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Ep. #584: Kevin O’Leary, Tavis Smiley, Rep. Adam Schiff

2021-11-12 | 🔗

Bill’s guests are Kevin O’Leary, Tavis Smiley, and Rep. Adam Schiff. (Originally aired 11/12/21)

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Welcome to each year passed from the HBO real time.
She's getting so popular mild, Wade's nightly birth magazine very good, because you know this is our second away. Next week is the finale
Where does the money go? I'm already watching, nor the Christmas movies on the whole mark journal that believable, ok, I gotta requested for the people over there, the hallmark Joe Where is this white rural american town, where no one wears a trumpet Christmas miracle? Americans are not storming the cap and of how we get breaking it is true that we get Adam Shift. The Proba to talk about its common joy is the new interview with Trump. Did you see it this way, it was ass if he thought it was wrong for their crimes, that day of January six, to be chanting, hang my pants and transit
its common sense. I guess the subjects being have you met my parents? I I am worried. I am worried for this country this to Rachel Charge, murder drowse, going on right now, one in Georgia One and was content. If there are widows there could be. street level, unrest adding to astray. and a system that is already being plagued by supply chain issues led into the question of a store is completely empty. Is it still looting They are having trouble getting. Should you want people at least about this economy? James I get choices right out there that what you want isn't there or, if it You can't afford it.
I mean inflation is like it's like I'm doing all my shopping at the airport. I noticed the women on only
accepting canned goods. That's how it is especially barrier in LOS Angeles lotta. Young people cannot afford their first tent help is on the way or work. Maybe this workers, I don't know, but Biden- is going to sign the big one point: two trillion dollar infrastructure building infrastructure from Hollywood- you don't know what that means. We're having work done so expect to see new signs all around the city that say your tax dollars at work next to a big mountain dirt bits. Therefore, five year work so sad about this country. I mean this is infrastructure, those boring subject in the world. The thirteen
out of two hundred and thirteen Republicans voted for it, they're getting death threats. death threats for infrastructure- and the irony, of course, is that Republicans rose the party of infrastructure. It can and grant built the trend. Continental Railroad Eisenhower. The interstate highway system, mad gates. And sporting girls across Dateline and here's a great personal story Eighty percent, apparently now of the deer population, has covered I know, and they say it could mutate and then jumped back to human. Yes, anything bad could happen. Do we have to start, can go nuts about this story to yes, it's scary everything, scary. Unless your idea of your dear this a great store,
I remember that year we thin their herd, rear and ally. You know now we have a new thing proof of acts. Nation required for pretty much everywhere. Restaurant bars, Jim's movies, malls doors Dispensary, as a big sign, no shot, no pot, it's gonna be tough up on the people have to administer this only wrestling low wage workers now to be, Maxie police, tarred enough getting tips now you have to be like welcome the cheese take back factory. May I take your temperature? That's not gonna go overwhelm she's keg
you re probably would have helped if it is hard to make the privacy argument in places somebody like massage borrowers. Yeah it's I'm here for a hand job, but that's too personal and finally bigness Paris Hilton got married was Major thing three or four times of that did not now she's got night. The wedding was private,
the honeymoon will be on paper view right here, but first, a venture, capitalist and STAR of ABC Shark TAT covered all Larry. You got your phone with you. I always carry the phone even tv, it's an extension of my being. Will it of what are your fuckin millennium? It's got a lot of information. I need all the time really will work. the ten minutes on tv. Ok, what we? U turning it off, I urge a ring early ages. I know you're busy got real food renewal and I've taken to monitoring my blood glucose, which is over the next ten minutes. I've just I'm just checking it up.
I'm interested. So you're rich guy, it's all relative, it's all right. I always like to think that your money I'd from mine away now the thing to remember, is there's always someone richer. That's what you should remember that really the most important factor by just well. While I guess and motivate you did just work a little. I I'll bring my phone on renown. Get me read your, but what I was going to. He was. We know why you're here, because we're having problems in the economy. We not seen in a very long time. It's the number one issue on people's minds. Right and people have this idea. I think that rich people- no way more and are way better at figuring out. Think that's how trunk and elected on the business men I know
turns out. Even fraud is not that wretched bribing less rich than you do. rich people know more about the economy. Now, really they don't interesting they have learned something that their passionate about this economy has supported entrepreneurship for two hundred years. It really works is created for emeralds the largest economy, but no, much Pienaar knows everything about everything they know Something very special. You mustn't was a lot of electric vehicles, you think about what basis built director consumer. These are specialty vertical, that's how it works. Ok, so I don't understand how Sir Summit factors that the economy, there seem to be doing so on the stock market still through the roof. Unemployment is less than five percent. They say: five percent was the goal, and this is after a pandemic. So why are we having like this supply chain problem if those
actors are doing well. Why can't we get stuff off the ship's trucking? What shelves empty. What is I live that problem everyday I've got investments in over thirty companies and we're having major problems with supply chain, because countries that we took products and services from in the past prepare Emek have not recover the same. We America has right. They still only everybody vaccinate. They have all kinds of issues that are keeping their supply and their factories shut down. So it's really hard to get parts and its result, that's half the reason we have inflation. Regarding the stock market, you spend your prince. three and a half trillion free dollars, put it in a helicopter and throw it down into the country. You, your darn right to stop work. It's gonna go up, so is there such market stores. The wine market sows the car markets Anything? That's! A hard asset has exploded to the upside everything, because money is free, well known for
oh yes, I I don't know I just I rely- brings really believe me. I am sure that concern. I don't know how long the government could we have never ever present this much money. I agree. I did trust it's on my mind, but workers They do have more leverage than they ever did before track. Isn't that a good thing I mean we ve, this word underclass for a long time, because it's a real thing in America, people who just are living data day. I was reading the truckers recently because the boldest, if we can get truckers at one reason why we have they supply chain issues and it's just a horrible job which is too horrible life. You have no life. You must agree that there is some problem in America where we have this kind of income inequality where some people are just an underclass and it isn't it wasn't it a good thing that now they have a little leverage. It is a good thing, but let me tell you that the car- he has done such a remarkable change in the last twenty four months that people that used to be considered starving artists, for example. Let's talk about
videographer photographers animators made nothing prepared. Emily, are now the most sought after individuals as the entire economy is gone. Digital everybody wants to sell direct consumer Nike cells, fifty percent its products. Now direct consumer needs for proceedings. Animation needs graphics. These people don't want to work any more in a cubicle. if I didn't want to work at all, they want to be contractors they use. Thirty thousand now they make a hundred fifty thousand. I think the economy is doing really really well and a huge transit. It's a curry, it's doing what it does. The market always takes care So I guess it's very well for animators a lot of people is not really the typical worker is an animator. I don't think that's what I mean about social. I remember even you know when I talk to students and teachers little bit now I don't Dave, this three professions you need and socially
but a college and get yourself hundred thousand dollars in debt, make sure you're an engineer, an engineer or an engineer, and at night takes an engineering class. everything else is worthless. I don't feel that way anymore right now I can't hire people out of Tisch or any call this is an art college to work for me in creating com for social media. That helps me sell products, goods and services is a remarkable change, and I honestly that you can't get a lot of people to come back to the office that you thought it they like fifteen percent, who wouldn't come back after the pandemic, but it's really something like fifty five percent it is, they will never come back. There never come Doesn't it takes only what how much they must have fuckin hated the author? I begin I missed my. I wanna, be it the architect have proven to everybody all around the world. They can use technology to do their job successfully creatively functionally productively. They wanted
at home, raise their kids. They care there. Already. Parents and fair If you say to them, you have to come back to office. That's our new mandate, they'll safe! Now, I'm just gonna quit and work somewhere else, so we It was fifteen percent. We have a sample size about ten thousand people and our supply chain for our companies. I thought would be an accounting logistics complies departments, the people eastward cubicles, its everybody? They don't want to come back. And so we have to learn to live this way. I'm I'm! Ok with that it works. I find it really is, Are you ok with one of the guys that one of the guys, it's you know crucial to our whole operating company accounting, said to me. I grew up on a farm, I'm going back to them I'm gonna live on the farm, I'll work for you it's gonna be from the far my said. Call, I'm ok, no problem.
who wants to live on a farm. He wants to live on a farm. I bet you that ends in about a year, begging you to be back to the office okay, so like to income inequality, because I feel like we're having a debate among p, like you and me her above Believin Capitalism, I am a cap, I am too there's. No doubt terrorism is lifted, more people out of misery and poverty than anything else, and certainly other ethnic economic. Many certainly many Ideas have been tried them aware. Yes, of course, and we tried the other ones by this point, I know know the younger generation like it didn't happen if I wasn't alive for it yet kind of debt stop. The world did try communism for about seventy years at Itzhak hears We seem to be having an argument now over how he's too rich? Is there an upper strata? I mean Elon Musk, I think pass the three hundred billion mark. I mean to you,
point about this oil someone richer. Yes, but that much richer. And what do you do about it? Slow? So you think about what that means. Published and how is changed or what he lives in space and what is done with electrical Are changing the economy making a greener? Should we punish him for that? wouldn't upon it? Now, the almost no? No! No! No! I Not just pay five billion acts, Elon Musk fan soil. I don't believe in going to Mars that's stupid matter how bad we trash the earth. It will still be better than Mars Bout, Theirs oh ere, I guess, is two hundred below zero, how fucking bad, but we have to follow the baby. I get them on a victory won my screen. What were you saying three hundred billion dollars? Is I mean? Is he
times more. That would be than what the average person makes, but he's not that many zillion time smarter. Ok, they always multiplication factor in his most this question two hundred plus years ago in the country of England, they said how much is too much rich people should give back. We should take more money from them, they got it about and they came to America and they made this the number one economy on earth. Should we reverse it now, Should we send all the boats by thing I think they came also because of religious freedom. I think Station Austin will taxation that was after they got here. Look you we can. We are, The motor show our going to that was after they got his integrated. I'm telling you you're, Canadian, this entire get. It is yes,
after they got here, they were being tax by England, O taxation, without representation yes held before talk or talking about three hundred billion dollars, we're talking about what should be the upper level. Listen, I should say a lot of my friends. I pay allotted taxes to I don't enjoy either I, but I've also thought philosophically great wealth is a bit of a fluke. What we remember all of that money. All about money has including the taxes. He's paying now just paid five billion sold five being with stock to pay tax and he's very project gives to a lot of causes, but when he died, we're taking it all back anyways. Now, if you'd like to accelerate
that should we rest them, shoot him and take all the money now knew you if you're making me the struck me once I'm not shake were here and is asking if there's an upper limit, your answer anyway, I'm not a giant faster than you George. You come back cabin. Let's meet our battle morning, House Katy, I talked to the first and only black owned and operated short radio station watching them is doubly tab. Smiling you back here is a democratic arson from California, whose new book is midnight in Washington, how we almost lost our democracy and still good representative Adam shifts. Tomorrow. As I mentioned, we have breaking news as they love to say what it is
openness, if your eyes of workers, on Friday November twelve and the January six committee, which IRAN Right- yes, ok, you you must be throughout, this must be like next to the days. the kids were born, My wife is here. I really can't thereby steed Bannon was indicted, contempt, Congress for not answering a subpoena. We've been talking about this on the shelf for a very long time like how did it get away with just thumbing their nose? And finally, this happened Steve Bannon and what is going to happen now? How much will this change things? modern and for me this was a real early test of whether our democracy was recovering it so important. after four years in which Donald Trump, essentially stonewalled all subpoenas and haven't only general who was willing to run interference and protect those line to cover up for Donald Trump that we now
the Justice Department that believes that no one is above the law and people will certainly answering a subpoena. It should be a no brain right. I mean it's pretty easily. It should be a imagine a court of law right where they they. she was superior, Fredo ignored it wouldn't be a court and Congress that can't enforce it. Penis is not really a congress. It's a plaything for a potential autocrat sleigh subpoena trump. We could we may not all were. Who is more central to this thing than him? I mean we have made that decision yet. Why? Well, because you often interview less significant with since, before you interview the most significant, I'm, not that the committee and I am not going to make that decision, and nor do I want to. The german but we determined on a very bipartisan non partisan? basis that we will follow the evidence where it leads to whomever it.
AIDS, whether it leads to colleagues of ours in Congress or to the former president. They must be the count, and this is a mystery to me- I'm in such a spreads. Where will this lean? Who could it be that there's drop what a shocker? Ok, but there there is built a lot. We don't know about what present was doing and not doing about the conversations because he won't give you is records and because they wanted to this subpoena well, and that's why the prosecution of people who don't follow their lawful, applications is so important, but if I get it add the blaze. about time? First of all, this should have happened a long time ago into law, but I also think we have to. We have to you not to call a spade a spade. It was white privilege that allows
bespoke to to run inside the capital it was. It was white privilege that allowed the allowed Steve Bannon to his nose at Congress was long as he has. It was why for it was then allowed him to do it for this extended period of time. I'm glad that merit God and finally got around this body should have done this a long time ago and I think the longer in the form of your way we get from January six and the american people comics respectfully, don't see something really happening here to bills point we all. We all know what this is gonna end up, we're all gonna end up play. This charade play this game, but at the end of the day, people know what happened. So It needs to be done about it in the lonely you take to do that. You lose their respect. I think that the Americans have aside would say that I agree with you on the need for expedition here and we ve been moving as fast as the congressional committee, possibly good, with interviewed now over a hundred fifty p,
oh, we were just established a few months ago, but to your point about the importance of the justice too doing swift justice. What am I pray where it concerns that look, I'm glad that were prosecuting stay abandoned. But what am I Our concerns, as I don't see, the Justice Department moving to investigate the former president for four exam, pull his role in trying to get the Secretary of State in Georgia to defraud the people of Georgia? and to defraud the country. I think of anyone. Does anybody in your audience were on the phone tape recorded, trying to get a sector debate to find eleven thousand seven hundred eighty votes are doing? Is it there the under investigation or diabetes, is still a crime. If you just don't succeed at it in America, you know attempted robbery attempt to it. did my Fidel. Let's begin a signatory state, we are our colleague rice on an unnamed tv show just three weeks ago, and without respecting the forum Inter state, she suggested this happen January six, but
time to move on? No, that's the problem, the law. Ok I'll. Take to get this thing under control, a people started advancing these notions, it happened, we gotta move on, and that is not the answer to the prayer. Ok, my mother, my I agree, but also I'm concerned only about the future. I am concerned about the past. We as it affects the future. So it's great we're talking about subpoenas for what happened. What I care about. is January. Six, twenty twenty five and I do now because he wrote me a nice email after I didn't of piece of few weeks ago about what I thought was going to happen. This slow moving could which I've been talking about since before Trump was even elected, and if I could, review. Basically, I said that Oh, he thought last time that all the reports guns would fall in line with what he wanted and do his bidding and they didn't some had integrity and what he's been,
wing sense is replacing those people there's a perch going on behind the scenes so next time when it To sum up and says, I We can find me a few votes. They're. The organist how many he's gonna have his stooges in place. That was what you wrote me about. Lotta people did, I think, it's going to happen I think you guys the Democrats are going to lose big in twenty twenty. Two, which is going to make it worse, give me more state legislators that can do that kind of monkeying behind the scenes to put the people in place. Who will do Trump's bidding I think, Trump is gonna. Declare for office, I think he's gonna get the nomination I think the rallies are going to start. People are going to be get very violent out there. My question is, are we doing about the next time the election happens. Say Trump loses doesnt matter, whether it if he loses he's going to say he won. We know that there's no doubt is going to say I won and this time
It's not going to go away so easily come January, twentieth, twenty twenty five one, doing about that when he is insisting that is the present whether we want or not, and there are people who are helping and with it in complete agreement with the view expressed in you feel about this, because I think what Donald Trump took away from the failed insurrection is that if it couldn't find eleven thousand votes in Georgia could find a corrupt elections official. to give him those votes he's determine next time. You will have someone an opposition who will I am basically it's too strategy there trying to disenfranchised people of color around the country so that they can win and if they lose, they want be positioned, overturned the result where I would just
I agree with your your forecast, I hope and pray is. We cannot lose the house, we must hold the house if Kevin Mccarthy had been maker and twenty twenty. If we'd lost a few more seats in the twenty twenty Elect, in the house, he would have returned the result in the house. He will do it Donald Trump tells him to do something like that. Never be allowed to go near the speakers office so that one, I think, has to be holding the house. What step to God forbid we lose. The house is we need to be fighting these. Fritz around the country. Today, not year from now, not two years from now we ve gotta, be D. and these meritocratic technocratic elections, officials who are being the subject of death threats right now,.
Let me give you some bad news about your Europe like us to get more bad news. We'll get some good news today, still valid in twenty ten. After a bomb on past history this plan and the affordable, correct Democrats lost three seats at seats in the house. This the reward you get for passing. press of legislation under saying this on the even when you are passing this big infrastructure bill Lyndon Johnson Great Society Congress lost forty seven states. After first New Deal Congress last. Seventy two seats. We couldn't talk all night about why this is I'm just saying, what did happen also on the survey of threat to demand Creasy. Eighty one percent of Americans believe there is a serious threat to democracy, which party represents a bigger threat. You when Adam Democrats, forty two to forty one percent, so
Tell me why you're optimistic about twenty twenty, two well I'll, tell you some of those historic precedents that you mention elections like Barack Obama's election in which, when he originally took office, he swept into office along with him a large number Democrats in districts that would be very hard to hold. Two years later, there was a correction and those Democrats in those districts where wiped out Barack Obama, also go out and sell the affordable correct, he thought the job was done when it goes violence during that with the infrastructure and Biden is doing that and it is going to do that would go back better, but also, I was elected, he Didn'T- have coat touch, but what women get back to the question, and we get your answer and what do we do between? election day, twenty twenty four and you're, a twentieth, twenty twenty five, when Trump
I mean he still have stated this election. What do we do with reactors? As I see it first of all, I don't think it's a question of or are they must be both hand. When I mean by that is, I think we have to focus on J with the six, which was the path. I take your point, but you can do you. Gotta focus on January six. We can't let them get away with that you're gonna would somebody accountable for them at the same now we need to focus, as you say, on January, six, twenty twenty I am all for their so they're they're cover things. I think we can do the one there's a reason, other people out across the country? Often counterfeiting to the Carolinas who are fighting against this kind of This repression, your people, fight every single day for voting right. It's it's! It's a sad state of affairs as the commissioner will agree that we getting a meaningful voting rights legislation passed in this Congress. There were two may reveals are introduced. Neither one could get through stand in the Senate. We got this Piti Piti split. Everything is, is Can I held up because of these two senators. We shall remain nameless, mansion and cinema, but
some centres are holding everything, but if its tragic its tragic, if we could we get meaningful voting rights legislation groups are one. We need to keep fighting on that front but thorough, I think it's important, though, for all Americans, regardless of race, color creed, understand this is not a fight. The just black folk are way. we're not the only ones who moves when vote depression succeeds and so for those persons around the country to understand what this fight is all about. They got to join in I understand that there, the right to vote is the most precious right and we have an as we fight forecasts there right now. My does it matter as man. I don't think it does you're not with people who don't recognize the Talley What does it matter if you buy a zillion votes there if they're out there? The next day? I mean three quarters of the report Look importing, doesn't believe Trump lost the last election from electronic. Let me at this- and I am sorry to say this continent, but let me indicted democratic disregard its
to me that the Democrats are focused on a national strategy. We will focus on on car is not important. Gotta hold. You gotta, advancing the Senate to an extent you can your bills prognostication about this might turn out of our democratic system. the national level. These Republicans, are doing exactly what we're talking about their focus that the state level. Therefore, at the local level, their changing all these international election laws and it was cheaper. There has been no speakers who once said that, every that all politics is local, we're not focusing what we need to be focusing in that's the problem. So if I can turn the economy for one second, I was talking to a mere about the supply chain issued. I have been in the store lately and I must tell you some of the people
doing so. Don't you into the store? Yes- and I was masked when I did so on- trying to get me, but some of the things that trying to sell it, because you can't get stuff right and would like to see some of the south I got. Mr Pasty excited just pull a fast with others, never batteries Mr Clean enough Ronnie Paper Club. shove, boy, R D. I love I was trying to get it. Then chef
party beings, what asked craft macaroni and your guess is as good as mine that this is something don't Jimmy lucky carbs, that's the worst of all this is this is bullshit So some listen. Scarcely ten dollars that MR clean enough for you so after I did that peace,
and what's gonna happen when the next week I said, Lina people s me, ok, what do we do and I said well short range and tell you that's about my pay great longer. We have to reduce the hate. Now, I'm travelling this weekend, I'm gonna be in New York tomorrow, night right, but the next night Sonny, I'm in Hershey Pennsylvania. Whenever I go to any local city, I always read up on the local politicians like an make fun of them. Summing up Scott Perry, you know who this kindness, ok work with them, is a representative from this district. here's what he said a few months ago about you, the Democrats they are now the loyal opposition? They are. opposition to everything you love and believe in go fight them? I read: It's not because its remarkable, but because its typical does the rhetoric we never used to do this? In America mean the parties were yes, of course, at each other's throats. They never said there. The opposition or everything you love and believe in this
my follow up to this? We have to stop this level of hate, because Manawyddan issues are you can pass the infrastructure bills me? Why was that infrastructure bill met with death threats, congressman The most boring should be a partisan thing in the world, but have you not for death threats for infrastructure? Doesn't that tell you something about what we have to do in this country. We have to Why do they start missing? Ask you a question? Not that I'm saying it's! Your fault, but after nine slash eleven, we always have. Why do they hate us? Why do they hate us wealth, as someone who has received more than their share of death threats. Your quest, an area suppose, because most of us will have to the swamp. till rhymes, greedy details. Look you imagine the infrastructure bill and how voting
For an infrastructure bill could be considered a death sentence or death threat worthy act in the Republican conference, right now there are discussing whether to strip Republicans other committee assignments for voting for an infrastructure bill a bipartisan structure, but I'm calling them traders and common traders. Conversely, when one of their members puts out aid, video glorifying violence against the fellow member of Congress that say, okay, but infrastructure is a cardinal sin. That's that's where Donald trumps Republican Party is right now the Trump GEO P has become an anti democratic, autocratic the Truth Party occult around the former president. It is no exaggeration to say that that the occupant of that office as the biggest megaphone and he used to bitterly D
the country, but why do they? Why is there this aid to begin? I'm not, even though it gets back to the conversation you're having earlier, which is over the last three decades. There has been this. Massive change in our economy, with globalization of automation, Millions and millions of Americans are at risk of losing everything they have. I am that's a breeding ground for the ride so the demagogues when it's not so much when people have nothing that they feel like a revolution, it's when they have something there worried about losing and he played upon that very skilfully. He used to Americans against other Americans who used it to suggest that the reason why people were suffering was because of those that didn't look like them. That's very potent Donald Trump profited From that economic, profound anxiety, which is here and around the world, so you see autocrat rising all around the world it. Let me
The offer an answer. I grew there. You disable. It me often answer that I think is even more simplistic than that, but I think it is the is the answer here. Why You asked this question because people in this moment are determined to win by any more it is necessary that the answer people would do but ever they have to do to win. They would whatever they have to do to succeed and so Billy. The instability in our society is run amok, but we, all bill. We marry May or may not agree on this, but I think we're all complicit in this. I think that politicians are complicit. I because they age. This behaviour, Donald Trump and others are not the only one. I think that the american people outcome. sit because we ignored when they do it and both of them anyway- and I thank them, in spring media frankly is complicit. We build these people wasn't it conversational debut in somebody said a wee bit the media bills, people up
to tear them down. I said now they build Europe and end, they tear you, doubtless know they don't build Europe. Anti you down, they build you up, who dared you, don't get the conjunction right. They make They come in and they make money going, and so they made might even they built Donald Trump up and they made money when they turn don't download trot. But all of us are complicit in instability. I think all of us from our work. I am powers the issues with Elsie, but they cut republican congressmen who put out a cartoon him in some anime cutting her head off. I mean this is what is happening and that that this chant let's go Brandon, which is their funny way of saying FUCK, Joe Biden and I know they say we we in the past it fuck trump yeah we're Deniro said it he's not in Congress
it will in kind riskier Europe people you work with, they think it's just now, and I'm just saying I don't think you can at this level of hate and leave and it's not going to stay. At a non violent level, I mean they're this to in the more this to marry Fifthly charged trials going on right now, one seems pretty cut and dried Aubrey. was unarmed black men killed on February twenty third, twenty twenty four suspicious running, I think, for two white guys arena pickup truck with the confederate vanity plate, but Biden, he was killed in cold blood. First. Well, I just wanna say President's, never used to talk like that, so recognize a little progress right, I mean that's something but one black juror on this trial, because the defence removed the black jurist
prosecution removed. All the white yours. If there's no quarrel and then there's a Kyle Rittenhouse case this kid, a watch too many comic book, movies and body could be a hero and Canosa, while he was living in Illinois into war for freedom or a car dealership or something I don't know. But either one of these trials. I could see wars start with tender boxes with Spain plugs with just a little match thrown on something it's always a small incident, and then it becomes something big. I don't off its he's in this year, but this is what I worry about and again until used walk back this level, I hate that we have reached other in a startling number of people in our country, want to secede whatever. That would mean How would we succeed in California, which has four million from voters? What do we do about this hate?
doktor king once said famously that you cannot legislate. Morality, he's right about that. You can legislate people's behaviors, but there are. things that we can do with Miss without specific go to the Ahmad Monastery case bill Forget marshalled, the late, great springboard just say it and nineteen. Eighty six, as I recall in the case of bats and versus Kentucky, that the only way to get rid of racism injurious selection is to do away with these peremptory challenges. Period Every lawyer in America goes crazy. You start talking about doing away from a peremptory challenges, but I think justice, I was right about this United eighty six and we have been taking seriously. You have to do away the capacity that people have the ability and they have to strike people for all these reasons that they make up, but we know but they're really doing right? You gotta get one of these, Can we challenges and word that the case we would have had eleven black potential jurors, be stricken
on the possibility of serving on their juice that you end up to you, as you say it again, that just one prosecution did the reverse. This is what I worry about, that a civil war becomes array swore I just mentioned and- and I agree with Travis The two things that worry me, the most that I've seen him in these two trials are one the decision to use peremptory students right lectures and in that Batson he's just run and set up a test for determining whether these parent, very challenges. They don't need to give a reason for our base really hiding racism. The test at all think has worked, and I think we do. We should get rid of it. The other issue in the in the written house case was a decision by the judge to say you can't call these victims victims, but you, call them rioters arsonists looters those two factors. What to me as a foreign prosecutor,
a decision. I find very hard to reconcile about why once can call them what they want. The other side can't and the striking of lectures I think, breeds public Detroit. this trust and whether you are going to get a just result in either case and you, u layer on their bill, is you're talking about the these increased tensions among Americans and its explode, and to me, among the gravest Let's to our country right now,. And one of the reasons why I agree with you- the generous six workers so important. This big lie there Pushing about our election is just a lie about a particular election. It's basically an argument that we can trust. Elections, to decide who should, Average anymore, we should use violence, that's really at the heart of that how things like we're home on these primitive. these are private challenges. It's important understand This is not, as you well know, cars when this is not constitutional bill. It's legal tradition! It is
constitutional waters where we're talking these. These challenges, these promote recharge, ok, they're, not constitutional. It's a legal traditions of my point is that we can do away with it if we, that date, the the will to do this on a scale promise a wheel problem. We don't have the way with a number one The thing I want to come back to the point you made it again earlier bill which, as you said, that asked you should use the challenges, and so did the defence in the arbitrage correct about their here's, the problem both sides can't do it, but one side suffers disproportionately, although I do but people of color science operate. Islanders knows when that is done, that I understand the saying it's troubling as a as an omen of things to come. I agree when we divide this way, like I don't trust any black people. Oh, I don't trust any white people, Cyprus. Yeah. But what it is you got us to join a try. You have no matters, not I dont want America to go in that direction.
we're being led in the right direction by either side. But when you say we that's magnesia, Bonaparte back on that ever so gently. What we, you're talking about blood, folk and brown. For eight do nothing to the larger white communities. So when you say we you're, acting as if you sound as this and with all my misery, but I don't know why. But who was the man who is the weak because some of us are not engage while there are nonsense of activity? Ok, well desire! After after the gun, Virginia. The new governor one amassing embassy am as NBC headline was Glennie Duncans victory proves white. Ignorance is a powerful weapon. I don't think that helps no. I dont think some of this I'm an old school liberal, I believe in a color blind society. That's not where woke is ok It's a lot of research aggregations go on there, there's a lot of either a racist or you dont know you're a racist. So, yes, There's some way of going about it when I the risk of sounding repetitive, even with that example, just imagine these are not people of color. Who are they?
the ones who catch in the hail every day are not. The Raising the Hale did not the ones causing this problem, and I want to put a fine point on. Thank you guys, always a fascinating discussion time, for my tents must admit that, even though he is not quite sure why
he finds what the? U Ps, trucks are doing in this photo highly offensive neural. Someone must tell the celebrates worshipping this dog during the Holy T, hard Festival in Nepal that he'd much rather just have a belly. Rub he's not thinking what an honor he's thinking, I'm a dog- and I know this is bullshit neural. If I tell you, I love movie or a tv show, and you don't it's perfect
ok. If you do not immediately tell me how much you hated and why it sucks. I don't do that to you. If you say I love my kids, I don't say really. Is I've never really care do anything they ve done euro instead of paying off the national debt? Let's just put it on the cloud and then lose the password someone gmail zest about it. We take, we didn't get. It had probably went this ban. Sob do boomers, have to do everything neural. The british press has to stop saying that Joe Biden forded in front of Camilla Barker Bulls, and it was long and loud and impossible to ignore its climate conference. He was promoting natural gas and of all the people on earth. She should be able to ignore and old form and finally, Neuro someone has to tell me why we keep allowing social media and our very lives as social creatures to be different
It is by the most socially awkward person in history. In case you listed a couple of weeks ago of Facebook announced that the name of the parent company has been changed to matter. The to reflect, Mark Zuckerberg, new master plan for what he has called an invite. Internet where, instead, viewing content you are in it because I spend hours typing on Facebook to argue with your brother in law, about Iver Mechlin. when you're avatar, can yell at his avatar in person, not in person of course, in the matrix, we're locked wants us all to live. He says anything you do in real life can be done in this new men averse playing cards sitting in a park getting a bad here.
It's easy! You just put on goggles gloves- and I don't know suction cups, on your balls and now you're in the magical land of the meadow verse, because everyone looks cool with shit strapped to their heads in the meadow verse you can toward the pyramids or have a sword fight with a duck all without having to leave the comfort of your parents basement we ve all seen, is depicted in movies like ready player. One were an elaborate met. A verse serves as a retreat for people to escape the misery of existence, something I always vote was better here.
By we, but I'm not a visionary like Mark Zuckerberg, I tried virtual reality: Watson I put on the goggles and suddenly I was in a hot air balloon over France and then I was writing a broomstick IRAN, Hogwarts, and then I was in the bathroom throwing up like getting rue feed by Walt Disney. Here's an actual footage from her bergs recent presentation about what this new world will look like that's right, you're at a cost, with a friend who seems to be a ghost,
and the giraffe who has better seats than you, which is selfish when you're that all. But that's marks vision that two friends can attend a concert together when in reality mean the all real both are really sitting at home. What grateful especially from the ban playing to an empty stadium. That's right, a concert where no one has to actually be it, the concert or as drivers. said now. You tell me, but I must say I'm a little worried that if we get ourselves too far away from reality, we won't be well to find our way back. Phony used to be a bad thing. keeping it real was good
but why a name to show real time and not avatar time we just went through a pandemic. The last thing I want is more virtual, the metaphor, sounds like it's. Gonna be the pandemic ear, except for ever. You have to ask yourself: why does mark Zuckerberg? Think living in a metaphors would be so much better because look at him The dead eyes, the lack of recognisable human features, the painted on air is already an avatar. I'm pretty sure that the person we think Zuckerberg is a sin, when the real one lives on a yacht staff by a hundred beautiful women were replaced.
Man go all day this, the worst kind of person to make the overlord of new Universe even before the pandemic. Nearly three and an american males between eighteen and thirty weren't having sex almost triple What that number was ten years earlier, because they can, dont to a girl is election. And spending so much time. Unscreened has a lot to do with that the phenomenon known as in cells in cells, short for involuntarily, celebrate, and it's not Unless it never is when any society, for whatever reason, create men who are cut off from women and its I'm going well here with the in cells. It has become a toxic subculture Angry, MR not misogynistic digital Unix
And the men of earth is only going to make it met a worse because it's a vicious cycle, the more time you spend in the virtual world, the more you suck at engaging in the real world, so the so the war you retreat into the virtual, which further atrophies your real social skills, including and most importantly, getting late. You ve heard of these cycle of life. This is this cycle of get a life of men with no game. Who am, I themselves, ironically in games and other substitutes for female companionship, especially here
among these? Are they all want to be a hero so badly? All the movies about how a hero will rise is always a hero, rising you want to be a hero rise from the couch It lies in the news, the cargo shorts getting with a collar brush, The crumbs off your beard, shave your beard and talk to a girl being heroic by taking that long brave, walk across the room to someone out there
majority of men don't have to fight wars, anymore, hunt for food, and Lord knows there aren't any real Loki's or Green Goblin's to fight the one place you can step up and show courage. Is this be our hero? Two women. show yourself show yourself, you still have an ounce of courage and you're, not sacked by risk risking rejection and going up to a girl, and if it does work out,
you can go home and spank it all right, I'll, be at the Mirage in Vegas the number twenty six and twenty seven tonight. We arts Center December 30th in the Blaisdell in Honolulu Niggars, even the Florida theater in Jacksonville for more information log on to HBO dot com.
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