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Episode #380 (Originally aired 03/11/16) - Bill’s guests are Jane Mayer, Bill Kristol, Monica Mehta, Sam Stein, and Maria Konnikova.

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Welcome to each year, podcast from the HBO late real time with bill? I think I know why this crowd is happening because Bernie Sanders had a huge upset victory on Tuesday in Michigan Primary one Bernie said
No I'm in the wrong building. I don't know I usually we get a big Bernie good dinner, but be kills it with the young people Bernie one. Eighty three percent of people under thirty, apparently all Jews Are the new trucker hat? That's what I and this despite the fact that he had said ghetto in the debate up their use. The word get. It was one of those rules, you, nobody knows a rule. Until I tell you it's a rule can Can I get a which is so get up, but it Well, there are now the race moving to Florida. Both parties had their debates down there. Now korean Bernie had their debate for innovation. Did you see that the they were pandering to that
Tina audience. I gotta say one point for reasons that are private server, ran on MAC and didn't do windows. I did you see the beginning of the debate. What appeared to be a latino teenager came out dressed in a Moriarty outfit to sing the national anthem. So it's good to see marker Rubio getting work, because what I won't let our pillory on the email, Sub, Jorge Roma said, or if you get indicted, will you drop out? Ok, just three, view this here. First, what she had a private server which all her predecessors as secretary of State had all the government officials have none of that. Thing things you did were illegal. All the emails we're not classified at the time she sent him out, but the question we have to keep asking here is. Will you be taken alive?
Can you guarantee that your dna is not on that knife? They founded OJ? We all know until we ask no on the Republicans trump. Also one Michigan had a huge, not huge, not real. We want all types here, you're here. Well, your boys doing very well. He had a huge nine on Tuesday, so good he did so good on Tuesday. He is now pivoting to the general election. Ask in the other Republicans to unite behind him and talking about how these very presidential It is in a press conference after his big victory Tuesday and said I am the most presidential one since any went. I got to go back to Abe Lincoln, I'm not. I can't make this up. That's what he said. He was no presidential
product by product the allegations that his opponents have made, that some of these big business ventures had failed, so he stood there. You saw this right in front of a table full of Trump water from wine from vodka trump stakes. Why is this man Conway West and is working language, not stopping people? Everyone comes out to meet these days and says bill. Could trump really be president? You okey, although there is a little bit of hope, you know, I know nothings just stop this guy would every throw at him You ever see them will be war of the Worlds Tom Cruise Movie right. That gives me because if you remember the movie, this base invaders are just totally kinda garage. I bade they got their tripod, they got there for fields fail, Deronda, nothing can stop them and then they just die
I just know, but he doesn't in India, Barker Diabetes. They got two major hundred in the script and went back and they just die. Morgan Freeman come in here and do a voice over they get the flu or something that's. My fantasy trouble be up there one day, I'm the greatest say what you wanted: Donald Trump. He has made stocker punching great again. You saw this yesterday. This man is this. This guy sucker punch this guy a Trump supporter Punch day, protesters stalker punched him, and he said why do they do it because he was not acting like an American. Who deliberately going out of his way to be black
and then the police arrest, the black. Did you see that and they charged him with resisting assault? What an trump asked about it basically excused it he said, is support. This is cordiality. Supporters have angered it's unbelievable, You said they love this country than like seeing bed trade deals. It I'd like to see bad higher taxes, and
truly the answer to bed trade deals in higher taxes is punching black people. I think he is. I made this self doesn't happen if anybody else's rallies plunging in shoving and spitting in kicking. Although what a sandwich rally this week, a man was warned about veggie, it's exactly, but again it doesn't seem to stop a meter who endorsed unbeknownst to last night. Today, Doktor Ben Carson has endorsed and Trump and gave a whole speech about it. Unfortunately, this speech was cut short when a trump supporter punch- in the face- and we should note I sad passing this week- Nancy Reagan, former first lady was lovely. The rate lovingly laid to rest today beside the remains of the Republican Party,
President Obama did not attend the funeral, which of course, made Republicans furious. Although I thought he had a good answer there. He said he was paying homage to an anti Reagan by just saying no you an answer again to give Nancy her credit to you who are too young to remember the eighties. Just say no was a huge campaign. It was on everybody's lips lot of media coverage very successful and for US stones at the time it made getting a little more fun and something spooky a little bits. Wilkie is going here at going on here at real time, because, two weeks ago, I mention incidents, Galicia and he died later that night and last week
I mentioned Nancy Reagan and she died the next day. So this is a reminder. Life is short. We all have to go sometime and a quick story about Dick, maybe I don't wish dig jamie- did ok. I can't control that anyway, you so right in our we're gonna, gradually build Crystal Monica maker SAM style. You're here a little bit, but you can do with journalist and author Maria Konnikova, but first time she's a staff writer for the new Yorker and her latest book is dark money, the hidden history of the bill. There is behind the rise of the radical right, Jane Merrick,
Yeah, ok, so say somebody has really been following american politics like most of the american electorate. How would you explained to them Who are the cope brothers, because that's mostly who you're talking about in the book? Well, they are, the fifth and sixth richest Americans, their brothers together their worth about ninety billion dollars billion billion, and they are huge, have its even huge here, Wade, some other carriers and even though they have never been elected to any office, they have huge influence over american politics. They put together a group of investors. There very conservative. They brought together four hundred of the other richest conservative people in the country to pool their money
and they ve gotta kitty. Now that they say is eight hundred and eighty nine million dollars which they like to spend in the twenty sixteen election cycle to influence the outcome and what is their goal? What what did they want? Whilst the brothers are Trolls Coke and David Coke and Charles has said, his favorite president is Calvin Coolidge and he They would be silently ass. He that little any did little, which is sort of telling, because the coax are really anti government tonight. So they would like to bring the country back with your regulation as tyranny. They do error in the oil and gas and coal those areas where huge also feel company a terrible record of pollution. They don't like government. Regulators have been taken to court by them a number of times and they like to push them hurry back to sort of where it was in the right and robber Baron. You see. Does him in their background and when you go into exile extensively about the father was one of the founders of the job.
Birch society, which was made the tea baggers. You know like hippies, say where they regional sad. I say where our neighbour and was too low, what they thought Eisenhower was a communist thing on earth. Society believed their government was being taken over by communists and so Fred Coke. The father was one of the founders. As you said, he also was interesting Lee someone who made his fortune partly by building oil refinery, spur Joseph Stalin in the Soviet Union and then he went on. And built one for Adolf Hitler. Where so you are, I partners, you add to your left and the right. Well, that's all I'm saying is so as to preserve source of one of the Americas, great them families and businesses its and was areas secretive country accompany it that its coke industries, many Americans, no its products, but they dont know they are betrayed by
cook industries and also wasn't the nanny a Nazi. The nanny wasn't I see in this phantom Mammy result. Airy insurance are going on will be a merry was amounts of Franco. Dad was in Germany, doing business with the third Reich and he rode home and in nineteen thirty eight, which was not too long for reward tater saying there were three countries that were great at that time: Germany, Japan and ITALY, the actual powers, yes and so on, and he brought home a nanny for his boys, who was here or from Germany. Yes, she was actually a nazi sympathiser in an end when, when Hitler invaded France in nineteen forty, she went back because she wanted to celebrate so she left the family in. This was that this was the woman who who brought up Charles coconuts earliest years. She was partly horrible disciplinarian and it was a kind of family that has
incredible problems that you really could not make. One of the brothers is gay right emanate. You visit the elder brother, four brothers, you too, that are in politics in doing all this evil. There are not the only one, there's a gay one right now. All this there are two missing brothers from the COPE brothers, general picture and the oldest one Fred. He says he's not gay three of his brothers accused of being gay and effect said they were gonna tell dad that he was gay unless he turned over his shares in the company, the family company to them, and so they tried to blackmail him with this. He lives in New York. He's a fantastic back or of the arts. He didn't go around our generation, Agora, the urge the Cook brothers Eightam
from a generation that doesn't discuss that so much fischler, family had epic fights they they went through two of the brothers. Sued too, of the other brothers for twenty years. They all inherited about three hunter. Million dollars from their father, but they still sued because they wanted more and they want to control of the family company into one and that's the ones we think of the COPE brothers as Charles and David Coke so and their very involved in american politics that there's a trump supporter and are already of tonight and by the way none of the liberals are punching her. So I'm sure she and many other conservatives watching this are saying what what what? What about that the left they have sugar daddy's, like George Shore,
as you are doing here, what I would consider to be a false equivalence idea that will ask me that our may lead. I did so. I wrote a piece for those who think that the new Yorker doesn't right about liberal money too. I wrote a piece but short centres. At its height he put twenty million dollars into american politics in two thousand for Jimmy. Twenty million this year, the Coke brothers in their group of friends or pudding, eight hundred and eighty nine million dollars runner can politics. That kind of gives you something the scale and and there's really never been anything quite like what we're looking at the sheer one group of unelected, incredibly rich people who almost formed their own plutocratic party in order to try to Pick the next level- and this is why I gave Obama a million bucks lotta good. It did me to get the left billionaires because there are lots of rich people on the left to realize. You know you gotta get in this game, the game,
this change and citizens united and the thing off the thing about Charles also, is that he's fighting for raising his taxes on fighting legal area and selfishly like the coke, broadly and also for transparency, and I think one of the most troubling things that you ve got to keep in mind about the coax. Is that so much of what they do is in secret because they use groups that are supposed to be philanthropic groups that can hide their donors and they pour money through these herbs. So you can't really see who the donors are, that the group they have four hundred five hundred people. They won't released the names of these people. So the people in the country can't see who's in it. I mean in my book. I write a lot about who they really are, though, in their tremendous fossil fuel interests, the biggest fractures in the country, the man who started home deep home, I hope, is not an advertiser weed
about getting IRAN age, be here a great many areas, the senior politics that is having a closed, our friend Zahm Stein. I do in the face of an angel I heard in the managing principle at seven the capital Monica later back, when I say, is the founder and editor of the weekly standard and be see news contributor, our friend Bill Crystal over here once again. Ok, so we saw the video, the guy sucker plunging much. How much is Donald from really bear responsibility
I think a lot and I do to SAM I'm so glad you're jumping I've. Our thank you because of our building, like your monologue about Dick Cheney, was twitching in the back there. I thought I was, you might think when you tell your crowd the you yourself, one a punch, someone in the audience that you missed the days when people are taking stretchers your kind of sending us. Go to your audience that it's ok to do stuff. It reminds me of the portion. Doktor thing you know as well as in other like right wing people who said to have an abortion doktor gets killed. That would be a good thing and then some not goes in and does it and they say we didn't actually say you should do it, but you pretty much put the idea in some borderline, guys exact, and that sort of what's going on here and again. This doesn't happen on the left or even the other candidates are on the right. This is purely a triumphant I'm an unto day. He had to cancel a rally in Chicago because it was gonna get you out of hand.
Those in this report I think from is definitely fanning the flames, but there is a genuine frustration out there and it it's emulated. It's you can pick up after looking at how much is actually snout running for president. So in early January he only spent about twelve point, five million dollars on his campaign so but see the momentum and see the eruption from people. There is definitely a tidal wave of angry people and keys tapped into this frustration, causing the younger than I dont think that I dont think that you could cause this. Think to a certain extent it was there already. You can make it worse, not salute me. There was a lot of anger there, but can we just go What he says, because a lot of the reason why people are angry is because he lies horribly, like they all do what the debates- nobody,
Jackson them on it. There's that old, saying you know, dance like no one's watching. He lives like no one is fat check like last night. I could you baby said our gdp was zero. It grew three point: nine percent. Last quarter, all jobs are gone. We added six million. The last two years we ve had job growth for seventy two months straight. It's a record. The military has been guided. They keep saying this. Obviously, that's not true. It's been steadily increasing through Bush, through Obama, doesn't bother you that somebody lies like this. That somebody tells the american people who, without a viable media or without any means to check this, of course its bothersome, I mean, but he spouts.
When he lies and minute that it becomes almost impossible to carry out on a single one. So you end up trying to grab over here. That's got even getting too Trump stakes which our trousers and he says, other good arable also exists, because there there is this feeling that politicians are pre fad phone ease and their answers are all blowdryer like I would like all the time I've ever smack watching any debate debate ever back, because there's just this genuine feeling that your lips are moving but you're lying to me, and I don't know what you're doing so. I mean yes, he embellish is the truth, but I think its global issues he exaggerated wildly exaggerates wildly, but I can see clearly wider- is trying to get attention and he's trying to find he's trying to fund his campaign in a completely different way than everyone else is funding a that's allow itself in so far as crazy things. The cameras will be pointed right there and like like monkeys, but they are
This is a reason to support a good reason to support a candidate for you don't hurt me suppose to be. How are we supposed to be angry about the insane amount of money that it takes to run for office only though nobody will well wait, a second from says, if we as elected, will appoint a Supreme Court justice like Clarence Thomas, so that's not a formula for getting rid of citizens. United, that's a formula for keeping it. Silent, I load Donald Trump and I hope we defeat him for the Republica nomination. You it's good, the Europe of the good old
Dick Cheney was up, there's giving fact based answers. A serious honourable politician that you really don't you agree. We know why Dick Cheney with honest is genuine forward. Dick Cheney, straightforward, yeah, J so and I shall honours equally said Iraq had weapons of mass destruction in dutch and belgian wheeled about the? U N inspectors said they didn't, that's not correct. Actually, but anyway, I said is Ray. I will defend. I will defend the other politicians. I agree with them. The drop is horrible and any is partly responsible for the violence.
I very much welcome every these Dick Cheney would not say, go ahead and country, but just why can come back to Dick Cheney? One well look. I cannot make the journey die just so you know I was in Hollywood, a very power we are very low and and by the way, but even if I could, I wouldn t I dont like him, but I wouldn't make I'm about that. I really like you. I just want you to know that, but listen, listen to this forty nine percent of Americans say the United States is number one in the world militarily. Fourteen percent say it is not that's half the people who work, don't so dead, stupid, fucking wrong. What this idea in their head I'll tell you who all the report
Can candidates will job what? Let's? Let's go a trump said. Last night we don't get any victories. Firstly, how is this not salting the military, actually, our military and a pretty good week. This week we smoked Alister Bob Wee Wee wee smoked. Isis. The chemical that their heirs marker Rubio? America's influence has declined, while the president has destroyed our military. Utter lie: TED crew. This Barack Obama right now number one over seven years has demanded dramatically degraded our military utter lie, Donald Trump. When, with the military we don't win with the military, we can't beat ices, we don't win anything. How can these guys you to pay
Turning to the military leg, is they want to build up? The military, which does the military has not been degraded, has been caught in a way below what Bravo bombers Secretary divides at Amsterdam suit. Wake up my strength, which was a by party S, which was a terrible terrible images of Armas hands a silly, but the bigger problem. Here, though, it's a bipartisan dog eager for Ireland here is that you end up having an electorate that thinks they were on the precipice, total internal destruction and they get right now and now This point, where you're actually seeing images out of Chicago that are pretty grotesque and actually legitimate. We scary and you can easily imagine a rally down the road where this ends up in a pretty pretty dark place. I mean violent, violent stuff in this, isn't really how its ever been.
Ok. So let me ask another question about a lie, but it ain't was in Miami twenty one, mayors, Moran Florida asked begged moderator, which was jig tapir last night, since the Fox NEWS people will never even bring the issue up to ask a question about climate change, since Florida could be the want, the place that gets underwater, ok, markka Rubio and through the greatest tits of climate denial bullshit. The weather is all well, and here are those greatest if the weather is always changing. True, of course, but has nothing to do with climate change caused by carbon emissions. He said Is it changing because of something we're doing like that's a question? Even if it is changing, no law can change the weather bullshit.
I've lived here for thirty years. We used to have with the gold ring around the city, because the car is where had catalytic converters. We don't have the ring around the city anymore. You can further all climate is not weather, but they lost over that London used to be foggy songs about it. It's not anymore because they suffer in coal. So yes, of course you can write, laws be called called a carbon tax or the funny thing was he he went through the socially and then at the end he gave his very uplifting speech about his father. Come to America's at America. Can do anything it puts it
civil exempt climate or because the way here would it would it would devastate our economy. You know a demos, aids and economy being underwear. Miami fax is so terrible. That's got that you have this wonderful faith in every liberal. You know when verity and they know, there's a you, don't believe in climate, I do believe, there's been. Climate change. Does the little ice age. Two hundred years ago, Howland candles canals were frozen, but I mean this oh and human being really going to that's the truth.
What we want, we don't we do not want. Well, you know believe that there's been cycles and the climate open centuries, but that is women activists has enriched rebooted, probably to global warming. Lobby last century has been made in the devil way, as I'm butterflies, us, oh good, but that we can have a serious policy. You are they'll be fished out of those letters I we were. I would like to have a serious policy debate. Will we don't? Because one party denies that it exists, because the coat brothers give them that we will always so I'm talking about? We can only come up with a good policy when we actually accept that this is happening right now. We can locate on where the efforts where the dollar's can go so that we can make maximum with a promise climate change, a sort of gradual menace right. We don't see the thread imminently if my army, for instance, were to be subject to a potential terrorists. I'm assuming the NEO conservative Wing party. We do everything in their power and devote tons of resources to stop it.
But we don't see Miami under that took the throat when it comes to rising sea levels, so you have to actually educate people about the severity of the threat. If you want to get any act ok. So let me ask you this: the cover of Time magazine today's picture of Nancy and Ronald Reagan, and it says what happened this party, economic and financial. Megan, showing a very nice lady, and she made a fine president in the last two years of his administration. That is the last two years. A rank is a ministration works. Dreamless accessible libyan unaware of that area, So the way about the collapse of the Soviet Union, which you were laughing about re, get an idea of what how ridiculous as foreign policy should be nuclear? Would you be a nuclear war right would never defeat. The Soviet Union would never liberate. He did a single handedly by himself. It was a forty year effort. Lots of people defeated the safer
He was there and presided at the moment when we allow huge defence build up. Yes, Freddy Rights right, I am and your right he gets credit for that, but it wouldn't happen if he was as in the sixtys it had to happen when they were ready to fall anyway anyway, I was going to wonder how they can decide after the fact that these issues have well, it was a New York city. Crime rate would have gone down by fifty percent of Rudy Giuliani hadn't had top on my policies that right, it was inevitable that ninety ninety three that under date, that the Dickens Marrow grass can lead to a reduction in costs, went to Turkey that we now have a public and policy people. Aren't you my right? Ok, tough! On crime, people like me, your people, you can. But Nancy Reagan consultant, astrologer, that's historical fact. If its mission, Obama, consulted and astrologer with the Republicans, be ok
that it they wait? What do you think you would say that I would say it was foolish as it was full of ants. You aim to do so at effect, any Ronald Reagan, policies that God cause. They would impeach Obama if that happened, but anyway she could sell diminishing cell to ever. She wants this forest areas well and by the way it did effect policy, ineffective, lots of stuff like where should runny go to summit. Oh no, don't fly on a Thursday. I mean this. This was like third world stuff, okay, but a John Quigley was the name of the astrologer. This is in the 80s. She was consulting her. She was from San Francisco, but look I tell what we felt we do or research. We found that it turned out that Quigley actually was right about everything. We have some of our predictions. Would you like to hear them like she said? Cars in thirty years will no longer require human drivers, ass, uneasily transported by the lifeless automaton known
over driver she's and three things will disappear in the nineties. Vinyl records the snowy, owl and pubic hair spooky stuff. That's a place called whole full who still believe in water and convince you to page or galleries, were partially do she's a religion will lose relevance with adults, but the catholic Church will still find awaited, touch children, televisions, we'll get thinner and brighter, and the viewers, thicker and dollar Johnny Carson will quickly tonight show after which America will fall asleep to build Cosby. They remembered bill caused me bad guy. That's a great scourge will spread across American. Second, thousands. It will be called to pull.
Journalists and the author of the confidence and why we call for, in every time area gonna go ok, so I someone who wrote a book called the confidence game revolver. It every time what did you think when you saw Donald Trump? standing there in front of a table full of his products to mean that screamed contrary picture of its green and confidence man, you know, I thought, When I thought I'm a psychic, because I clearly predicted that this was going to happen, I mean the mobile. But they analyzed what his products actually where they found out that they weren't his product. Not his brother was blatantly lying and the hallmark of a cycle of a work of ethical
say that again, Rodion flip the hallmark of a psychopath, but also the hammock hallmark of economist. As someone who deceived you for their own ends, so they're trying to convince you to support them to vote for them in this particular case, and there doing it by this by tactics that aren't actually is a meter. My reading too much you know this, but staring there in front of a table full of stakes. Now I dont at stake. Like most people, love steak, I thought this was like subliminal advertising. Kind of stuff, like people looking at that and going from state five ultra violet stake. They looked juicy, you know, stakes the outgoing people,
You know what I think of the voters he's trying to appeal to write that he's actually going for that. I would like to each state can result in afforded by people who want to stay right. Let the mistake was stripped and- and I think that we see him trying to get the popular vote. It's the same appeal that he makes all the time that he is honest, he's a man of the people he's telling everyone exactly what they were to hear, and he doesn't actually say anything. So that's that's what confidence Teresa he's a con man, but he is a good one. He's a very good cried! That's why they're called con artists? right, and I make the point that you know everyone is saying that a Donald Trump is get hijacked the party, but a con man doesn't take anything from you. Give it to him. I willingly
Yes, we give them our confidence. The origin of the term confidence game was a man who still watch but he never actually stole them. He went up to people on the streets and said: have you confidence in me to lend me your watch until tomorrow, and people gave them his watch because they gave them? They gave him their confidence and that's exactly what Trump is doing to the party. He isn't asking anyone for anything. People are willingly, giving their trust. The more I read about this Trump University or it sounds like Scientology. Its people paying great sums of money to find out a secret that isn't really a secret and people being coerced giving good ratings. We have Scientology, where you also has some of the same course of tactics where people basically get brainwashed into into saying that Scientology is wonderful, trumps, universities, ninety eight percent approval ratings,
I mean when we read about true. They really do have the high revelry apps we have every single person stands behind that rating, so they have people watching them and calling them. We read stories of people who say that they ve been called every single day to change their rating and finally say fine. I'm gonna all changed my rating to two hundred percent. You call them psychopath work for that is, as we all know, that term around I've I'd be hard pressed to define it right. What is a psychopath, while there is actually a checklist tears, psychopathy checks.
Well, I know you have a checklist fruit. Nurses have for an hour to have lots of check. Is that a different than a psychopath Brit is that they actually both both of those traits yeah there's a lot of overlap factors here, a semi, your narcissistic personality disorder, exaggerated sense of self importance. I don't see that no need for excessive admiration again coming up empty sense of entitlement where you getting mission lacking apathy. How come on believing others to be envious of him
Our good hearted contemptuous behaviour or attitude so yeah you're from working might be on the edge of it. I don't think so. I don't think so. I don't think it applies, but a lot of these actually overlap with with psychopathy, like the lack of empathy like the arrogance and burned down of other people, you don't so he he does this very funny thing where to his voters. He says really wonderful thanks to their face and then behind their backs has terrible things about the same groups, because he had makes the same statement but opposite ways depending on who he's talking to, and so you end up seeing these two sides of him where the truth as a really fungible sang and there's no such thing as absolute truths. The truth has just what's true in the moment to him and that's both in our society and a psychopath, and those are two of the dark triad
traits. The third is Michael Valiant as yet, and I don't want you psycho analyzed someone. You never met too much, but last week before they had the nice debate this week they had the nasty debate and they were talking about there. They were. It seems that he also is a prime candidate for microbial somebody is always beggars, got the greatest. Isn't that obviously someone who does have, I am sure the doktor Freud would have something to say about it. I'm sure lies in the polio. Accomplish our global and she don't answer the question.
And what will membranous haven't? I weren't toilets projected onto your book about drummed called the confidence man about two months ago, when I do that it is a very skilful demagogues and its dangers. For that reason, not asleep, and we all make fun of it. When I myself thought Ellie cannot sustain this. Your fate, it can't possibly work but Let me add that I would have thought I feel like what's so dangerous about him is that we now have seen him for so many months and gotten so used to all this behaviour, the incredibly ridiculous bragging and the insulting of everyone who looks it in the wrong way that it so baked kid now that he's alone that each almost There's nothing! You can do that shocks has anymore or people don't go. Well, that's Donald Trump Warrior! think going. This trouble university, for example, and that only recently people actually start putting up heads criticism from the other.
It's really articles attacking each other job Bush Super Paxman, twenty billion dollars attacking worker will be own Rubio attack crews and they reach jockeying. I grant, I think, when you too, I don't know I've hopeful over this way, I'm not exactly diversities, particularly despicable basis, taking advantage of people who are very well. I agree, and I wonder whether I think what we are actually I mean I do think: would people see that it's one thing to sort of
cut good deals against other rich business man. If he takes advantage of them talk. You know they should you're saying this outrage, because there's an exceptional frustration at the fact that the government accountability office, for example, will look at the Department of Defense and over the last twenty years, eight trillion dollars is missing from their financial. That's four hundred billion dollars a year missing. We talk about an orange waging already wanted tool, not look at the unjust, always says, but also more difficult by the same token like when you, when we're talking about social security, expiring by twenty twenty nine sixty seven billion dollars, Donald Trump on Sunday, save the children from two hundred billion dollars that we could get if we actually just audited this Mcferrin Ferguson ACT. Nineteen forty five EC insurance companies are exempt from entering anti trust regulations. They can collude together to set prices and share information. How many Democrats, how many republicans have been in office since then? Why is this still here I looked at health care, healthcare company shares for
two thousand nine. Today, healthcare company insurance stocks are up four hundred percent, while the Essen, He is up two hundred percent. This is a bull market. Why is this happening if well performing pursuing since Obamacare? This is what's going on dry land, while the reason why treatment, ok, they undergo to deal with insurance companies egotism, because one party would not even considered the idea that we cut the profit motive out of people, sick and dying, but let's, which is what every other Donald Trump is not running on bringing in social security spending you. It's actually keep social security spending at its current state, which is not very republican thing to do, but also his rally. Gore's aren't mad because insurance profits are up their mad because they think brown people are coming.
The mexican border and they want a wall. That is the right, and that is the right now, but I mean that my rallying cry- and there is always the outside, what kind of halting got two thousand. This is resonating with Bernie supporters. This is resonating with Trump support. I know no doubt, but I think it's because I think the establishment is not working in very worried about cheap Mexican lay about Anderson job in earlier mexican labour, because politicians are passing all these trade agreements that do nothing. I mean we have for him a billion dollars of trade deficit and it's always sold to the people. As is going to create jobs. Nafta did not create jobs. The w TIA did not create jobs. The p
after they had to do a lot of Mexicans from coming over the border is created jobs, jobs and Mexico, and, if you're a liberal and care about poor people around the world, you should be forward the trade, India, Mexico. These trade agreements have caught with eighteen hundred dollars a year from the Mercedes shouting I had a colleague attic, I'm just saying comes appeal is not necessarily about when we talk about economics now the Tec Titans. You know this met this week. You were there in Zaire It's an island of Georgia, where you guys go see its quality or eight. I World Forum, TIM Cook, was their apple. Larry pay Eric Schmidt of Google Sean Parker, Elon Musk. They were all there to talk about how to stop. They were, they were the ox, and this is really Riddick else. They would be very That was reminder to conservative conspiracy. I mean it's a think tank there, the annual conference. A lot of people come and speak out of scholars ingredient. I have waited out denouncing Donald Trump, yet totally it scared
you're a year ago, I know, but what did they want? Agent rails woven Mitch, Mcdonald aided mentioned did with some of them are paying didn't mention the texts on old trams name didn't have. No. I was at Erika, gets its author recognition say this, but I will say this at all: he gave a very nice talk. You answer to my questions and jump never gave up its own google. It took little that's a pot
in the halls and in the euro we're people talking about worse, of course, carry in the hall seriously because well, I guess this is some conspiracy meals. In introducing this link tat, I was getting Rupert people together to stop an asteroid permitting earth. Pete everybody's Desert Devil Democrats will make a lot of money. So let me call cook in Eritrea is not our laws of their soil again effort to stop a thriving love it if they would help where's trumps, we're gonna get apple to build their damn computers and things in this country instead of other countries. I'm sure that went down very well with TIM. Kindly disturbing can Herrick submit our big democratic, I close to present Ababa and they will not be part of republican efforts. Then am, I sure, don't want private shortly at the idea that Europe will be the public anomaly, because Hillary Clinton will win the. Let me get this straight. The two biggest company, like a political party, to push out
I wish they would collude with us and elephants. Let us save. The republican Party may only lived in the barracks Irishman. My right now send a check to the staff Trump effort that the goods are watching. This fact that your giant case again, oh hi, we are meeting with a political party to determine who is going to be the next president. It's not just big business media. How inappropriate, as that, for you know who ever Smith supports every Clayton. I mean you know whose approval writings Europe abundant,
about five years before the twenty second amendment that allows a president only to have two terms is really a mercy rule for Republican Bill Clinton would definitely have gotten a third term and I'll bomber. Don't you think about Burma running against Donald Trump, about Hilary one guy down against got the wrong guy that put trump in his place, was lameter in the White House Correspondence dinner infamous. You know bills right that Donald Trump is probably disaster for the Publican Party in the journal action, but also these approval ratings. Are your citing really are good news for Democrats? If you think about it, the uprooting of a sitting president going into a general action, if its high generally bodes well for the party in power, I think them.
No! I don't I'm not so sure he's a disaster in the general election tramp tramp tramp tramp tramp Democrats are talking about trumped the republican talking amounting jumps again. You know nothing about the rhythm that every especially if there's a terrorist attack within two months of the election limits. Definitely you want. Is that trot you get Bernie? ok. So for me, as this question now it could be the trumps voters or his people are locked out because they are drawing to stop him if he doesn't arrive at the convention. With the number of delegates they're going to try to have somebody else and burning people. Pillar is probably We get the nomination, their pissed off. That's a lot of people on either side who are now disenfranchised and business, and they heard those people go.
Michael Bloomberg. I wanted. I dont really idols and more time in a way is a tribute to the american political process than its open enough. I'm like either Sanders Java Honourable President's, were they both gets a run centres where much better than anyone. It's actually gets Anders where people are pissed off because of the super delegate illegally. So funny because their sight, the Democrats and democratic right look, it's excel ironic, roguish there, the party that pay more, I you need some people, and that is what the founders wanted. The founders greatest fear was Donald from this is why they did not want mob rule. That's right! Our cover this week, as Alexander Hamilton being over, they acted hated that you said that it is good to say it just gets to run against Clinton. I hope you beat, Sir, but I don't think he will never guess. That's healthy. I do think it is healthy that someone like Trump can make a case is an outsider. It's not just a bunch of Greer politicians, but he and
When can I agree in particular, is a dangerous and is unfortunately, that demagogue in this country, but what happens the first week in office when he tweets that Angela Merkel is a fat pay, because that's not a joke, he's gonna do something like this kind of minors, predators, Callaway, guess what happened right, I gotta go. Thank you. I'll drop mustard man he's not sharing is umbrella because he wants to see of rain mixed with. Chris Christie creates gravy all stop trying to make this a thing.
Then ten don't try to mass this loser and these marks and this asshole it's like Margo Ruby over we're gonna catch on it would have by now- and besides, is much cheaper device. You place on your head, who escape reality neural. Next time you wash the statue of David, don't make the water so called neural. Everyone must come together to help the little guy, and then, by that I mean generic sign man. I guess it's just childhood was ok, but his life hasn't been easy. It's been a constant stream of slips trips,
execution shruggings and getting getting hit with fallen objects. It's time for generic sign men to catch a break and meet a nice generic girl settle down, have kids and then get changed back to Mexico by Donald Euro? Mitt Romney has to stop helping Marco Rubio this pit. Doesn't say: winners, it's as scout later and boy with a secret and finally neural Batman and Superman have to explain something to me. Why are you to fighting
you're supposed to work together. I saw it on my footing: pajamas its unsettling disease to beloved mythical figures, go added. It's like watching. Jesus beat up a unicorn and I think the same thing when I see democrats these days you to also need to work together, so you can stop the greatest supervision of all time Orange crush. Now it was an exciting weak for us. Left cleaners begins with the wind in Michigan Sanders campaign, which I have been saying offering America a new kind of deal has shown that Americans are still considering that deal, but
feel? I should say something about a growing movement called Bernie or bust, where Bernie Supporters pledge that if its celery they'll stay home or vote for the Green Party on their website, They said there revolting against the plutocracy. No actually you'll be helping elective plutocrat, whose vote Elizabeth Warren recently disappointed Bernie supporters by staying neutral in the primary fight, no endorsement for the one so thou. Of Sanders, vans, hijacked or Facebook page and said things like I'm disgusted by you. Why not just for all country under the bus. It must be Carl robes money and those were the early comments before the red book. Really Elizabeth or is the enemy now she's help more millennia Those then, after all,
and the Hilary camp doesn't too in a race where no republican candidate supports a woman's right to choose and one of them calls women, bimbos and pigs. You know the real successes: Bernie Bill Clinton accused his supporters of online sexism, which is pretty ridge gum from a guy's been known to grab your debts and burden, so while Bernie Fans attack Hilary for not being liberal above Hilary fans, its Bernie for not being feminist enough, black lives matters attacking them. For not being black enough, even though they both have a One hundred percent voter rating from the end of a lazy peat, as opposed to trample, gets five stars from the cake
Get. There are real enemies out there. Have you seen a republican debate. The zombies, are in the mall, I'm telling you. This is gonna, be the death of liberals. This knit picky intramural attacking of friends for insufficient purity, compulsively cleaning up the little corner of the room, and it's already quite clean. There are. Giant piles of shit everywhere else. Last year, social Justice warriors swarmed on Matt Damon, for saying gay actors should
I've been defined by their sexuality, which was interpreted him, saying gay actors and stay in the closet. The daily beast screamed shut up, Matt Damon, wash and imposed he's got Damon's blame him to do an vocs said damn it isn't. A terrible person he's just ignorant right the real obstacle to gaze achieving equality. Is not in fact he's such a homophobia. Fuck Liberace, last year, dull, J M Cabana got their gates id card in the liberal ringer when they express one conservative view on artificial insemination, and this week I fucked up
and but luckily the brave virtual vigilantes of the internet, were there to condemn these two evil old queens before? I get this crime selling issue that they're calling a slave sandal, but look at it. It's a happy, slaves and now clearly they should update the name and call it an intern sandal about in this month, when we found out that twenty percent of from voters believed that the end of slavery itself was a bad idea. This is what
motivate you to write a scathing blog post, a thoughtless, lean name. Shoe will hold onto your hats guys, because right now, I'm wearing black loafers camera I wanna, buy exams die Monica Major built on you. Just tell me where she seemed to be a heavy fighting. I watch any movement is not anti each be oh dont com.
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