members. So it seems like that's. The least we could do is just did you get that the triads even change aiming at May. Not because again, you said mental health issues. I would put that in the broader category of cannot yet laid. This is a man really is I'm sorry, but all over the world, whether its ices or in cells. It's just the theme this guy. This need A girl hashtag need a girlfriend was on his facebook page that this is the name of this movie hash need a girlfriend. I'm going to open a chain of game schools and teach me how to have a little game because they It's not like. Girls are out there just we need to teach the aim regular. What did you say picture it's a lot of tutoring from you. If you are someone, rather I made the next time you go out.
It? Somehow you look right: it's not women in eight women dependent you can watch of men or not that great looking do very well we're going to name them. He I mean that it is, you know, I'm sure we can. If anybody has deep, deep mental illness, you know because it so consistent with these man, so road you, that's ever gone part of a car on. I think, on the right, as they say. Oh well, really have as a mental health crisis, we should invest in mental health. All countries have people with mental health problems. It's just that they have immediate access to weapons of mass destruction. Well again, you think in this country that has more guns than people, these guys who These guns, illegal in London, wasn't an assault weapon or a swarm rifle. You think that
That would change anything. You don't think they would get some weapon will look. Let's say: if that's what we're talking about, what kinds of where we are pretending that this one, that certain types of weapons are going to make a big difference that needs to be. Well, you know I agree, but if it, if it manages to diminish on crime. Yes, I five, I'm saying, let's that I it was good by the larger. With point, then is someone should call for them, feel of the second amendment. Until people, for people start thinking that it is raising. We have an amendment that was written at a time when a skilled marksman could get off, maybe two shots in a minute at best that that is relevant works for today is a crazy, no John, Paul Stevens member him I know I know what he said we could well. He said what we need to do is at five words to the second amendment, and it's like,
the case of being in the militia ray. We could do to make it a line to the original intent. Just add those few words, but that's never gonna happen. Maybe I mean people are. I just think people are really there's gonna, be a point at which we, can't tolerated anymore, and it's amazing and shameful that we haven't gotten there yet, when kids are shot dead in their their classrooms, but I don't know, hopeless and well I you know, I kid Fox knows a lot here on the show. At the only reason I do it is because their mostly a bunch of obnoxious assholes The only reason I do otherwise- but you know Fox, is still the brand really, but every other conservative group sort of measures themselves by, but there is trouble in river city this week for the first time since two thousand ml
I'm busy beat them there's. This has got to this. It's gotta be always where the ratings and they have lots of competition from other further right, yes, organization, that's what's really bleeding away from ok. so they decided to step up their behold new slave shows. Would you like to see some of them, because these things are going to really look? Can we get there based back there's a insights edition is gonna be coming down the rabbit whole but talker Karlsson, her Cameron, scientist, fact, plastic inside the crisis actors studio morning
words, actor James Ones discusses the news with a panel of teenage girl, desegregation pardon the insurrection, the hot blooded fascist were born holidays plantation weddings, the Karen report with Marjorie Taylor, greed and say that again in our debates with John Boy foment funnier than the audit sub. But there are a number of people who have been calling for fox to just go I heard I read them phrase be allowed to exist,
heard thereon. Msnbc Max boot has said similar thing, and of course know that their being sued for lying, I mean they did, lie only about the election and democracy. So I see why people feel this way, but should we, it, is through a little more a mean even to Congress people out here in California, Anna S Shoe and Jerry Mcnerney, they wrote let to all, the cable providers and said: are you planning to pick up box than the next year if so, why? If Oh, why? Well it's a little cheat I fail to understand the same letter about CNN, that you know maligned and that young boy from current in high school and they had to pay a huge they libelled him and are they going to do this Into ABC News, which knew about Jeffrey Epstein when he was still alive and still child trafficking and they suppressed that story. You know the news: is it just a very dirty business
and I think foxes flies dirtier from a period is Dirty- is dirtier buddy you're to suppress the men. You say we're not going to have it on the air than the rest of us can't see what people are thinking and hearing and at all, was underground your where they gonna go ass, a meaning out of the dark. Is a bigger. I read, Trump is starting his own twitter right said. What was inevitable right. Would you think we're just gonna go away and start watching Rachel mad now where they go into girl going Jingo. Something odd cast. Caymans point is so important. It's like hey guess. What too can play the game so of democratic Congress? Persons can write to try to suppress one side of of of the debate, Republicans are gonna start doing it as as well, and someone should remember that the first amendment begins with the words Congress shall make no law right. Those are important words. I mean.
a part of living in a first and amendment environment is people will lie, people will misinform and you you make a living by calling their bs right, like that's, that's what they weren't. I don't like the word be allowed to exist. It bothers me by speaking about Israel sometime making of not being allowed to exist. You wanted. That private school or less controversial. Well, but you say you shut them down. Well, I you know I do say, shut them down, but I say the ones at the very very top of the system, the ones that costs thirty five, fifty thousand dollars a year that they become kind of a malign force in America. They hoover up all that damage the huge number of spots in the Ivy League schools. They have you no Exeter has one point: three billion dollars
We don't get any tax money there, Tudor Exeter two billion worth of fancy one. It's in. I am no private schools, regular school in New Jersey, either going down there. You look like you were born on a tennis court. Where'd you go to school. I went to a fancy privates, which went to School Massachusetts called Middlesex, which I thought was a wonder, for school and still think as a wonderful school, and I think some of these schools do exist. Ordinary jobs in in really educating people from a much change dialogue. As soon as you were there, I'm sorry, but they have- and this is a lot of what your article about also read very since article about harboured, westlake- and I mean I've been talking about this on the show taken a lot of shit. Forget about it, but it's true. There is something going on in the schools and you're right, is it the schools that funnel kids to Harvard and Harvard you know funnels them out to the important parts of the media
television govern evasion by an they control a lot of how people think so two things are different. Parents don't have the back of the teachers more there, we side with a little brat, that's different and the biggest thing is this shift away from moral teaching from the parent to the school used to be The school would be afraid of what the parent thought now. The parent is afraid of going against what their teaching in schools. Even when they don't agree with that. But we should stop, and at least notice and debate, and talk about right, a cool and you know in these private schools. Well, that's not is such a big issue. the sense that you don't have to send your child to that school, nobody's, holding your gun to your head in saying you have to go to a fancy school, but when we have public course, thousands and thousands of public schools where parents are are really
great challenge. What's going on in the classroom, that's really a problem. That's really a serious problem and educate, but its advocates approach. Trot education, which is there were losing the distinction between what education is and what indoctrination We have had a lot of what's happening. We just indoctrinate. I studied Marxism in school. It's important to understand what Marxism is its different from being taught from a marxist perspective, One exposes you two ideas, the other: makes you a kind of a soldier in a given in a given perspective and that's like that's, there's something kind, totalitarian about that drug producing like not independently, where's, your producing red guards reproducing cataracts, and it's so grotesque, get the wealthy score Where are these like children of actual billionaires being turned into
baby marxist because that's how rich your daddy has to be for Marxism to work for you. Personally, I don't you know as a theory, so the whole thing is and that's another american issue. You know we got to pull together and we've got it. I've gotta lived up this whole idea of education in and get some of this crap out of the schools we just have to. Would I reckon some of your article? Seven berries is that there is this claim I fear that people are living, the schools, fear of not being woke enough of not speaking woken up. She says, power in America comes from speaking woke there. She quotes the math teacher, who says I'm in a cold. Well, not exactly it's that the cultures all around me and I'm trying to save kids from becoming members. She's sounds like he's a Scientology defector.
Well, I think right now we're in sort of a certain period that I think is hopefully gonna be short lived in, that schools have been reacting very quickly and very hugely to the social protest over the summer, which kids, thank God, we're very moved by and were very much a part of, and so that's important, but the lessons that their introducing on the backs of that protest grotesque, and also the climate of fear is not just in schools. Its throughout institutions companies all over all over the country and its people have to start. Going bullshit on it. I mean the only way this ends is people who are in authority say no. not going to be bullied if you dont want to work here go elsewhere. These are our values and we're going to stick by them. They include fair play and open I still variety points of view
This is the scene obsessed with the concept of privileges the one you taught. Yes, what that's worth? That's a course similar. Ok, so I mean I'm looking at this chart. Can you show this charge? You people it's like the world is divided into oppression, resistance or privilege. In you know, your privilege of some of these are obvious. Some of them are outdated to some degree header, sexual, not at the Abbe. you know me, know Joe you're conforming young adult in, and you know, oppression working class. No color female, not everywhere this. You know it's just that
the somewhat more complicated this disease heart when I was taught how to be a teacher at that wonderful school was never ways to students, time that's the most precious resource, so never teach a ridiculous lesson and if you're sitting there to school because thirty five thousand dollars a year, trying to figure out who has privilege in America get a mirror. You know you're the privilege, you don't have to sit here with this complicated, it's a useless less than what was really talking about advantage. The word privilege bothers me. Yes, there are certain advantages and, of course, race is the biggest issue in Amerika. I will always put that number one, the only ones, but there are many different factors that affect people's lives, and they only want to see this one thing: You know what, if someone's painfully shy like. I was for all. My young painfully shy isn't funny.
but it cannot make sense in our people try to arrive at some point. Your life of light goes the answer to whether your privilege your advantage, you know the answer. It isn't to feel guilty into virtue signal its to do something website. Do those in those advantages try to make the world a better place guilty and more to the point, if you truly a marxist- and I grew up in a pretty lefty house- tell your parents- I don't wanna, go to this expensive school anymore This is too elite. I want to be part of making public schools better and they want to be super work and they want to go to Yale and that's really offensive people who cannot afford either of those things. If you really believe that come here to allay city college
Ok, so I am before we run out of time. I knew your coming here. I really wanted to get both of you, but I really want to tell you about the Royals, because now what you're laughing? I can't wait to hear the well, because I mean now that we have at the judge absorbed? Everyone saw the Oprah interview with with Parian Megan in the lap when they were cancelling all those people. Last week for the tweets they wrote in high school. You know and then there's a picture of Harry America's new hero wearing a swastika yeah saying that they should cancel emperor? Neither people do stupid things when the young, but seven, it's amazing. The way the angel of death just flies over some people's houses. Other jets
it is amazing. I can not only that that Megan felt that are really worthwhile role for her to play was to visit the countries of the Commonwealth because they are largely people of color. Which is true because they were colonized by the stupid family. You married into their emissary. You should be going there in telling them that you know breaks paying and let's get Britain to pay some reparations? She shouldn't be there under the authority of the actual royal family yeah she she's been single, but it's true, but with other people like like that young editor, who would just been giving her big break and discovered that eleven eleven year old tweets when she was seventeen year old right we're going to destroy. the clear and that that's insane, if you haven't screwed up as a teenager, you probably have never been a teenager. I mean what kind of person had doesn't.
Huge mistakes from that period of time and what kind of society I grew would it is really was going to run for president when he TED Crows- because he knew what he was eight. He started for president That's not. The guy you want is browser that skies decision making. My point- and I am very somebody- gets fired at teen Bob, it's a win for the country, because the whole thing everyone should be fired. They should shut them. Thing down, they should solve the earth and they have no independent experts have and when I looked at, Today they had an art. About why we should abolish the police and the next article was about one of the Olsson twins, hair cut. You know. and then, when you read the statement from them, but we had to do this of the important work of team will be about war. They weren't you waiting. It's about clothes. Teenagers is what gives a thing is its net but teenage girls.
There is a huge community that they can reach one another on a national and global level through Instagram and so forth. Adults at the depraved in Discussion of candy nasty should not be profiting over feeding their heads with his poison. Isn't vapid left wing. agenda. That's just makes these girls dumber because every time they runs have begun for policy. Just look there you go. That's not right and that's not right That's not right, but these girls in its great I'm gonna, get that Erika and envy on the side of this thing. It's it's terrible one minute, and I know you both have written about Woody Allen. A lot of people who work at this network probably saw the documentary one thinks about it. The title offended me not offended me, but was bullshit. It may all be true, but the title of that documentary Alan, the Faro would suggest a trial? Ok, the title,
The documentary is me a story, and again it may all be true, but don't call it Allenby out, because it suggests a trial where there's a prosecution and defence, and there was no defence related under the name of the custody trial, which was in a criminal as leading and the two temporary annual reports that came out quite well acquainted out, which is Despite that, I wondered means that people who think they know the story, don't know the story right now another. No one sided the debtor, and I'm glad I do, but don't tell me but I saw the horse various HBO profiting making of
for night and now, when I really do think very directory, do I'm a new roles, everybody so they can pay their stars well and have them get solar. That's why you're or somebody has to tell me how it makes a party better when you're standing on a car, That would make me not want to go to a party. Where's the party. Well, it's partly on a car James round. Once I got up over that thing, he met his car neuro before you make fun of this Hindu wholly day, where women from one village pretend to beat a man from another village with long sticks. Remember, we ve got one
coming up, we're alive size, bunny hides eggs to celebrate a dead guy. Coming back to life, the nickel bar pigeon has to get over itself. Unreal Is that when people say you're so beautiful, they mean for up engine. Competition is jerk re red eyed standing on a trash can eating a cigar and you're both go you can check the way it's actually relations. We make little girl. Somebody has to tell me why all the signs of the Zodiac look like Days
that I can't just big coincidence: does birth Control conference based now the grass Thyssen this one's, for you know that guy at every wedding who thinks it'd be a treat for everyone. If you break dances has to sit down, you're, not the life of the party you're drunk, you just can't grandma in the face and finally neural if we're going to have a new roaring twenties, let's not repeat the mistakes of the last one, keep reading that America is poised for a roaring twenties. Twenty first century addition repeated that DEC, this century ago, when just like now the United States emerged from a pandemic ready to party is if there was cocaine in the cocoa
all of which there was in the twenty years and now after a year of masking and distancing, I know I'm ready for the party and I, engine? Millions of others were also itching to engage and risky behaviors like air travel, sharing a dessert or tweeting what you really think and why not the twenties was an especially exciting time: the economy doubled the masses could afford a car women's. Wearing. Sixteen layers of clothing, no dream was too big.
Charles Limburg became the first anti semite to fly solo across the Atlantic. Babe Ruth had a home run. Five hundred and seventy five feet hung over with gonorrhea, while eating a porter and Binding started running for president and the and the stock market was a game where everybody was a winner, but we want what happened next they roaring too. He's became? They broke ass, thirty's? It turned into a nightmare with the great depression, the rise of fascism and, worst of all, an endless dream of musicals about sailors.
and looking at the economic factors right now. It feels like we're back in that head space that will never run out of cash as long as the FED doesn't run out of ink I'm just saying: if we're gonna do a new roaring twenties. Let's do it this time without the tooth. that made the last one sock, prohibition and depression at the end of it. I am no money expert. I only turn on Jim Kramer to scare away the birds but it does seem like the market is the little divorced from reality these days. It's odd that The real economy has been full of news of unemployment, bankruptcies in going out of business science and covert hit, and yet the Essen
p, is up seventy six percent. In that time it can't go on forever. We can't all win, it's not the ticket machine. It e g, a share of game. Stop isn't really worth more than a share of tired. To bail ourselves out of that depression. We spend for ten years over ten years, six percent of our gross national product to get out to call them We spent in one year twenty six percent the way were handing out money, you would think it had an expiration date on it in two thousand and eight, a global economy was on the edge of collapse. Congress passed what was concerned a massive bail out of sex. hundred billion, so massive over a hundred protest broke out across the country. The Occupy Wall Street Movement was born. Now. The word billion is so last DEC, Congress has passed six trillion to fight the war uncovered.
two trillion more than we spend too when world war to the big one for you a desperate fighting stay murderers row of bad guys. over the world and under it I mention this thing was kind of expensive to make all that in today dollars. Four trillion this checks trillion So let the other thing we have to do in the new rowing twenties is end. The drug war, this time
little slow and that's donors, but there's voters, but seriously this time? Can we have the Big party without having to worry about getting arrested for doing the drugs that keep the party going in the first place, because in the nineteenth, what is America band alcohol for reasons which are still mysterious? Do me a favor to throw this giant ranger that goes on for ten years, make sure on brings booze. So let's get rid of our own prohibition, a k, a the drug war and go straight to the part where we admit it doesn't work. The White House took her the White House, unfortunately, is going in the wrong direction. What the fuck
will you really gotta give it to the drug war. It is by partisan. It was Fifty years ago, when Nixon announced that drugs were quote, public enemy number one untold Elvis get rid of them by taking them all, so much of the rot in our society stems from our modern day version of prohibition, the people flee. yet the border. That's the drug war. The record shattering amounted incarceration. This country does, with all its implications for Rachel, injustice, wasted lives, and viewed elections, because somebody felons can vote. That's the drug war, other people get it. Mexico legalise with this month cannon did it two years ago. Why are we always the last at everything now please Google ran this experiment. They D criminalized.
all drugs ten years ago and they have less than one hundred overdose death overdose deaths. Last year we have, One thousand The war is over West Virginia lost thank you very much. That's why the shower off next week, I'll be with my seller back out tonight. I want to thank Bret Stephens, Caitlin, Flanagan and Christopher Travis, and thank you for friends who got it done for more information log on to HBO dot com,
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