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Ep. #578: Tristan Harris, Jennifer Rubin, Richard Ojeda

2021-09-25 | 🔗

Bill’s guests are Tristan Harris, Jennifer Rubin, and Richard Ojeda. (Originally aired 9/24/21)

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I know you're happy because you know why it's ball
we have for the leads back east returning orange here there boys orange? Yes, it's falls of your fleeing a wild far this weekend. Please take a sweater what I am trying to get myself that go with the countries in such bedchamber been personal. What's going at the border, those pictures of the haitian emigrant two went to South America now trying to get an over our border at any of these for people. They say they are their country. Haiti was being run by a cruel, heavy handed government. So taxes seemed like a good fit in other everyone's up in arms, as they should be over these photos of yours, border patrol agents on horseback, you know whipping What looks like whipping certainly attempted whipping, at least of these,
I guarantee that both sides have to take on. The Democrats are demanding that the horsemen identified and fired. The Republicans are asking the horse so they left over? I ever met them almost got speaking about subject Michael Flint member him. He was the Us National Security guy under Trump for about a week agenda full on Cuba, this guy he is he's now says he is worried that there are reports of the medical assistance When trying to sneak snake, the vaccine and asylum dressing link in this hard up. Really think of you are trying to get from people to eat some,
put it in salad, crazy, never stops the results from the audit of the election, She was almost a year ago are in from ours owner whoops, they found actually Biden, got more votes, and this was done by a company with no auditing experience called cyber ninjas, who will now go back to their old job, plague, dungeons and dragons in their mom space. So, let's grab, I saw a fake company higher to do a partisan recount Couldn't produce a should result, and this is really shaken up. Nation machination mean the Mai
hello guy today was saying: why pick the wrong way to stop smoking crack and now our solar wide one Arizona, Texas, announced an audit, drop one Texas, but this time, if you were pregnant, when you voted accounts is to tackle from demanded, an audit yesterday and the Governor Gregg Abbot, ordered it that night boy those haitian immigrants, were whipped. I get the Republicans, your truck rice leaves that centre for my eighty eight announced today is gonna run again.
I am against ages and but you know, maybe eighty eight is a little. He's been around the wily is platform is buying Louisiana from the French, maybe, and of course, because this country is stuck on stupid as We are now having the debt limit. Bullshit show down again. I don't know how do you know this country works, but first we vote to spend money and spend it, and then we vote if we're gonna pay for it. Which, if they dont do, could plunge the world into a giant recession? To give you an idea how stupid this? Is you don't even do it here in California, a lot of people are very nervous about not just that about all the aspects of the economy. In this week I was mugged. Guy cried. The mug me with his finger.
Where's your gun? He said supply chain issues, but yeah. I get ready for this debate in October. First, is the fiscal new year with a big celebration in Times Square The white houses of they don't raise the debt limits. Why has a telling federal agencies to begin preparations were shut down? nobody thinks this is a good idea, except maybe Brian Laundry guy he's like no federal marshal sweep, while Europe must be following match, or its only when cares about
the missing white girl and this this Brian Laundry guy, whereas the FBI's asking anyone. If you have any idea clues or whereabouts, please make a podcast. We must we kind of getting back to normal. If the. the story we want to follow is a man hunted. The missing boyfriend CNN says: check behind Nicky, monotonous, cousins. Friends, we get a centre for humane, acknowledging that the projects are undervalued attention, Tristan Harris. Here again, we always have you here, because you are the guy who keep real for us on big tech, so
story in the Wall Street Journal this week about facebook- and you know whenever I read these stories- that this one was about they changed their algorithm, I'm always thinking what do our robot overlords really controllers cause? I honestly I feel like a fucking hamster pm, like they changed an algorithm when people acted completely differently. What The algorithm when what was the change, so the Wall Street Journal Public This is the largest. My understanding of the largest set of internal research, about facebooks effects on society that were known inside the company that they receive from the top, and it has effects across again it from suicidal. I increase suicidal ideation and girls teen girls, mental health issue. in and teenagers body image issues and specifically the I you are both most interested in, which is the way that it makes political parties more negative
so they made a change that basically said the things that generate the most, what they called meaningful social interaction, which was actually just code for what? generated the largest arguments. You know people focus on the posts on Facebook, but it's the comments whatever generally the most big long common threats that stuff got shot to the top and what that resulted in was basically rewarding political parties for being more negative. They found evidence in Poland, Spain, Taiwan, India, where, where political parties who used to post Britain irregular facts about policies they wanted to, do, they couldn't get it can they had to go. Eighty ninety percent negative to get the same attention No, it's the anger with yet the anger and outrage it gets the eyeballs, but now could have predicted don't like any one was saying that with her, but I means that the Facebook, defenders would say it's just a town square and the people in your blaming them for what the people in the town where are doing- and they can't help it- that people are kind of shitty now
I mean that sort of the bottom line. I dont think facebooks, that's Facebook for what's different. Is that It is a town square, that's a little more like european when those Moby theatres, where the seats actually move because you're watching this movie, whether runaway transient, it's like that if the town Square actually was not passive right. The town squares. Actually affecting how people perceive what they do. It's it's part of the problem which part of the equation, I think, the companies try to defend their just holding up a mirror to society. So if you have those crazy people who are going to post crazy things, we're just showing them european society, but that the problems These things are not a mere it's more like a funhouse near its selects for whoever says the most divisive thing and that's what shoots up to the top. So we have a trillion dollar market kept company with the most powerful your computer in the world, pointing in your brain being like. What's the next fault line in society, that will absolutely outrageous olympic system and whatever
the answer that question is in its using trillions of dollars, a compute power to figure that out it puts that at the centre of attention for the entire. you let society run through that for ten years and you want Why does it look so insane is? Are we ve all? but we ve been through this massive civilization, bad trip anywhere. We have an entire mind. Work that's taken place, and you know it doesn't have to be the business model of engagement that that getting whatever it to get people engaged? Is the key to that? which do you seem to be saying that the biggest problem is not censorship, because we do expects Facebook to do some of that and will get into that because some of the things I have centred on a bigger right like the wool lap. Yet, but before we get to that. You're here seem to be saying that the problem is, is the bigger problem? Is this engagement issue because it's the job, it's not censuring stuff. It's that you want these people to be checked in fighting each other all the time and that
Why and that I've said many times. People have to stop talking politics all the time we never used to do this. We didn't care what kid we went, a third great with thought about red cabinet and you should be able to say- and I think that it will always find politics is what generates engagement. It will always sort for politics. Dixon, generating nothing its values, blind machine, it doesnt know just like in the same way that GDP War is good for GDP. Drugs are good for GDP. Prostitution is good for GDP. in a values, blind engagement system for attention. Addiction is good for GDP body dismal, Fourteen girls is good for GDP. Outraged that makes people felt that hate their fellow countrymen and women is good for the engagement machine and that's that that's the problems, we have to have values and we can't have a machine that doesn't know. What's because then you then the content, moderation issue. Where
you're saying. Well, let me give you an example: a man you know very well for four months. People could not talk about the origin of the of the corona virus because It became a political issue. I said remember that this is not does not have a political dimension. Did this originate in a lab, possibly or originally from people eating bats? In that you know farmers markets from Hell we don't know we don't know for sure, but now even the binding missed regions, as we don't know we looked into it, certainly could have been the other one for four months people were not allowed, they were forbade too thus the web Virgin theory, that's outrageous! Yet true! Yes, I agree with you all good, so
I think people must there's two simple tenures values that we want to be honouring, so one is for free expression, and especially in what is free speech for its four conscious evolution of the system, we should be able to question the mainstream, doubtless meant narrative, because that's how you get evolution in society, there is a world before civil rights. We question, history narrative, you get moral upgrade you get. People sharing rightly want that the problem is. We have the kind of free speech that of EV. but he who saying anything the guy who says the king is he s most divisive thing that bad face the other side and in deepens Ingram I asked about why my site is right. That's the thing they reward it so in global economy of free speech? We're not hearing from mean, occasionally you get that the people breaking through being like actually look into this will lab thing, but the problem is that the the rest of the balance sheet is basically crazy. Town. when the rest of the world- that's crazy town, that that breaks society, so
open societies, plus this business model weak, they cannot allow that thing to continue. But it's not just crazies Irene did at a Tory lay at the end of our show about two three weeks ago, very recently about the phone basically and the basic season. But was straightforward. The phone makes people assholes, crazy people- this is everybody, makes you shady past, aggressive, needy bake and mean all those things that phone in it, and especially, people who are on it all the time which is the younger generation. Would you agree without assessment of completely mean it breaks the the way that evolution narrowly no keep people brought one centre. Others have said fundamentally we were running, an evolutionary need suit, living and modernity. So we'll Wilson said the problem of humanity is we have paleo live
brains and meets its have godlike technology. We have medieval institution. So if, if ice something to you and it hurts your feelings I concede evolved instincts to know. I read it on your face, my my reach is unusual. I was delighted exactly so. I get worse. If you type texted, I might be meet you was you mean by that? There's? No one remote Jesus he's saying is it breaks? The feedback loop row is that when we say you mean technology will we're talking about? Is technology that actually points the mere back at our selves and learned? What It means to be human. What are those natural abilities to empathize with each other? And we need more of this. We need more of one of these so vulnerable to addiction is when we, its addiction, is hyper normal stimuli. You get extra heads of dope me just like. In our current environment, we get extra heads, of salt sugar fat. They were supposed to be rare when they appeared. There are hyper normal stimuli when we
in a hype o normal environment, meaning we get under stimulated with with real connection because of covert or because run our phones all the time we were more vulnerable to that addiction so that the less fulfilling our natural environment is the more vulnerable. We are to the hyper normal stimuli of outrage, Linda hijacks addiction, and so on. let me ask you one final question that will lead into what I'm going to talk about here on the panel cuz. I'm very concerned about what's going on with the next election or government, but you talk a lot but how Facebook has influenced democracies overseas, give us this any on. That will mean it's part of it. Whilst regional releases again, is how it is made political parties across the world. were negative at scale. So wanting to recognise is that one country, like hungry plug classes rid of Orange Spain. Taiwan things like this and be
We need to organise in U S, we get the best version of Facebook because they're trying to please the regulators here, so they hire as many content moderators as they can't so as much as everyone hates things are going wrong in we have lots of evidence have been going wrong if you're in Mexico one of the things in the watch. Regional peace was that you saw he owes and photos of bags of separate hands people getting shot like in the head. Just right there in your news feed you get the most unfiltered feed for these countries. They dont have as much bunch of moderation and keep in mind. Ninety percent of facebooks users are outside the? U S! So it's just like the climate change. The developing world gets the worst of it right we get the best we can. The test version and it still back where we started wildfires here the developing world the worst of it with the least support and its the same kind of system. Here now that the real issue is The second and third order. Effects of technology are running faster than governance and regulation. So the real question we have to now Think there's gonna be a moment like this. This
happen. Everyone. This is kind of a Cambridge analytic assize moment with these Wall Street Journal releases, so either something big and transformative happens. When long Governance can actually run up against the speed of technology. Creating these effects were it's just going to be too late, and I think right now the Wall Street Journal Effects kind of like looking at a star far away by the time the light hits you that's Torres art. Something already happened when we see these effects now, but the time its hit us. These things were going on as ten years, but I think the empowering is to recognise. We ve been through this mind, work. If you it's, everybody can recognize
there's a little bit more sanity that they can sit, we started someone tonight. I had always great honour for me to you right. First, I must wait. I allowed shares an opinion on the. Why should impose an author of noble new book resisted women saved democracy from Donald Trump Jennifer Reuben is over here, should all spoke, sparse and for no damn left behind and hosted the Delaware because of general
I've on Facebook, Richard Jeddah as promised. Let's talk about prosecuting white collar insurrection, I mean we got the Shopman guy, but even then really, I don't think they had of the operation, because the panel investigating the January six attack on the capital today subpoenaed for people meadows, he was high up and administration right was the chief of staff, Anthea, ok, that- and we all know Steve Three- Three shirts Davies been here- many times will be here again: if he's not in jail, dance, giving don't know him, he was head of social media and some of the cash paternal him. My question is: why not sky? This is John Eastman Jab Johnny spends picture there. He's a lawyer, one of trumps thousand lawyers, a memo of his comes out in them. No Woodward book I mean it's it's a blueprint for a
they were going to throw out the results in seven states, It's done. Nothing that there were repeating electors, the weren't, then pens would have had to declare the troop was the winner, because there weren't toward her and seventy votes cast at all. He one to thirty two to twenty two and then they would throw the election to the house where the Republicans had control of twenty six legislatures. Another lawyer, it is evidence of a crime where's Merrick Garland where's, the hearings that should have started a week after this you're. Seeing my song of first of all, thank me back to realize tat this course, because pence went to Dan Quail for advice and Dan, we all had to say, seems kind of shaky to me. Mr potato did his bit for America, but this is a crime
this guy is a member of the bar is ridiculous and you're right, it's a crime UK could survive with other groups, have the power. Now I hear you know they're not probably going to have it in another year or so. If you don't, what now a girl, and where are you absolutely honestly? You know I like seeing the people that stormed our capital in January six go down and now we're seeing the people who basically just went through the front door and didn't really do much. I think pretty soon. We're gonna start seeing the guy with the hockey stick the people with the the Zipcar handcuffs and they want to go down. we need to see more. I want to see the enablers of Donald Trump I wanna see the people gave the doors once again. The Atlantic has article about this today or this week and The shaman guy was number five
tempted list of how we take over the country number one trump tried to pressure the secretaries of state, then this day legislatures then the court's then my pants, Only then did they get to the mob. It was the fifth option there s the so you know: coups are usually punish swiftly and other parts of the world. Sometimes it involves swords. The only way you ever going to stop this from happening again is to punish it. To begin with. I am I wrong. It's Open invitation for not only someone to repeat it, but for him to repeat it for Trump himself to repeat this, so I do No listen, maybe he's a judge and sell things of him. This health as a neutral arbitrariness out the job is job, is the chief prosecutor, and this was the greatest crime committed on allocations for the entire country by the way,
One more anonymous was on television. A lot of it was on the phone triboulet calling up legislatures, peep island. Our towards adjusted, suburban, saying, please. He said at one point just say that Election was corrupt. This the attorney general and leave the rest to me. The gin, six commission We all need to see all of this, and the thing is, as we saw treason and body in the United States of America. That was watching that they watched treason take place and we, to see these people go down, and the thing is right now it looks like these people are above the law. I wanna see members of where we are today. If you're gonna have subpoenas and hearings, I wouldn't get only then this April, who are really involved and the lennoxes in this article prior to now the possibility of Trump attempting a coup was seen. As the deranged fever dream of crazed, liberals yeah that was
maybe I don't remember a lot of people crazed with me on that. Ok anyway, I see Robert Kagan in the Washington Post today. Has it article it's great to see that the smart people I finally get on yet not the pod smoking liberty? What could he now and he says same things? tromp will be the nominee for sure and twenty twenty four I keep saying the shark is not gone at, went out to see it'll be back eating people he's actively preparing to insure victory, of course, they learn. This virus has learned its. This is the delta variant. They learn their mistakes and the last time they try convince because they thought, while Republicans they'll, do our bidding the guy,
our group. Would you change the election and they had integrity, and he said no, that's not going to happen this time because they change where the power structures with the legislature. Now they can overruled the secretaries of state. So Kagan says then we're going to have a just Whoever wins is gonna, be disputed. Election there's gonna be protests, Biden might have to call it national guard than is a tyrant, Benes, Lincoln in eighteen. Sixty. Let me say that this is one of the reasons why Democrats need to start investing in rid Rural America, because the republic he's play the long game and they are the ones that are investing in putting these judges in places and help these people to win these seats when the democratically to authorize a little way off the ground. I gotta get up there ass well board, we re normal, ended on their I'm here and there, and I mean I do feel bad for Joe. I mean there are times when you're the President, when that job,
just suck out loud, and some of it is because of things you did to make its. I mean I've got stand. He did not stick the landing. Covered, not really his fault, but you know he thought he'd be over that one by now. So he's having a rough time and also, I think, the thing that maybe most disappointing to him. but it is kind of said he thought of the republicans- would go back on my right. He really did you could see it. You could hear it. He thought the republic is, would go back to being the the Turks in Republic and sang about we were about Mcconnell would stop being an asshole and they have a drink. Together I worked together. They were Jennifer Reuben, Republicans idle, laugh because there were no Jennifer Reuben, Republicans that these people are all crazed image Mcconnell is has just decided. He would rather dry the car
into a brick wall set off a economic catastrophe than do his job, which is to pay for what he already spent under the last present. So this now, that we need to do that. We need a filibuster because of filibuster is going to. U seeks promote dialogue and compromise and debate is nonsense and type was up in a many of them. never Trumpery like myself who came over. We look at this and we say we to everything. I do not know how to use power, they don't have it with them people. How do I have not had hearings on this already in bent. It is take try to who did try to take over the government to do qualify real voting, it's a thousand times more consequential, then Benghazi. Yes, they have that
away and never ending, and these people have. Why is it a language rights, these people or domestic terrorists, domestic terrorist, endless dead things, all kinds of language rioters, no dissent, protesters protesters, MR traders and they or their criminal and they had high criminals to both european and read the capital. There treason, enthusiasm, ok, so now everything is riding on this three point: five trillion dollar bill questions about this again very bad messaging. You brought that up with the Democrats, ways because it's over ten years so when it say bad, because that such a scary number- and I hear people comparing it too- the seven hundred and eighty billion that Congress voted.
The two thousand and eight recession which was the highest we ever went at one moment they did I want to make it a trillion, because the tea word was very scary, but that was all at once. It's always in one fell swoop at all to the banks. This is three hundred and fifty billion alot yes a year but dole to a lot of different people. It's a lot of different big programmes. My question, first one is Why do at all in this one? Why make you eat the whole fucking refrigerator? Once I mean it's like a thing they did. The new deal was always was piece by piece, peaceful, a piece of legislation here, Vizier socially. Security, wasn't footing the tv and everything else. Why Doing it like this, I think the Democrats are looking at this and in their realizing that on both sides of the Republicans out in this kind
You need the same things. This is benefit everybody, and- and I think that this is one of these things where they're trying to get something done, because they know that the Republicans don't want us to go into twenty twenty two with any victories at all, and you know I don't know I mean you could do it piece by piece, but it is not easy for me. Why would much Mcconnell if you can them said much I'd like you to sign onto something that cause a shitload of money and is going to make the Democrats look good? What do you want? This is if they break it up, he'll say now: it was again. These guys are against roads and bridges for crying out loud, but its harder. It's hard to say you, running like it much easier to go. He was against this three point five trillion. Ok, I get that it's too much money. It's he was against preschool captcha crash alone,
like children in school, you hates it gets exciting, others so much good stuff in this, the average American, if the average informed America has no idea, because all we're doing is talking about the number and the other thing they talking about the members like better than all the stuff. It's in there. They like taxing rich people and that's what your bite me stop that off the charts, but more popular in health care. Believes that all these other things well taxing rich people. Now it's ok, three point: five trillion is going to be paid for by one point, eight percent of the So, let's not say again unjust for honestly on this seem to be getting a lot these days on the show on this issue. Ninety eight point. Two percent of the people will not pay a dime. I mean you, Makes runner fifty thousand dollars and you will pay for Trans? That's right! That's that
the day, though I mean I think the american people are are wanting, I mean I can applaud providing for saying that he wants to make the top one percent pay for things. I mean people in this country that now universal Pre K. It is absolutely needed desperately. I mean everything in this in this bill is saying that kindergarten private, I didn't do it. I came out. Ok, no, but right now a lot of a veto back in the day. You know you head and I hate to say it, but back in the day you that a stare at stay at all bear it haven't anymore. So, right now and you got people to get off work, I'm kids get I've. Schools are, let's just call it what it is day care exactly, but for the first mother for her I wiped away as important, and this is really good stuff. If your poor pay nothing if you are kind of middle class, its capped at seven percent drink up. These people are paying right now, thousands of dollars out of their petty usanga, adjusted
just the frequent right, how much easier to various the thing they should really be talking about. You know about old people and theirs Nothing in here that is phenomenal for old people. Hearing vision and dental is going to be tapped onto Medicare. Now can argue whether it's a good idea, bad idea, these people work or not You mentioned hearing a public hearing which sell that's. Ok, Tristram was yours. I thought I would bring this up the Iphone, Our team came out which it for a lot of people. This is like Christmas and New Year's all rolled into one. I don't get it. I think I have the six or something I look at the new ones. I can't tell the difference. Oh you know your dick picture clearer great. I can now I was reading up on all the czech issues as weak as these on apple
working on new Iphone features that help detect depression. A second opinion from Alexa networking with scientists, uncensored data like physical activity, sleep patterns, even typing behaviour, so your phone can Tippy wharf for mental health. concerns. Anyway, I found there are actually more than just
one that they're coming out with. Would you like to see some of the other areas like? This is a great one. I think Bro Jack prevents drunk driving tragedies by disabling your Corky after the third time it hears. You say I love you guys are getting killed, Plod born when an interest and murder pod gas goes from entertaining do something I might want to try out a dreamer. This is very valuable for women and makes a fake emergency winder when you're date starts talking about his anime collection, this one we have needed for years photo crotch. Now, when a guy send you a dick pick, it automatically forge a copy to his mother potter's by this money, stoner conversations and alert them when they are about to tell the story they told by minutes ago ever cancel later. This is good enter any celebrity name and within seconds it finds an old sweet, the disqualifies them from hosting jeopardy. Here's a good wouldn't go God. Dammit automatically hunks your car horn at the asshole in the next gardens texting when the light turns green, and here is a good one. This is where a husband, if, if your wife, if your wife texts, you anything that ends at a question mark at autumn, magically text back, yes got it a well, that's crazy, so we agree that Joe Biden would be better off. I think, if we just understood Mitch, Mcconnell is not that a deal, but here's
reading. These numbers on the debt, which I mean. If they do this, I mean if they default, I don't think they really will right. I mean this is always a threat. It's up and, of course, Mitch Mcconnell. When the Republicans in office, they passed a dead, but this idea that we Already spent the money and then we vote whether to pay the credit card bill. We is this: if there's something in the constitution, this isn't done is only to other countries in the world that do it. Poland, no joke, and Denmark Superdome so responsible and so gangs of gross anyway he's going to pass responds we used to read them, lie no ears drivers that they also have a covert rate that practically zero, but this is nonsense. First of all, in this whole budget process we have two things: have
at once, both of which are ridiculous. One is the deck and, secondly, is just the operating money. That's going to close down the government, so we're gonna crash the economy, because we can't pay the debt and we're going to close government, because we have these ridiculous, rules that essentially give the majority Party a veto example a b c and d, forgetting where the fellow boxer, My fear is that you know you have one side that would absolutely have no problem watching our nation crash as long as that the blame it for that It's all about by its all. About presenting the Democrats is big spenders, but its money we only spent much of which match for cattle voted for a lot of it is from the last administration. That's, but our debt is a hundred, and what is it now hundred and twenty nine percent of GDP is like twenty nine trillion dollar. It was a hundred and fourteen percent after World war to the biggest crisis we ever had ass, though
I don't know that can go on. Also forty four, Almost forty percent of the people don't work they have something called the labour force. Participation rate. This is the the percentage of civilians. student older, who are either working or even just looking for work that sixty one point: seven percent, almost four percent of people who can who are adults we're almost adults, and yet we don't work out what why and yet we don't, and yet we haven't. We have people, we have people in this world that would walk thousands of miles to try to the United States of America and would be glad to do any job like there s a trap, and maybe we can train, let us have it. I think this took two big things in here. One, I think, a lot of that forty percent or don't work are sick but we should address the root cause of that problem. I can say
for twenty eight years under. Why are people so sick in this country? We never address the root cause of that. The other thing I Reed thing as it in here is in Heaven. Wealth is too much inherited. Wealth is too many people who can just live mommy and daddy this this is gonna bring out my entered a few million dollars. Granted. Ok, I've made a fortune, MR billionaire. You want to pass a few million. Your kids, that's fine, but beyond that. Why should but he be able to pass on this inhabited both. This is a huge part of money between This and the accretion of wealth through the stock market are trillions, trillions of money that could be used for really good things that other people can you, but the problem is, is the filthy, filthy, rich in this country, can pay for lobbyists to greet the pie,
It's about legislators to make sure that their protected, while the rest of the people in the world, in class people, have everything stuck on their friggin, show rats and exploit this well enough. There are fifty five corporations have pc road tax that people believe in free market. That's particulates and Democrats have not figured out how to say mutual conall wants be cooperation to pay. No taxes, They should do that. They should also, once in a while, once in awhile, remind people that they like work, I feel like a kind of getting the rap majority that just wants to give out free money. What actually haven't could argument in that three point: five trillion,
which is a lot of these things- help people work. If you have trial care, you can go work. If you have leave and when we get set, then you can go back to work when you're healthy, so they your right and that's one of the things they should be using to sell this package a lot of people is the need for child care during covert because Haeckel I gotta take care my kid. I can't work, so these are approach work things if they would set and explore and free community college to elevate people out of poverty and by the way, to your point about emigrants, I did a, there are a couple weeks ago. Cursor was a savage by the usual suspects, but just saying we were getting out of Afghanistan, and I was just saying you know that the immigrants have such a better attitude about America than the people who are here for a long time? They just appreciate it, and I read this story front, page there are times today about book overrun. The terrorist group and Nigeria has been, sadly,
the countryside for decades and capturing whole villages, girls into slavery ex fighters now living next door to people they menaced. So we think America's bad try when having Boca Hurrah moving next door as an addendum to that thought. Okay, so here's a but I never thought I'd have to be confronting in this year, which is that Biden, people are saying, is to trompe aspire, foreign affairs approved a career. I gotta get credit the first one to talk about this I called him, but by the EU and this week talking about a new era of relentless diplomacy which a lot of people, Lange Bullshit on France, added to that in a second is mad at us and has already compared him to Trump but ears Variety says: a senior diplomat noted that in dealings with Washington and everything from vaccines to travel restrictions the by Policies are
first, you boy that he talks about. Biden has by America plans are actually more protectionist than trumps. We didn't get We didn't re up and the transpacific partnership. The trade deal with the asian nations we didn't go by, with the IRAN deal. Cuba is where it was. could have least gone back to a bond. This policy, sending the Haitians back to a country that really isn't. There is anymore does seem more trouble. He then bite me, I'm very surprised about I'll, take different view them colleague at the Washington Post for AIDS. Listen Biden clearly does
Things trump would never do. We joined the world. Health organisation were giving five hundred billion vaccinations to the world. We join, the parent, rejoined the Paris accords and we are trying to rejoin the Randal. It wasn't Biden who pulled out. It was his predecessor. I think the one point that he has a really good point about and which has bothered me for a while it is both parties are protectionist. This is stupid as policy. This is, for you know, consumption back home trade is good. Not zero. Some we get rich, they get rich, they get Rick's, they bore more of our stuff and both parties. It was under Obama that they could. pushed through t paper, so it never happened. This is the best anti kind of bill we ve ever come up with it.
brings in our allies. It helps us trade and both parties have gotten very short sighted and they exploit it because they're saying all you're sending jobs overseas, which was not the case, and that is something I am surprised biting didn't take on headline if it could be a winner and in places in the middle a country where the market is exporting, and we have what what percentage of the population you have to be able to export. You have to open up, and sometimes it's not bear to be America for resuming. I don't understand why France is maybe I understand why they are mad at us and if you don't know what happened was friend had a deal to sell nuclear moraines for defence to Australia and Ethel ass minute. We came in, and for them cheaper and better exactly and they took it, pay,
that's the art of the bail bitch. Sorry, we do business, fair and square. We didn't know the gun to Australia is absolutely in, and the thing is that France wants to sell their stuff, I'm sure Saudi would buy it, but at the end,
today our step is busy far superior, so Austria, you would go with that, and it also wondering we still do is make killing machine. I guess we sends a message to let them know you know we right we're in their back in their nature the woods right job. You shouldn't feel bad about that when the precautions were so bad, they were really loud, bowed submarine, it's it's illegal difference, produced locally or theirs is diesel right, so seriously sooner. So there are two things I feel even better about could see is that it has not a good idea if you're trying to spy the tags black smoke truck lights on Mars making by they can do so active thing. We could, of course the French had a hyssop it labourers, couldn't kill the well so much more effectively with our right. Thank you very much. You are both untasted time for new or old Nancy Race has to admit when she hears the words missing woman and White Van. She comes and also that her favorite yoga poses cadaver dog neural. Another CBS has the shows the FBI, the FBI, International, the F b I most wanted.
a fourth FBI show the FBI fuck, as is the one where the agents fail to stop the January sixth coup. They Jeffrey Epstein off the hook. They get Trump elected and they the investigation of Larry Nasser they. I forgot right after Walker, Texas, asshole someone asked the worn men thinking of buying the dad sure DDT shared with the power to hold your incident that
You'll be known as the cool dad for about twenty minutes, and after that, you'll be known as the guy with a pocketful of babyship euros. Nobody has to tell the Wall Street Journal that when you tell me into it nears deal too by mail to. I have no idea what you're talking about, but if that winking monkey means what I think it means you can tell into it, I'm not into it normal. Another Cristo is dead. It's time to tell other artists the wrapping things and fabric isn't art. And often what you're covering is. Are you
You're not so much creating, as you are reappear stirring as an aim for people who take something beautiful and cover it with fabric the Taliban along the road Taliban response from small section of the audit bill. It's, however, to go through anybody, but finally newer all the links time there should be two national anthems is when the other team is from Canada. This is in the values that it lift every voice and sing commonly known as the black national anthem. Today, STAR spangled banner, before games and too
to go I'll pine that it was fine to get rid of the old anthem. We shouldn't have to watch the show opinions, and you want to know what the correct opinion on the anthem is that it that's the correct solution? The programme the view last week devoted a lot of time to this. Well, somehow avoiding what I actually said. It seemed to be a lot about an aid to school me on the black national anthem itself will be global. Said. We need to anthems because quote we're having to re educate people, because Nothing ever goes wrong when you start talking about re education, just Ass Chairman MAO, maybe we can set up some sort of camp Now. I
I believe we should enforce patriotism by singing anything There's one thing I hate more than group think it's audience participate. What I am what you might call an old school liberal, who was brought up with the crazy idea that segregating by race is bad. That's what I talking about again what occurred. was torn anthem. It doesn't have to be the one we currently use, but it has to be just one. You know cause it's a national anthem, symbols of unity matter and purposefully, fragmenting things by race. Reinforces a terrible message that we are two nations hopelessly drifting apart from each other.
That's not where we were even ten years ago, and it's not where we should be now where we should be now is here for a while, the United States of America, that Guy Timothy ask you, Professor Road Clark, Atlanta, university Ronan Entire book, about lift every voice and sing He said to sing the black national anthem suggests that black people are separatist and wanting. have their own nation. This. Is that everything Martin Luther King Jr believed about being one nation gets thrown out the window.
professor you'll be hearing from Whoopi buddies rights. If we have to anthems, why not three or five one on a woman's anthem Latina went them a gay train indigenous peoples and Asian Pacific Island or anthem. because I'm not dealing with you, I'm not speaking to you is not a way. You can run a country and most people of all backgrounds understand that already and don't even want to try to do it. That way. I'm not! step believing in separate but equal, that's out of step,
by sixty seven year, sixty seven years ago in nineteen, fifty four, when the Supreme Court handed down their landmark Brown versus Board of Education ruling, which said separate, but equal, isn't what we do here We decided we're going to try to make this work together. And yet a recent survey of a hundred and seventy three colleges found that forty two percent offers We're residences forty six weeks, then offer segregated orientation programmes. Seventy two percent segregated graduation ceremonies, broken
relations, liberal parents- you just paid a hundred grand for your kid to move to Biloxi, Mississippi and nineteen. Forty eight, I thought the whole point of going off to college was to be exposed to people from different backgrounds, I share all your opinions, but you find a way to get high with them were a nation that professes diversity is our strength, but now here the kids dorm rooms are determined by racial purity. the University of Michigan Dearborn thought it would be super progressive to set up one virtual. Half a day for people of color and one for white people,
you see what I mean about becoming so woke. You come back out the races side, the University of Ohio suggested a Jim for minorities only have a hard time, believing that the vast majority of African Americans care private conversation, they're saying, oh, I just can't stand doing squats and run a white people really. We can't even go to the gym together, because what's next, what for a separate dorms anthem, ceremonies, cafes, Jim's, separate neighborhoods that was red lining they wouldn't let blackberry. Live in the town where I grew up than they do. the word for that is progress. It's where the term
Progressive comes from most Americans, including nearly eighty percent of african Americans, want to live in racially diverse neighborhoods, the silent majority seems to be behind the idea that you can't have a melting pot with two parts Yes, America was born from the original sin of slavery and redress, for that is certainly still in order, but not at the cost destroying a country that most black people now have found a decent life and with a red, but generally high standard of living and don't want to lose and organizing our nation will certainly cause us to lose it. We need to top regarding this new woke segregation. some sort of cultural advancement- it's not Yugoslavia,
people- are Sarajevo Muzzle catholic unorthodox lived side by side for nearly a century. It hosted the fixing nineteen. Eighty four years later it look like this country, do disintegrate into madness when they indulged their separatist tendencies who to slaughter. To achieve in Catholics in private in Ireland some reason she aids in Iraq, Hindus and Muslims in Kashmir. Everyone Afghanistan and that one Jew We need to unite as one nation who come together and seeing one anthem, always out of key,
thank you very much for twenty six October. Seventy percent greater diversity. Before do I want to thank Jennifer emerging agenda. Taking me to watch a movie venetian nonaligned, each bio dot com
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