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Ep. #574: Andrew Sullivan, Jackie Calmes, Max Rose

2021-08-21 | 🔗

Bill’s guests are Andrew Sullivan, Jackie Calmes, and Max Rose. (Originally aired 8/20/21)

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Welcome to each year passed from the HBO meeting in real time.
Very, very kind of you very. Hardly ever privileges lost the war
Well, we lost another one. Twenty years Afghanistan, oh my god. First they kick Britain now right, then Russia, now the United States for keeping score the gray the art of empires, three empires, none. and this country collapse faster than a condominium in Miami owing already committed to this job. It's a heart. Wrenching Zena made use of this people clinging to the wing of the plane, I mean you know your jacobean doing that whose thinking in others could work. I sought Tom crews joint mission impossible. I mean, besides the loss of life. You know this work was two point two six trip.
In dollars, and you know how many billionaires we're going to send to displace for that kind of money. I feel bad for Biden, because for years Democrats, the liberals are like we gotta get out of there. I gotta get out of here then trunk comes and always like we're get now. I think we should get out to keep they made the deal Joe Biden gets an office he's like everybody's hymns, agree on this one, let's get out fuck you monster, watch your resignation about Trump wanted to make the Taliban at Camp David. That's true, say what you?
about Obama's birthday party. The Taliban. Wasn't there is a trump is very frustrated about diseases. If I could, just on Twitter. I know I could make this worse. you can't make it worse, begins worse than the Taliban. They for the music well music for pleasure. You can still play Billy, I wish the battle between the growers in the clapper clamors. You get a punch, the growing the Taliban want to shut down schools. There were shut down
our staters. Wait, that's caliph Oh, I see with the masks and, of course, we're all safe here. I know they're talking now about boosters that people need Mister, Johnson and Johnson, says this time there really going to try the last moment just baby shampoo and allow, but we can, of course. the big issue. Now kids going back to school, where the kids should wear masks when they go back to school in Florida Devil. You know they were ruled against it. You can't even try that that the Santa Sky in Florida, who sees hard core beat unlike masks today was Anyone know why the weekend can't feel his face Finally, I must have done some sad news tonight. Only fans is banning
somebody here today, because obviously they don't work were in the afternoon. Only fans, is banning sexually explicit videos on their platform, which is pretty much. What only funds is. I feel bad for the women of only fence since the pandemic hit there. The only workers in America who are still shaving, get a great their first job is the blogger at the weekly Dijon, subs deck, whose What goes out on a limb selected? Writing is nineteen, eighty nine, to owe to one Andrew Sullivan. You know I don't want to give a bad massive shaking hands, but I mean you know you,
today we have shared a joint and who is really no brought new era. One a cigarette, not anyone who we that we shall do we do we love with other weed. I speaking about ice heard you unapplied podcast say that you have a note book called high ideas. It is highly ideas. Ok, James idea. I of course my whole life is a notebook called high. I did when I want to know from you is what percentage of them when you go back and read them sober still good about three. out of ten really yeah, that's love. It is their own. I I I I. As a writer, I find smoking weed really helpful. Not before I write I'm always right sober, but when you write Something in it, it's mercantile joint. Afterwards, you mind, you ego,
depresses a light, and you begin to look at your work. You say: well, maybe that's just crap I ads and summoned you're, right, I've, I've looked back and it's like open a ketchup restaurant. what the fuck is. That even mean you know, but I I have at what I call a bicameral mind like a bicameral legislation. If I have an important decision, I think about it, sober I think about it's hot high, If the two bodies can agree on legislation where I will sign it into law, saying it's aside, your ego can get attached to crap because it's your crap exactly What we do here, s a little bit away, arise you actually look at this objectively kill your own children, which is what all writers have to do have to and, I must say, Andrew you just killing it lightly you're on this subject: first war: this is your twenty seventh time.
show the best. There is a record you hold the view of the crown and the best part of my job really is talking to the smartest people. Uncourteous America, the kind hard to say our staff. I think that's a brilliant job, finding finding them, but there's a reason why you're, the champ. because I just fine, you always that you know what this country lack. So much is common sense and perspective and being lucid This place you right now sub stack right. You were at New York magazine, but you can quit them because newsrooms right now- have become a place where you be able to fight by the editor or the owner now you're fired, because the woke in the newsroom right you have to informed, the one true opinion, or they don't even want you in the building. It's a complicated thing, because at our
fired. I was given for days notice. I was nominated for pullet. one year in the next year. Five knots anything I wrote, but could I wasn't going to completely go along with their work. They knew that they knew that. I don't know what they were thinking. That's, who I am anyway, why so terrible to have some in a magazine, Rina, complete mix of things that someone a descent in amazing fond run me. That's the whole point. I grew up. What did you do? owing to argue had a big irish catholic family. We thought about everything. What was the problem? afterwards we got together. We had a nice drink, we totally cool about, and it's not even like you're very conservative hit I mean you, wrote the original article about gay marriage
Nineteen. Eighty nine here comes the girl. It's in your book. It's brilliant. I mean you were so far ahead of your time on somebody, these things, but I mean again it's the common sense thing. I feel, like you have perspective Thank you, and I agree on so many things like whose crazier the left or the right the right. Rail air. You should be allowed in the newsroom Is it if the editors are responding to social media? Social media? Twitter right is what crime these online mobs that create this pressure on the editors to fire. Individual right is even if the editors, a fine with the writer and the real problem. with this is not so much the work in the online me. They are awful and they should be ignored, but they all it's the point, People running these institution level, institutions, universities, magazines, newspapers, they don't the balls to say no, we will we
do you believe in a plurality of views we are going to spend on popular writers. Freeze It means nothing. What are you read articles it in the book we all live on campus. Now is what you say, because your point being- and I think it's completely right- that the ideas that are coming out of especially elite universities, which also also do gooder, often teach real subjects still but A lot of filters down tell us about that. I'd love to hear you were words the then there are two ways of thinking, of looking at the world wants to see it as individuals coming hence each other, regardless of their race sex and having a conversation using reason, persuading each other or not persuading each other. Deliberation good for democracy. That's what it's about, but Please don't defying people not as individuals but as men
Is it a race or gender and been saying, but some races have been given more precedence over other races someday? I just have to be prepared to all the genders and what we can't have this conversation without having set out in advance. This started in the universities, It becomes obsessive in people's minds and then the newspaper the magazines and jealous actually were desperate for money brought in a hurry. Bunch of very young people straight out of these colleges didn't have the balls. with them and then all of a sudden discovery climate in which things like due process finding out. If something is true or not before you condemn somebody at taking a body and persons, whole body of work into account is sort of thing one single thing: you're gonna get damned for forever enough this book, I want to say, look you making me out not to be some crazy, ass right, winger, look at my work and look at it. It is much more complicated. and I knew my find you agree with lots of it. We
be able to have used to agree with it. I know you you ve written lot about how we seem to have been be giving up on the idea of a color blind society which used to be the goal. We didn't change. You changed right I still think that should be the goal it is. The goal must be the goal, but it's like humanity matters more than right, the part of humanity with from and America of all places the most multi racial multicultural society. Will not survive. If we are constantly in warfare between groups or genders if we constantly says so. For example, we can absolutely should acknowledge that this country has a racist history that needs to be confronted directly and talk to build and taught in sport. Freighter. No one is against all, except when I want that I'd want to go there. Our southern governors error.
no one, we know, and the point is that you can. Do that what they want to do is say that is the single mean of american right racial oppression nothing else matters the country was founded in sixteen. Ninety, not seventeen. Seventy six but cause slavery is what these countries about. Well, you know what it is about, whether we are, but we are all- about so much else. We're about religious freedom, we're about freedom of speech whereby the empowerment of vital and things have changed greatly since sixteen nineteen, it's it's look. And you were you, think, the Chinese or less racist than we are using the Russians on it's a miracle of what we do in this country and we get so maybe we want to beat them not just in ping pong, but in being less racist. I love what you said about covered. These viruses challenge the psyche and the trick. It seems to me
not to deny their power and danger, but to see past them to the real goal. The living of your life. If you are not. careful. This one viral thread can cause paralyzed by excessive fear, fear and caution. Thank you because we need to hear this more when it's not it's, it's not to say that you should get back. Maybe we'll take precautionary happy, I'm I'm triple backs and aided by HIV, but here's the thing I've lived HIV for twenty eight years. It's in my bone marrow its win me I could wanted it. get rid of it. Out of my life curate gone forever, but I can't so what do I do live with it right. I manage it you're here I get all with my rife train I see People are why people? Yes, I thought of going where my video- and you say we should have no
the boy mask and social deserting mandates as long as we have a vaccine, people should be should get it back, if they were going to wear masks. That's absolutely fine right, but to be irrational about it. The way we're gonna get past this is causing vaccines. Goebbels you'll stay its endemic. Now we're going to take vaccines oils in months for, like we do the flu, it's it's Just wait against back to life enunciator about loving that idea. For you, it's not that bad! You get a little prick twice here if you're lucky made- maybe just right, for example, all aspects on the panel. Does he work in government on this is supposed to be a different kind of vaccine. So What will find out about the anyway come back for the twenty Eightth very soon
thank you so much our Anderson, democratic countries and from the arrogant former special assistance in the. U S, secretary of defence, for covered. Ninety MAX rose MAX good to see you see. Is the Washington Powerless when the LOS Angeles Times around four bluebook descent radicalism? the Republican Party and its captured by the court Jackie Coms, job, ok, so Afghanistan is obviously where we have to start. I went over to it.
the decision, but first the execution, the execution of how the pull out was done, because what do you do when a guy? Like I don't know, Donald Trump gets elected president somehow and you ve got this ridiculous clown in office. This buffoon he's both stupid so he stupid I'm crazy. That's hard trick to pull off stupid, Annie's great, so everything he did was fucked ever Gracie, it's stupid, it didn't work and then thank God we elect, get him out of office and the adults or back and George the people who know what they're doing the Democrats with this and the pull out looks eggs. I can't think of how I could have any different of withdrawal. Honestly, I mean how could it be more fucked up how good and how could it be more incompetent Could it be more trompe? And so what do I say to myself to get to sleep at night when the adult or back in charge, and they fuck it up?
Zactly as bad as trumpet. We, you know how you would all always say. I can't believe Trump did that nothing he did would make you think he had hit bottom and then he would write he if it could be worse time how Could he made it worse? What could it be worse? They thought it would they they gave themselves months to get out. Just so many Americans over there cuz, they thought the afghan army, which we have known for twenty years, which stand up at least for a few months and folded and eleven days I mean that's like one time do not get that guy in thirty seconds, you know don't get me wrong, I am not defending by what I would say that this has gone to his defining goal of his presidency. He said democracies. This is about making us all see that democracies, as our talk receives, are rising around the world. Democracies can do big things and they can do them well and he started to show that with
covered vaccination mobilization and then it's all you ve blown it in a week. This, let me say this. Those start off. I spent nearly a year. My life in Afghanistan is an Jupiter, have got there. There's this guy's got that war, my body on my soul, I'm gettin text messages my buddies, and this is this is a little triggering right, because there's this sense of what the hell was. This all four so I do want to have the third thing to which he said, which is that we need to acknowledge the minimal absurd there for twenty years, they did something they protected us. Now with that being said, though, we can't let that bleed into a defence. For something that is totally untenable beside it. term is it is a shit show over there and I don't care if you're, smart or not, ok, there's some things that we as a nation just cannot solve so now you got two people to separate cats right Europe we want They will say: let's get out a little slow,
that who used to support it when tromp was president and now they oppose it they're frauds? But then there's a third group of folks who are so. No, no. We should have stayed there forever, like Japan and Korea right in Germany. That's absurd! That's absurd! There's! Nothing we could have done to have. Stood over there. The better analogy is Vietnam. Is there anyone whose we believe we should still be in Vietnam today, absolutely not so well the military's. Or can wonders right now. They stay moved right back in the underlying intelligence. Here was definitely wrong. No one should be saying. Otherwise, it was definitely wrong, but now they're gonna go.
The job that I'd full carbons and men women for getting a job. That's a job. The job was first to get Bin Laden and to stop the Taliban and second to rebuild a new country. So that's not the job that we thought that that was what we were very complex. We progressed in for failure. I got us this morning. This meant, because I have just address your Vietnam thing It's true like I've heard me. That and I have the same thought like. Why didn't we learn from the exact same thing that happened in Vietnam? We went into a country that really different than us doesn't understand us. We don't understand them, are not wanted there and we're gonna have to put a puppet in charge to keep the shit to shew level and that always gonna is gonna become and breed corruption. How could we do the exact same thing again, and I was saying last week- and you say it again: it's the money, it's the money. The two trillion dollars. You know it's you
you? Get money lost in this country when it's coming from government, but when you're seven thousand miles away there is the Pentagon is not audited. That's Pentagon, which gets seven plus billion a year, and we don't know where it goes well, we know little work goes. The present gonna stand left with a hundred and sixty nine million they couldn't fitted for cars. It was falling off the helicopter, that's just one day in Afghanistan. That's why? Because that's where the money is in addition, just that I robbed banks, because that's where the money is: where did the bank's get the money from the government? Well, I'm not going disagree accept that a lot of that money does go to the troops as you now. It's gonna pay. It pays for their pay, their pensions and their medical treatment and we're going to be paying a lot of money right on medical bills.
and we're still paint we're paying built right now to be generated. If we did never wore, we would need that many and we will be working on the motorway at all hours before ninety billion dollars into a military that crumbled in eleven days. If that's not wasteful, I dont know what is but there is also another point here which is to shear unadulterated arrogance. What's alarming, though, is the very same people who are saying can go to Afghanistan for multiple generations and transform it into Denmark, its those same people that back here at all some are saying no to universal childcare. Note a paid family leave nobody universal preschool, no to spending anything to help anyone
I've got to see it in a way is like the only by partisan thing. We ve done in a very long time because, as I was saying in the monologue for years, Democrats of unwanted anyhow you're right, never that's when a liberal position and then Trump gets in. He literally makes the sets the deadline. If I didn't know who was president before Biden just flew down from March, I would have thought it would be someone from the same party cause. He continued. The boy the one president said a year ago, will get out and may the next president up. I've got the baton close to may know, and then here's trumpeted this week Biden should resign in disgrace. Rips got one. To invoke the twenty fifth amendment. That's the one of your poor we gotta get you out is crazy. He did what Trump deal Linsey. Graham, if that one live Merrick,
one American is left behind should be envisaged. The way They turn on a dime that just shows no issue matters. It's just what team by the way they were Donald Trump, when Donald Trump wanted to get out of Afghanistan. There were some of my former colleagues that opposed it because, He was Donald Trump Politics, a lot of these folks had just full of it and I promise You're Donald Trump came for socialism tomorrow, republican leadership would be call each other comrade, so it's just the nature of this business. There they are, for the most part, are often full of it. The truth of the matter is that there was a bipartisan consensus that the war in Afghanistan, our longest war, had to end, and that's, what's have
It was never going to be pretty and by believe in the future. By decision will look good and brave. It was gonna happen, it had to happen and he hears the one African pulled abandoned, one hundred percent say a few words about the suffering and the republican parade out how we got here? Ok so, but I would ask you about the court, because you we're time, a partnership that that is the one place where we're supposed to not have partisanship. I don't think that's true anymore. I think it used to be pretty drew. but Stephen Briar. No, he is one of four liberals left writer Therefore, the other three three levels to three right: ok, he's, eighty three, typically a justice, they're gonna retire retires at the end of the term, which would have been the end of June at the beginning of July. This year he didn't so he's. Didn't you watch what happened with Ruth Better Ginsburg is my question. To you. I mean
its website. This movie, before he's rolling the dice I mean, I hope he lives to a hundred, but you know so did Ginsburg. She thought she could win that bad and she didn't and it's a stain on her legacy, and he saw even worse what happened to merit Karl the fact that he's in both cases, the kind of common thread is Mitch Mcconnell in the Senate, and if you have Mitch Mcconnell specially Republicans, take back the Senate next year and he's the majority leader. Even minority leader. He would try hard to prevent Biden from filling a vacancy, but this is a man who, after Antonyms Scalia, died in February of twenty sixteen and Merrick Ireland was nominated in March of twenty sixteen. He said let the people speak and he held that he prevented about all the way.
Through the election so that we now have to rebuild oars and so was gets to your unsteady briar. This is a man who used to be a staff were on the Senate, Judiciary, committee and he's, and then seeing this the he knows what the politics are. I can't tell you how angry privately Democrats are He did not announce his retirement, but it gets to what you mean us about know that amid must feel about amino bomber had that lunch Ginsburg right that were, and that was She was younger than he is now. I think she was eighty. I think I was two thousand and nine and it was kind of like a he didn't say it directly, but it was like boy ever been the caravan. He must be. Haven't you ever out a cat exacting, I could live on. One I'd give us, but you must be having a good time. Look, I hope, be retires. Don't get me wrong, but this is also have to acknowledge the absurdity of all of this,
here we are waiting as a nation, most powerful best, nay, the history of the world here, we're all waiting around to see if one of nine people died as most of whom are well over seventy, and we know it's going to do so. thus into political chaos, dysfunction. We need term Louis, First Supreme Court justices in my dream: page one rewrite of the constitution that's on the liquid get nominated for what support, Just as soon as I can see your adorable, I can't I can't see it now. I didn't know what I want a better, but you don't have to be anything special to beyond the court by Europe to be a lawyer even know. Anybody springing to being anybody.
this approach exact way this so fuckin Purbeck inept. Thank you. That's the best ever had here in Catalan, Europe, California, we're about double recall about for governor, because one I do not because I've been were a funny state, We are just a very funny state. I mean we have this process where every four years we elected governor and then people say outside of a bonds. the petition and enough people signed it, and then we tried to unelected, there are forty six people on the ballot. I think we vote in a couple of weeks and like this is one is Andrew, lame being our yes, you know our folks at home. If you don't know around the country who this is don't ask,
He a governess that sixty two percent of but when he was elected, but this forty six people, including like they all, have the their little issues go and Mcgowan. This is you could vote for her absolutely facilitate a fair cannabis market is her issue. You can vote for Jack Brandon Ross if nothing else, I hope to at least be an inspiration to attics, This is real. I love this guy Adam. Again. I am just really curious how government work that's like heavy, but you know newspaper unless it does just that it doesn't tell you all the people we got a complete list.
Would you like to hear some of the other Jamie Johnson is running to get the spitting out of born renders it wants to be governor because she feels it's the most efficient way to drive more traffic to my only fans Hector Montalvo once limits on the rub. Celebrities, who can
you take Brendan, is running on applied were of no more bachelor parties, a gay bars change engine is one issue candid and the issue is getting the garbage. Stop blowing grass clippings into the pool dusty Turner's, as he's running, gives you always wanted to see. Sacramento body can afford a bus jack, and I was so must begin a Taliban member. Just arrived this past week. He's got a very anti immigrant platform.
this is the only candidate and arranged with a proven track record of kicking foreigners out of a continent and lecture Kelly, says she's running to slide into gave a nuisance d him. So I think that what this is just another example of a terrible development that we ve had in this country in the last four years. People just don't accept elections anymore. This is part of it Just don't accept. Elections have been gathered, Newsome didn't do anything he's a democrat governor who one in a landslide was sixty two percent of the vote and then governed. As a democratic governor every one big that is only a quarter republic, it that's the crime, it's just you, one fuck it.
This stupid state so stupid you we have. This only need twelve percent, twelve percent of the people We won by sixty two percent of twelve percent sign this petitions Hulu well. This is the only way a Republican can get elected state. Why just about in california- and at least you gotta- give them credit there there, by the rules is time whether these are the rules. The guy is number two is a Youtube worries: twenty nine percent and an to Larry Elder leading for the guy who might win. You can be a team that you'll need to be a team to run. You could be governor at eighteen. Some kid was shaving are back on you to better than an. I wish this this bit about America stupid.
States and was always you know, Tennessee, and this one So I know why I like worries been shower. My old job, we're something he's is, is he's the leading candidate to report any good. This is very possible. Is real, the elder he's anti climate change is a climate change. Sceptic opposes abortion, gun control and minimum wage. You know like the usual California and he could win and he could win, and there's national ramifications anything people realises Larry Elder gets to appoint. Senator one of our. Auditors is eighty eight Diane finds do so. I hope she lives to a hundred, but if she doesn't, he could appoint the next senator. Who would then Tipp the Senate? and then, if Stephen Briar croaks gets
the Supreme Court, just email saying system on proud that I'm a new Yorker having this is this is this. Is this is crazy? You just go vote because this This is out of this world, but I do think that You hit the nail on the head here, there's a deeper point here and wicked tie them. to what's happening with vaccines, people don't think anything of their government anymore. They just don't think anything of it and they they just want to kick folks out. They think they could do it better. They don't trust the damn thing that they say and if we don t stepped back as a nation and actually try to invest in trust, building in a very real way, which may I add a times, means being by partisan. x me and the other side is saying the other side. Not evil and she trying to get something done while being true to your values. We can't become that again we're going to be in this constant cycle and it is dangerous.
Yes, you can you get their point when we have now are separate information ecosystems? How do you ever get to a place of trust when the half the people are here? It's that, let's just take it because we have a democratic president, their hearing, something from Biden. How are they supposed to? ever trust him when they tune in on one America or NEWS Max or fax monetarist, either of them. I don't trust, You sound like you, trust one side. I trust one more than the other slightly lately. I am proud Democrat, but before that American? So I don't. I don't see a problem necessarily with came her side, but also not thinking that we are in. sure you mentioned and hope that a new worked. What what? What did you do? Fruit for the defense? That's what I'd vices
Terry defence uncovered matters as a covert coordinator and things along those. I noticed the White House. This is from see an endless July, twenty, Giving the White House is frustrated with what it views as alarmist and in some cases flat Misleading news coverage about the delta variant is, why don't trust a design me and they they were at New York Times wrote the delta variant may be spread by vaccinated people as easily as the Unboxing aid. And then the White House fired back vaccinated people do not transmit the virus at the same rate as on vaccinated and it, and if you fail to include that context, you doing wrong. so let's go. Obviously government is frustrated with media, sure sure, and I brought this fact up a few months ago Democrat forty one percent, think or thought in the pull. This is a few months ago. Some miss may have changed, but
forty one percent thought that be covered hospitalization, in other words people who get covered. How many go to the hospital? Forty one percent of Democrats vote. It was over fifty percent of funds under five. So there is less first talk about one elephant in the room that there's a certain covert elitism that has emerged. The far left them- and you can imagine some of these folks covered a lead to that. You can imagine some of them where masking the bathtub, so it's We will. we can open. We say mass wearing a mass sucks, it's horrible, but this is a crisis of hospitals. Hospital capacity right and when we are getting to a place where ninety nine percent of icy you beds, overtaken gotta wear mask. We should beware to mask before that, so we're not getting to that place or with the intentional or with the whole united hope that we don't have to wear them anymore. Why don't you should be wear, masks and bake until they can get needed wearing them in schools. But that is not to say it.
We should be doing this for ever. We should see the light at the end of the tunnel and we're not talking about that near enough for folks. You gotta get back today. The men are also not addressing the root problems. I mean you time, our hospitals, absolutely you can't let the hospitals- a run, but the reason why hospitals get over run is because we run them like airlines hundred percent there for profit. Just the way an airline can never have an empty seat. The hospitals dont want empty beds, so there are always at almost capacity. Absolutely that's no way to run These are for profit system, crisis, optimization right words the small number of cases will tell them hospital systems into abject crisis, so what we have to do not do what we did after the spanish flu, which is forget about it. After this we really have to invest in a country. We got missiles everywhere right, we ve all it are
defence industrial complexes, one giant insurance package against something tat. We Can you imagine happening? We need endemic insurance package after this and that package has got to include dramatically, reinvigorate our health care system. It also has to include addressing obesity, the ultimate third rail. I know people hate it when you bring it up, but it's in when we read in the paper this week. Forty percent cover deaf people had diabetes names, no method to any other. When someone would have- and you wouldn't say- oh my god- that's huge. We note seventy eight percent of the people who have died or went to the hospital obese. Eighty eight percent of the deaths in the world were from countries with high obesity rates. How long can we ignore? What is it?
core of the problem, it something that was killing slowly before covered and then with covet. Yes, your body cannot take the stress its not healthy. To begin with, the least little thing will take you down and we still do not have any messaging from the White House from Doktor fatty from anybody. They will not mentioning why they don't want to offend Pepsico. Is that what it is and Mcdonald's and all the shit food and stop that people put in their body dont people have shouldn't? Take, Some responsibility. I know you're the one who's asking the questions, but what would you have the government, the government by the way mention it gives tax subsidies to sought to sugar. Yes, make huge, will stop that an
give good food or neighbourhood. You know, there's a million things you could you even addressed. Rusted government can't even get mandates to wear a math, let alone take a battle we, so we need somebody don't get there. You wouldn't yes, yes, don't get That would go in Israel. I stop being so. You think the non compliance with masks is big way to you. Stay Well, you, wouldn't you wouldn't worry so much about a mask if you weren't parted. I just read that statistics for five people who wind up dead. This is the reason is Look. I is this about I've been down and not an obvious, sound think. Anyone here is a believer in body shaming. I think there's blowing across not showing the human experience or being there is no doubt a public health crisis, and you know we ve now forgotten that
firstly to Michelle. Obama made this a huge priority with the let's move campaign. They hated her family and I think that we can definitely invest in public station campaigns robustly, invest them very similar to what we did when it came to us. cigarettes. There should be, Shame in that, because there is a public health crisis. But on the same hand, though, I think that when you ve tried, it seems like we glorify gluttony now you know it's fit. Shaming is much more common. You should eat something no, you should not eat something like now. They want us to do all boost these boosters, we're together with anger. I mean I don't want to boost your item. I never wanted the vaccine. I took one for the team. and by the way you know, doesn't get alot of vaccines Melanie. I know a lot of millennials specially the twenty twenty out. Then I want it
I don't want it? They don't they they needed there, probably right, but I tell them I didn't, want it either. I took one for the team, a book, but every eight months they're going to put the shit in me. I don't know about that. Maybe I don't need one. I don't want a one size fits all my body. Maybe do in your body. Yeah lost you men, that's dusk dust, crazy. I look. My body is indifferent. Everybody's body is somewhat different. I just read this statistic who derisory you're trying to be your role and we get this done norm in your house? I don't want to. I want to step over the line here, but but genuinely genuinely People's lives are on the line and just an existing significantly, just as significant me are very way of life, is on. The line here is very important. That people get vaccinated is very important we express our resolutions bright eyes of active there if there is a need for boosters, particularly particular.
Who is there, as the evidence is showing emotionalism of underlying conditions the elderly, so on and so forth. It's important that they take them in its important. They trust those were urging them to do it ok, but you just said underlying conditions are now really. I don't count myself either so my body different? What can I make I have some medical autonomy. Now, look you you absolutely when his mandate in it for you and your particular position, although they might, but I do think that its very danger, to enter into a conversation here about personal responsibility when the truth of them, This is that this is a matter of collective responsibility. If large groups of people do not get vaccinated, they go to the hospital and our hospitals get over run. That's why you can't get a mammogram became a biopsy in so many other things, literally society. As we know it can function that. So this is important that people are urged to get back to me
important that they do get back. That's why I use that's why I said that the team overcrowded as I did it for the man I gotta, go God when you worked in the Pentagon for those months were, was part of your job getting better and getting the military members the military, to get here, and if you look at the military right now they have less well now it's exactly the opposite actually has a falsity, the the mill Terry right now, eighty over eighty percent of the military is under the age of thirty five over seventy five percent of the active duty force over one point: three million individuals they ve got at least their first shot so that their set in a great example for how we can accomplish this. What about the other? Twenty why isn't it a hundred percent in I don't think we're gonna get a hundred percent Ninety five? I think the truth
matters as if that the nation had, but the Pentagon's or the department defences backs patient raiders right now, the nation had that we do well over eighty five closer ninety percent. Just to button this. U turn at the military when before we had a vaccine, the they went through a whole ship, the USS Theodore Roosevelt four thousand sailors, and they all got it, but that half the shepherd at it. There was one death. Now one is too many, but to the point about we're all different, healthy millennial, people didn't die from everybody should get the vaccine. on arguing with that. Absolutely nuance is important, even when we're talking about has handed has necessarily become taboo to agree with what you just said, and that's wrong has totally
time for new rule out. I know now that the Taliban have taken. I'm gonna stand it's time to ask the obvious question: did the oars? not see, there's coming I can accept that a panic on the CIA and the State Department report. I've got their only human, but the orb. You had one job Orban, you're fuckin blowing No. All US magazine has to tell us who warrant Beth. There are social media climbers need to stop, throwing themselves vague, pity bodies a twenty five year old, Tik Tok influence or who wears dentures, says she can't get a boyfriend Bootblue try taking them.
You'll get a boyfriend neuralgia prevents future college students from taking out crushing student loans just to get worthless degrees. There's an waiters must start identifying themselves by their major welcome obeys. I'm your server art history Oh I'm, sorry, I see your table has been wiped out. I'll go get gender studied euro. Someone must tell Rudy Giuliani, who recently signed up on cameo. Poorer celebrities. Wish you a happy birthday for a couple hundred bucks, but if you really needs money that badly don't sign up,
can be signed up for debate seriously. Ruddy. No one wants a birthday greeting from the dead shut your hand in your parents, like you did in the boar at movie. I will give you fifty by finally neural apple needs to reach dreams to think differently about our privacy apple, the company that made it possible for men to show their women their dicks from thousands of miles away is releasing an update that will allow them to hack into your phone without your consent to snoop through all your pictures, just in case you were pedophile or as mad gates, but I'm switching to Samsung. Now, let me be clear: I am against pedophilia, that's why I join you in
but nosing through everybody's private photo stash is casting an awfully wide intrusive net. It's like if the company that, told you a safe, said, oh and we're gonna stop by sometimes when you're not home, to make sure you're not keeping naked pictures of kids. Our phones should be like our wallets or purses private. What about probable clause? What about the fourth amendment, this The very definition of unreasonable, search and seizure, which can and will be abused to find evidence, other illegal stuff on our phones, in my case drugs, No again I think child pornography is bad and I don't care who knows it
but it is also not a trump card. You can pull out. That makes all our other rights disappear. And I don't see a very strong fight brewing against this blatant constitutional breach, and I think it's because we're so dependent on smartphones. Now that we will some do anything to us. Apple should admit that the problem with their phones isn't just what people might store on, it's the phones themselves. Today's phones make people assholes all stop, and I know whenever someone stored data on how evil smartphones are there's, always a pat answer. Coming back about how people have always freaked out about the latest technology corrupting young minds come. They said it about radio and television in tv yeah,
sounds like that argument might be right, but it's not it's not not. If you think about it for two seconds, I don't remember lugging a tv under my covers, so I could watch huckleberry Hound. Until the screen asked me. Are you still watching? I looked for or to seeing I dream of Genie once a week, but it didn't throw off my circadian rhythm, I liked Mikhail Navy. I wasn't addicted to it. I didn't want you when I drove. Radio tv was a difference in degree, smartphones or a difference in kind, less tv or radio more like a pacemaker, innocent You can't live without no other device. As ever commanded are a constant attention. The woods smartphone does, of course, when I was teenager. I I had a princess phone
But the stare at eight hours a day there was no hard core pornography on my family's twenty four Rynch Zenith Television said sadly I wouldn't have to worry that maybe my sister was on the land line with astray Each man was posing as another teenager, but was really fifty. a former vps. Spoke said. He felt tremendous guilt because the short term dopamine driven feedback loops that we created are destroying our society works the tv, didn't do that tobacco gee, today's as the average high school kid has the same
the level of anxiety as the average psychiatric patients and the early nineteenth fifties and that's directly related to social media, increasingly studies are linking phones for not just anxiety but depression, bullying, hate speech, fake news, sleep disturbance, relation your problems and photographs of needs on the beach see they didn't do all that either and tv in turn people into assholes shady needy past aggressive, mean and fake, fake, outraged, fake, brave, think, pretty fake supportive phones make p a fake their lives and settle living their lives
more importantly, get a picture of you looking like you're having a good time and actually having a good time and the pathetic addiction to likes bid. I, like my picture of lunch maybe Good enough. Does that mean I'm not good at Phones have ruined cell, steam, comedy clubs, Concerts childhood attention span. sleep cycles using toilet. I am to reflect. and falling off clubs. Oh dating which has been reduced from As for true love to looking at a menu, I think I'll have the Kelly
phones, make people bullies angrier more vitriolic more racist online and they would ever dream of being if they had to say those things to someone's face. The phone made us passiveaggressive to our friends and hyper aggressive to total strangers. It has to settings I'll kill you or your dead to me. Not that if you're dead to me was the message you wanted to send someone, you even bother standing it because even texting is too confrontational for most people. Now we dont engage our friends, but we disagree. We just walk away, don't like something deleted. I want to talk to someone dont reply, just ghosts them ghosting see electronic equivalent of going up,
Rebecca smokes and never coming back. Cell phones have obliterated courtesy, the in a mental building block of developing any real relationship. We all see it roofs of friends out together we're in a car or eating in a restaurant in there all staring down at their phones mentioned have ruled. That would even set of a phone you brought, magazine to the table. I'm ready, during dinner, with a friend many years than I've wanted to say to someone? Can you just put the phone down for a minute? After all, we haven't seen each other and weeks and we're having sex
That's our case. Data like citizens instead of civic in San Jose dollar, twenty six gotta didn't further encourage Borg October should sleep. I want to thank MAX, rose, solid and having Friday night Watchman, remove information, not mind each bio, dot, com,
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