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Ep. #591: Rep. Ruben Gallego (D-AZ), Bret Stephens, Chloé Valdary

2022-02-25 | 🔗

Bill’s guests are Rep. Ruben Gallego (D-AZ), Bret Stephens, and Chloé Valdary. (Originally aired 2/25/22) 

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Welcome to each year passed from the HBO late night, real time.
I hope this land with mass recoverable high. It is, I'm so glad you're in a good mood, because blood and heavy news right
going on in the world now to shit. We're gonna talk about tonight and you know this war in Europe and we did, we didn't think would happen, but we were thought it would not happen, but goddamn rigidity invaded Ukraine and that's it don't mean Putin at school kid in America with Putin, eventually the mass comes off, you, know about the Russians, as we do not make their figures. Gaiters cry I mean you gonna, feel for these poor people in new green, I mean they are now being forced into a world. They do not want any part of kind of the way I feel about the metal
wouldn't be blinded by the buggy right. I mean he's not here, They do it because you thought that Ukraine was going to require wmds pathetic What kind of super power makes up shit like that written so the other day when in vain he said, if we'd blood in we're going to see,
consequences like we'd, never seen in history and what that means, but the jokes on him, because we don't know any history. That's what I'm here, for the reason why Russia's opens up about this in things they are justified to embed is because Ukraine needs to be part of the Soviet Union, which fell thirty years ago, and now gray wants to join NATO. You know- and this makes Russia crazy For those of you who only know me from the cliffs, they show anti empty your heart before that. It's like Russia is Conway,
You can go down. Murder was Davidson. Russia, crazy, together, demanded Billy Irish apologised to drivers got I mean I don't know if it is in the way this war is now dividing the parties, even among themselves the Republicans and one in four republicans in who they blame, not button bye, bye Finally, the binding also made them impotent.
let's get music play on the radio too much once a day, he dresses ass, a small dog and shit on their long. Things that took a girls in Trump had been saying russian. The Kremlin put russian subtitles on these Americans trump and talk of caution and random right on state television. As is I mean, that's pretty crazy, trot. This is the same week. Trump launched This is our media. Now it's called truths: social, social, bigoted, social media truth because fucking. I don't even know how to describe it, gives you, like a homeless, not talking themselves on the sidewalk imaginable. Guy could share
and it's not exactly dead inside, but it is a great place to communicate with people who do it all cats. Now we're gonna have a new Supreme Court nominating and hopefully justice, Tansy Brown, Jackson, first black woman and the two hundred and thirty one year, history of the Supreme Court or reckons call it too soon, hovered and already raising red flags about this ammunition, not because she's black, because she's not why
it's a lot, murdered or surprise you, you know: who's nominations you guys were no doors when got the return, order of the police. The police the Union needs the people. Indorse trump liberals were like they went from the police. The police fight is going to be rough as they always are, but one good sign of Clarence Thomas is already texting are about
gonna get a kind of an order and they called us lucky the life and aftermath after life of the Iraq war is hardest hit unit representative Reuben Guy AGO Europe, like the guy who have today because we're talking about war. First, you been to war you're in Iraq, Urine Harvard was to go to Iraq and desperate whose, by you got ordered. You got your already in the marine. Syringe! Ok, but you know Harvard use. You can find a way out, and you did you wanted to go near. I was appalled Harvard: we don't really find ways out you go when you get there told to go again, but now you're on the ARM Services committee. So Ukraine is party the province now we're not going.
Troops. Sanctions is our biggest weapon. What sanctions boy They seem to always heard the people more than they heard the people were trying to hurt, which is the leadership. So where are you on that? But I do think that we, It has certain amount of sanctions, and yet such that civilians are going to steal some of this, the same time We need to have some type of pressure upon Putin. Our garden that regime, but I don't have you That's the only way we can attack right. There is other ways to do this. We should actually be giving the Ukrainians and intelligence like hey. This is this is where the Russians are this, where you should hit them. We should continue even supplies weapons and continue. Billy giving them as must support it can, even if they have to get down to a resistance for ok, but that army is not going to suit the russian army. You don't need to receive. You don't need to defeat the mutually to really make an hurts. And that's the his even do that. Can you I've been when I see picture to them. Their guns are made of wood. That's what they're practicing!
mocking them. I mean I feel bad for them. I think we should throw them under the best. We can do what we can, but I dont know what we can do. I don't know what fighting russian Army is gonna. Do it? killed people and then- Can you gonna do what you're gonna do any work? I was there in December I met with the Ukraine Spout. Special forces have met with citizens. These people want to fight, they want to live, they will fight for independence. You have used this amazing story about thirteen men, women that decide to fight to the death, to of surrendering word about corporal the age of twenty six, credible himself up and a bridge to stop the Russians from banning these at it. the people who want to live in their new they can. We need to continue supporting we given the way we can support real intelligence can do this, but does not have a work. What is it didn't work in Vietnam? We abandon the Kurds. Then you look away. happened in Afghanistan. In our document. Should read the Animal House doctrine you're fucked up you trusted us.
Well then the gay, the question we have to have. What do we Morley want to do here? Are we really going to allow another country and other democratic country who just chosen to be a democracy to be run over? these thugs AIDS is not some normal country, but we could put has literally poison. People on airline. No one thinks he's a good guy. Well, actually, some people on Fox NEWS Year, some people from the carriage it's amazing in recent years. It I get what you're saying we have had our bad moment. We have not been a perfect country. Does not excuse us from doing what is right right now rise backing I want to defend it. I couldn't agree. Nor do I believe that what is the engine back? What is this? What what? What can a willing? accomplished only if we are not going to send the troops and even then did send troops. We didn't seem to do that. Well, in places like Afghanistan in Vietnam. We, like
those, but I thought I thought so I understand your number is. I believe me. I have the greatest respect for that, but but this is what we need then to be doing. We need them to fight insurgency, and we should not be afraid to back freedom fighters. We shall be afraid that they want to fight for freedom fight for it family. This is the one area where we can actually say. There is right, there is wrong? That country, whereupon is Bad man is an evil man and whereby people so I sat on the sand is just a lot of bad men Kim Jong. Then I mean that the island in the world- and there are times where we have to understand a yes rumours that it does not excuse us more leave, not doing the right thing right. So what it? What do you think is? First state of the union speech is coming up. Yet what do you It the state of the union, but I think this country is on a recovery we have. Many things have not been great. People really have felt there
kind of overwhelming kind of grain because of covered, we're coming out of it and forging I'm here by the last day where we still have to wear masks a keyboard feeling a little more uploading, afterward value as well. We will need to turn ass, actually get a virus knows his mouth at a restaurant where the list, but we need to want to do that when you stand when you see the king to accept, but we would only just now we teach that victory. We beaten coding time to take off them.
how do we get that right, let's open by business and let's I wouldn't go back to having as normal life is. We can t see you got to do, but we can't control live in this life is not the way management live, and I think you can click since that right now. That's your Pritchard, my prayer book. Rather inside of you, what about the state of the priority, the Democratic Party, your body? No, I read Neither of you ran against Kirsten Cinema. I've heard of earth this at your state. The count Sabrina from never marriages, senator that you would be here in a primary seventy. Four to sixteen was the number I saw you don't say this kind of numbers, often in politics, that sort of begging you to do it.
Training, just don't want anything, and I will do so
do it, how much, but I put you down for ever since I go back to the boy my fun razors gave me the memo. If you give me a straight answer now, give me the floor when I didn't give you, but I'm pretty sure we just violate a bunch of efficacy. Lhasa, focus that twenty two I gotta make sure my turn my stay turns out. I do my statements by the New Lester couple. You know what laws reviling, but I must say you, some of your tweets apple, cutting things tat. Those are my twitter, like those people called me up. I remind you that my whole life I've been noticed where once it around the comic you know your congressmen.
sometimes your presence of countries right now it better monitor worse than that, I'm sure you'll be confused with some other politician that gives a fuck what you think. I would like to point out that we take out these ones where words, though TAT grows. You said you finally set up. Somebody where was I fine when Trump, when, after your wife, by the way, balls. Earning adjourn, can coon if you're looking for them, never mind why you do it, but I'm busy, but it is very different from what we used to see the corn from
politician and went from one from talk like this. You know It is the bad guy, but I guess just the way people are now. I'm in trust me, I'm not again it well. I would say that, like I don't go looking for fights, but I'm not afraid of a fight right and every time someone is. You see me reacting twitter or anything else in life to somebody come out me and I'm not that the personalized backs down among the other guy You on the show a number of times, because you ve been talking about this term latina acts which I don't know what it sounds like something that white liberals made up right: something that use largely by a white liberals and small now, Latinos largely is to satisfy white liberals not necessarily do now. There are some people that enough so stop doing this, because we have pulling on it and, like eight in stridently number two hundred up to ninety nine percent of looking owes, you don't know it or when they hear it, don't like our offended by
right, it uses its thing about this guy. I had little marking for when I was little way younger if I was working for a firm, and I said I'm not use this term that only three percent of population identify with and forty percent of population hate that Would I get rid of me because, like what are you doing, how you actually reaching out to a wire even reach out to them this way? For some reason, the laws of gravity and rationality have skipped when it comes to the tens carrying a hold out, a language that I had no forget nor from you learn English baroness Ashton, my first language, and I was told you forget spanner so I could learn English assuming that a good back in the day I was made dream feel embarrassed because I spoke spats me did you make fun of me, because I servicemen Jackson and now I and told them. My language is wrong, and my things about my language- is wrong. I don't need to hear that
of my culture. My language is part of my culture works. You let us, then you and that's all you ve done to me now. If someone setting out what I prefer to be adopted, it is. I will do that cause I'm not an asshole right you tell me how you gonna be identified. I will do that, but just don't do this blanket on a culture. That is no longer than six hundred years and this continent that we somehow are wrong because we have chosen to basely stick to submit it. We ve known for six hundred years on this day, when my people know what better suited to gather the idea was entirely at best question. It says the longer the subject of what he knows that if there was a right,
between Biden. Trump now looks like the Poles thing saying they divided, that he is lost. More Biden has lost more hispanic numbers than any other group. What's goin on Well, I'm in love took out a plan, but here's my theory on Anderson Latinos, we're working class, you care about our families. We care about getting back. You know to work starring in business or aspiration what we want to be rich some day right so number one they'll identify with rich person, Donald Trump and right, that's America. We love! We want to be part of that number. Two as we are usually the first of these, I heard the last to be hired. Were the your house using the lessons and get our houses back when Cove it hits. It hits us hard It throws into quagmire. We can afford to pay for our family. That's upright issue, when men and women can bring food home can bring the american dream home to their families. It really impacts them, nothing.
It's not just what you know that the Americans are general, we're gonna get out. You know the unemployment rate is fairly low, dripping to love their actual affecting, but he our businesses again and we're gonna become the richer magazine wanna, because I think that a thousand times I love to re breadths even encourages the founder of the area of area.
You have been a host of the partners. The hard speaks with very valid, regularly Balderby we're gonna work. Then I got this ring, but I want to start with. Too bad. This always amuses me. Every other people know what two packages. It sounds like a courts, antibiotics, but its opposite of antibiotic diligent. I live work pro life, ready whatever it is, it's it's like. It gives a good the convention right, it's the it's where Republicans Our conservative and you want to make your bones in the Republican Party you got. score at sea pack it this year, the speakers Glenn back ten crews, Jordan, large retail, agreeing Lauren, Bogart carpet
Donald Trump Union Media is a one stock of the mentally reasonably music its emblematic of where the country is and we're going to measure this by the party here that five of their seminar. The big events fighting woke in Obamacare still kills. the truth about January Sixed, sexting John for kids. Walker up for, I look at it. Lest I say three, those things are total back should crazy. The problem is two them have a colonel of truth in it. With your great about me, but that's that's the stock in trade of every demagogy, which isn't that their absolute
it's that they are giving you half the truth, and that's why they're dangerous, because they have had operated tromp was was was playing on real issues, but people cared about I met a lot of the elites were ignoring. One of them was immigration, for example. Urban Kay and so on, but he's solutions were vile and evil. So you have to If you're the opposition party, you can't be giving those gives too the demagogues in american politics and that, unfortunately, has been the relationship in the last. there's between the Democratic republic. So we agree, Obamacare still kills. That's right. On one occasion is doing better than ever. Actually and in a pandemic it was really a lifesaver for a lot. I dont think the majority of the american people are actually with sea pack
we presented Americans of no are totally dissatisfied with the direction that the nation is going, and I think that in part, because we're good bye polarization where exhausted by this mud, slinging attitude that characterizes our policy at the moment and coming out of Cuban nineteen, where there are all these, I products in mental health right we're suffering as a nation from things like depression and coming of loneliness and feeling disconnected and its environment like where demagogues in common and exploit the insecurity of peoples and turn people against each other. So if there was ever a time for us to denounce that kind of rhetoric and also to try to stand for unity and reaching across the aisle and see each other their eyes
It is by others in sisters, even though we do not always agree politically. I think now is the time for that. Sea pack is definitely not the american people. I used to think there's a girl that it was not there. A working party, I thought it was. The monkey show turns out. It is republic implies a monkey show. Is the party right and it's gonna? Let you just let me go you going about MC. I spoke out. That's one of my ok greatly, just the truth about January six, what they think the truth, is the opposite of the trip. Sat right. Ok, if somehow, in their view, the cops or the bad guys that the law a lot of people to the bad guys and the rioters were innocent victims and then lock, What are we even know where to start with this one, because I mean we just fine, really chums security breaches so much
worse than her emails, so locker Ok, so again not have three sets of your platform: you're, crazy, crazy. The genders fighting woke now Work is sort of an eye. Ass, a gift to the Republican Party. If we in the original definition, alerting people to injustice at the girl for that, but when it years off into the insane shit this is where out now you got your hook. It break so that's one and then like it such changes aren't for kids. Well, that's a little broad, but This is where you get people, because it is kind of new. Which sometimes do gonna go to the ball pen early on changing a kids. You know what nonetheless the really at three this is new stuff and they act like if we just debated. itself makes you a big
debating it, your phobic, that's it now. This is new stuff. It involves children. We get to talk about the responsibility, but also the opportunity of the sea I believe the majority of the Democratic Party to speak up the problem you have now the Democrats is that majority is cowed right there not woke right. They have caused, hence serious questions once you just raised about about changes in in in in minors, but their terrified of speaking up because social media, we a crush them. They will The defenders traded, they'll, be humiliated, they'll be made to apologise and by the way see pack will have its issues right. Well, I mention to ruin. It stood the union's coming up. Ok, so
looking at what the Democrats do they having receded to lean issue a looks to me like a rebuttal. Its comes after the state of the union speech. Now I've always seen their opposition party gave a rebuttal. This is from the same party. This is Sacking your own quarterback? I don't know, maybe he's gonna say some nice things about Joe, but basically needs to present they said, the Prague articular progressive vision for how we, as opposed to Joe Biden muscle Lenny first of all bad idea. Democrats, I dont know about idea. On the one hand, you wanna show unified funds, as a party On the other hand, one of the problems with the Republican Party, as they actually don't hold their parties to the fire. Spinning eighty five percent of their time attacking their ideological opponents, instead of making their party
everything that it could be. So I think there is something to be said about the Party Democrats challenging the Democrats in order to make the Democrats be better, being sad, the piece of advice that I would give to hers, too, of law they d falling into the same us versus them rhetoric rate, because I She will be temperature due to do that. tat members of her own parties and that could backslashes very US forces them again under big issues. One of the squad members here and a member we we talked about on this- show one night, beady ass, witches boycott that some. People want to do against Israel. Is Israel somehow got to be the Nazis difference? But that's what they say here and I said now that media is a bunch of bullshit. I think you would agree with that. I would say yes, I know anyone and then incidentally called for me to be boycott, like I was saying we shouldn't boycott and then her by her answer was we're gonna boycott you rat
when people say you know: why are you so hard in the left? Is a bull shit like that we have a different opinion about this duty ass. He wanted just boiled left the difference between the democratic and the Republican Party, which is the Democrats are hostage to their crazy minority in the Republicans or hostage to their crazy majority of its ok. Let's talk about a new Supreme Court justice, detaching Brown Jackson replied in a long time to come up with the name. I guess you wanted. Do is due diligence seems an incredibly qualified. I don't know why it had to be such a big deal to say you know
couldn't you have just said, I'm gonna, look at everybody I and then, and then pick a black. What yeah you know because this way I did this standing Paul that I saw it was a reliable seventy percent. Six percent of Americans want invited to consider all possible choices. They didn't like that, including only twenty eight percent, of Non White Americans wanted invited to consider only black women that shocked me. But then I read this article this week from Gaston in camera. Well about them, they're, too old democratic hands do falling advantage at thirty years, unlike the party, and they said the Democrat suffer from three. The myths First one was the people of color, all think alike,
We all have the same skin color, so much magically come to the same conclusion about it with its almost more relations. Thinking that there isn't one of those that really works. Its way round is exactly right, so the other three. as the second one was, that is gonna, be a big progressive, take over and are they're gonna take over the party And I don't have that in the work that we heard about a blue wave before and it didn't matter. It's an interesting thing, because I I was worried about violence decision clean out the race and gender of the nominee. I thought the demo Let's have a problem, as a party that says hyper racial everything I a thinker and, as someone changed my mind not on the principal but on the politics. I think
applicants are going love very ugly and stupid if they come out. Demeaning and demagogy what so far to be totally qualified candidates who should be? Who should barring some incredible disclosure she should be confirmed The two zero position would have an example of that right. Lindsey grams meted out this morning. That nomination is an example of a way before the radical lass. Meanwhile, he actually confirmed her in D C court. He actually voted for it
Information seems automatic o the enemy of my enemy is linked to a lot of things. Both were in trouble going on or take a complete. This year's guns of this report. First, I like I just got back from why and it was well intentioned idea. Actually a month and a half ago. So no one because by this fast I always like to do one of my favorite departments in the show called. I don't know for a fact: Are you so much like you just like that? You can't know what's real these days, but something I just know what your liking In addition to night, I don't know for a fact that, when dealing,
well tells her prison guards see you in the morning they say, will see your back at every single person, a thought. There was a cosmic significance in the day to twenty to twenty two is also in a Roma therapist. Unless third man- I don't know the ears- are scarce death Montes this year will include the Oscars during next week's dated the union, Joe Biden will say something no fewer than possibly disagree with good. Every Republican will sit there and look like you just pardon me. I I just know. I don't need your pity.
Sometimes I well did you. I don't know for a fact that, despite what the add on foreign observers, actually hot Nelson, my area, one of that right now that the legal toilet paper is Apaches raised or your hand back at the personal Starbucks who says the wrong name on the cup knows damn well, but the name really said: okay. So now, let's not about Ukraine amended is, but he said what what's going on, I must say,
for about all. This is the worst thing that happened in Europe since well worth your. While I had done about the Balkan WAR, it's enough, but it's it's similar and its heartbreaking The question, as I was asking, the congressmen is: if we're not getting I'm through the sanctions are going to hurt the people more than they're going to hurt potent, because I mean I saw that in Cuba we ve seen that neuron Afghanistan, starting now the people in Afghanistan starving and that's a lot of because of the way we're squeezing the regime. What is the answer, because I should, well. First of all, we should do everything in our power to help brave ukrainians. stand up for their freedom and their independence. and that should be a more. absolute in this country of people can't see that may be Tucker across it, and others can see that then there
excited what democracy so there's there's a moral question. It should end its intentions because Putin isn't gonna end in Ukraine. Listen. I don't wanna make there learn ideology, but this is Czechoslovakia. Nineteen, thirty, eight, He has just won't know here question is: is food and Hitler is strong enough to be, because I understand it's always easy to go to them out and your right The change in Europe whose biting off little pieces of a country at war did it quickly this guy to Georgia in two thousand and eight crime may two thousand and fourteen will be. Using that car goin on Mars before he gets to Paris but he's no, you sure. Well, I'm just saying this is not exactly a blitzkrieg. If he's taking over Europe. This look. I don't want him today. Although Europe under saying, if you bring,
of the Hitler analogy behind that has to be the idea that Putin and his country, or a strong as Germany and the where marked in nineteen thirty eight- and this is their intent- is Putin. Is he gonna take Poland, but they will be strong. If our stance is to do nothing at all, and has been to do nothing for a very long time, essentially for further twenty years. Actually, I mean this is obviously nothing about this particular about the different moves that has made signal. the international order, that, if we don't stop them, he will continue Try to resurrect you, no peace. from the soviet empire he's been on the record in saying that this is his vision, and so I dont know I personally would automatic we say that troops are off the table. This may very well be a hard job, you would send american troops to do. I don't know that I would send them to Ukraine specifically, but I
that's where the war, but I Wouldn'T- I wouldn't you- know we're already sending troops to Poland. that's already happening. We just sent seven thousand troops, Poland and so I would be careful with signalling to Putin that we will do nothing militarily to stop him, because why wouldn't thatches encourage them to continue developing? We we have two thousand and eight the Bush administration made. Some statements were basically did nothing, so he invaded Crimea in two thousand for tee. The Obama administration may refuse, It means it. Basically, it nothing. So then he invaded and started a war that killed thirteen thousand people in eastern Ukraine. We did nothing, Now he's invaded Ukraine, Ukraine as a whole. Maybe going to have an honest loose with Belarus. Maybe he's gonna talk about russian Operations that still exist in the Baltic States and how they are being oppressed you can eat, can have a provocation. He can use his intelligence services just to stir the pot at some point, if you,
stand up to characters like Putin. You were letting down never mind the you gave up either you're going to send american troops or you're just fucking talking. The union came down because we didn't send american troops, but we sent staying missiles to Afghanistan and we humiliate them in Afghanistan, soviet Russia. That's not why there union level you had a hell of an effect on the unknown. The collapse of the Soviet Union fell because communism was sitting in a bid to impoverish. The communism is a system that still operates in North Korea. We ve we should do and impoverished there's not going to be a silver bullet. We don't have to sanction their oligarchy. We're gonna have to kick them out of their missions in in London. We're gonna have to send needles, addressed troops, rare to front line NATO states and eventually some accumulation of this, and we can have exposed Putin's corrupt wealth and at some
the Russians will see their window by their leaders, I've been looking for a good deal currency on this job. I don't believe in it advocates. Apologies game, another anybody really understands. It has not been possible for the environment and I get some. It looks at dinner. Parties were in restaurants from people a beginner millennials rubicund crept out when you just don't get it then I asked about the environment. They ve never heard of the fact that it uses more energy than some whole countries not so sure about cooked, or is that this is how people like Putin, are going to avoid being assessed. good sanctions and what they can put crypto currency. Had you can't sanction gripped occur. And there's a lot of money moving into it. I think El Salvador uses their official currency now this is
get help. People like Putin evade, did come up in that way. Talking about having him come come up to sell, what I will say, listen, I am what but those millennials who has no idea who could took currency works. No one doubts very brief understandings that could do currency the tool it could be used for good and evil, the Russians are using up. The Ukrainians are also using at four one million dollars is in sight, not dockers, Crypto currency Bitcoin is all he then added to the Ukraine and military. What about us down a bit court? Will I'm just saying I'm just saying bow are using it, and I don't, The infrastructure for Crypto is still for Russia,
to be able to actually avoid crippling sanctions. But if it's a book, this currency, as you suggested. I agree with you and if the Russians want to move Halloween's Bitcoin, I say let them. It is a basic right by sovereign power. Has no insurances is just basically up a piece of imagination and code. Then Why me, let me story to a new investment. The Republicans have been sort of like flirting with Russia for quite a while. Now. Would you so interesting to me, because when we were young a mean that the Republican Party was so anti russian Minetta Ronald Reagan became a hero, the evil empire and all that, and we did it the oil in the show two years ago, but why did this flip so badly and I showed some quotes from people like them, show them now and culture said
twenty years. Russia will be the only country that is recognizably european met. Drudge Putin is the leader of the freeway, world and I think they all got to some David due back into doesn't, for he said russian the key to white survival, and that was the point I was trying to make that night and I'm wondering if you could wait. And there's that, like the world become a lot more diverse. I talked about how the fact that, when I was in first time, I went to London in the 1980s who's who's, the completely white busy, and now it should be- biodiversity. Russia's one place in the world which is yet to diversity. They you know, and I will close by saying you know it's the rush, the Republicans don't see, meddling in our election is a bad thing. They did as white people helping my people and they are just the people who are afraid of a diverse world rushed there is their Savior country.
Actually a little bit more complicated than that. I think, what's going on, is that the republic chains are unconsciously. Maybe consciously imitating walk this, because if you really unpack woke this. Walk this fundamentally disrespect sanctity and the sacredness of the individual. It assumes delivered experiences of people based upon skin color. It encourages the The regulation of people based upon skin color, the Republican in many ways are responding in kind and their imitating that kind of war. Sentiment ran, so if we want that to stop it isn't combat, it is even more incumbent upon the Democrats right to get there together and say no to elements of that, because the republic, and Party- is seen as something with which to gain power and to gain influence, so I think in many ways there's an imitation going on.
and this is what MRS job. I think that such an important insight, it's also Joe Biden, opportunity to turn and his presidency, and to remove as he is the lead of the free world and the free world means something and one of the things it means is an open society open to people of everybody, round and skin color and ethnicity and religion and she's, going again again lose foreign and domestic, the greatest enemies, one being Mr Gee in China, Mr Putin, in Russia, and enemies who wanted to this country apart and turn it into effect
We are what they imagine Russia to be right. I guess it's one to blame, binds ravening, but of Russia invading brain causes gas to go up to six months ago and at least put Putin stupid, staggered and never forget who kept his balls than their old prompt answers must get back to carrying signs and tell us what their protest, because it so hard to tell anyone these votes walking across a London street in theirs. Giddies are sowing the city for charging a sea to swim in a local pond, but this doesn't say
protest. They knew it says, worse beetles. Revenge. Ever again put Wretch Randalls in space. Scientists have to make a power window that stops moving. When I start pushing the button, up down one more any one, less, I'm not looking here juice, but I just want to get the parts now out of the rental car. Romantic comedy. Have this time ordering me around the titles always direct demands this month. It's marry me but you're the ears and you'll see we ve also gives me this way again shut up and
It gives me the grossly. Maybe Christmas marry me person is mainly for Christmas. Marry me this business somewhere. Nice. Take me home tonight. Supplies me. Remember me: dance with me. Stay with me. Sleep with me. Tat is my movie. No like you. ok, I know. What's going on, I know was the sound too harsh, but maybe wouldn't be single if you weren't, or was it Ok you all this new products there. It is
it's only a call. These satisfier heated master better for men, has the look less like a regular household appliances, make a team gotta be something without the people still stuck at home. The last thing we need to hear his mom dad got his dick stuck in elections and finally neural another drums. Paul numbers
Who is stoned and boosting the transport numbers are falling like a rock Democrats must realise that the way to get this is voters back RO graciousness a rare, opportunity is presenting itself these days for America to return to the more time or more normal time we knew before Trump, because finally, there are signs that the Trump fever is starting to break attendance. At down at his rally rallies and his press release. Brain farts. Don't make news like his tweets once did
when he brays for attention now it feels like Madonna singing bitch. I Madonna, maybe you ain't it anymore. I look at these recent poll numbers in October, twenty twenty fifty four percent Republicans said they were more loyalty trump. Then the party and only thirty. Eight percent chose the party over Trump. Now those numbers have essentially flipped, ok, that's all can't be coming from the raw animal. Magnetism of Ms Mccarthy has fallen. Twenty six points among white Republicans without a college degree down twenty one among conservative republicans. Eighteen, among reply,
looking men, twenty three among Republicans over sixty five down nineteen among white evangelicals. That is a description of the very people who made him a star in politics, men, people Everest by users, rights and white, guys you gotta call. It is not me. This is found in its mere the bullet, that more and more even the poorly educated, looking it rubbed. The Wailea remedy looked at Scientology
with a mixture of anger and what the fuck was. I thinking even the king, charming is now saying he was dupe right from the outset. On that one himself. Well, I guess there's no choice. Now we ve lived. Let's make it happen. from the beginning of new rules.
But diverting heard the jokes. Sorry that thing the boy said about, I don't need your bidding goes to show good up until then,.
It's time for new, oh no! Oh! Yes, it's beyond the blame Biden grabbing, but Russia invading Ukraine causes gas to go up to six months ago and at least put to know that stupid and don't forget hook up his war protesters. Most goodbye to carrying signs that tell us what their protest envisaged so hard to tell anymore These these books, walking across a London sweeteners, giddies, restoring the city for charging, is key to swim in a local pond, but this doesn't
protesting, knew it says. Worse. Beetles cover band ever can put rich ran dozens bay. Scientists have to make a power window that stops moving one. I stop pushing the button up down one Marines one less. I am not looking villages, but I just want to get a part is now under the rental neural. Romantic comedy have to stop ordering me around the titles, always direct demands this month. It's marry me actually ears and you'll see. We ve also had kissed me because we agree.
shut up and give me a Christmas very neighbours. Workers remain displacement. Take me somewhere, nice. Take me home, surprised me. Remember me, dance with me. Stay with jobs, may judge me, enlightenment. Here's my movie now
This is on horse, but maybe you wouldn't be single. If you weren't or was it the world is no brought a gold. These satisfier heeded masturbated for man has to look, was like a regular household appliances, make the dazzling something will with lots of people. Don't stop at home. The last thing we need to hear his mom dad got his Dexter. Let's get out of my finally newer. All now that drums Paul numbers are falling like Iraq. Democrats must realise that the way to get his voters back is
graciousness yeah? The opportunities for judging itself these days for America returned the more normal time before we had Trump, because finally, there are signs that Trump fever is starting to break it is down at his rallies in his question. His brain farts don't make news like they once did with the tweets we need raised retention now. It's feels like Madonna singing bitch. I Madonna, and you have to say it. Maybe you ain't it anymore, Lickety Lucy, Paul numbers. In October, twenty twenty fifty four percent of Republican said there were more loyal to throb. Then the party and only thirty eight percent chose the party over Trump well now those numbers have essentially flipped. Ok, this camp.
Will becoming from the raw animal magnetism of Mitch. Mcconnell two falling twenty six point among White Republicans without a college degree down twenty one among conservator, Republicans, eighteen among republican men, twenty three among them. the Balkans, over sixty five down eighteen among White Angelica. Ok, that is a description of the very people. Made him a star in politics, man, people over sixty five Jesus, Greeks and white guys, you didn't go to college, but more and more, even the poorly educated are looking from the way Leah remedy looked at Scientology.
with a mixture of anger and what the fuck was. I thinking even if he went on Sharm and is now saying he was duped by Trump. The outset. He has to let himself bookings now even approve of my pen certifying electoral votes, which is why it is so important that we heard someone Nancy Pelosi, stating unequivocally that, January six capital riot was a violent insurrection for the purpose of trying to prevent the peaceful transfer of power, after legitimately, certified election. Wait. Nancy Pelosi didn't say that Mitch Mcconnell said that
The purpose of trying to prevent the peaceful transfer of power. After legitimately certified election and my pants said. President trap is wrong, I had no right to overturn the election. Ok, some, Must be shifted, gutless wonders like pens and Mcconnell Jerry who carry out loud. Finally, that the emperor has no clue Obama, was once asked in an interview by Jeremy Seinfeld. What sport is politics most, like an Obama said, because it's a lotta hitting a lot of attrition. Yet the punt a lot. Once in a while a whole
up in the line and you have an opportunity to run through it and gain ground. This is that opportunity. This is that hole in the line opening up MR now really is for Democrats. How are you to handle that transport. with his supporters is a for people. They think looked down on them now Supporters are wavering, let's not nuns them back into trumps him raised by showing no graciousness The Democrats own committee possible, forgetting Democrats elected this November is telling their candidates you are losing because you come off preachy and judgmental so sure the tempting You movie public and voters who are now finally coming to their senses. About from to shame them call them,
horrible and say what were you thinking you stupid, fuck, I did it Many sound good, that's going them right back into drums, arms look we all had a friend who stated a psycho, they come to their, the last thing they want to talk about is how they gave me the snake it took. From voters a long time to make it all the way down the mega rapid hole to jump on the second they put their head out, would ensure many more years of political winter. Instead of saying nice work, you stupid racist kicker, maybe try hey how you been welcome. After the wonderful or the reality
you got taken by a salesman, happens to all of us don't don't talk politics. All just say, I dont know Papa, yellow down little. That will make them think. Maybe Democrats, don't all a baby. Provide a face, saving tat for them to become traditional indoor. Republicans, again, like the greatest Republican of all Abraham Lincoln, did when he said after the civil war with malice or done with charity for all women
indicated this out, you didn't dance on their graves. When you visited the front lines near the end of the war, he comforted the wounded on both sides who didn't humiliate them. He told his general. Let them go home. Let them do horses to plough with their guns to shoot, crows, Lincoln's approach. Was the one Truman adopted after World WAR two and today, Germany in Japan or peaceful prosperous allies? So or policies were instituted in South Africa. After a part I didn't Rwanda after the genocide there a lesson Woodrow Wilson forgot at the end of world war, one when the allies chose to humiliate Germany and gave the world Hitler. It's a lesson. Perhaps America forgot when the sun, Union fell and we continue to do Russia as an enemy to be contained. the new friend to be welcomed in
Japan after World WAR, two we stage wrestling match, is between japanese american wrestlers and we made sure too sometimes make the american the bad guy, which was a huge morale boost. to the japanese people and in fact made the matches so popular. They almost single handedly jump, starting Japan's television industry, which a dam to becoming enact economic powerhouse. They are today so, even though we dropped nuclear bombs on them, somehow what was forgotten, so we by letting their ressler kick our wrestler in them. We need hogs, not smog.
Means having to swallow the impulse to say I told you so I'd take a couple of fake kicks to the groin will then I regret that I have but to not to give from my country who helped me necessary, having had a night watchman Marie Venetian labyrinth, HBO dot com,
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