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Episode #375 (Originally aired 1/29/16)

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Episode #375 (Originally aired 1/29/16)
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look, you're happy! I love it. They're always asked me. I think I know why you're happy tonight. I say that every week, one in three years the big did catch on by now, but I know why, because the Republicans headed debate last night and at their usual sausage party, they were missing the biggest sauce Donald Trump Donald from skip the debate. It was like a sign felled episode without Kramer it just before the debate they had appeared in out with the guy said, the role of asshole tonight will be played by Chris Christie, and Chris Christie love this. They all did, I guess, but Christie actually, so that loud he's a good more time. For me,
more food in the green room, large. What no actually Donald Trump as across Downy, held an event to compete with the debate, a charity for wounded warriors because who better to sell it right. Our soldiers who are faced bombs and bullets than the guy who ran away and terror from Megan Kelly? That's why drum boycotted the bet? You know that, because Megan Kelly was mean to him, and you know what Think we can all sympathise here that it is almost impossible. The ball for Republican, to get a fair hearing on fire,
What is going on what is going on with Trump and Megan Kelly? Did she borrow one of his wigs and not return it? I mean this is a full on feud now with with Trump. In fact, it was that they were trying to embarrass and they considered going with an empty podium, and then they remembered they have George Bush said I need one job was exactly. It was boring that debate. I wished romp Haddan pulled out and his father
her had no matter. What drum does is the borders loved him to the inn? He isn't a magical place with the people who follow him. He could walk himself in a border body. Knock it over trying to get out fraud. Loud covered in tests and toilet paper, and they go see. Romney never did that's awesome, go he's taking over the party he is. Are you probably already has these beaten? The establishment is beating Fox NEWS watch out Jesus. You could be well we're gonna right wingers it looked like that rebellion in Oregon the militia guys who took over the federal building is over the rebels were arrested at eight traffic. Stop you know,
How serious can your movement be? It can fit in one car and you get caught on a beer run this just ok. Now we find that with a ran this year, great news selling Shit now did the world their buying shit. This is good. We're gonna talk to people who used to be enemies. When people sell each other's shit, they usually don't go to war, but ok, there are limits. The iranian president was in ITALY this week, first time in seventeen years and good news, but doesn't do this at a press conference at Capital Line museum. They covered all the statute that showed bear
rests. You know what one in Rome you really should remember the phrase when in Rome, and not only that of the museum in the asian wing, they covered up the whole Wang Dynasty hand and then, and then the next day present rule honey of around was in France and cancelled a lunch, because the array, insisted no wine be served. I don't know is a bigger and sell telling the French you dont, like their wine or the Italians that you're not into tits. That is, and finally, oh boy talk about tone deaf in the war in the year. When we are all talking about how the Oscars or to white, they have cast Joseph finds a white actor to play, Michael Jackson, anymore,
How dare they change Michael Jackson, skin color, who do they think they are Michael Jackson, Kristen felt this Anders Tom Hartman drivers. Thank you, sir, and a little letter will be speaking with the meagre Adam Mackay, but first up. My first guess is a doctor. Researchers who recently treated Charlie Sheen with his alternative AIDS treatment. Here is a little Charlie and doktor hours discussing the results of that treatment two weeks ago, playing what you saw. That was encouraging that offer them the men cocktail that divers undetectable. HIV Tigers were not detectable. An end and in an annex stay that way, please what
I'm Doctor SAM to chew. Okay, so too, I said that right, ok, around gonna call you Doctor SAM Gazette determined, but I you know, I watch that doctor up doktor eyes episode a few times and they just gonna leave it hanging there. If you brought your no, you were in Mexico with them right is for how long, but a part of a complement a couple of months. He was down there. Ok, ok, So if he says as he did, it was undetectable it stayed. Then why did he go back on the regional, traditional cocktail and what was his condition when you, madam, quite frankly, it was dying when I met him Charlie had severe encephalitis. He couldn't stand in the daylight. He his house was like
bad, cable, the shades drawn in dark last, that's Gaza. The hooker severe liver failure from the medication and the alcohol? Probably but and using continent was just in a horrible depressed way and As I saw him, I had to fix the liver failure. I had to try and clear than self lighters that which was killing him, and I managed to do that in fact, within a few hours of the treatment. Charley was running, throwing ball, he was out in the daylight. He felt fantastic. He felt like a fog had lifted off him and it wasn't just Charlie's words. All the tests from Cedars Sinai came back,
showing that, even though you know I've seen of in I've, seen footage of her means should a lot of stuff. When you were in Mexico together when he was on the incredibly powerful medical cocktails, he's still showed virus. As soon as you started, my treats out, he became located. So so. What is in your magic potion and how did you discover it was a researcher. The easiest way to find a cure for something or a treatment is to look for. The disease should be but isn't, and I found a place and makes a shortly, but isn't so I found a place, go with all the ivy drug users, icy prostitutes, all the high profile, things that are necessary for AIDS,
but I didn't find it's what you found Charlie last Charlie change. What I found was that people there were drink and go from a milk from goats which had arthritis they, these votes, have a virus called see a movie, and this virus destroys HIV and protects people who drink. For life. Well, so ok! So why do only you notice, I dont and the good thing about the into now. You can look and see. A lot of researchers did follow on my work. Bulgaria carried through, in fact, theatres and you see a lay, came courting me. They asked me to help them and bring this out to the world. They tested my work that way, and then in the mid nineties made that's my they founded exciting profound, more than ninety nine percent effective. Then they publish it as their own and buried right. I saw
and can NBC News report on this issue of the qualities of little bed cause. It is twenty years ago, but look at it, and this explains it. Imagine near death from AIDS. Suddenly, a miracle appears a vaccine that all but cures your disease. Then you learn the very thing that saving you has somehow disappeared resort, becoming a ribbon urban reported rely on thinkable, especially that was done intentionally. A federal jury says Cedars Sinai. Medical center did just that they have a war. The ten million dollar judgment against the facility, the man The centre of it all is australian. Doktor SAM to show up his treatment of cancer and AIDS is revolutionary. He uses infections like the flu. Ok, I would ask you reduce goose There's a great show on an HBO called vice, which I'm a part of, and they had a bit get the bestowed on how they are now treating cancer by shooting virus
into what is this the same thing you are talking about here to treat cancer by shooting a virus like aids or measles into it? No, I make vaccines from organisms and of isolated see. I made. My life's work to study phenomenon called spontaneous. Your mission happens one and two we in cases of cancer or aids or heart disease or a mess. You name it all of a sudden, the guy wakes up and he's fine, the disease completely gone. It turns out that there are in factions that selectively infect disease and leave healthy solves alone? I collected these four years and I was able to make vaccines from them see imaginable. Those are a mumps goes into your body. It doesn't like looking yourselves that can girl well in them, so it goes into the cell and uses it. Dna correction mechanisms to turn the cancer cell, back to a normal. So this actually happens. That new strains of measles and mumps I'd isolated these organisms and made extracts out of them, which can correct the genetic blueprint so
answer? Isn't the war you fight with radiation and poison? It's a key you put in your turn. You don't kill the patient you cure them. Well. I saw my one of my big issues with western medicine, which also does amazingly gratings. Is that there is group think there that usually the p, boy, who discovered something great, are individuals, Louie PEST Store Right Jenner. Aren't you People were always thinking out of the box and not working for an institution easy all these institutes. They want you to believe that they have a cure. They'll have the answer, the working so hard on it. Nothing great has We're happened in medicine from an institute, like you said: pastor the anthrax vaccine Jenner, the smallpox vaccine Jonas Salk Polio, one person one cure.
Eradicate small right, and I must say what, when I was watching the doktor resting his doctor says at one point: there too, and it's like an intervention that trying to get him back on the traditional AIDS cocktails and he says Charlie knows he has been incredibly successful with the anti viral cocktail. It's basically put you Charlie in a position to live in entirely normal life, normal life expectancy normal quality of life. Let me show you, what was also on the show Charlie talking about his normal quality of life we'll talk him to have someone about always meds actually are its awesome. What they want, what they do, but it's all so terrible what they do and you can feel it Filipino Migraines pupil, pants, ok, poohpooh pants, I dont think as a normal life and I'm good,
that you're a treatment does not include pupil. Panthers are horrible. It's a horrible way to live. Only sign ethics disappeared, the minute you started my therapy and the minute he started my third be his liver, went to normal levels and even the charts they held up on the show all the great test they showed their we're doing my treatment, not theirs. Okay, so just tell me what you're critics woods, I mean people are gonna. Watch this and say I know you ve been called a quack a million times they're going to attack me just for having you on and one of them. Criticism joys here about alternative is well, alas, for some time, but then it regresses. Does this last Charlie did say it stayed in the beginning, of course. At last these vaccines Love America, but and is the greatest country in the world.
That's not the only country in the world, though, for your republic ha when, when the doors began to closed because of use your land cedars when I couldn't apply to if the aid, because they denied my work, I hadn't live accedes registered in other countries and these hundreds of experienced amazing results in commerce, for example, where I come here, small Nations have a hundred, fifty thousand people great beaches, you go there and you ll find you will find that as of two thousand and six, they said me a letter because they use my vaccines, eradicated, a disease called a chicken going Which is kind of like the Zika earlier and what they also eradicated, HIV as Two thousand and six. They send me a letter thanking them from getting rid of HIV. This isn't that scene made him my garage now I mean look. I saw some of the footage of you and Charlie in Mexico and he talked about this on doktor eyes. You took Charlie's blood when he was a
be positive and injected into into yourself and doktor. I says that has very inappropriate what I thought was that's confident. So you don't have you injected. Charlie seems tiger blood into you and you are neither HIV positive nor a tiger. Now. No, I saw a very sad person in a very sad place, and I really wanted to give him a boost. There was real hope, out there. There was a way of curing him, and I did that those spontaneous, but you know each other's right. It would be crazy for him to do that
because all doesnt have a real AIDS treatment. I do it would be crazy, he's not vaccinate. I am- and I don't want to get into this too deeply, but I know there have been attempts on your life is a true s. Car bomb is okay, so so this is hurt your health a bit. What is your wish for when your gun. Jesus, it's a bit morbid it'd have to have something: do a jailer Is this really is my wish to be here telling what holds Georgians four million three may
in four million on belgian people over four. Don't fuckin some money, and I remember watching the shower. I and that's right. I got to know the truth. The reality there is a cure out there there's a therapy, though so much better than conventional, without side effects it was tested and published by your biggest institute, why isn't available I've used it in countries I've cured countries and the only thing is now it's out there. That was my wish bill and thank God for giving it to me
you can tell is America's number one. Progressive radio how's the New York Times bestselling author of the crash of twenty sixteen, the plot to destroy American. What we can do to stop it Tom Hartman great to have you back to physical for the washing examiner and republican poster, and one of our favorite guess christian soldiers, Anderson back here with us and a new one, the newcomer for I shall use the former. U S representative from Florida who is currently writing a book about the inner workings of Congress to be released next year, Dreyer Adele Dray great to have you never to finish your questions were tonight over time, so we can answer them after the show.
The tube. I also want to say two weeks ago I was celebrating my birthday here on the show, and I ask the people out there if they would sign our petition to get a bomb into come on our show. You guys really came through. We went over the hundred thousand mark with, which is when they have to respond in like thirty eight hours, so that's that save me so much time, standing in front a whole foods. So, ok, now I'm sure people are expecting us to talk about the debate. I am not going to it was last night. I think Trump was a genius for skipping it, because it's gotten that place that Tv please get where we ve seen it all before
and it's boring may only take away. Was you Republicans or so dumb Megan Kelly should be your candidate. She so much better than the steps on the stage. So they ask another question Iowa. I wish I could really take one for the team and stop being the first prime because they are not representative of the country. The people are not even really voting and they never would pick a winner and there to religious will certainly three with that. There is some sort of a joke to be made about going to the most vanilla white area of the country and having the Republican Party of all parties go and have their first primary there. I certainly would like to see it. I might be partial, but my home state of Florida, where we represent a huge huge diversity of Republicans and on the south, because my default Lauderdale, you have fiscal, conservative, socially liberal, in the further north. You
though in Florida, the further south you get. You do have the social conservatives, the redneck Riviere there you go, I area spoken services can serve as a lot with a libertarian streak. Like me, I think that it would be better representative of the report in California or categories sterile. Former public state begin right, so much diversity in California. Incidentally, favourable dates. Yes, ok, so let me read would mark a Rubio said. He said we are clearly called in the Bible to adhere to our civil authorities, but that conflicts with our requirements to adhere to dodge rules. Someone knows to come into conflict gods rules always win, no
that's what I said earlier. Is God's rules don't win in America? My rights, although David Sukhi, where working for the government and its particularly, if you are in a position where you are working for the government, then you absolutely need to put your responsibility to uphold the law. First, I think what you see right now and why you ve got you know if you watch the debate last night you saw there were lots of folks kind of talking about their religion is because, as you noted, I was a very even delicacy but I would note that the last two times Iowa has chosen a republican candidate. They have not got onto either become the republican nominee nor the President, so their incentives
I used to have a straw pull the aim. Straw pull wherever we would calm and they have all this barbecue and but on all his food, and they show Bark and Michel Bachman one in they say we're not doing this anymore, and so I should like, if I pick somebody for a third time around than the republican side, who does not ultimately wind it becoming the nominee. I can see folks at the GEO be established, and if they still exist after the trial or NATO comes through saying, maybe we need to re figure out our primary process and on the other hand, you have Bernie Sanders, who is doing very well and I ll try and so on. I don't practise a religion. I I've been waiting. My whole life for a politician who say that and honest Jefferson was last. One is right,
he said, I'm not into organised religion and adjust shows whether Bernie Winds or not. He really has changed this country and not change. The country had been change any showing that yeah there's a large part of Amerika, the kind of wants to be a western european democracy. Socialist, not a bad word, saying you're into religion, not ideal. Breaker doesn't western him in the night encrypt. Is this Eisenhower never talked like this in your own good Republican and he loved that ninety one percent tax rate and we built the country em in the b, but people are still making a gallop. Does this Paul where they asked people? If somebody was well qualified to be president, but they were fill in the blank. Would you be comfortable voting for them and jewish Evangel Christian Catholic theme,
all those all wind, appalling, pretty well its muslim atheists and socialists that always went up at the bottom of the list. Another train lines have been moving. People are more comfortable than they used to be. You are still the most are politically challenging lives down to fifty. One percent wooden vote to remove these ten years ago was sixty one percent, so its movement first Road and still tug crews, said on the Christian First, american, second, conservative, third and republican. Fourth, I would Were that differently. I think you're a creep first practice sector that- and you know, Bernie sanders- could just not say I'm a Jew first
that just wouldn't fly and imagine saying I'm a Muslim for Keith Ellison out of Minnesota right, who even imagine if he did that the republican reaction to. However, I mention this in the monologue. The covering up of these statues in Rome. Can we show what the statues actually look like? This is the horrible nests of what's going on in Rome. Oh, my god naked tidies in tiny painless, as this is what they did. This is what they did. Ok, I think people are mixing up two things tolerance and capitulation. Thank you. This is one thing to be tolerant of another country, but this is our culture. In you know: Christianity, I have a problem with tidies like an thirteen hundred we got over. It
so we should change our culture too ill to a more backward culture. Should we in any way the French in this situation? Actually you mentioned in the monologue how there was a dispute over wine at the lunch. They cancel the lunch. They said if you're in France, we're gonna, have wine at this lunch or we're not gonna have lower breasts Ass John Ashcroft about this was long prob yet is fundamental. As you know, what Exxon Ashcroft as a phenomenon exceptional when it happened in this country, the liberals laughed at him and they appear I watched him? I wish they would have the same enthusiasm for intolerance elsewhere in the world as they do for Christians here at home, who really are into problems if they don't really get their way laughable. They accept that he covered that for four years, but but nobody Nobody thought it was realistic. Nobody. I had a lot of Republicans Roy. What what do you want
What do you think about the fact? We mentioned this a couple of weeks ago. We didn't really get into it into much depth and cologne, Germany, where there are now many immigrants from Syria. They had a big problem on New year's Eve, because a lot of the women were being raped and groped and they action of the Cologne mayor, who, I think now is major resign over this said. Well, maybe women should just stay three feet away. Or cover themselves to accommodate. This is ridiculous. I lived in Rome, ITALY offer a year many years ago, when I was a student. I've seen this debt to have David all of his glory, including his package that impressive by the way, What what about we go? The next time we Chopin authorized to IRAN, are they gonna, be I want them decked out in muscle, tee shirts, with with was eighty shorts with the american flag all over them. Are they going to do that? For us? No, and I think liberals have to stop insisting
the world is away. They wanted to be instead of the way it is theirs. Folks singer and an idiot named James TWI men. He is going to give a concert in ISIS held Syria bear it organ musician claims, he'll stop ISIS with with peace song. At syrian concert. He calls himself a piece True, but door he's going over there with a Christian, a Jew and a Muslim to sing cut to him in a fire pit alligators knowing it is not an. I relate this for two reasons, one to say a James: don't go and I say it again. You cannot just insist that the reality that you think about in your head is the reality that exist in the world.
After the San Bernardino attacks. We were off the next week, but I heard all of a tv this, but he was saying you know: if only Americans new more about Islam, they wouldn't be so afraid. Actually it's the reverse. Sorry to say it, but the more you know the more you would be afraid this is this. Is there I mean he's he's trying to do this? I'm gonna do a show and it's gonna change everything. But there are groups on the ground, like Muslims were progressive values that are there. Chapters all over the world that are chain that that are working for Iraqi T Riley, who are working for women's equality means is this. I'm only hammered out and we have to stand with them absolutely have to be on their side, not on the people whose fate is Lama folk who just help the enabler. We would certainly like to see. Mainstream media cover this more often, though to because all we see is on the left it. You know that you're crazy, hip,
uncle all about peace in love, and that's all we, but on the right or we see, is we're gonna go over there and we're gonna beat the shit out of them right we're going to separate them from a society. We want nothing to do with them. There's got to be happy medium? Well, that's your party believes this is a real political challenge over Europe. So in in the U s- and we are better at assimilation- then Europe is europe- does not have the same kind of tradition. We're not perfect attic here, but there are not as good in Europe and so when folks come and they bring their culture when they come from places where real war on women stuff is happening it there's there is less the influence of the overall society, that's their think. No you're gonna be more like us in your seeing that tension break out, and so you ve got these or far right leaders who now have The ability in european elections were not just two parties where they Sweden parliamentary system, one of the most liberal places in the world around us they're sending eighty thousand refugees backed David.
Buyers remorse, they only one way to put it. I had that there also doing something in Sweden and I believe in Norway as well. That is actually, I think, quite useful, and that is when you knew people come in number one. There taught the language number to their caught, taught the culture and and in fact, all the years that I've been debating right, wingers have been like immigrants have to learn English first, and it actually makes certain upon a sense. They want to be able to function in a society. You want to be able to buy bread at the store you want there. It seems like this, the first step any in any country. Including the United States in and we're starting to, do, is now in our public schools we need to do it more extensively is to bring is when people come from another culture to say: you're. Culture is fine, but here's our culture where it is fine- and I just hope that the Civics Guide Book in Sweden is more persuasive than the Koran, but I doubt it is and if you ve ever
the Koran it has one central message: the Koran is the greatest book in the world this book, your reading right now is fuckin. Awesome same is divided, better than the eurozone or by travel people I mean just take no way, I mean just take one more crack and saving jobs to islands like here's, this quote, but when, when people come to a guy, this poor guy is gonna, be dad's gonna give me doesn't let me he said when people come together and focus on something in a positive way there, scientific evidence that it can change things for the better. Ok, this
or on thinks. He's gonna sing, puff the magic dragged in front of ices and live to tell the story the night this lilies James, get out of there. I write so speaking ever legit. I wanted to mention how many have seen Bernie Sanders. Add that he put on with Simon and Garfunkel singing I could now begging. Maybe he did that biggest Simon and Garfunkel are pretty famously jewish and you know he's ease a problem, perhaps in a state like Iowa and he's in it to win it with the fact that, as we were thing, not very diverse, not many jewish people there so Bernie, we got a hold of the add that he made just for the people of Ireland, standard to try to help with this problem run that if you would- although I I am Bernie Sanders
everywhere I go across this great state. I am asked the same questions over and over. Can you really be president? Have you come to take my baby, and are you rumpelstiltskin these people? I say you might be surprised at the number of Jews you're already comfortable Rachel rate is a Jew and so on. Jake Gillian Home, Kate, Hudson Jack Black and rob the run, walking Phoenix and Wendy Kravitz arches, as is going to poultry and sexy, but accessible Paul ROD report a kid is a Jew of Iron Man and the piano man arduous and Shiela Amass, but still do did you enjoy Milos coolness and not only Portman having sex in the movie blocks one. Let's call that what it is you aren't you actually see have almost been thanks. Jean summit Jennifer Kind of Scarlet Johannsen Jus drew drew to have, and even mention OJ, no, not that OJ. Oh Jane, obvious juice, we consider voting for me. I'm Bernie Sanders and you could do worse than ever. They think I'm ready asked here dominated film is the big short add on Mackay always welcome. You are not afraid out and I am not doing like a bad life is jewish and my daughter's or disease. I write so out of us said, first of all economic, congratulations, your movie, the big shored up for five us, including best director best picture you I mean you know lots of light, just suitor funny stuff. Now it seems like you're having your anyhow moment, you are moving into that place where you're doing movies that are seriously good and use your closed and not being funny at all. This is air about it. It's a great entertainment, this movie that you, yes, no, it is, and you make something that is very hard to understand very accessible. That is your gift. Thank you. Thank you
Moving on the prairie there too there are. There are so many eatable people in the movie because it is about Wall Street. Yes, but you know, I hated the most the ratings agencies, the because you know when the camp is corrupt. That's almost worse thank you. I think the ratings agencies were like really flagrantly out of bounds. I thought it was a crazy that they were just taking money from these banks AAA stamp all fine, and it really like the Europeans especially really believed- are ratings agencies. I mean they that really the first people I would put into jail would be the ratings agencies, people sitting.
Companies were pretty bad to letter. Everybody's yeah yeah there's a lot of them. It's lucky you had a very charismatic cast up, lay all these assholes yeah, but it also struck me watching it that it was kind of amazing that that only this one or two guys saw this coming, because when you look at in retrospect, it's gonna like we're Doktor SAM was saying about you know. Why didn't I What do you say this or really nobody else except a couple of smart guys, could see that this was a sham, that we were building this on a house. Of course it's crazy. I mean you look at the housing numbers. They are flat for like ninety years like they are like this, and I know some they go out and yeah like we were all like: hey, there's a great tune like I love that movie, like vines, have come out like it was incredible and yet no one else saw and, like you know, a christian bales character in the movie is really amazing. He's a guy who's on this
drum loved heavy metal and sat in his office all day long just reading numbers, and he saw it for five years before anyone else- and it really raises question about american culture and our twenty four hours sort of information cycle right. How broken is it? You know? What are we really being told about climate change, about banking, about income inequality and That's why I love the movie. It wasn't just about banking, but it's about what are we being told? What are we to know don't get me wrong I love hearing about you- know how quality Leonard for the spurs has been playing. Great defence God bless him. But
but there needs to be a shift that needs to happen in our culture and that's why I love the movie the character you are representing their christian bell. The real one in life is now only focused on investing in water. What does that tell? What does that? Tell Flint mission we should be terrified Riah. When water comes into question, I mean you think about like like eighteen, ninety it, but he said like water, maybe like what are you talking about rights like sweat, where that's like calls from this guy, but I mean Flit Michigan is not the only place with water problems. I mean rusty pipes, because America, The Republicans
Wolf abandoned on improving infrastructure. I'm sure those are not. The only lead laden pipes in this country, Ohio having high, was now on board. I write that I mean the Flint Michigan thing is really like typical and if you look a Kansas, what's going on with like Brown back, cutting taxes and losing their highway says there s occasional system- is dipping. You look at Walker in Wisconsin. Cutting all these taxes. They have this beautiful state. You know university system that has just done. Being I mean this is the republican? What sort of recipe is that the high?
with everything I want one billion air on top of the mountain whose, like playing with army men in his room and everything's great, you know we had remained abashed. The Republicans use me, I'm and believe me, radios me, I'm lag reform is a right left issue would really that as yet, but you know we kind of have our own Flint Michigan going on right here, because there is methane gas. I'm sure audience knows about this. That is taking into the sky and has been for a month and will be for another couple of months, tons of it every day? There's league front of this a methane well and here's. What the California and Mental health hazard assessment says word for word overall. The available air sampled that it does not indicate that an acute hazard exists. That's not, enough for me,
It has, and I really wonder if they would even tablet, because if they told us it was bad for us. What are they gonna do? How are they gonna? back. You wait a city of fifteen million. Why also think like that? can't really assess macro health threats, like you find it disturbing that may destroy mankind, or is it just like the next week cough like I find it is lagging? It may destroy my gallbladder. He asked I love mankind, but me some more right, so you brought Republicans I'm now question a Republican, and I appreciate you being here as I do any Republican but you're. In Florida you mentioned Florida and Florida tests basic, not let's black people vote
In the law- and I said that a new round of congress- I mean I'm not trying to insult you, but you got caught with some of the bigger sugar. I mean that's one way to go a great guy like Gama, certainly libertarian on drugs, Whatever you like, yeah That's so you know. Yes, I am I
made a really terrible, terrible, terrible decision to appoint lighter move on IRAN to do that from our audience is ok with a bogus real anyway industries, but but really, I think that regional objectives do not a great need for a strong fight club. I cooking related just kidding. Drugs are popular raised, their fun, but you'd area you did vote for a drug testing. Did I foods helped tell me what about food stamp recipient did Obama. Well, that's what I read a member knows: that's what the headlights itself real, quick explanation on. Ok, I would have never ever ever taken a vote, a stand alone, vote to drug test, food stamp recipients. What I voted on, oh it was a massive ok, a foreigner and again and within it was a provision that was put in by both democratic parties would have never vote. I was vocal against the war on drugs at Florida. Sure don't like black people. I mean wait. Phelan there can vote in Florida.
Thirty, one percent of our the wise eligible black men are permanently disenfranchised. Jesse Jackson calls a taxation without representation. I think that's accurate. That's a third!
heard almost his is absolutely right and by the way, was regarded like people voting for to talk to Catherine Heroism, alien election stolen right, Captain Harrison, George Bush knock. Ninety thousand, who was a pot dealer in colleges daughter, did ok, I don't know if he does go game, but he certainly serve Florida to his brother on a silver platter from the ways be debating. I think he's on goods, but ask them cars in favour of the Vermont salute. The Bernie Sanders were mostly in Vermont. You can vote from year, jail cell right, fellow you still any citizen of the United States right. I think you can try to point out to you haven't. I think that are considered felonies, that maybe I shouldn't be in California. Last election, you had folks from both sides of the Isle New Gingrich Jazzy, agreeing on a bill agreeing on it
opposition. That passports is sixty percent of the vote. I think to change a lot of nonviolent felonies into misdemeanours. It wound up letting a lot of people out of jail and it means that for the rest of your life, you dont have to check that box. That says that Europe Well- and you don't have that label attached to you for committing a crime where you didn't anyone else for children that change and watch look. This is all part of the decades ago. The bipartisan war on drugs will relocate nonviolent offenders disproportionately affecting minority communities so out the country there has to be criminal justice reform and that's where the libertarian you haven't. Cans are all evil on this, but you watch that debate. You said it was boring. The one thing that was new and that episode was ran all had a really great moment where we do have asked about what happened in Fergus censure. He came out and he's one of those candidates that the Trump tornado has sort of pushed aside. He had an opportunity to
time last night with this answer that I think I love that were actually referring to it as an episode. Sadly, I would end by David: is one giant Zelda say one thing about ways: odor restriction thing like to me: this is one of the Creek C issues in America like the idea that we don't let people vote the idea that you have to show Idee, even though you were born in our country, like my grandfather's fought world war, two like to not let this happen and that one part The Republicans would be beyond behind. This is like amazing, but there, but the Roberts court has ruled that racism is an urban myth,
true. There are already more that's true problems, but it's crazy to me like that we have been talking about. This is like saying all right. Let's talk about something else than we have. Yes, if I could, just with regard to criminal justice reform before beware of repair elegance talking about criminal justice reform, because its How come you now that there's a couple of very large, very wealthy billion are industrialists who are pushing a criminal justice reform brought proposition includes drug reform, but it all includes making much much harder to prosecute white collar criminals. Ok so here's my idea of a feel good story this week even follow. What's been going on recently with planned parenthood, there were some sting videos made some months back right, wingers, who don't like abortion went into plan. I had an but basically saying- and we ve heard it repeated by all republican politicians to this day, all of
they were selling body parts because their eager and Doktor Frankenstein this telling body so in twelve stage. This was investigated not only where it was this bullshit that that's what will happen but listen to this in Texas. The judge is going to put the other people. In jail, not plan because they were and they were butchered. This is like a dodgeball memory, you throw of the PLO and the guy. Just there rose it and had you ended up, so I bought a hand, protects its getting love. You just said how about him for taxes, or rather how it actually frozen? That will mean that mean, but maybe things changing in America. This was a conservative judge, pro life judge, and he did that
I think, does David abundantly indictment? Wasn't for making videos the indictment was actually for purchasing Hugh in body parts, so you have I'm folks are on the right in the pro life movement who are saying: how do you purchase body parts if no one selling them, and so the thought is that look? This is an indictment. It's not a conviction. Let's let this play out. Who is for trying to purchase them? If you walk up to a federal agent and offer to commit a crime, that's a crime, and these guys were offering to commit crimes some in this right, so we will try to gear upholstered what? What is your theory? Why Donald Trump is light? by a majority of of republican women because you'd think he blew it with women.
Again Kelly thing in all the statements he made me through my eyes is question with a lot of humility. Could last time I was on the show, I was a trump denier and you had it right, and he was only four percent of poles at the moment that I was nigh. Wake up call that this was real, and this was this is happening is when he fought Foxen won the first time he has an appeal that is just differently these by a completely different set, absolutely than most politics than any politician that it's a real there are lots of people that say I dont care that he's offensive. I dont care that he says these things about women. I dont care that he says he sings about minorities he's a winner and he stood and until somebody attacks that part of his persona, other people can say it all he's, not conservative or he's kind of a jerk. Nobody cares about that Trump supporters. Don't care about that. They care about the fact that he's a winner and a lot of these women, particularly older republican women, who really like him. They think he's a winner. He's gonna finally make
Erica start winning again confidence. Don't women like confidence above all I'll, be honest with you on the man know what went wrong groaning it that, like I just made that Donald Trump doesn't wealth girl I've come may now. I'll be honest, I find it very sexy he's out there. He doesn't care re, Zenda, beefy riots, heart to mean saying he's. Just like you doesn't say anything, I'm drunk too I'm I'm totally heterosexual. You, I would, I would say the night with them we, whether its Bernie or Donald Trump. I think that today, society. What we're going from? It's, not what you say: it's how they feel isn right, pissed people,
angry right and I think that we're getting a lot about from the rise of burning on the left and Donald Trump on the right. I'm not I'm not talking pilot. I just want to say that for years people mentioned the question: why do women like assholes, they got into the asshole because they ask as confidence back. Why Tromp is a rather than with confidence and a shy guy. You doesn't tell them they're beautiful, I think We also see the old this game in the book. Is that when there is economic trouble and Well, don't bother Sandia economic shining
ex behind guys like this right, so I mean that's really. What's going on his people are pits. Thank you. Panel time for new rules are not ten. Crews has to stop doing the pledge of relations with his hand in his it's an hour, not abreast exam. He loves America, so much he's gonna. Second bags neural, The city of White Sparrow New York, is finally getting rid of its culturally insensitive Lobo of a white settler choking a native American. Is there anything you would like to say I'll. Seven at the grocery store
Euro, one for reserve has to stop bragging that their bourbon as two hundred distinct flavors people don't drink, verb to taste, subtle, hints of more as a pan, pair and nutmeg. They drink to forget that their life peaked in high school neural. Cauliflower must admit it is really luckily just trying to get and ask your nomination neural now that Mcdonald's all day breakfast menu has boosted their sales by almost six percent. There must start calling it what it really is the old days.
Winners menus. You can always tell this donors at the drive through when there told to drive around they spend the next year, where is driving and finally, new role, we can all stop asking the question: why isn't our government functioning? Why? Because truth is dead and the internet killed, it now remember back in the early nineties, when we read about this new thing called the internet that could put the totality of world knowledge right at our fingertips and then some discovered. It could deliver free porn quickly at something else at our fingertips, but their breasts on the net or not the problem. At least some of those are real. The pro
one is that somewhere along the line, the information superhighway became bullshit, boulevard and truth was roadkill. Now, of course, the world is always had a lot of gullible people who will buy anything. Have you been to start legs? but at least Americans used to get their news from actual news organisations. Now they get it from chain emails and chat rooms and Facebook posts written by lunatics and sadist before the internet. The only put up with your right wing uncle on Thanksgiving now he's fording, you proof twenty four, seven, that Hilary led, the Benghazi attacks and I'll Burma was built, caused these pharmacist, the street corner, not with these end, which board used to be laughed at now, he's linked to
and that's what's so great about Facebook, you're not telling lies, just sharing them in any way lies at the new truth. Yes more than ever people. Today or living in entirely fact, free lifestyle, which is great news for the republican candidates, because when they are confronted on their lies. Now they just say. Oh, I see what you're doing by fact checking me. I just don't care, because my fans don't care couple years ago. We did a peace here where I introduced. The term zombie lies which are republican, talking points that cannot be killed despite being disproven time and time again things like voter fraud being rampant or tax.
I'm paying for themselves or Lindsey. Graham, just hasn't met the right girl, but in a very short time republicans gone beyond. Even the zombie lie to just making shit up ten crows, as the federal government is going after school districts trying to force them to lead boys shower with little girls. Curly fear, Remit is one of a new breed of politicians who claimed to say things that aren't there. She said she watched a planned parenthood video of quota fully, Feed is on the table, its heart, beating its leg, kicking will summon says we have to keep it alive to harvest its brain, but that video doesn't exist unless you subscribe to Netflix.
And, of course, Donald Trump said he saw thousands of american Muslims jeering after the nine eleven attacks. It never happened. But Trump doesn't deny it. He owns, it doubles down, he's like Pinocchio, except when he tells a lie, is balls grow, bigger, so folks, This is new, really listen to me now in Bali, This is new. That liars have stopped caring if they get caught. Bill Clinton had
get all easily when he got caught, but in today's world he just say no. I've never even heard of Roger that woman sucking my penis right now. I was bitten by a snake she's getting them. I gotta admit this tactic never even occurred to me a kind of wish at hand it might. It might have been useful. Like a nineteen. Eighty, nine, I did a moving
old, cannibal women and they advocate a jungle of death, my god, it's on film. I can't deny it, but if I was a republican, you could show it on a loop, and I would just say I don't know what you're talking about. I played maverick in top gun lies matter. Our right, that's funny, fatter than the american fade exactly tat. I want to thank trade without first insult us, Anderson, Tom Hartman, anaemic, gay and doctors and you're not only makes sense if we want to make a move from each other and each bio dot, com.
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