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Ep. #566: Bob Costas, Nicholas Kristof, James Carville

2021-05-29 | 🔗

Bill’s guests are Bob Costas, Nicholas Kristof, and James Carville. (Originally aired 5/28/21)

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Welcome to each year passed from the HBO meeting in real time. That is very worthwhile. Not sorry, I missed the last two weeks
I didn't want to you heard this. They said I had covered this. Is you know it's like when you go to jiffy load? The joy the air filter undergo ok, you're, the export I've. I thank you for all the get well wishes. I can't oblige you. I never was sick, felt nothing, but ok, you know I'd be that had the vaccine, that's another roamer. I know I had it. You know I mean who knows not worthy of applause, but ok didn't help with probably I don't know we, don't we don't know? Yes, probably I don't know you know most people who got the thing never got very sick. Less than four percent went to the hospital. I know media doesn't like to talk about that. Suddenly to be respected. Obviously, yes, good. I got point as I had it, and now
in America we're like bribing people to get the backseat? Really I mean giving away like college scholarships and free beard baseball tickets. California, giving way a hundred and sixteen million dollars in cash and rises, we're we're a key bob. Barker phase of the pandemic, I love this. Contrary to the world. People are dying to get this back scene, but here they gotta give me a jet skis first and then maybe I will consider the stupid the people's. How could you have you no tested positive? If you had the back seat, I never said it was a reset event. Nobody ever did the same weight, cabin remained nine Yankees who had the vaccine tested positive, which is supporting my theory, They did the virus come from bats.
It's not even my theory I was always saying from the beginning: it could have been lab could have been bats. Books and you can't even say it might be in the lab. Well now everyone saying it might be. I was I say this is not political gesture, this is a science issue. We don't know where it came from. Well, The Wall Street Journal says might be the lab we have two guy from. former CDC heads. He thinks it's, the lab we don't know Administration now is looking into. It might be the lab, and there are rumours and I'm not saying it. nefarious in the lab distant acts in, but there are rumours that maybe the lab was manipulating the virus to make it stronger, which is a violation of the sacred principle in China, no substitute
You can try to pretend that's a racist, Joe good luck with that. I dont care. It's not like that. It was, as you know, the memorial day is this week and so that's gonna gray and the Basques are coming off the CDC. That's ok! I say you still got a man, but you know we're inside it nearly died. but in our buildings coming active life, even though this decade is this. A cat is emerging after seven junior hibernation looking to make and went mad gates heard herds, Tina looking to mate
He ordered a whole new supply of ecstasy. I tell you, remember: Maggie aided nerd, we gotta go the bigger everything, but the bad news is, of course listen. This happened today. Senate Republicans have killed the bill to form an independent commission to look into the January six Capitol Hill Riot. They say the whole thing is a thinly veiled. Democratic plot. To get to the facts Said said: yeah no biggie there had been any real danger. I would have been in Cancun. So this is how fucked up our country is. You know, because of filibuster in the sixty thing, sixty senators, it should.
Fifty four voted for that. Only thirty five and killed in only six Republicans voted for this bill. Mitt Romney lay simmer Cowskin the usual suspects in the non terrorist wing of the Republican Party of why do republic. by the way, even get a say in this, it's like like getting the dog, decide to look into who should on the rug. I think I know- and you know one of the reasons. Why is because the revolt against another constituents either dont care or listeners three out of four, and this is right in file Republicans believe who is responsible. But the capital riot left wing protesters trying to make Trump look bad.
You know also trying to make trump look bad. The seven at least since the human eye and food republic- is that they loved this idea of the false flag operation. You know whenever they do some fucked up. She had a choice. dressed up as them. Everything is the Boston Tea Party. Now they were dressed as Indians. We were dressed. Is that what the fuck I wonder if they try this at home with their wives, honey. That was not me, fucking, the baby sitter
The democratic dressed is me looking the baby and he was using my head. So we got a great trial. We have gained a first phase, the twenty nine time, having letting broadcast over the analogy network and hosted the new show back on the record, with Bob Cost is coming to age below this summer. Bob ass. This is shaking Winkler waving. I dont get there. I thought we all agreed how wrong I am having been out could getting covered. How right? That's? Probably I guess I've been out now. People went right back to Shaking in their hand and hugging people need human contact, I was the one going wait. I thought we had decided.
That, even when the pandemic is over, that was unnecessary and then there are like Mr Net like what I was the one guy during the whole thing's pre covered. I always felt we ought to go. The asian route yeah just by first of all its more respectful and if you shake enough hands, get about during a pandemic, you shake enough hands. You're gonna get up a cold, a catch or something I don't want. Anyone to touch me They mean business. That's always been for this. This has been a particularly rough stretch for you. Let's talk about the Olympics, yeah, I know I know I associate now. I would never. I think you know this done. Jokes. I've never been a giant olympic fan right. You know I mean especially like the girls gymnastic seems like child abuse to veto, can capture them at the age of four train them twelve hours a day. Something to that idea. Ok,
I know raw Amerika great ok, so we kick ass overseas, but I do associated with you. I mean I never watched for the games. I watch it here. You are the dangerous second early, the broadcasting you do us, but how many did you cover twelve twelve there? Now from nineteen. Eighty eight through twenty. Sixteen, I presented to you and that the press must be crazy, yellow. But you know I learned after the first couple. I learned that the host has to be a good generalist, but you don't need to know every platform diver from Peru or every cross country Skeer from Norway. That's for the people at the venues road maps out the big picture. Well, ok! So now we're gonna have it in Tokyo in just a month, yeah! Ok, this is a big controversy again
dog in this fight- and I want you re up here and now- you're not doing it- frees up a lot of time. They really does that's. What's nothing. It takes too long. This too many back stories about what they went through to get there if they just cut down. You know It's like all these streaming shows that should be just a movie just make it into one fuckin move, but they spent a billion dollars or more for the rights and a damn it's the ratings. In a time when everything is fragmented, ok- and I was one of the things that cuts through, so you think it shouldn't take place because they were not get over crowd ogier. It should be postponed, not canst right if they postponed it till the summer of twenty twenty. Two, then, as a one off we'd go back to the way it was prior to the nineties was, which was that the winter and summer games took place every four years in the same calendar year under these
circumstances. It makes sense, but you gotta understand in the Irish Sea holds all the cards knowing when journalists international International, let the committee and that, every time I see their name in the headlines, certain shady is ever wrong. It's not wrong. They haven't offended before authoritarian regimes, they'll be back in Beijing for the winter Olympics. They were in Sochi and twenty fourteen. There were in Beijing in two thousand eight, so you're saying we should have boycotted all these know what the boycotts mostly hurt. The athletes The right averment that their aimed at we have to work with these governments yeah. It's a particularly difficult tightrope walk for NBC because, unlike other entities that cover it the network that carries the alone X or any sports event, has invested a lot of money in the rights and they want people to feel good about watching it. But my feeling always was that you need to at least acknowledge the elephant in the room, and I tried as best I could to talk on the other end of that rope, but they were always.
Very, very touchy about possibly offending the Irish in China trying to get you banned at one point, ninety ninety six, even before the eight games in Beijing Ninety ninety six during the opening ceremony, I pointed out the Soviet Union to just broken up that if any nation had the risk, forces and the motivation to replicate what the old Eastern Bloc did with systematic. Cheating is not to say that american athletes don't cheap, but they do it on their own, with rogue scientists, not under the direction of the Eu S policy or the United States government. China had a motivation to do it. Several athletes are already been caught. I also pointed out that they wanted to host the two thousand a limp excessive before they got await Olympics two thousand. Let me point to Sydney, Australia, but that concerns over human rights and the threat to Taiwan and all the rest had scotch their raw, their bid. The internet has just started, but there was a campaign directed by Beijing.
they fired. Unless I issued a public credit ology in prime time you could have neither of which happen it could have been patient zero, forgetting cancelled. Now now, wouldn't you say now, boot potent was more stealth and twenty fourteen in Sochi, he just me pink. I reckon I remember that all that was brutal. How I got was route through the wood of what a trooper. You were one of the things a piss me off the missing. These shows I never mister Sherwin twenty eight years on television, and I could have done deaf- could have done both of them yeah, but keeping me out the second week was: let's not get into a car. I think you're pretty much covered emphasise. Ok. So, let's talk about the main one more thing about guy or here's the thing, almost everybody. Seventy percent of japanese citizens, all the health organisations than a journal.
New England Journal of Medicine. Today they all say it's not a good idea. It's either should be cancelled or more likely postpone, but they all contracts are written in favour of the icy. So if the Olympics are held all the losses, all cost overruns. They fall on the Olympic Organizing Committee of Tokyo, none of that none of the broader that is borne by the icy plus if the games take place and NBC televised them than the icy collects every last penny of the broadcast rights. So you can't expect them to have the same view of this as the rest of the world does so funny way. George. You know we wanted to be pure, and it's always more than almost anything else. Gonna be intermingled with politics course. You can I mean the all star game was gonna be in Atlanta right when is that that's Lincoln
July ok, MID July now, so that a moved it because Georgia passed him with a lot of people, think our voting rights oppression was then they have their own argument. But to me their borders, suppression, laws, and I normally not for boycotts are moving things bigger too, that I feel that this is an issue that transcends other issues. This is about losing our country. While that was the way baseball felt about it, but there was also pressure because they knew that many of the all star players would refuse to play in the game and the National League. but your Dave Robert, so the Dodgers had said that he was considering not coming to Atlanta for the game, so Rob Manfred. The commissioner was in a difficult position the appear nightmare of several of the best players didn't show up, so the move he made was pre emptive. Take it to Denver the problem with it. Is it lacked some of the moral clarity that you associate with other boys
No Superbowl in Phoenix in the early nineties cause hours on it. Didn't have an m l K holiday, the PDA of Amerika pulls next year's Pga championship, the one just one by thunder person from the bed minstrel course Donald Trump Course in the Jersey, a few days after the January six insurrection, the reasons for that arrive they make perfect sense here to the public. These reasons are a little muddy. They dont grasp the issue as readily. Well, maybe they should we talk to them yeah, because I think that this more I guess we lack moral clarity I get about whether voting should count well that they can. They all them, they call them border integrity laws and, on the other hand, there are those who regard Donald Trump. Northstar have a very peculiar definition of integrity. So we know that the
is the reason here, but is either, is either weird right wing virtue, signalling like hey. We have to do something because Trump thought that the election was for and the only evidence of anybody trying to steal it, and it's on tape is Trump himself, so we have to its original very stayed where trumpeted called the guy into yes, when you find our votes, the victim, Look under the couch that might be eleven thousand votes. and then I ll read wraps and burger. Who was the republic in Europe? anyway saved this republic, because you know we're. was that state or Arizona could again in a very different direction and he stood up as some of the court's did. I mean we're going to talk about this unencumbered. This is what is disappearing in this country behind the scenes
Is that where they are slowly, they didn't say after they lost in twenty twenty? Oh well, I guess we should try to cheat again. They said. Ok, I see how we can have to do it better next time. Yet this is what I think agreed and if this is not Jim Crow to point all which might be hyperbolic The idea all of these initiatives are coming from Republicans around the country, some forty states. The idea is to gain whatever edge they can gain. Will these laws stop anyone whose determined the vote from voting? No will it make it more difficult for some people and will those people do unfortunately be democratic voters? Yes, it's not just that! It's just that there is no more bread, Remsen Burger in Georgia to get rid of that guy. Why? part of the deal. That's what they're doing tat part of it. Isn't the state legislature, rightful by republic getting can oversee the electronic overturns things, but meanwhile they move to Denver nine percent african american Population fifty one percent in Atlanta. Ok, you know
macro. This thing is not to get your pipe with the point. I just don't know that the point resonates as well as it might have been intended. That's what I'm here for last question. I see that the major League baseball now is going to count the records of the Negro leagues, which I think is from nineteen twenty two forty eight, that's right with regular major league than a blind man blend the men with statistics, so it could be that if they find out the Josh Gibson Right had eight hundred home runs. He would be the all time leader where you on that here's, my feeling very often, if you're in general, sympathy or agreement with a cause, then you suppose it doesn't an assent with anything that's presented under the heading of the latter. You know all about it, so I will
it was the m c. If that's the right word of the opening of the Negro Leagues Museum in Kansas City, it's one of the great museums of any kind in the country. It's it's wonderful in every way Negro leagues derive their meaning from the injustice that was imposed upon them and from everyone involved triumphing over that injustice. We can't learn enough about the negro least. I think I've read every book and watched every documentary that's been made about it. It's a glorious story, it's an important part of big league history, but you can't automatically just blend those stats with big lakes, that's and in fact, which is not to say that the negro legs worn as good. In some cases, they were better than their contemporaries among white major leaguers, but Duration are two down the road. If that's all you're, looking at you, you will have it asked the meaning of the Negro lakes. The truth is that at various times there were three or four different needs. Leagues operating simultaneously and
Even the researchers who have done an exhaustive job haven't been able to track down all the stats they ve got. Josh Gibson with a hundred thirteen home, runs by legend. At about eight hundred, you know the old saying when the facts and legend collide print the legend in this race. The legend is almost certainly closer to the truth. Why? few out bats, that a seventeen year old, Willie Mays had in nineteen forty eight for the Birmingham Black Barons low his lifetime batting average from three hundred and two to three hundred and one. What they should have done is have an exhaustive history of the Negro leagues at the front of every baseball, encyclopedia or baseball reference now online, and then you take every negro leaguer and you put that player and his Negro league record alphabetically, where every blonde, so Josh Gibson would come between gifts and encourage Gibson and you'd, see Jackie Robinson negroes. That's before, as major league has convinced me this. That's what's that
best way to do it. This is a kind of weight on them sense, wing man. I need a job you now. I am after this. Thank you, live cattle idealism, Pulitzer Prize Winning columnist at the New York Times and co author of tightrope Americans reaching for hope, Nicholas Christoph is back This great to see you get is a democratic strategies of the weekly podcast politics war room with James Carville, now Hunt always making news. James Carver always shown the flag for Alice. You ok, so guys we started Georgia this over there I'm a little worried. I used to use the word slow moving coup even before it was elected. I'm gonna have to double down on that. I feel like it justice
taking more than one election cycle, and when elections become about the election itself, then you lost your country, then you're not really democracy anymore, and I mean the fact that they now today we found out there can be no commission to look into what happened on January six, not that not that it was a mystery right. What were too big listened Cheney. The one prominent Republican spoke out against it. She's gone, they exiled her. I mean, as I was saying to Bob. There are replacing the people who saved the last election by a thumbnail now replacing them with these. Stop the steel people. What is going to happen? in twenty twenty four. And what do we do to stop it, because it's not the same scenario already with what is going on behind the scenes. I don't think
in early twenty twenty one weaken that know. What's gonna happen in a twenty twenty two elections, let alone will happen and twenty twenty four and I do think that the degree to which the GEO P has gone off the rails does truly mitigated chances of of of coming back. I also think that in our political scientists have have argued that there is a considerable risk of a backlash, what you alluded to and that truly what is often suppressed. The vote has not been voter idealize. It's been apathy and one good mechanism to counteract that apathy is when people say people are trying to say press you, but I'm not talking about actual voting, I'm talking about their changing behind the scenes, the people who count the roads. This is what Stalin used to say: doesnt matter who votes matters who council votes. This is what's changing. This is, I think, what do Democrat too complacent about now. We want the last one Biden, president, yes, but behind the scenes,
next time. I guess there's not going to be that Brad wraps hamburger guy. There he's not going to be able to count the votes. The legislatures sometimes now have precedent. They can take it away from the people who formerly where bipartisan counting the votes so did no what's happening. Go I thought there fighting on a democratic lawyers Fred worth harm. I did find that Congress close issue more people or panicky Bacchus and guess what it did in Georgia. The sector affected counter both that, unlike the vote counting the legislature said what we'll just decide in. If you remember history, the deadlines You used to pick United States senator ok, so what the quartet and undemocratic would that's what their voters want? You understand at twenty three percent of self identified, Republicans agree with
they are more their war torn on republican, stunning, Episcopalians, Lutherans, Presbyterians. Anything else, romanian, crazy. Looking you knew of Armenia Grange it would just gotta keep doing If we get you pronounce it cool, I don't know, I can't help it so this, like things on the table now like packing the court, not a great term, but ok, that's what adding more supreme gorgeousness is making Porter Rico and Washington DC estate, ending the filibuster. Those are the three big institutional changes that they say we should make before it's too late and nothing can be done about these people who were slowly taking over the voting process. Where are you on these three issues? Are those three things we should do new states? No fear!
buster, I tend to think that binding is right to focus on delivering real things will bring about change and less. On some of these other steps, I certainly like to see washing DC become a state that makes eminent sense to me. But realistically, that's not going to happen with the current make with I mean bread is under mentioned, is not gonna go for that, and so I think that what Democrats can do- and I think resin binary really focusing on Us- is simply make improvements, real improvements in people's lives. They can deliver on past national child care. national pre k bandwidth for all in a community like my own in rural, or it would make a huge difference. My community is a Republican, been voted for after nineteen thirty two, but they say people don't vote to say. Thank you.
To say, fuck you I mean there's a long history of that work. We I mean it's absolutely true that the Democrats do deliver their delivering. Now, that's that's been going on for decades, I mean. Maybe it's what you said a couple of weeks ago, that Germany got so many headlines using woken up is a problem and everyone knows it and talks about it behind the scenes and no one talks. What are you gonna? Get fight apparent written by Lenin left lying communism, infant? I'll decide. He couldn't deal. What the Welsh and Saint Petersburg recorded a good kid again reward. You wouldn't do that. Well, in the election, we love how seats we didn't. We.
Came back in Georgia, but we have. The vice president has to vote to break a Ta Biden, king within forty, two thousand votes. losing how much more damage can these people, due to the party Brian before they figure out to do two things at Nick shocking about to do two things at tat. Your talking about you got power. That's the only way you can do it in by to acquire power. You have the talked and language the people and without start learning that loses out pie in the sky. Stop and the people get their news now really from newsfeeds. Mostly they see it on Facebook or with someone sends them something your twitter reading. The New York Times, sorry to say most of them, not enough, not an so and what they see their I've made. This point is this: drip drip drip every day of something insane, and it's always that not the queue and on is not the most insane. Of course,
this that wins the trophy, but when they see you know like a few weeks ago, we were doing a bit about the movies that have to have disclaimers. Now we met a joke about snow white because the kisses Non consensual and then they did it like three weeks later it became reality. We can have snow, white and kissed because it's not- and this is what my point is- that the Democrats have become the party of no common sense
you can't win elections, daggers fifteen percent and a democratic party. I know that's going to take the opportunity to have their rep gazing that the other party of you know if they go. It's either goes in the blue been or the red been right is the problem, but the Democratic Party is a lot of blacks, allowed a college, educated women. A lot of people look to the federal government to dull a harsher edges, a capitalism allotted emigrants. You know a lot of people are here if you go and look at it that way to Democratic Party had to make a decision between the practicability of Joe Biden in every everybody on the left us into warned Senator Sanders, everybody had all the money. In a word it wasn't, plus it was like sixty five to thirty five it in fifty percent of our party guiche, respect democratic, while in both in primary make a choice
make a selection and until we all learn that in an end, not let the urban educated core define us to everybody else in the country will have to continue They have disappointing rise, like we had in November. We send out I'm telling you it's because people's like I was reading about Lockheed Martin. They are one of the companies. This is going on all over the country. Now that have, I would say there for us to have this kind of diversity: training it's a three day camp. I mean people were writing about it. What did it for the MID marginalized groups are freed from the exhausting work of coaching white men to understand their world? Well, I'm sure that is sort of a problem. Sometimes people who don't understand your world, but I thought we were getting along enough to talk to each other in the workplace, so they high. So these companies,
I mean this is a cottage industry. Now of you hire someone to yell at the White Paper and indeed to reflection, though bill of reality that there is a certain amount of myopia about Rachel issues, and one of them is that as a panel, the three white guys talking about raised. Ok, this. I'm sorry that's just it's just like, so we should never. We white people can talk about race. You don't do that new private life, three white people never talk about it. So silly we should have to have a better
Tom. At every time I haven't. I only have two chairs you guys are available, this you're smart. This no crime in this is the real crime. If I never had a black person on, but I am, but I do think that discussions about diversity do benefit from different voices, and I do ask that any do think that an awful lot of whites mean polls show that about fifty percent of whites in America. It don't believe the blacks face, serious impediment. In fact, no there was a good harboured studies showing that that they send out fifteen hundred applications with some black name. Some white names, you're too job wanted job, adds a white name which, equivalent to eight
a year is a job experience, so I do think I'm not defending this job training or I do think that there is a real miaulant. Even argue with that. I'm saying is this the method to do it to have these outsiders come in and and take you somewhere and because I think that they ve studied it and they found actually it doesnt work, it doesn't really work, doesn't work, but people resent it out. I don't worry, I say I think tat. I could benefit everyone sure I do things in my everyday life that can do better in terms of, but you start out in your chair, I said: are you white saturation shit. Ok, now you now, you may now that's now they are waiting. You communicate with people. Don't you you don't realize that there are things that you do in debts in wrong signal
now airs right, but but then in by white that this guy Eric Hoffman Longshore philosophers set every move which starts out as a cause, more centre business and ends up a wreck. divorced trying to solve I'm sure has rocketed age. It is a well be protection rock it because you can't say no to it because then you're races to begin with. What they have found out. Is it what works better, so common sense, a call again side by side, people working side by side, which I thought we were doing and moving toward when people actually work together and by the way can joke with each other. Joking is a binding experience.
Who, who is now? No one, would make a joke, but I do think that James was right earlier making the point that this is an extreme wing of the Democratic Party, the causative at this, and I don't think that what was he did is truly. The most important issue face it challenge facing the country no yet in a wee amplify yet, but but with our discussion. But what I am what I know its not but they're, not the only cover going it's going on all over and what I am asking is. I think this is going to be a problem for the Democrats, because nobody who is in a three day camp and resents. It is going to blame the Republicans for this going to blame the Democrats and they're going to say you know what I think I can handle this on my own, I mean there are racist out there in this country, where there is racism in this system from the beginning that needs to be
it out, but on an individual level there are people going. You know what I get it, I'm not an idiot. I've looked at my Oh, I know who I am. I dont think I'm really a part of this problem and now you're yelling at me for three days for something that I thought I was taking care of on a personal level by being a decent person to ever body and that I think I think some of this vital issue, my good friends that lag, nor can they do a lottery ashputtel. They started do surveys they found out how people feel in the workplace and that I think you need that. I think people with a lot of white people don't live loved the country. They live isolated and I think I think that some of the issues- it is a good idea, but it is nothing you can do that. You can't take too far in apparently blockade body into some system from somebody. Tat was just the idiotic we're working change,
Sir Vegas is coming back June. First, they are opening at full capacity, so I just want to say LAS Vegas to me as America. Yes, America's biggest tacky but DEC and you know that they are best. May the city of LAS Vegas to announce the new slogans to welcome now they didn't really, but I'm protecting. I too welcome the people back to full capacity Would you like to see some of the new Slogan LAS Vegas growers? Ladders you're like without worrying about waking, the kid LAS Vegas we invented. I never go outside
capital, ass, beggars, that's stimulus. Money is going to spend itself Vegas now that your immune try them what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, unlike war on thing is where the girls will do that thing, your wife things is grows, saved Omar alive joy, seventeen, the mirage. How did that get in there? I mean it's true I'll, be there delight, Zebedee, Republicans
begins. Kenzie free Democrats, I married you could Vegas where you feel better Labour Britney's varies in person and vague as where over where people can go. Fuck themselves. Ok, ok, so one of the frustrations ahead while I was off is that I was watching this war go on in Israel. Israel is the champion of having very quick wars. This one was eleven days, but most of them you can count by days even the ones where they were facing whole armies.
And it was referred to me because there was no one on liberal media to defend Israel. Really we ve become this country now, where were kind of one sided on this issue, I should also like to say off the bat that I dont think kids understand. When I say kids, I mean the younger generations at you. You can't learn history from Instagram space. I want to go over somebody history, but first I read your column on an even handed and brilliant as usual. But let me just quote you: what about you say at home Israel has a robust democracy that gives more rights to arab citizens than its neighbours do this was after this was, after all, a war with Gaza. Thank God is
treatise arab citizens better than Egypt saw Syria or Saudi Arabia treat their arab citizens. I didn't see much of that in the press. I was glad to see you say it. Can you? some bones on that. Why do you say they treat their citizens better, their arab citizens? So I mean I also set a lot and clearly within Israel. Then arab citizens obviously vote they concern
Then they can, as it they can be. Judge is the sum of the most robust organization. Speaking up for Palestinians are organizations like Battelle on the Human Rights organisation. That does not happen in Egypt, which obviously massacres Egyptians who support democracy. We seen what happened in Syria, but I would also say that I made that point four context. I think it's important to understand it that Israel at home, who truly is robust, but you know I don't think that's a defence for Israel engaging in possible war crimes in Gaza or engaging in Gaza fired,
four thousand rockets into Israel. What would you say? Israel should have done instead of what they did so Avenue tat. It is so, and in international lawyers are pretty clear that they have a right to defend themselves. They have a right to respond to it at military targets, but there was a sense that the response was probably a war crime because it did not sufficiently avoid civilian casualties robustly put the rockets in civilian places That's very well. Likewise, Israel is transmitted Austria's into civilian area. I mean both sides do this, partly because their credit countries. I do think that Hamas particularly does this, and I think that's war, crime and Hamas and clearly Hamas is engaging and war crimes Where is a crime I am in? It seems like a silly argument. When people go to war, I mean there are certain things that are beyond the pale. This seems, like I mean it was in.
My war. People die in more it's a horrible thing, but but I mean there: we have developed laws of war precisely to restrain inhumanity of war, You don't allow chemical weapons, but I don't know how you Spartans zillions when you, for I mean what, if Canada fired four thousand rockets, into America or Mexico where which is even better analogy, because we actually did steal the land from Mexico. I would submit that Israel did not steal anybody's land. This is another thing. I've heard last couple weeks: words like occupiers and colonizers, an apartheid which I dont think people understand history there there that the Jews have been in that area of the world since about twelve hundred BC way
before the first Muslim or arab walk. The earth thousand years must happen. Ok, it's just about who got there. First, it's it's not even close. There have been a continuous jewish present. Yes, that the Jews were the ones who were occupied by everybody. The Romans took over at some point and then the Persians in the business genes and then the ottomans
So, yes, there was colonization going on there beginning in the twentieth nineteenth century they started to return to Palestine, which was not never an arab country. There was never a country called Palestine. That was a distinct arab country and yes, there was a problem there, because the risk to people who wanted to share the land, which is why the EU, when in nineteen forty seven said ok, we're going to partition and we have a map. I want to show people forget what the map looks like. This is what was on the table at the beginning. The green is the part that the arab population would have gotten it's a good part of the country at the good part, a lot of it look. What Israel has a little sliver by the coast in the desert in the south at second map is what Israel has today.
Yes, it is a lot more, but doesn't it behoove the people who rejected the treaty that the half a loaf and then continue attacked Hamas? This charter says they just want to wipe out Israel their negotiating position as you all die, I mean there's. Difference between this dependence, which I agree committed war crimes, and I I would accept that I think too often more circles. There has been a tendency to allied that repression of Hamas homophobia of Hamas massaging of allies, but that also does not exceed Israel ruling Palestinians in the West Bank, for example, without giving him any though taking water and giving it to settlers, and maybe most important, damaging any possibility down the road of creating a two state solution. You know how to
He avoided a war when some the shelling some your neighbour is showing that's hard. But what we can do is try to create a two state solution. Ten years from now and the way you do that is you don't build up settlements right now in the West Bank, and you dont create this division where a Palestinian? You don't see their homes and checked her. Ah, I would agree with that and I think a lot of Israelis due to do that not enough to allow, because, because again I mean first of all, the two state solution husband on that table a number of times. There could be a arab capital in EAST Jerusalem now, if Yasser Arafat had accepted that no two thousand three, he did Matt. I mean they have rejected this and went to war time and time again, and you know, as far as Gaza goes its it's amazing to me that the progressives, thanks to their being progressive by taking bad side of it.
Bela had deeds of the world these influences. I just want to say. In February of this year, Hamas court ruled that an unmarried woman cannot travel in Gaza without the permission of a male gordian, really That's the programme where the progressives deed and her friends would run scream to TEL Aviv if there live in Gaza will one day I didn't geyser any number of times and ordinary Gazans complained about Hamas. All the time I did not perceive Bela. Indeed, as defending Hamas eyesight, whereas speaking up for you know the figures. Sediment kids in Gaza, who were killed well she's from the river The sea palestinian Palestine will be phrase I think, but she chanted with people that is Pierre Low Slogan. That means Israel from the river to disease that there will be no more Israel,
say something about. This allows card land administered much back, don't wanna stamp on the land mine now just to progress niche quite little bit. If I understand that there are about two formal gum: didn't go: our important, correct once you want. You are part of a gun morphine, raise your three vouch into connected to get to sixty wants. No, I have very old eyes, no apartheid state that it works and the part that we think of the South Africa, which is the white people in Britain and how who never had any claim? the land or any history. There came thousands of years later. I just took it over that's a little different, and then they kept it an apartheid state because they just wanted the power, the Israelis. They have made mistakes, but it's an apartheid state because they keep getting attacked if they'd. keep a tight lid on this shit? They get killed,
seems, like my something different for the same reason you admire israeli democracy and that you admire the fact that Arabs within Israel have the boat, then shouldn't those Palestinians are spent for the people who were once again is rarely. Arabs do have the boat and there and that parliament, not in life stained and apartheid. I gotta go to new rules, a perfect say: greater Neuro, California, businessmen, John COM, so was running for governor can't appear at campaign, stops with a bare appearing campaign edge with a bear. And then complain as originally did that all the media coverage focuses on the bare. It's a bear
I explained to you this way: John and old White Republican, saying he's going to cut taxes and regulations that something we ve seen, but at all by Republican, say he's going to cut taxes and regulations and then gives walled by a bare. That's a little knew nor, although that seven eleven is getting a drive through taco window, someone must ask it. Can you just turn your entire storage or drive through no offense seven eleven, but no one ever says you have really been there until you ve gone inside. That's that at your of liberty, you're thinking Oh you're, a gas station without the gas, nor or you can cancel something that wasn't real to begin with?
we recently learned that we may have seen the very last golden globes. However, because it turns out the Hollywood Foreign Press association. Isn't diversity diverse enough, immediate exists I thought it was something Dick Clark made up and of their coming after us or just for not being diverse enough who's gonna break into the Tony's. They need more great people. you're the parents of the eleven year old girl who said she was able to violate kidnapper because she's a devoted viewer of law and order as we you have some explaining to do have you ever seen and law and order as the EU is it really appropriate for a fifth greater I'd be a little concerned. If my kids stopped
ask me why Spongebob lives in a pineapple and started estimate how seamen could end up in a dead persons throat euro of men are expected to. Forty five sexual positions, that's as men's health magazines again as they must be allowed to wear them on their risk. Like a quarterback, I know it's a bit bobby and might get in the way, but having another guy run in the blaze, more Dillon.
Finally neural, someone must explain why celebrities running for a high office is a recurring nightmare. We cannot seem to shake the Rock Caitlin Jenner, Matthew, Mokanna, he Randy Quaid. They all have suggested lately that when it comes to running the country, they have what it takes. And they do malignant narcissism. Did we all not just witnessed the cautionary tale named Donald Trump Delay? for years was a warning, not an inspiration. We were supposed to see that and think I guess high level. Government job should go to people who ve train forward and know what they're doing I'm sure
Ireland, generous and nice person, but his California governor. She would be in charge of the world's fifth largest economy based on qualifications of being Background character in a reality showed not about her Randy Quaid, who you will remember as cousin heading in the vacation movies and as guy rooting through your recycling, been in real life. Also says you might want to run our state when the government, become the safety school for when the guest spots on Cargo fire dry up? We treat governed like the lowest rung of celebrity rock stars movie stars tv stars dancing with the stars,
magicians congressmen. Governing governing, is a difficult nuance job with people's lives and livelihoods at stake, perhaps I've noticed that things in America have been a little different these last five months. That's because there are people back in charge who spent their form five years, not on a sound stage. What studying this You need to know to be effective on the world stage. Matthew Maternity is, I'm sure, also a lovely person, but when he says he's considering a run for governor in Texas, I must
that is not all right, all right all right and I'm not saying that he and all these candidates haven't lud lifetimes of glorious achievement. The rock proved once and for all that weightlifter is, can drive. Matthew introduced Lincoln's, just donors and Kate married the woman who married the guy who offence defended Oates and it's not that they are act. It's that they're, not professionals in this other field, called government This this guy was a rock star, but because he was in his field of government. That's not you.
This is a thousand things you have to know before taking office. To do it right, and I bet those people I mentioned, who are now in charge. They know the answers to questions that will come up. They don't have to Look it up or ask: can our celebrity friends say the same? Could they tell us? Oh, I don't know this budget reconciliation. What are the three legs or nuclear triad? What's teepee pay? What does the FED do? Where's, Chad, What agency is responsible for a nuclear weapons? What does the fourteenth them Men say who is the Prime Minister of India in the event of an
a nuclear stand off with Russia or China described Kennedy strategy that got us out of the cuban missile crisis governing is not a job. You can pick up on the afternoon the inauguration? You can't learn it on the fly. It can't fix it and post pollutants on a green screen. give a shit about your million dollar smile, Is he tells you at a summit that he'd like to take Bela Ruth? Now you have to know that's a country and not his one shorter no one has to tell Joe Biden what's in the constitution, he was in the room when it was ready. I'm sure the rock is a good guy and a bright guy.
And that is not enough, not enough and frankly, the fact that he thinks he can step into distinct, hardest job in the world with no preparation tells me what thing for sure about his judgment. It's terrible You need more growth, Conway West thought he could do it. The rock says he might be the right man for the job because he believes he can unite the country. You can't why, because the blues dates and red states both like you, stupid movies, left, it put it bluntly to you and all these would be showbiz candidates, you're, not good enough you're, not smart enough and dog on it. It completely doesn't matter that people,
like you, they like you now, because you're entertainer and thus largely uncontroversial governing is the opposite. If you think you can unite the country, you're delusional a space alien attack couldn't unite this country. The aliens would say take us dear leader, and seventy percent of Republicans would drive them tomorrow.
All right makes guys that I shall be at the majestic later and sat on thirty July TAT, the body alleys tractors July. First, I want to thank my guess. James Berlin Bob causes and thank you pokes. I told me when he said that the real heavy fatty night watchman removed the nation not mind each be oh dot com
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