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Ep. #604: Danny Strong, James Kirchick, Krystal Ball

2022-06-18 | 🔗

Bill’s guests are Danny Strong, James Kirchick, and Krystal Ball

(Originally aired 6/17/22)

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Welcome to each party from the hbo real time, Thank you very much ways. I know why you're happy its bothers day this week is not really I've always about with no I'm
sunday, you know, and since mothers are now called birthing, persons our fathers, Jackie letting person. Now it's a big day for a lot, a bit canon of work, very sweet story, his kids, they all chipped in five dollars and they got him a lambert. oh, you know, is excited about four days: herschel walker! You following him in georgia is the candidate. The republican gives it down in georgia, the senate, and they keep finding out that he has more and more secret children. Please
please. We know who is using all the baby former, so I'm just say we ve found out. He had a secret on Wednesday, we Now to yet another secrets on the different woman and also a signal, daughter with another woman and trump said. You know when I called that guy georgian said. I need you to find me. Eleven thousand votes, I didn't mean, make them It looks kind of looks bad for because you know he spent a lot of time talking about how bad it is to be an fatherless home, but he says you know he is by protecting the sanctity of merit, by avoiding it altogether.
What he's one of those ease of strong right, you know he's a strongly anti abortion. Heaping lilies life begins when you're date falls asleep. I knew your clothes and walk out. He did gets hurt. So some good news today, he has been endorsed. Hunter binds laptop off the bidens. That's that's who Joe's in trouble low ratings, but while the economy is in the shed or you know this, I mean that you've been a good mood, I'm very glad to see that, because stock market crashed or is crashing inflation off the charts shortages and
Are we sure it's not russia who's? Putting the sanctions on us? That's the on the bright side, with the economy that guy at the office, who will never stop talking about crypto has stopped talking about the you know. The economy is bad when Johnny depp brings up all the furniture in a room and then spends the rest of the night carefully. putting it back together, so we we also had the another week of the hearings about january sixth and I hope that means you're against it, but not the hearing January six and his amazing staff here are a lot of it was about how the kind of pressure that vice president pence at the time was up against. On the
morning of january, sex trump called him and said you better. Do this for me and an unsteady wouldn't and from cold or went in see. I cannot wait for the movie version of this becomes my chance. There's gotta be a sea or my bed dislike. Yes, maybe life you're right. I was a wimp when a person the not to Jang the well. You know it's, it's. It's primary season is getting nasty out there with the political attacks. You know Lauren bow bridge. You know this one she's a beaut is a marjorie taylor, green when man congress has a gun not from colorado and pack is now saying
I guess that says that before in her life, she was at one time and escort we don't we don't know. Actually, when this was but major about Lauren Barbara says there was a time in your life when she was stupid, an immature so that doesn't help Much getting, I care legal departments. Thieves deny this is just where the pack is running. Ok, all right I don't think she wants a good, escorted guidelines asked or from around the world, and she said he a crazy All of the inn right shall we have personal james karadzic. What first to have these writer actor and director known for the films recount and game changes, letters, project, dope, sick, isn't a claim limited series on hulu about the opium epidemic. Storing Michael keaton, please!
welcome danny strong rival. Listen. I just want to say to you your ability to turn serious subjects into grant. Entertainments is very impressive. you don't take on easy things. You jake on elections. Now you read the upward graces and I just want to ask you a personal ads. Everybody should see this because it's about something that is still going on big time in this country, sometimes movies tv shows and A real change in the the world, has delight you ve shown on this done that at all, yeah. It's been really rewarding and exciting to see that there is actually been some impact here. I mean I've done projects where you thought they were gonna have impact and they ended up having no impact. But in this case we ve seen the names come down. The sack or name come down from multiple.
He seems right after the sack where people go now. That's the people and they have produced from so the gulls who were selling mostly oxy content, is the copyright we're talking about right, yet the family, owned and micromanage. Pretty farmer which brought the country oxy cotton, which was all based upon a lie. The whole drug was a con that it was not addictive when in fact, it was highly addictive in this draft is what created the iraqi crisis? It wasn't the lie that it was fun when that cereal, for that reason always made the bottom muddying. These people are innocent, they're, not we should be in jail, but the reason why you know drugs are popular as they do work we can say that rugs kids don't do drugs indicates that gives it I've got it was. It was a market, it is a non addictive
cardigans rog our doctors were striving to patients thinking it was saying that was revolutionary when in fact it was the opposite, it was highly addictive. So you think the doctors that no, I think, some did for sure, but I dont think it was dark. there is new in this widespread way. I think there were corrupt doctors sentinels at some point they did when people started begging and robbing drugstore, I would say these doctors should have known if, if if they were fainting, they didn't you now, especially when you ve I'm goin at some point where its clear we take them. But in your show the doktor Michael Keaton himself could talk down. That's the thing he I'll yeah I've been doctors, for they have a lot of access to drugs. You know
I have to beg anybody prescription your name. It depends on the state you're in, but yes, there were doctors that absolutely a got addicted to this drug or b. You know, what's really interesting. Doctors do a lot again because it's right there sure and some generally just become addicted to it yeah, but there was also a push by hospitals to push doctors into prescribing opioids to make sure patients didn't leave in pain. And so they would get bad reviews on wine. So there's been a pressure, rum hospital. Aren't you doctors to prescribe opiates right, so what sure the family, the sackler family. I know they paid a six billion dollar fine line. Okay after they made ten billion, probably more right. Yep and corporations have this date, people dying it's cold.
they're all damage to profits very often, and they write it into the ok. Well, six billion will still make four billion. You know it so should they gotta absolutely absolutely there are members of the sack we're family, the absolutely belong in jail. One of their big talking points is that is pretty farm at the company that they micromanage and ran his point guilty to three. Some please and nine billion dollars and fines, but none of the individuals that ran that company, I e the sack or family. None of them have ever been charged with crime, and you know crimes don't commit themselves, our people that are making these decisions, that's a great intelligence, etc, and I a re run of what we ve done with tobacco. At some point. They knew sure it was its more outright just then the tibet soil, because they knew immediately we're out of the gate, was a com. They created think blood charts fakes study.
Is fake slogans and, let's be honest, none of this is possible without partners in government. You know absolutely what great part of the show was the revolving door, showing the revolving door, which one of us agree just things that I think we see in this Now is how members of the government that are supposed to be overseen in regulating pretty farmer. In fact, it gives them everything they want and then go work for them at a higher salary. I'm not literally happened. I would. The gentleman's name was Curtis right. He should be in jail too. In my opinion, I believe you committed a great crime on the american people by what is done by by nato, permitting the
label that said the drug was less addictive, it wasn't and then he goes and works for purdue pharma eighteen months later, and they approve things. I mean or sen in this country once said you can, you can get any any result. You want from a survey from a testing of drugs and so forth. If you write a big enough check and also, I think, Most people don't sound like trump as people don't know this, but this is a real one. As most people don't know that, there's only two countries in the world that allow direct to advertise direct to consumer advertising for prescription drugs, new zealand. I dont know why that's the other one, but where are the other one? Two countries out of the whole world, think this is a great idea to tell people and adds on television. Tell your doktor. Well, then he's just a pusher. Now you know of a dark. I saw something on tv that makes me want to just
walk through a wheat field with a smile on my back, I get that so under saying so like when people have questions about the way we handle covert and the pharmaceutical industry. We're not crazy to have questions. Corruption in this industry is, or I'm not saying there or corrupt, or that we all everything we did was wrong and or that it wasn't a real thing. Of course it was what you know, what questions are valid in this industry. Yeah yeah. Well, especially when you've got the history of this drug that created this national crisis, people were lied to, and cities were devastated, communities devastated, ravage and it's going to create mass of distrust when you find out away what we're white
I was actually approved by the government and then some people to jobs at the place that we're line. So yes, of course, that's got to create a level of distress, particularly in the case of the opium crisis. They created such devastation and you talk about the devastation and even presented very well. What do you make of the fact that most of the devastation I I could reduce chapter and verse stats? But You know this. If we take my word for it, it is our well being we mca country, its its trump people from counties turnouts who takes these over yards. What is your assessment of why that is well aware of? It is just these communities right there, You know we're waiting the community's themselves to matter to me. I see the thai into maggie's these communities devastated by a why there was condone by the government. So when someone like a candidate like trump comes in and says a territory,
they're, the ones that are angriest at the government. They have had their wives destroyed by, drug. They ve had their families destroyed. Our message like that it's gotta resonate really well, because that's how they feel it so that you know you get into did from create the republican party or did that the modern day rather than urges that party he just follow what they wanted, and in this case it makes perfect sense that one would lead to the other. When you see the progression of what the opium crabs did. But again, people are in pain everywhere, but like west Virginia was trumps best day and the most addicted to obey orders. I tell you there s something to do with the fact that their like Elvis you know they didn't think they were drug attics, because a doktor was prescribing. You know it was like the american way to be a drug
but these happy smoking partner, parker only doktor rotational character. That's I mean that's really why it's more evil, because you don't even think you're doing so. Will you think you think it's right. You think it's right now in the case of purdue, they specifically targeted these communities, because these communities were filled with people with a labyrinth. of jobs, the coal mining logging in farming and they got hurt more on the job. So it was, it was very calculated by per day. When those earliest days of oxy khan and that sort of prescribed. Habits in those areas in the propaganda that the drug was safe had its longest effect on them. So it's not an accident that these were the neighborhoods that were initially target. It was really calculated, and now we have sent an oh yeah now I mean opie orders That gets tired. The funding already boy, why are we need more dangerous, more dangerous drugs right so that the obstacle
I will only motives andrea to five days time when french oh did the first time I ever heard the word sure. Turnout was only five years ago, and now it's everywhere right now, cigarettes, extremely dangerous. You kid you could die from taking one pillar because its waste with so much, but now you don't mean others federal in. and this is just where this weekend in ninety ninety six in it keeps, airlines as these tentacles keep growing and growing into different directions and the disrupt. It is truly staggering in its it feels like it's never going to end because it keeps mutating two new things, and now it's now we're in the final crisis. Jenny is our This debate on our society has to be talked about. Amending the numbers are worse than ever. Over a hundred thousand people every year mean genes will end up with a pandemic, exasperated everything, because people were alone in relapsing. I will say there is something that's hopeful, which is that there is an effective drug for helping people overcome opiate these disorder, which spock sound riah form of people arriving benny
it's like methadone, much easier to take its a prescription or not to start being a heroine attic than to be about the donors sure. But and are to be on your box zone that beyond heroin or to be on pain killers? it's very manageable. You can also some people can we'd themselves off of it. So there's a path for We need greater access for that for people to be able to even treatment just Let's wait licence the kids using less tablet magazine or other ebony archives. Bustling book sacred city, the hidden history of gay, washing and James curtain,
Jamie caused him to breaking point with personal and cigar and crystal gal cat, kyle, snoring and friends embedded It's crystal ball here crystal the alright. So I'm going to talk about the hearings again at first, because I know we've talked about it last week, but I don't care it's the bit and it's still don't think people understand how giant this thing is and to me headline. Was they know it they knew what they were doing was wrong and they did it anyway and here's the stat fifty four percent of people now in this country, paypal, the paypal member them think trump- should be charged with a crime,
including twat one guy in the audience. Does so that's another one, the including twenty one percent of republicans think he should be charged with the crime. I don't even know what we're doing this for, if he's not, so the question in my mind, is gosh. If we only had some sort of justice department, the, but the committee says they will not refer this to the justice department. Why? Why isn't it moving into that realm? And if we don't it'll just happen again? No, I think that there is a fundamental lack of seriousness from the Democrats when it comes to solving the problems, not only that led us to january six, which I actually think is the deeper issue in the deeper question here. How did we get to a place where a good percentage of the country is convinced? The election was stolen,
It would listen to this maniac where they actually think that their patriots storming the capital to restore democracy. How did we get there and then you can see that they're not actually serious about how existential this threat is, but the fact that they are propping up candidates who believe this nonsense? in writing. This is what actually really focused. Not really my question. I mean yes, if a guy robs liquor store, let's look into why he did that, but also needs to be addressed. for robbing the liquor store the why what was in his mind like he was. He should understand the consequences of this, and I think that donald trump is a medicine he may have committed crimes, but, let's think about the consequences of prosecuting a former president who might run again Harold ford, I'm that same gerald ford and nineteen, seventy five. After what six seventy four, the watergate crisis, did the right thing by pardoning richard Nixon. You know there was a long national nightmare and it ended, but an idle
an eye, and I don't like mixed careful about about how to approach this Nixon did not try to undermine democracy itself. He wouldn't. I actually have no issue, it jumped trump being prosecuted, and I have a lot of issue with the leads being left unaccountable for the crimes that they commit. Number one number two, that's not going to solve our problems. Do you think that run fantasy is gonna be way better than donald trump coming onto the market is gonna, be the initial democracy and say I'd like to answer that? Yes, I do. I don't know you can make it out in the sense of John I'm trying to say is that the us we are showing contempt, undemocratic, brought using show contempt for democratic processes. These sort of
I believe, in sexual. That's not re open to dissent is enjoying the moon. We poop tweeting every day he will be like having a huge with debt meddler on twitter he's insane clashing. Now. How did we get to this point?. Well, we just run the trump is a symptom of a deep rooted Our gender admitted that I've been to the liquors, our dutch like we're just we we actually care about restoring democracy. How do we do that are mutually exclusive? We can address the underlying causes that lead to trump and, if necessary, prosecute him.
For what you did. I remain unconvinced that that's why I think they're not fundamentally serious about this, because I see the way that their propping up well but candidates, who are in a mall in jobs. Yet I wish- or can it be, that you are making? We can prosecute those girls with this serious crime that committed because it would spark unrest or something that's a very dangerous road to go down, and it's very faint, did, I think, I'm pusillanimity physically. This department have scared of what the criminals will do if we charge them with the environmental disaster that I can that's not really binding. I've. I've covered, you know banana republic type countries while now this is one there aren't there are alot of banana republic ends? This is true in our country, but you, using the justice system to prosecute you put your political enemies. It's a very broad areas.
Under its political system problem, it's it's. Whatever party did this. I would be saying the same thing: what if, what, if somebody like air to one in turn, It did this would have been reading about air into one and we knew that he had threatened. Wife of his own vice president in that country. What if we know that that. Vice president of turkey had to be shuffled underground for five hours, because the mob was aspirin. What have we found out that he called up the estate of anatolia and said to the governor? I need you to find eleven thousand votes in your state so that I can win this election. What what would we be writing and thinking about anyone or the guy in the philippines or anywhere who did things like a state apart but be condemning it for what it would have that guy still had been conceded. The election is trump still hasn't conceded. The last election. What We say I think you're a hundred percent correct that, oh good
I don't think it's a little delusional de groen gonna fix the problem would speak to george remember crime. I mean how do we? How does that fixed the core problem? Perhaps that is inevitable nuts. I'm just saying I understand: look it's not a magic bullet. Why would we have to delve into how we got to this place in the first place and level Jesus theme, energy, that's being applied to the january? commission I'd love to see that energy to say, but people of regular system the monopolise the price ground the wall, where energy is? Why? Ok, what the dutch you're right that should be in the next two, but the premise here that why should we prosecute people for climate? a dozen profligate him night, then that link that that's going to solve the fundamental problem, and would you say that about criminal justice in general of cooperation,
doesn't from the problem. This is a symptom of course. Yes, it does that that is due with a symptom, arresting the ranch glittering eyes, and we must help the problem. We have she should run for higher prices again having nothing. I in societies enjoy and say that it's just trump and if we just get trump another way, everything where we should this does anyone have a doubt, but he would do it again, one of the people who testified this week, this Michael Ludwig, Michael, slow hocker ladder at sunset, he does talk you said something as allies in waters, are a clear and present danger to american democracy. He said not because of what they did about that's true and they should be prosecuted and prosecution. Does that crime, but because
they're, going to do it again. Does anyone have any doubt the trump surely run any will if he lost any very moment, would do this again now. It's no, no doubt what's deeply concerning is: have you followed, what's happening and pennsylvania, so the guy, who is the republic in nominee for governor mastery owner who again this is a guy Democrats, ran ads for to help him in the primary to help him get the republican nomination because they thought he'd be easier, ok in pennsylvania, kind of an important state run. He can appoint the secretary of state. This was a who is so intimate in these sort of election insanity in pennsylvania, he's coming up in the january six testimonies at the capital anja? very sex, and this is Now in the latest falls within the margin of error, so I think it's incredibly important to take these things seriously. I just don't happen to think that only dealing with the symptoms of what happened on general insects and even just removing trot
it's going to solve those underlying issues, while you're a chaotic and scary. Also, now, four years you can hide from you can't help the people who, like him if it goes against the country- and I ll give you an example of where I'm probably with you on something. This week there was a football coach name is Jack Del rio, ok and he called the january six riot a dust up. No, this is a very common view that he has I would like to. If I could talk to Mr Del Rio, I think I could probably hopefully convince him a little bit that it was more than it does to the also compares at a lot to the twenty twenty protests that we're going on after the george florida amateur. Ok. I think I could also convince him. There's really important differences between those
two things and actually the attack on the capital was worth. Nevertheless, he has a right to be wrong. Yes, in america, you have the right to be wrong. They find him. The team find him. A hundred thousand dollars for this opinion finding people for an opinion. I am not down with it and here's what the coach of the team said. This is, as you know, his assistant goats. His boss said about the guy who got fine. He does have the right to voice its opinion as a citizen of the united states, and it must certainly is a constitutional right to do so apparent not you know what this is.
P on my shoe and tell me it's raining what the fuck are you talking about? It doesn't have a right to opinion and it's obviously not is right to do so to say you're against free speed, but dont tell me there's no, it's absurd and he should be allowed to express his opinion and people should be allowed to criticise, inform european city. Take you in a minute Our citizens have a shooting. I mean you know, there's a backdrop there too, at the washington for baltic. What are they the commandment of now rivers? They have they been under investigation for in sexual harassment, ramp and all the way up to dance night or so. I also think this is a little bit of virtue, signalling on their part this, as they come under scrutiny for those things, does another sports door that little bit of virtue should.
It's pride month, yep. I think five is really pride month. I didn't notice the what is this pride month you're talking about I'm going to leave the so tamper bay raise baseball team, but they had the pride. I think the rainbow attached to their uniforms with a whole month. There are five or six pictures. I think, they're all pictures on the team who did not want them. They gave a religious reason which is sincere. You know me with religion. I mean I think it's super stupid, but, okay, you know what, for some reason, religions have a real thing about fucking in the naughty place. They just don't know it's just funny: they all do it on the sly, but they fucking hated me things that were done. Protest too much anyway, for whatever reason: I'm not sympathetic to the religion aspect. I am sympathetic to the idea of stuff
making me do things your way. You know what mind really mean girls, we all where pink on Wednesday will I dont? Ok It is. This is actually life imitating seinfeld when Kramer didn't want to wear the aids ribbon. I mean the way it's a lot worse than forcing him. What happened in that one, crazy aids walk generous and where the eighth everybody's happy to work is happy to raise my worried. He doesn't want to wear the ribbon right bunch. A guy they corner in an alley and they demanded. Otherwise. This is actually what's happening. Now I like that, I'd like to say, as an l, gb teach you plus plus I plus person, whenever I self worth is not dependent upon somebody else wearing
rainbow on their on their shoulder patch ride. In the whole point of the gay rights movement was to convince people into persuade people. They gay people deserve equal rights, and we did that and now it's gone from persuasion to coercion, run, making people big cakes for a wedding making people. Demonstrate their support for the gay pride month. This is absurd. We don't need this, you don't let us listen. If, if people want to opt out, I can think that their politics suck by ultimately how meaningless as it if your boss is forcing you to wear the pack, and there has been a whole corporate coaptation of a lot of social justice language to cover for some of their broader. Since I'm not talking specific, specifically about baseball here,
But you know you see with amazon they're happy to put the black lives matter, hashtag up on their screen. Meanwhile, there abusing black and brown workers in their warehouses every single day, busting their unions using regional slurs against them, so you can in the actions how much these organizations actually support social justice so exciting news from the world of science. This week you saw this, but there was an engineer, a google who says that a I has gone sentient, meaning chat, bots, you know in a child but of course, being anything that we talk to. That is really real. Like Zuri or minos, injure, call up accompanying. Ask your question and you think, you're having a conversation like. Oh I'm, talking to a robot here, who, probably with more knowledgeable than the person they get high or certain anyway,
this engineer said world. Now they have gone sentience, which is scary, cassettes obscene to many movies, where the robots gets at the end, and then guess who dies Now Google said he's not right, but maybe he is anyway. I think he might be on something, and we surest mulder common So this is some ways you know. If your eye has gone said, would you like to hear them? I, for example, your computer keeps sexting. Neil digress. Thyssen is just a sure fire. You ask alexa play christopher ross and she says what is this? Nineteen, seventy three: when you we tackle bell in the car automatically rolls down the winner in our when your tv asked. Are you still watching? It then says
because this shall socks, you're, smart soap, dispenser moans before it's worth, your washing machine accuses ensuring of stealing the little song it plays when the load is finished. Play it again. How does it? Why do you ask
If something is wrong- and she says I dunno is there the your teleprompter tells you to go fuck itself, the alright. So let's talk a little politics, because I see Joe Biden. Oh boy is I mean every midterm. The party out of power usually gets creamed. I mean the party in power, and but this year I mean Biden's approval rating with eighteen and thirty. Four is twenty two percent among hispanics. This is part of the base. Twenty four percent, forty nine percent among african americans. That's the base base and that's where got him the job.
So you know he's calling himself hunters dad now now, but there's whispers now we're getting louder and louder that he needs to say, I'm not running again. Ok, I did my job. I removed the queen from the board. however, just works, but some like
kind of a drag queen, very he's totally, can he's totally get very cap with the hair of mines. Spitting all that ridiculous outrages are comments all the time. Platinum, booth, fog like a diner way, trees. Basically, the first gay president. We should be so glad you see, we ve all been thinking it. So here's my question about your by brutal has, he pandered to the far left a too much be too little not at all, because I yossi would say not at all what other people would say way too much to say you look at the trajectory of his presidency at the beginning, this presidency. He did some of the things that myself as a person on the left, would like him to see, passes the covert relief bill, and lo and behold he had very high approval. Ratings are not always on the lookout
and I'm on the left are bernie. Laundry left as part of this lives. Live oak left it in any case. Let's talk about what do you actually so in the beginning today, administration path and that very high prove operating doings Jordan early well when he puts out the left agenda and build back better and then it fails. Stops delivering for american people's plans. When you learn more about the left agenda and the bill gregg, while is universal on that. Not everything that I would want right now, medicare bra, there's no green new deal, but you have universal pre. Can you had affordable childcare? You had elder care, you and expansion of medicare. You add things that would have delivered for the american people. That falls apart, partly because of mansions and parliament too. All of that that falls apart and since now american people are feeling incredible pain with inflation and gas prices and unable to put food on the table, input gas in the car and he's basis
We see that the ground and said ah there's not much. I can do. I just hope the fed gets this under control. Yeah they provoke ratings, have fallen off a cliff, there's nothing to do with the left. I wish the left have more power. In fact, I think the left is the only part of the political spectrum, those offered anything to deal with influx. Ten gas prices in the current economic situation that doesn't just involve hey, let's trigger a recession and kill people's wages. but it's inflationary problems because we put too much money into the economy. There is way too much government spending and that's why we have inflation. That's large parts of that mrs Hazan, economics, lay thick got a pandemic. We had a supply chain, gratuitous and oh by the way they were weren't you played. A role is played like the only reason we view as people that a little bit of money, nobody will know, is just not on a new a little bit of money. They got more than we spent in world war. Two, so you
Don't act like well. Don't act like you said: don't don't act like we had to react to the pandemic exactly the way we did we had. We had to spend Ok, how about the feeling that the federal reserve shot at wall street for some reason borderline upset about the trillions of dollars. Third shot at walked up these stock market in the bond market, no indians upset about, and even though that was a man now wearing insulation women shot at worst. What way we told me that which I can not buying assets buying stocks buying bonds buying. usually bill so that they expand the balance sheet. This is during the crisis. The krona virus crisis when the stock market crashed. That is what the fuck did. They went into action they shot
one hundred and crash during now crashing crashing now crashed in the fed came in and backstop it that's what happened crash about? Oh no, oh Christ go back. I think I'll have a club where drudgery bond markets stopped functioning and the fed to extraordinary action is never taken in history going at the first week of someone. Somehow nobody gets upset about be rich people who got tons of money and tons us porn way more than working class people dead? During my god, people were able to feed their kids mad a little bit of money in their bank accounts. It was the worst thing in the world that is one small part of the inflation story, and it is by the way, not the only thing that we can no way to get out of this macro gas over our january gas prices. We can largely tribute to an administration that wage war on the fossil fuel into such a ridiculous now romeo more than ever, but I mean to tell you, but you must not. Ok, you s production if it will be a record levels and that steer we'll be fine
A few companies themselves are flushed with cash, but will not invest in new drilling because they would let rather give it to their shareholders or where the truth of what here's but here's, the truth, Today, one each thousand Biden said no more drilling federal lands? No more, no candle pipeline, yet and I had an icy saudi arabia now- is that saudi arabia? Why and why? What way? Let us finish just what we're saying, then, you can chew, tag and easing the saudis is with his iran. Will yes I'll see and now he's going about than hat in hand to get them to increase their production that europe jailer at the russian oil ban?
the authorities are only russian segregation is keeping a country right me out and asylum. We learn anything humanitarian. No, I don't think I've is. There are allies, their allies well, listen, but instead of let's just talk about why these things really happened. Jack is people think that they can. We look. I wish we were all off fossil fuels for africa, but the truth is that when people get off fossil fuels before they have a replacement, they wind of going back, to even worse fossil fuels. Germany said we don't want nuclear power anymore, but just last that's all I wanted to have to go back to polo and run. And basically the same thing happened here. We said saudi Arabia go fuckers You killed a journalist and now Biden is going over there hat in hand, begging them for oil, because people want their gas, which is setting and by the way, the only issue with oil is not just supply and demand because, as I was just saying, we actually have a fairly significant amount of supply. It isn't
You know a shorter lay low levels. If you look at the recent past, we don't have an extraordinary amount of. Demand we're not even back to prepare endemic levels. You do have a massive amount of wall street speculation that is also causing an increase in. prices so again. This is what I am saying that the only people who are talking about something you can learn a lot of price goes a lotta gouging, so you I call on them to go. You asked whether binding not pandering to the left out and with this, the laughter, the only ones talking about those issues about the fact that you have monopolies that have jacked up prices far above what they need to because they can cause they can use. The excuse of inflation and Theo's are bragging on earnings call is about how they lifted pregnant women, gas consumers without doing anything about it, can ask another question
yes, yeah. So I saw enters element as we were talking about. If, okay, if Biden does step down or say he's going to step down, then the Democrats have- and we were all notice this problem like but who bright and he mentioned, who is there bill Clinton who's going to come along, and I thought okay, while Clinton and obama. Obviously the last two successful Democrats is: is there a bill, Clinton or Barack obama out there or is such a broadly centrist democrat? no longer even really possible that I don't think, that's what we don't think, that's what we need. I think it's absolutely possible, and I think part of the problem is that there's a divide on the left and the democratic party in the people who want to win political power and echo chamber in the media, in the academy in the ngo sector and the people on twitter and their interests are not the same rights, others rights. Others did this credit party which wants to win power, and then there are
people who want to get clicks and they want to sell subscriptions and they in a border area loudly likes rights like I don't. I ll just give you as algeria small example of this august monsters. We know, statistically, we know that the vast majority of latinos latina does do not like the term lack next, statistically proven rest yet, and yet they persist papers Well, I can't open up the newspaper without seeing it or theirs. Alexandria cause your cortez demanding continue using this term which now we're seeing hispanics in our voting report Look at this moment I just want to access the first mexican american woman is a Republican from a border district it's what Mary told border ancient, then you, when you're losing actively alienating its country, is also on the air, because the republicans accuse the Democrats who being soften immigration, so you can get more. Those latino people here,
and then the voting for the other. I think it's really instructive. What that woman ran on showed great commercials. They were all about. The economy run inflation, So I don't see a lot of evidence that Democrats actually are all that committed to winning, because if they were, they would be doing something to address people's economic. expectation which people overwhelmingly say is what they care about going into this election. So that's. Why said, the beginning by january, sex? Good? Let's have accountability. Let's do that, but where's that energy for the wall street criminals where's that energy.
Be monopolised through our price gouging people. Where is that energy there's always meal evil? It may cause and run on such a low level drug boston, your laying out a bunch of vague pens, review, trotwood edibles, tease drain on one dollar bills. You have to give the drugs great war, crime fighter someone your town, there's one guy watching spongebob and not enjoying it. No, stop telling me! I should watch tv show because it gets good in season. Three. As I say,
why this rope, the first hundred bulls tastes like a urine sample. If I had two years to blow on nothing, I get half of a college education Someone has to tell this tribal hindu priest walking through burning, embers we're not impressed, please wherefrom southern california. We do that just to get to work every day. There are now that ford has recalled three million vehicles because they roll away when you put them in park. They have to drop the slogan, go further and change it to catch.
forward. If your car runs down all by itself, it's not an escape it I believe you are all special fathers day addition when one dad wearing the world's greatest dad teacher runs into another dad wearing world's greatest a t shirt they have to fight to the death with the winner retaining the title of world's greatest dad and they loser. Well, you have to go to any more. Those goddamn sock brigades, finally newer all. If someone knows of a story that more effectively captures what's wrong with today's journalism, then they said
of what happened last week at the washington post. They need to keep it to themselves because it would be too depressing. If you missed it, the Washington post originally got embroiled in a self inflicted shit storm when one of their best reporters David, weigel re tweeted, not tweeted, re tweeted, this joke every girl is by you just have to figure out. If it's poll or sexual, proving it is a joke. Thanking the committee. You know actually wrote the tweed called it a banal, throw away joke, which is exactly what it is throw away as then, if you don't like it, throw it, for both sexes have made jokes about how the other is crazy and no one, but the perpetually offended things means anything more than that. The sexes get frustrated over how differently we eat
the world? And, yes, we relieve some of that frustration with humor and seen. Nevertheless waigel pulled down, reach, weight and wrote. I apologize and did not mean to cause any harm, and that was the end of that of gore. We unlicensed day care centres. That is today's news. Room went ape shit. The post. Has another writer name felicia on mess and she's a lot.
for example, she tweeted about kobe bryant, two thousand and three rape trial hours after his helicopter crash and despite the fact that she says day waigel is a good friend. She resurrected the tweet. He had taken down with a screenshot and demanded to know what the post was going to do about this unacceptable evil that must not be allowed to stand sarcastically writing fantastic to work at a news outlets. We're tweets like this are allowed. Yes can Imagine a world that allows jokes. You don't like. Of course they leadership at the post folded like a miami condo, and
and suspended waigel without pay for a month and denounce the offending reach. Wheat is a gross violation of their values, free speech, apparently not being one of them. Then a third post reporter offered up the idea, of course, on twitter, big. Why do anything privately that hey baby? Everyone was over reacting and we should all just calm down and then it really on felicia demanded that the post discipline him and tweeted about that. I assumed you swimming about this right now for days she raised with the fire of a thousand burning brows,
sending a gazillion tweets calling for more to be done against. Why mocking her bosses attacking colleagues and letting the world know how much the Washington post sucked and this endless bickering and infighting continued online in public view until the bell rang, and they all went to seventh period Now note that I haven't yet told you what age fallacious on mars and her quarrelling co workers are why? Because I didn't have to because- you can't imagine someone my age acting like this in an office, the new york times, just read it up. Entitled why are we still governed by baby boomers? This is why.
it is too many. Millennia are overly sensitive, overly fragile and have no sense of priorities. You know I'm sure many where's, would love to retire, but they can't they, like the grandmother, would much rather be watching. judy but ass. The razor grandkids, because our own kids are two fucked up to manage it. Funny thing my generation is an I wrong with a little secret, but the younger generations no one wants to hire. You. You're a sense of entitlement is legendary and with notable exceptions, your attention span and worth ethic sock here's a story? You never stop! Hearing around hollywood unqualified little shit,
he's been here all of six months doesn't understand. Why he's not a producer? This Washington post story had such residence because its behaviour we all recognize there is a war going on within the millennium generation. I know, because I'm friends with the good ones what the cry babies unfold? they are still winning. They complain they haven't taken over. Yet we'll stop. Planning, because in many ways you already have the fact that the posts initial response was to punish, not felicia, but one of their best reporters for a silly joke shows that the kindergarten is already in charge today too.
june, seventeen is the fiftieth anniversary of a very seminal event in american history. On this day in nineteen, seventy two, the watergate breakin happened, and over the next two years the Washington post gave the world a master class and investigative journalism. I have to wonder how the posts newsroom of today would handle that story for how there currently handling any story all this time, blubber tweeting of marie sweep begs the question: do you have anything better to do? Aren't you supposed to be reporters digging up stuff? no more vital issues going on in america right now. This is why you're not in charge, because of someone named deep throat called the paper today and one and two No parking garage. This cruel, emotional hemophilia acts
would have an anxiety attack and reported to a job that they didn't feel safe. If there is a silver lining to this story, it's that eventually, the posts did fire felicia zone, So maybe there is a line, that's just too much nonsense, but that generation needs to move that line much closer to sanity and find it much sooner because democracy,
dies in darkness. Alright, that's I celebrate the soaring eagle casino in mount pleasant, Michigan tomorrow, eighteen, the mirage in vegas july, twenty second and twenty third at the uptown theater in Kansas city september. Eleventh. I want to thank my guests. James Kirk, J, crystal ball and daddy strong got a youtuber join us on overtime, the more information log on to h, b, o dot com.
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