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Episode #382 (Originally aired 03/25/16) - Bill’s guests Cory Booker, Jerrod Carmichael, Ian Bremmer, Jennifer Granholm and Reihan Salm.

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Welcome to reach me, apart from HBO Realtime ill luck,
Looks like we're. Gonna bring someone so much. We have to get. You do not want a big news this week, not all women great, but let's start with the thing that was pretty great and we'll be lasting, which is President Obama. The first,
as an eighty eight years to set foot in Cuba and contrary to the republican narrative, he did not go easy on the cuban dictatorship. At one point, he stood outside a cuban prison and he said the prisoners inside ear deserve trials or they should be released, but enough about one dynamo back. Let's talk about Castro, stressing the terrible occurs. The republic gives it a double freak out, because not only did Obama go to Cuba, but he stayed there when there was a terrorist attack in Brussels like They Giuliani said it's outrageous. He should be in this situation or right now, planning to destroy ices, ok, you're skirt on Dracula, and then he went to Argentina and did a tango,
two days after the attacks they really were not at all is one of those republican rules. We don't know it's a rule until we break it what kind of two days after a terrorist attack. You know you wait three days after a terrorist attacks assigned go Jesus Christ. What is this man thinking? That is not how President Trump would have handled it. If anyone, if anybody Fuk with Belgium on his watch, they wouldn't get a very serious tweet about how ugly their wife is
watching has moved on from their debate of a few weeks ago, where they retraining, barbs about who had a tiny or car to whose life is more flexible, all which started biggest Tuesday. There was a primary in Utah, oh yeah, we're still having primary somebody gives a shit about that, but so in the future, primary which dead, grooves one. There was an anti trump pact that ran and add that included a new picture of drums, wife, millennia, implying how awful life would be. If we had a former model as first lady. First of all, the pictures not that revealing it doesn't even show her ass
he wasn't even in the picture, and secondly, the picture is not new which, from the catalogue the Trump used when he ordered her horse, everybody I to act all mad drums, Sir Good scolded, desperate from pulled it outrageous Bill Clinton that, a great screen saver, but that was only the beginning. Today, you saw what happened today. Oh yes, there are all talking about the national Inquirer says they have the goods that five women had extramarital affairs with TED crews. Yes, ladies
sex with ten crew. That's where you close your eyes and imagine your fucking Newt Gingrich railing even build caused me pharmacist. I don't think I'll get anything strong enough. I personally don't believe any of this is true. I think I know who tat grooves is I'm not saying he doesn't enjoy screwing women. You just does it by the funding, planned parent, that's how he gets. It was gonna run. Watchings bruised deny this
tromp is a man or a trumps henchmen actually set as a man for whom a term was coined for copulating with a rodent. This is what he said. He said let me be clear, Donald Trump may be a rat, but I have no desire to copulate with him. That's not clear that sounds like you'd fuck, a rat who isn't Donald love. I mean, I know a lot of people, think I'm begging! You is up. No, I'm gonna show what do you have to give to see how seriously he delivers this line to appreciate how insane this campaign has come? Look at this,
Let me be clear, Donald Trump, maybe a rat, but I have no desire to calculate Mr Gorbachev. Tear down that war parking that right. We gotta go a little later. We will these begging with a very funny video Gerard Car, Michael, is first up before we get to Corrie. I would never forgive myself if I didn't make mention of Garry shambling tonight. Yes, please do. It was a good friends and a great guy. He was part of our age, Veo family. He was so much fun to be around lots
parties at my house where he was cracking me up. Cracking everybody up just this past January at my birthday party two months ago, never crossed my mind that right, but that it would be the last time I would ever see him. I hope he was happy in life. I'm not sure he always seemed restless. It was searching the something he is very introspective. He was deep, I'm not kidding. He was deep, but I know for a fact that he was happy when the jokes were flying. When he was making people laugh or laughing and others, because he was a very generous audience and a very generous human being and prefer surely I don't know too many other people about whom it could be said they had the most in need, it of tv show in two different decades
and he did it in its garish handling, show in the eightys and the Worry Sanders show in the nineties. That's called the legacy, a giant. He will be missed. All right. So I'm at the show I shall justice always musty is a US senator from New Jersey, whose new book as United thoughts on finding common ground- those of us who are from New Jersey, who know how much that state gets made fun of why we
a proud of him Corey Booker every yes, you do ass. He did. He cried the pride of Harrington Park. Isn't that you're home buyers, the hometown? I grew up. You know that's very close to where I grew up with Euro River veil. We are literally a mile or so way from each of you know. Many black people lived in red prevail when I grow up like you will live in the current report. When I grew up to any my failings in the family of integrated the town, we literally had a little white coupled opposes us, because real estate agents wouldn't show nineteen sixty nine. Seventy they wouldn't show by families homes so the most Hamburg counting on. I want me, through this puppets first at work, exactly so amazing group, the thousand council, where the woman back in the sixties, with ahead of the fair happening council, still have two thousand college about ninety years old and they set up
elaborate sting operations were black family would go to my house, it would be told it was sold. The white couple would come after them, and so The white people bid on the house for my parents, the bid was accepted on the data closing said of the white couple showing up. My father did in a lawyer and amazingly before you more interesting than that fight broke out the realisation of jobs that we get caught, he went to punch my dad. Are they got to a scuffle? That said, the dog on my father is a big malay but sounds like a trump right. You know what, but it ended up I'd this book I dedicate both to two towns. It meets a drive around impact on me, Harrington Parking, nor very, very different, but yet so much alike in heart and spirit, because when I got into the town it was a community that did not did not reflect that realistic agency. They really wrapped around my family, and I just benefited from some really great him fast forward to today, and things are so much better. In New Jersey,
New Jersey is fifth worst in the nation in school segregation, meaning there there are schools, I'm sure you know that you could explain it better than I can, but what they call extreme segregation, which is mean, means half the black kids in New Jersey go to a school. That is ninety to one hundred percent majority. How did that happened while our true integration is is in Dubai way? Many states in America have real, bad realities, and so it's not just you. Surely you don't think of New Jersey is one of now. You don't think a northeastern state, but for but you see a lot of other states like that, even in the northeast we're blacks am Latinos are like then, please understand this is a result of cuts just housing policy that was overtly racist, whether its red lying some of the effigy policies, a lot of the way that loans were being made restrictive covenants. There were happening in the fifties, sixties even seventies that broad vis about and is hurting all of us as a country.
Because we already know that mostly can use on chest for segregated by race or segregated by income, until you have concentrated for communities, work hard and others decide less densely populated a certain areas of our country. With with pole, housing and what's painful about this? Is that many want to think about this, or this is bad for black latino votes was bad for white folks as well and we need or understanding as a country that these are the lines that are dividing us that are weakening us, in my opinion, undermining We truly are as a nation, a nation where we need each other, and I think a lot of it comes from this result that we Harold in this country, is ideal of tolerance as if that's the great aspiration- To me. Tolerances says I'm gonna stomach you're right to be different, but he just disappear earth on the worse offer better off, which we really to be aspiring for is what I think. Patriotism means, which means love of country which necessitates love each other, that we have to be a nation. Is
fires for love, which recognise that you have worth and dignity, and I need you, you are part of my hope, part of the promise of this country. It's. Why are found or to trust me, had a lot of important imperfections, and those documents that referred to native Americans are savages for women at all. Starkly car, Michael used to say, constitute, constitute, I can only say three fifths of the word because blacks, where three fifths of a word, but but they got a lot right and one of the things they got right is it that we not only need each other, but this urgency, and of the declaration of independence they say we pledged to each other or lives. Are fortunes, are sacred honour, in other words, this country's gonna go far. We need each other as the old african things as if you wanna go fast go alone, but if you want to go far, go together, and was weakening our nation right now more than ever, I think is these perceive lie that divide us when really the ties that bind us are so much stronger
you fiercely reapply. Why didn't you you silver tongue denied? I do now that do hinder the boiler, the bark you must know Newark. May we don't read about anymore, like running into burning buildings and saving dies and snow? I really proud. I live for eight years and these high rise low income, housing, employment, housing. I still live right, met, neighbourhood, in the central Warden York Newark. So I leave washing and I come home to new York- and I'm so proud of you Norka and it's a city that I think is showing this. In fact, some heroes are right about. The book are our true patriot show that never gave up on their city and bases that of the american dreams ever gonna be real. It's gotta be real. Here, it's gotta be real, for everybody is likes it. He said
American ever was America to me, but I swear this of America will be an that's that's what new works about so so I know you're on the Homeland Security Committee. Yes, a horrible attack again this week in Brussels. I know what trumps messages it's horrible message and on a great with it, I don't know what the Democrat Messages democratic messages on this. What what? What is it was the first war? I'm not. I don't want to think about one of the great threats to our country through a political ends. I want to think about what the american message in all of this, and how are we gonna defeat, what we see as a determined enemy that is doing horrific things, not just the United States not just to Europe and are we gonna? We read a lot of attention on on things happened this week, but just today but there were people killed in Iraq at a soccer game can go to a soccer game. In fact, ices has been killing more Muslims and even killing anyone else, and so our research
This has be what we're doing right now, which is taking their territory away from them is ideally have is perverse ideal if they have a creating caliphate, we're going to take their land back and we're going to win this war in that field. But we also to disrupt their terrorist networks and we have the countervailing, violent extremism home and its that's, not a sound bite. Wait. You say violent extremists. I've said this before and this I think the Democrats risk losing this election if they cannot put together the words islamic extremism, as opposed to violent extremism. Please just tell me that you recognise that is. The distinct threat, much greater than any other violent extremists threat. You dont worry you think it's on the same order as the K K K will pursue all really worried about the KKK. Will when I'm worried about is that you begin a quest by saying the Democrats will lose if foresaw the Democrats Lou
because how they talk about this extremism than they ve got more problems. My party ready, that's their biggest rule. I maybe that's what will lose the if there's a terrorist attack? What if this was away acts instead of the Brussels Airport? I mean forty five percent of Democrats already. If you take trumps name off his proposal to ban Muslims coming into this country, agree with the Democrats and so look. This is a threat like no other in its ones. That literally keys the up like no other working on like no other, but I also understand- and I'm not- I'm not create false equivalency here. But since nine eleven we ve lost forty eight Americans Boston bombing and with an end to the Christian, walking into plan parent in Colorado, Masker, massive and people, but People Washington's are not trying to get it and are about, and unless they're not at that, then it is a false acquit. I'm not trying to say I'm not trying to create the false criticism, saying that when you say to me that this is the only threat, we should
taught that we not saying all. I know that we were saying its distinct right, indifferent and bigger and full size man. What I'm saying to you is what I'm saying to you is I I am as a cent. It are spending an extraordinary time focusing on that. But what frustrate me hear you and I are having a conversation when we pivoted off of Newark, but I've got kids with lead poisoning in the water and Newark. I've got a poverty which gave a working full time, jobs for an issue. We got it and then I work at the same time answer what it wants. What I'm saying to you is that I think when America's Mercosur hungering for is a vision in which we can manifest strength as a country by focusing on the bill. Whole panoply of issues and if we are in an air is important in people and in an earlier laundering is is weakening towards that mongering. If there's an attack, I mean yes, of course, Trump is fearmongering right. I think Dick and crews trying to Upham this week on patrol muslin neighborhoods
This is why can't you discuss things? Why do we play that level where this is about us a two minute sound bite, as opposed to a sophisticated plan to defeat our enemy not only abroad, but the enemy when it manifests itself? Your home just say as well make terrorism, I would say those words and you'll win the elections. I boyd those words and you're going to lose the election. That's my advice and I hear my no you're not running, but I've got a day right now. I've heard you mentioned as a VIP candidate as the Supreme Gordon Domini, the next James Bond, and you know they need a new most interesting man in the world, so
very much agree with our rapporteur, who is the president of the Eurogroup and author of Super power, three choices for America's role in the world in Bremmer, back where they say in our ideas. The executive director of the national veto in a collar was first laid our old friend Ryan Salon back with us to the many a time how many jobs and are returning champion she's the Ex governor of Michigan and is now very ready for another regenerative. Remember if that is your questions arise over time, so can answer them after the show you to continue with the discussion. It was the first days bring this week and we had
we'll terrorist attack. I thought of the arab Spring and I read this article in the Wall Street Journal. So a merry is the editor of a book called arab spring dreams, and he says today the Middle EAST is low stable. Unless hopeful, then it was before the arab spring. He mentions Egypt, Yemen, Libya, Syria places that had arab spring uprisings. We were all very hopeful at the time he said. The tide of the movement. I edited anthology of essays by young Middle EAST dissidents they describe and a world where women and men were equal, blasphemous cartoonists were tolerated and gay people could be good live openly. He asks how those dreams turned into nightmares and so I would ask that. Do you, while I think, the last forty years The Middle EAST was either stable or had frozen instability for three reasons: one
They could take a lot of money out of the ground to oil oil and was expensive and unite states for the world. The United States number two was providing a fair amount of security for these countries and wanted to a number three. Despite the fact that they want well governed, the people were pretty queen, didn't, have the tools and then have the inclination to revolt. Two thousand, sixteen all three of those things to various degrees of eroding we're gone, and so I mean whether you're talking about Obama, whether you're talking about Hilary or the republican candidates, but you can't tell me any of them have plans. This any better. The Middle EAST today is not something we're gonna fix its much more like climate change, every two degrees of such aid. It seems like when there is an uprising. It gets hijacked by the religious nuts I mean this is, happen with the Arabs ring. It didn't start out as an inn. Urgency that it became same thing with Iraq?
We had MIKE aware here less we talking about it, wasn't insurgency against the Americans, but it was secular and then the religious folks hijacked the same thing. In Syria. With ISIS same thing in Egypt with the Muslim Brotherhood. How do we stop this we kidding ourselves when we thought that there was something in an arab country between the caliphate and a police state were built. One of the issues is that people on both sides So these struggles are religious. This part of the world where even the people or secular, are actually a lot more steeped in religion. Then people in this country, I think of themselves as religious zeal rise. A part of the story is that when you look at our societies where things look at two needs you, this is a country where you have more or less a decent settlement: Indonesia, as a country where people are very worried about religious extremism and are you basically of a functioning democracy there, and I believe that the real issue is there were some societies. The dictator's wiped out all civil society. There were no
other institutions outside of the state, and then there are some where there are people who are able to start businesses, they were able to have real, meaningful institutions outside of government, and those are the societies that today have a fighting chance. It's not just all about these societies are religious. These aren't. You have religious people fighting on both sides, both for decent, tolerant societies and also who are fighting in the name of this Islam and barbarism. You're totally. You were raised Muslim, that's true, but you're not practicing you know I drink. I carouse, I do all of tat, but I do, but I think it seriously disrupt. I never do realize, I'm sure you do, a rare that is as a Muslim in the world that you can openly say that and do that you're lucky you're, an American most, you can drink. You can say I'm not a Muslim and here's the thing you givin me if you're looking at Brussels, if you're looking these terror attacks in tuna boats were caught up in them, they ran a bar there these.
But we ve all been drug dealing and petty crime when you're. Looking at this disaffection, it's a sea in which a small number of religious extremists are swimming, but their swimming in a sea of disaffection of second generation folks, we are living in poverty and there actually turning a blind eye there aiding and abetting this kind of extremism. It's a lot more complicated than religion, and if you limited religion, are missing the fact that I can partly be the antidote as well as the problem, I'm not murmured, a mere two religion. I think there are other factors, its other people who don't wanna, put religion in this. Do and then I made your and I agree with you. You ve got to talk about it. Frankly, it's definitely in the vices. A thousand names, but all of them have Islamic in them. That's no denial! Ices is a narrow and far extreme sect of the wide band of the muslim religion, the islamic religion, to end this is gets back
probably to your previous conversation and the point that you ve been making a lot. I think on the show is why not say islamic terrorism? However, we ve got a huge number of. Moderate Muslims, not just in this country but elsewhere, who don't like that term and words matter, and so why not call it We want to ally ourselves with the moderate Muslims. Why not use the language there are suggesting we use, which is jihadism and not broad brush, an then, but I think, of what Europe proud of what you say, you're saying that somehow these folks are so combustible that if we
The wrong word Wigan a nudge them over into strapping on a suicide on us. If you now, I mean if you that what I have to say about the culture and what does it say about about asked that we refuse to listen to what the terms that they would like to be referred? Why, when I'm not an official I've, never been an official running for anything. I am certainly willing to say that islamic terrorism is a problem and a unique problem and there are aspects of the religion that make it a unique problem willing to say that I also am very sympathetic and empathetic to President Obama when he knew he knows that's true as well, and he refuses to use it because he understands that the overwhelming pool of the United States is to get us more sucked in into wars that we don't have good answers for the more sucked in we get the more problematic, the more painful than more cost in resources and in human lives, and he d much rather spend time fixing a relationship with Cuba
rapprochement with Argentina pivoting to Asia than talking more about I'm with them on that? We also recognise the recognizes that words matter and insulting a whole swathes of people that come from fifty different countries and represent a billion haven't. People is not a great idea when it's one small slice it it's not one small sliced. You know everybody talks about this like there are no numbers. Obama said it's very important for us to align ourselves with the ninety nine point. Nine percent of Muslims who were for the same thing, we're looking for order, peace, prosperity. I love the president, but he just Pull that number right out of his ass? There are numbers we had a guest on a couple of weeks ago, row he'll Rosa. She is a woman who runs the there. She is the Clarion project she goes by the numbers, that's what her video was called. Fifty three percent of the popular
nation of thirty nine muslim countries that were surveyed one Sharia law, Sharia LAW death for leaving Islam death for insulting the profit or the Koran. Stoning, women to death, for adultery amputation, for theft, whipping for missing Friday pair prayers. Being alcohol. The numbers vary from country to country, but this idea that it's just this all problem, the reason why this is a unique problem, why I was imploring Corey Booker to say that is because it is destroying thread based on the size, the New York Times, as there are Five thousand militant islamic groups in the world armies like book or her rum and ices, and the Taliban and Al Qaeda intent. They want to get nuclear weapons, support from the local population, I'm not saying most people want to commit terrorist acts on saying they have a liberal ideas that are
sometimes in line with what the terrorists believe and recent events when nobody- and I act, no one is denying any this, but here's well, how? Oh, yes or they are another, some people who are very foolish and dangerous. To deny this. I am very sympathetic to where you're coming from, but here's what you need to keep in mind when you're looking at Muslims in
the world they are subject to the same dynamics affecting Christians in other groups, their secular relation, okay. So the question is: how salient is your muslim identity, people that we call european Muslims today? You say there were Moroccans or they were Algerians or whatever else now you call them Muslims, because when you polarize, when you say that being a Muslim is this, it means these things. You make it more significant for people who are on the fence, they're all these people who are on the fence, who kind of our thinking that this is not necessarily the most important thing for me. Maybe what matters to me, as you know, what kind of tax code I want or whatever else, but when you focus on this, then you actually create the sea I'm talking about and which a small minority of people were violent, swim in the sea of people he'll marginalized in disaffected, and when you wanted a shrink, they say they may want to hurt you I mean. As former Michigan we are the largest ever american population memories. Right Dearborn is forty percent of American. If you bring it home in the burning coal and they did they do overwhelmingly the people who are living
here who are living in the? U S, who need to be our allies in this as well, are offended by this broad brush and in in Dearborn, people are these are even though there are not enough rushing I've. What I'm telling you know these people if people are offended that we are using, is ta make terrorism to suggest that all of Islam believes or acts, and that is that I think that we should be more London by the inborn opposition leaders than they should be by the fact that the Eu S as Islam or not- I really do I can't bomb these guys, never submitted last question that it is not the only issue put alienate people who we need to be our ally, not israeli and oh, I see we're doing the United States. This would get the more on our side dont want to alienate the people who believe in our values. We seem to be always getting out of our way to defend the people who don't believe in our values like the out why
Why? Why are they are friends? What I think you ve seen from our goal in Cuba and standing there we're through our old Castro? Saudi Arabia's, our ally in a far worse dictators like this. Are you Saudi Arabia and work on human rights record? I'm not a fan of Saudi Arabia, but it certainly is true that you ve done a lot to combat our enemies and the enemy of your enemy. Son. Has your friend it's not something that were particularly happy about, but it's a reality. Ok, we must interrupt this discussion to Something very slowly, time for another instalment of a second we do on the show called. I dont know it for a fact. I just know it's true: it's about the phenomenon that sometimes you don't really have the proof for Sunday. You just know it's true. I ll give you an example. I was watching our little video a couple of
months ago and Sarah Palin came out for Donald Trump. Show the video and I'll tell you what I mean trumps cannot see any exposed, not just that tragic the ramifications of the trail of the transformation of our country soon
that's what I mean when I saw that I said to myself. I don't know for a fact that several pale Amazon math- I just I don't know for a fact that the place where Bernie Sanders buys it suits gives you a second sued for free. I just know it's true. I don't know for a fact that Poland Dean gets drunken says. Not everything that there did was bad. I just I don't know for a fact that the movie, my big fat, weak wedding, too, will contain the line. I don't think that's yogurt. I don't know for a fact that Hillary Clinton has Butterscotch. Can these and I dont know for a fact that Fox NEWS Anchor bread there used to be known as the closer at a Cadillac dealership? I dont know for a fact that when we all have driverless cars, Lindsey Lowell,
to find a way to crash one in two or three, which sees the Carmagnole show Gerard Girl, like you or a student, I appreciate you look really really nice of you. Ve been so many people come out here, look and growing So let me first of all, congratulations what a great start your career result, your show is awesome. You said things what sitcoms should be thinking about, always about something. Thank you. I think it's great and when I watch it I feel like we have a lot in common, because we are two guys who want to challenge even the people who, like us, yeah. Well, you don't want people
be bored. You know you, people, a lot of entertainment is so mindless. You know people are just like Colson alone and this jokes, but it's nothing that like intrigues well, of course, a lot of it is mindless, but even this up- that's not mindless, I feel is very often pandering. Yet they never have the balls to say something that their own audience wound agree with like that would be the worst thing in the world yeah and you are able to do that. I'm not you pass off people, yeah where's, the beauty of not being a politician. You know what I was backstage and are realised that this segment there's no way. I could stop the moment. You have record book, there's nothing I can do exist, pay his parents. Have this like everything about em is amazing, builds
Did he builds Uribe from scratch. I mean you know that has Terence how like this a lab. Even if you re like the story of praise- and I don't have my parents or have I story that beautiful the only thing my dad did- was once pull a gun out on a negative odom, thirty dollars entertaining inspiring waiting agitated, I thought is inspired by Lech very right, but you are not afraid to get booed. That's what I mean about what we have in common and yet you I saw your special and you say you know when the audience groans you go, you keep groaning, yes, go deep
because you feel something you don't owe me like mine was, I could say things wickets that I could come out here like Bernie twenty whatever year. This is in you guys, go crazy and that's when I showed this is a little thing we put together. For my I did my little birth. They ran back in January, and this is a little montague me with my beloved audience this We are doing me for really don't fucking start with make. Don't start with me, a fuck you with the book. What is the brewing? It's going to be rough unless you get that stick out of your ass. It's amazing. How do we call gangster in now,
it would mean but her, but it wouldn't you guys, intriguing gag, reinstated, Jason gangs that data it's in the boy it's in the air. I don't really. Everybody else is that support way of tanks that fine things tat was there, but that its moving out? Who else does its interests are well says? Fuck outta there already- and I know you have like it's like an old Mary couple is just like- is just like a really will get the fuck out of my face very interested like that when you do the same thing and that's what I hear and then a lot of your shows him in Europe. You're talking about things like Bill Cosby, that was a really interesting episode. Yeah I hear thinking it's right is house, because we did you go to the house. Of course not. I ve never met him. I hate him. I always hated him. I never thought he was money back and ninety can tell you that I was nineteen. Eighty three, a girl, told me a horror story about built in eighty three. Eighty three got deal. Did you learn anybody? I mean I feel like I've been tell the authorities next, not I'm calling from this set of Dixie Gal. I haven't emerges, there's a comedian. You all of us think that you know a winter. The house in its you know a thing we everybody loses. You know no mean like which, if you loved him, if you felt fondly album, you know the accusers in all the everyone kind of losers in this situation, the epoch,
although we did on the show was, was rooted around that like? What do you do when someone that you admired it and you put on a pebble, you know is Elsie right, I'm thinking I have eyes and ears. Why you do I mean by it? But it's me it's that line of you know. Obviously you wanna be. You know respectful to the victim's. You know when making constant about anything. You want to be very spoke before it, and and and in no way will or we trying to do a slant in any direction. You know, but it is a thing where you hear the phasing out of these. It is in that, whether it shouldn't you always slant where the truth now, here's a thing so that the interesting thing about the episode does, I think it's actually much more genuinely provocative, not in the sense of like you know, just edgy and just saying things to find this fine, the grey area right and if, as an admirer of this work, what we focused on and so was me an admirer of his work, saying we're ok guilty even guilt,
the or whatever the accusations are. What do I do now that you know I still admire this person's work like how to separate the two minutes, a difficult. You know it's a difficult thing because it's like, I think we all any entertain or fast and saying what about hard a media? The work is not even close to Minor when you're in Abuja lobbying, but you weren't. But even if I was I
a fan of Roman Polanski yeah, but once a drug to thirteen year old and factor in the ass. I was not a fact. I didn't know you, obviously, but also the movies go away worse. After that, you know, that's that's I drew the pianist, he went and asked for it and it's a great movie, acknowledging busy yeah. Of course you acknowledge it has great yes, but not him is great yeah to be able to do that. But you are a kind of like me. You acknowledge the pianist great it's it's kind of a monster can be a great director yeah, but that's what it. But what I'm saying is this? What the episode was that you were saying that, like, oh, even someone, you know use of these monstrous and asian always a monster. So, let's talk and with the panel of experts, the liberal bubble, because I know you're not afraid to go there and I'm always criticising what goes on in college campuses. There was a duty, this wicked Emory University. Oh my gosh.
Not happen happened at Emory Talk. I I can I can. I was somebody wrote Trump Pro Trump messages the sidewalk in chalk- and I swear to God. The kids went option. It's an insult as permanent as we thought his like run riot, one students have legitimately feared for my life, I thought we were having a k K. I thought we were having a k K rally hampers than just Trump like trumpet when you learn in chalk, my another one, I'm supposed to be comfortable and safe, but this man, Trump, is being so. Ordered by students on our campus, as is their right in a democracy and our
There's duration shows by their silence they supported as well. I don't deserve to feel afraid at my school I so badly want to drop. Kick these kids into a place where there is actual pain and suffering. What happened in this country knows when I was. I was on the points about having skip going to college, now. I've never met more competent mothers have, as Mr Liese, I wonder, is out on our part
what is the way the child rearing changed and when you think about the early eighties, you know you ve got in a missing children day care centres run by Satan nests and all of a sudden. Then you have a generation of kids who grew up in that environment before in the seventies, know you'd ride the subway when you're nine years old. You know whatever was it's not a big deal, but now you have a whole generation who grew up this way, just really costed and now you're. Seeing the effects and what's gonna be scary, is as people go out into the world and they discover that it can't because it in those ways there can encounter dangerous ideas that are very different from their own, and then I could get that concept at all. Everything seems to take a back seat to their feelings and their sensitivity that demand
Firstly, they don't give a shit about free speech. Doesn't matter it's all about! Oh my gosh, I don't have to worry about it because it's not gonna. Last, it's not going to survive contact with reality. Right, you're gonna win the world Series, great painting them with the broad brush to desire just right, but I have one story where you can like all their these. This is only one story of many. It happens all the time on campuses watch this show. So ok. So let me get to this other issue that happened this week, which is about, I think, manliness, because the candidates, back at each other, about their wives- and I just gotta say part of this problem. Is the media. I turned on what is called now meet the press daily on Ananus NBC. Ok, just show this little clip. This is how Chuck Todd Open.
The show today? You have brought it it's a week that, starting with a major terrorist attack and the likelihood of a big commander in chief test and yet It got turn into an unbelievable exchange of candidate wives. And the national enquire. How did we devolved to this house
I was talking about this idea of how this happened this. This is how we lack of self awareness on the part of the press that they are the problem now, but it's you who we're ten billion dollar election. You can't sustain interest in Americans for anything for that long unless you feed them some. Ok, the news. This isn't news channel, ostensibly by this institution. It, though this is an entertainment, that's news, giant weight but see it and has the same. You know about Generous NBC. Will what, wherever this same obligation to advertisers dollars? That's the prom happier re say: get the money out of politics. We gotta get the money out of the news business like there's a good question: do you trust the who should we trust? Why don't trust anybody any more? But I certainly don't trust somebody who bullet I by the idea that the profit motive is leading to this lowest common denominator thing. But you know the thing is that the deeper problem is that people don't have relationships with people. They trust you are not a big fan of organised religion, but guess what, in an era when people would go to church regularly, those are the people who are immune to trumps appeal because they actually have neighbors. They talk to people, they have other authority figures. They can turn to beyond. Just what MSNBC or whatever else is saying at any given moment. That's the real problem,
that's going on, I think they wanted a million women in a relationship that the low beyond the family are just not. There are really no one would most immune to trumps appeal or the eighty twenty two twenty six year old, the same ones that we're gonna planning like Emory, began by the way, their non msnbc, the average age but watch of MSNBC. I think it's sixty four sixty seven four hundred and sixty chose to end these guys are not paying attention to that and there the anti trumpeters, because they know it's a bunch of be cited back to your point, though these these new channels that have got to fill ere. You can have some like Donald Trump, just calling in from his pajamas in his room, and they will take the call there's no requirement for equal. There are not you go to these debates. They ve got them interior so that the public alarm and another note all where equal time I mean how do people really? How can they the servants, one guy, is sucking up all of the oxygen and their allowing it to have been used to be a lost leader at the news. Division didn't know is used to be this way should be a student
or if they made money from Walter Cronkite its that's what the Beverly hillbilly. Ok, if you gave Scott Walker one point: nine billion dollars and free media, you wouldn't know what to do. People who can actually free drama excitement. I gladly he can you dont one more question, my warmer issue, a pact that is the israeli lobby, but it is not there same thing is Israel, although every candidate in America seems to think it's. The same was this week all the candidates spoke there, except for burning the the Jew. I love Bernie, sceptic gifted from for the first time used a teleprompter which tells you something, which is that you have to give the ass of a pact so carefully that even Donald Trump didn't wanna fuck it up, but Europe has been real. Assholes about Israel? I mean in general, do you when, as of twenty fifteen. The United Nations Rights Council had issued more official condemnations of Israel than the rest
the world's nations combined? I wonder now that Europe has been attacked four times. I think a little over a year, and they Ices has four hundred fighters at the ready to introduce back, Into Europe and are trying to get a dirty bomb, maybe Europe will have a more sympathy for what is real goes through. I think they are now that you ve got millions of refugees that are making their way into Europe. The Europeans can't stop them and they also are incapable of integrating them into their societies and so as a consequence not only. We see more voters being more sympathetic to Israel, but the issue. Palestine model Wall, em off, watching carefully that that's gonna, increasingly, appealing to larger segments of european society that will have to watch very carefully folk optimist. I was just going to say this back to the APEC speech by Donald Trump. Of course, he did have to use the teleprompter the one moment where he goes off.
Gripped, though he says that a Brok Obama's the worst thing to ever happen to Israel, which is which they had to come back and apologize for the next day. He is when Hillary Clinton got up and said that loose Cannon sometimes go astray and shoot wrong, she's talking about him, that
Man is such a loose cannon that he is a danger to this country. Are I neural Bashar? Al Assad wife ass by has to be told girl. You can do better, maybe in Syria he's President Assad, but over here we go by a different name: Bashar, your over driver neural. Ten crews must apologise for this attack at featuring a photo from Maloney is modeling career, come on TED.
Ronald Reagan, be George Bush, the first in the nineteen eighty primaries, and he did it without once bringing a barbarous bottling, career neural, the eleven year Old, Minnesota boy who was arrested after stealing a cement truck from a work side ramming soup these cars and leaving the cops on our long? I speed Jays acts to sit down, so I can tell him something: son you're my hero. I never wanted children before, but I want to adopt you some kids. Your aid sit around and play grand theft auto, but you you are Euro is Obama really wants to help put a Clinton back in the White House he has done.
Reminding us what happened last normally Australia, woman, whose actually it's a rare disorder that prevents us from swallowing has to come up with a better excuse and finally, Neuro Hollywood has to remake Sophie's choice, but this time it's about the current Babel for the Republica nomination and selfies horrible Joyce, isn't that you can't save both are children. It said one of them Has to live. Now. I know that picking between Donald Trump and said group is driving. Republicans crazy, Mitt Romney gets so angry today. Punch the wall and yelled Fudgsicle
I almost feel bad for Republicans, although not really because they did it to themselves Jesus. You guys do but that was seventeen candidates. Somehow you wound up with muscle lenient Joe Mccarthy enrichment in recent weeks. Republicans have even been coming up to me on the street or when a party or in an airport, rest Roman, saying bill, give me a hand. They say sure trump and crews are both despicable, asked clowns, but. Which one is less often glad you I say because they're always is a more correct choice, and I'm not just saying this to my Republika dreads, I'm saying this to live Those two Hillary Clinton is not a sure thing. You need a fall back. I'd suicide in Canada
Somebody's gonna stay here and ate all this cow. So let's look at the differences and there are real and important ones between crews in Trump they're, not the same. Comparing them is, balls and orange. Donald Trump is like a bowler bilbil. I will kill you right away roses, or like the zeal of virus. We will see the damage and to future generations. Donald Trump wants to build a wall to keep out creepy foreigners. Ted crews is proof we need ten crews
has a daughter who just want empty, whereas Donald Trump daughter is fine with me. He said it by the way he said it, but perhaps the most important difference between the two men is this Donald Trump is the most thin skinned person in human history. In reaction to the smallest slight, with the hair trigger wounded. Ego of a male flight attendant whereas ten crews is immune to insults. Because he's learn to live in a world where everyone everywhere. Always hated VON Valiums used to say they were born in a trunk ted was born
after a locker, like a growing number of Republicans, lending Graham publicly support crews, even as he mentions that dead makes is gone wrong and sort of like when they ask a gay actor to kiss a woman they'll do it, but only because it's their job. In fact, it's exactly like that. And then there's from whose three main endorses are: Sarah Palin, Greece, Christie and then Carson ores. All them carry fatty in banning. So that's it Republicans. I feel your pain you're stuck between a rock and a gross place, the house of Asshole or the house, a douche bag, team werewolf, routine, vampire
the rise in our agency, but what we have to accept that being a grown up means hard choices between disgusting options. You have to decide. We all have to decide so Let me just say in the choice between Trump and crews. Ifor squarely choose TAT through act right, my choices, ten. Crews speakers. Here's the deal Brecker with Donald Trump he's a lunatic
If we're not rich or non white person said the things he says, they wouldn't put him in the White House. They put him in Bellevue We can't make a crazy. We can't make a crazy person commander in chief their actual job requirements. It's not like Marty grow parade. King do I think President Trump would actually disappear. People know, but I
can't, will without a tear. My kit rule anything out. What does he do? One day, one cent Megan Kelly to Guantanamo Bay. Me he's already suit me. The president's signs off on a kill list every day and sends out the drones, and I like going outside, yes, TED cruised will be our worst president, but Donald Trump might will be our last, which is why I say better
then tat. That's our show rob backs way back April account for just over time a new jail. I tell me where she seemed to be having fighting. I watch him. Any more commission not mind each be oh dot. Com.
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