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Ep. #580: Steven Pinker, Robert Costa, Michael Render (aka Killer Mike)

2021-10-09 | 🔗

Bill’s guests are Steven Pinker, Robert Costa, and Michael Render (aka Killer Mike). (Originally aired 10/8/21)

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Welcome to each party from the HBO real time.
my god I give my life. I, like you, I am so much, I'm so glad you're in a good mood, bigots I'm gonna down this date, fires out and now we have an oil spill.
have you seen the shut up, that's right off the coast year. Outlay residential furious is the last thing we want. Is oil in art, sewage. A man can we have a moment of silence for the tragedy that happened this week, Facebook went down on Monday, millennials engender like Facebook Instagram. What's out there
went down for six hours and I think, as Americans, we all remember where we were that day on. We couldn't take a picture of ourselves in the bathroom mirror and send it out when we couldn't argue vaccine mandates with our lab partner from seventh grade when there was no word opposed to me of Biden and Bill gates, jerking Satan off, it was terrible itself. There is an actual, really good news, I think covered cases they say or declining precipitously health works help words are saying we may be at the beginning of the end of this fucking nightmare remains a keeper fingers grocer by Christmas airline. Passengers may be back to punching each other over the armrest,
Not everyone must tell you that I warnings on board with this desire state represented, from New Hampshire Guess, which party whose blocking covered funds because he says babies of vaccinated women are being born with pitch black eyes. Make a stand and walk at three months, which I don't think it's true, but but honestly would walking babies be such a bad thing. I'm sure there are parents out there are thinking. You know what that beyond some kid cries for milk. I can just say you know where the refrigerators getting and this guy us listen to this. He says the vaccine, It contains tentacled creatures.
I think someone has been watching a little too much. Good game is no stupid job. That's the one people at squid game! It's about this type, violent south korean version. I guess of hunger games And in the movie the series people who have debts and can't pay them first, a murderer each other and its Mcconnell said, I'm listening, I give this super rich. Did you see the Forbes you? Never you there before was four hundred list that comes out the richest foreigner Americans. Forty percent, I mean of the four hundred forty percent- are richer than they were just land.
Here or there forty percent Richard something there richer. I know it's Parker, but the republic is always a rising tide. Live saw, Butch to say nothing, but it does for private rocket chips, it's getting getting chippy out there. Did you see what happened with Kirsten Kirsten Cinema this week? You know she goes she's. The Senator Huzza, The senators Democrats are holding up their big three point: five trillion dollar programme and a lot of people like this. She was at the Arizona State University and an event and again Gen activists followed her into the bathroom. started yelling at her in the bathroom while she was paying and then they went
back to demanding that we may campuses a safe space. I think that's a little over the time they followed around there and they were recording themselves yelling at her while she's in the stall and she's like there too and telling your worst dreaming live, and she said I am to get the fuck out of this is that people are angry at everything. Is politicized Monday's Columbus day, you, gotta, be fun holiday now, so many went through his old tweeds has just say: will not be hosting jeopardy anytime. So there's a new born movie out. Finally, you that one per
James, because even that controversial you know because he has to step up with the times and they have stepped up with the times and with James. He still sleeps with three beautiful women, but two of them have a pin so we're trying and speaking of Venus is there. California, our state, always ahead. We have we we have this- is he said sarcastically anyway, lot of times we are, but this one It wasn't. Even aware of. We have now is a true outlawed stealth thing You know what it is one guy some people. I did not know what is Del thing
Newsome sign this today. It's a lot and make it a crime to secretly were move a condom during sex. Ok, I've! questions. First of all, how do you even do this, you felt something weird I bit by bit I guess I don't know. I certainly take up a condom and put it back it wouldn't. You know: ok, an shockingly. It is still legal for two identical twins switch places, while their data in the bathroom that and also in a related story started. The international organization for standardization and quality safety standards has given new safety standards to sex toys, dildos, but plugs and anal beads.
I'm not a moment too soon. I mean half the time. I don't know. What's up my ass these days they say the testing process is going to be a huge undertaking, but on the bright side they have never. in so many employees drop for early early to work. For You know where I was going all right. We got to go and shout killer MIKE and Robert Costa, the first psychology at Harvard and author of the book of rationality. What it is why it seem scares why it matters Steven Pinker and back in a minute get into this vociferously your book first, but also for people who know the name. They know a little about you, let's clear up some things for them. You have this reputation as a guy.
I use a little too happy about progress and all you ever doing inciting missed it. six right, I mean give us some of your greatest. It's like extreme poverty, right, we're, Where does that has not gone like in the last thirty years? Well, two hundred years ago, ninety percent of the world live in extreme poverty. Ninety percent, now it's less than nine percent and that change not just in this century right didn't. We may get just in the last thirty years and earlier mean child labour. Things like that paper down: illiteracy down maternal mortality, Mortality war deaths, rights vote when crime, violence against women, racism, laws, the criminalize, homosexuality, capital punishment, all went down who used to shouldn't a street way more right. Wasn't that a big thing Not that long ago, like a billion people, shit in the street
That's right well, and it is used to be true, Europe and the United States wine several hundred years ago. Sailors were human been theses, people would empty there, there bedpans out the window, but in the poor countries. It is also way down now been a huge increasing access to clean water and sanitation. So you ill pointless. I did a whole lot of toriel about a progressive phobia. Why is it? Do you think that people want to resist the idea of progress? It seems to me like they can't keep two thoughts in their head. At the same time, Ok, we made great progress and yet we still have some progress to go. I feel like they clapped themselves on the back because, like if I think things are worse than you think they are on a better person. Yeah there's some of that part of it is a shared incredulity, because the the news,
a highly non random sample of the worst things that happened on on earth. The day before very non random, as we found out from leave Facebook whistle, blower and other people I bet conventional New rose. Well, news is what happens right? Poverty still did make it worse. They did make it worse. But they do have an algorithm and there isn't it activity bias Ascensional, yes, editors and inventors. Bleeds leads is not a new thing, but If your presenting things that happen there will be a biased towards the negative, because good things are often things that don't happen like the hasn't been war in South EAST Asia and forty years, but has never Thursday in October, in which that's a fact which is not writing. I travel moving shore and a lot of improvements are incremental there. A few percentage points. A year which then come compounded and add up, but
then there is never a day in which it makes a headline. So MAX Moser points out of the papers could have had one hundred thirty, seven thousand people escape from extreme poverty. Yesterday every day for the last thirty years, but they never have a headline, and so a billion people escaped from extreme poverty and no knows about it. So, there's just that that bias nature of news which feeds into one of the most powerful cognitive biases the availability bias, which is that we estimate probability risk in danger by how easily image come to mind. So you read about a shock attack and you'll get in the water, even though the much greater risk was driving down the beach but its it lodge your mind and that's where the news stokes what it provides images of things going wrong, but at best you know this also at an ideological reasons, why people are reluctant to to acknowledge progress. Both on the reactionary right that looks back to a golden age make Amerika great again living in an era of american carnage.
and the revolutionary left the system is so evil and so unreformed bullet bull. Nothing to do but burned down and expected anything that rises out of the ashes is bound to better now. Both of those ideologies are a kind of discomfited by evidence that, bit by bit, things can get better, so people are not rational. I know that a major theme of the book they used to be more so well, I'm I'm always weary of saying something is bad. Now, therefore, it's got worse us often things were we're. We're back in the past to be best. Explanation for the good old days is a bad three twenty conspiracy theories, sleepy protocols of the elders in Zaire and the illuminati- there is sure
our normal phenomena, we call them religious miracles. There is fake news reports of religious miracles. The papers of a hundred fifty years ago were filled with stories of your see monsters of life on Mars and two headed babies. So there's always an appetite for entertaining nonsense where you don't really get to the bottom and whether it happened or not. So what is the rule that I'm? I noted that there is a big difference between ignorant and stupid. Stupid means you can't learn because you're, fuckin, stupid, but ignorant just means are not aware of something will India being and most of us are not aware. I mean, is an infinite number of things you could know, and the smallest people, like you are only aware of a tiny bit of them tomorrow. Ignorant mostly that's right away,
to rely on institutions and expertise and if you distrust the standard sources of Information then you'll be open to all kinds of nonsense. None of us really knows enough atmosphere, chemistry to be able live, retraced. His steps led to the conclusion of a human made climate change. We cannot trust of the people in the EU, but the white coats, and if you dont trust them, then you are naturally going to be open to all turned of store and speaking of climate change, I read the paper this week. Four point: seven million is where we ve reached worldwide deaths from covered in the last year, but pollution, seven million.
so even before covered was in the air. The air itself was killing more people, but that's to your point about its slow moving. Disaster has no headline in indeed, and call kills vastly more people than nuclear power, probably the safest form of energy ever invented, because there are gaudy disasters like Chernobyl and three mile island at large. In the mind, people mistakenly think nuclear is more dangerous than call up. It's been your point about about S. Stability for his ignorance is also bias, and there are. There is a correlation between intelligence and being resistant to classic cognitive fallacies. Biases like there, the gamblers fallacy innocent cost. Fallacy saw and we're not perfectly correlated and there's some biases that have no correlation with intelligence in partake
worthy my side bias, namely use steer your reasoning toward the conclusion that you want to be true in the first place, and that's usually one of the sacred beliefs or or talking points of your your tribe, your clan, your political coalition, your sect, and that that's one of the biases that smart people as vulnerable as our era, a smart people when I made my movie religious, the beginning ebbed starts with me saying how otherwise very intelligent people can work of a part of their mind and believe in something which I think is intellectually embarrassing and obviously false I know many people very, intelligent people who ve had experience with what we would call a ghost they're, not they're they're, not religious people, necessarily they're, not irrational people, there very smart people and they I've never seen a ghost, but they have some tests.
honey of something that happened they saw furniture move. They An odour in wishing went by David, some sort of thing, which lead them. These very rational people. To think I don't know It is but there's a fuckin ghost in the world What are you make it at once my people, its isn't easy intuition to have, because all of us are dualist in the sense that we think people have a mind and body two different things, what we do with each other. We don't treat each other like like robots, windup dolls. We assume it is something going on inside the head: their beliefs, their desires, their feelings from there's gonna, be short step to imagine that the mine can exist independently of the body, because we already think the mindset and the body there's even some experiences that make that plausible. Like dreaming you're, you know your body.
without these really. I bet I said that I wasn't asleep. I wasn't drunk the chair when across the room where what? What is that? Why would have otherwise rational person, so that well affair? If, if they have that experience with a spear, She was medium, it's because they have. I know there were just eight cleaning up late, You know I was just really I win: I don't I don't know, I can't explain it either. It is this that this long tail of complex physical events, where we don't know Happened and it would write a way to boring, to try to find out right that houses, expand and contract and their sometimes earth tremors and their breezes through windows just like with an identified flying objects. Yet defied known, was to go to the trouble. I figured it out every last, an attack in the sky right back to identify doesn't mean they're paranormal with doesn't even extraterrestrial exactly or is great to see. You dog
the next item- is the report for the Washington Post and Gaza. The noble peril Robert cost is over. Here is bad man. He is one half of the global run. The jewels their latest album aren t J for Deluxe is out now across digital platforms. Michael render killer MIKE is ok and then start with your Robert, because you're both a penalised and a noose maker Devon. Our show this week, because your book peril with Bob Woodward is one of the thing. That sort of let a fire under the joint. six commission and A number of subpoenas now
but then I read in the paper this week, Trump orders the pit look out subpoenas assistive ban and we know who that is mark meadows. He was the chief of staff, others, but those are the two famous ones, Trump, where's the not to answer this opinion like like you my boys in jail. Even for is not even the present you just orders from don't show up, but this subpoenaed thing we saw this. Also with the Mulder report there were spent that just don't show up what is it would not showing upper subpoenas. This is a critical moment, House January six committee because the conventional wisdom on January, sick for so long as at present, tromp was idle in the oval this dining room watching television kind of a passive present. What our book shows is that was anything but passive. He was talking to ban and he was talking to Slovenia, Jim you wear fifth pressuring lawmakers pressure, invite
President pants, this was a coordinated campaign to overthrow an election and throw it to the house representatives. These people, who are defined the subpoenas, have information about the President's role, not just the hundreds of people who storm the capital and are being prosecuted by the Department of Justice. It comes back to Trump and that's the unanswered answer. Question just one on behalf of black drug dealers, how you pull it off You saw we gotta show when it gets a pain. I really think it ought to be fair. I also read: error. Colder was subpoenaed and ignored it, so I was JANET Reno. It's a thing you noted is when Congress subpoenas you, No one is showed up since the early days of the republic. If someone crossed that line, they could arrest them. They can put em
they can, I feel like they don't do it, because we the crossing the line, a real. red line with O. Now we're arresting each other and so close to a civil war as it is we're. So close, to being in the streets. I think that that would just then in states where Republican was the governor it start arresting people like no one wants across that line of a we actually arrest you. so they shouldn't outstanding Watts Carling the other day with, which is a habit and miles out of which I wrote a small. Thank you so much I wasn't gonna call they made the point to say it's us versus them. We at this time need to go ahead and admit that this country that started out to become a republic, a shining like sitting on a heel has become just a fuckin country, ran about
parts we have a political class cooperate with one another. They shared it plays. They laughed at us behind our backs and they won't arrest each other. So until we pushed the land as proletariat as a group of people regard as a party is a fact that your kids don't get better schools and anarchy. Is your kids don't get to drink, cleaned we still have to wait until we do that together with word I ever and no book in a reporter Congress has subpoena power if everyone ignores Congress what power Congress. I don't know and here's the question. The democratic gonna have dancer I've been asking around about this: will they actually hold these p, inherent contempt and have the our dinner arms go knock on their door. Maybe try to put him in prison, have criminal prosecution of them region they don't want to do it. Is they worry? If the house Republicans take over the house next year, the House report
believe it. I'm saying I don't want to start arresting each other, especially since the mood you seen that people are chanting football games, FUCK Joe Biden like it was at the jet game at New York. They affect the jets as yet, where my whole life talk, the jobs and the judge, but I've been on your foot, but now I always stick with my own. Ok, but at a course they did it entire dagger, you know I mean really bobby- was you're out their screaming, but that's alphabet, but even then, where what, where where's, the push back from decent people, I'm sure there are many people in no stands even their conservative or didn't vote for Joe Biden, who don't wanna, hear fuck. Joe Biden. As a chance I mean the lock her up was bad enough, but now we're fucked job
Agnes, a chant and we list. Let that happen. This is a danger where the first amendment still matters and even know, you don't want to hear people saying thought unless you're some real good fucking Why not you gotta, say DSL Joe Canada parades itself with a tough guy. Has a couple german shepherds tales, black people, you ain't black and you don't, but for me in underground rule, if you can get a fuck, you cause, and I'm not saying that. Mr saying that's what you want to do to president, but I've heard a lot of fun. animal traps in the Atlanta protests to sell. Just now that the fuck you campaign,
That's very that we're not operating that workers we're, but when I get there at this point in my area, Biden he's such a bad ask is the also used to like challenge people to grow up in the parking lot like member corn, poppea dumping with corn. By that that's, why he's about it? At the top of tat, his anger president biting come from well exactly known, abandoned a black community. I could tell you some we were promised for, five million dollars in college funds, forty five billion we're getting too we were promised a better life make qualified immunity stands. We don't have a George war that we were. Tal told but Corey Bush Kay
out of our Missouri and she say we're not even in the empress short given like inside the wider. Just Michael, is by ok thank you. Rachel! Might the gap we'll stay Michael, the guy votes and pay locked acts Michael? I would recall the people inside a binding white face inviting made a choice to be a progressive transformational present. You're saying you don't see that I'm saying in Nigeria Glory Barneys Anders Well, if you're gonna talk- and I must say- and I have to have these working closely- if you're not necessarily has moroccan calcium, say progress- and we made some like my grandfather told me what see just told you causing new thing? Christmas is bad for you guys you can get everything you want to add. A get shit for Chris Grandma got oranges, Epictetus Andrews, so I understand we made progress, but when you promise it people something you have deliver on some of the problems, you tell Americans, I'm going to exit stood there, and then I look at sixty minutes and look at soldier. People would be, I think, is six years people have been. Soldiers are half, so crippling suit, and these are the people that are putting their life and labourers. You're gonna
the a way to make it right- and that means I want my president to Succeed- its promises. But you have to make an honest attempt at bringing the promise. How was now. just gonna, be the people, a mega hat, say nephew, No wonder that sentiment inside the democratic or do they come out. Your vote is paramount, and twenty twenty two with the same Ferber, further binding in Democrats, has cigarette is a black woman on a black news network. She's, tough shit. You guys look her up but she tells you guess I'll Barney shit. She gets on buying shit but cheating people all the time because you're not coming through now, people aren't gonna show up into twenty two and get ready for that. So you guidance going big he's working with Sanders. The hour fourteen shows what made a choice to work with sand is not against, but what's he doing in terms of working with the people that gave him Georgia? If here, if it now Therefore, Georgia being flip blue, and that was the black vote. The blue working class little many women,
his point. I mean there's one big giant fight going on now in the Democratic Party, and that is the progressives want the giant. Three point four, trillion dollar bill, the moderates, one just one trillion dollar real infrastructure bill, brightens thrown in with progressed exactly when France is one or latin. they wanted fifteen trolling, they wanted a lively and that, while you know that, but you don't get that low three three, what I restarted covering bite and he was vice president- he would go to Mcdonald's office at twenty eleven to cut deals on the fiscal front, with Mcconnell he's not Amtrak riding Centrist Joe Biden anymore, so aims to trying to be progressive. He looks up that picture and our book of empty aren't says I want to be that kind of president yeah. So let me ask one more question about decorum, because this dimension it the monologue, Kirsten Cinema, chased into the bathroom. I think this is outrageous. I just mean You may not like the politics, but when this shit starts to happen, I dont know where
the safe spaces in america- and I dont know where it ends. You gonna pissy, get off the pie Why doesn't know southern tired? You gotta peace? We get off. The part like Democrats promised something in with with her and Joe in particular, not bind mother gather. Would you like a gangster Beata West Virginia? I think, No. It is a right that all arrangement- I don't know I don't think- is right now to get things right or again. It's kind of rotting in women's baffled right loud and saying that to the Democrats who have voted for promote my life, my grandmother work on campaigns, for you guys gotta bring something. How because your base is angry with you and your bases angry with you, because They got the guy out of off issue eggs, but they aren't scene. Thirdly, a knock it, but one reason then I bring anything they could have that one trillion dollar infrastructure bill and by the way one trillion dollars still do some people a lot of our parliament,
They couldn't it's a lot of jobs, building bridges and roads and all kinds of stuff, but it I gather running away neither again that you being held up like by people who are What you're saying we want. breathing and we want it now and if we don't get it, then you don't get aid. Sometimes, when you asked for the whole love you get none. Sometimes you get more you push for more like untimely? And why should you have you ever we deal in your everyone. I'm acts and three five in these meet me at once, every five or two, bigger either their democratic fighting with each other over this boat. That democracy in this country is on the brink. and so the Democrats are at war with each other over the spending should be three point: five, one point: five and what's going on democracy, He's been tested in every single state. Listen, I have two sons- a cop here we're
but what we decided- and I don't know- I don't think that that's me over Here- smokes issued so journalist, you guys get a lot of shit. I gotta save sometimes boy they do some really great stuff. They want the carbon of and found out that these killings in America have been under count because this is buried in that statistics. Up until very recently, like two weeks ago in the story came out, we thought these killings. America word that I was going by the staff of the F B. I gave us well about. Five percent of fatal encounters between one thousand nine hundred and eighty and two thousand and eighteen were listed as another cause of death when it was really the car. the main reason The medical examiners covering up for them there were at their work in the same office psych when your buddy breaks, the copier and you're gonna come in, and so we thought
seventeen thousand people were killed. It was actually third one thousand and, of course, a stark Rachel gap, three point five times as glad to be killed as a black American as away by the cops. So I mean there's lots of that but I was one of the reaction of two guys who whose dad's were well you please need to bring more of this data out into the light. Its appalled, in that the Washington Post six years ago had to be the one to build this whole database on police. killings in this country and so often you look at the data to we don't even know. The names of police officers were involved with the death of young black men across the country and as a report bring it all out, pull it into the sunlight, because that you can't hide from the truth here and the truth. Is that always more truth when it comes to police killings, its evasive, the culture around it
he's got to keep digging. I want to acknowledge it's not easy, being a police officer. I don't think anyone wants to get up and see the things that have two cousins that are currently police officers, and with that said, I don't want what happened in Brunswick Georgia to happen. An ex cop can hunt a black man down or any person with their kids and because they're friends with the prosecutor just going to get out of jail, free card and seal people come in. I think that, in terms of being punitive about to her politicians, talk about coming down on crime police officers that are that are guilty of these grants should serve no less and life in jail in terms of murdering someone police officers they do, they should have their patients cut off and pay to the families of those murder and the taxpayers. Dont need to keep painting Suzette And last but not least, we need to make police after training lowering longer the sixty eight months in these to be like a junior college at least a couple years, and you need to either be reflective. Arbour come from the community policing, because if not what you're setting up as a hunter embrace situation, and I think that
driven a mere my dad was a cop in Washington D C, section d see my dad always remember my dad said the greatest thing he ever did as a police officer is never had to fire his weapon. That there was that that you took pride. It takes pride in that that he never had to fire his way and you just see across all these cities in communities. It's the collation constantly that leads to this, and then this is just fervour around tense events, a pair I believe a Paraplegia young man was his rug out of a car, a pair belligerents, Telefonica Lakes. Don't work is run. out of a car, we say women and mothers it's time to reform police in a way that punitive tobacco cops in a way that encourages edges. Well all right, though, in September yeah vaguely reform key word as opposed to differ. I think of you said the word to fund. I think out of Americans would think. Oh that's! The physician defined the police of most democratic politicians
not it's the position of a lot of Democrats on Twitter. There is Is it a senator from Alabama Tommy to prevail? I think it was a football coach is a moron. he is he's just a moron, We wanted to put shed and Democrats on the record to being against our for defending the police? And it was ninety nine zero against it, so the democratic politicians are not for defending the police, it's the twitter mob. That is- and this is the problem, the democratic politicians where that on the biggest people, don't make that differentiation and you're not for them. funding the police. You said performing the full. I wanna perform the police that I also would like to move where money dolls. In Atlanta, we had a wonderful police, athletic Lee. It was putting great kids out Edward sports that we're in the boxing that we're into things like reading after school and that funding that trunk and
I was working with them for a while, and I want to see more young men learning how to use their hands and less may learn how to use gun on the streets are rather you better farms, but brought by a real inspector, so I'd like to see the funding that the gulls into military, rising police with tanks and dogs- and you know israeli soldier tight training, I like to see that go into a different type of different for one in our leading on that site. Could I don't ever think I'm here if we want to defend police but there? I mean we can't say without tax dollars. You're gonna do So Europe, like Europe, apart with India Company and we just got call one of the two hundred and fifty best internet companies in Congress. what is named after the part of Oklahoma that was born now by racial riders, partially sponsored by the government there that time, when we, are trying to make sure that black people working class light bulbs latina ex people have an opportunity to bank fairly. Since banks of exit our communities, you can go to
Greenwood that com. How can you found your bank? You know I was introducing a commercial value. Our like you know that this is something called the Pandora papers came. This is worth nothing less than a year. This kind of bank there you're the other good kind of bank on doing shady beg you, because this out, but a couple years ago is called the Panama papers were uttered a how they get it. But again I think journalists doing good investigative work and they find out some shit and mostly when they find out, is that rich people want to hide their money, so they can spend it on weird shit. And the people in this, like King Abdullah of Jordan, has Fourteen houses, this mother fucker. What what a rock fourteen houses and he's got a palace and ensure that the people of Europe are therefore I mean but celebrities to I mean Tony Blair will use a politician Putin's in their Elton John Hulu.
A glaziers all these people, so what we got the complete list, you like to hear the complete list of some of the things that the virtual money, like Nicholas, cage, spend three hundred grand on a dinosaur bone organizer that not enough Nicky man. I've spent three thousand dollars renting a grand ball room for her cousins. Friends, grand bots mark Zuckerberg, Egon afforded he paid one point: four billion dollars to an italian cobbler named you better. Who said he could make
a real licked. Europeans were torn. Seventy seven thousand dollars on home pregnancy, test cabin Spacey spent three million to digitally put himself back in the movies. They digitally took an outer tiger woods by four point: two million to have every street numerous home straightened
I would have Paltrow spent two point: five million dollars on getting your but join. It smells like a candle, that's a reverse and Eric Trump spend Turner, sixty thousand dollars, helping a nigerian prince accesses fortune. So every few months we read the same story about this crisis that the border here in Amerika southern border and a couple of weeks ago. We also the picture of that. trooper. Whatever was border God whipping somebody, we know, that's not what we should be doing should be doing on the border, not that what should we be doing now, because I mean the stats,
in July, two thousand people that this is the biggest number of people to sharpen the border in twenty one years and three in ten of them. For that, first time a number that high work, not from Mexico or Guatemala. Honduras or our solidarity from all over the world, the people getting whip were Haitians. What do we do about the border? I feel like this? Is the Democrats version of health care for the Republicans, the issue? They don't really address. They don't seem to really have a plan for it always is their Achilles heel come election time and it was what propelled Trump in power to the presidency in twenty sixteen making the case to working class voters, many of them white that migration levels need to be lowered, both legal and on Doc, workers and you see now and twenty twenty two that's going to be a major issue for republic We got a scene in his book, recover Mccarthy, the House minority leaders same we're, not really engage with Biden, we're just gonna
focus on knocking him around in immigration once again will make sure that those voters what used to be kind of democratic voters. Union voters will still stick with the Trump coalition. Doubling I've just tell democratic politics in Georgia that a running dead don't ignore the fact that is not only white working class people, but black working class people are afraid of immigration and away they not only because they fear for the jobs of scarcity of, but they know that, even when black immigrants, a here oftentimes, are pitted against one another. So, there's no real campaign to help african immigrants at a common in immigrants from the Caribbean and inclination, immigrants that we're at our borders have been in a slightly were pushed up through. They had been out of eighty, so I dont think that there is a your plan for immigration and beyond that, there's works of and less of a real plan for black emigrants because they put them on a boat and just returned them back immediately versus
I ve been trying to work, and it is out you're. So when a trump said, if you open borders, my god there's a lot of poverty in this world, you gonna have people from all over the world and I don't think that something we can do at this point. You think that's right. What have? I think that if you are not aware that was Bernie Sanders, what whoever said, I think If you're talking about working class people in Amerika, I think that they deserve more from this country. I think that they deserve. Universal health care. I think that if we are going to be building infrastructure, the next twenty years in this country that there should be a trade programme as early as highs training american children, how to be the Abe arisen. How to be the skill labors we're gonna need, and I think that you, you know my grandmother used to say you got it here we all housewares, I want black people were trying to come here too the border treated better off. Some of the blame me: let I've been here for four five hundred years to begin to get what they deserve. at some point. We're gonna have to have a conversation, this country. What does immigration look like? Because I represent a group of black people
I've been here over four hundred years and we still get the shit in other stick and we're not chastened book. When the bathroom come back what you just said. Senator Santer said that those senators in recent years, the progressive left, has often been against escalating immigration levels for the issue of protecting them. Can jobs in the problems. For so many demo. better congressmen I know and talk to is they worry, the Republicans just weapon eyes, immigration and lose the union voters. So how do you get that union voter who was tempted by the siren song tromp to come back if you're scene? the democratic Elite party here. I think that democratic need to get off the elite isn't like, for instance, in Georgia, I'm gonna break at local level. That time we have a lot of national arguments. Homage origin are prone up an Atlantic from blue collar, not from a blue collar street. In the neighborhood was mixed up. Blue collar people want to know that if I do skilled labour plumber carpentry things that nature. That gives a future on the sad that will allow my children to take their trade or go to college. We are not promising
we want you to do that as early as high school, one of our best high school teachers with a history teacher, whilst open upholstery any share in here, because when he went to book or T Washington High School here to learn academics, and he also had to learn how to use his hands if we do not return to their tradition in this country. What we're gonna have a bunch of scared people who going to refuse immigration, thereby be republican and democratic and we're gonna lose the ability to bring scale every year is a lot of people are trying to get here, have skills and a half years to answer me That's not what our immigration system is based on. That's Canada's immigration system. Canada, is much more to the right than we are and immigration you have to have the skill that's mostly, but is based on our seas, mostly based on. family and it's odd because we still can find enough workers in this country and we want to pay people less that are come. You know we
part of our image cloud. Our lured to immigration is that the jobs of the lowest level jobs. Where paint like when people, I remember, there was an antidote to say people, don't wanna be picking strawberries, people, I wanna, be picking blueberry, so we have to bring people into do that for cheaper. What why but that's when drove him, but the grave DR. Why aren't we paying people in rural areas more? Why are we helping people acquire farmland acquire formed, giving them governments? it is likely that why aren't we do and what chemicals Congress is broken. I mean you think about immigration in the eighties Reagan, the Democrats on capital. They strike a major deal, two thousand. Seventy thousand thirteen Congress used to together. Now, immigration, driven so much by the executive branch by this overpowering institution of the presidency, and you don't have
I have consensus that would leave it up to the answer. Your you seem to be see it's interesting because I keep reading, but the build back better bill they want to. We can't we don't have enough workers, even if we passed it tomorrow and because of all these supply chain problems. We don't have building supplies, so it better be of no workers are not applying a building. It's a good idea, though it is a good idea. I thank you very much time for new layer and public library says it's getting rid of late fees on books. They have to tell us one more thing: what a library No, it isn't a homeless as, but it wants its ninety ninety five, when its following a new dresses sexy librarian, now people think you're.
first in cinema you're, all the women who says you just discovered her dogs been blind, since his entire life must admit. The signs are there like like when you said com and he walked into a wall when you did nothing any walked into a wall and by the way, your cat that's been curled up at a ball for six months, if not napping Euro. Someone was tell me why men and women shirts button on the opposite side,
I'm just wondering I I'm not saying it's a bad thing. In fact, I celebrate the differences between the sexes, for example, is a huge difference between a woman saying and a man saying I went through a whole box of tissues watching that moving their old Jeff peanut butter must stop working Blue. the slogan? Is that giving good? it's just that is that family, friendly or choosing moms. Ok with that always your first choice. Worse Logan Jeff put our nuts in your mouth neural. Facebook is free just because the people who use it or exposed advertising, then I should,
able to get free we'd if it comes with advertisements which China, which I know my knock yourself out of college indigo by for drugs or a state farm insurance, is always there and violet neural. Don't make me being I told you so again. and I was a young man of fifty nine when I started using the term slow moving coup, and it pains me to have to it still moving a doctor it came to light a few weeks ago, call the Eastman memo, which was basically a blueprint prepared for Trump on how he could steal the election after he lost it. In November two thousand and twenty it outlined a plan, overturning the election by claiming that seven states actually had competing state slates of electors which well, not even remotely true
given my pen, the excuse to throw out those states and thus hand the election, the trump. But, of course the plan require election officials in those states to go along Trump thought the one to Republican would most did not and that's what he's been working on fixing ever since no not a good thing, not a good thing. Fixing on finish. Some resident spend their posts presidency building homes for the poor, are raising money for charity or painting their toes. Tromp has spent his figuring out how to pull off the coup he couldn't pull off last time. The easiest three predictions in the world trumpet Runnin twenty twenty four he will get there public a nomination and whatever on election night, the net, they will announced that he one I've been
ever since we lost he's like a shark. That's not gone just gone out to sea, but actually he's quietly eating people. This whole time by eating people. I mean he's been methodically purging the Republican Party of anyone who for his impeachment or doesn't agree that is the rightful leader of the seven kingdom yes, we're going to need a bigger bout. There was grand total of ten republican congressmen who voted to impeach Trump and twenty twenty four, even those will all be gone, one of them. was Cheney Arch serve active daughter of Darth Vader. and yet now politically dead in Wyoming The ten was Anthony Gonzalez he's already bad out for running for re election, because You can see opposing
brought means? You have no chance, the other eight leader like him not run or they'll get primary by, proper or the latter sudden epiphany about how come to think of a trump did win that election Courage is also at work and republican. just lectures as several data are already in the process of changing election laws that they not partlet nonpartisan election affair. those are in charge of certified The results two weeks after the Twenty twenty election trump famously called the Republican in charge of elections in Georgia? Secretary of State bread wrath, Berger and told him he just needed to find national eleven thousand drunk boats rafts in, refused, but he's not going to be there next time
of the fifteen Republicans running for Secretary of State in the key battleground states only to concede that Biden one that election, these are the people trump is going to call. In twenty twenty. Four, when he's a few votes short and these people are going to give it to him. So here's what's going to happen, two thousand and twenty to the midterms Republicans win big. Because the out of Power Party always does in a country where the electorate can't think past throw the bombs out. So the Republicans take back house where disputed elections are decided, and the speakers Kevin Mccarthy and then before the back I have one of those inflatable two men outside a car dealers, Republicans, will also have more key governors, Wisconsin
Pennsylvania and Michigan all had democratic governors who protected the vote in twenty twenty, but roll up for reelection and twenty two two will lose twenty twenty three tromp announces his candidacy and starts having large rallies across the country which become increasingly angry and threatening as Trump. Belgium is love for inciting violence. Nafta, crap out of date be carried out at us. That's your folks! Athol now like a punch him in the face No, I know the Hitler analogy is over the top. In many ways it is, I don't think, trumpets Jews. There are too many rich ones I don't think committing genocide is in his future, but the towering of how to take over a country is exactly the same play on this feeling of we have been cheated robbed. Raid and now we're gonna. Take it back two thirds of report.
I believe the election was stolen. Twenty one million believe force is justified to restore trumped office. A majority Want to secede whatever the hell that would entail, and yet. Twenty twenty four comes and Democrats. treated as a normal electioneer? They are living in a dream world where their choice of care Did it matters their policy matter the number of votes they get matters. None of it does. I won't even predict who the Democrats Economic aid will be decent, doesn't matter, it could be Biden, it could be Harris it could be. Any closure could be Timothy Charlemagne, as long as they have a d by their name. They will be portrayed. It is the leader of the army of Satan, but then, if they win, Trump won't accept it. But this time his claims,
illegal voting by immigrants or mail in ballots coming and after the deadline, or this system was hacked by Venezuela or whatever Julie comes up with on the fly, They will be fully embraced by the stooges he's installing right now December. Sixteen twenty twenty four. This is the daily There's gathered a vote for president. Arizona and Wisconsin. Both send a slate of bogus trump electorates. Setting up Go down on January, sixth and daring Kamel a horse to do with true. whereas wanted my pen to do throw out election results, the difference being this time, those results really are funding, and this time it's not just six hundred Diabetic Fox NEWS, junkies and not in a Viking hell. Ten million trump voters have signed a pledge to come to Washington, of course, not enough million flake-
but half a million still show up and their heavily armed and incense. When Harris does what might pence wouldn't demonstrate? she's grow in the streets, the kind of and teeth verses, proud boy VI we ve seen in Portland erupts across the country. People are afoot, To go out anywhere where their political tribe is in the majority, the church, commerce, the stock market spook by the unrest in tumbles as inauguration day approaches. President Biden is under extraordinary pressure to do something to stop the coup before his afar. over the military and the Justice Department. Evaporates at on January twentieth, what happens when too financial candidates show up on inauguration day both expecting this warning like a bad sitcom pilot.
The din dogs who sacked the capital last year, I was like, when I kind of tried to take down the World Trade Center, the first time with the van it was a joke, but the next time they came back with I hope I scared the shit out of you you're very much that I shall naturally them back on the twenty second away. The Philip someone I learned a lot over seven days a week then said NED Land until the twenty four hours a day we gotta do it. How can I give you? My Steven Pinker tell me where the real having fighting I want to make a more, even if not on each be oh dont com,
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