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Episode #348 (Originally aired 3/27/15)

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Episode #348 (Originally aired 3/27/15)
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Welcome to each year, partly from the HBO late in real time.
Ok, you got a lotta. Shall I know it's a foul Abijah, but let me let me get through the nose. Is alot of people want to show to get the news wife to fill the men brewer excited because
Twenty sixteen presidential race officially started this week. We have our first official candidate den crows people. I'm TED grows favour, it's kind of like that, flew by going around, but the shit comes out your mouth, no, its head. Crews. First, didn't I gotta giving points for not being coy right and it could have taken a page of Obama. Play, but only a senator for two years, just like Obama was declare early, just like Obama. Did. The big differences, of course, is the TED crews actually wasn't in America spent grows represents observers amongst all american guy ever born. Canada's fathers. Cuban he's here of Canadian and have Cuban
He's got the gravitas of Justin Bieber combined with the people's skills of scarface. So we can. My two years is a short time to be in public service de Esteban foxes here that a what he's accomplished and he said, stopped bad things from her and that's a slogan, TED Crews, America's diaphragm figure think he made his declaration. This is very telling made a declaration that he was gonna run at Liberty, university, you're, familiar that's Jerry, Fall wells, college, Wink wing, college where they teach the earth is five thousand years old. I'm not getting and it was mandatory for the students to attack and its speech of dead grows
The kids were not happy about it. They were slyly, revolting and some of them had ran Paul tee shirts. One of them was reading a science textbook under the Bible when other fundamentalist knows the republican governor of Indiana has signed a religious freedom allows businesses to refuse service to gay customers that has got to hurt if you're, gay and someone tells you we don't want you, finding Gary. What I want to know is a restaurant. Do you know who's gay may night when they did this with black people? It was easy there, but one day, how do they do it? When gave me one,
and again now, if you bring in a picture of you with the vagina, you get a free appetizer before I get sued by Ben again, I don't know, but I'm sure bedding and are very nice. People gaze loved them, and I just picked that we're gaze go back again. I gotta fire I'll palms, rank key west in bed again to dwell so now the sad story, the wages of this, the mystery of the loose hums german things plane and crashed in the Alps is not a mystery anymore. One of the pilots was just did as this is scary, stuff, Andreas Lou bits he was. Twenty eight is a friend said he was bright, but all somewhat somber, possibly sinister a little off, beat. What would doctors call
I took my to worry about the pilot being drawn Now, unlike what list is in a good mood, ok that drink with captain. Let me coming up at all for years. What would freaked me out as opposed to the meeting a pint hugging? Does that would? Finally, this this german pilot hid and existing illness, which you wouldn't have had to do if he was on a bomb care. I just want to point out one more thing about tat crews. He the day after he declared he signed up for Obamacare he's fill a bus. Thirty twenty one hour's two years ago, and now we signed up because his wife is
putting her job. He got his health insurance through his wife, now she's going to help him on the campaign drill, so we whenever the Georgia we signed up for Obama, he was ass to what he said. I believe we should follow the text of every law, even laws. I disagree with will you know tat. If you need some medical marijuana, Also, some news on that front. Chris Christie did to me first Christie came out strongly against legalizing marijuana. Legalise we'd puts the lives of children and citizens at risk, as opposed to obey
city. Of course, Chris briskly doesn't need. Weedy was obviously born with the much is because the drug war has been such a giant success such a giant success. We found out that you'd see this that, the agents in South America we're having sex parties with the prostitute paid for by the drug cartels, the Justice Department. There were outraged. This was going on and the secret service at their outrage. They weren't invited great, probably got a great shout money and as the cap and a little later, we figure with Professor J found me Eddie about the water crisis here, but first up he is the former governor bark and saw the author of God Guns, grits and gravy.
So I believe you one eight states in two thousand and eight and the republican primary like. A breeze over here. Why are you doing here? Thank you for being here and pleasure. I know you're concerned about bad language. I tried to clean it up by telling you that could have been worse it usually is. Yes, you know that I agree with you. Sometimes I itunes watches sitcom at eight o clock at night, and it's like at eight o clock at night. It's like five minutes in and its three dick. Sorry I you know what I'm saying yes, Unfortunately, I do so, but you know I read your book. You said that you know you grew up in the south and, and there was a certain poor him. Their men did not cousin front of women. Typically, that was the case,
There was a certain sort of just unwritten code that people behave with the level of respect for others and and but there are three way: look, I'm not a plan not in your lifetime, but I just like you say you think right about the priorities. You know I would rather bird a people who did not slaves and dust you're patina. What what I think people, had us a sense of respect for other people are not approved. I hear language for a time that I find that's not two things. I would say right here it. That's ok, but here's what I feel like when we become course the coarseness of our language is becoming the attitude we have one, the people I agree, and thus the antisocial, maybe it'll they become very just mean and angry want order. I am again
nasty. It was very read your feed. They must say terrible things. They say they say of things about everybody, but you know. Free speech is afraid thing, but responsible speeches are part of the balance of that and I never want the government. I would even want anyone else right. Shutting down are shutting you down or any one else, but unlike for people to self pity and to say you know I can say, anything I want, but I want to say the things that are. Or wholesome that are more edifying to the overall culture and society that make us a more civil country rather than a less civil country. Ok, let's talk about your boy now remember you're on when you had your previous, which was about a man you used to be Chris Christie level right. I did I'd rise by noon: boy, you're, a big boy, and at the end you lost a lot of weight. I mean you're, not a rail, but you will look out. Neither am I well may I went through a process
to borrow a euro healthier than people who do gets guinea at your age will. Thank you. Look healthy at my age. This is my, but I mean I lost a hundred pounds back in two thousand three. If I didn't, I think the doktor was quite right in saying it. I'd be entering the last decade in my life so clearly about like that. You know. I've had bound with the weight gain. But I really believe that one of the most important things that we have to do is to take care of ourselves in and that's again and it's a matter of personal responsibility. Ok- and I I think I read your new book- is getting God guns, grits and grave. Yes in the south sounds like you, flip flopped, on where we stand in the south gravy is of every job right, oh, I know, but aren't you off the gravy train. It does mean that you term God guns written Grady is not a southern recipe book. It's really a depiction of the fact that there are bubbles of it. Florence, in places like New York, Washington and Hollywood, and then
is a whole bunch of America in the middle, often call flyover country, but my term forward over the past few years. I said when p but what asked me where I live. I live in the land of God guns, rich and gravy, and by that I mean it's, a place of somebody comes a tune says you know. I heard her mother is sick and in the hospital I pray for hurt. Nobody crept out by that. Are someone said heard you just got a new, whether be three hundred that everywhere you don't think people pray in color flattening. They do. It followed in California, be praying a a weird thing, because I hear this all the time. Young social concerns like yourself, you feel put upon you feel like somehow the world is against you you're, eighty percent of the country. Have the vast majority, even in the blue states, most people are religious. Most liberals. I still follower religion must Democrats do I'm the only one staring at you, Nobody else is so
I don't I don't understand that persecution, complex except it's in christian history. You love being persecuted. I think that there is, if you look at television, shows and movies you'll, be hard pressed to find a sitcom in which Christians, which do represent a significant part of the population. But you won't see them presented as normal. Decent people they're usually ashore Alison. There often why? Yes Christians are depicted as Charlotte you thinking of you now I don't know where you're getting that run but but I can tell you said the girl has may blow your mind. I made a little list of places. I travelled. Ok because I do stay. Almost every weekend. I can longer less, but I just pick up and see if you can tell why pick these cities this place, I've been in last year's Huntsville Alabama, National Tennessee. Let's do this! For me,
one Memphis, batten, ruse Savannah, to speak again, Oklahoma City, Little Rock mobile, Alabama Birmingham, Alabama Kansas, Charleston, West Virginia Damone, Cedar Rapids making Georgie. What are they all have in common we'll be loved you. They were all in stating that one in two thousand and eight wonder people. They are smart people, they are really what I say. I have this thing in your book. Bub value are just ass, griping it- and I think I know Bob better than you do. I think I'm in more cities than you are, and I see in amerika- I don't they. I dont know if you know this America, I don't know if you know how actually p
in the cities. Yes, I'm sure if you go out in the deliverance area there, what they look act and laugh just like people everywhere else. This country is not Bob Avail anymore I think what I would say to you there's a lot of people who come to Europe, whether its in whatever city there are. Certainly there are liberals and there are all kinds of peace- Poland every sitting in America, there are conservatives, there are very strict fundamentalist, Christians in Manhattan. I understand all that. I'm saying that, veiling, worldview and- and this is from going to do like every week, four six and a half years? I told you on this your daddy measure yeah and asked me where I live. I said now: I'm not gonna go there unless they. Let me doc, Hunt Central Park, which I'm pretty sure that's never gonna happen Emma point being that. What do you want to kill dogs? They taste, kill. You killed things to eat them. I remember you need one is. There is a difference in the culture
in those areas that really set the table for american culture and so much of the land that we call fly over world. Ok. Well, I'm that asked know about this limited about. I did this strategy biggest TED crews, who declared this week is, trying to steal your lunch. I mean your ear the real pastor you're a real. Faster right. I was twenty five years. Ok, maybe in twenty five years. I know but knew our aim. A Jesus, fuzzy used. I do I do love Jesus, I don't I don't. I deny that right in a way that he really can't compete with, and yet he declared each couldn't picked is our motto Harvard to declare, but that would send an awful message: he believes in Raven and logic he declared at liberty he's going at ease going after your vote and Now I assume you're running for president you're here.
I will make a decision final somewhere running for president. Ok, I mean I mean winning eight states the last time you run that that's a lot of states have made a lot of people run and don't win any state now, so you have a place to to a springboard to go from. What do you think that TED crews get again is a threat to you? Well that is a threat to me. I think they should, and I would like you to have it. I'm sorry assumes that the only people who supported me eight years ago with the people who were religious and the fact is, if they all really supported me, I've been denominate wrote the fact There's a lot of people who supported me we're working class people, the kind of people I grew up with his that's where I came from. I am not blue blood, I'm blue Collar right on the first mail in my entire family lunch that ever graduated high from the same town as Bill Clinton? I am where the Bill Clinton, our both from hope. Arkansas, you could have slipped a coin and wound up in different parties could have
He moved away when he was like five years old and I stayed we didn't have enough money to go so there we were. He moved away from a lot of things that the working class people- that's where it that's. Where my shoe the court really came from it was from truck drivers and baggage handlers and taxi drivers in theirs. Loss of connection between the political class, I will who are? I wish we had more time. We talk about why? I don't think people like that should vote Republican, you make that case and will say if they do. I think I can argue governor every eye was he's a nice man. Alright, lest we in our battle, he was my favorite congressmen represent in Massachusetts. Fourth district now he's my favorite ex congressmen. Has no book is
frank, the life and politics from the great decided to same sex, marriage, Barney francs. These guys envy sees the flap and girls these ace love he stars than that, and also you know, and as Mr Spock Zachary Windows and now the only surviving mistress back with its true the remainder of the crowd out before your internet visa, CNN political gum data just became a nationalist indicated colonists for Tribune, and I will take credit for Papa. Rising her on this- show that work a messy up on Facebook, twitter and finish your questions with knife overtime overseas. So we can answer them after the show on Youtube,
I mention this to the governor, thereabout TED crews. He seems to be trying to steal the one of the angelic go vote, and I don't understand why they're all going after this vote, because I don't think this is where the vote is any more in a man A Y gotta bubble. Why? Claire at Liberty University why he made this big play that he listens to country musical, get into that in a minute, isn't In America that was maybe voting for you twenty years ago, but this is not a marrow today what the problem for TED crews and is not the only candidate who's gonna have this problem? Is you know his tactics shouting the government blocking the vote on raising the dazzling filibustering bunker. Or what make him really popular with the base. Fight make him detestable to the rest of the country and you can win an election by it
in aiding half the party anymore and it's a problem that has arisen as Roma job is gonna have so you have to find a lane where you can convince the flank of your party but the flank of the Party on board and had the feeling of somebody. That's right. That's that's! Rushing after it HANS or to the parking lot before the Party on board and have a feeling of somebody. That's right! That's that's! Rushing after an answer to the parking lot before everybody else gets new cars and I'll bet, Liberty, university, and try to really corner this at my right, which is clearly exactly and- and he has all these people just behind him. This varied field of contenders that are going we're getting a run for his money. I think the point build. Always you described America, but you haven't described the people republican primary and that very different section anyway itself selected. I wish Other people voted Republican, primaries, public and private, but you can't blame the people who do vote. Therefore, people are set out
Roger Republican primary Arachtu. It has become a very conservative entity, and they so you so you can now. The problem is As you said, how do you go from there to the future that the danger, the republican tab is that that base takes over there's a song, I dont think well, but it can wait. It's all about makes no moderate. That's the problem would disagree with that. That is a problem and I think that's more Bombardier Bush we have. Where's Democrats been divided, we're more united this time. I do not think we Clinton faces anything like the same conflict in the democratic body, she's much more consensus candidate, that's gonna, be bottom for her on only if no one runs against her and she has this inevitability. She's not going to convince progressives, didn't learn out Hilary Goldman Sachs Clinton. It's not gonna happen in the first place. That's just now sensible, she's a strong supporter of a financial form. Secondly, no it's going turn people, our fellow we couldn't
public anomaly. Looking about climate change, she will be appointing Supreme Court judges who will support the values of Democrats. She will be forbidden any financial form. I'm not worried, given the way then of women. Let's not kid ourselves, Women are going to extend the wave of Amr, the first black. It turned out a vote that another element will unhappy lunchtime, and yet she had strong support from when ok, so ten crews Ebner say was on the day after he announced he was on CBS this morning and ask them a very interesting question answer it he's TED Cruises, mind oh and opportunity to lie. Question, barely know exactly that. Most happy go just answer: it he's TED Cruises. Mine goes oh and opportunity to lie. So this is what he said and it's not important, except maybe it is because it tells us something about this guy. He said I, Rob listening to classic rock my music change
music tastes changed on nine eleven. Things. That's true. He said I didn't like how rock music responded.
Country music, the way they responded resonate with me. I had an emotional reaction. That said, these are my people right. I love the rodya. Would Poland books about dead kids go to habited, come back? That's why it so I looked up how rock responded with rain giant fundraiser asked answer. Zembla suggests twenty. First, all for network showed America a tribute to heroes, Billy Joel, Bruce Springsteen, you to Tom, petty meal. Young banjo be pearl jam, a virtual raster of plastic rock. Having speaks twentieth, Mccartney's concert for New York, the who the rolling up occurred me David Bowe. We ever collected the next day, Michael Jackson, that the few rock plastic people who were left Aerosmith rug, Stuart Macartney, wrote a song club freedom spurs
the rising Gabon Jovi, undivided Neil Young, let's roll, how much more could ill but quote Governor Huckabee, where they praying the global dimension with kids. Trailer Jeanne beers and getting drunk on a plane. I dont think that pays you show a willingness on the part of TED crews, I think to say whatever it is, that people want to hear it's. It's a real problem, his ability to deny certain aspects of things that are signed to write Reuben through the course of, certainly a change and global warming and many other topics. It's just somebody that is willing to pander to the people that you he has to get, because I really is only hope could honestly be interested in. You can honestly, the last hundred years economic aid on the politics accurately. Somebody black jack is absolutely right and I think crews makes a mistake. That's a kind of, but that's it
step all tell them what they want to hear, but I have developed a rule overtime have several management? Is yours, been ok, Google, No matter how you think about how much help you in the short term, try not to something that no one will believe, because in the end as how can it be that you have no one believed him when he thinks you re right, look silly! Ok! So let's talk about the building You wrote a second, you are out of Congress, but the bill bears your name and your leg see, and I noticed that, when the Republicans to cover it was the first thing. The very first thing they tried to do was repeal Dodd Frank income. Bring the vulgar rule crazy, derivative you'll consumer bureau, gonna say when projection of Europe. All this, I remember, after nine eleven people saying especially on the right, but everybody's. We can't go back to a pre, nine eleven mindset, and yet they seem too
go back to a free financial crisis. Mindset I wonder what you have to say about it. No question: in fact, one of the critic, reaction to negotiate as he's question about. We couldn't one the issues that will be before the american people onto the sixteen is do we make Dane financial Reform with change anything needs to be amended somewhat, but do we maintain the basic structure or do we go back to be essentially unregulated situation, because the Republicans before I'm doing it It is already made very clear. The cheese for keeping an agitated fell, what between now and the auction. I'm confident that the present protected the little glitch automobiles for we're safe but that'll be an issue that will be decided in value. Sixteen do we go back to the pre? regulatory situation with regard to derivatives and no consumer bureau in bad weather, he's been given up. What do we keep something? What we now have making necessary adjustment going forward, gather
a little bit of a little bit of a false argument here to say that those are the only two options and there are smart Republicans who are suggesting well, the twin gimme, the Democrats now in long words agreeing to smart tweaks so that, for example, some Our businesses maybe haven't easier time getting alone, so that may be community banks and credit unions are collapsing under the weight of maybe some overreach of of well intended. Reg relations, so it's not an either or situate, will bring into the sixty. The frankly have been fear among all you want, but there are plenty of people talking about me. I fear my our democratically I'd take comfort in the fact that you want to back away as a conservative note issue. It is very clear: the Republic made this very clear. They offer against a bell when it passed that involve for with tweaks. It involve forward these amendments. They wanted nothing. It is very clear on that fear, my going to tell you what people say they gonna do. Their platform will include a ship.
Did you appeal? Yes, there should be some tweet, but it's hard. Google form in the midst of open warfare on the whole operation and the overwhelming, was to public order- and you go back to where we were, why hope you're not interesting chucks, humor and Hillary Clinton to carry on this mantle for you, because all yours great work and financial reform is gonna, be handed off to two people who have been incredible because he, with the background, is an absolute misstatements. Everyone has been very supportive of this one, President Obama signed to build that. I wish you hadn't shine, but maybe I tweet she put out a tweet saying that we can back away and if she tweeted, then ok yeah. She put a public statement there, a public statement Jane what you're doing here is the problem that the people like you posed to us. If we demonize the financial community and have nothing to do with them and attack them. Then we're being right. Go and disruptive if we work with them in a cooperative way than them In fact, can we couldn't
job tomb about it for that bill, Jumjuma voted against weakening amendment the notion because you have some understanding of the industry he's going? it sets out if it wasn't for actually true Ok, we'll know some grass goin Workforce, my Wall Street it at the stock market is just through the roof rights over eighteen thousand. But if it wishes kind of real indication of how our economy is going? why would college grads be moving back in with their parents and taking jobs as Ober drivers? I saw this here's a first from red it somebody said my grandpa work at a grocery store and made enough money to raise a family in Santa Monica. I work at a grocery store I gave and afford to rent a room. What happened? I think what
I think it's a larger systemic problem with the way we have all come to live our lives, in addition to all of the regulation and all of the government in our positions on these things, the reality is that People have a really come to just one what they want and it pollutes the waters to the degree that I think people are kind of backing themselves into their corners, where we're not able to provide for ourselves and for each other. The way we use to because we ve lost sight of connectivity in the kind of interactions that actually make those differences- and I think it's an appeal it is an apartment may, when I moved out here in apartment, was three hundred dollars a month and you couldn't find it place for your are you I mean it's just for proper There were generating wealth. The economy works in America. People are rewarded because of what, where America can show the rest of the world with very skills with very high educating people. If you have the kind of
willingness to work that forty years ago got you a good job in an auto played with stupid. That has happened there in this. The shift in the private sector show of our wealth and created its distributed unfairly. I think them he's been a more active set of public policies that work with the private sector to keep the production, but some redistribution we should, for example, you could go thirty years ago, forty years ago, to a state university who stayed college state legislate these have been forced to cut back or have cut back the funding for these publications God for now it way too much. I think we to do more to provide sufficient Gimme construction workers. We have plenty of jobs that could be put to work in fixing up Just got fixing the bridges in the real world. We want two short of money. To do that. If we put more money into that, yes, we would see a better distribution.
I have to move on this issue that I care a lot about water. I live in California and I'm used to water, and I want to keep it. We're thirty nine million people out here. You know we are the most populous statement country and we do provide food. I think we grow twenty five percent of the agricultural. Consumed in America than about the attitude you give us a very important, Let us learn a little by little bitchy, but ok, I didn't love. You stay out of my not use most of what you know we're in the four were in the fourth year of drought. I saw this headline recently in the LOS Angeles times. California is about one year of water stored and I didn't where's the panic
Maybe you're right may begin. I reminded the people in that, as an else gets the California Stuart worry worrying, but water for take the far off. So I looked at what the government is doing. It's like pathetic. They put out water conservation guide. I swear to God, It is not a joke. Some of their suggestions are in Mr Brons The waiter has to be ass before he brings your water, they just don't. Do it automatically hotels they're? Just if you, if you ask they, want clean your towels unless you. Some things are so lame. Look at some of these are the ones number twenty four. Turning the hose unto dogs having sex talk the matter, but I mean this is not going to look at the number thirteen. Instead of washing your car troll,
that's an M gloves to find a masochist will lick your card number. Fifty five Spongebob is just Bob now one thirty. Seven celebrities have been asked to pitch in their popular anyway. That's what they're being asked? showering make Iraq a nickname we have been helping out free number, twenty June, the next time the actor moms water break. She has to save it. Can I use defend, then. Let me finish and then put you to California and the federal government I just want to take. No,
No, I'm in the middle of a comedy bay, then stoner in drug is, if the d a comes to the door, make sure the entire household statues in the toilet before you flush this one's for Robert Durst, while dismembering a neighbour in the banana turn off the first it while begging body parts makes them. Instead of having to dump a bucket of ice over your head to give money to charity, give money to charity. You fuckin dead because only number seventy one set of bathing with water choose another colourless, odorless tasteless liquid like but professor talk about this is a professor at the university of our Foreign Irvine senior water scientists for NASA's jet propulsion. Laboratory J
family Yeti. So, finally, I witness it will tell us expert testimony about this. They call you the Al Gore of water. I well well, that's that's impressive. You know it's about Al Gore. No, no, love love! It is look. It's a bed! too bad situation here. And why isn't there? A panic or rightly side, unsavoury agency margin and governor going tv. What's the plan may well? That's that's waterways journey. Is that it's so you know the original title for the appeal that I submitted was dude where's my paddle
my paddle, my pet, like you, know, where's my up the Craig without idle. In fact, the print rate the print Virgil does in Austria right. So that's what the elementary within the print was up a dry, quick right and so that we see, but here's the thing the drought situation is much worse than I think is generally perceived. This may be way we're not getting now with red dot. I'm not a scientist read as I read is bad. Total. Together she has shown that surrounds Atwater s heart. We had that taking a look at this right, so its green and red dot. I'm not a scientist read as I read is bad. That's. What I now read is back. Is that both? What are you a load? The servant? A lot of science is based on the right road is bad, represents the with ethical, that's the water below the surface insult. So what's happening in California, you know our
our water system sort of works like this. We have snow and and and rain now Chad are better like the right there, like the income right or reservoirs that, like the checking account right, then the groundwater is like a long term reserve. So we have no income right now right the checking count. The reservoirs are running out. That's right, they throw going to hold their only for short term like a real checking, how thoroughly for short term storage and so a hidden groundwater really really hard and its disappearance really really rap. I understand some places the the the ground sinks birthright. We take that's right and that's upset. It's like letting as like letting the air out of a bicycle or or a car type. Flights. Isn't the answer we we just have to none grow. So much
most of the water gets taken with aggregate monetary and you have been, but no, we don't listen. Food in Europe have alone, or indeed almond snow right now, in August this year, chronic ten percent water right, like one gallon of water, to grow a single almond right I mean I like almonds, but you know sometimes you gonna take one for the team we would live without water are all right. I can live without I'm here, but you know you look is cool now so we grow. There's a big there's, a big shift in the in the central valley in this is a problem and a shift is from the annual crops to the printing press of the orchard crops at the end of the nut trees and the in the vineyards are there really? Secondly, there suck, I know as people that's so grounds which the various crop in the country I chain.
I put, in fact grass good, forgive I you know there are hosting the wrong with fair association. Won't let you do that and that's crazy. It's true. They won't let you will not let you put in fact grass that so far, so good I hear are associated so tracking. What about not I mean the Governor York had the balls to say you know now racking when I do it here, racking takes in. Credible amount of water. As that's right and so there's no considering it where's major, ok, there's major water issues that are associated with tracking and they're, not getting the attention and getting the year. The environmental impacts, especially on the water site, are not getting like they're, not getting costed properly. So we look at the benefits and the costs were not were not taken the water stuff into account. So we ve got the contamination the potential release of the tracking, the very toxic cracking fluids out into the parliament through the wells in and into the the reservoir Iraq itself, the storage of the
tracking fluids on the surface contamination of of wells within this area. Kilometer radius, the Microsoft Misty. These are and the huge amount, like you said, the huge amount of water that's required to to do the tracking. So those are all things that have to be properly properly costed, so that when you do the the pros and cons you look at the benefits and the cost of environmental costs have to be properly. What about the middle? Who ask about desalination here that area? So it doesn't, it doesn't seem like that would be harder than a lot of other rigging love. We really we now do you just tell us all tat, a war right right, and so you know it's not it's not crazy. The issue is that it's it's expensive right and so to produce the water. At this point, taste takes, can be more essential than bottled water is already I mean I necessary is right.
The water right they re they get. It puts it in a bottle and sells it back as you. What s right, that's crazy, So that's our crazy water lock right there that they have the right to do it so that the rights have been placed over a hundred years and it's and it's and it's crazy cuz it also about how little water actually able to get from our nation, that from then on rare diseases, so that these thoughts stuff, that's right- we're takes a lot of energy, is very expensive and then your left with the brine and you have to do something with their prank in its proposal. All right. What's so, let us all right, you could and that's what. Why is it that were scared of some things? Let me ask everybody why we scared of something so much and other things don't phases all. I mean we're running out of water. This no reaction here, the plane,
goes down. It just makes people crazy. Terrorism makes people crazy. I saw headline last week there was a ice cream kid those three there was some taint. Some taint got into the ice cream in the MID west. If that was ice, untainted by Al Qaeda kills. Three we'd have passed twenty lost by now like an indication of the water. Nothing seems different anybody. You know I mean everybody still living in the fountain about what comes. I feel guilty of it myself at times, and you shall I don't really know anymore. I'm not sure how to get it right back, but isn't it? Isn't it the reality that when, when you don't feel it yet it doesnt seem. Yes as a threat, but everybody gets into play, and everybody knows that you know this is something that affects all of us in terms of how we get around the world so that it becomes an immediate things, we can react to and reactionary tends to be the kind of default setting for humans. It seems
You mean when they were specific identifiable victims to general that has happened. Anybody is different lecture, the ice cream, some sort of potato example of that but generally age, when real people can get dramatizing There were no weeping, relatives of people have been heard by what is short, but but just today, The administration announced they gonna do something about antibiotic resistant bacteria, which kills twenty three thousand people a year. We hadn't out here this sea area in the Ronald Reagan Medical Center a moment ago, I did on Ronald Reagan having a hospital named after him, but but I mean three thousand people, but it's just a lot more likely than a psycho pilot and I noticed that when we, when we have a tragedy like this people go through these stages and the first one is shark and the second one is: how could it happen and then that's like
could see in and give it a rest. Please it and then they get to work never let this happen here and I think we have to be very wary of that one year ago after nine eleven look at all that raising we can't let this ever happened again bullshit we did that I've been a homeland security, the war in Iraq, making era I travelled literally. All of it is crazy sometime. You just have to accept that the world's fuller, crazy people and gonna do crazy things. I think, in the case of the airline because of airline. It seems like just a best practice to to keep to personnel in the cockpit at all times. I think that's that's a good one, and also the over reaction to create new laws, and we gotta do psych profiles on these people and invade their computers to make sure they don't know you're not going to be able to prevent ever
a tragedy and that's just putting your Verona Panza. What they're talking about now is a simple adjustment and something that all American airlines already already and I feel if I'm getting into aluminum to problem, come in it's just that. I like the fact that there is somebody out even the reason why I guess what happened is because of what we put in place and, in the other way, lobby should not along door. The problem bill come furiously. Whenever people with from what you have an agenda and they are waiting for something to come right, so they can. I got the shock China, Dick Cheney, like that, I can draw people, know you're Talkin about Dick Cheney. You were one natural. You make out the edge Dick Cheney who please God, nine or membrane re to aboard entirely unrelated war against Iraq. In fact, to elevate the turret terrible people, but not the The potential threat to America that the communist where the Nazis were, he was upset that I would go with budget was coming down, so they seized on this debate.
Into a major threat. You got the Patriot ACT which are proud bavarian. Again, you got the one which I voted against the people we want to do more and they were for something to come along about you. I am so glad you like that Africa's fans of war, theirs, press. It's war, war enthusiasts, there's no one in the Middle EAST, Yemen there's a war in Yemen. Now the saudi arabian end up coalition, like all the Gulf States, you're doing it,
stand is sending the navy. Egypt is getting involved, are key, say you don't? I sit on the show a few weeks ago. I said: where are the arab nations fighting their own battles? They heard me and then they went to war against whom these wide never heard of. These are not the Tutsis these at the root. The fact that the who these must be like what the fuck away do they get to the world against us because they ve nobody ever did this before. But the Hutu these backed by your ram. They took over the gun, meant in Yemen and now everybody's attacking them and its interests, the delay Times headline today. Was you finds itself on both sides at my website in the Middle EAST, begins with the ices. People were with the Iranians. We're camping near radians, fight the ices people but in Yemen were helping the saudi Arabian, but it's complicated because the hoodie against Al Qaeda, so
was a complication and the edge of it. This is a Sunni, Shi, Ite, throw down there. Is this our cue to leave cycling you're out with another out with another couple, a dinner and they have a big fight and you're. Like ok, we'll see on Monday, we will arise in the middle of that fight, for so long comes harder to extricate itself and also to the point where there's an ant our generation of people who have been bred to hate us we're being involved in the first place, who are now interested in just exacting the revenge of our involvement, so it yeah it's so convoluted that this latest flare up seems to be just another layer of complication me. How do we get out arguing about how we got pregnant? right? How did we get pregnant while you're pregnant the babies coming?
Can't get on pragmatic. Terrorism is a fact now and we can either deal with it now or we can deal with it later. It's not going. I went to deal with terrorism, we find the terms we killed them all for their could getting involved in these political fighting, the country pretending We can make you walk into a real country when the people- and they don't want to be a very happy, and I want to go back in managing Yemen. We just decided that yo We, then that is energy. The train. I think we should stay at home and you ve killed them individually, but it's now about the terrorist coming from the United States and Europe and being recruited, then either not to know that it was a million rounds. Private we're. Not, then I quantitative airport will. I think again is a broader question here they were paid. I believe that America's role is to be the media. In the world and to pursue of order- and I do time for to say, you know what we want to be very strong. We want to defend ourselves would come to the aid of Somalia, but
we ve been waiting for, while it's been very nice turn. Let's let somebody ought to have this fight amongst themselves. Risk guns in the broadest sense did in this text. The Americans will believe it's gonna happen. Let them do it. There are Americans. You believe that They say is criticized Obama. What's Obama do about that? your bombers respond rapidly to evaporate and fight to people hate each other VON time. I'm sorry they do. We can't stop. It didn't go about as any responsibility and yet a cast back them saying little where you send troops and no, I think
while he went on in Libya. More is for George W Bush Dick chain right warning, begging, fragment. Aren't we got us when why its relevant she'll be frozen, always Obama's? For when I was wrongly that you said the isn't, Obama's responsibility might ass. You have some responsibility for staying, in other words, loony got pregnant Libya, so you'd
different about your pregnancy. Now, I'm point: let's go morning, the stupidest thing, the american government, if it did the most closely in the most damaging, is a major region. Why things began to deteriorate? I'm just glad. What do you want something? I have to say that we cannot allow them to the way we can settle it today. I'll talk in five years about how great that strategy as well left everyone, I'm just glad Dick Cheney isn't alive to sue, because thank you, Palestine. For new Euro, rather, the University of North Georgia has put out this. Why follow when you can lead court
guide that chose white men winning out over a woman and a black man. They have to change their name to cracker state partners, date home lying Morlocks, where our black studies programme is our basketball team. Europe before Amy's kitchen recalls all their gluten free, tofu breakfast wraps.
Is There- may be listeria in the spinach. They have to tell us what listeria tastes like, because, if it tastes good at all, I say: leave it in normal that thirty three year old mexican woman who was arrested in a movie theater masturbating, two fifty shade re has to stop kicking my see it's bad enough sitting through all these trailers. Without you coming soon, please. I want to get terrible movie reminisce literate book, while people around me talk and text on their votes, don't make a disgusting you're all now that we're normalizing relations with Cuba,
to buy them a new boat, although they do get props reinventing the first hybrid chevy neural since he's never going to be. President TED crews has to enjoy this moment where you can act like he is. How do I know you're not going to be President TED, because even your daughter is looking up and you like really and finally, new or old, don't throw the synthetic baby out with the bathwater? you may have seen that the iconic designers dull chain go cause a ruckus when they said that, even though their proudly gay would occur, we're still. How are you make into bambino their old school italian? Do don't approve of what they called synthetic children. It is interesting that eggs they just don't breathed like cotton
well, naturally, a backlash ensued, and now people are refusing to wear this shirt and you know so am I, but not without, because I'm protest exempting because I'm not persian, Yes, we joke about everybody here and that something a lot of liberals have forgotten how to do for folks who take such pride in their love of diversity, liberals increasingly seem to tolerate none in their own ranks. Not necessarily agree with algerian cabana. But what is the point of attack people who are ninety five percent on your side give them a break there from Sicily
same place? Justice Scalia comes, and if you want to protest, someone who doesn't support gay start with, but now it's easier to get all fake. Outraged over the hateful antigay speech of two men who be dazzled, cod pieces were eleven Ellen Martina. There are various Courtney love since you plan to burn her doll, gender banner and breathing, the melting polyester. You never know what might get Dame Elton John was the angriest of all tweeting. How dare you refer to my children, its embedding
my hair. Yes, we recorded a protest on cold. I won't let my son go down on you and called for a boycott. Really you can't thou handbags. Now, if you only agree without John, almost all the time and said Ices is throwing gay people off buildings. Maybe there are bigger battles to fight we liberals always talk about how the right now to rein in its crazies, but the left Some crazy ran into due to unless you think, I'm creating a false equivalency. I'm not because on the right, unlike the left, they have actually managed to carve out a place for their graces.
Unfortunately, that place is elected government all the more reason not to drive people into their arms with crazy political correctness, for example economists last week drew the wrath of the liberal website media matters who said that their how opinion flag cover was. The sort of stereo gibe that ignores Latinos as a multi, faceted, community and relic. It's them to Chile, pepper, consuming constitutes a media matters. Can I say one thing to you: all lives matter. You know what happened. A college prudent, sent out an email in support of the protesters in Ferguson, but said all lives matter instead of black lives matter and then had to apologize to you met black lives all lives.
After saying all lives matter. You know what happened. A college pray Didn'T- send out an email in support of the protesters in Ferguson, but said all lives matter instead of black lives matter and then had to apologize to you met like live all lives. How deeply stupid has the far left become when gay designers can't get along with gay musicians, when visions attack vegetarians for not being Pierre enough? I've seen this cheese, eater bird, I see acknowledged, sticks and atheist bitching at each other,
There is even a thing: do you believe in a talking snake me neither were on the same day at Mount Holyoke this year they cancel a production of the vagina monologues because they said it offended. The transgendered by offering quote an extremely narrow perspective on what it means to be a woman. Yes, we forgot all about the zero point. Three percent of women who don't have the giant is but still want a model. I'm sorry I love the transgendered, but if you're transgendered and you can handle the vagina monologues, you don't
the journey you already a giant pussy shower back April, tenth, etc needs to make her at the altar performing centre and kings and near June. Think I wanna thank burning, rags, accurate grids overseas munificent we're having fatty night watch him. Any more commission not mind each be oh dot. Com.
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