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Ep. #589: Ricky Williams, Vivek Ramaswamy, Marianne Williamson

2022-02-12 | 🔗

Bill’s guests are Ricky Williams, Vivek Ramaswamy, and Marianne Williamson. (Originally aired 2/11/22) 

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Welcome to each year, passed from the HBO real time
I am myself. I can tell you this day. I know they have Superbowl fever. That's the only favour. They are by just what you know the red resume. Yes Oprah.
We have examined, are certainly very exciting a course for the Superbowl. Like you hear, mass mandate still have the mass mandate for the Superbowl, so local politics, friends, prepare your apologies now the last stage of the headless but yeah Superbowl back to where the mass, except when you're eating and drinking. Begins at America. Stuffing your face is a religious exemption. Here's the state to think big, Virginia. The mask mandate is off, except Bert Alike, county, while some countries over, but I lay counting so you're driving through.
You have no Macedonia hit the county line, you gotta put it on, except when someone gives you a hot dog, then you can take it or what the CDC calls following the science you have my most of the states. Now, though, our ditching, the mass mandates, but again here, it's bodies, Irma just go out at this hour anyway, still have the mass meant well in them just go, you have to have the mask on when you're shoplifting indoors and you can get rid of it for your get away. So you know this, it's a new understanding, but this is about. This. Are bold tickets? You not the average ticketed. It's like over. Eight thousand
worse, when people talk about the nosebleed sectional, they mean the luxury box, with the cocaine going around. The only thing that has made me feel better. This week is watching the Olympics, because you know four years we ve been like China. There just kick an hour s here and there I had this China, this China bad and then I'm watching what a dump Really I mean it's like a boy showcase city was Bakersfield, you know, and you know it's also so correct. Like you know, Russia has been torn down because they're cheaters and they get caught doping
every time so their officially not in the Olympics, but in whose, in the Olympics, Russia we should make its they Russian Olympic Committee. When, when Putin invade, Ukraine is going to say, wasn't ass, it was the russian Military Committee. We are Americans, people want to know how is team USA doing well. Let's just say when they come back home, there's not going to be a big problem at the metal detective, and that's why the ratings are weighed down. You know when we don't do well, America, we don't watch your step, ask Afghanistan,
Let's talk about nice love, it's Valentine's day gets my heart. Every year I read the most touching story this issue, but how do jens ease or selling together, well, not together, because they're afraid to go with the virus, but they send beautiful cards. Well, not cart! One too did a heart emerging another one text it back same, but here's something I don't understand. Forty three percent over this new survey of singles. Now but we should expand Valentine's day to include the concept of self love
number! That's! Why does everything to come around to be the opposite of what is lacking is nothing more and more romantic than a candlelight dinner over the sink, but I am. I am going to end on a happy in order to kill me I have one Donald Trump for the first time is weighed down with Republicans like we're Republicans men Republicans problems without why
guys without college degrees, is based on my twenty points down. This is very big good news. We found work says that when he was president used to routinely flush, why of paper down the toilet and also, I think you stick a shit in the document shredder. He later it looks like he may be, trying to hide things. Then you know when your president you're supposed to when you leave turn over all the papers of the National ARC archives right Trump talk, with him to Morrow Largo wanted them, including the letter member. The love letters with Kim Jong on
the letters had said thing came called him. Your excellency himself our our friendship will be like a magical forest. He said our next meeting is going to be like a fantasy film, really hot was in these letter and that you Matthew, so what kind of idiot would fall for that kind of bullshit? I say again: Trump took tomorrow, log, not just that fifteen boxes, that this is the people's property that he too, What did that you're not supposed to take, including the love letters and the member
hurricane map that he drawn with a sharp whatever it is: it's the people's property and now it's going to the Smithsonian so that future, the weakest virtue signalling I've seen all week. I guess this way future historians can look at it and go what the fuck
Finally, what here, firstly, as they form a random, fell star and cannabis entrepreneur who just launched a new bran Heisman Ricky? Why I love you? I know I was always a huge fan of you when you were playing also when they wouldn't. Let you black. Yes, are you have, above all, of course that's what was good as you, I used the Levant, I mean what what is it may never see. You have a check experience with football, because you are a great player, but they also fucked with you in a lot of ways. Can you watch this game? Do you watch this game? You watch it with joy to you, watch it with mixed feelings
you know when the game is on. I can't help with get into it because I've done it my whole life, but if, I'm being honest, sometimes I get a little ptsd cuz. This is kind of a rough game and Right when I was young and do it- and I Didn'T- I didn't think so- the consequences, but now that I'm order looking back. You know it's is rough, but I love the game. It Tommy a lot and you know what I was a kid- my my goal was to be the best college football player I could be. I really had no aspirations to go to the foe, but I had so success that I went to the innovative and it was. At the moment. I ended in a thousand. That's when the nightmare started nightmare because they would not let you treat yours I mean your body takes an awful punishing. You want, the trade I mean this is has echoes with what we're going through now with covered the way. Some people don't want to treat themselves pharmaceuticals yeah, treat yourself with marijuana, which work better than packs, will allow better.
It is this the idea you know whether his pack saw or the entire inflammatory avail gives us. The whole idea is to shut ourselves off to the pain, don't ourselves after was going on in front. That doesn't really works a lot more about turning onto it, so I can actually deal with it right. Well, didn't upon how you feel better. The others is close to think that I'd like to talk about part. First, the immediate effect of arms I start my mind- was tightened. Knives smoked. A little bit have a little bit more space, a more relaxed, that's turn, but people are doing that to escape their issues that feeling good, turns into not feeling good over the long term right. What I found is, after practice, I go home and smoke and yeah I feel better, but in that better feeling state, I start to reflect on my life and look at areas of my life where I live. I said that I personally so it made me,
could be a better person right. Why don't turn into a more of a longer effective feeling, good, big, eleven guys you're trying to kill me yes, a lot of money to drive it. I'm sure yes, well so your body like now what your body and your mind? What, where do, you think? Would they be any different if you hadn't blade football Rania avi sleep, but I think they are lot worse. If I didn't take the year off now, when, when I left after now the jug tests, because in a year off, I got to learn yoga meditation, learn or about cannabis, because I wasn't being tested all the time and thought and that year I was able to find a way to take care of myself, and so when I came back and played another five years, so amazing, how our resilient, the body can be, if you get out of the Mitchell in the right way, and then, when you don't look, I mean I've seen a lot of ablaze. I mean they look crumpled up alembert, you look, I've. Never guess you play football, I feel great, I mean even my team has been team. We had to suffer in euros our party and
and we ve been playing off bonds. I'm still able to do other things. I want to do so practice yogurt touchy my body cells. my mind those great I'm an entrepreneur. Three of that here I got up so my mind's always moving. I love the name. A beer company, Heisman, and it must feel good. That's the thing that they threw out of the league for the thing that you make money with them. You know that that's great, fulfils better. Is the thing that I had so much shame about. You know because at least at my culture and in being an athlete, there wasn't really talk about medicinal marijuana. This is good for you. It was, if used, you're going to be a loser, you're gotta get in trouble, and so, when I the test and came out that famous or public gives up everything for pot. I was I I would just happened in so it didn't sit well with me, and so I want to do research. But what is it about this?
but I was willing to sacrifice so much for oh, I can tell you I didn't know at the time, but I guess you understood how I did I used to defend you all the time with that, because that anything that was a pot issue. Of course, I was gonna, be out. Therefore it better railways admire your courage in doing that, and also it struck me as rank hypocrisy, because it's it's just for football, It's just not a performance enhancing drugs. For me, it is four I mean, like I've, heard now that a lot of the players take after all that I get why that be a performance enhancing drugs for football increases your integration, you're alertness aggressiveness right? but is legal, and when I got to college they were they were right. They got all of this on our yeah. Well, the former. RO as illegal and then there's always a street version is not so
I got some other people who had trouble with football column Capron. Yes, why that everybody is kneeling. I still don't understand why he never got the job and it seems like we pass that point where what he did was dare you into controversial into we're all doing it now. The owners do my attitude about that is in. This is attitude I took with with cannabis and the Unifil is the Educated, do this, and I said well by in so fighting with calling four Nick is. Is he's made a name for himself beyond anything? I think you could ever done in football that summit, bigger than football and for me always scratch my head. Why does he want? Why does he want to go back into that place at play? Why not keep going in doing all these amazing things. Is that show on Netflix it he's is doing
really cool. A lot of people can have both show on Netflix too. He was in the Superbowl, wasn't assigned me when we are in an elite athlete. I don't think anyone. I certainly can understand. I think only you guys can understand each other, but it very short window. When you do cuz, you see people we're just in their early thirties Dave peaked in. They were like, while this guy, the greatest and now he's one of the greatest in the Lebanese, not right on that issue. You're fine razors edge and if you and be on it for those few here's where you can it's gotta, be there. It is high in the world. So I then why? He wanted it. to a certain extent, but the in what you do. What, if your career only lasted two forty is equal. What are you
What are you gonna do the rest of you? That's the great thing about comedy can do to your fuckin hundred illegal I've come to turn to the Father flat form, it's a platform, because even Tom Brady right, my aged forty, four just retired, he still has approximately half of his lifeless right in so and I had a coach you said of if, if you're, only known from what you do on the football field at any your life, you didn't live a fulfilling life right and so This is really why I'm launching has been to take everything. I've learned not just about football, but through football and about life. ensuring that message. In my you know my fate. the thing to say when people talk about this brand, is it's not about a trophy it's about getting high? Okay, the other guy who's in the news. Lately we're getting kicked out the NFL
they do that a lot as Brian Florry she was their coach of the dolphin she's got a lawsuit against the NFL. Now he says it's a sham when they pay ten to interview black coaches. The job is only one black coach in the leg, my tumblr to steal it are there next year, they'll be three, but small amount of thirty two teams now I was a minority owner, the Mets at one point I did sit on when one owners meeting. three hours? I will never her back was super boring, yes, but how much parking classed? As you know, it's view. Was these guys gesture interested in money and making money and also winning they want to be here when their hometown. So I'm not
There isn't bias in their minds, but it's gotta be unconscious right, because if they thought they could make more money with the key higher, which is the coach, they mean they believe in twenty twenty two, even some old white owner would be like you know. I know this black coaches the best, but I just don't Look at him so much on going to losing the season. Is that what do you make of? What's going? My opinion is a kind of Stan. You know that the relationship between a owner in a coach is a very special relationship. and my guess is a lot of the owners- don't really spend a lot of time around black people its Robbie right, so they're just like this is uncomfortable. How do I talk you and you're making a big investment, and you know this big company right Is there any one of you hire someone I bet you can relate to where you feel you can really but- Does Jerry Jones really care? I mean here?
Wants to win so bad because he wants to be the big Harry. What's a right and a parade on the big hat in Dallas? and is he really talking? I mean it's the coach and the players, but in recent years and black that's what matters you'd think that they would want to hire a black coach if they thought that that would produce a bit result. I think if you can convince them that they pay would they were even still every said. Okay, we want to hire. We want a higher african american codes that we think is going to give us a shot to win. What would I get a higher because they don't get along? opportunities they don't get along. Opportunity to show what they can do it such a small pool that there too, from nay, nay, almost always come from the ranks of the system, coaches and it's their business. They know all these people Leaving the family got owners, do the honors, don't they don't they don't so what
think about the part about races that he was paid to tank games so that they can get a better draft position. Why is it true I mean, I don't know I wasn't there, but I wouldn't doubted because you said grape money. Money and cut and they want to win a view Can you get a first pick you up? your chance. You have a better so in, and I also think that's part of it, because that's the way Bathing Guy you're talking to African Americans Ike They don't know how african Americans think it so these What happened he mention this to advocate American Groats Advocate Meriden, goats. Rapid about,
during the Games Express image you get stricken? I hope I get to enjoy your products in time with you. We live somewhere. You decide as loyal while Jackie out our best selling offer of woke inside corporate America's justice. Gamba Bake, Rama, swamis Jason, who give us, invest only other rice for some stacks transformer Marian Williams and Marianne Williamson, who ran her present. How you guys go tonight? Ok, all right, so I want to talk about Canada to start off, because I feel like the eyes of the world or on them, and we don't talk about kind enough. We should design
has been on in Canada for a long time, but we're so We know. Americans were and about our own country, this tough going on up there. One our ways look, and I can't because there's this giant trucker approach I guess so. I wasn't that into it for the first couple of weeks of because it was looked like it was just a small group, people and it is a minority. It was first about vaccine mandates. The truckers have to get eighty percent are vaccinated, but their course. the border this goes both ways. Some of them than when they started the protests have Nazi flags, which of course, is gonna, look bad and is bad, but sunrise. The Nazi flag means Sometimes it means you're, a I'm calling you are. I don't know what this is, but it's not the most of the people there what Happening this week, it looks like is people are understanding of this is about something more than just
the vaccine mandate and it's becoming a big thing. It's happening all over the world now they think it might happen here in Washington on Superbowl Sunday. Do you agree? That's something more and if so, what. Look. I think it is about something more if you think this is about vaccine mandates or about white supremacy, you're missing the point, and this is in the left or right issue. This is about an uprising of. Everyday citizens in democracies around the world. It's not just Canada. It's not the United States, its western Europe, to rise against the biggest threat actual democracy, which I think is the rise of this managerial class endeavour. Proceed around the world that crushing the will of everyday people through bureaucracies, and it's the same people by the way bill who staff corporate boards of directors when the bus associate dean's of universities, who then end up being appointed his diplomats abroad? He's are the unelected ass of leaders that, ultimately, I think, are using their bureaucratic power to supplant the will. every day, not only Americans but Canadians and western Europeans too, and that's what we say
a fusion of both the left and the right here saying that actually we want our voices heard. We want to be able to speak without fear of putting food on the dinner table, and you know the beautiful thing about democracy is that so far, thank God. This has been a peaceful set of protest. I hope it's. stay that way. Part of the messages of democracies portable makes a beautiful, you're ready for that would watch. I agree that Marcus is messy and that's that's the price you pay and away for free society as long we're going to honour free expression. Protest is important. also protest is inherently disruptive, so The line we have defined for ourselves is: where does disruption become harm? These people have spoken, they have it. breast themselves. They have a lot of passion behind their message. Obviously The canadian government and any government has sue
then balances at what point is this now move over into more than your grievances, but the grievances of people such as workers Detroit and elsewhere, who are finding economic harm because of these of these people, I think it's interesting this issue of our looking at Canada, because you know these protesters are not attacking their capital and there There are government, not bringing our. attacking the building, I'm in there in the revision of the capital, but they're, not attacking the capital building, roads and they're trying to stop an election not well, but my point is: there's no violence and what they're doing, even though this one because it's not funny right, I mean by tat outliers there s. My point is that in a way we get to see that this can be done in a way that does not bring violence I think for Americans are virtually something to look out there, but I'm asking, but the bigger
is like. Why did this and why truckers- and I thought you know like during the pandemic- you know this many times. We would see these ed role in it together and acting now, not not knowing not, There are some people who stay home and something who bring them the food. In our view just ordering Amazon and you don't have to go out and your You can do remotely, but bringing the Amazon things the trucker. You know that it's it was just it looks. You did not use that word a latest in euro stage, but like that's the word that I think is on people's tongues in mines and mean that certainly is what populist, including bad ones like Trump play on. But there is this idea and it's not wrong
some people are staying home in their Lula, lemons and other board. An internet can afford to like wait out and get a free vacation and money from the government and other people can't their pissed off the people who can't, I think, you're talking like that one or other one step beyond that, as this is also. Furthermore, a group of people who have further by the leads been exclude. in the name of capital- lie inclusion, and so I was I was biotech ceo after the George, when the door, Troy protests played out in twenty twenty. I was still a taxi go back then back. Every institutionally in America, in other countries around the world, but especially in Amerika, would step up and say what we need to do is to listen and open our hearts and minds and
those same institutional leaders would now do well to take a page from that play book. In listening to these truckers right I mean to listen, I mean just to ensure real effort, but Just- and you know I mean I thought it was The cool guy. I started to read what he said. This is a four weeks ago he was- or maybe this is September, but he was talking about, but who are not vaccinated I don't believe in science, the roughened, massage monistic, often racist. Another non tat was not that of Heaven he said, but they take up space. I want that have to make a choice in terms of the leader as a country. Do we tolerate these people? It's like However, it did now. You do not like that that that an recently you talk about them holding holding unacceptable views. This all prize, they hear their tularosa those things you didn't suitable.
I was not a good one, but I mean come on a mean that I think would gets under people's skin and I was reading also who got the money from the pay Tech protection programme in this. Is our eight hundred billion dollars that's kind of a lot, ok that we gave out. Only about a quarter of the money spent by the programme paid wages that would have otherwise been lost, so three quarters of it didn't do of eight hundred billion and then seventy two percent of the room if money ended up in the hands of people with incomes, household incomes in the top twenty percent. I think this is what the truckers are met. It not that they know these executive is what twenty twenty all that money went up the people who are in the top.
twenty percent, those people who got loans for one point, five million dollars and over a quarter of the money. This is so outrageous Donald Trump Personal lawyer, his law firm got a ten million dollar loan. This is what people are angry because the system is so corrupt system. Is up and it's not just corporate elites, it's the corporate elites who are corrupting the system because of the money that cooperation there undue influence on a very, very corrupt government. This corruption is so baked into the cake and, of course, people are angry people, in raged, and they are legitimately in re itself, makes into the cake that is by parties. There are differences, giver injures. We made an agree about that. I think are bigger between Democrats and Republicans, but this and his death
kind of on the same day. Visits to silence. I gotta have started epidemic. I've haven't stop that right, and at this point the Republicans don't even pretend to care, and the main difference between the Democrats is that they do pretend to care. This has to do with those people who could afford to stay home with their LULU lemons. What is I've been with us. What what is known as interesting to note without people alone data, the small business administration try to keep a secret? They said because a private they didn't want to lay let out the numbers, and the judge said: oh no, the people need to know this and made those numbers public. So what happening is that people are getting the receipt for what we have been feeling for so long. This kind of echo I'll make injustice this kind of structural rigging so that whenever there is a problem, take care of the people who already have and then the rest of people who don't have well. Good luck will drop a few crumbs to you. It's been going
for decades. People had built, it was ended on it and now we're getting the visiting our stated. There is no those those economic stimulus check. We got we set about this improvement for people like us, but I think that actually. the day. This is about a merger of gum in private enterprise that together is actually far more dangerous than either one black the world's largest ass, a man and romantic over ten trillion dollars got the deal to administer much of the Corbett Nineteenth Stimulus and many of their alumni, now staff, the administration, and so I think that this is your right. It's not a left wing issue. It's not I think a it isn't rejection, of this marriage of the private sector in government in which we live in the moment, a social distancing. What I think is actually we need more social distancing between what does it mean democracy, let the times what government people hearkening clean government is so tied is so married to corporate interests network. fascism right
amen to that is the actual definition of fashion its, but in the end the system we have it is if two sides- and we don't seem to be able to break that bond, we never seem to be able to have a third party that successful. I was reading this in a Bloomberg survey of like who is. Whose side. Basically, this is work by profession, who votes for hope, some interesting the way the two Do this dossier si with a completely switch Democrats. Passengers, people like professors, therapists, lawyers, bankers course, teachers, government workers, those used to be the others, a republic truck drivers, construction, workers, carpenters, cops, maintenance, people, the blue collar guy, Does it always have to be that you can't be bold. but you can't feel to both that you have to. switch sides, but you can't appealed above well. The democratic party used to be unequivocally the power that,
stood for the rights and the needs, and the safety and the well being of the working people of the United States of America that work democratic to be people. You- and I have an institutional memory of a time when they were that at this point, because there is so much that's performative, because there is so much that promising people know that the system is so on balance we have the largest income inequality in the history of country? We have of all advanced nations higher poverty rate of all advanced nations. We have the highest incarceration rate. One out of four people can't even afford to fulfil the prescription that their doctors gave them of. All Democracies will pretty much the other when the only one that doesn't have universal health care and people are looking. Is anybody going to help us here will not lose sight of the forces at work? Is there is this range to marriage between big government and big business after the await financial crisis, because what happened is big business back into the bay?
is that you support the Republican Party. They realise that actually, the biggest threats to their power- used to come from Democrats, so Wall Street didn't occupy Wall Street guess what they said: we're going out embrace the new Woke movement, the New Neil Progressive Movement and use that by Wall Street production What can values to hear the fact electric Democrats are the ones that my break us up. So you know what will start using our platforms to censure views that you don't like, so that you don't come back to us in both sides. Bill are due into submission by this woke industrial, complex, we're liberals, look the other way like devalues the pushing a clerk and conservatives
That matter, just maybe they'll be the weaknesses of the free market can do no wrong and both sides are actually duped by this new monster. Tobacco are well on the way you gotta plugin for your book, lubricant you're you're lying under get bring it up to interrupt you to bring a just before a joiner lose track of time. I meant, there's the monologue. I want to say it again, because I'm clinging to a little pieces of hope Trump is go down in his own this has not happened before I mean I could really the numbers, but it's like startled number over twenty percent among his key groups, not the other groups, ok, so Apparently, what he's doing is because he realizes the handwriting maybe on the wall. Maybe he's not gonna be present again he's looking around for another gig, this,
again. This is true. He was dj. Marilla go see their does, and, and is he D J under the name, fat boy did we gotta hold his playlist is a little different. We got a hold of it. Would you like to hear them and that, for example, the capital police is one of those this this land, not your lan, don't stop. Agreement is one of those four bleacher. I like that. One fifty ways to linger daughter, gotta, get me into your wife, MR to search engine arraignment work and fortify men broken bending voting machine in whatever, of course, where the Swedes have no shame. So I interrupted you you're entering his where we were making fun of him for about you. Did it beautifully
Your book is welcoming and the thesis is basically that cooperation should stick to making widgets and not take political positions, this It's that include every issue. Because what about when they are involved in the issue like being polluters? Yes, oh look, It generally applies to most issues, nearly all issues, and I say it not because I want them to be more efficient at making widgets. That's what Milton Friedman. I said, I say because I care about the integrity of a democracy where every person's voice and vote on account. Equally, irrespective of much power they wheeled in the marketplace, and preparations cynical glowing, rogues example. Anyway, you mean it's this like when Candle Jenner was selling Pepsi. You know handing them Pepsi to the carpet. The protests-
I think it was absolutely right, but I just don't think I'm Patsy its coke to their competitors does the same thing where they train their employees on how to be less. Why that's their language, not mine, while doing nothing about the impact of their own products and diabetes and obesity, including in the black community, they profess to care so much about the present, if were actually able to see through it now some people do it authentically too, and a more sympathetic to the often two cases, but even in the authentic, this is an issue with that, which is that it tells the ordinary Americans It's the judgements of the leak corporate leaders that matter more than your judgments. That's the way old World Europe used to work leaders, labour leaders, business leaders used to get together in a smoke, filled rooms and decide what was right for the rest of society. That's not the way we do it in Amerika we do. It is every person with what you're saying you are a great proponent of what you call Stockholm stockholder capitalism. As opposed to stakeholders,
and which, as I understand it, is just trickle down economics. It just reaganomics. It's the only way, on the ability of the corporation is the producer responsibility to its stockholders, even at the expense of stakeholders at the expense of the environment at the expense of the community. Is unfettered, unregulated capitalism? That is not the answer to our problems. That is our problem. As I disagree, I respectfully disagree unsympathetic to where you're coming from there, but I think that we ought to sort out the right way to work out racism. Is it you apply quota system or is it something else the right way to fight Climate change is a to make higher prices for consumer goods or something else those ought to be done. it'd any democracy through free speech and open debate in the public square without elite corporatism. one last thing, but Gunnar your infant presented Democratic Party who actually my favorite Canada's thank God, but I want to say this is how you can probably be regained its really annoying better but liberals
two thousand ten, a card carrying member of the Democratic Party had to say that they were opposed to citizens United. That was the case that allowed corporations Fluids elections through camping contributions would guess what I this new stakeholder capitalism trend. Citizens, united on steroids owners, but doesn't just allow corporations to make those donations. It demands that the influence What takes in ways that actually crushed the world only man, the main influence of these corporations on our politics. I agree with you about the bullshit of the system, your ideas, with you. Is that your covering up in apologising for the mendacity of the system that would stockholder It also does have an undue influence on our country may so, with undue financial influence to donations on our government. It is the corruption of our government. I agree with you about the corruption of the culture, but
I went on mainly concerned is how it corrupts our government through money. So let me give you a specific example. What about? As everybody knows, what happened with your Rogan Nude got big trouble one. then twice once it was all about one thing they went in for the gilded the other like take when you get a bull down now, is bleeding we're gonna get on with this other? Ok, so this hedge, so Daniel X, is the ceo of Spotify. That's what your broken his armies did now he's not getting wet ajar Rogan, but he did say they are going to be giving committing to an incremental investment of a hundred million for the licensing, development and marketing of music from historically marginalized groups. That made me laugh cause it's like thank
we're going to be able to help some black people break into the music industry. That is long overdue for the fuck. Does that mean hundred historically marginalized groups? I saw this same Charlie by Silicon Valley, venture capitalist by the way they phrases of differently in the wake of towards what they're going to actually investment companies led by persons of color didn't say, starkly marginalized these persons of color. Why? Because their already invest in companies led by Indian Americans, Eurasian, Americans and they're just counting that towards the quota. This is just a way of appeasing the greatest threats to a capitalist power by feeding them enough. Bread
comes that man than go wet, but there's something more. There are a hundred million dollars is not nothing, and I agree with you. What is recovering their has reminded Joe Joe, but is not- and I agree with you about the bullshit, the overwhelming, as I dont does agree with that, a hundred million dollars. That's where did you go? Well, I don't understand what this is this. This is gonna find me a tribe, the Amazon Lienemann record it as into the pot gas that would have to do with his black hair. we latino history, history of the United States- is untold by, but certain official narratives, it's not one. Is that specifies job. I mean that selling indulgences it's what the church used to do you wanna get into Heaven it's going to cost you gotta diverse, easy, actual, embrace diversity, great diversity, because different you take the issue of should or should not now be an ethical moral centre to cap to capitalism
and you were saying, if I understand you correctly, that capitalism The immoral show. I see that Marion in one narrow context, because I think virtue is a precondition for capitalism to work. Virtue is not about half a minute said: Alice outside capitalism is falling apart. I think that that is the whole problem of August. The problems had half of it if they hack the capitals have known what I think we disagree only by little bit, because I think capitalism works. If people want what they actually need and capitalism fails when once bit went, one wants diverged from our actual. What actual need? and so social media companies are able to pray honour insecurities, we should solve those psychic insecurities upstream in the family through education. Then capitalism ends up being a more beautiful system. Very nice of you to think that everybody should have this wonderful voice within the public sphere. We win win. People are so shackled economically. When you have,
and you have forty million people who are living in poverty when you have people who, for eight years, ten years old, already locked out, because I haven't been taught to read in their transfer them in restoration of greater than their chances of high school, then when they see the incredible way that our tax code serves the very very rich and every other thing we're talking about whether its ppp or anything else, where its on unfair. Where do you think they're supposed to express themselves? I think this must express themselves as citizens, because in a democracy, have each oysters and votes are weighted equally. But you know what, at the end of the day, I agree with you that people are frustrated through their disempower meant, but they ve Capital Sidney. I just got here was another one for giving the donations to these, a computerized social distancing, I'd like campaign contributions anymore than the next guy, but one thing I would say about you is actually,
contributions and spitting political actions. Don't work nearly as well as you think they would meet the bulwarks cut out. Another billion dollars. You pick up more votes than he didn't, show more worried about the other problem with which is effective through that everyone in our time say one thing: but if I e there, that's ok, they pay me the same, whether in the fighting spot of. Why doesn't its artists. Now that you know what I should do about a hundred million dollars, the people who were on you now have, for I mean you could have the biggest record and Spotify you'll get a check at the end of the year for, like twelve grand
at the end of the day we should expect in different from these companies. They're gonna make that they're gonna do it allows allows them to aggravate the most profit and power we shouldn't have any different of an expectation were all eyes government over the way, it's our culture, and that we should focus Nora. I totally disagree with you and I think the fact that there is no more you're gonna have to insurance companies, insurance companies or why we do not have universal health care pharmaceutical companies why people cannot even afforded to say, may Hackler Military Missus, Rogers British. insurance companies are the only reason why we don't have universal, healthier, saying the inflow of insurance undertakings operating on a lot of people in that mess? It's not
not that I give a fuck about insurance company. That's a very narrow way to look at it and we don't have time to go to new rules, but there's a lot of people, including the people like us. They seem campaign donations from corporate overlords marriages lobbyists and, while I was only three of us, are in agreement, we must restore democracy where we actually disentangle capitalism, democracy window good, but I am familiar with the next time you all that our final item airport major manual mccrone, they need a smaller table. I placed America, never had a leader who led the furniture making look stupid, neural, japanese artist, so she has to tell us first eager to making her three d cat portraits looked so realistic, actually, never mind your old other dude has been nominated for ten oscars. Someone has to tell me: why does everyone in science fiction live in the desert for the schools? Could better parking EU spaceships leave by the way you're wearing your masks? Role of England enters its third month of being enraged at Boris Johnson, foregoing to an office party. The whole country has to get sacked by vikings to remind them of when they had real white people problem.
here's the punishment for going to an office party, your office party, neural. Someone has to explain to the butterfly sanctuary in taxes that had to close down. Do you in her aspirin from Cuba Non conspiracy, nuts believed it was a front for human traffickers. You can't put all the blame on you and on your smack. More could have been a little better job and explaining that the kids meal was a meal for kids and finally neural stop saying that would be Goldberg getting yank from the view right after she attacked me on. The view is karma. Theirs,
such thing is karma. Sorry, sorry that life is random. The only word to describe it when a big game hunter gets trampled by an elephant and then eaten by lions is, hilarious. I mentioned this karma stuff on the show last week because I was relating how many texts and emails I got from people. Congratulating me on leaving a karma gram from the universe in the form of Whoopi Goldberg chastisement. So I thought this would be a good time for little tutorial on Karma, which, as a man, Perkins, understand it. is nothing more than an extension of the common logical fallacy called pose talk. Air go prompter hawks, which means after that, because
of that, the fallacy that happens when someone assumes that if one thing follows another than the four thing must have caused. The second thing, like or green socks everyday last year, and I never got into a car accident. Green socks must bent car accident people make this mistake. All the time, but honestly washing Car doesn't really make it right if we did, we would have dried here by now, but this is how Americans see clamour, but karma is a system of reward and punishment. That's Catholicism
karma is a sanskrit word, meaning action. You make the call just choice to put good out into the world com. Is the memory of our souls? The sum of a person's actions in previous dates of existence that decide their fate in future existences talk or so oh bullshit, to mean reincarnation. Really, that was real. Wouldn't we have some evidence by now.
Coon, spelling out in a corner help make my name is heard Zaire and I got trapped in this wreck whom body I haven't meeting next week, and I can't Europe is a record. So, yes, the buddhist version of Carmen is well certainly on provable, but at least it too beautiful positive thought. But what Perkins did was take karma, like everything else in this hateful spiteful country turn it into some bitter and nasty. We use it like you took them
cupcake and God will have my revenge. Ellen was means or staffers immense. You lost or show karma. You voted for trouble you have covered karma now die. We took something that was meant to be gentle kind and hopeful and turn it into a tyrant, Tino movie. Someone did you wrong and then some time later something bad happened to them. Karma know something bad was bound to happen to them at some point because they're alive and you keep living some bad things will happen only in this dump country too. We all make it about ourselves and connected to and call it karma. You stole the parking spot. I was waiting for a trader. Jos enjoy your early onset dementia. What Americans really mean when we say karma?
The foreign word that really scribes our feeling is not found in Sanskrit chimed in german schadenfreude, meaning pleasure out of someone else's misfortune, but you're old, high school boyfriend didn't wind up a janitor because he dumped you a week before the prom is a janitor busy got six hundred on his s eighties and whooping. All burn getting suspended by the view is in karma, and I wouldn't want it if it was people to learn to disagree in this country and not hate for it
we'll be said. I was flippin, moreover, saying it's time to drop the masks and get back to normal. Well, or Forty three states here in Amerika entire nations of England, Denmark, Sweden and Finland flippant because there are saying the same thing now. covered is so much more complicated than just I'm for more safety than you are. Therefore, I'm a better person but What is missing misinformed on many aspects of the covert debate? does she got. It reason when she said that being vaccinated quote doesn't stop. I'm a crown and that's the problem with a variant because they get stronger Actually, it usually gets weaker, as is the case with this one, but that's ok,
She's allowed to be wrong. It's eleven. I am who you can think clearly at that, our I'm still in REM, sleep and, as I mentioned last week, how could a nation like America have maintained and apartheid stage for the vast majority of its history and expect the view of the races to match on all matters? It's amazing they match on any Whoopi goal. You shouldn't have to conform to or apologized for her views on race as much as I disagree with them, and she said you shouldn't have to sit out like a child and think about What she did
you knew suspending someone for sharing abuse firing. Tat say Jack for selling avow. We have got to get past this endless unforgiving, zero tolerance mindset bent on punishing and disappearing anyone caught saying the wrong thing: the right response, The speech you dont? Like is more speech not the least cowardly response of cancer? Is a big country with lots of people who don't think, like you We all only need to agree on free speech itself. That's my religious belief, that's the timeless principle I live by. I don't like it. what you said about re. She didn't like what I said about covered. So what
the real essence of calm and by the way is non attachment letting should go. It's very reason. Oh and by the way, no one knows that means either right. That's ourselves, Claxton financial settlement sectors, April, two thousand and twelve April, ten by setting and working. Why are you to join us? On average Friday night Watchman Venetian nonaligned each bio dot com?
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