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Ep. #594: Julia Ioffe, John Heilemann, Sen. Jon Tester (D-MT)

2022-03-26 | 🔗

Bill’s guests are Julia Ioffe, John Heilemann, and Sen. Jon Tester (D-MT).

(Originally aired 3/25/22)

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Welcome to an h b, o podcast from the H b, o latency and real time with Bill Maher Start, the clock.
right here I want you to tell me. I know you are excited. You probably have ask your favor. I have ask your fever. I warn ask me: what is really?
that show it's coming up Sunday. It always makes me think of my mortgage because it seems to it seems to last thirty years and I have a very low interest rate. The obviously I haven't seen a lot of little reads: a lot of remakes this year. Dune was a big movie. That was a remake and a West side story not merrily was a remit, but very current, because it's also they republican plan for abortion like a big, citing thing about the Algiers is, is a rumour that lends key. Might make an appearance, I guess, by video wow boy. I tell you
Putin is a bloodthirsty maniac whenever he sees twitter on Oscar night, so he probably won't come, but just in case they booked a Nick cage because he's also survived a lot of bombs then here's the interesting thing about the Oscars. You know Q and where am I queuing on people? I love the gulen and people rarely laughter at the Oscars. They think everything's a fake. They think the answer is not even real. It's a false flag, operation. Is it look at the audience? It's a bunch of paid actors. This is an interesting. We get America. We have the Oscars to honour the best. Acting
We had the Supreme Court hearings that witnessed the worst Did you see this shit that went down? I mean the Republicans. Yes, we are going to have content G Brown Jackson is going to be our first black woman on the Supreme Court. Said: oh yeah forgot. Through this terrain. I think the Republicans were still mad about Brett Kavanaugh. I mean if you took a drink every time they mention Brett, Kavanaugh you'd, be I cannot judge Jackson answered the two questions for twenty four hours over two days, just breaking the record for my husband who was texting his ex.
I mean she barely was able to keep the what the fuck are you talking about face by the end. I mean Josh Wally. You know that all these Republicans, you know implied she was soft on child porn, Cotton went on about how she was coddling. Drug dealers, TED Cruz was badgering about critical race, theory, really, nothing saggy, pants and twerking type of person who enjoys watching white people yellow black woman. This was Karen Heaven Marcia Blackburn of Tennessee actually said word for word. Is it? Is it your personal hidden in a hidden agenda? Your purse pill internet gender.
Incorporate critical race theory into our legal system. got me whitey. That's what I'm here for the want to put Kania brought more, I mean TED who's the course has to be the worst he asked her based on this book called Anti racist, baby dude babies are racist, which comes up all the time with its brain court. You think, and you know what a baby's can be read- that's actually kind of true. There is not raises the way we would define it, but there is biased and- and I know a baby's racist, you can sell. Goods is first words. Were I'm not a racist, but
listen to that. They did a pole they found out because of what's going on in Ukraine. They have to pull here in America. If America was hated by Russia. How many would stand and fight? You know how many Americans said they would fifty five percent. That's pretty scary Democrat Only forty percent of Democrats said they would stay here and fight of the other two percent. They said they would, if they could do it by soon. And was in it. But forty percent, a demagogic, say, invite sixty eight percent of Republican said they would stay and
but most of them watch Tucker Carlson. So the question is which side of John SEN Jon tester the first got a Russia expert founding partner in Washington, correspondent who the media company Parker Jr, Yappy, the right okay. So Russia expert is exactly what we wanted this moment. I mean we're talking a lot about Russia these days. What Russians. Really, why is something going on here- is something big going on. You probably know more about it than anybody I hear all the time with the Russians. Don't really know. What's going on in Ukraine put Putin, I mean obviously he's a dictator who can close off media outlets. I find It's hard to believe at this. In the twenty first century. Information cannot get in to the russian people if you live out on a beet farm,
in the middle of nowhere, but really, people in Moscow. You think they really don't know. What's going on. Well, it's hard to say: I think that people who, want to know what's going on, they know what's going on and they know how to get information. They have VP, get around? Don't talk to everybody else in the apartment building? I think those people who know it's on, given the penalties that have been instituted that are up to fifteen years in jail in a russian jail for spreading fakes about the war and a fake by their definition is anything that deviates from the official line. So I've been talking of friends and family who are still in Russia who oppose the war. Who said there are starting to be very careful about who they speak too the war and how they speak about it. They know just like on my side: Agri Lenny. They not have system didn't work nice. They didn't know the system didn't work. Communism. I think some. I think that remember the old joke
we pretend to work. They pretend to pay us. I know some that dirty it something that would have music. Yeah love to what doesn't fit in your ass and doesn't buzz. the way. I'm digging that, like boy am I going to get label how I am what doesn't fit in your ass and doesn't pose. I dunno a Soviet made advisor the yeah. I guess you're on a budget, the two to go to your point. You know America where we do have a free press. Dell, people can read pretty much whatever they want shortly, not everything, but that's a different story for different night still. A lot of people in this country think Trump won the elect.
so you know in in a country like Russia, where he does control the media. I guess- and all you need is you know, as we see in this country, all you need is about a solid third of the people cause. I think you know of all the people who claim that Trump won the election. I don't think a lot of them believe that It's just to troll the other side, the probably affair, In this country believes that well, that's the thing is people ask me all the time you know how could Russians really believe this stuff? Don't they know? In fact she just asked me, but you know it's. Actually it turns out it's not that hard to fool people and to confuse people and here we've had what it's been a year and change. Since January sixth, we've had like six years since Trump was elected. Russians have been living under this kind of ever tightening news of censorship, for
for twenty years. Twenty two years, so they ve been kind of conditions, not to question not to ask questions. The people who do asked questions get punished. The people who go out into the streets in protest get punished. Sometimes they get killed. lose their jobs, not if they're also killed but right and the legacy of communism. When I hear people's, sometimes in this country, who, I don't think, remember the history, don't care to learn it talk about, We that'd be a good idea to try that again, This is the kind of cynicism I think we thought that when communism fell, while it was going to be, whole new ballgame, but it was much deeper than just the system, and it was it's almost like. I say boys like an abused child You know I mean when you grow up, that's still in you and I think the russian people still have when this amount of cynicism more than that I see in any other people in the world, I think I saw a lot of trauma
If you look at what the russian people the soviet people so including ukrainian people live through in the 20th century, I mean something like over. Fifty million Soviets lost their lives between one thousand nine hundred and fourteen, and one thousand nine hundred and forty five in the four years that Russia or the Soviet Union fought in World WAR Ii. They lost fifteen percent of their population in just four years and not followed that after waves and arrests and political repression. So this is all about. Does it these are people's family store? Is right and someone Putin comes out and says you know, arrest twenty people or arrests. A hundred people. People immediately get the message. He doesn't need to do mass arrest. Is he still rational? I mean never feared him because Yes, he was evil. He was not irrational and didn't seem weak or stupid, now he seems dumb for going into this war and
When I see him sitting at that giant table, that's like a Coco person, the thing to do, I mean you've, seen that giant, that's very Harold Hughes or what what yeah Howard How do I wrap its I've? Seen them with people like you, I saw a picture of him with a bunch of flight attendants from the airline he was standing close to them, but other people. You have to sit at the end of the Big long table, what is it assessment of what's going on in his mind? He just turned seventy that can fuck with your head he's about to in October, he'll go and I think that's very important for him. He's definitely he's been thinking about his legacy for a long time, but you know, I think the question of rational, not rational, is kind of diff is a difficult one, because within his sister of Information his system of references he believes he's acting rational rationally, but his the information he's getting the circle of people around him is getting smaller and smaller and smaller, and I think
from the outside. It looks like it was an irrational move to invade Ukraine and to do what he's doing now, but in his in his bubble, where getting very bad information. Obviously right he was told Ukrainians would greet Russians as liberators and that all Ukraine kids are secretly Russians to want to be part of Russia. If, if that information you're getting and that you believe to be true. Then you're, acting rationally in your little bubble. Well, Bush said we'd be greeted as liberators in Iraq, so let's not go there, but I understand your point and I think you're right. What does Ukraine look like in a year he's not just going to lose gracefully, doesn't look like they're going to give in to all his points. So.
Based on russian history and the way they conduct wars. It's it's! It's it's grim and I dunno of what what do you think a year from now, two years, five years I dunno. I do not have a lot of optimism, given the wars that Putin has waged in Chechnya and Syria. The practice has gotten their bombing hospitals and terrorizing severely, in some cases using chemical weapons like in Syria. It doesn't look very good, and I, because of this bubble that he's in and because of his pride and because of this this legacy, I think he wants to press it till the very end. He cannot seem to be losing to people. He calls little Russians he's gotta, it's a strange, mix in this. Many seem so macho. We see all the pictures of me, this shirt off and that kind of stuff and yet seems to very paranoid about covert and has had a lot of work done: what's
you're in L, a you shouldn't put them out, but he's not, how about a Moscow people love low for exergy? Oh yeah It just seems odd that Mr Macho, you, a very long table and did and past Botox the middle poison you and then shoot the chicken botulism in his net yeah, I think image is very important to him. This is somebody who you don't look better again. I think people often people get work and they think they look better government. You very never know he's just he's. Just like you and me.
He's? Just like you and me tell me that you have done for my right. Thank you. Replied movement briefly, come by your thank you, guys, the host an executive, a drug producer of Showtime Circus, an executive editor of the rigour John Highlanders over here is undemocratic, Montana. Listen! It's only working farmers, Senator John Tester dimension, something I guess there tat is out of the bag or weak longer, was building a pod gas. Now, yes, I do the committing it item, HBO Let me do this because you know, for me, in politics is my job, so like when I'm high with my friends, it's kind of a bus.
I mean a friendly booed with my friends, it's kind of a bus mentality. I wanted a place, I could talk to people and it wasn't political why you are high. What that's? Probably, that's probably why you forgot that you had one exactly so: what's the name of your pockets called club random, because that's it's where we shot the show when we were couldn't be in the studio because of the pandemic? Might a little plates on my house. Golf club anyway, I dunno how to get a podcast, but if you do and you like it, it's a lot. It's a lot of me talking to like people who would never be on this, show tech, talkers and people. I it's hysterical like William Shatner and I would put into Regina with the first two because I want to just like get high and I mean have fun and talk with anyway. We're not here to talk about the I want to talk about your workplace because Joe Manchin, who is your colleague I assume, you're friendly with him. I am
he is going to vote yes for scratch, Jack. In which means we will have Judge Jackson on the Supreme Court. Forty nine others too, but they're all but he's the one that we had to look right. So so it's a kind of a done deal right. Isn't that the headline I wish I were, that would help so good person. So it's sad that we had to go through this charade and we do every single time now minute. To be in the old days that a Supreme Court pick was. You know the Look, you won the election, you get the pic unless they're really crazy. We pretty much go along, that's all out the window when Grassley cannot out. This is not going to be a circus and then the question started I mean This question should have been. Why aren't you under arrest that was many child I mean child pornography and terrorism and everything they could possibly think that had nothing to do with her
Why do we even televise it, because it's all for the cameras that they're doing this, I dunno how you work in that place? I really don't, but the cameras make it worse. So, look at the cameras absolutely make it worse and for a lot of other reasons, but but the bottom line is you go through this process? So people can ask questions and there are some good questions that are asked by some thoughtful, folks on both sides of the aisle and and hopefully and I am still have hopes that there'll be some Republicans that vote for her now, there's no guarantee of that and if they don't it'll be a. partisan vote and I think that would be very unfortunate cuz. This woman is very close find to be on the Supreme Court? And besides I'm I met with her yesterday in person. Bible, liable, she's normal.
well that's something to be said for Washington DC she's down to earth yeah. For that which is also, I know you know, I knew you think this is normal in terms of overbearing she's. Also, an extraordinary legal minded grow incredibly qualified, there's no standard by which she's not qualified, but no right. And you know it's. It is a sad thing I will not. Report is about it, go back and look at the way the Democrats treated Neil Corset when he went through his nomination. it's like it. What's not the same is yes, there's partisanship now in this process? and there is grandstanding for the cameras, but there's nothing like The acid unity of TED crews that took place in it. course just hearings. There's nothing like any basis. Can you define what it is to be a man or a woman? None of those things happen other stuff that child pornography Democrats just think, there's something people are ideologically. They can be political, they can sometimes be mean and tough but they're not, but not just
screaming assholes. Let me since is not, since it is not a report nominated since it's not a Republican here. Let me I know what they would say about this. They would say not only Did this fight begin with Robert Bork but All of the bitter partisanship that we're seeing started with that now it's. If you don't know who Robert Bork is cause, you know the kids they're like if it didn't happen before I was born, it didn't happen, but you know what kids did. stuff did happen and it's affecting your life now, because this is that's what they would say for sure they would say. No Robert Bork was nominated by Reagan in nineteen eighty seven he was far far far right, but do the Democrats, A big thing about blocking his nomination and and the sum of the Republicans then like him either it was a bit was a bipartisan defeat for Bork. Mostly it was the Democrats. And there were republicans a joint okay, but
It were probably moderate. Republicans them, but TED Kennedy made a very famous speech and I want to read some of it for you now. This was everybody knew this back then. He said Robert America is a land in which women would be forced into back alley. Abortions. Blacks would sit at segregated lunch counters, robe police breakdown, citizens, doors and midnight raid schoolchildren could not be taught about evolution, writers and artists would be censored at the whim of the government. With we got America without Bork, some of it most of it. let's go through it because a land where women would be forced into back alley abortions. That is come, who was eight near. You check, ok, black and sit segregated lunch counters. No, thankfully right and we went quiet in the opposite direction. Although we did have said not United States Senator say that he thought that he be happy to have the issue of interracial marriage reopened and decided at the state level. What happened this week right, but
it's not reflective of most of America. It's not but it's kind of amazing. That's back on the table bill I mean there. Is you know what a form of jobs? colleagues. Saying hey: what's I think that'd fine? If states wanted to make Who was that senator senator mainly the Anna MIKE Buckle, Braun, broad monitoring brought never heard of him and not for everyone the celebrating okay yeah, but we it meant that one was not a good protection. Interesting also. What noticed in this didn't even mention gay. In nineteen? Eighty, seven, it wasn't even on the democratic radar you you could have put that in there, Robert Bork America, but the parents weren't even there, yet ok, Google police could break jaw citizens doors and midnight reds? Well, we think worse than that will. But that's
exactly what happened to Brianna Taylor. Yes, it's not just to weave black people in America, I mean that's a horrible law that we have, but because the Supreme Court got so far to the and conservative, whose always backing more pull powers. Okay, ok, schoolchildren but not be taught about evolution. That's kind of going on right now in the schools. What can they be taught and what can they? That's kind of interesting, absolutely correct. Yes right An artist would be censored at the whim of the government. That's interesting because they are being censored, but it's not by the government. That's happening the thing about what about well nigh me, look I don't necessarily think Bork reason all this came about, but will tell you that. I think that there are some fundamental things wrong with what goes on in Washington DC when it comes to televising
everything and I'm all about transparency in government. But the truth is lot of these folks are getting up there. Asking questions like this that you talked about that you talk about. I believe for the cameras, so they can raise some money for reelection Lindsey, Graham to run for, took a shot at me? Yes, He didn't say my name, but I dunno, if have that corner was your lending, just imagine what would happen then I was talking to judge Jackson, but again their mad about the last one What would happen if people on late night television, Do an effing, not speaking in
because you practice the Catholic stays in the way they couldn't relate to around uncomfortable. Ok, just a man, not people on White Knight Television, me mother, my bride is Supreme Court. Yes, this is three names willing serial killers. Three Dave, I'm not least at least there's an issue there that connects to the first amendment was a grand basically saying just imagine. We lived in America where you could speak your mind on television like Martos, I'm, ok, what's the problem without any call me Barrett. and whenever someone she is a nut yeah, I'm sorry. She grew up in the handmaid's tale. She she laughed. That is NAFTA. This is the thing about the lessons of the work experience like if you go back and watch the Bork hearings, you'll find it was like a constitutional law seminar. I mean that
it'd be a Larry tribe down from from Harvard, and you had TED Kennedy, and you had at that time, Joe Biden, who is one who is leading that charge they they were setting Robert Bork causes it's no use and trying to say if this the prevailing view. The constitution America go backwards. It was substantive. It would therefore be illogical, edge rivalry with substantive, not what we see now, and I think you know you people who say well and it's all become a partisan circus because a Bork, that's not what happened because of work. We have because aboard most people decided that they couldn't ever justices one good thing about Borg was that here we said when he was for when he was against, and that's why you lost, as he told the truth, re Eddie was retrograde. Any we did want to take America back in time now. You have justices who just art or coach do not say anything, and so customs, where job we're. Just as you like my speak, my mind, I could get voted down. They all right, it's all performance for them. It becomes kabuki. That's though,
fortunate legacy of work is that we now I substance, was hearings in a petition when a televised hearing could be a great constitutional lesson for, but also what changed is that it's a foregone conclusion based on what parties in power in the Senate, who's gonna, get confused, they're all just gonna vote the party line, no one actually advise or consent or think about it. It's just going to be our you sitting at my lunch table than I. Good for you, but if I've stood at the other line today, but I won't and mean if the Republicans control the Senate right now, if you have any doubt that she would not be confirmed, moreover, we brought up she murmured Garland Amy brought up the right, but but but the truth is that look I'm going to their due there's some good people the other side of the aisle they may decide to vote. Or- and I think that's what this price- I wouldn't bet the farm on a two dollar new one, and you have a five before that, but the truth is is that I still think it's thank think you've got to you. Gotta have hope, okay. Well, we
the first black woman. Let's go back for some of the people. Don't remember this. Also the first black We ever had. We've only had to Thurgood Marshall nineteen sixty seven when he died George Bush. The first was president and so Did the idea that there was now a black seat on the court and that's how we got Clarence Thomas now I thought it was not exactly cricket to give the black seat but who didn't represent the majority of black thinking in America, but here's the difference at if they accepted George Bush, did the idea of we at least one black seat on the court right. I think today's Republicans would not do that. I think they would be thrilled to have no black seats on the court. okay, a lot of them, okay. So, judging judging by the way they treated this nominee, which was an example which was just racist pop top to bottom through the whole week.
But I want to ask about his wife. Oh, if you don't know you need Thomas, I mean this is Clarence. Thomas is wiping away there. She is yeah what that picture? that picture comes from that day, but she was at the January six riot Ryan it's a painted in what was basically urging on a coup. She purchases, It is something that was all about. Stopping the vice president of the United States, from a vote which they know was a legitimate vote. That's who is Now she always says Clarence tonight? We don't. we talk about politics at home, we don't I can that that their silence at the dinner table. They are married,
but now we have some of her texts where she was urging on the Washington Post got a hold of her tissues, urging on Trump's chief of staff. After November after the cat have been counted to overturn this election based on crazy Qanon theories. Is there anything to be done about this? Because Thomas plainly, he was the love one guy too the lone dissenting vote when the when the court is that the January six Committee, yes, could get Trump's papers that were related to that I always wondered: how do I like slaves, raising it sightings very disturbing, because one of the things one of them Call Liz you need to have for the Supreme Court. Justice Independence and the baby, Look at the facts. Make a decision based on the facts. We're being influenced by the person is sitting next to you in and they might say they don't talk. I don't buy that, but they wouldn't.
Well, maybe they would still be very, but the truth is. Is it you visit with pouch, that's a secret communication secret to a long marriage, but I'm telling you it puts independence in question, and it should be. We refused himself from any of these these issues the woman has been. The woman has been a crazy Crazy right wing activists for the entire time that her husband has been on the Supreme Court. Crazy in more recent years, as has happened with the party in general, you read the text messages bill, it's like who's, your naughtiest most. Brain disease route, Trump Maga following relative, the one who's been
breathe owl by syphilis or whatever they go on around the bend and they do all their shit posting on Facebook. That's what her text messages sound like she's, writing about how the Biden, Cramp crime, family reporters should be sent to military tribunals at Gitmo, because because the fact they were saying that the election was legitimate after the election envision to urging the cheapest staff to pick a political consultant to the chief of staff, It is possible that the debt crisis must know that, although they have both called themselves each other's best friends on many occasions in public, but This is an issue not just for craziness is an issue of corruption. It's like there is a, but there's a I draw- the Supreme Court has no ethical guidelines on what's workin for judges, there's no code of ethics in the spring court, but structural federal judges, and that includes them in some sense, are set you can't rule in a case in which your spouse or family members can can benefit in some way, it was a case where she, as a member of a right wing cabal that wants to overthrow the election, would benefit
plea from not having Trump's communications come it also. She would personally benefit from not having those communications come forward. He was conflicted out of this case. Did he admit that his wife went to stop the steal. No did he There was only possible complementary. No, he should only be barred from in any case related to the genuine sex? This you, I think, it's a pretty good case. It should be censured in some other way. Judge Justice Roberts needs to get serious about this. The talks all the time about the fact that he's right that the court, the Supreme Court's standing in american life, now, is worse that it's been anytime in our lifetime. Americans think the court has been politicized. That thing is not credible. this is the kind of shit that makes people think that and they're right to think that in this case, got to do something about it. Well, I dunno I dunno the people, gonna, think you're, exaggerating or I'm exaggerating about this. Let me read,
The thing you are alluding to before yep I'd get Mo Jackson, thought that was actually happening. It wasn't a proposal she was lit, Qanon conspiracy theory, q and believe that Trump put watermarks on the ballots. So he could tell fraud was happening so by this is Jenny's. This is Jenny's text. I didn't crime, family and ballot fraud. Co conspirators are being around. And detained for ballot fraud right now, for the coming days will be living in barges off of getting to face, military tribunals for sedition. She also said release the crack, and this is just talking to his chief of staff. I think she's smoking, the crack and release the cracking and save us from the left taking America down and then
point just as many of us can't continued the GEO Pisa rate. I thought that was interesting. The GEO Peter show the words. Republicans are not nearly conservative, not that it's conservative to want to take over the country who, it's so crazy that even should have rats, thinks she's, crazy ok yeah. I don't know what you're not due to a solution, but it is ask or weaken so we thought we would know TAT is we are here in Hollywood mounted. The shows are not here in Hollywood and You know the big one this year that they think he's gonna win. All the words is power of the dog is the second big movie of the century. That is about gay cowboys. We all remember Brokeback, mountain and you know Hollywood boy when they see a trend.
And so there make remaking of the other old westerns a little differently. Would you like to see some of the movies the once upon a time in the West village? I think the Butch Cassidy and some Trans kid, the Django uncircumcised, the fabulous seven.
Then the outlaw Jesse Mallette. Oh that's the fridge and a firearm, the catfight at the ok corral, the west was fun. The seven brothers for seven brothers, the eclectic horseman the mentioned this in the model, are going to ask you about it. This poll that says that only fifty five percent of Americans stay here and fight if we were invaded by Russia and it broke down into, Forty percent of Democrats would stay and fight. Sixty eight
Republicans, no course. This is just what people tell upholstery My first question is: if you're just talking to a pollster, why not say you'd stay and fight? Who are these people who think oh something to brag about or I am not ashamed of that. Have the fucking good grace to lie, or- or maybe it's It's not an understanding that the democracy. Action is world, not the rule, maybe its lack of understanding that the term. For everybody's life. They haven't had their civil liberties, stripped completely away from them, to a lady. We go today as matter fact that came out of the Middle EAST and her still there and she said every week every other week, the folks. tell her in government. Come to their place, hold a gun to their her parents head. While they say
house look for money or any sign that their traded for the country. Look this that we may not like democracy But it's the best there is, and I'm going to tell you that that when it, when it comes to this guy, I'm right amount to fight for this country has it is about- and I tell you guys this or anybody out here and have your views. If you take a look at what the UK, in answer to who would have thunk it after watching ever I understand, lay down the weapon rain and these people understand and ones like Zaleski was on the phone too, to us in the briefing on the Saturday morning that he did the very first one. He talked about freedom and he talked about progressive government talked about how Ukraine wants to have that those people, understand the value of democracy, as it may be. Stripped away from them
immigrants in this country always appreciate this country more than the people who were born here. They are, but we did a whole thing on it. One day when everything was going on in Afghanistan, About how they look at us, like you, people have no idea, you complainers, I mean: where did these people think they're going? First of all, who are going to flee? when the Russians invade you'd. Think, first of all the sense of entitlement that they, I guess they assume any other country- would just want them. Oh you're, an American, please come in We really have to ask you just can't: go not even It allows that. I think that's the only thing that points to the problem. It's like there are some poll questions that are just kind of bullshit questions right where people they're they're they're, they're, very, very hard time trying to actually absorb they think it's a game, in some way. I still think you should be embarrassed if you're watching the lenski and the Ukrainians fight off the Russians and you're asked that question even the hypothetical to not to give that answer, that you wouldn't stay and fight, but I do think for some people that disliked think what what what center's talking about
is that no one has the the notion that there that are lot way of lives would be threatened in a direct way by the invasion of another country could somebody comes over here is so foreign to people. This point it's been such a long time since we've had a draft or there's been conscription. had to go and serve or even national service of any kind people are at. Basically, That's that's been title, which is that damn, crises is my birthright. I don't have to fight for it. I have to do shit for it if somebody wants to come and take it away from me. I'll go someplace else! so I don't. I don't excuse it, but I think it's like become a habit of mind where people take that question ago and that could never. What do you make of the twenty eight point difference between how Republicans and Democrats react? Don't you think that says a lot about Democrats how many too many years too many of them have been sitting on the country I've never been a rah rah. Let's watch the blue angels kind of guy, but I too have America in perspective, and I don't think a lot of democrats do at this point because of what you were saying before, but
in this sense of entitlement and no sense of history- your perspective, which, yes, we have a lot of problems in this country go somewhere else and see what it's like I come from. I come from Montana and I'm going to tell you the people that I associate with both Republicans and Democrats there. They are there's not that big divide I'll, go back to what John said about about how questions ass than if the same questions asked I'll, even go so far as to say who's bolster and did they haven't. You The before the poles even taken that they have Idea what they want the results to be before it happens, cheap George. You guys to question the question. Well, no one is theirs to question: it's not that Combat Acadia thousand sixty in every poster in this country, some say not now, but every pollster in his country,
equipment in that election. They all screwed it up, so they like pollsters, can't screw up all the time. They do not say what the Russians come and they end up in Tina anywhere near his house and big Sandy about for big Sandy will be won by test for this team Deodar about picks up. There is- and this is your fight. Well, ok, so it's a copper one reason why people might be unhappy with this country, because some of it has to do with economics. I still think right for it. But you know when I look at these inflation numbers, so one point nine percent in February, that's the highest since nineteen eighty two, a lot of people were not born when we had inflation, and I tried the last time and gas prices almost forty per cent up from what they were a year ago. That's you know, need the car answer, hourly wages. Only roast five percent be
prices are know. This is important to you. I think factory farming, it's a crime, but we won't go there, but beef prices are up tremendously? I think it's because there's only four companies or is that right, threatening our companies control. Eighty four percent, the maids plan is ok. what do people do? You know at this point and rent The sixty minutes last week had a thing on rents and I looked it up. The national median rent was one thing: in seven hundred and ninety two dollars a month. Wow, that's a lot from one living in an apartment. If you make fifteen dollars an hour, which is a good minimum wage in this country, which is about a third of the country make it would take three weeks wages just to pay. Your rent we're going to become like Moscow, where there's eight people in
Barbara, no wonder they will fight for this country. Is this bit of this one issue that I know junk astrogas a lot about this and I brought ballsy, does ups burst principle the screen? this great incredible ice tea tree yesterday, where you said I was right at the gas Station New Jersey last night after my hands stopped trembling, I managed to the cops? They were quick to respond to call me down. My money has gone. The police to ask me if I knew who did it. I said yes, it was pump number nine. I think it's like the Democrats a bit denial about this bill. I think this is a place where, where I think centred astern, I agree which is like she is people again turn my lack of memory. People do now remember in this country what it was like to have run away inflation and have inflation that what that that destroyed was one of the main reasons that destroyed Jimmy Carter's presidency. If you look around the world over over the last one hundred and fifty years, there is nothing that has caused spells political ruin.
for that inflation and and and you ve seen Democrats for the last two here biscuit- it's gonna be fine. It's transports going away! It's like guys. It's the only thing areas word about around the country. It's like it's, The price, the number one issue everywhere you go, and if Democrats don't take it seriously, Joe Biden doesn't take it seriously and they don't figure out a way to message it or solve it, one or the other, or both they're, going to get crushed in these midterms. Almost Sclusively on this issue is so much so far ahead of everything else. Peoples not be able. Their bills, because, dumb, his price is just rising, they can see them rising week to week. That is, that is a road, a fast road to political standard of living. Dropping the ball. That's what happens when people take more adept to take two or three jobs and again what I said about living in mean. I know it is, they have to live in a place with two Three days passed and sometimes, if you dont, have to with Ray rooms we
I've seen this in other countries and they know that word roommate. It's such a nice sounding word. It's not and no one likes a roommate, it's another person using my bathroom what it is about Democrats having our head in the sand. I think there is that people want to deny that. What's going on it's going onto big issue, it is the number one issue and you're right if there aren't some concrete things that we do in Congress to help lower inflation gas, it's going to be a tough trim in November, but the bottom line is there are a number of bills that we've ve done in a number bills that we're going to do. You mention wanna, meet backers, this a big problem, operators opportunity solve our problems been around for over one hundred years. So, let's solve it, pass my bills. it was the best one. As long as I have you here SEN, I have one minute to ask you a question, since the Supreme Court is the big issue this week. What about this packing? The court idea
I mean that that's the word they use for the term packing the board. I'm straight brand at terra, frantic source FDR tried it. It did nothing in the constitution. That says you can't add more. It doesn't have to be nine justices yeah. Obviously, the the liberals are losing they're getting their ass handed and because it's six, even when Brown gets in and the court's going to be sixty three such right in favor of that or not come opposed to it posed to it. Yep. I think if you want to change the court election people will change a court. And those people are in talks except, except that it's such a crapshoot. The question is: who is who dies when? So? It's not a good says, go to plan little better on that, but the, but the truth is that the truth is, is that where does it stop? Ok, let's say you allow it, then what now I ve some good wine over the court, which we have built other building with all rights. Justice is a truth. Is it do it is? The elections matter
one of those cases where elections, map mild lotta people who were in in science position and people like our institute, change the court will would be one hundred percent right and I think I probably still on the margin, agree but watching the way Mitch Mcconnell yeah. about ministries are mere garland and then ran to any country where a true that was the thing that made people think women. This is not a level anymore with, so it's not just. We who wins the election broke a bottle of the election right right. Your point is bizarre, just octane change the rules and it was so blate. Yes, I think that's why people open a lot more open to this, and they would be then there is no disagreement here right, the real question is, is did repay pay a price for that, I would say no, but
Okay. Thank you guys, time for your room, We wore blue and yellow to show solidarity with the ukrainian people. Maybe they have an endorsement deal with IKEA, although it didn't feel like they were trolling Russia, when they reported the space station, was bogged down in the mud. Europe. Now that more power, which is retiring, someone else must take over as America's paternity jester
And because nothing makes our day quite like hearing the five most beautiful words in the english language, you are not the fault of the, so my hat is off to him and by the way, leaving your head off is how you get in this mess in the first draft neural. Now that stained front man, Aaron Lewis, said during a concert last week, you know as fucked up as it sounds. Maybe we should listen to what Vladimir Putin is saying. Someone has to ask him whatever happens, The Cleveland area ready to rock the world, don't stress about Kylie, Jenner and Travis Scott, changing their sons name a month after he was born
there's a family can handle a transition on the fly, its Caitlin general. My only concern is the kids new name. It gets a little too trendy to call him word, also: landscape, Neuro, let's stop rejecting. This is what airplane cabins are going to look like in the future seriously. What future you people watching never mind the giant cabin for two and the conference table. I'm not even sure we're going to have apples Do you want to see the future of flying it's this.
And finally new rule, if there's one thing, we've learned from the crisis in Ukraine, it's that everyone loves and the world still needs grown ass men. I guess I've look. You can go on about how masculinity is itself toxic or you can be horny for blood. Amir Bonamy resilience gate, but you can't do both if you haven't noticed the internet, these days is filled with posts like
Every woman in your life now has at least a small crush on Olenska and there's actually nothing you can do about it. If I being honest, Linsky gives me a lady boner that ass ray is sexy as fuck and I wanna bangs linsky. Could it be that as much as women may want to create the perfect man, there's always going to be a little bit of toxic mixed in with our masculinity and no amount of training will turn it into your favorite twilight character, masculinity is like coffee, even when you decaffeinated there still a little caffeine in there. Now, though, certainly no denying that been a lot of toxicity associated with men throughout history. Oceans of brutality, all of which is horrible And some of which is why our species still exists on earth.
There are brave women fighting in Ukraine, but the images People slaying all seem to be women and children, while every able bodied man in Ukraine getting around to fight and maybe die. It's not always a great advantage being a man and toxic though we may be We do sometimes come in handy. As much as you may not want to admit it. There's a direct correlation between all these lady Boehner's Reza in the fact that he's what people used to call a man's man, he share right now, he's killing Russians. turns out after Jonah thousand years. There's still a lot of another tribe is to kill us, and when that happens, you want a little big dick.
energy people magazine search for sexiest man of twenty twenty two is already over. Last year's winner was cuter, but this guy, gets women actually hot. So maybe now would be a good time for relationship gurus to stop saying that women just want a man who listen cause the landscape. Not just listening. He's fixing the problem this is. This is something I've heard for years that women just want a man who listens, don't try to fix their problems. Put that to the test. Sometime. go over to her house tomorrow and fix her radiator. I bet she loves it.
When there's a noise downstairs, someone has to go into the dark and most women- yes still want a man to do it and if he doesn't or can't or won't it's not sexy, a guy who can't perform a melting I know you want the guy who says I don't need a ride. I need ammunition.
because I'm John Wick, the who you also want to fuck the and that's why we owe such a debt of gratitude as to Zelensky forget making America great again he's making America grind again. I'd, say: wives are calling out his name during sex, but they aren't, because wives aren't having sex or husband or angles. Researchers found that Americans across the board, already thirty, your love for sex half of Urban? Don't even have it once a month. Forty. What percent of adolescent males say they don't even masturbate males.
What are they afraid to touch their own dicks, because a gym sock can't give consent to her since the nineteen eighties, american men have literally been losing their testosterone with average levels declining by about one percent per year, along with declining sperm counts the one. one in four american adults have not had any sex in the past year and you thought California was in a drought. The question is why why this sex drought? Well, I think the answer might be, men are such pussies now, but
sure pussies want nothing to do with them. The result of having it drilled into us in recent years. That masculinity is itself toxic and scary, and on a BB and women, don't like it and the ones who think they do. They really don't Thank you. Do you're wrong to what do you know But you. I think you're probably committing a micro aggression against yourself right now. You owe you an apology. The even the act of just asking a girl out is now seen by many younger people as overly aggressive, there's, a feeling that the attributes traditionally characteristic of men are inherently problematic which sounds a lot like men are born wrong type. The phrase And our trash into Etsy, you can purchase, the slowest swag with that phrase on it,
They Obama administration was trying to sell Obamacare to a skeptical nation. They made an ad featuring someone who became famous as pajama boy. What they put out as an image of the perfect man, the only loves more than affordable health insurance is. Is there a Begat and Emily imperative? That add might as well say? Ask your doktor of chemical. Castration is right for you. Women have come a long way baby in the bay majority that has been long overdue and very, very positive, but it'd, be in this one way: you're a victim of your own success. you can win the battle and the war, if you harangue men into becoming less like us and more like you,
and end up with someone. You have absolutely no desire to craft and that's not good for either of the seventy one genders. We know have the maybe what we need these days is more sex and less gender. Women aren't attracted to these girly men. They've created the guy. You whipped into total sensitivity. Isn't sexy to you anymore, there's a special wasted a woman's hard for a man who learns to suppress his masculinity. It's called the friends own man this Ultimately, on you she's, not holding a gun to your head and making you a pussy. It's always your choice. Stop sulking!
complaining that it's hard to get laid. Oh you poor in cells, girls, don't want to have sex with you unless you put in a little effort, putting a little effort, your stupid lazy, fucks, the alright that's our show, albeit the smart finance, etc, and Sugar Land Texas April, the Minneapolis. The judge or jury now go to Youtube and the number every Friday night, watching any the more information log onto each b, o dot com.
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