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Ep. #597: Bob Odenkirk, Caitlin Flanagan, Mary Katharine Ham

2022-04-23 | 🔗

Bill’s guests are Bob Odenkirk, Caitlin Flanagan, and Mary Katharine Ham


(Originally aired 4/22/22)

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Welcome to an h b, o podcast from the H b, o latency and real time with Bill Maher, Thank you very much. I always a mask was ground. We have here, it's wonderful.
rough last week, but I know you're still a good work as it was a holiday week. We had Easter, we had four twenty or twenty thing I celebrate their another kind of, like you know, instead of eggs on the morning, I just hunt for the lighter the thing people are celebrating as they lifted the mask mandate in airplanes, the on airplanes. You know where you you take it off to eat, so the virus could never attack you. Then you know they were a mass. They were on
comfortable, they were pointless and they got stuck in my Thyssen's fists yeah. I guess everyone has seen this video might just wailing on a guy and this airport. You know the guy was Chris Raw the this is a sign of the times now the tony awards- I guess it's in the next month or so. The tony awards had to put out today a strict, no violence policy. Tony awards, any sudden movements had better be jazz. Tony, I feel like the country's kind of coming apart. You know people have even more the Johnny Depp Amber heard
I'm starting to think I may not want to get married. I was reading the text, this text from Johnny's, as I hope her rotting corpses decomposing in the fucking trunk of Us and a civic, and then things got nasty. The also. Why bring the Honda Civic, the Honda dude? Why us that we could be in any car I can't I can't I can't even
then oak talking about can't even she put shit in his bed. Did you see this now Amber heard is a beautiful woman and I have heard the phrase I wouldn't kick her out of bed for eating crackers, but this is going to follow his married couples communicate now you put shit in the bed hunting. What I'm hearing is. I didn't like the chicken ALA, king okay with the but Tucker girls. Carlson has the answer to this to be seen. This is he's rendering into the battle. Taxes he's got a new documentaries getting all this press, it's called the end of men the end of my biggest testosterone levels are going to which they are. That is true. He said one of the cure for this men should he says tat there
Obstacles he's been under this. She had for years. I do it's fantastic. Only problem is I get a ten line between where my balls are and where my ass always leads to, just as it is with this country and six, then nobody can get it right, you so, it's going on now this week in the continuing saga Disney versus Florida, a mean first Disney. Your support enough of gays. Now there being to support of their public and are all over them. Ted crews said: if Disney,
This way next thing we'll be seeing cartoons of Mickey and PLUTO going at it. He said that I swear. I remember when gay marriage was first a thing. One of the republican talking point is: if we allow that, then people will. Every read dogs, which of course have happened and other new angle is cartoon dogs act like there's a sign when you go into Disneyland that says you must be this tall to have gender reassignment surgery and there's no halfway want to take away Disney's all their rights and worded they're like the Vatican there that there aren't nuts and so Disney's very
The other theme parks have really taken notice. A universal studios has a new a ride called Harry Potter, Lubs Pussy rough rough, weak for media companies. Boy right. I mean Disney might have to move out of Florida Cnn, plus you saw that should they appeared in two weeks. Netflix said they lost millions of subscribers for reasons we understand competition more. petition now inflation also people know
sing that all superhero movies are exactly the same and young people, understanding that they don't have to go through the Netflix and chill charade. They can just say you wanna come over and far reaching final story. Cabin Mccarthy you saw this is the house leader. The tape came out which the first denied. Of course, I love this denies it he right after January. Sixth, the attack on the capital, Republicans or very mad about it and he's gonna call Trump and tell him not acceptable, not gonna have to resign and Tucker, and then he said no, no, I I don't them regardless. I'd never said that and they came out with it. If they found exactly what you told your friend, I'm going to tell Trump he is going to have to resign and then, of course, he got on the phone with Trump, a boo, boo, you're, doing
The job was the. I think he needs Tucker Carlson's magical testicle lamp, the great so we got married Catherine. The first step is the Emmy Winning Writer and actor, who stars in better call Saul which premiered this week on AMC and the New York Times. bestseller author of his new Memoir Comedy Comedy Comedy drama Bob odenkirk the world. Thank you thank you for having me. I were always such a great supporter of me and David doing, you know doing our mister show and it was built. It was like the gray, anyone remember or Youtube it
yeah yeah yeah! Well, you know what that show again. You're right, I was the biggest fan of the you had legions of fans for that show, and one thing about that which might not work on Youtube. Youtube shows snippets. The great thing about your show, unlike every other sketch show, all the sketches were connected, I mean in ocean out. Why does ones catch in and another? One is a completely different, sketch first, five commercials, but yet right right, but yours everyone. I thought that was John. You think an innovative where we are. copy python is where that absolutely right course. They had Gilias animations, but we would just make a sketch. Went to the next sketch just to keep that energy going and keep things silly and- and it was great fun to do. I think we did it right a couple of times. We did thirty three shows that's all but packed lot of ideas into them, and there is a great episode where mediocrity is monster. That kind of just
course is through the whole episode hiding a big bike. I mean it would work on a level I've never seen before and then not to say that other sketches aren't good. I mean you work done by many of the essential. I worked on personnel and yet we know it's interesting is a roster of like really impressive people have worked it s, Uno and bombed out their Larry David. Sarah silver media are dearly deported Gilbert, Godfrey yeah, you Zack gaff innocuous, jewellery, Dreyfus, amazing and then, of course, is not to say that the people who have we ve seen on that drove the word, also fantastic as they were it just like. There's two different types of people: almost in Kommeni. What do you think makes the difference between the person, the kind of person who so
eyes and thrives at the, I guess, the mail and those who don't, I think, I'm particularly dangerous and intelligent, wonderful brain. I'm unique and special. there there are better than me slower than announced. I just you know that show, as these debates and the needs that to satisfy the audience with a big big presently, a kind of a competence- and I just Didn'T- have that experts to it. It's just broke its broader shudder, but I like bright comedy too. I just do it bill. I just was too young. You know a lot of people, that's a first job and they just when all their voice. Yet this shows demands are so like immediate and intense you do it. We, we gotta, put it together and two days, and I just I just
couldn't pull it off, I was there for three and a half years. I word everything I know they're, I got paid for being there they got nothing out of me. The motivational speaker, but that was a year after I left, but we got a lot at a not thank you, buddy that's what I'm twenty other writers. I took what I learn and I came down and I I made a career well. I think it also has to do- and I saw this in your book- you think there should be an element of anger. in committee. For me absolute, not that their can't, it can't just be silly. We like at UA yeah. I do too yeah, but to me I'm the same way. You are like the best kind of comedy. Has that there's a little nutritious value that doesn't exist everywhere? right. It does an end with everybody gone where we're just kidding. It's I'm k, it ran, got a little edge in it,
I needed that. I love that. That's what I saw money, python and and even Inessa now in many sketches, and certainly the early us now head, you know, the generational thing, those first couple years, if you weren't part of that generation, you didn't get. and I love that. I love that in comedy. I love that. There's a show that you have to. Find your way into the brain of the people who made it and yet, you never really wanted to be a stand up. I you know bill. You are a stand up, your great
stand up for me, such as finisher, though the latest gradual adulting is running now the I guess, the night Bill Maher he's getting a special watch. It and thank you can go now. Thank you. It's so great to have a you know what I came up in Chicago during the comedy boom, which you must remember you red then right. Well, are you totally about late seven? Eighty early eighty get us. We every sitting, gluing mid sized cities in Amerika had sometimes multiple comedy light was crazy. It was great for a little while, like anything and then we ruined it and then I just you know I couldn't. I think I I couldn't handle the com tasteful nature of stand up, I mean a lot of times. A stand of show is a fight between the audience of the performer, and I it's always of the feeling like
I would get out there. I'd start my act if they didn't like it, I was I was like ok we'll see. you know like right away. I give you know like this: that's ok he's what exactly what law regime be. Like said, Jack, you already overdue That's right, I'm seeing him at the improper, obviously much fun business, certain genius, it's also embedded in that you you were. You were impatient with the audience being, maybe too broad yeah, I'm drunk, which makes you makes you stupid, or you know, and not being able to appreciate the subtlety of you were doing. I mean you know you work on a level. Sometimes I mean Where are the time that you almost killed me I'm serious. You almost killed me in aspen. It was the ass. There was an aspirin comedy festival for many years, a member we had to go every year. I've fuckin hated it aspen in February,
skiing announced ski. I don't want to ski it's cold and I want to die in a tree. The air is thin. I never slept nightmare you couldn't breathe and you did this bit. I went to. We all have legs all conventional I think that with all the different shows you could go right. So I'm your. I forget why you were doing what you were doing. What you did this bit, where you were Robert Evans, I believe it's going governance. Do this guy Robert Evans, as God I remember watching standing in this tent watching you and I was laughing so hard and then the air and I thought of fuck, I'm going to die at a cost.
first of harmony by another commedia Jesus by said, let me put people at them. No who Bob Evans is. I think the cadence in the voice is so funny sunglasses illusion where they get the journey. Just said God it was a huge ego. Yes, did I do a good job with the world. I tried a great way of thinking about God he's just grinning and happy and he acknowledges all the power influence in the world. But for those who don't know, Robert Evans was this big producer who ran us into the Rio. He the Godfather Chinatown he was, but he was this larger than life figuring out a book out at the time called hidden stays in the picture great, with wit and the audio the version we used to reel tapes back then you'd put in your car and you'd. Listen to it and it was just the voice you did.
About his and the Malibu life yeah you transferred to God, I know have ruined by explaining it. but is it it's a baseball players? Do me a favor, don't play see through the whole decade, probably not very deep. I got another game on the tv you should you should revise to do. The whole thing will do the see. That's the other reason. The standup was so hard for me, as I couldn't tell my jokes. More than twice without hating them, like they'd, be a good joke. Would it be like the seconds I'm at all? Ok, I told it we'll tell each other. You don't need to spread the word around I know not what a stand up. A real problem has to be able to do that. Take twenty right that that core? If you do that I'd, but I'm will always work and bill out of ten zero. I got it. I got me a long time, but I got there. Will I do a tight ninety
One is any more than I do shows that Europe I mean that core material that you bring through you three years, while the city I found the secretive people say it like you on tour. I never on tour. I do too shows it's Saturday and Sunday I go home for a month, then do two more yeah and that way it's new, but I'm still practicing keep it fresh. You do happen to have a tea, be sure I dunno if you booked know about, though I know how to podcast, but it is. I find it very sort of bittersweet that we are at the age now, because your book franchise book? Comedy comedy comedy drama you we're at the age now where we are importing wisdom I wish I had no written a book, you, a thirty five percent. You didn't have enough wisdom right now, you wisdom and your importing it I'm tryin to I mean it. I wish I had learned more, but the little bit I learned is in there. So please good luck! Fight
what I did. I mean modestly, it's a book about. Thank you. It's mostly just a book about making your way and that quitting it showbiz em numbers game and if you keep at it and keep looking for opportunities and this wonderful opportunity with better call Saul is something I never pursued and villages came to me and it's crazy you'd, never even read for it right. I never read for it. I never took an acting class. So interesting, don't tell anyone this isn't the dunno. I can't tell them all, because they're wasting their money. The way the name of another comedian from our pairs, Richard Belzer same thing, never read for the part that he got replayed for so long and whenever the fuck, that
An order, Lord order, yes, yes, he was detective much on your new versions of the show very Levinson during just I know the same thing with you like a smart grid of director knows this can meet a guy with that mine can be more interesting than an actor. I don't have to see him audition I just know. I know I love, alas, my husband yeah, they loved you, and here it is, but you in it like fourteen years later than planned this guy forever, but right now a dynamic greener, and this is the final these and right now I saw a better reason and its it's been an amazing robust shows have given us so much burn under german banks with
before it thanks Buddy Bob out and I stood, I've got to tell you why I must say that in general, the twice weekly pod guess getting hammered debts. I read Katherine HAM. I love the title: the staff writer at the Atlantic and author of Girl Land Caitlin Flanagan. The thank you for being here. There's a lot going on in the world we're going to try to get to the water, but but you know they say all politics is local and it's any more local than your face. So well,
interim at the mask or the math? I feel like all the things going on in the world. What people really are thinking about is that this week they said because people fly a lot they're on planes, and they said I mean I saw the videos that people erupting in here is that we now have to wear a mask on the plane anymore. Now, there's also from the people will die crown and their right people will die. People will always die Hence people dying but they're always gonna die and actually can stop it and masks really were finding out a particularly ineffective, effective way of stopping it. I I just wish you didn't have to be polluted. What because I see a lot of people now on the news saying I'm still gonna wear it. It just becomes a amulet and a symbol of your party, and it should just be about the science that a symbol of our stupidity that we would turn something like that into an app
Well I mean I understand why people feel that way, but it doesnt when I see young people walking alone outside with the mask. I want to punish them now we're making people's personal again. That's what we're doing in its personal protective equipment, and the word was, for the whole the whole pandemic. That Euro aspects me and my picture will now in your times and other media outlets and public health officials are doing a thing that I call now it can be told which is where they tell you
The thing that right, wingers and open school advocates have been bitching about for six months is actually true, even though they were telling you. It was missing before so your your mask. If you have a quality, one can protect you and there is a limit to how long we can go before we modulate to a new form of living. We we have new tools, we have knowledge about this virus. We have new ventilation systems, particularly planes are good and we have. We know that masts are a minimally helpful tool, but we told a lot of people they actually helpful, and it was a bad idea, especially for the vulnerable. Wouldn't they get it just when they said you don't have to wear it while you're eating. Yes, wouldn't just that or I see the basketball players playing gouging each other's eyes. and then they go to the bench, a humane and put their mass gun. Saturday night live, they do the sketches and then at the end, when they say goodnight, I have the mask on it's like
am I what world little momentum later? People would not see this in the very very beginning. Even the CDC said we better, not wear a mask. Is your trap. The cove close to your face and you'll die instantly. That way, I answer and in that respect, whenever you're pounds or low, they say, oh, where mass could be safer and then they will do all they were just lying. There were just trying to save them, as you know, in its and then there like, why have you lost faith in America's institutions? Work as you lied to us that are really scary time and we could have handled the true. What I find so said I was at the mall. Well, that's why I was we it ruthlessly and into a ball in a long time. I would like the mermaid forums.
Literally not a bicycle. She can you just take care an old and ruining shared interest to figure this out. It was very sad but like what was really said, this is century sitting on a lot of us outside the all. people wearing masks, we're like twenty.
That's who is wearing the mask the people least likely to die from it. I feel like they have been indoctrinated in a way that the only people less likely are the toddlers who we mask incessantly. I think at the beginning of the pandemic, the word was: stay safe, stay home, okay! Well, that's a very simple public health message, but it actually discouraged and even demonized your rational risk analysis for yourself, which is something that we have to be engaged in. We have to decide okay. Well, what is my risk level? Two year olds? Don't have the same risk level as eighty eight year olds, that's just not true, being indoors, doesn't have the same risk level as being outdoors, but we did seemingly all the opposite things which is get the kids out of school, who are at least vulnerable hurt.
that way closed the parks and the hiking trails, which is a thing that we did and then have indoor outdoor spaces to eat that are actually just in order to take them ass. I mean it's not restore in these. That's the problem. I dont know how a country whose dumb goods are wrong right, we are really. They ve been Phoebus, dumb and we're here. And where they have recently become a petition is closer. When I saw the kids with the masks- or I could think of his anxiety and then right on cue, inbreeding Jonathan hates new article about why we have this levels of anxiety among teenagers. That is just of the charge. Now this is what I read. Forty four percent of high school students said they felt sad or hopeless. Now little perspective, all my ear, seven
team. I was sad and hope, because I got dumped, you know when you're a kid. You don't see anything coming and everything is the worst thing that could ever so. some of that is that when you're a teenager, you're, going to be sad and helpless? What else is at a forty percent increase in such feelings? In the last ten years? Also, I thought interesting. They were looking for the reasons why the kids, the CDC, is looking into this twenty nine percent lost jobs. The parents lost jobs in the pandemic, so you know we haven't tallied up all those kind of negatives that know. Health is a kind of health too, and I think for adolescence. That is why I have a little leeway if they're twenty years old, with the mask on, we really frightened these kids and we took a lot away from them and they really were living at fourteen fifteen years old with this idea that they might die and their parents,
Might I and they were completely isolated and I think we ve kind of put a deep there's a whole. Migration that we're gonna have to look out for a little bit, because we did something pretty terrible. I have an idea to schools closed for a moment. Hugging year in all the major blue cities, they were closed for a year to two person, learning kids lost structure, they lost friends, they lost all their extracurricular sports things that made them healthier places of worship things they could do with their feet. If they lost all those things and they were told, even though they were super low risk that they were either in danger of dying or endangered killing their grandmas, and they probably shouldn't complain about it, because that would make them selfish, grandma killers, that is, There were very bad message for children and heard a lot of them. Also it bothers me because it's it's fake now I'm not saying there are some people who live with their grandma's, but this is a country, unlike most countries in the world that does not involve
the elderly into our own homes. We put them. many of you, young people who are so worried about giving it to grandma, live with your grandma relevant revalued. We play this disproportionately hit people from economic step. You know in the middle, as world moms, and you know the gate, a community. I can't wait to get to want. It sounds fantastic, but I think there are a lot of lower income doesn't get it really. Meals are taken care of now there are no line allowing them. Kids in America, where the grandmother really takes care of them, which isn't just the caretaking, but that's the person who loves them the most and I think they had to keep I've had a huge law. The building, though, does exist, but this also, I think, some something
ingenuous about that pretending that we are sharing our lives with elderly people who are segregated from our lives. You know you'd go to London and people drink of different ages in the same pub you'd never see people of different ages in a bar in America yeah and, I think well. We did segregate them into Cuomo's resting restaurants, which was a bad idea. All that covered positive ones. I know I think, look, there's a limit on power here. There's a limit about what public health can do. I think they sold a message that they couldn't make good on them. She comes out because this week again- and I'm not gonna, do the accents- I'm not gonna hate crime, the Italian Americans but comes out and says, lay more than he has a, but basically like the court shouldn't be telling me
to do I'm the unelected health official? Well, that's not actually how the power structure works in this country, and I think they made promises that they couldn't keep and they told people they could keep them from dying right. But this is an ever present threat and then, when the mental health crisis happened for these young children, the CDC and all the health officials and all the school officials who told us that closing schools will be no big deal and that learning loss was not a thing and putting them on zoom and free, ranging them on the internet all day long, instead of telling them to play with their friends was going to be awesome. They tell us they're going to fix the mental health crisis. Well, I looked at the the surgeon general's report that came out about the youth mental health crisis in in December. Closing schools for a year is literally a footnote. It's literally a footnote in this report, and if you can't deal with that failure, then you can't
is the problem. If you can admit that way, you can't fix the problem. If you don't level with the people and say you will it's a virus, it's going to it's already everywhere, we're breathing it right now, you're soaking in it for the air you'd have to win. battle internally. I think it started with tromp and he was just up there I am sure we all chance that he's not telling us the truth and the people who seemed more sincere were the ones who went saying that I was gonna be over by Easter. and you had one or the other to believe in and we'll just kind of followed in that tradition and ended up where we did, and I think that it is fine to believe that at the beginning and then to shift the shifting was the part that couldn't happen in a lot of people. It couldn't happen because Orangemen bad bad was saying the opposite right, and so they couldn't get on board that's always that, but can I have one more note about anxiety in America because this story? I don't usually do these interesting like personal pieces, but
a Kentucky man who was fired days after he had a panic attack at his workplace over an unwanted birthday party was awarded for Fifty thousand dollars by a jury so he has panic issues. He didn't want a birthday party. Oh, hey, we're gonna break room, they didn't want ok, good, but Did it anyway bastards? So he sues. This is the result from the company itself. Then they fired him because he was violence. In me, after this event and had scared his supervisors, the chief operating officer, the company, said there are actually in fear of physical harm during that moment got a moment to fear from the guy. You couldn't take a birthday party,
I hate you, I mean how does a country that is still frail survive with a p? I say here is nobody like the surprise party, the cases there are always more complex than you think, and he had gone in and said. I have really severe mental problems, their heads birthday party tradition, don't do it and then that person wasn't there who is in it so like from an h our standpoint that company was totally in the wrong and every every step, the way they were in the wrong just looking at the figures are shining Y know, I can't anyone just go. Oh yeah
And move on, as opposed to, I was scared for my life, the idea for a birthday party- and it's like I can have limited sympathy for whatever happened to this fucking dumb country. The I'd like to say that I worked in cable news for fifteen years and nobody has been enough of a dick to me for me to get paid that from Alex you do to your point. I think there is an issue with like trauma is a real thing and anxiety in real. These are real issues that people deal with. Look I'm a suburban white lady. It's like me, election of my people is, but not every Ikey feeling is true. I think that is the way sort of blow these things happen and we don't we we lose our ability to deal with them. Ok, so.
Hesitate to talk about Russia every week, cause it's so Ukraine, it's so depressing and there's nothing really. I can add to it, but the sanctions, interestingly, which is funny the american people you gotta love 'em. On the one hand, the polls now say Biden should get tougher with Russia and they also say don't send troops. if I dunno what the job was supposed to do, but the sanctions I think are working. They are creating a lot of economic pain in Russia. I want to show you some of the company now we know a lot of them pulled out, and Russia now is trying to create these. They they actually funded new companies to take the place Mcdonald's pulled out. This is real. This is a look at that. That's the knock off they have of the now IKEA pulled out. This is a real russian company. Look at that they often low instagram. Look they that's. Their answer am, I don't know what the word say, but so
Have some others? Would you like to see some of the other, for example, and frustrations, job czar tuna circus. Oh yes, this, I think, is ridiculous square gi. Water here come on Cyprus, impossible cabbage. Oh, yes, edibles cream of! Don't ask crafts macaroni enshiu! I think this would you
I believe that J Europe hair smells during my wits in his dog job with real journalists work. Do you guys we're saying a minute ago about who everything comes down to read team looting, because I'm reading my Disney, I feel like it's one of the sad stories, because Disney of all the things that I would never become political and your time, a guy who doesn't give a shit about Disney
I never I I was never interested in anything they made, I'm not a child. I even when I was a child. I wasn't interested in things. I don't want to go to Disneyland, none of that and they fired me once I have every reason to hate them the, but I don't hate them. I feel for them because that they live in country where nothing is ever enough. I mean at first they you know the Disney. I mean floor to pass the Dante Gay LAW so Disney didn't say anything you like ok we're just we just make ferries and elves and writing and wicked man I'm so they got also to shit from the left from that, because and then like ok because they always were one of the most gay friendly companies in the world and now distintas. Of course he's demagoguing this, but he wants to stop them from having their vatican status there and they just won't
get people lemme take up. What do you think about it? I wanted you guys again, but now I do ate them because even something you know if used. As always, you know the first company in the country to have benefits for gay partners. Domestic partners and, like you, go nowhere when there's this new bill and then of a sudden. You know you ve done something Senor turn around half of you now have a backbone believe in something and stick to it, so they have to weigh on every little thing. I think that the key might be neutrality and I on on these big Culture war issues and
There is a moral question here where I think the limits of the government powers, like you shouldn't, be punishing your political adversary because they did some freedom of speech right like that's, that's a bad idea, there's but there's the political part, which I think, dissenters and people who agree with this say we're going to we're going to fix this imbalance were six woke employees at Disney, say you guys got to go after dissenters and the voters of Florida who put all these guys into office and Florida goes nah and that's not a bad political move, because they, a lot of people, do want someone to stand up to those six employees instead of Disney folding and just like just being just just be a noncombat, but I think it's more than six. Does that mean that pattern of people knuckling?
under two very small groups, of very vocal activists on these things. I think anything that deals with children's in a hard spot right now, because the country's changing- and there are more and more gay young, gay parents and their kids are more open minded and are more aware of things. So I you know, I think you know Disney wasn't terribly. For ages in the beginning, if they really have children's well being in mind, and it we're doing it because they think this is a bad thing for children than that's kind of interesting, but hinges on whether there really is then going on in the schools that never was going on there before and maybe shouldn't be going on so that we got information today about this. This is about what is going on in schools all across the country, but florid is course the focal point, because its floored, so they took out what anyone, textbooks, math textbooks and at the beginning we didn't know why they said those things
in there that are inappropriate for children today, their released for examples. This just happened before he came out here. I read through them a lot of it. I feel like as it's okay, you know it's like kids should have empathy when they're learning. I alright fine, I'm okay with that most of it, I thought was kind of. And nothing burger, but here's one measuring racial. This is a math question measuring racial prejudice by political identification. Do we have the chart here I mean this is this? Is teaching Then why use that example? You see very liberal moderately level. So my liberal you what happened like a train? Sure called. Why tell you, with all of this kind of its revision to curriculum, are adding new curriculum, whether its gender, whether raise new idea
is about raise when a school district says that they can get eighty percent of their students to grade level as readers and to grade level for math skills, we'll talk about some curriculum revisions or experimentation, but the public schools, our biggest failed public works progress programme in this country and in my lifetime they they have. We have lost our ability to teach kids anything and now we're fighting on the edges about things. Let's just put different things in school and let's measure them in different ways, but we really have a it doesn't read like a card, any more anymore. It's been going on so long, but our kids are deeply under educated and I think it is. It's actually going to end up being a bigger crisis than we even
at this point, because the learning loss in these mate did. I mention the schools were closed for our hugging year. The learning Lewis loss, particularly for the already vulnerable populations, disabled populations, minority populations, is going to be spectacular. It's going to be ridiculous and I think dissenters, sort of earn some cred on the issue of education because he kept the schools open. So that gives him leeway to have fights because parents actually have some confidence in him and there is an issue in somewhere like Virginia, whereas young can got elected based on this stuff. Is that look? You get a lot of leeway on curriculum if you want to do some woke stuff, while you're keeping the school open and you're teaching my kid to read if you shut it for a year, and you make me zoom butler for my kid and I'm part of the curricula, you can't tell me to shut up about the curriculum and I would like you to focus on I think I'm gonna go back. I don't know where your answer fits with the question
this is now a common problem, well document as it because I mean look the thing I showed their again, was the measuring racial prejudice by political identification as a way to teach about charts? grab, but it's not a way teach about that. Ok, so that's what you say you're a caught, because the teachers and I'm not gonna blame the teachers at those. So many different failures here and it's really not the teachers fault primarily, but that charter, these become something that a teacher can start a discussion with about that is, as we know it is using. It is a good thing because it will know first war. Now that was the whole thing is terrible.
We should be able to reach our students and make should learn something because, especially the lower income. You are the more you need that algebraic equation to make some sense for you. Instead of having a conversation in class about people's political affiliations and just to be clear, I don't think this is typical. I think that this is like a good. They picked forty one books and they have for examples of the examples. This was the most agreeable but it does exist. It is real. So again, I don't know why Democrats do this to themselves. I think dissenters is demagogic. This issue, because I think he thinks this is a great way. We, the candidate and twenty twenty four by owning the limbs on gaze and kids, and I ll Udo and go either I whatever sanity, they're gonna? But I also think textbooks are written by a certain type of people. What an unknown agreeably rang and parents aren't you.
That's how you would put some bullshit. I don't get the man better, tidies district him to big business, wrote, ochre and teachers make the decisions and teachers are, and the unions are left us, others an inclination to buy those looks like with public health. There is a loss of trust and it is a good place to go after these matters. It will work because they are mad for a reason and they will not be Gaslight and told that there is nothing going on here
There is something I think is a much I wish. I had two women on the show. Every week I really just as every euro that thousands of consumers who say lucky charms gave them nor you have bombing in diarrhoea after quit their bitching read the blocked it. S. Lucky had never said what kind of Luck Neuro. Instead of building a wall on the southern border, let's build a labyrinth.
though, if you want to slow the flow of migrants, this they'll. Do it the ones that get through woken grads, you're, smarter than the average American, the Neural Johnny Depp, is an award winning actor he's, got to figure out how to look less totally and utterly guilty. The areas encourage dress like a mafia don who just burned down a biker bar cafe. I dunno who shit the bed worse Amber heard, whoever picked out bad tie the neural the Florida man arrested this month with two firearms, multiple syringes loaded with meth and alive.
Alligator in the back of his pickup drop, needs to take as we gas shit to Louisiana. You, sir, are not Florida. Man material, a real flower demand, would have also been naked. Masturbating a licence faster, a former power bore winner and married to the alligator neural porn. Video titles have the either get shorter or come up spoiler alert,
if you ride hot milk, rides her jealous son while wearing glasses. Now I know the whole story: the must be naive. Blonde fucked by stranger under the bridge, ruined the sexy big ass. Female mature boss reduces Hindi India at work. Well, now I guess I don't have to watch it, do what I say: bring back the classic titles like deep throat behind the green door and town Hall with mad gates, the and finally, where all the Washington Post is wrong. Democracy, doesn't die in darkness? It dies
in plain sight, because enough people think Microsoft is a luxury. America can no longer afford. That is. That is pretty much the position of the Republican Party now that you can running one you like, but count of its? Not us. Hence we win tales. We could. I know that some people like to say there's not much difference between the parties, but actually in America. Twenty twenty two there's more of a difference between the parties in there. Has been in american history really and here's. Why Democrats for all their flaws? Bill see democracy as the essence of America. They see America and democracy as inextricably linked. They leave that one without the other is unthinkable. Republicans thinkable.
Very very favourable Republicans now seem to be ok with America continuing to exist as a country, but without being a democracy you A senator MIKE Lee says we're not a democracy. Democracy isn't the objective liberty, peace and prosperity. Are we want the human condition to flourish, rank them up She can sort that, which is a weird idea for a campaign, add vote for my leave. because voting is bad. But beyond that, this is a true sea change in american politics, It is not the only one saying it out loud here in California, someone named Rachel HAM is running for Secretary of State and she says I wouldn't hard to vote. I wanted to be a privilege to vote again. This is a fundamental change open
bad mouthing democracy in saying out loud. That voting is a pretty large and not a right. Lauren cope is the republic and candid for Congress in Washington State and he called Democracy mob rule, and that is talking point from conservatives these days that the founding fathers feared mob rule from the party that on January Sixth, encouraged a look. oh mob to attempt to rule It violently attacked the. U S, Kapital in indoors. King windows killing cops chasing duly elected, presented its out of the building or with the intent of overturning a lawful election and hanging the vice president for assertive.
it. You know in the name of patriotism, maybe you ve lost a thread of exactly what it is you're supposed to be loyal to I'm, no constitutional scholar, but I'm pretty sure it doesn't say in the case of an election. Laws break shit, uninstall your guy anyway please stop imagining that your blowing our minds when you point out that America is not a direct democracy. It's a republic! Yes, of course, even at the time of America's founding direct democracy, where everyone who could vote in the square like an ancient Athens and put a white or a black pebble in a big pot yeah that was impractical, so democracy, the idea of representatives and with the addition of a constitution that guided us and protect
minorities we became a republic that is an improved type of democracy, not something apart from democracy, still a system where we vote the vote count and the winners with reasonable restrains are put in charge. That's the best, albeit imperfect, way, to do this thing. Called and we all use to get that. But now many republicans have decided that democracy is what's wrong with America. On people drive, sounds crazy, asking Republicans or evidence that binds amongst all the election, but that's a fool's errand The circular logic of today's right, the evidence that the election was stolen is, that they lost? The logic goes like this. We all know Morocco should be made great again and one side one It may read again it said so right on their hats, so generally, the other side wanted American to stay bad
and there's no way. Jesus who loves America would let that happen. Same thing with voter fraud, which has been studied a million times or with the same result its negligible and doesn't affect elections again missing the point: the Evan The voter fraud is that sometimes Democrats win. This is madness, Democrats and Republicans have always certainly had, Differences taxes and done abortion wearing cowboy boots with a But neither ever really doubted that our system of accepting electoral loss was what made America different from so many countries who could never get that right
It was as much as anything would made Amerika great, despite the fact that in a democracy, yes, the people when sometimes get things wrong. Maybe that's why church we'll call democracy the worst system of government, except for all the others. The left today is getting a lot of things: wrong: police departments, gutted kids, taught crazy shit We were thought being scrub. Trying to rephrase America is irredeemably racist. I get the panic but solution In short, a junkie democracy can and must handle this. What too, tough guys and true patriots who, in times of panic, they don't panic, but can operative now, son crippling, like the generals in some countries where they finally experimented with democracy for the first time in question. They didn't like it so much. I'm afraid we let the voters decide and they fucked up.
next month, the conservative political action conference see pack is holding their convention in Hungary hungry. What's the matter with Kansas? Well, apparently, it's not authoritarian enough. Is the new platform from the right is making the world safe from democracy. That is our show I'll be at the Mirage in Vegas may twentieth and twenty first state theater in Minneapolis, the Murat Theatre at Indianapolis, Mary, Katherine HAM, Caitlin, Flanagan and Baba the tune for you to overturn the number every Friday night or watch them anytime. The more information log onto each b, o dot com
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