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Ep. #587: Ira Glasser, Fiona Hill, Matt Welch

2022-01-28 | 🔗

Bill’s guests are Ira Glasser, Fiona Hill, and Matt Welch. (Originally aired 1/28/22)

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Welcome to each year from each year. Maybe we'll find him. If I might give my love you- and I think I know why you're happy thy said that every week this week, I think because you did not invested gripped. Oh, that was a very wise breakdown ways how big reduced its horrible for the environment- United just bucket stupid crass, like a rock, it was almost a trillion dollars. I mean people in the members are jumping off virtual buildings and you know who guided door millennials because they thought it was cool.
Another like wait: a minute was a bad idea to put all my savings into an imaginary currency on it, but you know it's doing good the actual economy Our people make economy grew five point: seven percent emotions, nineteen. Eighty four course we still have problems inflation for supply, but in a word, curse. They can't get enough workers and listen to them in this country that till paranoid about the virus Their pressuring workers- because you know enough- gonna work when their sick. I think I saw TAT the day at the supermarket, the guy you,
My groceries asked me if I could help him get to the call for you. I know people who are suffering the inflation rate. I mean. Did you see this doll, tree dollar tree. It's not funny serve. People need dollar dollar trees, raising the price of all their stuff to a dollar twenty five. What and you call a dollar three like you could see this coming. You know I do not century fox.
Sergio Mendez in Brazil. Sixty six. Can't you see that in the future. I just you just look two thousand late anyway. There raising a price and everything of dollars- Jodo dollar, twenty five there getting very busy about it in our calling their expired, toothpaste, vintage, don't get me started on eminence, You know what I realized. How much I did not know about eminence this week. Everyone's talking about fucking eminence I haven't had one since I was a child. Ok, I didn't really. They have characters. did you all know this
I'm sure that guy you does. It know, there's gonna shit, but I didn't answer now eminence there they are there, making them more inclusive six of them of different colors, their male and female. Some have not some don't how much more inclusive and tell you I'm just learning all this just like the Green one. Apparently attack to change, because she was slutty see that she had like I make up and high heels, but that's all gone its enemy. they're saying is that Eminem
trying to fuck me, is this really the biggest thing we have to worry about a meanness allotted? on the border right now between Russia and Ukraine and incursion could lead to war and work could lead to hockey. I our very very man at Russia very matter. And their matted us reminded us, because, while the Olympics are starting, and remind them that they say we stole from them the whole thing
about letting big Harry guys. Do women sports. I say what I meant to say is for I'm an empty. You do have more important things to this Biden. Our president, my man. for. He goes to Pittsburgh today to sell it infrastructure bill and talk about infrastructure a couple hours before he got there a bridge in Pittsburgh, and Jill by
His wife said you know, as as things get older tartar to keep them up. It's also a shame about that bridge. That's what you, but bite. Did you see this? He called one of the guys had Fox news of stupid son of a bitch And a republican congressmen, I don't remember his name, and I dont want to this guy actually said about Biden, calling a Fox news. Guy son of a bitch, you said: have we ever seen a precedent?
tack and malign the free press like Joe Biden. Yes, yes, we have, I believe his name was. Are you fucking kidding me? The other thing, this guy hates about Joe Biden? Is the weak cakes on orange? Make up that's terrible, but good news, looks like Biden's. Gonna get a little mojo back he's gonna.
A supreme court pick tiring, he's gonna he's gonna fulfil his promise good for him and appoint a black woman to the Supreme for today, Elizabeth Warren said. I just remembered on port that, to my hand, for Justice Briar, whose quitting he did a good job. Just these eighty three- and he said you know I'm getting older. I can remember one Eminem were horse right first, that when a great honour to have this money is the former executive director of the Asia you who was reached in the documentary mighty IRA civil Liberty story, IRA Glasser, I was a boy, the people of Nigeria ones. I really want to shake your hand or give you a hug, because I would feel like you perfected my life.
as head of the icy. You owe you and make so such a great protector of free speech, which is my business, it sure is ensured. And I am very aware, always have been- that I've been able to really enjoy free speech specially here on HBO. ABC before they fired me. But in general and comedians weren't, always mean even with the easier along time were you there when Lenny Bruce was going through his from now, not quite not quite but you're aware he had like. Yes, you nine trials, they put him on trial, for things that every comic now says openly, so where's the ACL. Well, you know they put. They tried to prosecute both are wearing flag shirts maritime floods now you see Murchen flag, they cows on everything right
People make underwear out of a toilet paper out of it, but in the sixties they prosecuted people For the euro had of this organisation scares me for twenty five years, almost a mean from now seventy eight to enter this century. Its changing I mean it was a stalwart defender of free speech and civil liberties. Is it still that not as much I mean they. They just produced a couple of years ago, new guidelines for the lawyers to use when deciding what free speech cases to take. This is a requirement now for the national ratio. Your words before they take a case defending someone's free speech. They have make sure that the speech doesn't offend or threaten other civil liberties values, the words, in other words the reform of the send your free speech. They want to see what you say.
that's the Asia new government. What is the EU doing so read that quote than the phrase was values contrary to our values, our values, but your value is free speech. I mean you the most famous case you defended the Nazis being able to March in Skokie Illinois in nineteen, seventy, so right, ok I'm guessing the Nazis did not reflect your values. That's good, right actual. Actually most of this each we defended didn't set of course is that I was pleased that a point. That is the point, and you mentioned the flag. This is the problem. I think that humans have, but now they have a bigger problem with it than they did in the old days when they were more sophisticated, there's concepts like free speech and then there's nazis. flags which are concrete love and you see a Nazi, you see a flag burning, you don't like it.
If you anti tobacco use tobacco it and you don't like that or or, if you're, for women's equality. You see Playboy magazine, you don't like that. People used to say to me it is not hard to defend free speech when so few people in this country are in favour of it and why response. Always was now that's wrong. Everybody's in favour of free speech as long as it's there's brain and and everybody has an exception. everybody says well, I believe in free speech bought right and it doesnt work. If their ex mountains I mean, can I show a quote from the current head, Anthony Romero, I'm sure you familiar with these gentlemen. He said I rejoice that. We need an entrance exam answer, liberties, to establish the bonus these needed to work here. What you do We need an entrance exam on civil liberties in an organisation called the American Civil Liberties Union. What
Would you like to address him directly? Well, you know that might be true: for hiring people to work in the xerox. I don't expect talking about them now. That's exactly so, but you know if you're hiring a lawyer to defend the first amendment, you wanna have a reasonable assumption that he'd like the first amendment, what that is what's it for. If you weren't knows about hiring, you hiring somebody hiring a lawyer to descend reproductive choice for women. You wanna be reasonably certain that they believe in reproductive choice. Now, sure it's possible for good. to defend things that he or she doesn't believe in but of course, organisation like the Asia you, it wasn't so much you're doing an entrance exam.
Why would you want to hire somebody who who didn't agree with with what you were pushing? It says I mean organizations do drift right. I mean there a working party used to be about small government and lower taxes, and now it's become an Cherry personality cult: I would calls that adrift we see it in television. You know, networks, even do what their name says like MTV, with music television they have no more muse learning Channel had. Sarah Palin on That's what you don't be Asia, the? U has become not totally this is not a hundred to nothing, but they become more of a. political partisan, what they call progressive organization. Now
organisations have the right to change. They can do that, but the problem is Many other ratio, you and if there is somebody who's prepared to defend what you say and prepared to defend what the Nazi, say and prepared to what people for abortion same prepared to defend what people who against abortion say. Then the government guest to decide who can speak and that's the most this thing over. The government and the tech companies are really the ones who decide that these days I used to be the government and the newspapers. I mean it's that that's that's true made a few. If is, you can have Fox news, you can have the times you can have the nation magazine. You can have a thousand flowers bloom the real danger to civil liberties and the real danger to speech. Is letting the government pick and choose imagine Trump picking and choosing who gets to speak
I didn't Rudy Giuliani. I don't have to imagine that he was mayor in my city for years, we five more first amendment lawsuits against outta Giuliani than any mayor in the history of New York. He didn't. He didn't like painting in a museum he tried, wrote to get rid of it, you can allow the government to pick and choose which speech to allow and only way to do that is to defend each no matter what the content is, Yes, so I used all the things you mention your right. They are. They are threats to free speech. I also think this idea, That feelings are the most important thing was a great threat. Is you know. I'm jewish and I had relatives who were victims of the Holocaust, and I know
What feelings with generated by the Holocaust survivors in Skokie, when, swastikas is on their arm came to demonstrate in that town. Nothing could be worse than that, except possibly how people felt in Mississippi when people ran around my cheeks employer cases under had demonstrated those in real feelings, but I Turn a proposal in the Asia you when I was there a table, We say that it's all right to prohibit speech that causes emotional stress. And I remember looking at the person who suggested that and said You know every time I open my mouth, I'm looking to cause emotional stress, about I'm about to do it again, you wouldn't, but Louise Weiss. Do we were at once once said to me
to be honest, Jo Leinen and she me. Why do you know you use you, you you so much? into my husband bill, she says- and I said what path he says, such terrible things you know what it would be irrational, not to be mean to him. That's what I do for a living. You know, and and and so you know to the aclu- to decide that that that kind of stuff needs to be prohibited, strict, it or they're not gonna defended, is is tat No, I what the issue is therefore, and to deny It's been there for ever since it was created. Nineteen twenty well I wish everyone sees this documentary mighty Eirik is, you certainly are, and I'm glad you're here still talking about it, because we need you think
last night I had a armies, the host, the reason round, table podcast and a host of the fifth column, Podcast Matt, Welsh, her so high tat. He read it. I know everyone automatically gets one, but you have to change their former senior directorate. The! U S. National Security Council, mild job specializing in russian and european affairs and author of there is nothing for you here. Finding opportunity in the twentieth century Fiona hell I'll go to see about last week we were talking about covered, is the beginning of the sure. We're gonna. Do it again, because you know we're having a big national debate here, but I think life and death, and what should we do moving forward in whose being selfish or not so
people attacked me, but I just want to say my opinion that we should get back to normal good company if I'm crazy because the governor of Pennsylvania he's a Democrat he said this week. I think everybody's angry. It's been two years now we're fatigue and ready to move on. Think a lot of political vectors are reflecting that. Ok, My c Denmark I mentioned last week, the UK or, as Johnson said, were open and backup. Now I see the Prime minister and Mark said we say goodbye to the restrictions and welcome the life we know before as a primary first, Denmark will reopen so Matt. I wanted just read I quote, I thought it was really interesting. In the end, the erotic talking about kids- and I say they- we need relief from the restrictions imposed by neurotic statist and ultimately selfish adults
I wouldn't do that in ITALY. The word selfish, because that's where enjoys lobby to people who are saying that we are there, we should be a worthy selfish words of you are for maximum safety. In all situation. You are the good people, and this is others. It's a great question who is really being selfish at this point, the people who are wanting to keep schools clothes. There is still some clothes, Flint Michigan, we're personnel comes as well, but people who want, imposed. The types of rules that are not be followed or recommended pretty much anywhere else in the world. The World Health Organization says: don't mask kids under five New York fourteen other states, all of which voted for Joe Biden, incidentally, follow the CDC guidelines mask from age to my door, who just turned seven this week, has been wearing a mask for thirty percent of her life.
And in January, as all mccrone. Thankfully, as you know, to shaping steeple radical straight up, because down in New York as crime was was cutting through that, like ok, have to upgrade your man. That you, where every day in your school, where every the kids is vaccinated and every one of the teachers is vaccinated. Who are we acting in that scenario, we don't realize to what extent we are departing from basic kind of science pick understandings of things in getting into our own understand will at first sense fear and panic, but weren't Dulce. We have to assess risks. We have not been doing that and we ve been inflicting it on the most vulnerable population and its a disaster has been really really bad David Leonhard. I think them in the New York Times
the only same voice there in my view- and I regret fantastic He'S- a great But remember this week he wrote millions of Democrats have decided that organizing their lives around cove, it is what their identity is progressive. That's really a key to this, because these are the science people and then not listening to basic science. I see people in cars alone in a car with the mass do they think they're gonna get it from the radio that I've been wanting to be incognito? I have to say that I have put the Moscow one. I don't want. Anyone to know me going by haven't made another idea. The level notoriety doesn't internet after confess what what what can't we
cisely target and I mean target protect the people who are vulnerable and let's society go back, I'm here's what I instead whence it came this week. Ninety percent to ninety percent. There had guy said, I think if there had guy said Almah Kron people who asymptomatic with the other variants. It was like forty percent now, even Forty per cent think about that. Herbal delta. The horrible code classic. almost have almost half the people, never even knew they had it that never happen. Smallpox. Ok, Oh, he said, I'm a crop up Ninety percent could be asymptomatic, so it's an I know so many people have had it gets its everywhere and the like. It's nothing. I've had.
hangovers that were worse, so ok, but I also know that people are EL dying, hundreds of people a day I want to know how both things can be possible some Essen, so I got whose dying Ninety nine percent from you Twenty twenty one of covered Nineteen us on vaccinated so when the eight percent I've read this before other people hospitalized or died, overweight or obese, though, over sixty five make up. Seventy five percent of all covered. In other words, we could be more precise about this. We could pinpoint and help protect the people. who are vulnerable and the rest of this go back to life. seems to me, and we don't do that. Why a thing is positive way. Tat we ve started to talk about it. I mean you already touching on it right away. You just said that part of the problem, as you know, the Democrats,
On the one hand, I think one thing: of course we know that on the other Republicans, I was watching a coffee shop we're Wisconsin when I was visiting some of my in laws and a guy in front of me. I was during a mosque, because this was in the peak of the delta variant and the guy said to Us- funding. Of course, I'm not gonna get vaccinated, aware a mosque as a mere republican and media. So was I mean how in making these decisions based on a part time basis on that's really you're getting out here right that people are actually looking identity, politics, all their own personal political preferences? We ve got so polarized that we're not making rational judgments. I mean I'm with you guys weighing up my Georgia has fifteen. This is my the whose eighty seven I haven't seen my mother and more than two years she's going to residential hole in the UK, but you know privacy at risk, whereas my
What is it that rain paint you different conservation? We need a sensible conversation about that, not that we insist on what my political path right, that we protect the people we, I would spend any amount of tax money to do that, the people who were truly vulnerable, You know Stephen Briar. doesn't want to work with Gorse judge because Gorse what, where a mask, I support that he's. Eighty three, I get that Course it should wear a mask around eighty three year old, but you know this a country most people around and eighty three year old ran it just because we're in ages country, I guess where I would.
I would also like to mean. It's it's completely right when you look at the different spread of policies of masking the vaccine mandates and whatever you people have indicated that this building today by California, unspeakable acts Fairfax, but now with all its based on partisanship. It's based on on who you voted for in the election, which is bananas to me. So someone who is not part of that. I would like to propose this kind of semi truce each side. a team, red and team Blue did one good thing. One big thing great and one big thing: terrible right: team, Blue did so great a thing that actually matters most. You got vaccinated right. It's the greatest protection, possible against this thing, get the vaccine, your we're, not gonna die for healthy most. I did not look at eighty percent of Republicans over sixty five got the shot. Right, but I still not enough still not enough and a lot of places that are giving her right now. So Republicans didn't do that stuff go, but Republicans did keep schools open. Didn't
like it issue back, seen, mandates to go into a bar New York in five years old? You can't go inside of an indoor building, even though, if you're coming from Europe, you can't get a vaccine in Europe all kinds of mad things that have happened in blue states. They got that right can we all say that we all did I did too. We all got stuff wrong. So in the meantime, can you get rid of some of these mandates that we don't need anymore after the onlooker on Steeple goes down and then also get backs needed, and then we can get but there's gonna be another. Very it you kid every time it I got? One goes away. We're like ok, now we're out of it whenever out of it whenever out of it it wants to live in it. Well, it's a virus, it's going to evolve and we can't can't be like. Oh ok, when the choice that about dealt when that goes away. That can't be the template, I'm sorry it has to be its here. It's
We have. We have the protection, that's what the main arguments they have the protection for a guy like what we should be able to after right. The ice you beds are no longer feel we should be able to again the huge change. The back. in, doesn't stop you from getting it and doesn't Stop you from trends. Many it stops you from dying. That's good That's pretty good. victory and go home, and if you don't, I can't get. No. I can't even I can't even more invested in your house than you are about communication, I mean we ve got a safe space, and this terrible serfs, I'll bet. Without looked up my mosques, it starts to be able to figure out how we can talk about this, and it starts to look like every other government programme, and one is the common thread of government programmes. They never and they never end exactly include
now that I mean you talked about money being spent on. This should be happy to. We ve spent a lot of money. Where did he go? I've bears our sun last and Amazon. right, which and those master now like polluting the ocean and I've ever either everywhere, but exactly government programmes. Never, That's whether a GMO have subsidy, or I mean this government program that maybe should have ended NATO. Let's talk about that. You say you don't get it through several thousand years ago. If I go out during your strength, because NATO was formed to fight the Soviet Union, which appeared in ninety ninety one eye I'm not sure what we should do about Ukraine. If Russia, Russia looks like There are about to install a puppet government like they did here.
What I mean is it really are fight and again, why? Why is there a NATO when, when the Soviet Union went away, would we Been better off instead of his day, we still hate you, Russia, start to looks like an only everybody, but you club well, that's enough we have left me a potent fails, I'm in a pity, if he's watching this monologue right now begun. Yet that's exactly life. Well, I mean I'm not saying it's not a bad guy. He is a bad guy, we're going to work about him in a minute funny, but again on business. thirty years ago, when the Soviet Union fell, NATO was form strictly to counter the Soviet Union. Now it doesn't exist but we ve signed up fifteen new countries to be against that
that doesn't exist anymore occurs. Russia still exist, but of course they're gonna, there's gonna be a reaction to that. Would we, have been better off to disband NATO when the Soviet Union went away and solve these countries became the Soviet Union, but not part of an organisation that against you or not, you are up I want you in Eastern Europe just around that time, because, as a different perspective from where you are sitting in standing at the same time is in Eastern Europe, they probably said: let's keep it. We want to be part of I probably accession perspective. They wanted to go They were interested especially the the first kind of graduating countries, Czechoslovakia, Poland and Hungary. They were in did in the cold war ending to didn't, go so well for them. After all, they had a hundred thousand. You know a red army troops on their soil thou to get him out of there and they didn't want Washington here and so there is a big initiative at the time to say we
and a new security group. It will be european, they won't be russian and it won't be american it'll, be european. Let's do this, what do you say? Europe figures and crickets, crickets and also Yugoslavia? Rag combination, generally speaking, so France and Germany in England, couldn't get anything together and He tried for two years to create a thing. Nothing was created. Meanwhile, these countries that had been absolutely devastated by common some forty years, communism and then their whole history before has been to be invaded from. From left in Germany and Russia. They want the security guarantee. So it's the question of America. Ninety ninety four. Ninety three really wanted to expand NATO. Nobody did those countries did they wanted them up? is that how to security guarantee we didn't have to do without one on it and no one was offering to what the question is. Are they just made a bad decision? We did we like,
guys after World WAR, to those guys keen and they made brilliant decisions about how they handled the postwar world brilliant, and I think these guys fucked it won't George in fact, stop very one and the same he didn't think it was a great idea to expand their two other around them we were able to be with you, for example, that the reasons are broken up today. But you know that was. of course, just as much side? There was a push coming from from elsewhere to expand, and That time, and not only periods of the nineteen nineties, we did have this big discussion about. Should we have some other arrangement with Russia. Unfortunately, we didn't, and now we ve got put in China dismantled by four. We throw. This would be a great
to do twenty four things. You don't know about Vladimir man. I don't know how some of their favourite departments of our show, but we believe, do twenty four things you don't know about I'm inasmuch as it is one thing, but this is a big eyes is better and let me say a burden is known to be secretive, but will, when we interviewed him for this, he was an open book example. Twenty four things you don't know about: whatever I'm selling the p tape isn't enough, take when immersed in icy water, my penis gets bigger optimist. I look in Ukraine is half invaded. Sometimes I think about stepping down from leadership. So I did vote more of my time to selling stolen electric my favorite Amy's, hair, ban, motley crew, you thought I'd, say poison and the first to admit Russia has problems. For example, the suicide rate of our journalist is off the charge. Let's just say I dont not drink human blood. I oughta small hotel, Jane in United States, called the Trump organism to introducing things about my tattoo, its sixty six and it's not a tattoo Sorgen cold war was about here.
I've heard you say you think What kind of in a cold war here I think, that's very interesting. You know there's lots to talk about a civil war, but I keep saying how could that work? It's not like that! First of all, what we ve learned, different sides and we're all marbled together were intermingled. I don't you know my dry. Cleaner is behind enemy lines. Four million tramp voters in California, that's more than there are people in thirty states, but that I will troubles in Ireland. That's what you're, comparing to that's interesting. If people don't remember Ireland, sod, from which I was spawned they had thirty years, where it was a low level, civil war, but it was just bombings and violence and life went on but horribly brutish, nasty and small, and you think that could happen here, Looks kind of inter communal violence right I mean I think we all say that
it's gonna be the civil war we can have the battle of Gettysburg again just doesn't seem to get it for most people what's going on in Ireland for a very long period- and I was growing up in the north of England about time that it was on british soil more broadly, not in Northern Ireland, but also in the mainland. You hearts. Of course it was actually the biggest improvise explosive device bombing campaign in here I'm you tend to think of the pillow on. You know some Rosamond, this happening in the Middle EAST. There was in the UK the title of my such during in other party convention for the conservative party, did blow up Lord Mobile. They did and assassinations of of various members of the british. and bombings in mainland cities actually this was stop by a bigger civil rights. Equivalent move basically, women Lena getting on the streets and protesting about what was going on. But for someone,
Diana you couldn't leave better get back in the street, because people would there would be in it. I have to find the two left to car parts somewhere and it would be blown up because people were so paranoid knowledge the whole time omelette is especially like, like we are right now we look at someone we made. It gets speeches about are on the other side in us, someone going up any good meet an Irishman, Catholic and me to think in the IRA. You know what's going on here, they're sympathiser, but fuck, the IRA was only four hundred people, because when we start to think about, Inter communal violence, say we think about militias we're not talking about thousands of people talking about a few hundred people who were really thought motivated in terms of hops the Irish Republican Army was only four hundred. I was only around that was only that the real hard core of the IRA wasn't what you actually did the vile, because
even though you ve got a lot of other than waiting, was much larger, who supported them, corrects you can how the big polarized sympathises. All people actually do believe that Ireland should have been united and independent, but they're not gonna, be the people like the perpetration. The violent, like terrorists is low, terrorist or Islamists exactly what difference? Yes, but Islam. so people who generally would applaud what the terrorists are doing, but wouldn't, but they wouldn't necessarily give anything. I'm sat right exactly you're saying you don't need a hell of a lot of people and you can just have that kind of a tipping point of sentiment, but you don't need have something on that big scarlet and went on for decades. Before. As I said, there was a movement from the grass roots to try to stop that. I tend to think that we need them to be in better shape than they are currently believe. The. U S,
domestic terrorists or during the next sectarian troubles in United States people. People are are not that motivated. I just don't think here. When you walk down the street, you don't see someone who's ready for political violence. surrender, fronted cheered on from the sidelines. I don't think that people are that emotionally invested up, especially after twenty two months. The pandemic emotionally ambassador to survive the day of getting your kid into school more than just about anything else that ethical and moral, some the circumstance think about John. We sex. Let me know everybody. You showed up attempts Molly, then storms, the capital bills right. Look at the budget really like like look at the surprisingly motivated and weird, where they are motivated. Mere. What weird ways like see- let's see how desperately bad their organization was immunity rhythm, the affidavit, their complaint on the old keepers as you are now up against environmental charges so pretty pathetic day. Had there like. I do. You have
about to go across the river here gosh. I don't know what to do like. They were not reward knitting. Well, they were not organise and and- and they were the scariest bit of a very, very scary and troubling day. What I wonder is is that day to begin if something new you notice people go. You know those people of great to me. They were really on there on the cutting edge of something or two people. Look at that and get a little bit scared straight like why, God? What did we do on that road? Ok, let me move on to the court, because I think this is very historic. Weak we're going to have the black woman on the Supreme Court, its ass a good week. We learn that the Supreme Court is gonna, take up whether should have consider race in admissions. Now always been a proponent of what they call a primitive action. I don't use that term anymore, but I don't know it's been a long time. Maybe it's.
data, because when I look at the Pauling seventy, percent of Americans say origin. Universities should not use race as a factor in admissions Sixty two percent of black Americans agree with that. I find it weird to be more on the side of something black people themselves are not. I mean, I think, its input, the work backwards little better. Like start with the first question, what are we trying to do here if the idea, We're trying to reduce. the barriers to people who have had through no fault of their own disadvantages right. What's the way to do that, is it to start? Judging argue belong to this category, called Asian or back or whatever, based on sometimes some pretty weird tests or Do you come from a socio economic background? That's having a hard time, so they do not. It's the socio economic thing has nothing to do with race and it kind of works. A lot better. If you did that, and at Harvard and other places got legacies, the one out of
ray people who are admitted because daddy or money guided, however, to figure out whether you know a Bangladeshi is the same as the Chinese. Russian is the same as a fillip me like it's all madness, specially as we mingle more and intermarry more. It's aren't you going to be hard to reach already harder to say who is of what race I didn't? I do think we have to be a little bit careful on this, though, and I'll just speak to this, because I did go to Harvard forgot Skill and I was actually affirmative action on others white, but because I came from a very for socio economic background and when I was things selected for God, scale pretty much everybody on the scholarships- and I count on from the UK when talks of conventional fence works in Cambridge, but they all came from Bessie private schools with one
other exception, but I was the only kid basically on that point was selected for these scholarships to come from a poor background and form a very individual school, and so I was very grateful that poverty. We bear the extra effort to seek me out and when I saw when I was there was that they that was just one faction. I think the socio economic aspect to this is very important to and when you get back to the Supreme Court, which is kind of very interesting that they're looking into this selection might now one of the candidates that turbine is apparently considering for the Supreme Court is a black woman from a poor, socio economic background who want to a non ivy league skill, and so I think that all those kinds of factors really need to be considered because it's not a question of people getting an unfair advantage because of how they look We know what their authority or races, but it's getting rid of unfair disadvantage. but one of the unfair disadvantage is thus underlined. The harder case is just against asian rise. It gets a guess, that's the suitors rat asian design,
boy that they have done them some dirty because Asians. They then they study hard, but it is I don't know, but they knew very well so well that Harvard basically went back door to make sure that they didn't basically dominate the incoming glass, so they to something on the test called person that positive personality, so they get and judge you also on your personality and they
agents were lacking in like ability, and these are basic, their butler, judging high school kids. These are, who they're like ability, courage, kindness and being widely respected. Oh, yes, I remember being widely respected in high school test in the nineteen twenties at Harvard and other rights ghouls to limit the number of Jews and we were working backwards, unperceived bastions of success. That would never accept the people with someone like me and ran in saying but too many Asians. Ok, we gotta do something. That's weird! That's that's using discrimination against nations. Our thank you you're, a great time for do now that baseball's hall of Fame is denied bury bonds membership for the tenth year. Someone has to tell them your being ridiculous.
he's the games greatest home run. Hitter, let him in the hall. It's not like it's gonna give him a big head. Neurology visit, bankcard skip the eggs
it called the birth experience that the kid my death awareness, it's not very realistic, not many baby step out of the Medina, fully clothes wearing a scrapping, and if you had to leave this place in a hurry, imagine what the emergency exit looks like you're all. You can trust yourself into a pretzel trying to pretend that it is one of phobia. Every time I called this out is barbaric, but you have to there's something a little off when your meat is not rap, but your wife is nor are they gonna make someone and offered to buy their children?
Jody Walmart, a woman in Texas. Did that and now well, she just looks cheap.
yet a Macy's baby or a name and Marcus Baby and target always has everything and be smart about. Don't approach the mom until her kids or throwing a temper tender ministerial I'll show pay you to take them out of the? U S. Angeles times has written a headline. Psychics and astrologers are huge on Instagram now scammers our impersonating them. Someone must send them an anonymous Tipp that this guy on Hollywood Boulevard may not actually be Spiderman. Finally, Neuro its depressing enough. Having just had a birthday in being sixty six, please don't ask me to start doing rode up things like run for president
A few weeks ago. Fox news is Dana Perino, a former Bush press secretary suggested that the Democrats should road me to run for president, which is correct, especial because it means that in the space of twenty years, Bush press Secretaries have gone telling me I need to watch what I say to watch what they say watch what they do, and this is not a time for remarks. Like others, never is. the gun, dramatic wondering if I should run for President Prodi to rank the presidency. Some people think this means I've changed. I assure you I have not
I am still the same unmarried childless pot, smoking Libertine, I always was- I have many flaws, but you can't accused me of maturing let's get this straight. It's not me whose changed its the left. Who is now made up of small contention, who ve gone, mental and a large, genuine who refuse to call them out for it. But I will that's.
I'm a hero had fox these days, which shows just how much liberals have their head up there ass, because if they really thought about it, they would have made me hero on their media, but that can happen in this ridiculous new era of mine, numbing partisanship. Where am I the real about the nonsense in the Democratic party. It makes me an instant hero. The Republicans the same happened in reverse, too. Evaders daughter, lives, Cheney, who is now a hero to liberal, simply because she recognizes Biden did not steal the last election. What I said had commentary on our politics. Where simply acknowledging reality is now seen as a profile and courage. People sometimes say to me: you didn't this- to make fun of the left as much you because they did
give me so much to work with repulsive office I took was too comedy: and if you do goofy shit wherever you are in the spectrum, I'm going to make fun of you because that's where the gold is and the fact that they are laughing at it should tell you something it rings. True when normal people read that San Francisco has basically legalised drop lifting they think dammit let's have gone nuts. They think you know that ten grows. Crews guy seems like a real stiff, but these two believes in the concept of shopping with money,
it's not. It's not my fault, that the Party of Sdr J, F K is turning into the party of Ella Well and W Tia members of Congress to things like cancel rent cancel mortgage and more policing or incarceration, declaring that capitalism is slavery. Cancelling Lincoln and Doktor Seuss teaching children, their oppressors and math is racist? Making? Mr put it ahead, gender neutral, I am now and emerging for pregnant men. Real,
I'm not California, just passed a law requiring large retailers to have a non gendered toy section gender toy section. Isn't can enough we need a law for that gives doing yourselves into everything from where you throw a frisbie to hook and braided hair. This is why so many people, by the way, we're triggered by covered policies, They were already sick of rules regulation should be a good issue for Democrats. It certainly one their associated with, I think the average voter would agree that banks and chemical plants and drug companies need watching telling accompany you can
jump. The waste from your hog form straight into the water supply were mostly offer that but democratically I'm a parody of themselves just making rules to make rules because it makes you feel like you're, a better person making sure that everything, bad, never happens again, which you can for fully do it just makes everyone else's life and drag the Biden. Restructure. Bill has a provision that requires all new cars too stolen alert system, because when you leave a baby in the back seat, which something done only by crackheads and people who, sadly yes, do it on purpose and after every one of US wines are bearing the costs for cars, install this alarm. You know who's going to ignore it crackheads and people who do it
the purpose of a sensor. Light is not going to fix this problem and Democrats no longer possess the common sense to understand that not every problem in the world can be fixed with a regulation, but don't after the advocacy groups who also want every future car and american to only start, when the driver blows into a breath, Eliza of great my the car is a Karen well, you know It's also not say to drive when you're crying,
Should we make a car that follows your texts and stops the engine when you're dumped racism is bad about a car that won't start unless you play a message of tolerance from George Decay. Regular viewers are. This programme may recall my long battle to get solar power hooked up at my house. It involved this shed, which had to be built to how's this solar battery. Yes, battery needed a house to live in and not just any house when they to follow the specifications of this chart that
a real charge of the steps we had to go through to get. This thing turned on. Democrats have to stop thinking that what the voters dream about is to be hassled. if you buy a shudder Pasco. It comes with this warning warning this problem. Can exposure the wooden dust wood dust heading which is known to the state of California to cause cancer. That's
California thinks you're going to snort your shed. I don't want to blow Pinocchio. I just want to put the law will be smart, sectoral social life at the top of it or until April ten gotta learn extending April, very though they might well be able to help our glass silver join us. On average they told me they seem to be having hiding. I want to make a more, even if not on each be oh dot com,
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