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Ep. #579: Steven Van Zandt, Katherine Mangu-Ward, Matt Taibbi

2021-10-02 | 🔗

Bill’s guests are Steven Van Zandt, Katherine Mangu-Ward, and Matt Taibbi. (Originally aired 10/1/21)

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Welcome to each year passed from the HBO real time.
What are you crazy? The fiscal do you, people go nuts.
Well, you know. That's the big story hit, have the boreal dollar shit, but it's all right. That's all America's talking about that. Berry funding, dough, God pass, we are not going to have a government showed what do jeering, because we may, it through the December thorough, that's what they did, they they wanted. The Democrats wanted again I'll raise the debts illegal, not just till December. Third, that's all the republic is the equivalent of pudding tape on your shower nozzle. Until you actually call the plumber, you now get this stupid, stupid game of chicken that they always play. Whenever a Democrat is the president. The Republicans can make em. Like an asshole and, of course at Lastly, Democrats had to back down. See, policy blanked, which is itself
It is said that a new book out about drugs. I love this everybody who worked for drum for years. Politely, loyal that I hate his guts and their right of what I was really so Stephanie grocer battery remembered this one. One of many. Good Jerry's wrote a book and she talked about other inside dirty. Probably millennia was very angry about trumped cheating on her at one point, cheerfully said. I wish he never ordered me so I love this by the way I know Biden is imperfect, but just remember It was only a year ago that shit like this was happening. Get this at one point, Trump called sex
aggression from air force, one about his penis. That's yeah, that's not happening under the. Administering justice tanker. Yes, because member stormy day knows that it will be shaped like a toads. Do turn on the collar from airport. Get it out there. My dick is not shaped like a toad through dig. You see why he had so many press or two areas. Emmi try working that into a press release about the consumer price index. Here's the global supply chain is causing a lot of problems. Now hope you in trouble trouble getting A lot of people are there's a assured supply. Now have can vegetables chicken, bottled water, but the bright side we are fully stock with come
Hollow wind shit, this country. I love this way no check in. But if you want a plastic rapid sings, the monster managed we ve got. You got celebrity news. Britney spears father has been removed from the conservative ship, so I got this went on much longer. Can burns would make a documentary about to start talking about no good for Brittany, LOS Angeles judges have lost their lives, judge officially, release Brittany put her father in the corner.
and now the Democrats want to put that judge on Kirsten Cinema Alot of Twitter completely congratulating themselves and freeing Brittany for FUCK's sake, she's a pop star, good news, your credit card, you, not Nelson Mandela. Ok, I'm glad you're, worried, I don't even just agree should be very Brittany was so excited when she heard the news shaved. Her had an attacked a car with an umbrella. Is that a bad joke here? But I love this after a minute. I this is so California. Where are the Californians when you need them Our latest wildfire was started by a showman
Of course it was a sham and who is in the woods boiling barrier and not naked urine urine from a bare that's why I always drink my bare urine cold. I just want to know how to bear to be in a cop, that's right here, first, that he is the ultimate rock and roll rebel. Also, somehow found time to become a really good actor is no, but
is called unrequited infatuation a memoir, my good friend, Stevie Vans and K. I crazy lively. I finally get you in my directorate general for thirty years, and now I'm gonna make the most of it. First, like this gotta tell you the book, I gobbled up its ventures that I let the title. First of all, unrequited indications, awesome title. there are so many authors out there. It saying I wish I thought of that, says so many things, the other I don't want to get to the rock and roll rebel. I sat there, you name it Box that, after that,
years. In making that title right and I feel like even among rockers who are rebels. You were rebel among rebels. You think that's true, well, at the time. The little politics was cool. You know in our business I mean it's one of those show business. he's right, stay away from politics and religion? Are you follow my mantra, my whole, its just can't don't give me that my identity and I was looking for you now going up sixties, everybody had a very, very distinct identity. And when I left these three banners like well, how do I justify my eggs. since I thought, can I be the political guy in our talk about this issue. I know you say you you left because
you know you wanted more in the decision making process but actually. You know when I look at what you went from there. I don't know how you you could have coexisted because huge wanted to be so much more political? And I mean a theme thrive. Look in your life! Is you losing money that's the foregoing money that could have been money. That was on the table that you did not. break in because you chose this other path because you are the rock and roll rebel I mean, I don't know how you could not could not, and I just culture in the name of your out from the eighties. They were also revolution. Freedom! No compromise right voice of America. We have those picture. From those albums, because I just gotta say what what was the look you're going
there's David. I I really want to work, but it was in the closet a lot of Sierra. Ok, it's a look, but that, but the point you wanted to be this guy? Who did something? I've always said this about music think a lot of musicians. They dig themselves up about. They can change the world. but what you did in South Africa really did What is it with a lot of people? A lot of people have obviously not just as the four musketeers meet any sector. Are the Baker and Hard Perry, but it was really the United from the United Nations to all of the union's in Europe with a big movement we kind of That was what we did like like that sport can we did what we like the few but wasn't a year. I didn't go after Sun City
Remember I vaguely remember this did sunset. He was collective, LAS Vegas of South Africa, migrant. It was and I remember everybody played it, Frank Sinatra opened it, but lots of people who are known as big liberals. In the music industry are probably dont want to be reminded because ever- and there was this pressure that you put on it. Was our wine going there to south? look at this is an apartheid regime yet, and we made a decision now, let's, let's soon that they were manipulated, wish they were in Ireland. Let's not haven't in fighting amongst the amongst the music people: let's keep our and, above all, because we had a bigger and bigger goal in mind, which was to raise enough consciousness to get the sanctions. bill past, which we knew what it came up. Our Reagan was gonna veto it because he was part of that unholy trinity. Supporting supporting apart, gave him Thatcher and Co. Uk Germany, you know
and an Reagan with God. Nowadays, Mandy was this. The grandfather, Lee Cowboy, yellow, happy cowboy, and all these crimes are going on behind the scenes and we need. The razor causes is enough when the sanctions bill came up which was really the home run. You know sports boycott first, which was in place cultural boycott words. What we do an early in any economic sanctions. and once it came up, he did Vito it and we are we overrode that veto, because we had raise the consciousness so much and Republicans Republicans voted for it. Okay, Richard Lugar and Republicans voted for the sanctions bill. Can you imagine Republicans voting, so black people could vote different, our very different area yeah, but- and you did all that and yet you still didn't starve. You still have some money
a clear principle, but the money being development. Money being so much it's well, you know my either wonderful success, Onawandah ever sound ungrateful about these street ban and sopranos Lillehammer and the Sun City Project dinner. but my own personal, my more my most personal stuff. You know my personal records that uses the screen up. Debts have not found an audience, you know, and the point is go to life. You going to have some frustration and you going to have some disappointment and everybody is and that's what do universal theme start to happen. You know let's not, is not a matter. Are you gonna be disappointed with? What do you do with it? What do you do? Ask that you give up and throw in the towel. You kind of find a way to move forward, and I hope I hope the book is useful. That way It will be. I think it's really interesting the way you beauty, this parallel between I think the word is considerably airy.
It's, as am I saying that right, I know it's not gonna blow hot conciliatory reconciliation. Ok, so that you, like that in these three bad and then that's the part. Really played on this approach. That was bloody and it was so when you play the part on this apparent how about you had never academic David Chase. He he cast you Based on charisma, like ability authenticity, not acting ability but you didn't habit, the title was none. I turn them it out when you are right, but it worked because you you you didn't have stretch too far in your mind, for conciliatory role, rightfully that's fire develop into that, and we did start off by way of star resisted running the show
club for the families and we would meet in the back room would be there are offered by the developed over the first season developed into that internet underwear scarcely any role here, so I know- You probably would agree with the Mccartney thing EAST used to say about I'd rather have a band rolls Royce right, I'm I'm guessing! You would agree with that statement. You love having a bad. You lobbying A ban? Again? That's my that's! My inclination. Unama been guy ensemble guy and do you think there may be too many bans, now a thing here and there about the number of I think that one point six million artists, that from the beginning of to generate nine. Twenty nineteen to the middle of twenty twenty: that's in a year and a half a million point, six artists were on Spotify. While can there be that many good?
Well, we weed out for shit. That's always I filed the problem ready farm we going to do with Tunisia, underground garage shadow, your journal channel, twenty one on me. You want to break new bans, don't you we introduced over one thousand new bans and twenty other, even a thousand new good. What's oh yeah, really oh yeah this, if I dont have them in over twenty years, is out of twenty. He is but its incorporation these days, and then you really do a minute. It's it's more music than ever. even though the rock business is kind of over me, far as the industries concerned worse still, the biggest thing live, thankfully right but but records, in all this thing, mostly yak they have the money. Yes
the other. People have money, but they bring the generations with them. They pay for them like they do everything out. Ok, so are you seventy you. Don't even look at addressing. So can you do this, for our shows a mean, sometimes used treatment as a forum where you'd have to now, but it should be for ever. We we only did for a couple times, and it was too much. I may again though, showed booth came over to me like I can't Benda strings any right, Michael posted a boss when he thought before the boy, but not about three hours. You gonna do three. You might get the three and a half. That's about the limit.
So you want to do. We have to get home, but a babysitter right or the rolling stones are still doing it their older than you. That's it, and then I go forever because we will be the new guys on the block. Maybe ran treasure jeez at her and sheep of reason, magazine and composed of the reason round table podcast Catherine Manga Ward Ticket NEWS on Sub Saharan CO host of the pod cast useful Idiots Matt Day being so again in this budget should is boring. One key about this
is going on in this country. We need to talk about it, let's spice it up by thinking about it. This way, you know when they do surveys of married couples or even couples in relationships and always find out that the number one thing that people fight about no close, second, is money, people fight about money and that's what Democrats or doing mommy and daddy or fighting about money they have to bill ass. They passed neither one one. They could pass right now, but eight to one point to truly say one trillion. What's when you can t thing one and then that's just for infrastructure, that's actually building roads and bridges and stuff like that, a couple of I think we would have been very happy to just have that. Then there Other three point: five trillion dollar bill: that's for lots of other stuff like child care community college. Universal Pre came Medicare expansion,
paid family and medical a lot of who is free stuff, always Bob, so the to win The party the AIR Sea Bernie Wing; they want both bills and they're gonna, all the one hostage, so they get them both the other more moderate idea there very mad at Kirsten Person and Christian have to thicken. yet their names alive. I can't ever get hurt Kirsten right here's, the Cinema and Joe Mansion. Neither two Democrats are holding up and there met them. There's the not progressive enough, forgetting that they only got elected. Is there not progressed as their moderates? Here's my question spending more money, make you a better person or a bigger moderate, Maybe these two cinema and mention, did they might
there are some more on the pulse of the average Democrat in the country. I think it is so telling the DE mean conversation that this is just people shouting those two trillion dollar numbers at each other over and over. We are ahead of this idea that somehow actually is and the bill nobody knows what's in the bells, and I think there was this brief moment. I'm not going to be a problem here. There's a brief moment last week on and off he caught, it were actually the three point: five trillion dollar bill was was zero dollar bill? There was this big fight because was acknowledged pain for so it's kind of the money comes from nowhere, it's fine Obama, care was paid for, such a different ever when that was a thing and there are at least try to pay for your bill. There are pay for it in both of these girls, but the fact that you know the fact that This is going to be a huge amount of accounting trickery and there that's always going to happen, and we know I think you are right that the american public is not its not clear that what they voted for when they voted for Joe Biden who is per,
does a moderate was three point: five trillion dollars of massive new social programmes, and just isn't that may not be people actually won, and I think it's reasonable enough for our representatives to say like hey, how long can we talk That is why I think it everything within the media. Just from that standpoint, how quickly we have gone from believing that most media people believe the deficit spending was, a good thing and that we needed more of that right, but now it's more like modern. Terry Theory that there's a limitless amount of money that we can spend and we should never have to worry about account? again or paying for things again I don't know where a fallen there, but I think it is interesting that almost everybody covers the stuff. Believes that that letter,
well and there's this weird pretence that we always believed it. I mean this is a very human rights say like definitely spend right millions of dollars, and it means nothing for what your children will have to pay back. What resources we will have if there's another crisis in the future- and I just just don't like the covert change. You remember the that Great Bookshop doctrine. By no yeoman climbs. You know it's sort of like the theory. Never let a crisis go to waste. We saw how the Republicans at nine eleven happened. It was like. Oh well, we always wanted to invade Iraq. Again and wooden is ended. I think I do. This is kind of what the other side did with covert. I mean they always wanted to like send more checks, people who have kids whoop this bill is anybody who is making four hundred thousand dollars get two thousand dollars a kid. I so baby bone
And there's a lot of stuff in this bill, but basically is gonna, go to people who are better off. I mean, I think its reasons another question to say there are people suffering in this country. They need help, and maybe the federal government occasionally should help with that, but that is not these three point five trillion dollars are. It is everything every democratic ever wanted to do this in having pay it's just a choice. it isn't like. Aren't we picking winners and losers there? Now you are now alone, because there are public and then the Democrats both want subsidized spawning. That's all Don't you see it's it's supposed to be a bill. That's a green bill. Kids are in green. Having more People is in green. You have not seen my children after they have peace, just out of this the same people who are saying that this we need the three point: five trillion dollar bill are the same
people who are arguing against it when Bernie Sanders was running against Joe Biden just a year ago. I think that's interesting to like a lot of pundits have completely changed their minds about this and acted like nothing happened, and Republicans steroid their credibility. As responsible fiscal stewards like I don't think it's important to keep that in mind. I got up and said I need a couple trillion dollars and they were like here you going, I like what everyone tat way before the well in doing that, for they were already in the workplace and they blew a beginning forever. The Democrats would come in and clean up their most and somehow they would still have the reputation as the people who look after your money. I never understood how that happen, what they would it keeps saying during elections and people like
because Americans actually do like the idea that their government might be kind of fiscally responsible and Republicans got away with the rhetoric for a lot longer than the reality supported it. So one of the things to free years of community college. I don't know I thought of that when I read your article this week about. Does America hate the poorly educated, I mean I was saying a few weeks ago, maybe months ago, who knows I smoke pot, but ever why's that so sure that the idea that the more education we get the better we are, I don't know what their teaching at the colleges. I dont think their teaching that the subjects that are of substantive any more maybe some of them are, but So just this idea that, more sitting in classrooms makes you more able to. Navigate the world and you came up earth. You quoted a guy came up with this. I love this.
phrase, credential ism, right away, prejudice we have credential is looking down on people who don't have any sort of degree I mean I was saying instead of like getting everybody with a degree. Why don't we just be honest that most people don't needed degree and its? bullshit think of covered a lot of stories, but student loans, and I beg your people to face the idea that the higher education, America's kind of a scam- it is you you need to go to college to get a good professional job, but there's no guarantee you're gonna get one. If you go to college in fact, the likelihood is very poor that you're gonna get a good job right out of college for most people, but you have to get the equivalent of a gigantic mortgage to go to one of these it wasn't a lot of people who go to college now they that they leave the net, they think themselves. I couldn't just
the tables from the beginning and not had this massive debt. When I left and people are catching onto an that's, that's that's. Problem at reason magazine. We make it a point to hire people who do not have college degrees down to be fair. That's usually They couldn't actually get it together to finish college rather than like a deep, principled position, but but for this very reason there is there is nothing about Spain. four years on ivy covered campus or in a strip mall, as in the case of many colleges in America, make us better qualified to do a lot, and we have, I think, the Americans The currently hold something like one points, trillion dollar met again, for, in the woods, rounded up or down money, doesn't mean anything anymore They hold one point six trillion dollars in federal student debt and that money, maybe doesn't mean anything to the federal government, but it means a lot to those individual people. They have all been sold this bill of goods where they have taken on that its
keeping the decisions they make in their lives, and you know Clearly, I would like to see us improve our K through twelve system so that people don't get. I been simply each day sending occupational and had no avail. I feel like they don't know anything. If you like this never read a book. Somebody get me a video of a check. Talk mash up this guy's, just ask it's like the old J Leno Jaywalking that reaches asked people question first question: who was the first American to walk on the sun Let's go Lance Armstrong. Another question was then
ITALY is in what country answer Paris. I mean there are moronic on a level that they weren't even ten years ago, and why would I want to put more money into that? I dont want them oh prefaces or answer with I'm a teacher. Should know this, and now we're finding out. There's somebody I this week. I saw in the news, calling a meeting crisis, because women overwhelmingly or kicking men's asses as far as getting degree I hate to say this. I think men might be onto something here like you did pains me, but if significantly fewer men are looking at the proposition that college offers and saying they want to take it. You know. Maybe Well, I guess I do not think that a man I hate to say well, but the problem
that women, who have a degree don't want to go out with men who don't so you wind up with all these lonely angry men. Really funny we're going to burn down the country, its hysterical, but really I mean who, wherever you have lonely angry men is never a It's never a good thing, the priesthood the Taliban wrongly angry met and the course who is their poor is the perfect champion of the Moroccan Donald Trump, especially guy just mean his vocabulary. All six words of it is perfect for them. Oh isn t what I covered
campaign you earn. He knew exactly. Who is talking to you that whole thing about how I love the poorly educated right. He understood we're all that restoration was out there and in education is the political divide in this country now, if it's the most predictive thing, if you want to determine who who is going to vote for democrats- and we can vote for Republicans its college graduates, verses people who don't college degrees and that's changed dramatically just since Clinton's time like if you looked at the top thirty districts, ninety two half of them, voter republican and half of them voted Democrat in the last election, all but three of them but a Democrat. So it's it's become a class at rational thing. accompanied by new point out the enigmatic, accompanied by real hate like- Wants you to die kind of hate which never The case I mean a feminist file long ago is like as recently as like the twenties authorities.
Only like one out of twenty Americans went to college baseness a college man in almost like you're a doctor, but people who didn't go didn't hate those people right now they hate and I see in the paper today over half of trump people want of a war for the one percent of bite and voters. one is civil. Where did they think they're going. We're cider we on I mean I'm in California. He got four point: five million I think, in this state we can have a civil war, This isn't. This is the problem of polarization right and I think it. It causes all kinds of downstream issues. I guess bay. Including eventually of war. I hope not, but people don't know people who disagree with them politically anymore and they didn't use white recently exactly, and I think you know in some ways- that's that's
a potential solution to some of their anger. Around politics. Right now is like if everybody just go make one friend who voted currently the main language and its I get like if your own Republican and you and you think I got democratic too far and wide also like consider libertarians because
there's something to hate and something to love for both sides about us and worth superfine parties, so try. So we thought this would be a weekly stuff revision or coming out to do one of my favorite department on the show. I don't know for a fact. I just I just know for a fact that the chef would vented blackened chickens just burnt the jack. I don't know for a fact that in the not too distant future, every guy you can't get it up, would blame it on one coldly. I just know it's. I don't know for a fact that hooker, but Joe Biden has done the
fiction thing with its arranging the just now. I know for a fact that the hand sanitized road super cuts, it's just jail.
I don't know for a fact that you can show a door man and there lay a vaccination car that was really a coupon from bed Beth and Beyond to let you for a fact that Kirsten Cinema isn't buys use just indecisive. I just know it's. I don't know for a fact that you could pay for a labour gay just by rending it to guys on tender depose in front of her for a fact that if a giant still call leading were three story, land suddenly appeared on the Breyer. Everyone- and I would just go- should have to take very fact. I dont know for a fact that if I started the brain, your face with a pipe challenge on Tik Tok kids would do it. I just I don't know for a fact that now that Robin has come out as bisexual, he listened pronouns as Biff Power Ban. So I thought this would be a good way to do this, because, when I read you take
as I always do, about Russia seems to be what you're saying the Russia Trump connection right. You get what I'm saying that the that's your thesis really is that the media was like. I don't know for a fact. I just know it's true, and I just have to pick this right with you, because I understand you're right. The media does leap on things too soon they don't care they want to be first, more important the being accurate. But you know it sounds like you think, that when Trump says it was a hoax he's right and I dont think that, the case I mean you said that you can wmds. You said the Russia Connect the Trump is this generations WMD? I don't think that's an accurate analogy, because the Word W m. There were no empty wmds, but there was collusion Russia really like where, where the Senate Intelligence Committee, this is run by Republicans, who are of
things slavers to trump. Their report said campaigns, interactions with russian intelligence services during the twenty sixteen fragile election posed. Grave. your intelligence threat. Why would Republican say that about Donald Trump first of all that mother didn't say that second We are talking about one person. Mother did not say that member here, like I'm, not gonna, not not not say he proceeded, but he didn't he didn't exonerate him at all. Is this story is about the alleged delivery of public pulling data to a guy named Constantine clinical? Yes to the international republican ensued? And Well, it is described as a g. Are you age? We don't really know he's Certainly something close to the people in Russia, though, you will admit that they had a building of people in same produce
who were just assigned to wrap fuck the election through Facebook right well. theoretically there there they talked about a hundred thousand dollars that we spent by that company range facebooks free, but they never established the connection between that company and the government. And what it will just doing it voluntarily innocent hundred thousand dollars worth of ads. That's nothing compared to what, if they really wanted to affect re election monitors, give won't run fifty million nine eleven didn't cost much either about how much you spend I think that more significant thing is that there were such a massive quantity of fake stories that did go through from the steel dossier to the budget He'll dossier got right, two very important things they got right, am I wrong about this. You don't you looked at me like as my default facial expression. Ill luck. Is there some more so here they got the writer, but you know
Russia was waging a broad campaign to elect Trump, and that was before that was established, and the other thing they got like was right was the Wikileaks leak. I mean that the Democrats, this was all being written during time and all this was already coming out in the F B. I actually even conclude that that they couldn't find than the original reporting in the still dossier that actually pan out. The stuff that was actually original and the steel dossier for everything from the p taped to the well developed a conspiracy, five years the well and between us trump. None of that and while the Peter by my great, was a tragedy that was in massive story for years, and yet we weren't talk. We will. It is a massive story, because people make if it's obviously people would rather talk about people budget, must we talk about that, but that was confirmed by Mahler that
I mean Roger Stone, right, oh wiki leaks to release the democratic emails. The pity the emails right after the holly, access tape came out and they did within an hour The day after Trump said publicly Russia, if you listening you can hack those emails, these two, that's not pollution. Now look The writer son indictment actually proves that the the vision. Theory was was wrong there. They, even at that very late date. They were trying to reach out to Wikileaks effect if there was actually a conspiracy between what you lease Russia
they wouldn't have had Roger Stone, reaching out and being told the fuck off by the way by Wikileaks. But it's not legislating goes. Those images were released right after yet, but that's that's a completely different thing from talking about an espionage. Conspiracy. Beware trick trump and the Russians got together to two points. And to fix an election that mean they're they're allowed to talk to wiki leaks that if they have, they think they have a big Sorry, that's gonna hurt Hillary Clinton. You want to jump on those I wouldn't have thought I would love to frankly, but I will I kind of like I'm at a table here with two due to each have their own bulletin board covered with, like yarn and newest, like when you write like they're, really neared. There really is this. This leaves in this space between incompetence and conspiracy, trumpeted
terrible job of colluding with Russia. If he was trying to blame me, he was trying to buy you know on some level. I think you know that the real mistake was- and I think this is mats point ultimately, the focus, the media, Focus on this story missed the mark because Trump was doing a bunch of very bad stuff in public. can and should have convinced people that he wasn't gonna be fit to serve for present services for a second term for a first term, and you know it turned out focusing on the Russia Gate stuff, maybe distracted from an old talking, his terrible immigration policy or something like that where the budget, I feel we wish. You luck, I feel like we did bows
you know what I mean like. If any tape we had the atom brilliant pretend that that all didn't happen that they weren't in bed with the Russians, and I mean, and then they did it again, because they got away with it really Giuliani, went to Ukraine and met with a guy who we set at best. This is like fifty fifty or russian agent that which is defence. Should we even be meeting with people who are best fifty fifty agent? That's how far the goalposts had moved like that's, not a big thing anymore would build story for three years. Was Trump colluded? with the russian Secret services to fix an election. It was an espionage, inspires a story that we took Zeta recently. We were told every case in serious. They didn't have their way in the same room. He didn't see. The thing is with trumpet heat but it is crime so publicly that people just thought it must not be a crime because,
How else could you get away with that? What's the guy you and on his wife right at the timetable in the most popular restaurant and honey, if I was looking her. Would I be right here at this moment so big news today, Merk has a new covert pill. What is funny about that that I am one ask if this isn't a game changer, but we ve never. Had this afar Merk has developed a pill that reduces the risk of hospitalization or death. By around fifty percent for patients. they say mild or moderate cases of covered, which I saw on the news that means take it early. Take when you first get them feel bad. Take this pill, Is this going to change everything? I hope so. It would be incredible if this worked out just like that, just like the vaccine was
credible innovation that changed unfortunate as much as we would like, but really helped get the country again in the world functioning again. I do thing to sail this. The panel, so we already eirik and love. That's why? I think this is gonna, be the gay because they like just saw but with the pill, even though the pill could do the same as a vaccine is just something about a pillar to take up. The people want till I do they pills are easy, even a shadow. Over to her. Did I don't know it's scary it it's a needle can take up. Tell I'm sorry. I feel bad that I didn't bring you and I don't think I think, there's incredibly encouraging development. I think it could be a game changer. I will admit, I went into the pandemic extremely sceptical of the FDA and the CDC, but I think America,
joined me in that, as we saw a huge number of mistakes by the public health bureaucracy huge and I'm This pill does not have FDA approval right now, so I want to know how long are we going to wait if this is lifesaving? Just like the vaccines, to be. I would really like for people to have the right to try these lifesaving medications and I'm but to be accessed. Understanding of the problems as you written to eloquently about is that we are politicized medication? No, I mean I've ever met him and keeps I've met him. It's it's a drug, it's not a politician. It should not have any reputation except doesn't work, or not but like on the left. For applauding that completely non controversial idea, but on the left, it was like. Oh no, you can't even mention it. I think they they took their rights.
Part of your mate. The censured campaign over the ordinary there are knocking at Iver Mechanism and, of course, the the comedians on the left, with only talk about the fact that it was used to de worm horses leaving out has been described millions of times for humans. Now there was a a study done. A large patients study in Brazil ever mention they said, had no effect whatsoever, but you know what there's, always multiple studies, I dont know. Doctors are also wrong. A lot about shit. You know that, The thing it was we don't know about Kosovo is it there were sown if you lose were suddenly rooting against or rail or certain drugs right road? I do you care laid out for a j exactly and then they have. What one flew Vow Zaka mean an antidepressant they show does show a thirty percent reduction in risk of hospitalization. Why don't we
you're about that. Why isn't that approved? To talk about? I dont get it. where medic and what was your Hydroxyl glory amber trumped up debts are now that was like. You know when you touch a baby bird it'll dyke has any meaning the mother knows a human touched, it A lot of people want to be alone People want to be gatekeepers on as a lot of people thought that they can public was too stupid to stand that there might be multiple different treatments and other things going on all at once and that they just tend to be told they very, very simple story that only the vaccine was good and they had to take a vaccine, and you know far be it from me to say the american public is not stupid like that does happen, but I think one stakes are this high. When it really is about acting Euro life. People should be to make their own choices and if they want to read a bunch of brazilian studies and come to their own conclusion right
now don't be all right. I met study may turn out to be true, but they usually do multiple. Multiple studies and also I dont, know how the brazilian studies are done. I don't know who wrote a Czech, sometimes that happens to make a study come out, but you know as a buck. I read a serious doktor said nothing in medicine is fixed or precise. Online other sciences. That's the case. I've been trying to prosecute on this
all right? We ran at a time. It was a lot of fun time for new rules. Everybody. Now the makers of this plant on logic, clock at the National Institute of Standards and technology, which is so accurate. It would neither gained or lose one second in thirty, three billion years have to admit that it such a bitch Teresa when the power goes out a chocolate, but this one from target girl now that they too have the biggest talent agencies. In Hollywood, our merging, I see em and CIA
to change their name to I'm cock up. That's why we're here watching cats and thinking who made this shit you'll have the answer here. All stop showing me video of workers and has bad suit, sprang down trains and planes with God knows what I'd rather take my chances and covered them ride. The chemical expressed a cancer down no vacation should begin with. This is your cap. In speaking, our flight today contains toxins known to the state of California to cause birth defect. Now sit back, relax enjoy this light neural. The organizers of the attempt to break the world record for the largest ever mass dog wedding have doing
I may next time because really add what other ceremony you're gonna, get to see a room cheat on his bride right there on the altar I got in there are also in Scandinavia, is only known for furniture and atmospheric crime shows murderers. They must make an atmospheric prime show about someone who murders, people with furniture and the title of it must be if I catch your eye gear and finally, neural summit has to break it to America's travels loggers that the port of life were you tired and joy ride around the country. That's was to come after us,
working for a living part. If not before now, in recent weeks, the country has been transfixed with the story of a young woman murdered while travelling in a van with her boyfriend and while too much Tension has already been paid. This case has taught me a few things first, that grace is still alive and, second, how extensive is this movement of young hipsters region? thing the dreary working life and thus norms to instead explore the country in a van, which I found very odd. This is what time, Please do they get an hour. They visit our nations, many historic outlet malls, it's what Clarence, Thomas and his hideous wife do for kicks
You want to emulate them. What's next, up shooting birds on the ground like Dick Cheney. But but of course, the whole point of Van Life is to film your travels and put them on Youtube here: Donna, although Europe content providers, let other people work stupid jobs like nurse or teacher, you figured out a way to monetize fucking off yeah you and everybody else in your generation. according to the alleged times content creators are the fastest growing type of small business. In the U S by one s over fifty million people worldwide now consider themselves to be online creators or influencers. we used to ass kids. What do you want to be when you grow up? They say fire fighter astronaut now
six year olds would probably say I want to be Instagram famous bitch, and I guess why not these supposedly media, savvy, millennials and gems ears really do buy stuff, just because some Ding Dong holds it upon Instagram Bill but boomers buying crap on Cuba see but you're doing the same thing ground I was lying chopper, where you're selling mascara to each other, the only difference, issues suffering from dementia. What you're excuse? I get why nobody wants the jobs that Dell Taco is offering, but on, hey, that's exactly where Brian laundry should be working. He was ever destined to be in the famous he was destined to fail. The fries and my cheeseburger combo
I keep hearing that there are no good jobs out there. Well, there certainly are many shitty jobs out there but there are also millions of openings and professional in business services. Education, health construct Retail Manufacturing America right now has more job openings than at any time in its history and more than that, people. Looking at the time there are no good jobs out. There just means. I want to be M gargantuan. It means I want my job to be. I'm me and people paid a watch that
What's the fall back career, marijuana, Chester, seventy two percent of Jens Ease, say they'd like to be an online celebrity, don't even want to achieve something that makes them famous would involve that pesky step of developing some sort of talent or skill, no getting followers. That is the achievement. I'd say take a good long, look at yourself, but plainly, that's all you do all day we spent decades dismantling the patriarchal notion that women should stay home and not work, and then the car dashi in phenomenon happened. Now it seems like millions want. Do you now stay,
we're, not work. This generations financial plan is hitting the jackpot. Getting do nothing is their highest goal so spoiled by parents who told them All you have to do is do you. They think it's fascinating for us to watch them order exited diner. But how long can we go on selling each other? Are life stories as the basis for an economy? It doesn't. sustainable, you can all be the Truman. Job most of the time what these bloggers are reporting on is in there. I've always is just themselves this. Just now, we woke up. It's hard to read my head around this level of narcissism of so many people trying to make a living by taking pictures of themselves like that, their own paparazzi-
everyone wants to know what went on in advance between Brian and Gabby. I want to know why filming Van life is something anyone would find remotely interesting to begin with. home movies, you ve ever been interesting as to ruin the Youtube error, as it was back when kids had to sit through Uncle Morty Super rate footage of his trip to Cyprus Gardens, but at least he didn't ask us to hit the like button and subscribe to it. I'm sorry, but Brian Laundry was not an interesting person until he became a person of interest. When we read about this couple riding around for four months, I thought how lovely that would have been. When I was twenty two and I dont
member having the freedom to just drive around the country, I had to sell drugs, starting a career to pay for it. Nobody these days seems to be up for an during those burly, shitty jobs and shitty apartments. We all had as a matter of course, and the way to something better, one of the most, Miller Games of the pandemic was intended animal crossing a game, You don't do anything there are no add guys you can't die, you can't win or lose you're, just gonna fuck around what a perfect game for this generation, but what I don't about them is, if you think, having a job is so terrible. How can we always try to people fired
I'll be at the Benedum Center in October, 16th, the Lyric Theatre in Baltimore on October 23rd, at the New York episode of real time, with Bill Maher every Friday night at ten or watching anytime, on HBO on demand for more information log on to HBO dot com,
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