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Ep. #577: Anne Applebaum, Gillian Tett, Dan Savage

2021-09-18 | 🔗

Bill’s guests are Anne Applebaum, Gillian Tett, and Dan Savage. (Originally aired 9/17/21)

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Welcome to each year passed from the HBO meeting in real time.
Thank you so much avengers. All right. I know you're very happy. California is very happy. Newsom beat the recall, that's our big news, it's it was a landslide and, of course, because this is Kelly.
For me it was also a brush fire to earthquakes. A shark attack and occult murder, but. I kid our state we spent close to three hundred million. Do you know this on this stupid recall how many homeless people could we have house for that Here in California about three the principal Elizabeth. We have another election and thirteen months and elder? Who was the main republican opponent this time he hinted that he would like to be the republican candidate in an election, and he said lots of Republicans think that's a good idea and lots of demo. Courage to like there s a lot assigns the state is getting back to normal. I so much guided AY homeless.
It was on fire and getting shot and and the bystanders cap. Yelling, pull up your mask the FDA today, one big big hearing, neuron sure we have covered boosters or, as a doctor of algae, calls them the x ended, warranty, executive from Pfizer testify. He thought the boosters we're good idea and asked him why, and he said I'd like to buy a boat This is not good news. Lions at the nationals who have tested positive recovered. They think they might have got them at the
got it at the pride parade that, for you, Dan adheres to big news in literature, Bob Woodward, that's a new book foliage docking revelations about trumps, Lance Thursdays and about how he would not concede losing the election while who could have predicted bat oh yeah me every Friday for four years, one of his one word title books, but Woodward has called peril. Yes, I don't know how to sum it up, except take everything you thought you knew about Donald Trump and continue thinking
and the big revelation in the book is that in the period after he lost the election before Biden took over on inauguration day, my birthday no big deal I'm trying to get people to associate the Jews away every time there is a new president. I get give burdens, are last residents, really anyway, general Mark Milly he's in a ahead of the joint Chiefs of staff, took precautions, limit trumps ability. Start a war launch a strike nuclear shit. You know what Millie called his counterpart in China General Lee Zao Chang. To assure him. Look if this not tries to nuke you, I promise I will stop it. I think the guy was brave. I think
This is an act of great, but now general Milly he's getting it for both sides. The right doesn't like that. He went behind from back and the left doesn't like that. He talked to general lee- and he did this guy- should get a metal. He said to him. This is his words apparently in the book he said General Lee. I want to assure you that the american government is stable and everything is going to be okay. This is the same, am saying an amusement our tells you, after a kid dies on the roller coaster, but now enforcing these folks have not stopped tomorrow in Washington DC. There's a big rally called justice for J six. Anyone going Jason, that's January sex. That's the insurrection of the capitalist, the rally to support those people read that
yes, they want to raise money, is about six hundred people who are there who are arrested, for I never heard this chart breaking and entering its least that isn't it. I saw that on video breaking and entering that's still against the law. Isn't it breaking and entering happened to be the capital, but you were breaking and entering so. They need a lot of lawyers which I think is pretty funny for people who used to to be chanting. Jews will not replace it. You're Organizers say they will not be any. Violence is just a little gathering for the people who couldn't get off work for the original cool, but here's the plan, the story I love now q and on forums online are saying wait. Maybe you shouldn't go because maybe this is a plot to round us up to round up get us back there, and you knew this would eventually happened right
that they would get there too paranoid to attend their own paranoia rally. We got a great show. Dan, Savage and Julie, Julie and PET are here. First he's a fellow at Snf engineer, Johns Hopkins and staff writer at the Atlanta. I took an author of twilight of democracy, the seductive lure of authoritarianism and never seen so your expertise, is perfect for this show, because it's in how countries slide from Denmark Merci into authoritarianism. You know this first hand, not just in this country. You live in Poland, where that has happened right more than once and currently and currently India. So We just had this recall election, and I noticed that Larry Elder said before the votes were cast. It's rigged
Who said the only way Newsome could win if it was rigged? Well, maybe he could win, because it's a highly Democrats day that needs the democratic governor. You know there may be some other ways you could win and it wasn't exactly a list field. He was up again, but it seems like this is the new normal that elections just don't count. How do we get back from this place where people don't believe that elections are real or first of all, Europe that this is a tactic knew well known as part of the authoritarian playbook. It's been used and other times and other places cast doubt on the election.
Say that whoever wins? If it's not me, it's fake cast doubt on the people who count the votes cast doubt on the media, undermine anybody who can do checks and balances, and that way when, when you do break the law and when you do storm the capital and when you do get your protesters and demonstrators to smash things up, then people will say you know that you'll have legitimacy to do that. So it's what we're watching is really the endgame of a long term process and our trump has consistently really from the time he started the birtherism conspiracy theory, he's been undermining the american system very, very systematically and getting people back, in other words, persuading people once again to become part of the moment. Political mainstream is a huge problem and you know I think, it's time to start thinking about it. The way we think of a country like Northern Ireland, you know how did they and the divisions there and you have to start talking about peace treaty. Is you have to start talking about
teaching people again the rules of the system. You have to start talking about finding common ground and get it it's really it's where much farther along. I think that most of the thing, I think that starts with your rushed interesting. I never heard that analogy to Northern Ireland, but stopping hate. I think as the beginning of it- and I see it on both because you, Hague, someone you'll, believe anything about them and you believe they are capable of doing anything. And that's where we are now. It's not really about the election is, but I hate these people, I hate them so much. They will do anything it's about. I hate these people and only we deserve to win right. Here are the real Americans, just like I've heard in Poland, where the real pole and that Israel rush and I have to say, but it is on both sides- one sided scary, because they have the guns
on one side controls one of the major political parties in this country run? You know, but I must tell you that I can ask this question on the show. It's also a line of saying in my stand back recently. What do you do when the people in your government don't believe in form of government and in a number of times, in a most liberal audience, somebody's yelled out killed them. A liberal, yelling out, kill them. Well, that's not a liberal, it is, there is not really a Democrat, its or someone who identifies themselves left better, be ensured through liberal doesn't believe that a liberal, the classical sense of the word. Liberal trust me I'm at my own shows. They do believe that there's a lot of that belief on both sides that these people, you cannot abide these people. They just have to somehow be extirpated. I'm not saying literally that people want to kill half the country
but they wouldn't be upset. If half the country died, you know it's just that we can't live with these people. Do not like us at all existential threat is the term we hear on both sides. This is what we, to dial back from. Don't you think, because unless we do that, unless we see the other stop saying the other person as this ridiculous other that doesn't belong here, I don't. I don't see how I will get over to believe that anything little or no No you're you're right polarization, this kind of division that you're talking about has the effect of making people doubt the system. In other words, if we at one and the other guys are in charge. Then it's not real democracy, it's not really America we're being occupied by a foreign power, tree rose or, if you know of your hungarian or Jews or somebody else So, yes, you're right, seeing the other side is having some legitimacy
on a human being and finding a way to share the system is fundamental to democracy. And if we don't have that democracy won't work. I know you said that the my pillow car guy could destroy democracy, which almost sums like a joke, but I would remind people that for as long as I've been following politics, whatever sounds like a joke today with the Republicans tomorrow is the candidate Reagan was a joke. I'd love em back now! Yes, you should hear my lie: a deliberate liberal relatives talking about what a wonderful person George Bush was its growth and more legitimate and pale and or Trump. But you know Trump, of course, was a tremendous job. I nothing is a joke. Nothing is. I could see the my pillow guy. Hocker Karlsson as the ticket. Yes vote. So I had lunch with my pillow guy, which I wrote about and what
things are disarming about him. Is he so normal me he's a kind of goofy midwestern businessmen on the surface? You know who wants to take the check for luncheon and so on, and what's and you have to realise when you're speaking to him is used in other ways a normal American, but we is the beneficiary of is the fact that the more stream you become in our media ecosystem. The more you push things the more attention you get, the more likes and and and shares on Facebook and social media and he's really take Venice, is both for politics and prevents how he sells is pillows. Unity, says something extreme on fox and then people click on his website and by pillars a mean. So it's it's a kind of commercial political,
game, but I think he's also somebody who genuinely has come to believe some of the work here. Conspiracy theories and really it's kind of a goofy guy from the MID West can believe it. I think anybody can it's really important to take this issue seriously and you couldn't have been taken seriously before the age of the internet and social media goody. Now he wouldn't, he would have had of you- wouldn't have had an outlet to do that. Road had a way to sell it known and rights which really change the whole game, and you talk about a new article on the Atlantic, the new Puritans, which is sort of the other side of the coin, and talk about the fact that this kind of two judicial systems in America there's the traditional one which pollution presumption of innocence and degrees of crimes and letting the statute of limitations run out things like that and then there's the social media, what they call cancel culture going on,
its addressing some of the people you interviewed, I think the term victims is over use, but our true victims of this night necessarily ones we ve heard about and or ones now. Many of them are not famous at all. Many of them are people you ve heard of their people, who have fallen victim to a combination of social media. Plus often anonymous bureaucracies, there'll be university, bureaucracy your hr bureaucracies who investigate them, sometimes without even knowing without them. Knowing that they're being investigated and then they're giving really severe punishments. You know, loss of career loss of ability to publish loss of ability to make money. They lose all their friends and all their colleagues they become ostracised. I mean these these, are the kinds of punishments that in another culture would be considered the most severe of alarming right up to the Greeks, considered ancient Greeks, ostracism was the next worse thing before nice and if you can go to dinner anywhere- and they look at you
euro J Simpson yeah, that's a mania, and then these April the results are not committed crimes I mean they're, not people who have been you know who's been sentenced before a court of law right I made some of them have done shitty things and they deserve some degree that, but there seems to be no statute Alexander there s actually, limitations are now going to have any kind of exactly and we don't have any kind of agreement about what are the limit rhino at what and also some people do horrible things and get a pass. You don't Charlie. She gets a super bowl commercial. You know he did a lot worse things than Louie, seek it
and he couldn't get a super bowl commercial right. So the other point you make about this is that there are victims and they're also casualties. Like free speech, you say: if we're going to drive all the the difficult people, the demanding people, the eccentric people, I count myself one of all three. You said it not me yeah! No, I'm proud of it. I want to be difficult, demanding an eccentric, then we're gonna
the society that is at a great loss of you say what about all the manuscripts that are still in people's draws, because they just we're afraid to publish and what about? What of all the jokes than go untold? You know we don't it's it's a lot about what we don't seen, because its unsaid, I think something like six percent of Americans say they're, afraid to speak and that's actually right wing and left wing thing, and we tend to talk about. This is wrong into the political round, but really it's a phenomenon created by social media mobs, as I said by new rules about who's allowed to say what people often just don't know what the rules are and they're afraid of breaking them, because they aren't sure what's John weakly and they change, and they become. You know there are different road institution to institution and people, men and you're, right and it has a chilling effect on people in this again. You know I've written books about soviet dictatorship and other kinds of dictatorship
and I know this kind of very extreme form of peer pressure and its often just as important as violence and other kinds of threats and keeping people silent and so is something we really dont want in our country. Try to
avoid that here at this show. Thank you very much for coming by here always been a fan of your writing all right. Let's make our panel ok, she's US senator at large of the financial times and author of Anthropision a new way to see in business and life. Jillian Tet is over here. How are you doing great? Thank you. He's the host of the savage Clubcast and author of savage love from a to z, advice on sex and relationships dating and mating x, who's. An extra is Dan Savage over here, all right, so we're going to get to sex. I know you always want to on the panel, but let's start a discussion tonight. With this
but were learning about what happened between election day and January twentieth, because that's the subject of this new Bob Woodward Book and apparently the generals were very worried. The trumpet do something because he wanted to stay in office that would foment a crisis, and I've heard a lot of people on the right track. Yeah typical liberal overreach trump didn't start a war. I would like to answer that tonight and just say, but we know that now, given the thousand erratic unprecedented dangerous things. He'd already done. We couldn't have known that at the time and he did start a war, a cold civil.
War in this country, and also it's not just about trump- it's also about the fact that Asia right now is a tinder box and no we've not had a war so far. But when you look what's happening right now, tensions rising and there could be a war in the future in Asia with us between the US and China. Yes, absolutely really. That would be category. I think both countries know that we both know but here's the issue, it's a bit like the start of world war, one and that's the historical memory that worries so many people in the Pentagon, because you go back to the cold war between the US and the Soviet Union and you had a hotline between the two countries. They could talk pretty easily. The problem today that people aren't talking enough about is actually the hotline between Washington and Beijing is pretty broken and that's a backdrop which made people like General Millie so concerned.
That you could have an accident like at the beginning of World war, one and suddenly everything would spin out of control yes well see. This is why I don't eat pot anymore, because it made me paranoid and then I would have to tell my myself. Yes, anything bad thing could happen. That's what happens when I eat pot. I only think about what bad could possibly happen. I think this could possibly happen. That's not even on number ten of my list, I'm so much more worried about the environment and never Yes, yes, especially this January. Six, because what Milly took an oath to defend the constitution? He didn't taken out of loyalty to Donald Fucking, Trump,
and what Trump proved after January six was. He was trying to destroy. Our constitutional order is trying to shred the constitution, prevent the constitutional mechanisms from operating. That would replace him as President Trump went to war with the position on January, sex Billy did early was present and after January, sick was absolutely necessary. Yes, I totally agree with that, especially since We found on Anthony Gonzalez than never heard of him, but he's a republican congressman from Ohio. He was one of the ten Republicans who voted to impeach Trump for Henry six he's not going to run in twenty two thousand and twenty two thousand and twenty two, because he's not going to win he's not even going to win the primary. He knows that because this party is all in, they are a one issue party voting they're against it. They can give a shit about all their traditional ideas like violence, the budget as much concern about that. Is there the news He's in row, Paul's dry.
Care about anything except this one issue: remember personal morality, member sexual morality with such a big issue with Republican there's, no less thirty years, life Republicans trying to slap the dick out of my mouth, and then they reveal themselves with Trump to not give one flying fucking shit about sexual morality, responsibility and here's the issue. Basically, all of the Republicans are saying right now that what General Millie did was unconstitutional if they spent one tenth of the amount of energy worrying about whether Trump was acting in a constitutional way. That have a bit more credibility right now to get back to your point, Trump wouldn't have been president, I'm not an expert on any of the ship, but Billy seems to have been in an impossible position. He took an oath to defend the constitution and the president was the enemy of the constitution, trying to destroy the constitution. What was he supposed to do? And the point is that you say you want to smoke pot and not worry about the future. Well, we want generals who worry about the future.
It is our job to try and save us. I said I don't eat it smoke a lot of ok, so some good news with we ve made great strides with poverty in this country because of the fund Emmett, because so much government largest went to lift people up and its we're not in such bad shape anymore. With a lot of people, however, homelessness rose forty percent in this state. In five years we have have all the homeless in the country, but this over five hundred thousand people who are homeless when they asked California, is an exit polls. After the recall this week, what your number one issue covered: thirty two percent that makes sense
second, not the economy, crime homelessness. I understand its on people's doorsteps in San Francisco. They have some live. An app now called snap crap, where you can request sidewalk cleaning, because those vases on both in California who tell pulsars at this is their top issue. Homelessness or the second to the top issue asked us in California. And build multi family housing and their neighborhood built apartment buildings. And now it's a law single since he who tells in their neighbour here like the problem in California, is a lack of housing supply right and it's driving up prices because a scarcity of housing and that's making people homeless and the same people Put aside in their front yard, saying in this house. We believe that no one should be homeless will Their representatives of their city council, members
rezone their neighborhood to build more housing for these people who are homeless. I mean there's a word for it, nimbaism, not in my backyard and basically you have to stop and ask yourself: I mean when you were a kid: did you see homelessness around you did I see homelessness? Okay, so why that's a question we should ask there wasn't homelessness fifty years ago or forty years ago, and it's very simple: it's not rocket science. Basically, Zillow of all people did a great survey which showed that, as soon as you have communities that are spending more more than a third of their wages on rental costs or home costs, you start to see homelessness rise, there's not enough. Affordable housing, there's not been enough ability to build upon What a warehouse in California and so the type of measure that governments use my introducing right now frankly, are too too too late. Well, yes, it's also was we go saga about? Why can't we pipe water from the east to the West there's too much
Water in the east- and you know when I looked into this- it's not that we can't it's completely feasible, we've heard for decades: it's not only unfeasible, because we don't want to do it because of graft. That's really the the basic reason why? Because it would just cost so much in paying off all the different people and all the bullshit that involved in getting anything done, and it's the same thing with housing. This state put aside twelve dollars billion to solve the housing. Prob problem you couldn't build barracks and higher enough security guards and doktor by the way inside barracks they ve done it. Or so, if you are on the street, come inside. It's not the Ritz, but you have a cot and three
meals for twelve billion dollars. Of course, we could it's just that. We don't even start, because I also about this issue about empathy and tribalism and whether America fails a a sense of day day or not NIMBY Asthma Bay to be driven by the sense that people want to defend what they have and keep out everyone else. The problem with the homeless is it you can't you trip over them in the street, even if you are in elite person in San Francisco, LOS Angeles and the question, I guess is: how does America overcome this? Sets a tribalism of members and of just protect? No little pat just have to be a calm down to build houses like some people are going to have. Eat. It and elected officials are terrified of pissing off the Nimbys, even though there's a yimby movement now, a yes in my backyard movement is a Yimby movement yeah that encourages housing that welcomes housing and it's increasingly organized people are going to public hearing things to testify now and say: yes, please rezawn my name's
Yes, please billion. Now it's the love and cuts. What Newsome did today, though he may, see. Yes, some of that credit also goes to Scott Weiner Democrat of San Francisco, who pushed that law. Scott Wiener Democrat from San Francisco, who pushed that law? Okay, so good for him and a fact like me, so I wanted to drop his hand. which is where why don't we just we're gonna get caught the thickest a bumper sticker in praise of the Indies, but what you know, this tribalism around this tribalism, but I was looking at the pictures from the map gala, you know we're gonna get to say she wore tax, the rich on her dress, but I I I noticed something that I've seen having been out a few parties since the pandemic began, and that is the people going to the party. Don't wear masks, but the servers wear masks, yeah, there's this look at this
I may not just there's something about this. That's not liberal. To me, I mean these are the liberal swells of the world and but for all vaccinated and into the germs, know who the good people it just seems a little wrong. What do we think about this people? You're not going to get any pushback for me. I do think that seems a little security theater you form and see around the masks, but but, like I want to live, doubles advocate like if it reduces the chance by twenty five percent, that somebody would lie infected so, but but to let's just make the help where the mask there. That's the liberal approach doesn't seem so not at all, and we have to realise I mean I'm trying to finance apology. I began and journalists and say I really Caroline about symbols and the kind of signals they send. Unfortunately, America Tribal that wearing a mosque.
Become almost a tribal Cyril and its often amulet. Absolutely I see what it is that there is a body of research that shows that they do work Yes, of course, that's why surgeons wear them not in not in every situation. I see the San Francisco marathon is going to make the runners where the mask now that it's just powerful stew, but everyone does seem tribal. That does seem like a kind of virtue signalling, but they are like it. It would look like I wish we could have a critique of Basque that didn't like go to a place where then people to want to wear masks on aeroplanes and like assault flight attendants like We have to emphasize even as we critique take that of well, then don't lie and do stupid stuff with that they work
the thing alive and then people will have more trust and we will have to establish that doesn't say one thing about my book: it's about that! Actually, mosques on just about medical site. They don't stop Johns the act of putting on a mosque each day. It like a psychological, prompt to remind you to change behaviour and is also cultural signal that you uphold the values of the community and had some sensible, once ability to everyone else- and it's also going not just purchasing we're gonna get on an airplane to come here, and there is some guy not wearing a mouse. There's like that's an asshole though I think, you're right at an early pitches. Liberals, liberty is not wearing last next to help with you all worrying, whilst others who are way mosque W. Then the right signal about community responsibility,
Ok, so I also wanted to show the picture of a sea wearing her dress. Is this got all the attention this week? This is something that The met gala attracts lots of crazy outfits, but this is a new thing that people have been doing they've been wearing. I guess their message: their life philosophy text, the rich. I just want to read the handsome sense here. Oh at New York City, sixty five thousand thousand, the richest sixty five thousand new Yorkers out of eight million people, pay fifty one percent taxes and what proportion is that I'm just saying sixty five thousand of eight million pay half and their title. It are not like two: we don't tax the rich at all. Been slashing taxes on the rich for fifty years. The rich are richer. Now than they have ever been and the lie we've been told, the whole time we've been cutting taxes on the rich was that if the rich just have the most money, they can possibly have
we will all benefit. We will all have jobs and it's a lie and it hasn't come true. That's fine! I'm all for ending income inequality, but let's not lie the rich pay. A lot of axis. Yes, I'm gonna what the rich getting rich and richer and- and I know I know where they- the brothers- were breakfast club- he's a cook it on the peak on the ship, but up point out. The quantity of eating Superman Monetary policy has massively inflated the assets of anybody whose wealthy and the gap between rich and poor has been rising and rising. It's not surprising that the rich are playing a large chunk of attacks, and if you want to build that pipeline to bring the water from the EAST coast to the West Coast, you can't tax the waitresses, you can't tax. The help The mat gallo you can have in tax where each, but most of them are definitely Jack'S- is already they pay. A higher proportion of income tax than Jeff basis. Does that his company does? Yes, I understand that. Yes,
There are lots of things we need to amend about the capitalist system. We have crony capitalism, this country, no doubt about it, I'm just saying You wear tax. The rich on your ass and people are always saying: Rich, don't pay taxes, they pay some taxes, they pay a big part of the freight. Already, I'm not saying it shouldn't be more perhaps, but let's not lie Now I want to show you some other dresses, the people wearing at the Med gala biggest now that this the thing to wear your slogan on your ass. Was there and she wrote she wore dress called ignore previous dress, hailing Jenner WAR. I still like attending Scarlett Johansson attacks, the ridge mainly Disney.
Just making an orange had asked me about Iver method. Britney spears was there. My dad picked out this dress. Millennia was their eat. The poor, ok, Morey laugh. When I get into any college s me how a was there? Someone please talk to me. Let me read swimming
elsie was involved barber this week, which is her series of tweets about abortion, because that's the big story. That's happened in Texas, of course, but all the country is watching this because this has always been, I think, the great motivating issue in elections and the last many decades for women. I mean we ve often heard the phrase if men could get pregnant well, Yossi says the gutting of RO verses. Wait imperils every menstruating person in the. U S, I would have thought, maybe just saying women, but ok, I'm willing to always listen. She's just one reason, row, isn't a women's issue. People aren't women can menstruating to jar,
and to spirit and nine binary people have always existed, will always exist. People can stay mad at that or grow up. I guess they menstrual eight or I don't know I am men- have uterus transmission menstrual transmission? Can a man do get pregnant wait? We all trends. Men have uterus. Well, trans men are biologically female and they ve transition.
To male and not all, Trans people get bottom surgery, and not all trans men get hysterectomy and there are trans men who keep their uteruses and want to become parents and will become pregnant. So Trans men do menstruate, can't get pregnant if they're on testosterone, it suppresses menstruation and and they'll go off testosterone if they want to get pregnant. But that is something that can impact a trans. Women, Trans women can be raped and sometimes are raped by CIS people, who are angry at them for being trans and can get pregnant and need an abortion. Just like a woman, rape victim could need an abortion. Okay, maybe you to set is basically. Abortion is an issue who affects everyone who has sex. Let's make it into lucid and not. She did every person who engages in sex, but my question is political. It's about this has always been a women's issue, and when you say this is not a women's issue, I'm wondering if that's the best, it's important, that the two Spirit vote, I'm sure as very important. I'm not
king to spirit this. The first time I heard em. Maybe what I'm saying is you know? Maybe if the tone of this wasn't like you, you don't know that that men can menstruating and what to Spirit is catch up like that's why people hate, I think, we're Fang as let's get beyond the tribal, let them because the problem, the tribalism and is based people get affiliated almost no matter. What to an opinion and standpoint, I have to say that I completely agree. They receive a trans to spirit non binding. I have always existed. Everybody needs to get over it. For two years ago, gays and lesbians were twenty million, were the largest coordinated about. I write any. We shouldn't be so scolding and tone, but I disagree that abortion isn't a woman's it Further, we shouldn't describe it as one the left talks about voter suppression, laws that make it harder to vote as well They are racist in their intent. They target black voters particularly, and we talk But that is. Is it racial issue? Even though some white people are going to be able to vote? Don't have voter idea might have a hard time voting. We dont say: don't
about voter suppression like it's about race, because some white people and I we can do the same what the same line on abortion. Yes, it is massage misogynistic patriarchal women, it's about controlling women's bodies. It is going to impacts on trade. Hands to spirit and nonbinary people who might need access to abortion too, but the intent of the law targeting abortion, like the intent of the law, is targeting voter suppression. That is racist. Even though some white people are going to get fucked over two, the intent of anti choice, abortion laws what's going on in Texas, is to target. Women and it's gonna, impacts and transmitted to really help us along. Explain. Don't have this attitude like the part of the country that is completely caught up with this is just moronic, and I can't even bear to deal with you. Grow up is just just for a first malichus pull bad
politics. It is clear that these aren't a future she's, only only Republicans or in that camp who don't know what to spare. It is, but I think a lot of people or just learning about somebody and its new. Let's not pretend all of this conversation now about it because of what she said, which was a little scolding and probably and hopeful, but now we're having a reasonable conversation about it. In more people who are watching listening are finding out about what to Spirit, doesn't want to spirit means. What does native Americans described? People who were gender non conforming is having to spirits a male spirit and a female spirit in one body, one person right and it was sort of what they would native Americans used, To mean what we use trans to me. That's why you see it lumped together with Trans two Spirit: Nonbinary! That's what two spirit it's native American, ok,
but I'm a fairly well informed person and I just learned it, but you are open to learning and you learned it because I am open to learning, but you learned it because of what AOC status, not the way to do it. I agree I wish the left could take the example of Obama in two thousand and seven and what Obama's Michelle and Barack both did. We've They never got angry in public and they had every right to be angry all the time. Absolutely would have cost him. Yes, he needed from never over the bay. Looking for an excuse, I vote against him because he writes to get the power to benefit the lives of people here. To change so he never got angry in public and it was strategic political. Should a black man be able to get angry in public and get elected president absolutely, can one no and Obama knew that, and so the lesson here for the left is. Can we be a little bit more like Obama, about our rhetoric about our positioning, to bring along the people who may not know what to spirit?
means yet, but we still need their boat. So don't flip them off, while you're telling them what is being used and be left tribal. I mean, if you were, to put the founding fathers and time capsule and bring them to the modern era. I think pretty shocked that the latter old right away for some very good reasons actually too, but exactly but I mean they didn't envisage an America where everyone was as tribal as this. They tried to build in checks and balances, to avoid that and going back to that spirit of actually having empathy and trying to reach out to people, people who shock they have a different point of view from you may have a slightly different country. Lots of people who are not like you and just to insist that you come over
be exactly like. I say you are immediately that's not going to work. One on one. Anthropology is actually recognizing that, just because it's your world view, it doesn't mean that you can assume it should be everyone else's. It's about trying to listen to somebody else, to change and actually recognizing the art of trying to listen to another point of view. Doesn't just give you empathy for others. It actually teaches you about yourself too, because there's this great chinese product, a fish can't see water unless you jump out of your fishbowl and go into swim in different water for a bit and by Golly after Kova nineteen lockdown, where we've all been locked down with our own tribe, our own little pot people just like us, there's
desperate need right now to jump out and go and swim in some other water and try shock horror and talk to someone who might actually be from a different party. Oh, I could not agree more and don't talk politics with them. Just talk, yeah, total dresses. Let me ask you this about gay and trans they're lumped together in Lgbtq right, but it seems like they're actual opposites, because gay was always about were born. This way, which I think is true and Trans is about, were well what we say: we're gonna, be we're not born anyway. Where we choose, isn't that isn't that well currently are no and in many ways it it's the trans and gay experience of very different in some ways there are similar. You know I there is a risk I was, and but the default setting presumption was that I was straight and I had to come out. I had to say
but the assumptions my family, my church, everyone around me have made about me all my life, not true. I'm game for Trans people who have an inner sense of themselves as not the sex doesn't align with gender identity. It's a long process to get to the point where you MT about being trans. You know this assumption is because you have a penis you're, a man, because you have vagina you're, a your woman, reasonable assumption, accurate ninety nine percent of the time roughly right, but they do it trans Trans people, like the sex, doesn't it with the gender identity like who they know themselves to be, and the coming out is very similar between again trans experience, tradespeople, always we're trans they just hadn't camellia. I always was gay, but there time in my life, where people thought I was straight. I let them think I, but they transition kids now at a very young age, so that doesn't really happen because they're from a very young age, they ve been trail, our gender. This work, children who are allowed to socially transition there should be, and there are safeguards in place
and most kids are allowed to socially transition, whether here longer change of name change, their programme splore their gender identity. The advice that clinicians is to wait and see if its consistent, persistent and insistent around gender, but a lot of kids. To experiment with gender and explore wind up identifying with their birth sex. Eventually, some kids do transition and need to transition and it saved their lives to let them turn right and some regret? It happens that I found there are people who do transition. God is a thing that can happen and we need to make the world safer people who transition down for people who ve transition to not get tribal about that either run they re more. So what? What do you think there was not a big baby boom from the pandemic? We usually when people get locked in
like a blackout is just one day and they say, oh nine months after the blackout, which I always think is like very insulting to your partner. Like oh, I can't watch the boys tonight. I guess I'll fuck, you kind of insulting but okay, but why I being locked in we hadn't, actual sex recession. What do you think about that? For a lot of people? It was a frightening time. It was scary, it was uncertain That's scary, that you couldn't fuck in your own home. A lot of people were fucking Justin Lee Miller, out of the Kinsey Institute at Indiana University to actually study how the pandemic was changing. People's sex lives and roughly, like half of the people studied, and it was a large sample size had a lot more sex and half had a lot less or none. So we cratered some people's in about an equal number of people skyrocketed, but whether you want to fuck. Your part is a very different question
What do you want to like make a baby and bring a baby into world where, during the pandemic, look like Donald Trump might get another term when the world is on fire? The environment is called I think nothing else. The covid nineteen experience is showing people just how uncertain the future is that all these certainties that we thought we had about planning time our time horizons, a lot of them imploded in the pandemic elections, counting that's kind of a big one. Yeah. No, we may have seen the last one of that anyway. I'm not happy noted that very enlightening Darla market are doing must continue the ritual of copper, odd rod, whatever it is practised on Yom Kippur. Where they swing a chicken over their heads to transfer their sins before slaughtering it
continue to market I'm not saying that chickens Joan have healing powers they do, but you don't say I'll be your head. You put them in so the floor. A man who, in a single day, got married, crashed his car flood. The scene went to jail, responded to our request to undergo a drug test by bending over instead, his fingers up his ass, while shouting all hail, Donald Trump must admit what he did was really stupid. I mean come on man who gets married anymore, Neural Ricky Martinez, the porn star known for his ability to blow himself. Must be fitted with one of those dog cones.
Because Lord knows these days we don't need another reason to never leave the house Let's, let's call school board meetings, what they really are opened my night for the mentally deranged and then lots of ways the school board with a panel of celebrity judges and make a new show pulled America's got issues. Euro Kim's young on must share his diet secrets with America. Look at him. Now we went from DMZ jig. You They don't know how he did this policy turns out all those guys with notepad we're taking his lunch order. And, finally, new rule. No cash prizes were snitching,
as I'm sure you ve heard Texas just past America's harshest, abortion law, which includes the idea, and that anyone even helping a woman get an abortion like the overdrive or who takes you to the core can be sued by random citizen snatches for up to ten thousand dollars, have finally away to tap into that best reserve of Ober driver wealth Jesus. When did West Texas Become EAST Germany, even if you hate lots and lots of money. You have to admit bounty hunting people who help pregnant women is a little on American, also here here, working so hard taxes, this is twenty. Twenty one interrupted pay people to snatch snitch nation. Now, happily do it for free think a token
with this thing, snitch. Now it's not a bad thing. I used to be used to be one of those first one of the first things we taught children, nobody likes a tattled tail, but now virtually any public accomplishment comes with the obligatory follow up snitch story a few days later, like what happened with that sad schmuck was supposed to host job. But fortunately the honor of game shows is preserved. When squealed team, six went through his old podcast and found out. He once used the term booth slot, whatever the fuck that me. I'm sorry MIKE, but we the perfect people who have never made a mistake. We just can't lets us.
I d be sullied by horrible people like you, but by. Fans of cable news will recognise the rising journalists, Alexey Mccammon, who was appointed editor Teen vogue but then had to resign before. The first day when some of our high school tweets suddenly became too much to bear tweets like now. Googling how to not wake up with swollen asian eyes and you're. So gay. And her resignation was endorsed by the hierarchy of the magazine, including the senior social media manager, Christine David good for you Christine you help catch the Zodiac killer. Oh no, you just ruin someone's career for no reason. Same diff funny the story after Alexey Mccammon resign for her innocuous tweets, someone went through Christine David's old, high school tweets and
same sheets waited the inward twice to a white friend into thousand nine, but by. This is this is why I'm a little hopeful that this purity purge may end because it's starting to eat its own? I spend reporter Rachel Nicholls was a feminist success story, but when she complained in a private telephone call about ESPN crappy long time record on diversity and expressed her view that she felt like she was being sacrificed by the network, so they could make up for that crappy long time record on diversity. The call was leaked and she was toast now, in addition to the fact that a person shouldn't have to love getting fired, even if it doesn't
Does achieve more equity? This was a private call. This private mean anything any more. Patently not even said. This love of snitching seems to be one of the few areas that is now truly by partisan, snitch nation. Isn't it at what side you're on This mindset, where everyone is an amateur secret policemen and tattling, is a virtue. The. Side of the internet, things going through someone's old Myspace account makes them part of the resistance it doesn't. It makes you a punk. And Republicans lately. Besides sponsoring that new reality show Texas, I go. Hunters have been encouraging college students to whip out their phones to record and report professors who espouse leftist ideas. As always, the snowflakes fall just as hard on the right as they do
left colleges pride themselves on being safe spaces, not for professors, at least not any, who might want to stretch young minds to think differently and try on new ideas. Try that at your peril same with comedy clubs were ever since the Iphone comics have been complaining about niches in the audience for rat them. Out for crossing the line crossing, the line, which is practically the job description of overcome comics are joking constantly even some people who aren't comics, do that and if you lucky enough in life to be around people like that. I'm sure you know that Aubrey germs
Sometimes you get between these and the joke. Doesnt land just right. Supposing that doesn't make you noble you're, not David Kosinski debris There are the Unabomber who turned in his own brother, lest any more male bombs go off. That was noble. You know, because it was about bombs and not by me is a real difference between the Unabomber and the editor obtain vogue. For one thing, the Unabomber made some good points. Or think of Edward Snowden during exile in Russia, so we could expose unlawful governments, snooping, noble, current Alexander Vindelin Closing the Ukraine fiasco,
That's not you! Taking down the hosted the ice. Capades you're, a loser with wifi and all the time in the world to listen to long forgotten, podcast you're, not a journalist, you just creepy little rat go to Texas in catcher, run away embryo. Oh, what you dug up a letter where J, F Indian Giver great. Now we can tear down the Kennedy center. You know what I don't want to live in snitch Landseer. Were you can't trust your neighbors and you're, always looking over your shoulder a land of Karen's Gladys Cravats is Ruled by citizen informants, where Republican sue you for your sex life and Democrats get you fired for a Halloween costume and then we all go home and applaud ourselves for our courage,
Alright, thank you very much. That's a show I'll be at the Lyric center in Baltimore October, twenty three at the wind Creek event in Bucklehem Pennsylvania October, twenty four at the Fox Atlanta Killer, MIKE I'm coming November. Six I want to thank my guest Jillian said. Thank you, folks, catch all new episodes of real time with Bill Maher every Friday night at ten or watch them anytime on HBO on demand for more information log onto HBO Com,
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