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Episode #379 (Originally aired 03/04/16) - Bill’s guests General Michael Hayden, Mark Ruffalo, Joanna Cole, Michael Eric Dyson, Fran Lebowitz.

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Lays I agree, but I now make up so much pain is news to get too, but before we get to the hard knows, I want to just say a shot out to astronaut Scott Kelly. This week the sky was in space for a year. Can you imagine, then got back to earth this week they told him drunk was gonna, be presenting our right back on a right? Well, I might be the only way to avoid President Trump. The Republicans are trying everything since tromp had a big victory that was superinduced day this Tuesday, and so they brought out
There are big secret weapon, Mitt Romney. Why did you say this mister romilly, but it made a speech again. Strawberries drop is a phoney in a fraud who is playing. The american people for suckers annihilating tried that, when you're being called a fraud, who plays people for suckers by Mormon, That is the way the goods that are, but the course Donald Trump took the criticism calmly called Mitt Romney step a loser, a lightweight, a joke artist. I love this because he has it's an even keel. Trump said that in twenty twelve admit, was the nominal Mitt Romney beg Donald Trump or his endorsement, and then Donald Trump said I could have.
admit, drop to your knees and he would have dropped to his knees. What is just take a step back here and examined what's going on after a week, capped off by the way by the debate last night, where the republican nominees are belittling each other overweening size. The current republican front, runner is talking about the republic, a nominee from last time, blowing him and then Donald from yesterday was on good morning. America, the duration, one of those, and he says once I'm elected. He said I will be very, very presidential. Yes, once I'm elected until then Mitt Romney can suck my dick I mean. Did you see that debate last night.
I was crying like the indian and the public service. American. I don't want to. I don't want to say, was bloody and messy, but the front row is worrying plastic like at a gallop. It was nothing but name calling for two hours: Rubio called Trump a con man and from cold grooves lion dead and everybody gold. Everybody else a disaster for the republic, and then I love this at the end, if the other guy wins, we used to boredom, of course, as opposed to what voting girl woman. Could there ever be a bitter argument for everyone, president, then the then the fact that three members of the other
already are arguing over their dicks eyes. I believe Trump last night. This is like in the first two minutes at the debate. He had to respond to this accusation that if you hadn't been following this mark, a Rubio all week was saying that Donald Trump has small ends. What they say about men with small hands yeah they put up
all buildings, with their name on them so Trump had to make sure everybody knows he didn't need to make his penis great again. It was already grades. He's actually came out there and I guarantee you there's no problem. I guarantee you over to you fact check dot org, you know we have on trumped lies about everything else. We gotta know John you're, the guy who made Obama show his birth certificate. We need proof, shows the deck certificate or or just drop. Your trousers shows your brains and then you can put it behind we and also I notice they waited for the black guy in the race to drop out before they started. Comparing our Republicans, maybe we should forget just forget about delegates and and have a dick measuring rinse previous can come out with a ruler. Whoever's got the biggest wins and, as the chair
and still have Hilary lopped off in the general issue of Heroin, lighter always breaking with the lovely in hilarious. Sarah sober Persia. She is a muslim activists and president of the council for Muslims facing tomorrow. Here is little over internet video call by the numbers in transit, didn't kill research released a comprehensive study based on interviews with thousands of Muslims in twenty nine countries. It reported that in countries like of honest on Egypt and Jordan, the vast majority of Muslim surveyed between seventy nine to eighty six percent believe that those who leave the muslim faith should be executed. Do you know anyone who has left their fate? Do you temptation be executed. Do you think that that's a radical belief?
work on radio Raza legitimate. Thank you for coming on. Thank you so much for being here and thank you for being so. Bravery speaking out. Thank you for giving reform minded Muslims adherence to have as airport? I think we're on the same page about that I mean I've been having this fight with liberal three years. I think they're coming over to our side. Now you think I do because you know I've been framing it in the way of you know. The illiberal liberals are the people who are exposed to be fighting oppression. I tried to introduce this term every day, terrorism, because I think that people think about terrorism, anything about ISIS, but. you know, in most of the muslim world, there are no bombs going off, but there are maids who can be raped with impunity, wives, wives, who can be beaten, gay people who can
amount of the closet. You can't be a blogger, maybe you gonna lose your life. I mean this is what you are talking about here and that brilliant video that Absolute Lee and you know tat. It was actually a part of your show that inspired dragon project to make this video, it was kept way that benefits lake went back man. When I looked at it for the first time I brought you need to have some reformist voices on your show. Now I know I know I knew I am so glad you said I bent over backwards. Trying to have the other side, and when I should be doing is giving more voices to people like you. Suddenly we ve had Azra no money on the show. I heard the only allowed a great people, but yes, you do. I not in that video. You do say, I dont need selection,
these defending me. I need defence against people in my own religion and want to kill me absolutely, and this is going to add to that this. By the way I know me, I shall just so that you know, I think it very important that we know that you live in Canada, yes and all the voices that we here like this are usually from people who don't live. In their native land, because if they did, they might be dead. Absolutely We can do on automatic to embrace liberal democracy, the freedom and pluralism, most importantly, freedom of expression and gender equality, and we do have it here, but we need to fight for those who are fighting against these odds. And in order to do that, we have to have statistics like by the numbers: Bernard Phil it's a great what you would you show, which is that I think you know I talk to a lot of liberals. They come up to me at parties. They want to talk about this and I They have some very bad ideas about what's going on in the world, and one of them is that it's just a few bad apple
Was an you show that no bad ideas, unfortunately, are not confined as to the terrorists. These ideas like you, said, leaving the religion gets, you kill, being gay can get you killed the eye, Creasy the marriage of of yeah mosque in stamp duty and in terms of women's rights according to the same pure research ball, they found that thirty seven percent of the Muslim surveyed said that if a wife was unfaithful or had adultery or premarital sex, it was ok and acceptable to kill her So when you think of that mindset, that's almost three hundred thousand people, sir. Three hundred million per year? Yes, so the these are important. They are
a day not to demonized people, no longer scare people, but to tell the truth and write a deal that the odds that we are up against and back when I say we I mean we reform minded muslim majority for movement, whether frontline warriors in this battle against radical jihadist, I'm trying to defend people who just want to live in the twenty first and yes and it so hard in so many places. I think Americans what they see as american Muslims, who are very lucky, live in a place where you can leave the religion without getting killed or you could wear a not if you did I as that job. If you dont want to or you can come, the closet if you want, but these are not options our goal for most Muslims around the world are not yes and that's it.
when I found my voice and my freedom when I came to an automatic to Canada about twenty eight years ago, and the fact that I have male support, both in my family and my children and on from the outside, because without engaging the men we can bring about change in the issues of women's rights, which is very close to my heart right, it is the men. I read this brilliant arbored piece in the New York Times a few weeks ago by Camille come out outcome. Ok he's algerian, and he was talking about he- be set at what right out. He said this sickness in the muslim world that the sentence That amazed, me was, he said. The path to orgasm is not through love, but through death well there's a lot of sexual deprivation there's a lot of sexual oppression, and then it manifests itself in very violent. As you know, when you press people, when you suppress their natural urges, it manifests itself in this case and for
minutely, manifests itself in violence against women, and that is one the issues that we are fighting through. Films like honour diaries that was made by the Clarion project here, and what about the film that one they sure documentary at the Oscars amount has been day, and such I mean about a girl in the river behind Scott. It's about honour killings days are, unfortunately, more common than we think right. What is an honour killing? Well, it's not ok is when a girl, usually a female. Sometimes it's also males by the way is killed in the family because it deem that she has done something that has dishonoured that culture is a tribal practice that has for thousands of years and in many ways of the world where these tribal practices still exists? It goes on and that can be just being raped. And yes, it can be They rightly blamed her, but you know that is an extreme. It could even be something simply s. Turning and looking at a boy or talking to a boy or you know, speaking
talk to our neighbours boy or doing anything that is deemed dishonoured. But this frightening thing is build that does not just happening out there. It happening here in Amerika, it's happening income. And that is what what is happening in these honour killings right there have been, and also female genital mutilation. Lessons in western countries. Yes, almost half a million take cases are female JANET. mutilation right here in Amerika, so we have it huge problem ahead of us and if they want to be politically correct and beat around the Bush deflect from the issue, we won't be able to address it. So in order to bring about a change, we have to address the problem head on, and I think maybe we agree on. Maybe we agree on this also Euro Donald Trump, I think, is a very dangerous man with some very dangerous ideas, including his ideas about Muslims. I dont think bar or muslim cement during entering this country. We need Muslims in the fight against terrorism, but I will say this
and I have said it before and they show if Americans have to choose between a party that won't even say the phrase: islamic Terrorism and Donald Trump, especially if there is another attack, don't use Donald Trump and then things are gonna, get even worse for Muslims. So it is their own best interests too come out on the side of principles that are liberal, democratic western principle senator agree with you that two things I want to say about Donald Trump, one, that he then an up
unity, offender and secondly, you know this is considered to be the first world civilized world, but he's really lodging that line about really matter to cover my years in some of the conversation, I'm still pretty old fashion. That away- but you know, come on this as a presidential election salt- that's all I've. Never catch rates are not in my presence in Europe for a five year, absolutely right. What we have to do is look at the deeper picture we have to look and see. Perhaps muslim Americans need to sit together and discuss. You know what is it that brought this around? You know is it that something has
festering for a long time. Is there a problem within the House of Islam, and that is a question that many Muslims don't want to address that you know the question might do. Look in that reflection is very elder for the sole it's very good for us, because it teaches us how to be better human beings, and it teaches us
we have a serious problem that we need to address and we need to find solutions with the people from the ants. Will your great spokesman for the girl, you know what you do you do in God's work, we must make our area is a failure to jeopardize the daily collar and offer of too dumb to fail. Had the GEO Pre one elections by sacrificing its ideas. How timely to have met law is here tonight: jeers retires women representing Marilyn's forest gesture, currently running for a seat in the. U S tenet, I bet she's gonna, one representative, Dunna Edwards House, enviers, all things considered Irish, a pair of where this expenditure questions work tonight and overtime financed them after the show on Youtube. Ok, so
get right to it. The republican party having an exit, Joe crisis. They are very upset that, a half their voters wanna give nuclear weapon. Do a guy who gets into twitter view with daily celebrities and we their stand, that I almost feel bad for them, except I really Jones, because, because they brought in on themselves, they made a false d in bargain with the racist devil many years ago, and now those chickens are coming home to roost. Let me Reed. What Paul Ryan said, which is that of a person, wants to be the nominee of the Republican Party. They must reject any group or cause that is built on bigotry. This party does not prey on people's prejudices our well George. I would say to him what about voter ideal was what about what
defending the guy who get shot the black guy unarmed instead of the cop. You know I mean who are they kidding This is the party they are, and Trump is just the latest. Now I think I think, there's a huge but right now in your sing it, I think people like yours truly. Then some slight Paul Ryan like Markka Rubio are very much a solutions based conservative party that rejects this stuff. I think Donald Trump is playing up. Why identity politics, this nationalist populous thing and the fact that so many you're saying that was never in the party. This just got a guy just wrote a book about the dumbing down of the Republican Party in the conservative limits. If there is no doubt that there has always been some of this around the strain of this, but I do I think that would be unfair to say that Republicans brought this Donald Trump and video is the hostile takeover. The party he's actually, really, I think it's a departure,
I think, there's always been this loose coalition in the Republican Party of the libertarians, even write articles, the social gather, the the hawks the and they ve all sort of somehow been held together until this week, and I actually think this week was the most consequential weaken american politics, perhaps my entire life, because you're seeing one of America's too big parties, literally coming apart at the seams and you're, seeing the guy who came out of Super Tuesday on top being dead.
Avowed by his predecessors, Republican Nominate, the guy before that John Mccain, Paul Ryan, the how speaker a bunch of foreign policy experts within the Republican Party you're talking about a contesting invention that that all of these people are said that they would vote for him. If he's the nominee. All of that is a cancer on the parting is all that time. All those all those eighty you're right does have an economic actor discordance cognitive you're not going to go through Hilary that no, I wouldn't go for Hilary contest, but I would not vote for Donald Trump and good content and there are a lot of conservatives. Are you not planning to cast a vote, but I made her assuming someone. I know I'm not only by swimming the problem without unless he really going to be your now. Many well, let's hope not, but he redefines what it means to be a conservative and there are a lot of conservatives. You know that really care deeply about things defending the unborn, whether or not you Ruth Abortion or not, who care about things like free market to care, about lower taxes and legitimate policy issues, and with Donald Trump does is. Is this white identity, politics, politics nationalist?
thing that has very many think I reach isn't very retweeted Mussolini, reeled out new, very not new. Let's get, let's get back to that. It's not knew it was called the southern strategy. When Nixon did it Reagan, started his campaign in Philadelphia, Mississippi. It's always been a winking campaign to get white poor people mostly who have a resentment to devote racial, we saw what supper time this is, I think, is very, very interesting. We're running against two old white people and you had an african American just dropped out running in the Republican Party to Hispanics you out, oh, I would say that the Republican Party, a leafy if you look at the people who are running for president much more diverse. Injector ways of annex I wanted a second one, what other Hispanics on cattle chorodyne throw them out of the car, and I think it right- and I think it's true- I mean this was a marriage that was made
following the Voting Rights ACT at the marriage that was made when Lyndon Johnson? recognize that we would never. When the South again Republic earns Meda bed and now they are, just lion in it. There are swimming in it, but in twenty twelve the Republican Party said we need to do something different after Mitt Romney loss election. They do this post mortem. Although the autopsy party, the autopsy exactly they said only a very small appeal more to Hispanics, we need to appeal more to women. We need to emphasise social issues ass, but the base had other idea, and we now is the base and the leadership right, I'm in completely different matters that, whereas that's the point they there, we said it's a big tend to me. It's more like a thing about more like a house and they let the racists have a room in that house. They didn't go in that room with all the Nazi member billion, but they made him
very comfortable room in there and now they took over the house and the and the regular Republicans referred to go to the kitchen and lead to get his lip was liberated entirely in about clearly they could see this happening over the course of the campaign and up until just the last couple of weeks. No one said anything about it, and so I think it
actually too late to turn back the clock. I again I wrote a book about the dumbing down of conservatism about that, but you know the books called to dump you're one of the good ones are both imo evokes called too dumb to fail, and it's about the Republican Party, but I would say one or two things are seeing with Donald Trump as he is bringing in new vote here. These are not republican, Bayswater right. In some cases, these are former Democrats, absolutely working class white voters, a lotta willingness to, I think, they're pissed off in some cases about legitimate issues. There, pissed off about political correctness, run amok their pissed off about the fact that there's radical Islamism out there and tat their very afraid of terror- and I think I don't agree- I do not agree with the Dynamite- Donald Trump and authoritarian, but some of
his voters have legitimately and serbian aren't there. Also, pissed of that is that for years they swallowed, but the Republicans were selling them. Conservative principles is why Mitt Romney the worst spokesmen they can gay? I grant you know I think, member Joe, the plumber Joe the plumbers, the perfect example he actually bought that bullshit Joe. The plumber, who didn't even have a job, didn't have a plan where's licence, but he hated Obama, because Obama was going to raise taxes on people who made over two hundred and fifty thousand dollars a year. They killing Joe on the imaginary business in his head, and this is the poor schmuck that they food for all those years and now this guy, here's Donald Trump unease like oh yeah, fuck, that's wrong, but what you are talking about is a white working class, which is certainly part of Donald Trump appeal, but it is not the entirety of it. When you look at the exit polls,
people supporting trumpet the republican primary cover, a wide range of groups. The trauma odors include evangelicals, well, educated people, less educated people ire and come lower income. This is not just about all night work and Donald Trump is a is a weird amalgam of things that people might like he's a celebrity he's billion air slash economic genius, because he has a lot of money, he's a racist and he's a non politician. You put all that together. People like all those things I am here to ideology and you can call from a number of different and you can pull from a number of different segments to bring that together. The problem is that the leader ship Republicans never bothered to separate that in now. You ve got it all in one package and I again
I dont think that there is any turning back. So that is why I fail to me. I think it is going to be the death knell of the Republican Party could becoming a part of you about this dilemma that if Trump gets through the convention, even if he doesn't have the exact number he need. So it goes to a second ballot, but still he was the clear winner of the most delegates. What are you gonna do because if you deny his voters now there, the bath party in Iraq ran after we display. Them, and now they have nothing to do, but bitch and start ISIS
What do you do? How they're all this talk about? We're gonna stop Trump. How would you gotta get iron man and how are you gonna stop Trump and if you get about ITALY angry Basis, what is so incredible about this moment is that nobody knows you look at what happened? Is a convention in Ohio, okay, well, people say, will deny from the nomination and then what Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney TED Crews, Marco Ruby? Nobody knows that's what makes this so utterly bizarre, and also the lonely iming formulated hundreds fond of our different time cover politic. Really it is, but that's not people vote I mean once people have made that commitment, they're, not Can I say well, I was wrong and I'm gonna go with the other guy. I think they ve made
that commitment and I think it will be very difficult it's to undo the commitments are those delegates could make them anything on extreme convention looked like Charlie. You know this is going to be created. Founding fathers feared the most that the people, the actual people who could get a hold of the the and bring the wrong people, and I mean that discussion we were having a friend is interesting because, like in a lot of countries in the Middle EAST, Egypt, recent
we are doing in the nineties, they, yes, let's have democracy and they let the people vote and they elected the wrong guy. They elected some untenable goon, some religious, not and the army had to take over and now the Republican Party as the same problem, we gave the power to the people they elected there we need. We need super delegates, that's right! This system that empowered tromp was created in order to let the establishment guy when they change the schedule, because in two thousand twelve romp all wrong Rick Santorum New Gingrich they were holding on their holding on. They said no, let's let the guy with the money, have a chance to close it up early right. That's not how one of that one of the sources of the establishment Republicans who are against Trump is the weekly standard. Almost all there is up, people are, but did their trying everything they found this week. They dug up this.
there's vanity, fair article from ninety ninety trump kept a volume of Hitler's speeches by is bedside. Now I didn't know This was true, so I I couldn't you know I've seen a lot of Hitler speeches on old doc, meant recent stuff, but I dont seconds a German. I don't know what he was. So I had one of Hitler speeches train slighted into English, and I think This tells us a lot about where Donald Trump is getting. As I did look at this Hitler speech and we've translated it for you. Thank you
Thank you know. We're gonna make Germany great again that I can tell you believe me. Germany doesn't want any more angle and friends Amerika there laughing at as the treaty a verse. I will deal with stupid people who are leaders really stupid people making general deal. President Hindenburg uses stiff very low energy. We built the boy with his name on it. It was a total disaster. We are gonna, have a military, so big, I'm so strong. That will never have to use it. Ok, maybe we use it a little. We don't conquer anymore. We don't have exterminates or when I was your Germany is gonna annex again, there's gotta be so much expect to get sick of annex. I love the Jewish no more than men, but folks either we have a father land or we note so we're gonna have to build a camp and I will make the Jews pay for what I'm done with them. They'll be saying merry Christmas that I can tell you why some accurate one, great Canadian it was nominated for aside award well deserved a role in the film. I smiled back. Sarah Silverman Popular you are the people love you, you could be president, what's really Heller Research but listen. I have to tell you that movie, you did unwillingly, but you are a real actress. I mean I don't know if we will do that. I know what I saw you and other things, but this is in two parts STAR Trek Voyager. I saw you all that, yes, I saw you and many things and I have to say we are really wanted to ask you is this? Something is, I don't know, I'm not as long as I've known you. I don't know when you started a comedian. If this is what you were aiming for, or did they just come about, because you saw the people act and said I could do that
the latter. Really you never know who I am no longer. I won. I was going to be an actress, but I wasn't doing stand up to get seen to be. Address I mean I must combat guy. That's who I am I being gay you're born that way run not in this movie but yeah. I do other things too. I like to think of myself with someone does odd jobs. You know so, like a guy love acting, I do I you know I used to spend my my I'll have my ten years in New Hampshire up in my room crying and doing Emily's speech from them. Our town, but on.
mostly. I am funny you really sharing with us to plan designed irony now, but I am really excited about the movie entangled together. It's a great you're. U or look at why the Hitler hair I was purposely wearing Hitler had her take back the night, to take back the night. The I get it to work here. There was a wonder: was a vegetarian people only mention the bad things so when you do a role which is so heavy dew as they say, leave it on the set. Do take it home to you hunky british boyfriend, Oriole guy. I know I'm not I don't
Mai, ten thousand hours in of dramatic acting. So I can't I don't know if easy access to those emotions, amendments put him back in a drawer there very tightly compactly placed inside me so once they were out, there were just on my lap. He always hear Tom Hanks is like the life of the party, and then they call action in these captain, Philip. I dont have those yeah yeah drama Wickham over an open. So what's your problem, tax because I know you care deeply and you been a Bernie supporter. Yes, I find it very interesting, Donald Donald Trump as the nominee he will be the most disliked nominee in history and Hilary would be the second most dislike. The only nominee in either party who was liked by more people than not than dislike is burning
hinders elected. I don't find online a. I think, that's something I dont know what who's perpetuating this, maybe little thing. Damn media the Jew run media. He isn't funny, he's really popular airy with both sides. Everyone like some and he's for sale, not playing the game and it sounds what he means and he in all of those Youtube videos of handling the Senate floor. You know questioning the in Obama's choice for the head of the FDA, Mc Gowan Greens, boundless of its own. Kick ass
and what about the civil rights very him and he was less than he ran on the right side of unnecessary at every turn, not along with history, not when it becomes popular, but before its popular. Why? Why does my guy Hilary was my Canada? I like Hilary? This isn't an anti Hilary thing. I just an alternative came along. You know all the baseball players, you steroids. So then all its ballplayers, you steroids, so that even so they can compete and that's how I think of a citizens. United, you know Heller It takes money from banks and big business and super packs. So did Barack Obama is she's. Not print than anybody else. She was the
best choice. I thought considering they all do it. Then someone came along who doesn't take steroids, who is not for sale, heavy and paying them the big, the people that inspire people and the people that you know are you know. Gandhi didn't have a complex messages, pretty simple. It's just the honest truth. You know his concern, isn't his offers its not elections, it's not whatever it's just his is. He is indebted to no one except for the american people. That's is, thank God, and I dont know. Bernie gone is a white. Why is it on catching on with african Americans burning they're not feel in the bird I don't know, do
there is, I think, killer MIKE is African American about one. That's when spike leaves one you're not going to name. I just feel, and I just suddenly following I have black friends like I don't know, I'm just an actor great writer AIDS dramatic. I am trying to be somebody like all other things and you haven't demand pouches. I grew up in New Hampshire, illegal Mary, Stuart, more political question dying. I really worked up Donald Trump Donald Donald Trump said
Swing that he was audited by the IRA's, possibly because of my strong christian faith. Why can't we just give them their religious freedom? Yes, I know they're only eighty percent of the country when moving in french and anti semitic supply lags everyone, no use. Our auditors rye bread. You said it now. I have a question about military for you and the panel what my Bible mixed my guys bill more, but if you just as valid that's three cereal. Ok, what about Elizabeth Warren forever
president if it is. However, I think this solves all of Hilary problems, because one energizes the base olive branch to the Bernie people and her big. You know thing that they go tat her on his Wall Street connections. Well, who can? solve that more than Elizabeth Warrant, I'm appointing Elizabeth Warren as my special ambassador FUCK with Wall Street, and she must be played by That's it I'm! Ok, we all smoking that banning man they played by a net bending, but what you're talking about a single would help or in the primary, no wonder but the General Elizabeth. More and is actually like a couple months, younger than Hilary, which is old, very
I think that is the balance it to get really I'm pastoral know. What that is. All that have to do is get away from the private sorry, but it's like ok for old white guys to be a heartbeat away, but not for me right only pig and it oh. If you were in old white guy, you would probably pick Marco Rubio as you're running man. Can I just tell you getting in or why guys like? So far from my imagination, you now I'm gonna, try I'm just a middle aged black woman trying to get into the Senate, and I, like you, I think this is old thinking about balancing the ticket. This is this. Is the aim
here that there are all these persuadable independent voters out there. That's not how you're win elections every election in America now is a hate fuck, and this election is going to be the biggest hate fucker them. It's gonna be people who, with their hands Hilary or hate Trump, and that's how you get people out the balls energize Europe, people there are no persuadable out there. Then I dont get it done that I live in a balancing act in an idiot. Logically, I'm talking about in terms of age. I would go with Castro or something so somebody who's, young and energetic because Morocco, as this young was this young exciting. Was this young exciting president? Now the democratic party has to go backwards, generationally and that rare it happens at american politics. I looked first all the as a first woman president is a huge step forward, and I think that the I think that getting through its primary election. She will have a range
of choices. Maybe Elizabeth Morn is one I think you're right, we really do as Democrats need somebody who's gonna, give us the passion so that we show devoting that's gonna be really important. Can I show you what I mean about a clear choice and I think politicians do best when there's a clear choice show the video we put all the mantle of people getting thrown out of Trump rallies and just some ugly stuff. I mean you know. I would just like to say we were getting about Hitler before, but there's been this idea for a long time that you can't ever compare anybody to Hitler. If you do that, you're outside the marketplace and ideas unless it fits, I think we should be actually able to compare Donald Trump to Hitler, because this is very Hitler II, which is what we what's going on in these rallies, ok, so Then I saw Hillary Clinton speak this week and she said something I thought was pretty amazing. Show they Hilary Clip place, I believe
what we need in America today is more love and kind, and I heard that now is that is. Thank you, a woman, saying the thing that makes me even as a man go yet that's why woman press it would be different and good play the vagina card say different waited go. This is due in part to her campaign from the beginning, in contrast to two thousand eight in two thousand, the campaign was all about. I can be tough to end this year. The campaign is all about I'm a grandmother. I understand this understand the struggles of women who are trying to work and raise a fan. She is running in a very different way, embracing the loving kindness. I also think that she's doing there is pivoting to the general election is a clear contrast to Donald Trump, which mostly what I think of Hilary, as is a hawk. I dont think of her.
Loving, kindness and playing that card, and I'm so glad to see her. Do it ass. She smiled and I've been also- and I think she has both in a both sides, and I think it's really important for her to convey that part of herself I mean church. She may have to do the hawk thing on you know military stuff. That's true, but I mean there's a lot of the job. That's right we about emphasising with people in rows that you have walked, their shoes that you share their perspective and I was glad to hear her her say that and I think that she should fully embrace being a woman and not apologise. Joseph set a great thing. She said America, we all here, Donald Trump, so we're gonna make Amerika Great American, never stop being great about summit about the Heather thing now. Finally, your right look, I mean obviously
right about getting right wrongs of very math consensus on the panel, its fraught with danger to bring him up for obvious reasons, but I do think it's incumbent upon us to always be vigilant, because democracy is fragile, We're a generation away from losing it and have you seen the videos that juxtapose the way that the Donald Trump carries himself, his body language and Mussolini worrisome, its uncanny? Yes and people talk about Berlusconi, whether its Hitler unrest, Selina, there's something that he's tapping into. I think he studied demagogues and is actually happening in some of those who ruled it. So let me ask about another guy who, at the debate last night, really set himself aboard John K. Sick? Is it possible? Is it possible that people have had enough of the kinda gardeners and actually would come over to John case EC side like like in the romantic,
But if you were there all along, I gave you see you, but it was always you, but the question is come along for what, on March Fifteenth Florida higher vote there, both winner takes all states, may be John case it can. When Ohio, he doesn't look anywhere close twinning Florida, this point, given how many delegate's trump has already, but I mean tat, collectively Trump can collectively Rubio crews casing get enough delegates to deny trump familiarity. Perhaps ten cases outright get a majority. Now I, but in a broken candidate, was investigating engine rikers he's the one who ran. He was the one who was ended. He the arena thing he has his credentials, so, if they get to that convention it's not going to be trumpet? It's not going to be the other guys if you can start off with a senator from Florida and a governor of Ohio running at the top of your ticket. Maybe ten crews,
to be a Supreme Court nominee or the attorney general it can. I look, I think if we were, I think it really paying. Let's not cut that deal. I think if we really started to pay attention to case it. What we would find is what a governor in Ohio, who says that he got from the center but did not- and we would find a history in the United States- has Representatives that took part support for working families- and I think that would all play out over the court bribing we're making it up. Just because he's a nice guy knew what he did with Bill Clinton balance the budget for the only four years in modern history working across the yard, with Bill Clinton is determined in the budget committee. So you got to admit. Get yes go ahead of think you here, and this is where I dont understand, and maybe I am not understanding something. Why aren't Bernie and Hilary debating with?
Ruby Owen incurs and troop. This would really inform our peoples decisions. Why don't they do then? I wanna see Bernie talking to because when you're so right, because one it's only a republican debate, should we leave fact three I mean they say things yesterday Fox did a really good job of fat checking during the debate they put up on the screen fronted restaurant on it, I'm gonna get rid of the deficit by cutting the EPA and the Department of Education and Fox put up here's the budget of the appeal. Here's the budget of the Army Rios Montt. We can only debate. Can you tell me trying to win over the audience by saying I'm gonna cut education and agency this supposed to keep on poisoning the water get in there and waited again and Megan Kelly? If you're, really such a serious person, ask one question about the environment. The most important issue wait, it's like they waited, so you have again. They took so long to even get to a question about children being poisoned.
Do you think my environment and then they blame Democrats for
have to cut this premise. Science. Deniers. Sorry, you plan on it's time for a new rule morning sent me the one of this gets up in the morning. No role of foods can order a recall of its blue cheese because it's bad, but first I have to tell me: when was blue jeez good? Really, I can see the bacteria. It's not even cheese. It's a crucial for your mouth neurosurgeons Donald Trump success has caused a one thousand in percent increase in the Google search. You found a move to Canada. We must shift our focus from a southern border wall to keep Mexicans out and start thinking about a northern border world to keep Americans in all. You can eat him to get a loved one. Half a million liberals. It yoga swarm across Europe, water they won't just demand. Asylum will also demand gluten, free, plumper, nickel and a job that lets them bring their dog to work or hey white people. Stop jumping in your family picture. Trust me your manufactured in those he hasn't bulls, no one. Everyone knows, mom is having an affair. Dad is addictive support and that ten year old eats and executive bills like skittles. No frantically pushing the button over and over again would make the elevator come any fat and guys same goes for your girlfriend neural. Someone must put out a new, whereas Waldo style book when, instead of trying to spot Waldo when the poor, you try to find a black person that a Trump rally, yes introducing where's Wendell. Let's take a look, nope can't spot when the latter still don't say, I'm Dammit Wendell. Where are you wait, areas being forcibly removed and finally numeral? You can't spend the first half of the debate bitching about how immigrants are ruining the country and the second half on the upland.
The stories of your immigrant parents, Republic involved talk about building walls and deportations and making people learn English and then John case take my grandmother was an immigrant, the barely speak. English tat grew is my father was never going from Cuba who didn't speak English marker Rubio, my parents arrive and no money, barely speaking English and, of course, Donald Trump my father was no rang attacking from Borneo, spray funny how prose and Ruby Elk and wax this doll jig about their dishwasher Father and Tell made mom and in the next breath tell you who they want to kick out of the country, maids and dishwashers, and I must say this puzzles me because, while Republicans
really do lack the empathy gene that the ability to see other people suffer and then make the complicated leap to. I wonder if that hurts. There is an exception to this. They do often get on the humane side of an issue when it it's them right in their own home, for example, Dick Cheney Oh conservative, he got an artificial hard just to make sure you never felt sorry for anyone, but he's a big supporter of gay marriage because as a gay daughter, any needs to stay on our good side in case he needs a given it. Likewise, George Bush has been very compassionate about mexican emigrants.
because he married one one of the good ones. I'm sure you also had a fairly enlightened drug policy, because his daughter had a serious problem with cocaine although on the bright side at least summit and that families I energy, but that is the pattern. Job is a lie. Step conservative bud enlightened. Mexicans because of the wife and cool about drugs begins at the daughter and, of course a strong supporter of snow your needs education because of his brother or take the abortion issue. Dan Quail was one hundred percent pro life and then he was
asked what he would do if his own daughter got pregnant- and he said quote, I would counselor and talk to her support her on whatever decision jamais? Oh, I see your daughter gets a choice, unwanted children for strangers in a lady Gaga sing, a song of the Oscars Sunday called till it happens to you, it's like that. It has to happen to them. It explains why, John Mccain supports every form of war ever invented and some heat, fantasizes about in the shower, but torture because he was tortured, say repayment, it explains why Ronald Reagan suddenly cared about AIDS only after it struck his friend Rock Hudson and why Nancy Reagan got really Jan on stem cell research,
to run. He got Alzheimer's and it explains why New Gingrich gave up hunting after he married an owl on so many issues. You can only get republican support if it touched one of their own, which is not good news for the environment. I've heard the question many times: when will Republican stop denying climate change I'll tell you when, when one is Can we convince they personally suffered from it, and The gods of irony are listening. Please make this happen, the oceans are dying and all the fish in them are disappearing, which is why
starving sharks, swim closer to the shore, now invite more people, and I'm sorry, but one of those people has to be Chris Christie. Let him lose one of the arms. It uses a shovel food into his mouth and maybe they will realize we should do something about our dying oceans. John K, sick, wants a moratorium on all regulations, ok, but then,
these let there be some kind of mixed up with the pipes and they only water John case it gets to drink. From now on is from Flint Michigan, let James in half, we moved by a disoriented polar bear. Let Russia limbo get attack by a swarm, undying bees and others swallowed up by a racking induced earthquake and to slap. The global warming denial Marco Rubio, whose own state a floured is one of the most likely places to be inundated by rising oceans. His own home must get.
what'd and marco- must be swept out to sea and washed up all the way back to Cuba, where we will find out that Marco Rubio really is Elliot guns out. The riverside walking in Canada, I want to thank my guess- is generated steroids. Elbow yarn is something I told me medicine to be denied watching the movie. The nation not mind each be oh dont com.
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