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Episode #374 (Originally aired 1/22/16)

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Episode #374 (Originally aired 1/22/16)
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Welcome to each year, partly from the HBO, making real time ill luck
I know why you're happy the knives Fischer in california- and there is a huge blizzard on the eastern half of that country, poor people- it is a sea of white. It's like the whole place is covered in Oscar nominees. It's just yet! That's the big controversy out here now. I guess it's national second year in a row, no nominations for African Americans in the big categories and now there's a boycott lot of the actors. A boy cutting Chris
Rocks scheduled to host some people are asking him to step down. It is getting so dramatic there thinking of turning it into a movie with a white guy, so it gets nominal but but yeah. The academy now is scrambling to do something about this, so doesn't keep happening. What should they do a quota yet changed the way people vote please. This is so easy to fix higher Yea West to counter the Asker station near this day, agents match the Oscars run the white people. Now in a related story, the majority black town of Flint Michigan has been poison when they were blogging governor switch the drinking water to save money and jaded pink,
says: that's almost ass bad ass, her husband not getting nominated for a third ask. So let's keep things interest back. You know who else is mad: Flint Michigan, the police, said pumping led into black people. That's our job. I can't get me a driver to go home tonight, but hey, I think, you're all excited, because its ten days before the eye of a cock is starting gun for the election. The real voting begins on the republican side. It is all out war between Trump and crews. Today I love this trump called crews. To abrasive
to be? President said the porcupine to the cactus, but it turns out the Trump secret weapon. All alone has been ten crews for the longest time it was who was the unthinkable one, but the power of hatred for ten crews. He's the one guy who makes people go. Tell me more about
this Donald Trump and he's in it too, when it is showed it this week busy brought out Sarah Palin or you re, made quite a t trump and gum fat man a little brain. It was really something. Did you happen to see any of her speech, my God, it was like a crazy, drunk bridesmaid grab the MIKE at a wedding research. This woman has a thousand stupid cliches in her head and when she opened her mouth, it's like they're, always gaping a nightclub fire. Your kind of have to see it to believe it so show a little bit of this today. No I'm, not crazy. Trumps cannot see. It has exposed not just that tragic the ramifications of that betrayal.
A transformation of our country well and then funny ha ha, not but now what they're doing is wailing well tromp any is his trumpeters and deals with the skills of a computer,
The organizer, maybe organizing a neighborhood tee, and we apologise, and then we bend over and say thank you enemy. You cannot put into words how much you cannot put something into words. If you could see Trump back there, he was not happy somewhere in Arizona. John Mccain is gone. You should have called me do also the weird thing about it. Is that several pale and has not had a job since
two thousand and nine two thousand and nine when Lamps Armstrong was our most respected athlete. Michael Jackson, Mr Le valuable for baby sitting in getting a drink with bill caused me was a delightful idea. Merrick I can get over all that Republicans can't quit. Sarah Palin and then this was not even the worst part of her day. The truth is the day before her son track. Who was I What veteran was arrested for beating up his girl? an end Pailin blamed it on Obama, not respecting the troops, and that's what
eggs, the Republicans, the Party of personal responsibility and viable with just secure the borders? Maybe Bristol Woodstock, getting knocked up all the John John. We now enjoy our here. A little later. All these big you have my good friend, Seth Macfarlane is back first days. The congressmen representing Texas is tenth district. Chairman of the house. Homeland security committee. Is the author of a book
the failures of imagination, deadliest threats to our homeland and how to thwart them. Please welcome representative Michael Mccall doing Irishman ravine here. You see, I have you come and by here. Ok, so years have factor, for that is the tenth active Allah. We're not going to ask you to be that's funny making, but I want to know about your job head of the Homeland Security Committee, because I think I know what the FBI does to fight terrorism, and I know the CIA does the inner say? What does the committee do Basically, oversight of the Department of Homeland Security, my jobs very simple, but complicated ident fine threats outside the United States, stopping those threats from coming into the United States right both people and things, people explosive devices, ISIS Al Qaeda, the threats that face a nation, so
you watch the other age and its oversight board now get the briefings. I work with a deeper the FBI to make sure that they working with you or they are not a good day, but budget is its integrity, get its intense work and I will say we start to one bad things in it. But the tea I say last year in this was widely reported. Ninety five percent of the things that should not have gotten through in a test got through ninety five percent. Not one bottle is ample. Give you that but where's the oversight there. I mean, of course, I'm a ninety five percent report card is abysmal answer we rained down on them varying of their employees. You know the down in the russian airliner was Boy you did was corrupted compromise. We don't see that kind of thing happen in the inbound flight, as is one of the chapters. My book in LOS Angeles
I want. I want this stuff can happen at all. I admire this, you imagine things that might happen. I would say if you want to know what's gonna happen, watch movies from twenty years ago. Everything happens in a movie is going to happen and you know its interests. Brothers after nine eleven, the president at that time, Bush his administration. Tighter producers from Hollywood about what can you? We failed right in the night. The commission said it was a failure of imagination. They met with the Hollywood producers to help. I never knew that we would know which producers well I'd Don't you I met and there are no written. Nobody like like
but I think it's a rabbit summit. It submitted attacks, you imagine in your book, ices and our kind of launching a drone attack. I never thought about I'm Washington, a bio terror in the MAGIC kingdom, smallpox released a Disney world, a jet line, explodes overlaid during the Oscars shooting rampage at the Mall of America on the day after Thanksgiving the Big shopping day, Hezbollah hires a mexican drug cartel to get it. Eddie Bomb entered the port of Houston. Have they thought of these costs and it's not really good. It's not the sort, certainly not the bedtime stories. You want to read your kids, but this is everything they keep me up. A night in a book what do you say to those absolutely each other chapters couldn't really happen. What we say is what has already happened in the past, what they plan to do in the future
and the intelligence that we have about what their thinking. Well, let me let me tell you something I think you might agree with me on, which is I go crazy. Every time I hear some, we talk about how the number of people killed by Terrorism is less them and then they can fill in almost anything. I antibiotics, not working or car accidents, certainly gun deaths, bicycles. They say: I've killed more bicycle, like a ban job and, I always say yeah, but best. Tubs and bicycles are not trying to get a nuclear weapon and as soon as they got one, all those figures would be out the window, Oh, I think that's a very dangerous thing for people to say on a here at all the time nothing can compare to islamic terrorism as a at except globally, in their last provocation to beat the weak? Ices talked about smuggling nuclear weapon out of Pakistan through transnational criminal across the mexican war. That I'm not make,
this stuff Harpooner read that it concerns me in my job. What of homeland security, my job to protect the american people? That's what we do day in and day out. You know the number of foreign fighters disturbs it's kind of the thirty five thousand from hundred and twenty five countries are converging in Iraq and Syria to train they. They conducted the Paris attacks, You know we had San Bernardino in the United States and wars and actual we're gonna to happen. What what is your position immigration, trumpet as we shouldn't LAO, Muslims in this country, some some countries, They were just wouldn't allow the syrian refugees and what is your position? I don't think he can condemn an entire population say you can't come in to United States what we do We that we start the bad Bosnia, the rat
ok turreted, mostly this is bullshit right. Their excuse me this. I heard Chris Christie said in the debate. We just stop the bad ones. Every time they saw a terrorist. You just mentioned San Bernardino. What did everybody who knew him say can't believe it? And we ve ever so, we never saw showed me about you, don't come into the country with a button that says bad guy. Well, he was actually born in the country. They came in from Pakistan. You can't do that. That's a terrible waiting! Well, let me tell you what I didn't think and dies, or do they think you're sponsible is assured the refugees coming from those interest part of the world at a rock Assyria the capital wisest where we put a pause. The programme until we can properly that them and bring them in Certification of the highest levels are not a threat to national security. I think that's responsible to take a pause. We've got a rack he's coming through the refugee program that have become terrorists in the
states and the FBI director, told me and testified before my committee, as well as the Secretary of Homeland Security, that this poses a threat to our national secured. Then ISIS in their own words, so we want to infiltrate the programme to implement. The west and bring them into the United States. Ok, you ve been very critical, though president when he uses terms like strategic patients with ISIS, but when you think about it, for them, fifteen years we ve been at war militarily, we went to Afghanistan to make sure that terrorist didn't, about up a place where they could plot from other more terrorist there now than ever arise, we went in there weren't any terrorist there and just in case they got that will now, of course, is more than ever. There Yemen same thing. Libya people who want more war and more bombing. Just please point to one place: where am I Eric and military intervention ever stop that from here.
Well. Aren't you know I would say I've been over there and there is no doubt our presence provokes. A deadline talked about. Our presence here is as the infidel in employ territory. I think that the he is american leadership. The coalition forces special operators, also the Sunni Arab standing up against the Sunni extremists, witches ices. You know that the air
Nations integrated Ernie Sanders around. I dont always agree if the Muslim it honestly that we think they need the care we carry their water. Yes, I need some skin and against this step, the plates and middle eastern countries. You don't want to get involved in the Middle EAST in their backyard in its there were large right and they need to fix it to be a part of the solution. I five on thank you for coming by people say if we generally made less made our area, the Kaiser representing florid as nice, district and now a candidate for the set at Representative Alan Gray, said these are a public and political itself to know heads the antitrust Super pack make America us less mare was here he's executive at an errand weepy of random House and a Pulitzer Prize Winning historian, whose latest book wow a real egghead on our desks. Our the american odyssey, George Herbert worker, Bourgeois friend John Mitchell, was here to finish your questions for tonight's over time, so we can answer them after the show. You two are right. Well, I never thought I'd see a week where the question was trump or crews.
This panel very Base question. Let us say you know the Democrat is going to lose so the river book. A nominee is gonna win, it's gotta be their tramp tramp or crews. We know where you stand. You don't like dry, I would vote for it. Lay a dry dog turd run out on me for smaller government. I saw it was wrong. I mean that's for sure. Ok, so we know were used in this. What are the positions of the other members of the add to protect? I look at it. I look at cruising icy sooner Mccarthy. They look like they sound like the same lines. So that's about four drop yeah, unfortunately John by default, o Lord is isn't there something hasn't so dying out very dry. My gaze doctor, that was a wig. It's a great arch in the nineteenth century. The whigs ran a lot of how about we should, instead,
now. Let's answer this question first, I guess I accept the mentioning emerging conventional wisdom. Dad trump would probably be slightly more manageable. I agree heard him yesterday say something that you'd own here republican say, and that happens fairly frequently witches Ronald Reagan made deals all make deals now
been getting by for the longest time as TED crews. Doze saying I don't work with the Democrats. That's why I'm greatly flawed and Trump has this ability to come out there and tell them that their fuckin idiots and no Ronald Reagan, Wendy invokes. You know. Peace and blessings be upon him. He made deals and on the deal, make a deal's a grade. My great deals on America's personal sharper- I'm gonna, make it and could I voted against in Congress. Just made a huge deal with the spending package that was passed in the issue that a lot of conservatives have is that it sucks, I mean and Donald Trump. Isn't somebody who's gonna make it sock less? He wants to spend more money, not last, so I think for conservatives, that's it that's a pretty tenuous proposition, but who
the conservatives are mean the National Review, which is red eye less people, probably than in our studio audience that in terms of their the hard copy, I have no idea, but I rather, why does idyllic? Strangely, ok, but they put out this cover yesterday they imploring people who read it a twenty who conservatives wrote essays against. Who are they? Actually? This is not my votes to buy a groat or reading internet chat room at an Emil's from their uncle plead is actually not that's, not actually the issue. I agree that what National Review did I read it? I found it a very cathartic experience. I found myself nodding alive, but the problem is. I was never going to vote for Donald Trump anyway. There also the dormitory person. I am actually had a curious person. I am the crews and between those two, I'm just saying, were heard- might be a better choice from your standpoint
but the real issue is Donald Trump. Voters aren't actually very conservative. You look at all the data right, their economic liberals who just have a problem with Mexicans, China and Muslims. So it's true and sell candidly with national Review can say: will William Buckley whatever and there are going to go screw you, William, F Buckley, like I want the harder it is in that. Why is that so that effective? He has. Would I think, rigging in Burma? Had people look at him and see what they want? The conservatives EU concern
if the people the warranty something else and the words don't matter, but I don't think that conservatives really do say a conservative. I think that that's why he's got hit. He does have a sea like it's a higher ceiling. Admittedly, then I would like the conservatives, don't like him, but the problem is: we have a lot of people out there. I think that this would be conceded across the board. There are a lot of people out there who are very angry. They feel that they ve been let down. They are not in an economically good position. The question is just who do they think is to blame for that and people who are rallying round Bernie Sanders have one answer: people who are rallying round Donald Trump have another which is basically Mexicans China and muscles precisely a pseudo move differently. I think that it is about New York one day, you'll be a Democrat. What I think trumps appeal is is that people believe that he actually is gonna get stuff done, and the Republicans in particular Sea a complete failure of the political class. If you will the puppets yeah, what's happened Now- is that one of the puppeteers stepped in when the billionaires stepped in and said
I want to do it myself at record. You know where we talk. A lot about Irascibly of oligarchy will make sure that there is an oligarchical will make sure it's a plutocracy, but but what people fine appealing on the other side about tromp, as they believe he's gonna actually do what he says and their very frustrated that nobody else seems to do what it what they say to and if Bush or or Ruby or anybody else have gone to the border, and so I'm going to build a wall. He was so. Why don't you already know you've been in?
Why don't you build already when trumps says it? They believe it Trump says my space policy is, I'm gonna build a bridge in the earth to the moon? Have the extraterrestrials pay for it? They believe it is fair from me. I get egghead moment this is the oldest american argument right. So right now, in January of twenty six state, we have people on the left to believe the countries been taken away by the moneyed classes. That Centre Clinton is a bought and paid for commodities benefits the Sanders Energy there is on that shot. On the other side, conservatives who aren't really that conservative actually in the classic sense, are believe countries been taken away by someone else, starting at the time of the revolution in the hours before the ratification of the constitution, we had America, I also believe that the revolution had been taken away by our people, and so
had to be this huge right. The constitution was damn near, not ratified, it was a very close thing and they, Iraq is not all that different there's apocalyptic rhetoric, and I think that what is what's happened. We ve survived from age to age, forget matters as a wily popular. Perhaps it is stable, but there is a kind of centre. There is a kind of common sense that takes over and the danger right now is that the centre it just is not gonna hold for the first time I think, ok. Well, let's talk about Michigan, because I don't know if you know what happened there. Folks, but, as I mentioned in the model of the Republican Govern air, switched how they got their water. It was fine and then they thought they could save money and- and somebody said but but Mr Money did- that- would that would poison the people he put? It would save money, so people are really
the about it and I could not help but think of John case. A coup was one of these sensible conservatives. They only at the last republican debate, opening matters by saying Let's have a year long, moratorium on regulations and many Republicans to abolish the EPA. This to me is the argument we should be having in America. Certainly government sometimes overstepped its bound but when you think that the number of times we have been poisoned or something has exploded or derailed, let me let me put a little montage together for you. These are. These are less regulation. This is Avenger look. It is usually what our main burst member, when this happened here and Durango Mine waste leak that supposedly coldly We're at Calais Outbreak, Minnesota Bridge Collapse, the ice cream, listeria outbreak, the Mayflower
where oil spill, the Texas fertilizer explosion, member that one took out all block Santa Barbara oil spill, the West Virginia mine disaster, peanut butter, salmonella outbreak, Amtrak, derailment, BP oil spill, now, flint and right here, half hour a porter ranch, California. Methane. Ghastly probably poisoning us right now, and I just feel like this is what I like. Gun shootings in America. We know what happens. We accepted. It's probably not going to be me, but it might be. I might get killed, but it probably isn't, may so fuck it well look. What what's happened is that big, powerful forces like the oil and gas and. What are we gonna called big smuts, whatever and and other there's that Wall Street other power
for economic forces have decided that deregulation will increase their profits. There is no need to be made and safety. There is out there no money through name and have in fact use money made against safety and against health, because no one has ever held accountable for these things. I think I can guarantee you that no one has been. I tell her all the cannibal for that. What is a fifty tonnes that are released every day in methane from a ghastly nobody's behind that out who's going to prison? Nobody who sets pay a fine. Nobody, ok So they recognise that this is a good winning strategy for them. That's how they make their money. That's the problem I run on the long term. We actually do save money, I mean we took led out of the page and crime went down, you know, there's a link. Their soldiers evolves got people who blame leaden men piping further followed roman empire right,
men Lead is obviously not a good thing. We were only down particularly want to be eating it, but, I would just say, and a point out at least one of the examples that you threw up there, the orange river- that, as I understand it, was in fact cod by government more regularly actual your regulation. We are definitely stocked up, but for that reason the Pierre was there was because industry had fucked up and because there wasn't enough regulation to begin with. I think us, the appeal sometimes workshop. That's what I'm saying and I think, and I think it's interesting. I think that was like one at a twenty. I read. I think it's well sure, but I bet you can find other examples. I think that it's interesting though, at the beginning, but mostly is when you are loaded when you are intervening when you were interviewing the congressmen, I thought it was interesting that you point out that government is really really bad at stopping bad stuff for making it through t say they stop our shampoo extremely effectively but they're about it. That yet the argument is that government,
would be doing an awesome job if we just had more regulations. Now I grant you, I'm not rugs, I'm not saying get rid of all regulations, but I dangling, but there is something a little discordant. Two different things are now their security threats. Aren't they they're both think ok, really worth the Bush government did fight a war, call they would admitted and made a safer there. They got rid of DD tease, they get led the paint we mention the ozone layer they closed by banning of Florida. Facon do a facet other things like had regularly, does one they can fly, I agree. Let them know. I agree on land and I agree on point I'm just saying if it can produce one hundred but you're, not a conservative, global warming denier right now, I'm I'm I'm a libertarian here believes and climate change, but think so what Obama's trying to do about it is not going to achieve anything in its basically pointless. As opposed to the as opposed to the other argument,
which is it snowed today in Washington. So the whole thing, oh yeah, that's ridiculous! To, of course it's ridiculous and that's not doing anything about it. My argument is that we're going to adapt to this and we're going to come up with better technology and we're going to do more energy saving. So there wireless that simply not the case. Look, it is the case. It's not like you know. Anybody is free to pollute, there's no tax on carbon there there's no cap and trade there's nothing have so you can put out as much carbon is much methane, as I'm saying I know right now acknowledge as you want all the time and knowledge you didn't proving its workload, there's no incentive to apply it unless the government regulation lately, not true, of course it and now it's not why I drive, I drive a car, they get fifty five miles to the gallant. I didn't buy it because government incentivize, because I'm cheap yearbook, what does that have to, but now has to do with environment now gas is cheap again, gas is cheap.
So people are going to go back to hummers. This was within the paper. Yes, it is not, as is I'm still cheap. I still want to pay less and less you're paying it already has outraged when you're not gonna go ask is what causes You run the motor how you get the pollution out of the car. I get that I mean a major source of emissions is cars or if you get cars that are more new, but the idea of fish that people who pollute don't now have to pay for it, and they should you got that right now, we're talking about power plants and carbon emission specifically, yes, I do. And just so you. This is not the entirety of environmental regulation and that's not the entirety of pollution. That's my point. Twenty five! that was the hottest year. Yet before that it was twenty four days they say next year will be the first year again. That's never happened three years in a row. Something is happening. I dont know what we have to tell Republican
among the groups and if you actually look at some of the votes in the Senate, when you're looking at some of the votes on the Senate on easier regulation, you do see that there are republicans who do vote with Democrats on that. You see that the EC there's the occasional Democrat who votes more like a Republican like Joe Mansion from us, were genuine. I think the question now there are a lot of people in the Republican Party. I'm not saying it's all of us, I'm not saying it's even a majority, but there's a lot of people in the Republican Party who accepted its happening. The question is: what do we do about it and is what he's proposing going to do anything to reign, this in or is it already basically out of our control and do we just need to adapt and thrive and would act
like where mass slipping. Do I think that you see? That's nice, think that's a different sort of pollution to the one we're dealing with here. I think- and here I think, the penalty of the Pentagon saying this is a national security throughout you. You have guessed correctly. You have them all deeds, basically buying property, alto air because they're gonna have to but is also about, as also enter. I also think we're mixing up allotted for decades. There s, there's that's exactly safety regulation, which has not been a part of the american life were more than fifty years, basically have in us the important thing about this on the books. Some. But if you, if you don't know bridges collapse, that's true! If you're talking about like poultry, let me say this: on the jointly agreed in Austria nomination and with its nose the these about institutions seem to me
the idea- and we would this been going on really since nineteen eighty one when President Reagan said the governments, not the solution of the problem, there has been, cultural share of that? The private sector Missy stipulate that they do things better. It's just not true this option. The public sector does things there is this institution's happily run by smart people who are dedicated to a larger good weather is a profit or keeping abridge. Those are called a Democrat. Ok, let's hope so. I mention the Oscars in the monologue and look. This is a problem american, I'm not gonna whitewash, and it's such a problem. I d this. We got a hold of some of the movies that are coming out next year. We got the posters further and even movies that should be black movies are pretty
why? Let me show you what I mean new line has has coming out straight at a burly. Paramount has no better mileage look at that. Its will run into zones has helped ok. I know that the helped Warner brothers did you. His get out! That's what I hate, but I that was said that a bit Warner Brothers has Malcolm Forbes,
Malcolm X, ass, a rock has guess: who's coming to the thousand Oak Civic Arts Plaza FUCK Searchlight, how Stella Gutter deposit bad dream works, has the auto biography of Miss, Jane, Polly and Universal, of course, as waiting to eat Cale hears it shall Watertown is very full why this guy this guy has new shows like I go to the weeds door. What is true, love is a singer. His album, no one ever tells you now number one on the just charge nominated for a Grammy says Macfarlane addressing I've learned they love you, you got a nightcap. They I've, whatever your guy you're out of control or so before we
They know me, that's for sure. Before we get to you and what were palaver problems getting it, it's not a problem. If you can go now, I say: that's my story, emphatic, let's talk the us you or the host of the Oscars. I don't. I don't remember but here was I like. I do very funny, but I dont get that fact that Hollywood is so liberal that someone would just hissing there at a joke that was supportive of black people just because we mention black Sea, they its about a year is just about you mention what used to be like going to actually make a rates is Joe you just something to do with race and some people his yeah. That's that's the way these are things that we will end up with the wreckage of aid? this Caitlin Jenner joke was a transfer back or what was a joke. It was something about the the car accident.
It was on its way and there is a lot of lab. I like this reference for, but when the content within all I'm I'm not wane and on whether the joke was wanting or not, but right it's it's is. There are certain buzzwords that are our instantaneous, they give you knee. Jerk and you're so lucky that you do cartoons because things you get away with Khartoum, I'm so jealous. I must be the first you're. The first person Tell me that I was once a lucky. You do guard. Do you. I saw your shadow was never repeat, I know, but it was so Jack Nicholson's estimate what you're so lucky you do cartoons is being most of us and garden. I liked it anyway, but Jesus was fucking
Peters wife, unknowingly was Jesus fucking bidders. Why? But it was a scam. He was fucking a lot of people like you, and this was your Christmas right anyway. So my meandering here, the Oscars, the biggest liberals in the world, live in this town yet are picking the Oscars people who said academy members who said they did not see twelve years as slaves still voted for it because they just knew it was the best picture or should be. Why is there This problem, I you would have to conduct an in depth investigation. Is it a problem with the academy? Is it a problem that the people on seeing the moves? In a saying all? I know this person. I know that film of this guy's white, too, you know
is, is it I mean? Is it? Is it conscious it subconscious? Is it a problem with the industry at large that there's there's just not enough diversity, which is a criticism, is often levelled against Hollywood? I dont know everything speculation I dont know you will have to be a part of it is, and this is the dirty little secret is at most movies are made now with an eye to the foreign market. Well, that's true and Asians really, your racist, like you, for instance, I'm really just said there racist that raise these stocks of outrage on just honest, but they are they are they know they don't want to stay black people generally in their movies, so that an- and you know the Hollywood executives you're like we're, not racist, we just have to pretend we're races because we're capitalist
we want to sell our movie in China, so they don't like Kevin Hart. It's it's it's tricky because it's a liberal town, but it's still a business. So I can't I don't I don't know I mean it would have to be a real breakdown of what the factors are. Otherwise,
Your album number one on the gesture very impressive, and you know this is you it's us, a natural. You smoking, a cigarette on a greedy New York Street, how much almost almost to that guy that it was not only works. Its own poor, folk and animated sitting has got the pizza rights is greater than its dial. They did about do it. The more I want is made dont blues, but I mean it's: it's terrific album in that. In that vein, that era. When Frank Sinatra was pining over EVA Garda, yes and all the songs or a very blue, why are you
blue. You have everything. I guess I got my reasons. Lesson we have our. We all have our heart. Ache are all crazy. We discuss this. I ride I now, but it's such a great album- and you know I was there at your house when you are celebrating Frank Sinatra. Hundredth birthday, we had a little gay Knighton saying, as an EU hosted a wonderful show to give tribute to Frank Sinatra: hundredth birth, another network, as they should, and I noticed that some of the people who sang this not resources men, they were nervous. You know you who owned it. Some of them were, like Jesus, Frank, going to come back and walk me. If I sing this song, what is it about? that he did that, like nobody else. Can why, in I think, if
I tried to sing like an eminent song. You have the same kind of works, both ways his right eye. Media II was the one he was. The one vocalists too was acting. The songs he was inhabiting song Rang was an end most and bore laughing. He understood that the arrangement the orchestration was as important as the vocal that you should be able to take the vocal out and the Limitations should be as moving as as the vocal interpretation in the guise of Nelson, real and Billy Mayo who got in there, and you travel everywhere with that. Sixty five peace orchestra there in the back. You don't go to the bathroom right, so let's Sokolow politics. I know you feel the same way. I do that Donald Trump is, is largely a result of a backlash to political correctness. Yeah I mean My friend andreasen, who wrote cosmos. Sure we heard here be up one of the most brilliant people. I now eggins well, yes, said dumb ever since
I'm began since humanity began. We all his hungered for a buffoon to lead us which I gonna love, but now it's it's particularly bad, and I do and I think the rise of social media and the power that it has something to do with it. I think that that, the good part of social media is, it gives voice to the voiceless. I think somebody like Caitlin Jenner would, not have been as accepted had it not been for social media. I think that's the good part of it right, but when, when we get when we get on the bandwidth, and to take down, came Davis that is politically correct. That's it the thing to do because she's actively curtailing arms law, a joke about raise. Yes, where you ve been here with the joke this every day. The flip side of that is just the sack. Oh, who is the woman who was on the planet, John Rights and rights about her in his book extensively, which we did the joke about AIDS in South Africa? Member? Not maybe joke, maybe not your cup of tea, maybe not my cup of tea, but she was this
upon by progressive social media and they ruined her life. She lost her job, she had to move and we lose a little bit of credibility when we go after the Kim Davis's right. When that happens, and we say to the to the conservatives. These people are gonna half baked, so if we we have to sort of get smart about picking our battles ride we, the guy who owns the cake shop must be compelled to sell the cake to their wedding. If he might, he has beat because otherwise it's a short hop to want such and such a my diner, but we are trying to get em to like it, and that's that yes, he's not gonna. Let's, you will have the racist uncle and write the hearty ago after and the more he retreats- and I think that's what's that- employ IRAN, the shore ones- and you said we ve tried centre politics in America and we ve tried right wing politics and we ve never drive,
let us suppose absolutely so. That brings me to Bernie Sanders everybody here. I think its becoming clear the difference between Bernie and Hilary, because there really is quite a different. We didn't maybe things so adverse, but on the last debate. She was really running for Obama's third term on almost every issue. She clung right to what he has already put forth. Ok guns, super packs, health care, foreign policy, Bernie. Not even really a democrat democratic socialist. He says and everything he says is way to the left What she says she wants to regulate the banks. He wants to break them up, she says: keep going with Obama CARE, he says single pair ass, she says We don't make college more affordable, he says, make it free.
Does it have a chance. Might, and I were New Hampshire, which complicates the the path. Obviously, but I was not a liberal stun gun now, but they did. The enthusiasm is therefore him rejected her before tear down forget they have rejected wreck soundly before and the curtains of never had did want one of these river. When Clinton ran in ninety two hearken was running so that took off the table so clear. Himself never had to go in and wire. The state I'd I'd, probably soon slightly different terms, but I will say I do think there. The biggest area where I see huge differences between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders is with regard to national security, foreign policy and, most importantly, civil liberties. Hillary Clinton has a terrible record on civil liberties, and I say that as a civil, libertarian, Bernie Sanders
A very strong record on civil liberties- and that is a huge bad about civil liberties- be just go through the whole record. I'm angel do is go through what we're ok, what I'm saying actually voted. She voted. She voted in a way. Ok, if you take a look at where she was with regard to wiretapping and surveillance, she was basically in line with Bush Cheney on all of that India held final vote, whether we like it or the final vote, there was taken in two thousand eight, where she fled flocked in where Obama, who would actually had a very pro civil liberties record, flip plot the other way. So he'd look more like centrist eye to me. I thought it's kind of odd to say right, laughed on these things because to me as libertarian authoritarian when you're talking about civil liberties, but the fact is, she is not in a good place on civil liberties, and I believe that there are a lot of Democrats. They care about that. There are a lot of.
But also care about it. There are some Republicans here, not as many apparently given trumps right. I think there is any longer lily. So when you tell me about the issues, the way that you just did not talk about experience we're not so about persona. When I tell you what are you doing here with none about we're time of the issues we burn he's done, as is it's simple. Bernie has staked out the progressive position. The heart of a democratic party is progressive. Ism, the heart of progressive, perfect Progressive ISM is progress, progress, so Bernie telling people? This is what I will do after January twentieth next year, if I'm pressed United States, I don't think and you can win the hearts of progresses if you're, saying We keep hearing the same, that's a very interesting, I think they're, maybe maybe amid the moral question. Sarah Palin in Iowa was talking about stuff so well.
He was talking about her son in coming back from Iraq and she said my son, like so many others, they came back a bit different and then just lost over that, like we accept that now we send our sons off too stupid wars and they come back a bit different because he beat up his girlfriend was fucking suicide and she blamed that Obama, some sure why his girlfriend was carrying under the bed because of Obama her her other, her daughter has, as had two out of wedlock. Children I mean. Does it ever occurred anybody that the Obama's are just so much better. Parents One thing I will say this is probably the area. This is probably the area where I'll give Obama. The most credit, I think, he's an amazing father.
I think, he's an amazing someone is innovation. Presidents. Now, while I don't agree with that, but I do think he's an amazing father and I think that he presented a very good example for parenthood for many people. I advocate
and whose and she's the worst and most morally sign that even handed getting was an hourly thing. I humbly person going to ILO to convince the evangelist goals. The supposedly people. Well, that's why I need sucks so bad, because when you have this same faith in me, then whatever you do, is you take right? You, you re my luggage around you answer and you're like what is what is she on and then you realize the problem is she's, not on anything. I don't know about. She looked like a sober person talking like that will shape she does. She was reading, desires and choose actually reader, who with actually wrote that for a better dialogue about he's sitting, typewriters wrote, I will say, Sarah Pale and is now to consume, just like the huge quantities of calf unaided drinks on the planet. That's a long time on red ball. I don't know. I don't have a friend of mine that, like a lot more like out advocating a colonel, I have to go to new roles. Are all those who hate the idea of Donald Trump Becoming President must admit it would be far watching that thing on his head, turned gray, hair or restaurants have to stop claiming. We sell happy, no, the Thai play,
does massage down the street. You sound harm. Salad, knew all the super bowl needs to remember when its booking they have time show we're watching. Football. Is yours too all actors? Coldplay is nothing screams,
football like drippy, piano modelling and a good cry. We're celebrating a bunch of violet meet heads with brain damage, get rocked neural. Walmart can go ahead, enclose a hundred and fifty four stores in the? U S, but then they have to tell me where I am forced to go now to see an obese woman wearing an Ipad beater children neural. Now there were coming up on three years since its coming up on three years. Since it's been implanted Chris Christy's lap band must admit it has given a there's, no shame in a lab banned. You fought this law and this law one and finally neural seven needs to tell those whack doodle militiamen took over a federal building in the middle of nowhere in Oregon that to be a hero unit,
something to be heroic about these guys keep promising to occupy that building until well. We're not sure and they're not sure something about redneck lives matter. Just listen here too one of them. Patriot John Writ timer, explaining to us kids in a video we posted from his truck. Why he had to leave me one tougher videos, I've had to make your daddy sworn oath to protect and defend the constitution and that's why you couldn't be with you on Christmas,
Wow seems like a lot of trouble to go to just take it out of spending time with you. Why not just drink like the rest of us now, of course, I'm probably being too cynical about this whole thing. After all, he can doubt the passion and that video, when he tells US kids, Jedi, swore an oath and that's why I can't be home except John. You can be home, get out of your truck and go back inside and not to be cruel. But how tough can you rugged individualist, be when the first thing you did after storming? The rest up was to post an appeal. Line for supplies, a shopping list really that included such items as throw rugs, shampoo foot warriors and friends.
Vanilla, coffee, Kremer, what no scrunch or or you could break each other's hair off. You know this, but if you're such ready to die patriots, America has Actual war is available You can go fight, ices is what you are doing is in saving the republic, it's more like when you were a kid and you run away from home by hiding in the backyard. However, I must tell you that the right wing by no means possesses a monopoly on infantile drama guines. Does anybody remember the video last fall when a Yale college student confronted a professor, because the professors wife had written and e mail suggests
that may be Yale should chill out a little bit on being the Halloween Costume police. Well, here's that students com reaction, different. Bobby. No here and you can't deny the passion. She is adamant that Untouchables must be allowed to vote await that's Gandhi. Right? This insufferable brad can't sleep at night, because there's no school policy against the white girl dressing up as Pocahontas. They were, which is one of these days. They call a micro aggression which begs the question
If it is a micro, aggression should not just make you micro angry. Do we have to go to death? Can one for everything in this country where's the perspective anymore, hey kid! You wanna protest outfits that oppressed people. Why don't you start with these Because saying Yale doesn't have enough, cultural sensitivity is like saying: Pure one doesn't have enough wicker, it's interesting that this Yale student and this hammerhead in the woods think their political opposites, but really there. This in person martyrs without a cause whip. Themselves, up into a lad. The rubber issues that better be addressed with Xanax
because if you don't feel coddled enough at Yale or free enough in Oregon, there's nothing political. We can do for you, it's the gun, many job to protect a lot of things, but your feelings: ain't, one, farmers in Vegas. I start my twelve and thirteen I want to thank our Andreasen was where John Region simply groundwater, Michael Mccall Join, is now we're over time. A new to thank you for not only makes sense if we want to make a move from each other and each bio dot, com.
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