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Episode #378 (Originally aired 2/26/16)

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Episode #378 (Originally aired 2/26/16)
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Welcome to each year, podcast from the HBO late real time with bill
I love you, I I I always say I always say. I know why you're happy, but under the way you're happy denied. I really did you see that republican debate Gee. I just want to say if you are one of the people who is always gotten angry with me for saying this,
the stupid country. I accept your apology even for them, this was a new law presidential. They were menopausal, swamp and Rubio or fighting today, about which one where's more make up that the real housewives or going plays guys a little dignan selling fill you, and if you miss this debate, it cut a look
like a really disgusting cuban sandwich, always Rubio on one side and crews on the other fats lab cheesy am. I thought it was very fitting that moves in Texas, because it reminded me of the Alamo Debate- did the Mexicans where the enemy in the clear loser was America Rubio kept calling trump a con man and then from port points to Rubio and then grows a chill goddess than a liar, and I was at home thinking, and you know what you're all
right. They suddenly. Our trump is right about something else. He keeps saying the world. Is laughing at us because of him. Laugh I am saying where our Jerry Springer Bouncers, when they were screaming insults at age. At one point it got so loud and workers that it's a wonder then Carson got any sleep at all: gentle Ben, poor, Doktor Ben. I I think that said, parted the movie where the doktor becomes the patient acid,
brim card vacancy and and Doktor Ben said he would choose a Supreme Court justice by looking at the fruit salad of there. And also if their milkshake brings all the boys to the yard, but I think he's just staying in the raised with the frequent flyer miles a day, but the line of the week really the thing that says it all. I think a pity Mises everything in the campaign and the Republican Party is the winning Nevada on Tuesday Donald Trump got out therein bragged. What a surprise.
And he was saying about all the people who said we want with the young we won with the old we won with the highly educated. We won the poorly educated man. I swear to God. He said I love the poorly educated and they love him. It is a mutual admiration society and to prove how much I love them. At the debate last night, Donald Trump said he would get rid of the Department of Education and the EPA, because you know when you want to make Amerika great again, stupid and poisoned is a great place to stir and speaking of stupid and boys and Chris Christie today. This is the Big NEWS today fluent its access to endorse Donald Trump ends.
Behind right next to it looked like a presidential ticket, I'm sure Hillary Clinton was watching
this thinking. Yes, I know I can make America hate me slightly less than these assholes a great job here, a letter restricting with mark ruffle, always back first irregularly, Anna, say, and the CIA and author of playing to the edge american intelligence in the age of terror. General Michael able to have you here- and I think you are the only person who was both the head of the CIA and the other thing that you must really know where the bodies are there. They were interesting jobs. I'll bet, you could probably hurt a lot of people if you wanted to well, we don't want to wear what does.
What does what does my file say? I'm just curious. I smoke pot on tv last week. We may have one on you yet. Well, you won't after this interview, you'll, be surprise and pretty much on your side. I wanna first ask about some of the abandoned. The news that a right in your we'll house apple somehow on the side. It looks like this the side, it looks like the some people of the terrorists, because have the phone, the San Bernardino Killer and the government wants them to crack it open and see what it says and they refuse. Virtual both sides, but on the big question I actually slide towards apple
we're gonna get to that. Namibia. That is a real problem job. So what TIM cooks position is that America is more secure with and end unbreakable encryption and he's right until you, if you put a door into any encrypted product, you describe What I want is a direct Ravenna say when I know someone to put a door into a product into an encryption system right some. An additional entry point, my eyes, a success of breaking through their go up. So my my first responses when somebody's put a door in there for whatever legitimate reason is. Thank you Lord, because I can more easily attack the encryption and there are a whole bunch of security services around the world who think the same way. So on balance, unbreakable and ending
should we are far better off now forward over here to San Bernardino about one phone one instrument, one time, one court order right eye call me need to make the argument that this doesn't led to that that this is This is a separable event. They did the apple attempt to do what they have to do here doesn't led to a precedent that creates is in and Jim calmly. The director of the FBI is in helped when other people say an afternoon with the San Bernardino phone I've that nine more around the country and the EU, attorney and manhattans it? I got a roomful them. I got a hundred and seventy five. I want you to break into, and so I see these several so whenever an early, no killer was still on the loose well without change it. As I try to save the book, it's all gray in order trade off that does up the power of this argument over here
going, foregoing fundamental. You may find things here that actually keep us safe going forward, but a lot of this is gonna. Be forensics a lot of this is gonna, be looking back right now. Let's talk about that big applause for apple, I think people and country are spoiled, I think, they're uninformed. I don't think they really know what the but the threats are out there. I think it's, I think it partly to a victim of a victim of your own success I mean nine eleven was pretty horrible, but compared to what happens in the rest of the world. Often we ve we ve got. Way pretty easy. I don't think people really think about the fact that there are a lot of people looking for nuclear weapons, that they would use them right here in this country and that having your pictures. Safe would be ass, wouldn't really stack up to being killed by a nuclear event here, in LOS Angeles or any other major city. Do you feel under under pressure edit. Sometimes I wait. We ever more frequently
the wine a little bit right about our position within the american society. We ve got a summation of it and its generally, not the people outside the belt weights, confined to political elites. It is simply this bill. People accused the american security services of not doing enough when they feel in danger and as soon as we ve made them feel safe again, they begin to complain that we're just doing too much. I think you know we have not quite the applause apple God we have warriors, but we also have warriors, I feel, like you're a warrior. I think
Where am I wrong about that? I mean you're, a guy who not worry luck, and- and we owe you such a debt of gratitude for kind of we're taking on her right. That's all you do. I mean this by agencies overstepped. Sometimes yes, but I do not think there the enemy- and I think people think the alternative despite agencies is utopia and the alternative, despite these is war. What reason why the cold war was cold is because it was fought by spies, which was better than armies and loving lobby double down on that are right, because very often they do things that we do, as as we do on behalf of security and in people, through your kind of fixated on security. You you're, squeezing my liberty, because you're you're focused so much on security, but in reality, Is really the way we look at it built if we feel fail if we fail in the security function, Europe
but he's at risk, because you know what this nation does. After catastrophic failure elects tromp, we things along those lines or that it would seriously. I think the election will hinge on whether there is another terrorist attack in this country. I think if there is especially close to the election is present from political Napster? Wildcard? Absolutely right as and where call several years ago, three days, the spanish election, a terrorist attack turn that one I don't course and we know America's known to shed his band. What what are you think about a president Trump and so are any of these Republicans in some of the stuff they say that's right to me is crazy. I would be incredibly concerned if a president Trump governed in a way that was consistent with the language that candidate Trump expressed during the
what was well worth the water boarding and a whole lot more because they deserve it would not be enough. We did. It provides darling the terrorist families. Only. Let me give you a permit that. Never even again do you write Armenia and you're a real better while yet our agenda, we do of course you'll. Let me give you a punch line if he were to order that, once in government, the american forces would refuse to act what robots Quite a statement, sir. The pigeon, its vital dialing, was where you have to follow water. You cannot, you are not committed you.
And often order that would be in violation of all the international laws of armed conflict while so well, given us a great reason not to support drumbeat, would there be a coup in this country? Ok, I know cool, but they just dumb serious. No, I didn't
no cool, but they just dumb serious nobody. I think it's a coup that you set it up with the book. Thank you. For years, at areas of Investor George Zodiac, earthly, author of the black presidency, Barocco bomb in the politics of raised in America, one of our oldest end dearest, Michael Eric Dyson change. On costs, Low Polyxena magazine plays, Welcome Joanna calls, a joint and contributing to the vanity. Fair will be appearing with Frank, rich were conversation on art and politics at the Brooklyn Academy, music on March eighteenth friend friend label would say: ok, remember to send us your question and I shall try to answer them after the show on Youtube. I am speechless for the first time on the issue,
Rennie shortly after watching the debate last night, I'm just gonna, let you guys take it. I don't know what the question is. Maybe when exactly did America end with this, this was the most childish display, the the idea that these people are running for president, I stopped laughing at some point and really wanted to shoot the tv like over. I I can't help wondering at the absence of jet Bush was what actually unleashed the inner campaign Like a review clause, we suddenly saw a different version of Rubia last night and I was in Florida last week all people talked about was the betrayal, and I wonder if the great, what role will the great betrayal of Marco Rubio to George Bush, his mental and whether or not there had always been some tension on the stage and mark would never actually been able to sort of gopher trump because job his tormentor was somehow judge
in the region, which are that is just the last chance to stop tromp I mean I feel like Trump is like climate change. We know it was coming. We didn't do anything about it, and now it's now in actual and aid was there last chance to do something or do they really think Merkel appeal would be better president enough from not really does not where I mean them even more predictable, yes, unwashed. I've made you long forgotten quell
whereas I will you damn. Well, we use right. Oh yeah, what's happened to them? They they only get worse. At least Rubio looked ass if he was enjoying it today. When he hears you know within Dallas, and he got is blackberry. I mean by the way, he's too long a blackberry started. Reading his tweets out Donald Trump tweets. You could tell what he was actually enjoying it for once, whereas up until now, if you like, he's, though apprehensive so maybe he's a last chance saloon, but at least we are beginning to see him do something were arguing that they were soon purely trying to play the trump card so to speak and they're, trying to prove the rise of this figure, but that it is inevitable it is It is undeniable. It's dark near unelectable that this trap is gonna arise that these two figures are trying to out ignorant each other and the Congo Vex. You know the existential crisis they have on the one hand, but the, but the worry about the make up in the sweat and
argument here is that if the Republicans are supposed to be the adults in the room, I am scared at the insane asylum that has been revealed by their lack of maturity, and they are proud that they are on molested by enlightenment and unfamiliar by the way that the way that rapiers said that thing about trumped looking at himself in the mirror- and he was wide that eight wet he's pants is what are we talking about? It so it's, it is astounding. In a week where I read that the seas her rising at levels, they haven't in twenty eight centuries that there is definitive evidence. The coastal flooding is due to global warming that the bees and the butterflies or dying, which is what pollinate the food- and you know, I'm time said when the bees day will all die for years later, but we're talking about whose job artist, an economist and whose ties are sold overseas for what money in and make up
that's why they really wanted to shoot the tv. What what almost ashamed to admit this, but when I saw George Bush support his brother during his last gasp of a campaign. I was actually stout check for the kind of I want to say gravitas because that's too much, he ain't the only right. What about the ability to at least remain humane for at least tens consecutive minutes without does devolving into this abysmal
a business that Lady Aurex do. I had a different reaction. I felt like he was the first husband that you'd divorced and then suddenly he was back on the scene in new and I thank God. We got divorced made me what women might look at. You might be upset with the former husbands, but the boyfriends. Looking Craig right, let me ask about the Supreme Court. That's the other day we were off last week. That was the other big news that happened. Justice Gully died and it's interesting that there are these secret rules. I've talked about this and the job of these secret rules that are apparently revealed to the ages. But we don't all know until there's a Democrat in the White House and then the right wing pundits tell it like.
You know if you're overseas, then you can't talk shit about the present we didn't know your mother is warning America, yet there is a need for any kind of presence is another good one right. You can criticise the cops when your present, these all rules we just did no new and that we didn't know that it's up so obvious saw these. The framers didn't have to put it in the council, is that President's can't nominated Supreme Court judge in their last year in office yeah? Well, you know why. That's that ridiculous, because presidents have twice two times nominated in their last year, people for the Supreme Court, eleven of which were successful and then as lame ducks eleven nominations we're put forth, half of which were successful, so they're, making the rules up as they go in there arbitrary, and we know what it is this a reaction against Obama being president. They don't want him to. Actually I am answering on aid and south they wanted
Let us make the people spoke twice. We re going to constitutional liar, that's ok, Virginia no basis refreshing to have someone really smart on import should nominate much Mcconnell. Average worker them would not help resident blackens dine majority after vote against them so that others can more easily imagine the Iphone than they could miss MC Don't validated the conservatives watching because there are. There are plenty of conservatives watch the show easily happen. Conservatives gretta, usually we have at least one often too conservative. There's no one to defend them, and so I'm just going to say it. Conservatives Republicans today their way in this country. They always have to cheat lifted,
to a seat on this. That's how they win, but I gotta be gradually of the G8 meeting, of course, is that they make it up is as if it's something that is not only well established. It makes you sceptical about their claims. Democratic construction was an original, isn't all that stuff, in others, big words that they against and that their leader. And let's talk about this case, something spooky happened exactly two weeks ago. I was talking right at this hour on this issue and we are talking about the fact that the Supreme Court had just scuttled. The EPA is lean power plant. Ok and I said how can anything get done in America when you have to run it by antonyms gully a first apparently at that very hour, he died,
he could have been watching the show at something I like Bill Mars, so you're not supposed to speak ill of the dead. So look, let me let me not name call, but let me fact call because grant I've listened for two weeks about. He was a brilliant jurist and he was a great intellectual excuse me engineer. Scalia was put our north to remind poor people that the law is not your friend. You mention Bush versus Gore. He gave us President George Bush. He also
found an individual right to bear arms that is so not in the constitution also believe in the devil. The devil. Yes, my feeling airy, what is America? It's a free country, you can believe in the devil. But if you do, you can't be on the Supreme Court. I hate as a british person to even raise advice for the American and their constitutions. I'll say that with in parentheses, but I do think this is a very good opportunity to re sort of. We think the idea of limited terms for these judges have increased. The weird thing is, everybody seemed so surprised. He died right he's seventy nine! Your was shouting them out on television in a way that may in my heart attack. Yes, thank you none. So why is this the surprise? We shouldn't be going through this and if we had term limits for judges which they do in Europe, we would actually have president's babe to appoint t judges were in a war.
If you had well even to nine, you could do every eighteen years you could cycle. People out in Asia are much bigger, Veronica rotate them off. I mean that's an intriguing idea, but even in the given context, what antonyms golly I did a bill, I think, is not contradictory. You can be Martin Luther King Jr said you can be real smart. Then you can be real people. A medic morally and I think
figure. Right here was an excellent jurists in the sense of the mechanics of interpretation, but he applied them in such a vicious and condemn the tory fashion toward vulnerable in poor people. In the statement he made not soon before his death that black people ought to go to a ten years and so on, and so forth is one of the most ridiculous repudiation of common sense and God bless his soul, but it was an evil examination of a practice that should have been dismissed along with his outdated, think latterly crimes against the gay community to mean in that chair. I mean if any thirteen years ago, that you know he was making coming. Thank people don't want to live next door to gay people. Then it won't gazed than not at this idea that he was a brilliant mine. He was just another old white republican guy living in the bubble. Well, even even the longest serving to aim. Is that the fact that these are our day? Let's, let me not either way ass it in a few years ago, where what our services, you listen to. What I said, get the walls
three journal and the Washington Times. That's the Mooney pay array ray. I get most of my news, probably driving back and forth, to work on the radio, so that's rush, Limbaugh and a bunch of other insane people. My favorite is my good friend bill. Bennet Nother, Dick he has a wonderful talk, show good callers. I think they keep off stupid people. I don't think so. This is just a member when he talked about broccoli when that the bombing care thing was coming up that where we maybe you have, we pass this than people could be forced to eat broccoli, something he gets back to you only ear that from those sort of news outlets. What we think is a deep competition in this country to either be smart or good, and I think what you're proving here is the fact that
ultimately as much as we value critical consciousness, even better to be a decent human being and its ironic that the Republicans who claim to have a copyright on that often dismissed? the legitimate concerns that we have morally indifference to their notion of being smart in their both not as smart as they think they are in far worse than they ever claimed to be. You know I realize what a guy I mean he was on a private wish, one for some sort of private hunting, we're yet an oil, yes with some secret order of saint who Berytus where they were green, robes with big crosses on them, and then they murder birds that are released not into the wild like right in front of him, and he was actually too sick that day to do the hunting but
it was in the car, is that's great to just be around people murdering birds such a big idea that this brilliant mine stumbling in the woods like Dumbledore, is like I said I would not speak when it comes to you, but you can also be banned and stupid you today, you can be so bad and smart in Bree it at the same time. Ok, all right, the republic and the upper hope. I have some good news, good news and bad news about a month ago we asked or what loyal audience to sign a petition around every paper, but we ask them to sign this petition as President Obama to come on. Our show too, you know he's been on. Basically every other shown the universe. Ok, where does so
the White House policy is, if you have a petition and it's signed by a hundred thousand people, they have to answer what we got that in like thirty six hours, so they finally answered and that's the bad news- I would have been easy just to say. Yes, this is not the syrian peace talks, but they did not made. It was very nice uncomplimentary bubble, Blob Bessie these non committal and did not enter the petition, which was either come on the show or tell us why you won't so we got to thinking. Maybe the president does not realise how great we would actually treat him because our show. Let me tell you something: you guys know this. Our show is known for treating guests better than any other, not on the air of offering our staff is amazing. So, Mr President, let me Sweden upon a little just show you how comfortable we would make you if you did. This show Johnny also tell them
president, what he can express thanks bill, bread, guest of real time, go more state exclusive, Deviltry Hamilton nodes conveniently located at the heart of Beverly Hills. Just minutes were most major democratic fundraiser. Yes, Mr President, you will get a luxurious California games, eyes, bad weather juncture, step on this basis, Belgrade, where you can smoke a stick, I mean enjoy. The you should join. Is the Dingle berries, a world class wine bar where you could observe hospitality, exports getting to know your secret service deeds later stop by our five store, chew room complaint with cushy chairs in tasty goods? Think of it as a situation for when the situation is Jill Action and then, today, by kicking back and watch you get two hundred and fifty travels uncomplimentary cable tv to see. If there are any tv shows you haven't, appeared. Currently Hamilton hotel is convenient to be Ellen. Jimmy Kimmel Mark Marin shows, as well as a bevy of others, goes where the whole time didn't give you a billiard where the virus could serve as an actor who is asking for, is low and found the spotlight and ease the founder of the non profit. Water defends, dot, org work rough, allow Andrei now we're gonna get some issues. I know you're all about the issues we have to sit still for this. We watch you grew up on this issue. I would like this is
Third ask your nomination horrid things might not be a fluke that an absolute I say if you get three ask your nominations in five years. You are officially a lister, a list here right here, and I wish my staff will handle the Paypal visually, but I know that's not what you care about, even though spotlight is an amazing movie, great movie about the Boston GO. Let me ask you one question about that: do you think the media is gone downhill since that day, because you guys are real reporters doing real reporting in that movie,
watching the coverage of the presidential yeah yeah and some questions that the candidates are being fielded. I would say it's taken a tremendous downward spiral. I mean as much as I hate the candidate. I hate the media. I hated the way the last night there were acting like these guys are you know we we put them together, like Cox, in a cart fight it might Gallagher, they did look what they did all right. So so, let's go to what you care about a veneer out here and alive, because I didn't even know this You have an organization, that's pointing out that a California ethic third leading oil producing state and the name and we're not we're back what the illiberal liberal environmentalist. We think we are now you're Marilla K and Sarah Progressive Liberal environmentalists state your more like a regressive, libertarian, wild West Oil and gas day
I don't we know about because the media sucks there, we go come yeah. So yesterday I took a bunch of Hollywood actors produce there's some artists on what we call the toxic tour and it works asset occasion sites in LOS Angeles, proper fracturing. Ass, where their drilling using acid of asset, acid, ass arising, extreme energy extraction fracturing or just conventional drilling, and other doing it in in neighborhoods. All over LOS Angeles mostly ninety one percent of the people. There are people of color and lower income people and their kids right next to schools and the kids are getting sick. Nose bleed narrowly vehicle problem, stomach issues as we're Flint yeah
will. The whole nation is relent. Oranges, hear about it until people get sick and that an that's happening here in LOS Angeles and Jerry Brown Is- Much as we like to think of them is a great environmentalists and a climate leader is basically one of the most friendly governors to oil and gas and It was all over the world telling everyone that they gotta keep eighty percent of their carbon in the ground. While it does everything he can to make production easier, here there's no tax. There's no regulations were irrigating our crops in the central Valley using waste oil wastewater. I know it's, it's so does it's just so disappointing. That is the point. Even the good guys aren't the good guys, and also I mean I know we had Erin Brocklebridge Year recently was talking about claw, remain, and I know folks have fatigue with shit that hurt you. I do to the shit that is bad for you fatigue.
You know it's like. I can't hear about one more thing: it's a lot but clergymen really gotta put this on the top ear list here. This is the staff that they put in the water in Flint. It corrodes the pipes, on its own. It's basically chlorine and ammonia. Ok, and we have it out here- folks they have it in Washington Dc San Francisco San Diego ally, gender, Miami Indianapolis Minneapolis, Saint Louis Portland, often used in Milwaukee. Basically, all over the country is sensitive, bookstore its books or were you care little cheaper? When is a four it's cheaper
cheaper and it is in fact, disinfection water because they wanted chlorine used to do, but then they decided, while chlorine too expensive. So, let's move to close, it also kills all fish which should be the canary in the coal mine, a bucket borrow than analogy ran. People who are on dialysis treatment can have core mean water in these things should be indicators that maybe we shouldn't be using it, and you know I'm from Detroit. So Flynn is right of road sixty miles in one of the tragedies is. It was not until the the car production there was haunted by the poisonous water that the people there were concerned enough or at least the governments concerned enough about the people too. Hot was going on there, so they were more concerned about machines than human beings. That's a tragedy as well. I mean how do you keep borders? Chlorine was not great, but it was better than cure. I mean it's only gotten worse pennies on the
or save pennies now, but in the future, when we all get alot sector. This is one reason why America's healthcare bill is catastrophic. So what's the solution? Not use chloral me right, but what we do need anything worse. We do because the water itself is full of fuckin worldwide heavy and saw my so I don't want any water comes out of our tat. We don't trust the water that comes out of our tat. We are one and then we should give the industrial nations in the world. Why can't? We trust the water comes out of our tat, because we don't trust, we don't try to see. How far is it because a money, whether riches country in the world and we don't give a damn about our people to stores that sell parmesan cheese one has,
seven point. Eight percent saw dust in the barbarism, the other words as a hundred percent parmesan cheese as no parmesan cheese, and they are worse than that south, but does everybody just do their job or a key censuses is very yes, that's relevant, keep deregulating we keep and keep making it easier for businesses to saw dust in our freaking graded. She welcomed our Trump presidency, but because the deregulation is dry bananas in under the impetus of good business. I think the negotiations on the trumpet ministration would lead us to this people. Other think about this. When I think about voting and pulling their lives from prison Almond Donald Trump is an army that he would be the most disliked candidate in history tells Hilary would be these second most dislike I'll. Take that
the only calves in either party who more Americans like then dislike is the unelectable works like a regime against tromp is not unrelated. Being no longer. You think Americans right, here's, the irony. You know we talk a lot about so called. Why privilege on the right when we see on the left Obama, when he was so called a Muslim, he was gonna terrorist, but he was also call a socialist. So now he we have a guy out here and I'm that may have given my politics, who claims explicitly to be a democratic socialist, that's good for the base, but do you think it a general election Americans gonna, look out there and pull the lever for a guy who explicitly speculators through a democratic solution. I've been here, I just think is problematic marrying and indeed the nominee hinder EAST envy. The nominee knows well. I may begin to America to American anyway social security. Yes, do they like
right here right now. What you guys are yearning for these burnings problem is he has got a walk on the demographic that doesn't show up here's? The problem is that in a burnt keep saying: well, here's the he's grilled all the time I started this Matthews grilling new day about you know it's not practically says well, I'm gonna start a revolution and then we're going to change the way government is done and it will be practical, except for one thing, the revolution is not showing up democrat down twenty two percent from two thousand and eight you know showing up the Republicans record turn out the Republican that revolution is happening. The Republicans revolting I've always said that the following up unless yeah yeah yeah- I just you know, look I agree, but I just don't know how effective that can be as a pitch to an american public that is already corroded by the vicious politics of the right and Bernie Sanders. Although he's gruff and he's tough, I don't
Everybody here believe, aren't you hear him for a while? He catches up, and I think, as keep saying no one has ever seen what he's offering put on the table before he sang it. You'll pay a little more, but look what you get. You get actual healthcare, get free college education and do you think
math favours and though the math the man ass, he has led away its eyes accidently eliminated before we get it off. We're not that's. Coming he's got one week Laura and then let us an Amber one or I find most. I got one more issue, please. If we know, as I go, there's a footnote now, you now have sadly undated resident, who sag sag screen actors goes like promotes, you'll, be the present world leaders letting out just like a song about a Hollywood Hilary racism because, as we all know, racism epicenter is the Oscars and Hillary Clinton.
A way that has been raised, but wait is clearly ok but well they get. Pornography is white right. It is a little crazy that the protests I see I have to do with the Oscars and with Hillary Clinton, a black lives, after protesters interrupted Hilary at a fundraiser. Instead, Hillary Clinton can you apologize to black people for mass incarceration. You know of the FAO things. I could complain about with Hillary Clinton. Being a racist really doesn't rise to the top of it. I mean it's shies funding cure that everybody else is this person realise that Donald Trump in South Carolina, twenty percent of the voters who voted for Donald Trump just
I agree with the Emancipation proclamation right. This is wholly you're going after this is where we start the battle you fucking Eddie. I don't think they will come and let us be fair, just like one can you with George Bush, doesn't care Bob likely we Tacoma races, although George Bush heard races, they'd, not they're, not claiming as the black lives matter, that Hilary is a racist. What they're saying is that negative racial consequences flow from mass incarceration and by the way when they accused her of talking about the super predator, which she did. Let's note the fact she apologized
Bernie Sanders taken out of country with no English saying black people are predator, nano notions think super predators. The language did John D Louis somebody was using about black criminals and the second. But here's my point you she had leading apologize and acknowledge that there was a problem, but I'm saying I think, a sexist for people to impute to heal the recurrent and what our husband did. Her husband was the president of the United States of America, not every corner, but I'm not mad. One party does not even in knowledge that racism even exist. They say it's an urban myth. None in Europe by placing set show what the black lives matter implicitly are proving the humanity of the Democrats, because at least their humane enough to respond in kind to them that the Republicans don't give a flying damn about. What's going on there and therefore that bit, they prove their inhumanity little in one, since they are affirming and things which is a party. The party, that is the party that was supposed to be for the four for black people as let them down continuously and that's what the black lives matter absolute made is going after the rats because they are the ones who are supposed to be on inciting them, taking the obligation to take women taking it for granted, but ever persons as a person who believed that Hillary Clinton Movies Ex President, a United States of America, I'm telling you from a sympathetic position. It isn't. There is no problem with black lives, met a challenging them because the Democrats have had a history. Is brother. Reveller was that of exploiting those black people, but at the end of the day, I think that Hillary Clinton is not only the smartest person. The most prepared person, but the person who has given the most credible empirical analysis of race in the last twenty years by major american politician. I think people need to learn the difference between an imperfect friend, a deadly enemy. No don't wanna, tear Hillary Clinton downgrade then enjoy prayers
then Trump only get two choices in America choices, but it is perfectly legitimate to keep black lives matter the fabric of what people are thinking about, because it could not love showing your issue, someone else's there. Instead right- and I think you know it was unfortunate the way she did it, but at least she'd been allowed into Hilary thing. You can imagine that you would have been blocked from trumps. Another guy wasn't around on the crowd. She's, the only black person there, when they arrive hundred dollar a play Fund Rave, we went wild there's time unless they wiser than about blood. It's today have to be everywhere, giving you money used age. The black
people really again. We shall be everywhere. We like to use the term, but that makes me erases come on bill. Yom then problems. You know I'm not at all, but what I'm saying reacted when I said they know how to read that wasn't me broke down. There will be no mother. I am sympathetic to you in terms of the argument about the efficacy of Greece. What you're arguing about, if I can, if I can dare to speak for you, is that let's be politics in strategic about getting even our friends who have made mistakes were imperfect to do the things
want them to do list, not close them down so much because if you keep practising the politics of disruption to the agreed that they don't get a chance to respond, then that's counterproductive. However, the reason we're talking about this today is because they have been effective, enforcing a conversation that we'd rather avoid, but at the end of the day, I'm Roland with each our sea to the inn, because I think she give of what is happening in this controversial. So we can have black lives matter articulating. Their concerns in Hillary Clinton responded them better by the way, then, the occupant of the White House and others who claimed to be the friends of african american people as well. Ok, fine girl, they South Carolina cop charged with sitting in this patrol car watching for non european, his cell phone, while rubbing his penis through, is uniform pants has to learn but hands up. Don't shoot me Hilary ass to stop doing this? Look like you're acknowledging someone in the crowd. It looks like you're shooting lightning from your finger job like emperor fancy neural now that it turns out Mcdonald's new, healthy Kehl. Caesar salad has more fat than a big MAC.
More calories than a big MAC and more sodium than a big MAC. It's just the whole menu thing and call Mcdonald's what it really is: homeless, Starbucks girls since Monday was the tenth anniversary of the last time. Clarence Thomas asked a question out loud and the Supreme Court. Maybe we should check if he's dead euro. You can tell me that this is a little girl and Crimea celebrating defender of the fatherland day, but I say it. Sarah Palin on Throwback Thursday and finally, new or old Donald Trump, must admit that of all his reversals, hypocrisies and one eighties, his condemnation, this
wake up the scent a fox for using foul language is the most ridiculous. Of disgusting thing that he said- and I could tell you I would not use that word talk about the part knowing that cattle orange was under this, but its political bull, shit, she's, eddies, their ripping the shit out of the sea. We can't get a fuckin school built in Brooklyn, raise prices under a bomb. The shit out of me, you motherfuckers we're gonna tax, you, twenty five percent, Yes, something certainly has changed at american political discourse. Oh sure, Dick Cheney once told us Senator to go fuck himself and Joe Biden called Obamacare a big fuckin deal, but those comments were off MIKE not intended for public consumption,
and considered gaffes, but when Andrew dice, trumps big. He doesn't even try to clean it up and the borders. Have decided that not only do they not mine, their leaders, swearing Baker like it, I kind of like When a politician drops the facade and talks the way we all really talk. Just so we all know where this is headed. I would like tonight. To show you what a future president is. Owing to look like delivering the state of the union address in the not too distant
the future of the United States is theirs rigour, Madam vice president, fellow citizens. I stand before you denied to report that state of our union is fucking awesome. Now, thanks to the programmes we put in place, inflation has been kicked in the times
we are job, creating like a mother, Fucker and our deficit is shrinking like a cock on a cold morning. I know I know that, even though the economy is strengthening and the stock market is up to, many working families still feel like they're taking it in the ass. That shit needs to stop here with us tonight is Bob Goggins from pork, Ridge, New Jersey and historians. America's story, Bob busted, is nuts for twenty.
Or twenty seven years assembling brig pads until the company decided to move to Mexico and Bob was shit, can and left holding his dick in his hand, which is why this Congress asked me to raise taxes I'll, say no and they'll push me and I'll say no and they'll push again and I will say to lick my balls. No new taxes also with us tonight is surely flower, widowed mother or who, along with her husband, Bud, worked hard and play by the rules, but Bud was killed in a first lies or planned explosion due to a role, Back in workplace regulations, and now surely, life has a future
by day she labour for minimum wage wiping down this needs guarded synergies. And by night she works the pole with a country muse extra person boots, giving tug jobs in the parking lot for extra cash make his pledge tonight, then the richest country in the world, no one should have to do a lap, dance or suck my dick to make ends meet last year when Diane and I were campaigning in Ohio, I met a sixth grade teacher and chagrin falls and well. She look like you'd had a hard day, so I gave her a hug and asked her what was wrong. She pointed out a classroom and said to me, Mr President,
these kids don't know shit education, a dozen sock balls we can do better. We also must have better caring for our wounded warriors like Airforce veteran Jeff Monroe, the leg fighting in Iraq, but instead of bitching about it like a little can't.
Yeah. I've worked with blade, runner technicians and this year ran in the Boston Marathon for soldiers like Sergeant Monroe that tonight I am asking this Congress for a hundred billion dollars and increased military spending. Let every nation know that if you fuck with the United States, you are fucking with the most balls out bad swinging decks. The world has ever seen and we will not hesitate to stop. You tell your head off and shit down your neck. My friends. There are those in these uncertain times who say America's best days or behind us, but I say: fuck
God bless you, God bless. The United Mother Fucking States of America is slow, tells a story like my revising level. My rifle our general Michael Aden Join is now and over time for you to beg, you watch the movie Phoenician, not behind each bio dot, com.
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