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Episode #401 (Originally aired 07/29/16)

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Episode #401 (Originally aired 07/29/16) - Bill’s guests are Bernie Sanders, Barney Frank, Alex Wagner, Matt Welch and Dr. Cornel West.

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Welcome to each party from the HBO making real time today. I know why you're happy denied these conventions are over, Thank you very much, and history was made
one of our major priorities, one of our major parties nominated a woman and the other nominated a pussy. So I did this in other regions that she was pretty good. Last night I gotta see laid out the choice for America. Do you want a woman who excels when the stakes are high? guy who sells stags and sounds like he's like dinner by all measures that convention very successful. For the Democrats I mean there seemed to be no constituency left behind, which is good. You know they checked, every one of the identity boxes. Latinos, blacks gaze, Lamb asian dwarfs,
surrender Jupiter disabled? It was finally lived up a job. I took him out there and go good evening. I'm a Guy with a dick dickers white guys applauding addictive, neither the guy you stole. The show was the muslim dad whose son was killed in Iraq and he went up the boy. Did he read trumpet the riot ACT, Donald Trump. You have never sacrificed anything or anyone. Many took out a copy of the constitution,
right, and he said I will gladly lend you mine and every Bank of America said bad idea. I was a brutal Niver Donald Trump Hilary zigzags were pretty damn devastating urban, usually to own a Republican like that. You have to be a cobra, I got her best line with what you said about Donald Trump, a man who can view bait with a tweet is not a man. We can trust with nuclear weapons. And then Trump responded
between sky, just Louise and not just a twenty tried to get all the other girls not to sit with Hilary at lunch. Knowing his street was creating Hilary made up facts about me and making up backed by Donald Trump is Donald Trump job. There was one little awkward moment at the convention last night. The cameras cod Bill Clinton nodding off during your just for a second, but you know what could even thinking was it. A dream. No Katy Parrys it's really are that. I cannot gluttons,
they were do you know they were all decked out in patriotic colors. They plan that, but jealousies, dress was red. Hilary suit, was white and bills. Balls were blue. Despite a few hackles, I really thought that convention did come together behind Hillary Clinton. I mean you saw the signs throughout the hall with all her slogans and she does have a lot of slogans. You know you, I'm with her right. If a Hilary stronger together, the other guy, he's Donald Trump, and the speakers also, I must say notable for what it did not mention. She did mention Benghazi should mention emails, didn't mention the teepee teepee be she did
come out through legalizing part, at least that's the way I interpret it says that she wanted a plant seeds for future generations gosh. I was not well your hair and a little letter always begging with my favorite Congress whenever Barney Frank, as is the same year, seven our firm vermont- he didn't quite make it to the nomination, but in my lifetime I have never seen the candidate as beloved
Bernie Sanders Bernie. I can see why you were the nominee they age. We always have to allow a little more extra time when birdie is unjust replies, but I want to ask you Bernie: how do you write the convention now, but it's over, why? I think it was a good convention think it brought together people with different points, view within the Democratic Party of the progressive, more conservatives, the moderates, but I think
comes out of that convention. Build is the understanding. Other Donald Trump is the most dangerous presidential candidate in the modern history this country and that we must- and I say that I say that will not just because of his absurd views on so many issues, people is that climate change is a is a hoax. He wants to give hundreds of billions of dollars and tax breaks to the top one percent. But above and beyond all of that, this guy is running his entire campaign based on bigotry based on trying to divide us up faced on trying to insult Mexicans and Latinos and and Muslims and in women and an african Americans remember that this guy was one of the leaders of the so called birth. The movement which try to he legitimize the first african american president that we have
I had so. This is a guy who was dangerous. Who does not? I think that Muslim, before of. The young man who died in Iraq was absolutely right that Somebody like tromp does not understand the constitution of the United States. I think you see many Republicans who leave that is well. So this is a guy who must be defeated. The it's no secret bill that Hillary Clinton and I of disagreements on a number of issues and what I intend to do the day after Hillary Clinton is elected. President of the United States, do everything I can to make sure that she goes forward as progressively she can maintain the very strong democratic, progressive platform that we pass
gather- and I must say, unlike some of your supporters, I think that's why you are a great patriot, because you wrote it brought it right back to the central issue. We have to defeat done. Drop. You are a warrior, sir, and the hardest thing for a warrior to do is to follow a sword, but you did you have come in line with the idea that we have just two choices, and you know I think Al Gore after the two thousand election Supreme Court made that decision. Donald Trump would have won go wouldn't have gone away quietly. Al Gore did the patriotic thing
and you are doing the patriotic, but it's not just its largest. I think the right thing to do for the moment. I think what we have got to do- and I said this as best I could in philadelphia- is it we must continued, the political revolution. We must contain due to bring millions of people into the political process to stand up to take on the billionaire class too, I'd for economic and social and racial environmental justice and that fight must continue the day after the election, because fundamental changes transformational changes bill. Take time I'm gonna, they don't happen overnight and that movement has got to continue What we are doing by the way is converted our movement from a president. Sure campaign
a movement that tries to activate the American people and get young people to start running for office for school. What City Council and they legislate to follow up on a couple of things. You said you said the movement should continue. You mention young people. I was on with Chris Matthews couple of weeks ago. We were talking about you and. The assumption from him was that you could not run again because you're so before, and I said Chris you're, seventy I'm sixty, If anybody should not be a just. It's us I must. I must first back against this idea that people in their seven these are at the end and that you just dribbling down to the last few days of your life,
treat their bodies differently as they go through life. They are very different in their alertness and their health. And there is no reason why you can't run again from what I say. What do you think it will guide you very much, but it is at all. You are now a long time off from now, my the term ends in two years is, A? U S, centre, left, Vermont, everything being equal iron tend to run for reelection from Vermont. State that I love very very much. But what I will tell you is whatever my political which may or may not be. I will be fighting as hard as we can to stand up for declining middle class to take on the grotesque levels of ink, and wealth, inequality that we are seeing right now,
to demand that the United States join the rest of the industrialized world and guarantee can't all people as a right to make public health. Because in universities in this country to wish and free, Those are issues that you have but to continue. The fight for. I didn't hear. The end of that is, people are always what are you, but I think I get the just right. So you know people were talking today. A lot about the fact that at the convention last night, when, when Hilary Jane you and the night before when a Obama gave you a shot out, but you didn't look too happy. You know you're kind of didn't smile hillock, like a husband who is sitting there in the waiting room. We had our the wife tries on the clothes outside the waiting, not in the waiting room, but on the other
but I saw at the convention, which was the opposite wooden. Your brother came on this stage, know at what I was talking about you all year. I always said Bernie Sanders is giving us a new deal. That is the only is that comes to mind. He saying look. You pay a little more in taxes, but look at what you get like, but more like a european democracy. And your brother invokes the new deal. He talked about your parents, I love the new deal and how you are carrying on that tradition. And there we did see a lot of emotion. You ever clamped Bernie come on right and I'll. Have my brother remit I just be out. This is how my parents, who died young, might have felt at that moment and obviously that was something that was struck deep chord in me we grow up in a family didn't have a whole lot of money. My father dropped out of high school
My mother never went to college. I think the idea that her son might be a serious candidate for president of the United States is nothing that the aid they ever would have dreamed up, so
that's what shrugged accordingly, like I said earlier, not to think about it centres are your brother or this right is the editor large of reason, magazine, Maxwell's crack, where this matter is seen you around the Atlantic Alex Wagner, hey Alex right. This is an author and professor Mariners at Princeton University. What a panel doktor corner, where I dont forget to send us your questions for tonight's overtime slogan, answer them after the show on Youtube, so both combined,
genes are over. They look nothing like one another in the republic and convention that could have been a convent. From nineteen fifty and I'm sure I wish it once where is the democratic convention as I was joking in the monologue, what a rainbow coalition- and I think ninety two- was it's the economy stupid? This look like its race stupid, like You're, like I've, never seen an election. That was more about race, launder Yemen, toto moderation, told my class engender as well as empire, because I was you see my dear brother Bernie Sanders. You know we spent almost a year together on the road. I have a deep, the mere for he. Anne sister, Jane you we get some wonderful story, but I, but I do I disagree with my brother internally political revolution being able to work through the Democratic Party,
I mean by that, is that when he said a few months ago, did Hilary was heavy plant was on qualify? He said that in New York I think he still had a point in this sense. That is still a Wall Street Party its still tied the militarism, and I look at Hillary Clinton, even given its historic breakthrough, beautiful thing blow against male supremacy You say that to me well, but but I look illiterate gleaned from the eyes of the whip. Children who were pushed out welfare from those in the mass and conservation. From though the handover Haiti on the West Bank. Ain't gonna israeli occupation. Under Hilary she was not for kids, you know contacts here such complainer intelligent. But it is also methodistical. But we don't want just choice between two. If you had to choose between Donald Trump and David Ducal, would you choose.
What would you do when you choose lettering I'd right in jail? Stein, joy, which we know is rounded days, did all I'm saying you give to the people and adjust arcane joys. Must this detail rags, there's something you just run. I do actually I'm always run in front to pull me always running right, but that's not You'll be either not a lot of talk about police abuse and so forth other than the mothers I want to hear from the candidates not trotting out the mothers who had their tears. Lizzie the leaders of what all had to say about police, got an instant
mom were turning. This was. Where are we now? The story? I think rubbed. The new rule was the democratic convention really lacking in that area yeah I mean I will say to you earlier the question about question about was a moment. I don't have a lot of people saw where there there's a cat, a rainbow cast on state aid and this whole. Convention hall filled with the chorus of what the world needs now is love, sweet love and I think for demo rats in the hall. It was kind of this emotionally cathartic moment I can also imagine Republicans whose had had this conclave about ISIS a week earlier in Cleveland Problem
to that end been like that that's exactly the problem. They think what we need now is love, and what we need now is to arm exactly and anything for people like you know, we went to both conventions. Unity over one to the other was emotionally like incredibly destructive. It was taxing to go. In Cleveland to Philly and just see the huge gulf that exists more big surprise, comparing the two I did not expect the democratic convention to be the one with the loudest descent on the floor. I really expected to be a lot of anti trumps and cement and there was in the rules Committee stuff MIKE Lee very a passionately. They got the kind of got shrewd and roll call vote in these kind of things, but after that it was pretty disciplined. They Hillary Clinton said last night, which I don't share, your assessment of being all that strong. She has to try to do two things at once, which is really difficult. One is to bring in the Bernie supporters, who are a little restive, and this time a lifeline to Republican, to think. They'll drops crazy rights, so she's talking here, and there is probably too
only five different chance, most of them emanating from the California delegation of no more war, and there immediately drowned out with Hilary. That's what you guys her at home, but there's all these think about what Bernie Sanders did not say either in this interview or in his speech. He did not use the word foreign policy. He did not say war, he did not say surveillance, he did not say drug war or marijuana or all the civil libertarian stuff. That's very important to people like me and you and everybody here it was absent, as the whole unity thing, and so there's a lot of Bernie supporters of minority, maybe but a straw and very passionate minority who are upset about that and for good reason, the military, unfair. I think this and I wasn't doing some reporting on assembly when there are a lot of young kids, were burning supporters in delegates who understand ellador, reality and institute. Reality and an hour actually I made, they feel angry that the media were treat them as nihilists, who want to blow up the party and are going to vote for travel, and I and I thank you,
Yes, there were a lot around the roses in the hall. If you're gonna pick, the the rowdy is people like the rowdy is people are naturally gonna, be inclined to go to the convention and make noise. But I think the asked majority of standards of borders sort of understand the stakes here and have been sort of wrong ways, but one to regard the nomination should move toward the ferko. I mean: what are they also? She said some great things that I think he could ve said they would have jeers singing his speech in some ways she held a way of giving lip service. It is progressive, issued. We want to know what is be done on the ground for porn working people. That's requests I, You know you are how programmes launched a frank answer that but more willing brilliant worried when really you think has done nothing for poor. Nor is there nothing as she has
Done what people, in terms of her being as great champion for poor people, that's a lie, but this only two items on the menu we got. Three, we got deals SEC. We got Gary, the third one, ok united. We only got order away when any chance of becoming address moment. It looks that way, but do what you have said so uniting jewels. Jain is gonna, be president's. Look me in the eye and banal me that We shall see what I've got to be a but whatever disease mother you gotta draw a line in the same one that will not raise the question about David, Duke and and and and and Donald Trump. In your own mind, you had a lot drawn line and I draw a line in the sand and now Dublin all because all that data shows under
Certain conditions you wouldn't make a choice between two full refuse. I'm living among us, we're doing analogy, is going to give you and I'll kill us work with you on a train station right here and I, like you, Go to San Francisco. There's a wedding up. There you gotta get there. There's one train that goes to San Francisco. It's a little slower than the one you want this week, the train leaving, but it's not going to San Francisco it's going.
It's not going. You know it's going to San Diego, which is lovely city but its, but it's not where you want to go. You wanna go to San Francisco. The only the train is going in the opposite direction. You get on the train, that's going in the direction you wanna go but lower, or do you go to Sandy Inga would limit as it was then I do love this analogy to open this. Look at it. This way to build a moot point. TRAIN Wall Street, security is the mail as militarist, not that have gone in the same direction. I'm Goin is just better than they'll fascists. Let's drop it ignores the near. Are you really think Hillary Clinton is on the same spectrum? Is a NEO fascist NASA Milt? First, like Trump
maybe you think she's in ok I'll. Do the NEO liberal model, liberal! Ok, I'm not going a thousand livres clarified it. Ok, but but but I do leave NEO liberalism as a disaster. That when it comes to poor people who come to people and other amounts running, would u S? Foreign policy militarism Attica asked me about their ok, the people in the West Bank about, but once again, Donald Trump is insane desiring crazy, noted, overseer of vast areas, not insanity, nourishes written terraces tweets. He said about Hilary, I was to see whether she do a class act and not mention my name or mention it. With respect
mention- was basically Walker, the azure patriotic duty. If you see here to kill yulka, he also said I'll tell you, I think I have the best temperament or certainly one of the best temperaments. If anyone that's ever run to the Office of President Donald Trump later, that is up about temperament a majority of his own supporters. When you break down by Paul, say he does not have the temperament. His supporters does not have the temperament to be I'd say for support him anyway, due to the jury, it may not have been temperament to tweet, don't do it. They should be on a park bench feelings. I mean the idea that word Angela, like the Office of President, I loved what Hilary service that you gonna Jackie, giving you a little man, moved by fear and pride
you know those businesses that was beautiful, what he can walk back a tweet. You can't walk back a nuclear launch. What I also the word little has particularly rennet residents when it comes to drunk, I mean it. You say that like ha ha, but also humiliation is the only way to puncture his boy. That's where my Bloomberg Andrew skin, by suggesting that maybe he's not rich. If you wanted to see what they would work together on Ebay and they have got together but to say they ve been Gualterotti will magnetic humiliation is working. What's good note of what you put but, but let us at least he's at best or at worst withheld or even after their authorities too easy to view him. Other nice lit individual and banish him he by agreeing to the pain in the country, because white working class Brothers, have been overlooked by book. Globalization by these trade deals you that to them, to pull the rug from under him is easy to bath. Individual body, nosey, xenophobic and mediocre
navel gazing, a whole lot other thing, but somehow he's got all these people by many I mean where mediocre your nicer to him, then you ordered three us annually was mediocre, Well, it's brilliant. She said I don't have a whole lot integrity. Another murder never got a judge with, but not an ideology. The by both be brings up a point which is very interesting. The republican Party under Tromp, which is now completely transformed rural or largely, transform the oars Teacher and prudence went up and said, and we have a nominee who will punish american companies for moving fact Ladys oversees. That is now the Republican party position. The party that was supposed to be for international trade and capitals, and so there they are fighting. The Democrats. That's on the same kind of anti racism. Big word. He also wanted to punish women who got abortions. If you recall right these people on the right,
claim they love freedom. I don't love free, they want an authoritarian who will install exactly what they believe. Anyone can also said that she would punish american companies go overseas in her speech. Do so outside should now doing that as their native language on the right is so much more pronounced, and I think that thing that is disturbing about things like events like Cleveland is just how cathartic this anger scene to be how delicious it is for a certain sum. Two percent of the electorate, and and talk about offering an alternative. You know being mean and being this is an cutting. People down is incredibly intoxicating. And the more you do with the easier it is to do. The question is: how do you counter that it It is a really it is, it is pernicious and it is very large at the foundation of the kind which you don't you fear them. I have to cut your view trump discomfort, you gotta, I hope that our vision and Europe
comedy you know? One of our favorite comedy bids is suddenly gold. I don't know it for a fact. I just know it because it happened so we say to revert back. I just know it so we tonight special convention- in addition, I dont know for a fact. I just know it's true of, for example, I don't know for a fact that the celebrities from the republican convention we're catering, the democratic convention that they Donald from vices furniture from dictator warehouse. I just I don't know for a fact that if you took a drink every time a Democrat said our children you'd
we'll be able to have children. I don't know for a fact that, in order to prepare for the role of american side go Jeanne bail, followed Eric Trump around for just now. I don't know for a fact that the only thing Debbie Washerwoman shelves, lears more than Bernie Sanders Supporters is humanity, don't read. I had just now, which I do not for a fact that every time then cars and mentions Jesus Jesus,
rose up a little and his mouth says: please shut that allowed respects. No that's drew back, that's got bail, things Trump is going to appoint a secretary of television. I I don't know for a fact that Donald Trump will in fact appoints God. May secretary of television know it's true,
I don't know for a fact that Hilary main fashion inspiration is the talent of. I don't know for a fact that Rudy Julie Other prepared for this, be each by studying the Tasmanian devil. Farmers get for the evil, one ways: local authority for fifty Bernie, you in good company at the democratic convention. I heard you boot everybody who died in boom boom. We I'm saying so many people I like we're bone.
With Warren Bernie himself? What's what about this purity endemic? very well. I would urge people on the question of what she effective waiting and social change. Much compromise. Should you make? How hard should you fight then. What do you do? Let me show you of all model Bernie Sanders. I am puzzled as to why people correct me showing him a smart, tough disappoint advocate for change. Have now decided that nobody is talking about what Bernie Sanders and would have such a great example of how to bring about fundamental social gains, lose all credibility. Somebody supported I wish they would follow through with burning I also would say by the way, and I understand the terrible choice when our proposed, I would differ
in this regard. You should one who we could never knew a poor people hit the current administration. The first thing we did was to raise taxes on the rich, but couldn't industry you got the through by one vote. Both houses, Nova Publican. We we was vote over but the congressional Budget Office rule that the taxation system became less progressive more aggressive as a result of that in ninety three. We, it's a minimum. We got how the people- yes, because you get the core elbow and death we re the minimum wage and in terms of health can we couldn't took ahead because inviting people forget you began. Seeing this the left wing of the Clinton administration, she pushed not just universal health care, but when that failed, she came up with the most important improvements for poor people We have everything to children's health, children's health, article five was really is concerned. This notion,
let me go. She got paid after being an office by Wall Street Database s great question: yes, understanding. How does that effective policies? I am obviously have with much of what we did in the financial reform built. We have the consumer Financial Protection Bureau just today story about protecting people against abuse of debt collection practices. She's been a strong supporter of that and in the period since you effective state when the repugnant try to weaken that bill, she has worked hard to strengthen it. It was with warrant entry worked so well together. So I, I defy any one. You show me how she had anyway on public policy not done that now. The question is: ok, though she gives features and get money. For mostly We should perhaps, in my view, that is not terrible is covered by the sure why
retired and I'll. Tell you why they should, but why they give you the money. I have no influence with. I dont vote on it. You know where they give me my day. What a gale street you give Wall Street speech. Yes, that the author of dog, Frank with your name on the bed. They come to me and they want me to talk about it and what I think about it, and then come Ruby, bigger Humphrey. I told you that namely that I'm here be I've, Aragon, interesting. So please What'd, you shine like a huge. There were no public power. She doesn't again also not so Bernie Sanders as the best way to bring about Social Jane to do two things it's too, both Hillary Clinton. In November energy shed keep up the movement day after day of action, have a mate lunch and then go back to doing I think that organ we make this point as opposed to the gills line approach here, who has done more to bring about a significant change in the last few years, kill sign it.
But he's ended. He did by getting into the process. Already made progress. And now he says the point that the best thing to do is to capitalize on what we ve done and right that into war and take up the fighting the time is now. I know I don't know: she's gonNA, Harold, stash protests, candidates, fusion, there are how much run through office and shortcomings about what you live, no impact while not cannot say lowered. The looting becoming one thing only used up all this time with one they'll know women, but one, which is why we love em, but both by the Franks is he's very interesting, and it is always fascinated. Listen to would you put it. I was going to speak freely, but no one they walls. We didn't pay you two hundred twenty five thousand. Now they want to do our job but but but pointed ears, but did you don't want to confuse movement activity with being pro? rested on the inside and Bernie Sanders was distinctive because his campaign was
extending the moon, but among young people we know if all amounts comes under thirty would only was allowed to vote under thirty five he'd be President today, but it was a movement people, but once you get inside and that's where human wants, what does China Bernie Sanders has finished these twenty six year in the Congress. He is a very effective guy who shows that the best way to having a move on. Let me finish, let me say this. Let me say I'm saying. Bernie Sanders is able to work on both fronts. Ok, we agree. Side of much more effective than working on that one national debt and the role of social movements in the making of american abolition of the civil rights of talking about all that you can just a big deal with I'm talking to you I'll, come down the movement we guilty. I didn't come our way: gills dynamic above IRAN, comparing right now dies and burnish, ended and obtain that his mode of being an activation of mobilizing people, but working also within
system and then at the moment, when you have made progress in what are you doing on action day that that has been what More effective Bernie Sanders can take credit for thinking the platform for changes in the rules for diminishing gonna shoot for dogs kills Connemara. How would you have level headed up? We already did some of the older somebody wrote a compliment. I make an ILO conference nothing my mingle, also activism new make, but that it is very important that this industry is do make reshape the climate we have to stop. It was make a different labour law stein. Doesn't today
to dinner. What are you talking about? We have been to you. You yourselves, racked by working together to she, was going to jail. I have been working to jail. Why activist I mean if you don't go to jail you. Nobody is not as a gay pride that you know the gate movement in the street right a definite for you to make your entre into no. I started out it's nice no wall. I thought of my gay World star wars normal. You bought up the gay likely blows over womanly. Those about you afford for change for the better in November, we would we want a Supreme court justice to break the tie. Turn off favorite other question using religious rights of interest overwhelming against the LGBT Movement like Bernie Sanders, and I'm like time. Has been a combination of outside activity
and then, following through insight, when I am reject Thing is the model that show of action to prevent because she's done them actual serious candidate and the activism, is helpful, but one that is tied to the kind of sensible political. Strategy batch when it makes a difference. I don't you hold it against her, though, that she had only came around on gay marriage and what twenty thirteen she supported. Hedge, a deal I hold hands marriage ceremony colouring turning. My Hillary Clinton has its last night. She is, if you looking for the person who leads the parade. That is not what is. She is not that guy no national, no national, democratic political figure which, for I would really not Barack Obama not dry, but here's the deal when we I married you imagine to Judge- and the Republicans tried to have a constitutional amendment passed two. Bout same sex from your. She helped us defeated socially.
Most of you thank you, because we needed that each head of showing how all these fears about shaped like merger nonchalant. So we could then pushed Why would a soda nor elected official would take a stand on sums of fundamental as precious gave liver that I didn't say nobody I could have you didn't know national elected, why I said no national political, big, I'm not about whom actor failure to produce a liberal ideology. Woman talk together. We didn't, thankfully doktor west- I mean you know revolution and inside or outside activism. Liberals have a pretty good luck on that. What they don't have a particularly good handle on is running for office
going into state legislatures getting involved at the local level we will show which, by the way, really matters if you're talking about modern ideas, the Agora limit- and I think you said- to go and run for- I have democratic, more governors. Poor people would have more exactly exactly gross its republic and governors. Terence Wynn do every day plenty able an official nor same Jake dragged from many. Almost all Democrats, very few republicans welcome. I don't lay at a level that nobody, nobody who thought they could run for president, But if you look at how we can agree on every other obedient you, she has been great marching into gay pride, Braden Toothache, and that's why I would you tell you overwhelmingly me the Abbe gain Latvian affected are frequently Congress or the active Britain, all the organisations are deeply committed after winning, and you start with different got a new said, we dimension foreign policy and to talk about the Supreme Court. Although sprinkled with
boy and you're gonna get me to write nominee now and all. If you, when you were a brick, he's not going to win, and we all know that well she's not even going to get into the debates, we have natural areas. We don't know about that. We need to understand where local around that's right. Now I've got a sugar on train blood, borne gonNA, miss the wedding, but the fact that in twenty seven the Democrats past healthcare legislation that was the most progressive ever and frank degrees, is only a little bit more progress. Ok, everything could be better and ok, you got Hilary seeming something through the problem. We pass over those with no votes despair. Of course we want to do more, but I'm Doin by the people I hope that, when elections, we should have
I would have liked to have done more in both cases. I'm glad we were able to do it and we did we ve been. We didn't, have a vote. Despair we'd have a vote for that. Yet I hope we will, by people running love is not going to give Ask another quit while leaving out if the public option getting members it congregations now the desktop. Politicians are shaped by the climate of the opinion that the activists help create dont downplay the role of the act and, where county I ride warmly like what it does today, but what it does a platform, nothing, nobody jail, suffer an audio nobody Wonderingly Propaganda, United internal pressure I don't even have the National United been going to do what I say. I, let me ask you a question about something we agree on. We don't like it, I'm drunk. Ok, he is as a candidate now he is poised to get intelligence. Well, that's
Not what I meant. Raising candidates get intelligence briefings from the CIA about National Security issues, which is not a law by the wedding other people. There is a law That's your tradition that was started under Truman that, if you're the nominee you get these briefings and people are saying we should not do that would Donald Trump he has no impulse control, don't tell em something about national security or tweeted. The next day that the expectation it will be on twitter either through Donald Trump or China, but I am, of course do notes through why he wants it because he said is so incredibly alluded to hear. More than the generals show he could briefing, the General de Amor. If I knew more than somebody else, I wouldn't can't listen to people who mess with me.
But the of the generals, though the General John L enforced our general yesterday at the convention's pretty remarkable, seeing he was barking. American exceptions and voice just horse, throbbing heart talking about a few message. America were to come out and get you there's flags all over the place, and this is after a lot of talk about God. That was directly for you bill, I think, and then, while this was going on their peoples, trying to start no more wars, chant being shouted out by chance of? U S say this is a democratic convention. Did you like that are beyond it? I didn't Maybe, but I know what I like. I like that Hillary Clinton in her speech said talking about us, It will not be quick and it will not be easy
which is realism as opposed to Donald Trump. Everything it'll happen very quickly quickly. National debt very quickly does national dad very quickly do everything very quickly I think there are a lot of Democrats who want to reclaim the mantle of patriotism. Why can't Democrats way flags having idea, but I may do anyway, you're more debating liver, more contacts, and let me answer that would not. Fragmented, Donald Trump, wasn't playing for tee with Putin. That's what I'd motivating many democratically does not simply not just a Democrats by the way that the Eu S organised a beggar, the faggot.
Poland is one of the worst people in welsh ideas, very interesting, Donald Trump cards by standing up to China protectionist. Never Putting out. He makes no rights to guide us aluminium and ensure what you heard within one and by the way ocean that he's gonna shit bag and encourage this thought to do in Poland, Lithuania my fear what he did to Ukraine. That's what you head. That's, why What's a board of not that we want to go to war, and I voted against the Iraq war against anything but encouraging this vicious thug to impinge on new democracies. Just to his wife, I threw down from his doings
this great not think we'd go. The man was talking about what he was talking about, the militarism that goes with the waiving of flight. I was in the democratic now I know you you see, I am talking about what Europe is, because they must be allowed to be reviewed with military, that not all the time, but something that has been. How do you reclaiming right actually only require unaware that performance Mildred? I didn't see any economic. Ultimately, I'm explaining resent about Libya, we came, we saw what they thought of Libya and it turns out tat became saying. There's some forward gains cadaver your brother, but you don't know what I'm doing. Why do you know? You are for violation of that and now ass a model, and I got to explain what I mean militarism depraved out. I always oppressing millions of brown people. Robert sober Saddam Hussein, gangsters, around Sarama, totally dreadful, where we re designing a nine onwards umbrage by moving towards a different point, vision of what people say dried of responding to it. He would get you up to
As you will say, I abstained on old trumps, encouragement of pollutants and is making America complicit in his brutality What will behind those kinds of USA, USA thank Panel, your narrow, my mechanic must shut. It seemed so lazy, neural a mechanic must stop showing me the old part that he replaced. I don't know what it is, and you know what it is: for all. I know it's like the bill. Something you're just pulled out a year as trying to find something. We can have real euro if you're a famous big box retailer with the pro family reputation, and you sell this massage her at your store and this one and this
congratulations during the sex toy business. The makers of the new wine for cats call Pino me out which asks cat owners. The question why drink alone have to understand something this infinitely more sad, been drinking alone narrow someone has to tell aplomb bade night frogs which have been observed mating and a physician called the dorsal straddle where the male ejaculate on the females back and she, let's the sperm run down her back to fertilizer eggs, watching too much porn euro does no credit card. Ship breeders have to read my chip faster. We use
to be officially shoppers. You ve turned us all into the old lady who wants to pay by check and then concerns beeping at me when it wants me to pull it out like them. I leave it into long. I'm gonna make a Mastercard baby. Make this whole process go faster. This is our ally that traffic is it in and finally neural. Since half the country will believe and evil cartoon version of Hillary Clinton, no matter what she says does she has to embrace it. Sweet grandma, Hilary cheated on in two thousand nay, but this year the voters not in the mood for steady as she goes there pitchfork angry and they don't want America's nicest grandma. They want the wolf with its grandma.
They want a ruthless mafia boss who will protect their frightened souls, which is why Hilary has to all the nasty things they haters say and run as the notorious age or see thrice as I might. I cannot make my brain work like a trump voter. It's my mother, not drinking when she was pregnant, but I just don't get how Trump has been able to convince so many people that, even though he's a lying cheating, conniving scumbag, why we should vote for him, because you're gonna use all that on our enemies, cherry
scumbag, buddies arts gum rags about gaming, this system paying off law makers, shafting workers using bankruptcy. He says nobody knows the system better than May, which is why I alone can fix it. But there is one person who knows this system better Maybe that's why her laugh sounds like this So if the Americans thinks it can only be safe right now with the vindictive power hungry sociopath, that could be good for Hilary cause. That's what
publicans keep saying she is so why not go for the best, the notorious a jersey and the next time they call her crooked declaration should say damn right. I am crooked or America Hilary and then she should end every one of her campaign ends with on crooked Hilary, and not only do I approve this message, I will cut a bitch, I mean why not for a quarter of a century republicans I've been creating this incredible. Super named Hillary Clinton, who was a serial killer and a trader a test mastermind a sex addicted lesbian and
We found out last week from Doktor Ben Carson. Oh yes, he said it, devil worshipper. Nobody could accuse this Hilary of being low energy, she's, a combination of lady Macbeth, cruel Deville and Glenn closed and fatal attract. Donald Trump puts buildings up. She berries people under them. You know that there are actually used to be a website called the Clinton body count which ran a tally of the people pillory and bill had secretly killed, was over ninety paper. She demanded be brought back and say: stop lying about my record. I've killed way more than when Donald Trump gets mad. It somebody he sends out a mean girl, tweet in the middle of the night, that's cute,
here's me killing been lot and good Daphne's ass is a little sore. These days does pillory should say I can't wipeout ISIS, please. I will wipe them out and make it look like a skiing accident, crooked hilary- and I don't give a fuck so take a step back or your next. Ten, is stick together from the carcasses of the multitudes. I made this affair. You want a strong man on a stronger, stronger wrong man that one little bitch could ever be. Do those who,
accuse Hillary Clinton of not being able to work with Republicans she should say republican prosecutor can star exotic, raided me republican congressman, Drake Gouty of the Benghazi Committee exonerated me Republic, FBI director James call me exonerated me you're right. I don't work with Republicans. I be they are ass at their own gay people say lock me up. Fine lock me, you think I'm scared of a stretching the joint. I can run this mother fucker from the inside out shop. All got enough in on me call robe says I have permanent brain damage. I do even right,
I'm the crazy guy on the subway you're sure you want to make eye contact and one other thing: Carson was
on the money when he said I pal around with Lucifer who the hell do you think dim caning in Vegas time? Regarding your doktor Frank, you tell me where she seemed to be a heavy fighting. I want to make a move emission lover and each be oh dont com
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