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Ep. #585: Fareed Zakaria, Chris Christie, Eric Adams

2021-11-19 | 🔗

Bill’s guests are Fareed Zakaria, Chris Christie, and Eric Adams. (Originally aired 11/19/21)

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Welcome to each year passed from the HBO real time.
I appreciate you so much I once I will miss saying, have your vases every week and the roar of muffled laughter, really I do when I get back the only man, people better beta eyes, wide shut party, okay, what this is when we always take our break its thanks. Giving those day I excited about exactly a few Jennifer three forward,
for years? The first one was sixteen twenty one. Did you know that Why was not a bigger story? I guess it's bad now! Well, you know it's it's comparing the first time that the settlers in the Indian share to me, of course, that's the white version. Indians, remembered at that time that some undocumented immigrants arrived uninvited and how to anchor babies. That's how they crowded the further. We know you're good people who are on the side of the Indians. Ok mean that share the door. Shall we speak in a labour thanks having a reminder draw, my liberal friends remember to allow enough time to throw out the baby
If Europe is weighed babies according to you and I and if you're travelling good? Very good luck, I tell you, there's a there's a fight now, every three days on aeroplanes, I was traveling last weekend at the gate and out with the guy was saying now boarding Walter Way to middle weight of the armed forces, which Katy S three in families beating small children. It was ridiculous, but we are back on January twenty first, so that your plodding the two months were off that we're coming back. I'm gettin that's a lot of time, but I am than any all that time to get through. The new Taylor. Swift, John America seems to be talking about, follow her backlog as closely as I should
I remember she went out with Jake Juvenile like ten years right now. I hear he's got this ten minutes long about how he did a wrong, and I, like you, did it again. no it's the same from while I thought applicants were stuck in the past, but it is again deny or popularity to shooting up the charge with a bullet the same one. Jake Jill and all dodged where's? Your very upset about the nine year age? Difference that they really
ass, he was old enough to be your father. Steps on from another Marin. Gonna, like you, kids, do a lot readership the mat about shake it off, but the Big news today juries knows the verdict in their Kyle Rittenhouse trial has come in innocent. yes, I know, if you don't know the story, he's a teenager from Illinois traveled to Wisconsin, because, like all teenage boys he watches to many comic book movies. They can be the avenger which in combination with guns, so today gate said these innocent. He would like to Hiram as an intern.
the true gates. Eddie had been following the story to closely, but he heard cross deep lines and teenager president had a very big wager by not a three hour, long teleconference with GM thing to have a China and sure for three hours, Joe, was fully engaged at the end the reporters asked and how it went, and he said a boring Good game is overrated, but he got his big where she signed the big infrastructure bill. Yes, precisely back to normal, in the sense that we have an infrastructure bill which was important, and now the present during the president always did he's going on the road to sell. The thing
If that's what you do, sell the people on that. First, stop he's going after the signing one of the most structurally deficient. Bridges in America and the tunnel Woodstock no hands? Oh my god, and it was all dangerous, because this has been around for almost a century and could collapse at any time. bridges in bad shape to stress: first, rational, China's iron fist, premiers Sunday November twenty first at nine on CNN and seen in international affairs. ten lessons were opposed pandemic world worried sick area like this, because it comes Romania where I am from. I know, and I liked it because I was never into shaking I love you, I don't touch you it's not. My thing at this doesn't add anything to our relation, but you know what now that we missed it for you,
I kind of like it, because people do that human rights and I think what we, the things we have all realised as yet we can get by by ourselves and those right lots of great things about being able to cut back and things boys, social people, I mean to Aristotle Road the three thousand years ago. Man is a social being we like to share ideas we like to celebrate together. Will we mourn together? We do all this stuff together, and it's just great that we're but to do it again at together, again, okay, so time with yours goes way too fast on many get right to the things that we want to blush at you're, one of my favorite guess you have a book in Tunisia so the tv show first tourist assurance can reverse and it's about China. China's iron fist, Oh I've been hearing for the very long time who is going to on the twenty first century. They have done them. You covered China a lot, but now that you looked at them again what's this short answer on that thing?
the most serious competition the United States has ever faced. But it's an entire year in a sense because it's right up our alley, by which I mean the good, a technology, There is really no. They don't have a screwed up economic system. They basically copied large parts of the capitalist system. They work. Bihar, he arrived at. The Soviet Union was not that hard to defeat did was being a basically a basket case economy by seventies. All they could do was billed missiles not particularly well. Where is the Chinese? their Dewey, I they're doing quantum computing they're doing biotech, they're they're gonna die electric cars high speed rail. This, as you know, the India Interest because of the future. Now makes me feel we ve gotta, we ve gotta, take this seriously the day, I'm an emigrant. I think this country's amazing. I think that the openness the the innovation Europe
we got very word by Japan and the nineteen eighties we're both old enough to remember that everyone thought, oh, my God, the Japanese are going to take over the work. Well, you know what they didn't. We invented the internet. We invented the you know. The whole information revolution happened in America, so I do think that there is an enormous advantage we have, but kind of got hustle we gotta work hard and we got you know we gotta. Take this there is, I must say I do not share your optimism about. I really think we're gonna lose I'm coming like what they're doing their building all over the world, what we got throw. We have this infrastructure deal at home, rent because how long Can we even pull it off? We couldn't build a rail in California, from bakers, whoever said now began Berlin, emulating everything takes ten times as long and costs baby, five hundred cities in forty years they're putting in the union structure for the whole world,
you're an authoritarian government which is not what we want? Probably what will get in five years? but they can make things happen worse. We Sorry were lazy were spoiled, were uneducated, we're not in good health. sorry, I dont see as I see it and it's not, first thing in the world, why can't we be like Great Britain, where the big swinging deck for a long time, and it's like ok, we'll be number two so what's it? Why are we so so I'll pushed back? If you look at the greatest technologies and What the? U S still dominates, then think about you know with synergy. I do wish to which we still do really where they have one company that that manage should essentially more cheaply than than we do feel. I wouldn't very well when I mean look as I they are appear competitor, but but while challenge, I think, is
got a lot of good stuff how bad the best universities in the world are still in the United States. The best researchers still done in the United States. We are Democrats, growing they're gonna be demographically, shrinking because of the one child policy. I think that the we need to run fast, we shouldn't run scared, got enormous advantages for and look at the geopolitics of this. as they arise depressing off, India, China, Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, Austria, right. They ve got all these neighbours. Ganging up on them, states has fifteen, entreaty allies in the word. China has one North Korea. We know where we As I said, we should run fast, but we shouldn't run say your special China's iron fist, which I'm sure there are people who objective that, because its racist no there's that view that, just by saying it bad about China, which is crazy when people say you know, like woke, did what does?
I've ever really affect us. Yes, it does stuff like that, but you can't criticise China and China does a lot of bad things, a lot of bad things, the most important part but the woke stuff again, you know cause you been you ve been on this, for on time, is we are undermining one of the greatest assets. We have a vision, one thing: we dominate the world, its college education, colleges our research universities of the best in the world. Why? Because they have been focused on I'll be on merit on education the more you turn it into this. You know that I mean there's No, I dont have it's not that I have any objection to any specific thing, but the whole focus is on wrong thinking. We should pay for going out. Mit should not be worrying about whether rather professor can save. this or that of the other, they should be figuring out how to wind up the artificial intelligence.
When I talk about, I hope Eric Adams was there. He had a big controversy nor about gifted programmes for students which has brought us as you wanted to get rid of by the geese. Gonna put that, but I don't want it I don't think China, whatever debate, that, whether you want to advance your most gifted people, I mean, if you're not going to do that, want to just say we surrender now, one of the reasons why we have done as well as we have despite the kind of problems you're talking about bill is that that be the best and am in America the people that you know the people working at the best tech companies at the greatest research universities, there they're working hard hustling there. You know you don't need all of society do, but you gotta support the talented people. You ve got to support the people working hard because those are the people who are gonna, take you to the cutting edge to unity and lead the society and a few model it all up by saying. Well, actually, there is no difference between all of us and we can we can.
I'll, be computer science geniuses? No, I can't I can't so about the other thing? We're gonna talk about your book which about the pandemic. I think out gotten paper back now. Ok, so we're different phase pandemic can we say, should we say There were at the endemic, it still summit, like the fluid, will always be around, but we should should Biden put a new policy is sort of like, You could own this ground somewhere between the Republican Sue sometimes seem to irresponsible, and the Democrats who seem too cautious yeah. I think exactly right for people who are vaccinated. This is something that closer to an endemic problem, then than a pandemic it's no good worse than than a flu. You know you if you, if you get it, it's not it's it's or not depends on who you all depends on Europhile is right. What are you really have? Is a pandemic of the UN's vaccinated
fewer on vaccinated. You have a twelve times higher chance of dying from covered. if you are vaccinated the risk. adding covert of debt were getting seriously. It was probably the same as the risk of drive on an american highway. In other words, a risk that you should be personally allowed to monitor and and deal with. I don't think there should be mandates about things, one where the other I feel like. We should get to the point where once you vaccinated once you have your booster shot, you get to decide. What level of risk you wondered deal bank have a vaccine. We have upheld yeah government today, but fifty million, I think doses, It fell from via an end going to be a game changer by the way that well I, if you have money, I mean the last thing I read about it- was the pill costume seventeen dollars to make and if they're going to charge seven hundred and twelve, so when Peter
so why are you so sceptical about that's? I could give you ten reasons, but that certainly is but that's a lot of money. It's a big cottage and three now I noticed that has grown up around people tested I still get tested. I had the vaccine and I have the disease. I mean I didn't symptoms except the today's. I couldn't smell them, not I was in bed, I found it. I went on back like why my tested it's silly that might have been tm I, but I appreciate, I think that the basic thing we have to realise is we can do what we did. The last two years again only where there is going to be another pay them in the world. We. even the United States doesn't have the money to tell
we need to stay home for a year and a half and then print six trillion dollar is never exactly about the money can be given. I would going to have to get more sensible about how do you live through one of these thing right elegantly, rather than saying: ok, lights, out close down the whole economy, and, let's just Brenda, you know ten trillion dollars and well is great to see you great, not your great shake your hand, and I hope we do more about in a future way that came out wrong, awry, parades area, less Josie Gardener, my own state, an author of the noble republican Rescue saving the party from truth, deniers conspiracy. There is, and the danger of policies of Joe Biden, Chris Christy's, overhead, Governor S, retired police officer, linen mayoral, acts of New York City Erika I get to the issues Eric. Do you have anything for me? No, no red and paper
I saw you get part ass being clever. What are you giving it to him aware of someone who is ok but something bad? I think happened in this country today. I think vigilantes good signals that you can go out and do whatever you want, which I don't think he's be good, but for a talk show host is about to go on vacation on a debate show this- is a dream to do, was read both your statements today and thereafter the races. This is This is this decision is an indictment of irresponsible laws that make our society far more violent and unsafe. Under the guise of personal freedom, and so called self defense for Christie says just as was done in the written ass verdict renews our faith in the jury system.
However, I think the real crisis that we are the thing in Brownsville. Seventy YO can get a assault rifle city. He can get a computer. This young man, seventy, oh, it was illegal for him, the approaches the rifle, but it was legal for him to carried across state. I'm going to throw up community looking for people dead wanted to shoot or in some way disrupt That is the real crises. What are we doing to our during that you have been access to these types of illegal for him to buy a car. Yes, yes, that's crazy, as where your mass, when you walk into the restaurant, but take it off when you re it's just crazy but really is well look. I don't think that the two statements are necessarily as different as you as you think. Why won't know because look
what I was talking about was I look at this. A prosecutor. The laws are what they are. You'll get us a prosecutor, change the laws in India the evidence they had did not prove what they the prove beyond reasonable doubt. So, if you have it directions to the laws of Eric was talking about even objections. Change the laws but to bring This report was ok, you're on a reasonable doubt: ok, well, that's you're! Looking it from a berry and that's my statement: was it's ok, I'll about price pull back to thirty? thousand feet and what about the repercussions of this? What about the message? This sense all the kids who say, I think this kid watch too many comic book movies. I think he will to be some sort of heroin, I think there's lots of themselves out there like him do the same thing and it's just its attacks. Your box. I mean I read today forty six percent of people in this country. According to the Zagreb poor thing
a civil war is likely half the country. Thinks a civil war is likely. I dont think its a great idea to say to people. You know what, if We should not doing the job as they weren't that moment in Canosa. The answer and be then the citizens have full police powers that can't be the risk right now I don't look. I don't disagree with that. The point, though, is that you can use it the visual case descended border societal message if the laws don't covered so but you need to do then were concerned about, that we should be is that we need to go after the laws and make sure we make it very clear to people that you can't take. What's your own hands, but that's what you do not commit. Somebody who, under the law was not in time the be convicted.
But I believe we must take into our own hands my plea to America. We must take our country back, We are allowing the fringe elements in both of the conversations to really hijack what everyday America's what he wants. cities educate our children and to be gainfully employed. Would you have with the busy that is just whipping up ripping us? Apart? Are you when I'm really concerned There is, I believe, there's an anarchist group in this country. They only desire is to continue to pull out of our cities apart. What I saw police vehicles been, I a where I saw it structure of property this happen and we have a place in Portland with is a city in a city this is America, is
One country called american multiplication talking about the right of all. Far as it is business. There's nothing wrong with be been pragmatic is progressive. For I was. I was closed. to do without a criminal justice system. This unfair, I want to close right, but done it the closer pipe minor feeds Reich is only thirty percent of those. I think you just heard why he won, because I think that spite divisions that we're talking about the country which very real there still a large section, this country. That says just talk common sense to me right, you know, and Francis Ike he's talking about want anyone who represent when I was governor, we close to prisons in New Jersey because we're not putting nonviolence, people in jail anymore, they're keeping them there, because they can't afford five hours and bail the really violent people
they stay in jail, then once we a bracelet around them. We make sure that they show up for court and they do what they need to do, but we're not filling jails People who are really in debtors prison and byways climate. So as to politicians who are, I would say, towards the centre of your party right, but you agree with that. Your butt, I would say more during the centre with you about, I don't like the titles that people try to define be. I'm chose still defined in myself because, because there to say Bernie Sanders. My would show your more toward the center by the way. This is why we like you, startled pouch roads, as I think it is imperative to not just just believe is unfair to America's, because you have
views on different things, we want to say his the litmus test. We operate freely that ok, but to someone I will say, I'm more towards the service. I think I am left but more toward the center, a more dynamic fighting with the farmer and the far right. Ok, but someone like me. It looks like one side wants to demoralize the police to the where they sometimes don't show up, and that does then maybe that happened in Canosa right on the other side wants to make the citizens some sort of vigilante for lunch I can't we have something that sensible in the middle and this you as an ex cop. This is how I would tell you you know when but I was gonna we were, it will be a campaign which was the most dangerous city in America. In time we fired the entire police force rule, for I remember back in
a train them based upon community policing and advice? Unless the escalation and involved when, in the neighborhood out of cars, on based because on foot- and you know what happened- without seventy five percent camp, because the city, didn't see the police police the enemy anymore. They saw as partners and the least, didn't see the citizens as enemies anymore. They saw them people worthy to protect. That's why we gotta get with policing in this area to also because with the governess says, is correct, but to redefine the ecosystem of public safety. We have not done that traditionally Policing has always been just a public safety has We ve been just a police and we call for everything. We re define at ecosystem community groups, crisis management to Youth of organization, rebuild that trust.
because the bad guys are looking at us in love and take some of the burden of the police and we're doing things. I watched cop. We started a front porch somebody's house about their merit. You could have been in jail. Professionals responded to those non binding jobs. could have a different relationships and that's where we're going to see you set it redefine. Yes, and yet the Democrats always fall into the trap of of getting word fucked, I love the shared. Did you know I write grace. You ve never said you can't, but instead of calling a dairy fund redefine It was so hard about that because work
POW fly exactly right. Let's use the right one and I agree wholeheartedly for we should be two years, but Joe Biden said after connection twenty twenty one. I have already said. I want to be very clear about all this rioting is not protesting. Looting is not protesting. Setting fires is not protesting, its lawlessness plain and simple, and those who do it should be prosecuted sounds you, I feel like that's why he got elected the perception now among many people. Is that that's not the guy who's in office that he has his one left, the narrative Is that true or think? No, I believe we need to reclaim the narrative when you look at the bill back better bill, the stuff in that bill, a universal, a child care when you look at the good things that are being done. We are not talking to Bonn Americans with those kitchen table issues.
We can so complicated best zero on what Americans, when New York is what we want. during the campaign to talk directly. What New York is wanted, nothing, that's what the Democrats must do and this things all about guns I mean Were you on the guns? I know you, you carry a gun, you probably strap now what I thought you'd have actually do, not trust you got that trust. A key is having up before this open carry includes in New York is worthies. Oliver spurs that having carried in fifty years really is- and I won't I can't carry California is larger than perhaps a supreme Court is about to make an important decision there is going to impact, is an I'm hoping that they don't allow us Conseil carry. We do a great
job here, Thou laws in New York and I'm hoping that they they considered not to make this talk, I good as we know, one of the old western style. You know when I go back to the stuff you said about, that would present bind send twenty verses where he is now and I think that's the biggest reason why is Polaris have gone down. So much is that he can't in that way, he can't pay this Unita and a centrist who's gonna, bring the sure together and returned thanks to some normalcy that was his pitch and we got a lot of independent voters, lotta republican voters who voted for him. For that reason, and now he's come in with a much more aggressive progressive social agenda. Then he campaigned on and what people would there's no is, if you go in different than the way. You campaigns, then alike, feel like away the second I bought it,
but what you are selling now you sell something different. He did campaign on a lot of the things you said that nobody, not that it would not be magically bill. That's the problem like now. You know people thought they were getting. This guy was can unite the country instead right he's doing different stuff report. An aside, I think Eric is right. That Democrats, it made a huge mistake by not breaking down their bill and talk about individual things and just talking about the price tag, grateful Applicants keep doing it, but for for me the problem is he's. He has governed cod trade brands he sold and will you do as a politician, you put yourself apparel. innocent enough. I am myself. I am proud to call myself to bind the Brooklyn when I was about to present a like Joe I believe that what he has done during cove it the billions of dollars that were sent into our cities of Woody has done during the year structure build now build bag better. I think with the Democratic Party
must do, they must get on the ground and sell what they're doing DAWN and amazed resources. We would not have covered from public, wasn't poor, they called it. Well this package, if it wasn't for the infrastructure bill and now would build bag better. Okay, so listen every year before we take our break. We have a tradition here, because we take a very serious responsibility that we inform these people. We are news, and so we're gonna be off for a couple of months. You're, where I get all my exact. I appreciate that homey real future headlines. This is the headlines that are going to happen, see we we're not gonna be here, but we still hats
back. Staff is so good that you would you like to see some of the future headline. Britney spears found note in Lyon. Enclosure that is jeopardy house jumped over newly discovered, problematic, preschool artwork racist Karen calls nine one one on Anti Mass Karen cop Karen shows up and huge potent critic survives fall from building by landing on previous Putin. Critical fell from a Fox news gives confederate flag its own. She and ultimate troll move Biden. Changes named branded leech Facebook memo admits. The murderers is just going to be guys jerking off, make it work to accept Bitcoin for whatever it is. You Bristol pale and announce its engagements Kyle written town that voted to defend the police wakes up defined everything gone already happening, so Chris
I'm gonna read your quote about your future and trumps. You said I dont know that he is going to run. He is, I don't know whether I'm going to run you? in future. This is MRS future headlines, but do you know I'm reading some of your statements and look? I if you could prevent Donald Trump from being an office as theirs, but Mitt Romney? I would. I would take the million dollars. I gave to Obama in twenty four and give it to you or Mitt Romney anybody. You get the republic a nomination than has been worth the flight out here. I had to get out of hand, but here's the crop yields I just square a circle that cannot be squared witches. You dont want completely renounced trump. I mean this blows my mind. You said.
Let's see who we is, you still might use. I support you call em out for the big lie. I give you credit for that in the book. You call out the conspiracy theories, you say he he actually lost the election, but then you say you might support when twenty twenty four, let's see who he is, and what he says and how we can ducks himself. This is untenable for a guy like you who's, like I'm no bulshit, but you know who he is. You think he's going to change at seventy five if he were given Shane's when he became President Donald Trump's. Take my change theory outlook. This is what I think about that bill people who want to win as badly as he does often find their principles to be flexible, Right, this is a guy who, when I first Madame, was the most Ro Choice, sky. tat on the most pro choice, guy you'll ever meet and now is the most. Lifeguard you'll ever me here, totally against ethanol, subsidies, because
that their waste, the money, people don't give a shit about. Yet another subsidies progress what they thought they do tonight about Athens. I know they don't give us shall try that words about better than the other one. My mother told me I'd so good when you have someone who's willing to change their positions like that are not been one whose below you do that you never It's gonna happen, and this is a trap. Ok, people want to get you trap to say things that our three years away no reason for me to say this today What I am saying is stuff that no one else is saying but except for Rupert Murdoch, who said it stood. I helped me my way hell I didn't you can both be maybe on trump and democracy.
you have to choose one right out in every way possible. We call the Justice Department, he tried to get my pen the do you tried to get the court to do it he did ever thing possible and he just didn't she'd hard enough. That's the only lesson he's learn. You can't be dropped. the bad guy- and I know it, but I might vote for urban twenty four right. This innocent he's a bad guy. We don't need to go backwards, we are still still receiving the all out of his presidency, we should not an eye.
I am writing candles burning incense do inhale, marrables, don't want him back in the White House and what makes you think you can try the party away from him, which he always stock and no night good. I think you're wrong about that. We see Virginia, we see what happened in New Jersey We then I'm going with you guys what you guys affirmatively said, we don't want you to come a campaign here, for them, but they did your notice him would not the grubby case up in politics. When you tell somebody don't come anywhere near me: that's renounce its not that is, it is because we want to be stand. They were near someone, that's what it is and there's a pull the can three days ago, and I will I will Republicans where some of those survive Republicans in America. Who is greater loyalty to the Republican Party or Donald Trump, sixty two percent
The republican party, twenty six percent said Donald Trump. He absorbed all the oxygen in this political world for five years bill he's not even out he's out of office today, ten months and nobody expects everything to be different within ten months? It's, as is the gratification society we live in we are moving because he's forcing that movement, because he won't let go of the past. you're the guy over the past year. I think, I think, is good fortune. What would we persist We allow this man to really just disrupt our country will leave we of everyday looking at his tweets. We allowed him to just suck the US oxygen out of our country. While we are dealing with Trump China's chicken, our rear. We need to be focused on what MRS save less. Let's not fall into the trap of in America, pc
The path. Ok, but everybody's asked me. I've got all weak areas with the same question. You do, I'm not going to fall to the trappers every minute. I have on television talk about Donald Trump. I want a whole. books anglo. The election was stolen. Biden, one fair and square. I prove it in the book and goes the statistics of the election and I say if we don't stop it, where are we supporting you're, not even the most viable, that's more important to talk about Donald Trump. It is true. Is that party you mean no less Janey is a Non Republican in Wyoming. But I will, I think, my always pretty conservative. It is right, so if they declared less Cheney, the one person is it's. The state committee did ok I'll tell you that I did not win and a national local election and why I M, while you were gonna, find out cause she's run into primary twenty twenty two and, if an willing to pay
to you right now, this chain is gonna. Ruby, renominated and, while I am again area will determine through the republican bill which, The voters of Wyoming cause. That's a state. Why Mozilla have one member Congress right so voters away. Omen will deter and who's, a Republican. Who is it not a small group people in the State Committee who have a vote now. I could want to be on bill. I know I've never be wrong before, but I this could be that this could be the first time it, but I could be wrong, but I think it would be right. Ethic chain is gonna win, ok! Well I mean I think you could have been better if you read that Europe people wanted you to run the now against. You was well he's kind of a mob boss bully, and then they found Donald Trump a much bigger. that's what you mean that can be good in politics. You get things done. I mean he didn't write. You Possibly. Why? Because you can work with the other side and ideas for eight years I know, but but you're running
the same republic, it in a party that still longer thing I mean Cuban on is the life breath of that point. I read about it in the book in once been I read about it the book bill. They won't. They pay fried earning potential in you and that's why I'm here saying the gas the journey of american style revolving around their phone? That's what the Democratic Party must do. They much must attach Donald Trump to the republican point. They must attach them to their plight. Failed to do so. We're going to fail to really show the progress we are making in this country at all, isn't like our disagreeing with Eric all night tonight. I think because, Its return to have not really necessary. Of course, try to do. He tried to attach Donald Trump to grant Glenn Yoke and, in most of his campaign, money was spent on ads that we're trying to kid
I'll try to claim you give em a majority vote is reading. I just said I seek when young can I dont see Donald Trump, and so I am going to vote for this guy. But I understand I understand, but I think you gotta be careful, because unless the person is acting like Donald Trump, so it's up to make him days. Is the three quarters of your party that He won the election and were stolen. Are they lying to upholster? Or do they really believe that I'm asking? I think I think there has been an absence of anybody else in my party saying anything different. and when all the only voice not being heard there have been Mitt Romney Adam comes into your list, Cheney and they're, all non re put, but look each one of them approached in a way that I think was not the best way to approach it. Ok, I so. I think you ll, when when this week I have a book that comes out the talks about that Rupert Murdoch comes out, says the same thing. Two days later, things are changing
nobody can call me never trapper, I helped them. I prepare for the base both times, but so went with people who actually support and no one could say, Rupert Murdoch and support him either way now saying enough, but you have you admit that is say to call out a guy in all the horrible things that Donald Trump didn't sends a I still might vote for him. One is just what I wanted to clarify: what guess what words you're scared of Adobe designing. I said now shown by this because when you know tat when he goes that tell you you're, just Toby attacked me last week and I'm still standing here and upset Britain front of you here. Why here's? Why won't you guess what? If Bernie Sanders denominated Democratic Party, I cannot vote for Bernie Sanders. I will not,
he's not going to be the number one is so say you, blacks, time, Nedda ties to time a loser, unease, eighty nine or but he's not run trust region accurately body could be with headlines, is good at eight. That good timing was somebody like that uses a devout socialist built. That's why we will forward your trap Then I got a vote for Bernie Sanders. Trying to get over night came heavy, but no, but You call out what I wished tonight: I wish I had worn Eric's collect that everyone more call out. I love this that you do this. You call out all the conspiracy theories in the Republican that they mostly Republicans believe now the birth or gay.
but he went on and ok, but then you say we should not permit the Democrats to turn our country into a male in voting society. This zero proof male in voting, encourages frauds. Aren't you in another kind? No, no. What I'm saying is that it should not. The only option, then, what people without saying, and only that was the statement bill that are, there are states in our country right now who are only Ellen voting It's is only male voting. Wash this these only male and voting. I don't know ever you cannot vote in person, and I know is all, Ellen voting, you are not allowed to vote person any more in those states. It's all
I say that is why I said that, and that is why we do think didn't say I was right. I know. I know that you were not me. I got my guy, I know you're. All they fashion police observed that Kirsten Cinema more addendum best on the floor. The Senate need to get a life. The Senate has an annual sir sucker Day when they all dressed up like Matlock. I think we can handle one of the dressing like J Leno once besides, a vast
decide if it's a shorter, a jacket, and if you can't make up her mind, why should a clone Euro redefine meet the company that invented a method of three d printing meat? In any, a bore, a secular she want that every guy they showed it to ask the same thing: how to make it more or less, and the tradition where one of the football teams on Thanksgiving Day has to be the Detroit Lions for a very
for this reason, pretending that this is a must see. Game is key to how we avoid talking to our families for its hard to sell out or fairly good. Now, I'd like to learn more about how the rough child or micro chipping trump supporters, but the lions or maybe he's gonna, believe not that got neural. Someone must tell Josh Molly. You are free to do this when you discuss election irregularities or you want, but it wants up your nose from growing Euro summit, as it tell me how America can only support to political parties when there are four different coloring books about cat, but this Christmas there's cat, but Christmas cat, but
Christmas with an explanation but prisoners with four explanation course, Christmas cat, but Two questions I never want answered. Where do you get your ideas? I? What else do you do with Graham finally, neural Democrats, who, one year from now, will be looking their wounds and asking themselves how they could have lost the mid term? So badly must instead ask themselves that question now now. You know now like well, there's still time to do something about it. Couple of weeks ago, Amy Klobuchar was here and when I suggested the Democrats need a messaging zar, she offered me the job will. You need a messaging things in your party. I really could be you Amy. I'm fine,
but after careful consideration, I must decline the hours it would take me away from home would make it very difficult to my family, but I will denied once again break out my coach had untried appointed Democrats in the right direction. That's all I can do, you in the right direction. I like deep Throat because the way this party is running for office is making began. I know liberals think this country is full of dumb white people, but in our democracy, dumb white people make up a substantial portion of the boat, the media and voter, is a white person in their fifties who didn't go to college, their favorite tv shows and sea ice.
Their programmes are what I don't know what the fuck you're talking about in two thousand and eight Republicans only one for Virginia counties by more than seventy percent this month in the governors election there, they, in forty five counties and this is what a lot of Democrats were told was the reason for that Duncans, when proves white ignorance is a powerful weapon. racism, still works in Virginia. It's not the messaging folks. This country simply still loves white supremacy. I haven't worked up an official democratic campaign slogan for twenty twenty four yet, but I tell you what I have ruled out is vote Democrat because white people suck
is. This is like trying to get laid by saying your ugly. You wanna dance your alienating a whole lot of people, particularly whites without a college degree, which is most of them in a country, still. Seventy percent wide eyed Do the math but there's a form of white supremacist. Yes, I know I know every fibre of your being tells you the people you really want to reach watermelon, teenagers and bloggers and Gaza, but they can vote to a lot of folks in America? You come across as the cares about everybody, but me party, and it doesn't Have to be that way. You can find ways to stand up for these folks without being David Duke this, when the Democrats finally passed their big trillion dollar bill to rebuild our roads and bridges, six Democrats voted no
because it didn't go far enough to address climate change which, I am sure is true? What does but this was free money from the federal government that would actually improve their constituents lives. I can see a voter saying you know squad I agree with you on climate change, but as long as it is happening, we also need money, forgetting the water pump out of the subway. Can we do that before we build the workers Paradise one of the first things binding did in office was getting through a covered relief package that sent fourteen hundred dollars to well everybody. without a single republican vote and today, Trump is leaving him in the polls. You can give the people all the goodies. Joe mansion will allow. It doesn't seem to buy their love, why? Why is the part
it supports, so many issues that benefit the middle class still considered out of touch by sixty two son of Americans. In plain English, nobody, snob Hillary Clinton. didn't have any one on rural research or outreach when she ran and twenty sixteen until the race tightened just before the election than they one. And where was his office Brooklyn restoring politics is local, not locally sourced. It's not artisan its and stand your might. Aggression. Culture doesn't play in the rest belt. Staff. Her hand was speech that says menstruating people instead of women, don't say that say women.
Don't put anyone fresh out of college in charge of the campaign they ve been given per dissipation trophies their whole life? They dont know how to win. James Carville knew how to win. and he blamed the democratic losses this November. Second, on stupid. Welcome which Elsie fired back. That openness is a term almost exclusively used by older people these days. So that's it are all you need to know. What is the term folks, like you brought out very recently and have been for only displaying at every march, since just less you are the guardian declared woke the word of our era? I guess they did get the mellow from the main girls club? We don't use that emerging anymore
please. We say fetch now what a great strategy never missing an opportunity to remind voters have wave and clueless and hopelessly uncool. They are especially since those are the ones who actually vote, but ok What word would you like us to use for the plainly insane excesses of the left that are liberalism, but some completely different, because you can't have that word liberal from us and think it should. We're things like cancelling Lincoln teaching third graders? They were precious. That's all your new think. A more pertinent question to ask about the word woke might be why such a short time has gone from a rallying cry to a pejorative. If the word only made you think of rational deserved causes like
Teaching a west whitewash version of american history I still want to own it, but it's a joke, because it makes you think of people wake up offended and take orders from twitter over sensitivity has grown tiresome. That said, that said, I would love to have a say on this. Show this. What's to admire there, I was one of her first supporters for the green new deal idea, but that will pay probably never happen because Democrats. don't go anywhere these days where they're, not pre adored, and that's my ass. Bit of advice to them go The amen corner isn't do Fox news, be brave, come here, go everywhere. Winning is about expanding the electorate,
Okay, that's right, show up till January. 21St know that I'll be in Vegas at the Mirage, the twenty six or twenty seven of this plus Mary Arts Center December 30th Blaisdell in Honolulu, New Year's Eve, Bjcc Birmingham Alabama January 15th, every Friday night at ten or watching anytime, on HBO on demand for more information log on to HBO dot com,
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