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Episode #370 (Originally aired 11/6/15)

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Episode #370 (Originally aired 11/6/15)
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Welcome to each year, podcast from the HBO late real time with
now look here. Let's see download from coal, that low energy
let us start with the good nose. Keep you in a good mood. Unemployment is now down to five percent, which economists consider full employment. That's pretty amazing, where we use today. This doesn't mean everyone is working, but if you are a college, educated white man and you still can't get hired, your name is job how poor jam voice, what a bad we now his mother's got a book added,
however, these going to bed with this guy, I'm a mechanism came up with a new slogan. Is another not accompanies Logan. This is actually his new slogan is JEB can fix it. You don't think job can fix things. Remember the election in Florida into while speaking of elections. This was election make off year, not many places, but still a good indication of. What's going on bad weak liberals. We'd legalization went down in Ohio in Kentucky they elected at tea, bagger governor, he's gonna try to repeal Obamacare there in Houston. Algae Bt Rights went down the drain,
week for liberals what is next Caille shortage? We find out that hipster beards cause loop as it was a terrible. We the Ohio thing I gotta say, is very complex people and asking me for the last couple of days about that, because they think I smoke pod. I gave that shit up when I got save. You know that I know it was a very complicated and high. This was not a simple matter. On the one hand, it is too bad because Ohio and sobriety is a bad combination in our it's also a good thing, because under this proposal it would then legal we'd, but it would create a monopoly of just a few corporate growers, and one of the great things about part is
That's one scene that Monsanto hasn't screwed with one's corporate Amerika gets a hold. A magna puts a righteous lost on rapid and bacon. I don't wanta now use the Republicans didn't God voters to vote against this algae? BT, equal rights Bell by calling it bathroom ordinance. Yes, and then they will they scare people into thinking that would allow men dress,
up as Ladys to go onto a ladies room, I'm listen to Texans Bay, and now we can't do that. So there go my holiday plant. Is this really the most pressing problem? America? Has you know? I've spent a lot of time and used in Houston is like the number one party town in America, when a man and used and goes into a ladies room, the think he's gonna, pull out of his pants is called game so on the political front, Ben Carson. Now the absolute front runner and getting the scrutiny that be front runner.
And the more we find out how crazy he is, the more the base Lubs this guy. They love their black bread. Sarah, Sarah Palin liberals, just don't get it real Americans, I've always loved, been ever since his face was on the Box of Rice, but I got a zone of all the great age it regards it, as it is latest, is adducing been Carson now saying The pyramids the actual pyramids and Egypt, not the vague but that pyramids in Egypt not tombs for the faroes. As every archeologist, the world's no Joseph, the old testament to the Bible. He says he built the pyramid The store grain,
I made the Egyptians pay for it by the way, just to get clear. Ok, the faroes real that actually happened. The pyramids real, you can actually see the Joseph character, in a comic book. The old testament Joseph yes, Joseph by the way lived two hundred and ten years old, the Bible says in ancient Egypt when them, cause of death was puberty. Rail, real, seventh, wonder of the world is how Ben Carson never get out a medical school now the other big story this week, I'm sure you saw the russian airliner that was brought down over Egypt in Sinai right. Ok now they say it's probably ISIS who did that. That is one theory that brought down the russian airliner. The other theory that could abroad a russian airliner, its
russian airline recovered the Black Box and gives an empty bottle about had been Carson as a very easy. The plane was heading for the pyramids. They had to predict the grain arriving at a great shout. We have here a little later. We will. These thinking with wet and sharing data was backs. Day was MSNBC First star. He is also one of the great sports. Analyse of all time gave our many great to see you to my me saying that either you you're one of the great sports analyse of all time. I know you're known for politics to but one of
I got to feed the cliche I dont boyfriend. I consider you our generation's Howard, Gaza. Thank you bill. Is that a compliment useless and all the time and in fact, shared alma mater? I used to introduce his radio show on the radio station were down home, ran the influence that he had amid I'd, never appreciated and will lead to use that, but now pilot sixty also hisself destructible ought to be well come on case. You haven't self destructive. You just can't keep a job, yes, but lots and lots of talented creative people have that same problem. Everybody goes good neighbours Davies difficult to work with. Yes, I said I was your story in your stick and everybody who has ever worked. I said I was difficult to where I guess I thought it is what I say you build deal the amiss politics DNS, commenting on everything I live in a Trump building,
you do, it would mean a Trump building the building. I was Trump on the side of another, some man, let's leave it and one of the ones in New York. I prefer to keep the address secretly, gradually find it on line right, but it says Trumpery, trumped added the neighbours and others. Events in New York like to throw things at the sign which was literally true and so on. I feel like I'm involved and with politics, because this guy's screwing with my point pretty values. So I meant it whether I ve ever seen him in the building. I do- and this is the scariest do, as I have seen him, I have talked to him and obviously he'd be more interested in whether non I'm happy with experience in the average guy living there, because I have something of a public pursue right, but every conversation I ever had with him there or when we work together at NBC simultaneously at uneasy was polite, yes com, I agree was about you not him. I agree what I've rational and solicitous and all I keep thinking is
which is the real one, this crazy guy on tv, I will sounds like a somebody said on internet comments. Section is running for president right for the longest time at that which one is it meant. I thought it doesn't matter he's. One of these things is a character that scares me. I've had the same experience yet when you meet person right, he knows how to do that. He is he's junkies. Just it's all about your needs right. Well, like. We are to everybody wants that, but you have to admit he has his finger, The pulse of that base, As a political observer. I wanted to ask you: this base and all the liberals across? We all call a crazy and they are crazy. I apologise for that. I thank you. I don't either. Do you think they were?
always crazy. Was there always this base out there like when we were kids and it was Nixon as the president, there were the base where they just crazy, but they weren't given this platform or did they become crazy? I think, if you go back through history, there's always been a twenty twenty five percent part of the population will do or support the muddiest thing. Can. Imagine I mean you know who John Birch, the bird s aunt while right about nineteen nineteen, forty, the Republicans that we're not getting involved in this thing in Europe. We are not doing it and I were never going to be involved in that those people are on their own and you know it eighteen zero Werner Democrats are willing to let the south go and settle the civil war, where there's always a nut job scan, the out there and that's the point about what's going on now, when you watch the debate, you say: oh now, Carson is ahead of trumpets and pulling the the greatest twitter account. Is the Washington Post past front runners, which everyday puts out who is leading in the polls at this stage of the two thousand three four cycle
There are two eight nine two thousand twelve, the leader in two thousand three among the Democrats at this point. Having just taken the lead for, Wesley Clark was our dean. The leader in two thousand and eight among the Democrats. Pillar was up by twenty points Rudy Giuliani was sought by ten among the Republicans, and to that twelve, Herman Kane was the leading republican at this stage having stood away from the from the wheat from the guy, who obviously would never be heard from again Mitt Romney. So this is this is because is not a job season. This is base season and they're trying to find a they can. So we finally get to denomination. That's your! On the other hand, everybody always said the Donald Trump was just promoting himself. I always had absolutely not new. Think he was. I always thought he was sincere about it and now I'm glad he's born that theory out new,
What's interesting to me about Donald Trump is the way he is able to. Well, I guess Republicans do this routinely. An idea that nobody's ever heard before, as if everybody should already know it erect. Like you, don't talk about american foreign policy when you're in England. Oh yeah right. I really that rule that we never heard of the lower and that's actually that those react with the rules of the Trump Condo bore. That's what he's running you're all supposed your memories, and now his things are like, albeit great president, goes I'll. Make great deals. Yes, like he's in there his personal sharper. Something when do you think I like? How are you gonna? Do it Mister drum volume volume? What if you're not in this, was that this is where I think that's why the air might be coming out of that thing, because in the last debated and make any headlines, because he didn't do any that stuff when they said what are you going prove the economy.
Jobs from China, a good job for Mexico, and by that I mean in Mexico we would get jobs and then from China we will get jobs and slow. That's how we will get shot. Let's question really create a strategy, and most of US reporters go hearts thanks. Here's my microphone here. Oh here's, my microphone thanks, also says he will make Mexico and China behave like there are supermodel at a party. Is that a few too many drinks realise that their sovereign may? Well, then, I then he's gonna marry them. Out of the best me for the words were so now, MSNBC. There's a big debate tonight on your former network. You spell that again a mess and Lucy. Ok, thank you, Rachel Matter was, is hosting the three democratic candidates probably just happen a little while ago. So what is it? What happened? Msnbc
new leaving is that where they went down the drain is that they they simplify, well I mean people who work there, they can't get ratings. Is it's a liberal conservative thing that by mere let me get up on the cross here and Yes, it was my leaving, but I don't I don't know and and honestly- and you never heard me say this- it would be unfair to my friends, who are still there round me to speculate as to what happened specifically there. But there is one point that I think is valid regime. We just saw my last most recent second time I was their employer. Yes began, for instance, uttered their victim knives by cord cutting, as they say where people are not no they're, not watching that no have cable anymore. They hit they, they get everything they want online and of course liberals are to be first in that What are we talking about in a medicines we're talking about new technology, so it science and where the side that goes yea, this was not sent to us by some sort of
in view of the devil. This is science it'll, probably work. Let's do the new science. Let's throughout the cable box we get the satellite without satellite will get on line. So I think that I think there's that plus liberals have things to do
I know I do go talk to a panel icebreakers z of E government. Ok is the farmers, Greece, right ever George, W Bush, who is now senior editor for the Atlantic, David Roma, most frequent visa rapporteur for the National Review and senior fellow at the independent women's Forum Gillian milk? Or are you doing you on our planet and in others guy, the former? U S congressmen from New York and ensure its leaves Anthony you, you look like you're in campaign mode visually sleeves rolled out, Mama, I'm in a fight someone tonight, that's really love nearby. You you're a fighter pocket. So
let's go with the Big news today. What I like about doing alive, show on Friday night is that sometimes people and government that they can do a news dump on Friday, because that's what You tell the news that you're afraid that people might not want it here. President Obama? Today, I loved what he had to say: Keystone, a blind dad. And I thought you know from liberals point of view this encapsulated all the debates we ve been having. He calmly gave all the facts like it doesn't lest any jobs, I have actually created more jobs here, like thirty five, then the pipeline would have created gas, prices are two dollars in twenty two cents, a gallon member Newt Gingrich had two fifty on his podium remember when he ran everywhere like let's get down to fifty its below,
dependence, energy independence. Ok, doesn't the fact that, and yet the Republicans hated it. Why? I think we can loves Keystone and for many good reasons, the first being that the State Department reviewed this fight times and found that the impact on climate change was negligible. In fact, this is not going to stop taking oil out of the Alberta tar sands. It's just going to make the train rotation of it more carbon intensive? That's gonna get the market somehow and I, The other reason is that we're looking at things like the lack megantic disaster, where a train derailed, exploded, destroyed, half a town killed forty seven people and women the state Department thing, you know, six people were probably die each year from this pipeline is asleep or where it is really but really pulling its role. I dont think that it's not use all its civil renal daily on trains,
the reason why we should burn more carbon and destroyed the plan will we're gonna be burning more carbon by not dumping is done. Well, I dont know but that one of the points the president many ways we have to leave some carbon in the ground. We can't it all or the planet will melt at this, doesn't it there's no way that this is going to affect the Alberta tar sands, how much they take out it's just affecting how it gets, as our but as a leader, the United. States is a leader we have a big conference in Paris coming up about climate change, what an envelope by first I'm really excited that your opening, the shell with a discussion? the crisis in: U S, canadian relations, that this is something that just not does not get enough. Air ties Euro area on american television and is it is. It is a big wet mackerel in the face of the new canadian Prime Minister just introduced. This is going to be an embarrassing problem for him, but Here's then I really don't get about us. President Obama thinks
carbon as a global crisis and he's he's right, it's important! where is the comprehensive solution, whereas the cart the tax on the emission of carbon wit instead he's got? kinds of ad hoc impulsive, impulsive gestures that are going to make any difference and that are really kind of Goodbye, regressive too, to us very clearly that an ad hoc gesture that was impulsive, Betook eight years in the making? U S, for the policies are what policies are to do the best you can wear your president when you are traveller dates in Congress, stopping anything that you want to do can easily meteors you'd illustrious. This is something must be done. This is something let's do. Let me but believe me, those we call a larger point. Do we have to sort? You know what have you can get gasp sit down to a world president thirty cents a barrel. We I do realise that that that notion of trying to make it easier and easier and easier and less and less expensive for us to you. Please fossil fuels as part of the problem, and I
part of being a leader is to say you know what I'm not facilitate vat anymore, because ultimately killing our planet. If you say well, someone else will do it. No, I don't I'm running out information, because I think that the little bit insane frank, let us say that we don't care about energy prices. If you look at her, spend money on energy prices, gas, electricity bills. All of these things is disproportion please affecting minority in low income families, a larger portion of their paycheck that's right, I think it's pretty callous Reno. Frankly, you ass. I have lived in a studio where I had to get an argument with my roommates about who covers area with me. I understand this make your point about about the globe here. It's kind of attitude I don't know. I believe that there is nothing at least about the north of saving everybody's want that's not in the least into the notion that it is the bottom line. Is it is not expensive enough for us to get into our cars and drive place.
Fundamentally the problem? Also economics of of of ruining the earth, provided that it about that President Obama is not going to do anything of acting glories and cheap oil and she gasped ex credit. For the reason I say describe this as an ad hoc impulsive gesture is at today's prices. We'll sands doesn't come to market anyway. It is it s been priced out he's still would probably not have been built at this point, no matter what the president said, it is no longer pace, he related to the point where it ceased to be cost effective, but the problem is still going to be there because the oil prices come come and go, they will be high again when they are high again. Canada has the single largest collection of of energy units of petroleum on its territory. That will be a resource with United States unless America transitions. If what kind of energy and that takes not impulsive gestures, that takes a higher tax.
The use of oil and other carbon based view when it was thought is that there has not been even proposed. Of course, they can't get that through the Congress that I find this very convenient. You keep travelling concern that the conservatives are so concerned about the poor on the one issue where it benefits the coke brothers. Let's get much timber conservatives there do they won a big election unto it's not a big election is small election, let alone part. They want Ok, but you know part, is not as a pots Maugre. I say this not the most important issue: the bathroom in Houston, not the most important issue, but in Kentucky in Kentucky one of the few states that had Southern states that had a democratic governor and Obamacare brought a lot of people too. The insured roles, lotta people, from that and this list, this was to be a very close election, and yet the tea
Bagger governor walked away with it because the liberals just didn't show up there or to America's, and only one of them votes. That's that there are, like liberals, words were applauding we're both, but really when peoples that government is broken people or broken, because You know what I get it not coming out to the Poles, because you don't care what happens in the bathrooms and used in, but when it's your health, this is a white banana lives. You know is certainly the case. What we learned to say once again is Republicans, are fired up about throwing people off insurance roles, that's like really gets them animated and our saviour exactly right. We do a terrible job, especially in these off your elections, especially this is where you have moderate Democrats running. We do a terrible job of turning. I know I don't think, there's anything that really can ex those three things, but after two before a poet here too hard about the about the success in Kentucky. If this
the governor goes ahead and does what he says is going to do and shut down. The Obama exchange was a very successful one and in Kentucky you ok, Finally see the republican sale now We are going to really turn people where they would turn people away because we're gonna start acting on this notion of rolling back Obamacare and you're gonna have millions of people millions, but hundreds of thousands of people in ok, going to lose health insurance because of that decision it is going to have ramifications around the country also made a good way for it. But explain to me the person, the liberal Democrat, who has this Obamacare coverage. Ok! Now my co pay for my diabetes is twenty dollars and if it gets repeal little bankrupt my family, but I can't I'm time in my schedule, my list of errand to go out to the rules on Tuesday and vote against this guy that I, don't get. I'm getting either from that perspective? But what I think, Is there is a real urgency among republic and to get out and vote? This is something that they didn't support
to begin with, and then I think this is a big government issue we're looking at in the last year. What happened with the vizier? I spoke to a father who he had tried to get. His son, who had returned from going overseas and serving environmental health appointment been turned away, but the big government upset, and this this kid ended up hanging himself in a garage. I think stories like that. Inspire conservatives in the six April on the train. Use the real America. I really do not think that some kind of show that On that note, I think that there is concern about big government. I think there is concern about it, not handling healthcare. Well, we can't even get healthcare dot got out quickly. I speak. We, though, hardly got it together. We for our part of real American comes from Genoa. But did
do you like it or not? The answer they come to Republicans have spent the last seven years agonising over. What is wrong with our party. Some I'm more probably left hand side of the Republican Party that the tea party, whatever you think of it, that was a take away. Republicans Dumplings Democrats do We had this problem and it doesn't help the blame, the people who don't come out. Why don't they come out between two thousand and eight and two thousand and twelve present Obama dropped something over three million votes only, but now hundred thousand of those votes went to the Republican, the rest just gonna come out. Isn't the question not what's wrong with you people, but one with us what why don't We get them excited and that and a conversation republicans have had very rigorously and not always constructively as a conversation. That Democrats would do well in fairness, who thinks that We are against always animate the more than things that, therefore,
There is a sense among many progressives and many Americans that this system is not on the level we gotta turn out for elections, and then we turn to Washington to the act on what we voted on and nothing happened, if you want to really solve problems in America, you don't talk to washing too long. We have at present. Is that the restoration of- and I'm just saying I soon- it manifests itself with the right thing, throw the bonds out and the left is kind of like what does it matter? Who we put in? Nothing gets done in Washington, any pressing, lamas pass Morskaya, nothing it's gun because they don't vote in the people really get those refugees as a kind of giving them anymore than they don't deserve. I don't plan on by that argument. At best and nine hundred and ninety Democrats, since Obama took office, have lost their state or local level seats, their signature, state or local level seats. Here, I think that's a response,
Republicans, are getting much more efficient. Mobilizing a lot about is cheap are seen as an opportunity to treat the cheetah. President Obama has a cop accomplish more for Democrats and these values and lifted than any pro democratic Johnson limited. Doesn't excite let me bring up one more issue, which is part which is going to be on the ballot, while this was on the Ohio ballot and by the way, as I mentioned in the monologue, this was a complicated issue. Where you know I had to go to wish. I do you is I hate corporations and I love pot that's a tough one, but you know what I've been spoken for forty years. I can a few more years to get it right, I'm glad it went down in Ohio It's it's this. This is amazing to me that this attempt to somehow shoehorn part legalization right in with economic nobly cleared
we can't we have stone or to table for can't they hippies control it for a little while before Monsanto and our J Reynolds. Without round up ready, joint is not good. This is it legal. If legal, it will not be an artisanal product is like cigarettes, it has massive economies of scale. Marketing is going to matter. It is going to be if every legal, a giant industry with very low levels of commercial ethics, and it will advertise two younger people, because that's how you have to get people starting. So if you don't want corporations get ready busier about. Have one of the most cynical giant corporations. Them all targeting in some of the worst ways if this broad zephyr legalised, which I hope it will beyond the states that have already, I I'm pretty pro legalization rights-
yeah. I think that if you were somebody who did not want legalization, this is a genius strategy. Did not get legal evasion. There's nothing! That's going to make a bunch of US donor, libertarians, more ups that then getting a big marijuana cartel citing this is their strategy. We gotta call not on it. I was mistaken or how to skip over medical uses. A marijuana go directly to recreational use is only the first we gotta get in this country is, is wide scale coastal coast. Medical marijuana use gaily we after the day we have to get our banking laws. We have to update our F dealers. We have to get that ready, but you know you know it is interesting. You can call yourself a libertarian on that stage. Republicans you can't. Waste of a state's rider were right person and then say: I'm oppose stories, Antichrist, Christy's, a phony,
to say that I respect what we did in New Jersey, but I want to stamp it out everywhere else is a phoney position right and no one should call themselves a libertarian or even a conservative if they don't believe in letting people make those kind of decisions themselves. I call myself a conservative and I want to see narrow, wanna stay illegal asthma and we are we may have. This is one of those things where people may have to learn from experience. The way back in the seventies with the drinking age was lowered from twenty one day, team, theirs and terrible carnage on the highways, and it took a decade and a half
to learn. That was not a good idea, and the drinking age was then raised by the same drug dealers, sometimes the same drug. This city's, I tabled the same learning. Of course it's not the same kills. Hundreds of thousands of people pot is never kill. Anybody marijuana creates all kinds of different problems, but we does it. It will have this guy's a learned, the hard geyser bonnet, my high. Ok, how many remember the name Rachel Doll was all desire neighbouring about now, she was. The chip is the head of the end of a lazy being spoken. Washington D C, and she identified as black. Even though she cut a look white, and we thought she was white this week she went on the show. The real and further first time acknowledged that she is in fact a white bitch, show that show the clear we have from the wheel born glass
So when you say you are black, it makes a hard for people to under then, where you're. Coming from my I acknowledge I'm yes biologically, born way too. They parent, The black Ladys love her anyway. So like this raised awareness, which is the most important thing we can ever do and the least for white people who need to identify as black what what what Doktor Scott, Justin Bieber Syndrome, and so now we're such white people there is form, is suitable help and we have the ad that's coming your ways and take a look,
do you ever have that Nazi funky rush feeling tired of you straight here, let bought and lack of rhythm well now, there's dualism resolve goes directly to the south central nervous system, reducing hunger, your pants setting, exposing your, but that means it's working, dualisms patented formula speeds bunking owing to the part of the brain it regulates, tightness and helps. Channel sold. Regulating problematic dualism was not, for everyone knows all, does not weaken Lithuanians Republicans and make sure that your help you need to get down on it before taking dollars. Side effects may include police harassment. Unequal sentencing like he was talking you're here any to Fanny. Something to caution do not attempt to get credit while using dualism so ask your dog eat. Dog result is right for you and, if it isn't, what is their cracker doctor no anyhow virtue director to also, I must say that as a character is an american original these and ask or whether, as next will be gone by eight, the late great and are indeed what you get making somebody bad ass entertaining mobile thanks that, so we know why you're here, you got some trouble with the police
when I heard about it, I said you know I've known this guy a long time. We agree. Sometimes I don't agree, but what happened to him so reminded me of what happened to me after nine eleven people got upset with what I said, which is ok, but then they lied now about it. The case they live. They said, while he was denigrating the military which I never was in your case. What you said now read the statement. You said you were at a police brutality rally in New York, and you said when I, see murder. I can't stand by after call the murdered the murdered, and I have to call the murderers, the murderers and the lie is that you think all compter murderers and that's not what the statement says exactly. Ok, I had defenders aiming at these unions are becoming out their Patrick luncheon everybody in it. If they were saying what I said and they had a problem with that, woman now were actually talking about the problem right all right, but there, but
they're, not dealing in a fair issue there they are caught. There are saying that I am a cop Haider, which is slander, because I didn't say that andor saying there, implying that I That all cops are murderers and and and I wasn't but the thing it's really tat about, as we actually do need to talk to the cops about this we may get to the problem. We need to bring to the table and you gonna continued absolute, I'm glad and intimidating. They can be very intermitting. Let me make an polio here. I mean it is kind of interesting, because the thing is back when I was in my twenties and and and and broke I was a little scare. The cops are right and other times I ve had warrants out on me for traffic step that I never took care of everything and Jackie Brown. That then I do with that and Jackie Brown, and I know what I was talking about it in any way would literally happen. I would have liked a traffic crap and whatever, and that have like.
Eighteen hundred dollar warrants on me and I make ten thousand dollars a year's I'd get stopped and I don't have to do a days in county jail because I couldn't pay for they get rid of it and but since the latter were really not successful. Oh yeah, I know I have a really how much of a loser you worry in my twenties. I only work for minimum wage and I wouldn't they work for minimum wage, make ten thousand. I had the same respect. I know you did so it's a thing is, I think, actually interesting, though, to now all of a sudden looking at my river mirror again, I'm thing the bubble down that again in a way that I haven't thought about in twenty years, so I saw the news last night there was a police incident in February and Pennsylvania, female police officers shot a guy taste and shot a guy, and just was but I thought we would show this footage. I had not seen it before yesterday so role. This.
Yeah. About how do I get so disturbing? I mean two shots here. If the end or bullets before that the sound you here, I take very likely even here, that I think he'd get shot Ngos what the fuck right and you're going to stay alive, but but I mean that there was no reason to shoot this person. I mean we're not saying all cops are murdering worries, where's, that this one is this is murdered. The guy is on the ground. It's four issues like show me
it very hard to show someone your hands when they are being shot with a hundred and fifty million watts of taste or votes. So then she shoots him. What what danger is? Is this police officer in this the hysteria is Jerry and her voice. I dont know what I said about the cops they wanted to Think they're so brave, I gotta know, don't always act brain for you know it's funny, but some brave I mean, like you just these crazy example right. Ok in today's world, if, if you got, just some sort of altercation with a young woman run the same age so think about back in the seventies or something if you got to an education with a carbon. I'm not encouraging any kind of altercation will obviously not you down and doing that, and you can get killed doing that and we too that's not about that, but just uses a crazy example say you got it. Scupper with a cop innuendo punching them right in today's world. You just shot for that. I'm absolutely
try to keep rather baton you'd be shot. You would actually be shot for that now, when we were kids in the seventies, a we watch, Adam twelve became the fight. All the time of just take out the gun to ensure people when you watch look he's. They got into fights all the time, but if they just actually took out a gun and shot they hippy, we would send word what's going on, but now right actually has become the new nor roads were the norm but it, but we see on the hours like that kind of response- are enough videos rich, not just a few incident and just be the people who have cameras. It must happen all the time. So again, we're not saying or cops do. This are even most. But here are my. Let me say that I agree with that. Here are my issues with cops, one, Do a better job of weeding out the personality profile. Who becomes the bad cop? because we all know that kid in school near Who had? No friends wasn't
popular and thought I was the whole monitor. I can lord it over people. It's not that hard to staff that guy from becoming soon be more loyal to right. Then two cops when a cop doesn't bad thing, don't always be the thin blue line defending the the matter what he does that circle- and that was a long time, I actually think you're hitting right on exactly what the problem is, and this is so Hydra, it's a snake with many heads, but I actually think the biggest head that need to be chopped off first is this blue wall idea right the fact that they would protect their own as opposed to put themselves at the betterment of citizens rights? right and I mean if, if it is just, I don't, I don't think it's an issue of of individuals. Good cops, verses, backups. I think it's inside of the institution itself and
It is as all problems They were really really serious about this. They wouldn't clothes rank on what I'm obviously talking about, which is bad cops democracy talking about, specific cases where it is murdered As far as I'm concerned, Walter Scott was murdered. Do you have the call murder murder, even if it's from the cops there'd been painted. Let me move on. There was a really bad news for white people this week? So I was, I was depressed or we, the mortality rate. This is amazing from white people with less than college education. Forty five to fifty four that people born in this This role is dramatically this. The only come comparable stats are from. The HIV outbreak and when the
This is our collapsed while they I say now. They know that this is the deep Very they don't really know the reasons: drugs, alcohol and suicide. So let me get Donald Trump, a little credit. His book crippled amount. Somehow, this guy, who sits in his giant tower on a gold thrown all day, has finger right on the pulse of these are trump voters, college educated white and think America's old. We don't win any more. We gotta make a mess a great again, and there are set, now. At the end of the borough, getting drunk shooting up Heroin is hugely increased among white people and killing themselves to get a sense of how bad this is during the great depression life expectancy went up in there States, Americans live longer in nineteen thirty, eight than they did in nineteen twenty nine greatest economic crisis in the country's history
This is so. This is something more than just the shock of a kind of economic pressure on on that population. Although the economic pressures real, when you look at what else has happened, people what they are much less likely to get married. And their religiously disability. That was the other big survey using this week: reporting and marriage, not non marriage earlier. These people are religiously decide what we have done that I spent some time looking into it, because I found it fascinating. Accused study in the study cannot at the same time, and demographics, that match up. Pretty darn. Well, you even look at different studies that have been done. Nonreligious are more likely to participate in drugs. Nonreligious there's God? Yes, but Heroin, Cooper, nonreligious, there's higher correlation of suicide attempts. I mean, I think, does that speak to the truth of it,
I don't just maybe not, but I do think that the correlation that we have to pay attention to there's a sense of despair, there's a sense of hopelessness and I think that is in large part, because a White America is losing its religion, but also a large part because of the economic policies of Ronald Reagan that have been followed through world. I don't think it's more. You know why I had only just because people are less religious, although I will concede you're born yes, people who are religious very often put there had on the pillow, but at night with a lot on greater ease than those of us who know that nothing can happen only that is not what matters. What matters and joys actually write about this? When you look at and there's this law studies on religion are cried a tentative as you have to be careful. What is religious affiliation? More than religious faith that seeks to make the differences part of a community of people killed themselves, because if feel alone, and no no one cares and then, when, when there's a shocker bad economic news
If they're not married, they really don't have been on a structures them- and this is this began, the most intense period of this rise in mortality is many years after President Reagan left office. We, but it's an accumulating problem and policies. Yet I also can I can. I read the quota from two Princeton professors who did this interesting study the References of the average American appear to have only a minuscule near. Zero, statistically non significant impact upon public policy. And you can go down the list of issues like legalizing pot, most people Now minimum wage raised, all those kind of issues doesn't matter Does it matter what the people think, because it's an oligarchy now, don't you think has something to do with it.
I wouldn't use that language, but I think of something like that is is is very true, is something that is very true. People don't feel effective and I've spent from many people are worse, and that is what we must do. Urban things about the recovery from this recession. Recessions, make things happen faster as well. The third is all kinds of new technologies. Are that had been incubator, suddenly accelerated? So What we see our lot of that have been true before the great recession accumulating faster during this recovery and We are getting a glimpse of the kind of society that America is on its way to being, and I think all of us need to have become sober. Look at this Kennedy Society, which some of us are doing better. And better and participating in a more globalized world and more fat untasted products to buy, but many more of our fellow citizens.
Are left behind and not just economically, because that's really the least but isolated and alone and unmarried without affiliation, without a feeling of, as you say, political power and all of those things together. It is just it's a horrible thing that has been But I'm targeted their derive. It is the greed, the router. It is that we're not all in it together the road. If it is, I want my like Glenn back one tat. I want more of the pie for me. I want more the pie That's a nice at the root of society, and you know what you think is also a fundamental sense that a lot of Americans have- and maybe it's in this. This is tied into this. If things are not on the level, they don't believe that, politics is really on the level. They don't believe that the media's really telling us what we need to know they re there. They think that begins Petitions are running their lives and a less control themselves, and that is a political failing. Don't think you can lay everything at the feet of the few deposit, but there is a political failing and its being right.
Enforced by one side of the political spectrum there has as a war with one another that says it's that guy that's the way to which the Mexicans that are doing it to its. These guys is he's liberals that are doing it too, and the more you reinforce that the more people started. You can't can't turn this into a political commercial. That's just not helpful that that work, hardly anyone ever killed themselves because they felt that sub like what was going on in Washington. They kill themselves because they feel alone. Now about what other and on and on our station ate a conversation is getting skewed. When you have a p, a group of people on the political scene who benefiting by having the conflict among us. Yes, I think it is isolated and I dont think by the way the progressive talk like that. We do have this notion of lifting you. Ve never been enriched. The conflict has been a lot of classical our Arundel apps, but I think what religion does why this is so important component. Is it enough?
he likes it. It says that your value is not from how much money you're making you're, not you're values, not from your political power. Don't need real your valuable, how badly easier you dont need religion for the I dont have a religion. I have that Europe's success here. Thank you. But you're you're an attractive man is what I'll talk to you after the show. Right now, I have to go to new role that is released is new book with this tension filled cover foes. Donald Trump must show us the rest of the photo neural. This man must be congratulated for taking a stand in life. Some are to fight injustice, others who defend their country, but a rare few are
to make sure Caitlin Jenner Peace standing up like he was born to whatever your name is, sir, I'm gonna guess Dale. It is my honour to present you with the first inaugural urinal cake of Freedom award. Euro JEB bushes campaign has to lose the exclamation point. Sorry, jab explanation points are foreclosures. Here's your new campaign sign girls in Hollywood, keeps making movies about flawed, but brilliant chefs mountain, climbing and Steve jobs, even though no one goes to see them combined myth into one huge clam, galled ate it.
Steve Jobs, restaurant on Mt Everest, starting an actor with production company, a tiny ledge actors have his age and a drought. The rules tat criticising Mick Jagger as Ex wife, Jerry Hall, forgetting Rupert Murdoch After all, she has already made a grown man cry now, it's time to make a dead man come and finally, new role of neurosurgeon doktor bankers and really believes that somebody with zero governing experience is qualified to be resident, who must pay Let someone with zero medical draining operate on his brain and giving them the shit and comes out of his mouth. I think someone already has now. If you're following the presidential race, you know the twenty fifteen has been the year of the amateur. If there's one
thing. Republican voters can agree on its that the law ass. The head of our government knows about government the better John case. It is one of the few Doubts in the field and he's trying to block this trend with this catch slogan casing. I know how a bill becomes a law, but that's not what GEO P voters want any more experience. Knowing things wrong, Lichens avoid that's dub like a gay sun, and that explains there to leading candidates, captain carnival, Barker and sleeping crazy. Like many of you, I have spent the past few months thinking you can either want trump to be leader of the few free world, or I can take you seriously, but it can't be bow and then Carson, whose
is that the Ayatollah Khamenei and Vladimir Putin went to college together, which one can even find a source for, except perhaps Ambien he's now the front runner. Of course he is because eighty five, percent of, via Republicans said they find total lack of government experience to be his biggest selling point. But if their kid needed brain surgery would they say, forget Ben her eyes and he's a brain surgery insider, whereas in life, does anyone ever apply this thinking when their toil?
it is broken today say get me. Anybody bought a plumber this shit's about to back up in here. What we need is an outsider, so it's this kind of thinking or the lack of it that has inspired me a change. My view on an important ass of american elections. I used to say that our elections went on far too long, but you know what I know Americans are dumb, they need exe time. I used to think we should do it like the British were an election takes five weeks or France The official length of the campaign is two weeks I best of friends.
Take that won't, get a waiter and notice you, and these are people who will spend three days shopping for a cheese that goes with pairs. Their idea of a fast food is a snail when they cook Joan of arc. She was still pink in the middle too soon for Jonah. Fourteen thirty one, you would look we're not them we're. Not the and we're not the british we're Americans and were far too dim and distracted responsibly make a choice in just weeks. There are even months where
like Lamar Odom at a whorehouse. We don't even have sex the first couple of days, not just for letting the drugs gig in of our election season was only two months. Long trump would have one already in a landslide. Time time is our greatest ally against idiot candidates. Already you're seeing people tiring of Trump begins three pieces of Dick road map. It goes laughing at its constipated.
Toddler face very pale and keep out joint is now over time. I need to thank you folks, since, if we want to make a move from each other and each veo dot com.
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