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Episode #404 (Originally aired 09/23/16) - Bill’s guests are Maureen Dowd, Michael Franti, Max Brooks, Lanhee Chen and Neera Tanden.

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Welcome to reach me, apart from the HBO Series real time with Bill Maher our so exciting, slower, Charlie. You know little about president lobby, alright brag what love in this room,
Ok, but that's it it's for, I can't believe its autumn already. You know the seasons turns D love over my love. I love to watch the gentle flutter of Hilary Pole numbers as they fall to the ground everybody I'm in trouble at the police are using tear gas with a hint of pumpkin spice following that. Nowhere livelier Friday night and we have to follow the you know. There's been unrest on the streets. There ensure that the last fortnight, so we are keeping an eye on that will update. Yours issue goes along the republican governor there in North Korea. I called at the state, police and the National Guard to make sure that, in all the chaos, no one uses the wrong restroom
yeah it's good two days ago, this is drew black protesters looted the a Scar hall of Fame and the white people were like it And, of course, Donald It making the situation better. As he always does. He actually said this. He said if you're not aware drugs are a very big factor. Just like your nineteen year old and the role taking sub, attacking something all right: bullets, but the other day transit, african american communities, because he would now are
look in the worst shape they have ever been ever ever ever. Yes, of course, Donald Trump of all people. Donald Trump knows why caged bird things because it used to live in his hair. Are you already for the big debate on Monday night sitting by beds? Already Hilary has been preparing for the debate of course, as she does, but you know what does it matter? The bar for Trump is although it's like being in spelling bee with,
bastard. How really she knew all the words but like the dragon that dog knew not to sit on the floor. So it is very nervous, but I still think Hilary can make this work. Of course I said the same thing about bread and Angela. So I end up until a couple of months ago we get booking Anthony Wiener. So what am I really do want to see this week and Anthony it's like a yearly thing now is Dick comes out if it sees it shadow this time he was
next thing, apparently with a fifteen year old. Are you didn't say this? That's right! You I'm here for the news I can. I think he admits it was flirtatious flirtatious one one of the one of that text said I would bus that type pussy. A hard. Don't you live age, Rio, I'm floating, I'm quoting that I would but that died, buzzy so hard. You would limb for a week these brave or date? That's half waiter, mentoring, idea that that is but does speaking and things going off there was,
since we were on Friday. There was a terrible terrorist attack over last weekend in the New York New Jersey. I homestead area, no one die, that's the Good NEWS that a terrorist attack and where we lucky about that, because the bomb was made from acid ball bearings and electronic ignite or is it was either that a sackful of Samsung phones. That's what we know the bomber whose name was Ahmad rehab me? Is it mayors it never marry shit, I'm just saying but look into what is the Good NEWS, the guy's father loved this country. He called the FBI. This guy should get a parade called the FBI and said my sons, a terrorist.
Then the F B, I said we don't have time for that. We got thirty thousand emails. I Hilary to go. I mean you know this. Guy should get more of the publicity this that undermine the father. He had a chicken restaurant. I just want to disturb the best damn fried chicken and all of New Jersey, and his son. The bomber helped about in the restaurant. He should have known something was up of the mass guided. The restaurant was more saint I mean this and they are offering a five dollar martyr meal. I mean come on its head right on the current if you come back four seconds, you're doing it wrong, but this is my
I'm saying kudos. I must say I know he has his troubles these days to Governor Chris Christie, because as soon as the thing happened, he made a moving statement and said the people of New Jersey have to pull together and please don't let this one instant Turn people against fried chicken snare attended an plot Asia are here at all. I was busy with the very talented Michael Fronty, but first countries apologia rise, one in New York Times colonists and the author of the year dangerously the derangement of american politics, the beautiful and good morning down again, I know you, I know more in doubt has been on a bookstore new. Have a favor, don't you you're sick, yes, and much prefer watching you in bed.
We will continue that this goes Ok, so thank you. So much remain here in doing that boy, you and Hilary her, but you don't have a hacking club. You seem fine. You look great. Thank you. Ok, so we'll try to make this you're doing it back to you. Do you bet? I was a little further dinner with you, but I guess it's off now no way that's on of broken. So so I'm a better friend the Donald Trump, because I know you ve been friends with them for years and yet lears what he did about your recently I Maureen Dowd, who hardly knows me, makes up things never said for her boring interviews and column on neurotic dope. Crazy Maureen down the working for the failing,
York Times. Pretend she knows me well wrong, which is at a wacky you're crazy. Well, I wasn't transfer at him. I just enter view friendly now. Over the years now, I would enter alien when he went go out on early expeditions as a presidential candidate, but I was deeply troubled by his tweets because obviously he didn't put a lot of time into them could see. Was John Reed Cycling wings. He had done about other women journalists, so we always calls them crazier neurotic or wacky,
and I would have preferred a batter nickname, like at least W gave me cobra, which has some red Chilean loudly Gobi rhymes black already you. But you are right that the Irish said this about drugs, that it's so many red flags about him. But the fact that he treats at three in the morning is such a psychotic thing. To do I mean we all have our ways of getting the obviously back off, but that's peaceful, that's positive! This guy I mean people listen to music. I listen to the radio three in the morning you're ratings that terrible, I ass a sick. Why aircraft has included in its jammies, he said yes gets in his pj's tweets is PJ's. Also.
Long time that, but I notice that the media, including you're newspaper the New York Times, getting a lot tougher in actually calling him out and actually saying he lied, which I think is it A much needed development be noticed that we are responsible for that over there. Ok Greg now my my next question is: will it make a difference? I mean how, in your book, you talk a lot about your family and I notice a once in a while. You actually give your column over to your conservative, brother or sister or as I like
call them my basket. Deplorable video actually resented that when she said that, because about your family, because it's your family, it's it's! Obviously, when I read your brother he's such a bright guy, it's free to get wrapper head around need this notion that bright people can disagree with us. So much right. I now in seventy, fell on my fellow colonists and going out on Miss Margaret Mead, anthropological road trip. You can type a hunt down creature from the trunk powder and understand them in reason with men.
And then get an open letter like. I would like to me one of you, so I had to talk to you and I just have to go home right deceptive Thanksgiving day. Also, I notice in the book. You talk a lot about Bush. Forty one knew her, I mean that's when I first came to know you in the paper lie real covered his his election before you were not bad colonists and you have a kind of a A very very I don't know it's a darling, little relationship. You have let him you are tough on him, but he loves you. He loves you almost like a daughter. He allow. He calls it like a lap hate relationship which our words I prefer to use. My private life like about ex boyfriend, saying things by he. He was very upset when I first came to cover him because he had expected
and one from the New York Times with the name like Clyde Farnsworth, the third martinis with him and tell him about the Atlantic alliance. Then he got me so much, then we got used to each other and it was kind of like a screwball comedy where I was the irish working class squirrel and he was. There will also be upper class president who had been taken to kindergarten and a limousine. With its like Titanic, but yearly another Dicaprio, not for the likes, the you boy, buddy. These four Hilary is an amazing. Yes, yes,
That is why I went on to have lunch with him and in two thousand and eleven, and it was right at the height of the birth or thing, and I I was talking to me about that and Donald Trump was leading the birth or movement and former prisoners burst goes he's an ass about drunk yes and then he was talking about how much she really loved Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, and so I can only imagine how painful it was for him to see jab who we had always wanted to be. President. Ah, you know get destroyed in the debate stage by what tromp refers to as the one day kill, which is the low energy
Now one right he drew an answer by senior would throw his shoe at the rendezvous at the tv set when trot. Why am I throw issue when transport the Arabs did do now when he thought tat? He was throwing Anne and yet okay so views. Where's, forty one is voting for Hilary and TED crews. Today came out for Trump TED Crew, Sue, I had to write it down called trump utterly amoral, a liar and a the link coward and I'm forum Well, when you know, when I term suggested that his dad might have been part of the jail care, cessation of that doesn't get crews to developments in some. For once it is wife was a dog,
but you don't trump also set a job. I would never accept TED Cruises endorsement. Today's. I am honoured to accept at Bruges other public and had been very cowardly about that going along with companies and felt in them, and the only to have really stood up our sitting Collins and check. That's ok. Let me read what Obama said. The reason why we haven't had a woman president.
We used to society still grappled with what it means to see powerful woman and troubles us in a lot of ways. What do you make of it? Well, I certainly think that you know, and the election of the first african american President stirred up a lot of racism and the first woman on a major ticket stirred up a lotta massage any, but I think President Obama's line was more of a rational innovation kind of to explain why Hilary is doing well, because the funny thing about Hilary is usually with the woman you'd be worried that she's not tough enough, but no one ever worries about that with Hilary.
Like. We know she can pull the trigger. I mean we just wonder about her aim. Sometimes you know, but usually away by. Actually, women have a virtue. Women politicians have a virtue advantage and that's what your problem is, because people don't think she's honest, so she doesn't get that, but let it but what it does the house, the fact that she had pneumonia for three days well campaigning. And still campaigned. Yes, they did loader. They did loader into a ban like a grandfather. Black and white, but good, ok, ok, versatile being president, is
easier than running for president right? Stamina, wise, ok and also I mean she took three days off for pneumonia and came back and looks fine. I mean if that isn't enough for people what a ship to do run the De Gath one while she interim haven't worth now and then anyone I know, saint night. I've been on a book to refer three days. Right already, have a feature and is David actually read said it wasn't about the help that was about the style that just devolved into this. My recalls along the pattern she always has where she blocked up the press misdirected and it's no bob into something that should have been all she had to do was you know, say I don't feel well, I haven't among all of us would have understood, but instead it's like, I feel great in everything. Swine will reduce oil because, frankly, people like you so
wait, criticising earn. Thirty doesn't want to talk to the brass. Thank you for taking here. Radio range. Let's get you a great deal to do in this. Much made our planet everybody out there. They are he's a fellow like the Modern WAR Institute added the Atlantic Council MAX works back with us again is the foreign policy director for Mitt Romney presidential campaign and also a fellow well. What a fellow here tonight Absent Andrews Mover institution, Lonnie Jim
hey, Lonnie, presence of the centre for american progress and former policy directed to Hilary good narrative. I gotta get to your question is why tonight's overtime, soviet ants and, after the show on Youtube? Ok, the first debate is Monday night we're gonna live tweeted, so I will be seeing a lot of things about it, liberal, what unwavering already little anxious about your tweets back, you know get right, I'm for her We have to learn whose on your side now well, why didn't you come on the show that ok, liberals are very nervous for good reason, because this rate races pretty tight now, and I have this horrible, failing that Hillary Clinton is just fighting the last war hero WAR expert Euro, world
whereas Eu Fellow or place more, you know it's like she's, the British in her red pan suit and Trump is fighting a guerrilla war I'm not just saying that goes as fathers and arrange TAT she spent her campaigners spend ninety six. The internet. Has seventeen million that's a five to one advantage in Florida. She spent a fortune. He spent nothing. She's got a big round game. He's got nothing and he's ahead. If that's not her fault, that's because the media has forgotten what constitutional duty is only if all the media, the reason we have a free press, the whole reason it's in the constitution is to inform us the electorate about what we are voting on and they ve forgotten that they think this is a circus. They think this is dancing with the stars, and so they have given trump. Probably a trick
in dollars worth of free press over the course of this campaign. Yes, he's gotten a lot of free press you're right. Absolutely. We just we just saw that information that he did for his hotel. There all showed up like Pavlov's dogs and with the stakes and adventure. Said a bomb. Is an american and walked off, but I'm asking about her strategy he's out there like giving speeches to his basket of confusing. Ok, but I guess I just it looks to me. You know. George Bush spend two hundred and three
million dollars to be Donald, Trump and wound up with four delegates. It looks like torp might be one of those problems. Liberals thing to control money to make gangway now, and I don't think we can throw money at it and that's all there going. They will see what say this on on Monday. I think he'll area is not going to be like job, but I think if he throws punches, she's gonna throw pensions back. She recognises that this is a debate about who is going to have the nuclear codes who's gonna, be leader of the country, to share her vision and values and talk about what she wants to do, but she's also
stand up to him in a way as my factual stand up to now and in a way that a ladder Republicans in the primary were too scared to do so, but I actually think that she's gotta come out aggressively, because that is going to knock him off his game a little. But the worst thing that can happen to her is to have him go ninety minutes and look presidential. That would be the worst thing that happened her, and so I think she's really gotta be on her game in the sense that she can't just let Trump state not slip on the amount of he'll come out and just be MR cool read which what will if he could play that character for four ninety minutes, that'll be interesting. You know our nine character for ninety meant. Well, that's a big people are you are you are terms of border? No, I'm not now republican, but not a trumpet
We regret that maybe the last thing I am married. What are you gonna boat for Hilary now say I don't get this mechanism this, it's a Sophie's choice, but I'm going to kill both my kids I don't I don't get. I live in California, though, just like you do or evil of being with the other than go without upsetting.
For me, I just feel like. I can't work for him. I can vote for her song and vote for someone who I feel comfortable with that's bullshit. Ok, so let me ask about their responses to the bombing, because I've been saying for a very long time that I'm worry about the Democrats on the terrorism issue. I mean Trump, obviously is giving paranoid lunacy aimed at Damascus agree with his prescription. But but Hilary says things like the kinds of rhetoric and language Mr Trump used is giving aid in comfort or adversaries. That's what she said, but that doesn't really tell you how she's going to stop the attacks. She just seems to lecture us on how to be a better person. This is what I worry about
the election. If there's this terrorist attack a week before the election, and then MR dumb Ass, strong man comes in and says we're weak, that's what we're week, you know a tragedy for him, always an opportunity to gloat. I called it. I should in those girls this urban, because that's what news goes to do. They predict say again, thank everyone, says he's a calf candidate. I actually don't think people in times of crisis want more chaos. I think they actually want, someone who seems like they know what they're doing, because you actually become more worried about terrible events unfolding. I mean we said that this weekend is his numbers did not move up in a lot of poles. They move down
because I think, a lot of people. I think a lot of people, particularly women, wonder about a guy who's, gonna just say whatever in a time of crisis when that can actually mean your inflaming enemies of the United States under the people, see him as CHAOS Kennedy. I think he is a chaos. Can I get that, but I don't think people seem that working people see him as a man he's a true color right, you know America is under attack. Even though is the biggest liar. Well ever If not how to build a change which I was saying, the Maria that's finally join, and maybe in the debate on Monday, there will be some accountability, but then you got him playing the moderator game. Well, yes, he's art and we always like it. That's why I need you Always a majority already says it's rigged, its everything's rigged with this guy it's legit measuring the primary rigged. The debates are right when or white men born to great wealth going
it's a break, and always so again, so I mean literally say if the moderator holds mechanical for facts, that's rigging. That I am right? If you actually say go, this is in fact this is not a fact that is by us because talking about facts in the world of down Frank inbox, many eyes you get on a standard, you see the double standard with health. You look at Hilary. She had too much. Yeah and everyone thinks she's off debts, door and trump. This walking in your rhythm, realise how we look like these John here giving rise. We re I mean. I am looks like he is one which will make a heart attack away. Somehow we look at him. What is worse way? Will I love this common aids fast food, because at least I know what's it,
What is it? I mean? Yes, I mean yes, I agree with you, timid, okay, so he is for profile, that's what he said, but is that we should do it the way Israel does and like every once in a while Donald Trump says something right, because we profile already, we just do it stupidly. All pro all police work is profiling. Discrimination does not mean prejudice. Discrimination means telling, unlike things apart this yet understand profiling, there's there There is a difference between ok bulletin goes out and it's a person whose african, american or muslim or something or non Muslim, whose brown and you look for brown people instead of white people. Ok, that's one thing. The profiling he's talking about which he has said in this in this primary and this general election is too, is to basically in a whole scrutinise all them
asks, look for all Muslims have a muslim man, and I think that thing here is. This is an issue about people's feelings. It's about what's effective and it has been shown to be an effective, was basically make Muslims feel like their enemy, of course, but the F b I was told by this guy's father, who again should get a parade yeah I've told by this goes. I think my sons, a terrorist and he's reading a lot of stuff about terrorism, and these are big Santa been lobby, troubles I mean shouldn't. I mean come on, unaware, come down to harden the FBI, but what were they fit of actually went to Pakistan right of em steam Fernand get hacked. Is her Syria, which just passed a law on how to beat your wife? Not what should happen to you if you do how to be your one, that this is a thing right. That's the problem with what Trump says on beyond these policy things at times that he does. Actually
try divergent policies that he is almost the worst caricature of what a conservative policy position might be, so it actually makes us makes it more difficult to have a conversation about profound. Let's talk about profoundly from what they do in Israel is they do but behavioral profound right. They face, they say hey this guy is walking, fluid airport with an empty seat case, raise a little strange they're, not out there to saying hey. You know you look muslim. Why don't we profoundly so what they do is they hire really smart people? This is not the tac aid which just guys giggling at your balls. Looking screener every would break people a hundred thousand dollars to do this job. We could get the kind of people who do it in Israel and again we're just talking about a few questions for none of them at the rubber owes
are sending you to a black site. I mean this. I don't think this is too much of a sacrifice is one. I have fundamental problems we have with national security in this country and indeed, with all civilization in this country. Is we dont understand that its expensive and we all have to pay, for this is the first time we had a major tax cut in the middle of a war. That's not what you do. You have a tax increase to pay for the war, so you can hire the right people to do the right job. You can hire people who couldn't get a job at Starbucks to look for terrorists. That's not how it works, Sir, I mention that George Herbert Walker, Bush Poppy Bush, the patriarch. What You may need to know where ninety four he's up their various key is going to vote for and, of course, Trump took this. Well, up
I'm not joking. They got into a twitter war. Do you believe that? Would you like to hear the Twitter war that was so as soon as Trump card? That Bush was what the hell retreated. A push. Forty ones minded shot. That's. Why is voting, for? broken Hilary and then forty one shot back, Hey Donald Trump: If you're anymore, mentally ill taxes would execute you towards war trump and orderly. From you. I look in your adult, diaper Bush. Your glue, whatever you say, bounces of men, get stuck in your hair ass. We drove by, like president, do don't throw up on the Prime Minister of Japan
help, but he was wearing one of your ties. Throb What what are you? Sons is worst low energy, a low. I do worse, your sons, like the bad guys in Miami by from Tibet. You'll be alive to see President Drum Bush there's a present. Drop, notably of Trump my wife's at ten years, a nineteen Bush. At least I didn't a catalogue from birth. Library sounds like an adult, bookstore
was ready to put your foot when you need your mouth. The blow bladder mere Putin is nobody denies Michael please welcome like oh. I am so happy to be here really when, in my friends found out that I was gonna be here, I had at least six of them say bill, bagger we'd, like I NATO bag, but I'll take it. What do you know that you think I always think
and I lose their music all the time by the way you know I do about sixty to seventy stand, updates ear and you have woken music while the audience is come in. One of your tracks is always on my work and music. Really either. So we don't stop that. That is always gets. The people are because you know it's funny- you you have like such happy music, but it also has a very political message when we are not at the front. I shall. I just have a tape for me. I have a bit more cut out, yet it's gonna take yourself, you a bill, but but I will take your jamaican because you have a reggae flavour and here in your music and you like, we have a great on Ganja baby Evan. I love that look. You know my whole cattle. I do. I am a very two years. I don't want people. I know. I don't like that. I dont why I can't live like the other hosting go. Well, your great. If I don't think your group was that's,
only thing that ever prevent prevent you from becoming an actual politician, I'm driving- and it's now many things like the bag of weed, but I don't know how you make irritably about your short term memory loss as little bacon. Are you know, but you see like you, should be What is it? I don't know man reincarnation. A lot of time in Jamaica. We may allow the record ok, they're they're, not everybody would dare locks in Jamaica I know I know so you know its money, because unless they knew your new album, would you their ages like you're, always and even when you have like a love song, it does get to the political message that first right track of embracing for you when you get into that the theme. What are your big themes as always
Something I agree with totally militarism militarism. I got money scheme by his manner I arms and gums and of all the discretionary spending that's done in Congress, which is the amount of money that Congress votes on each year to spend. Fifty one percent is spent on the military and everything else combine. You know: healthcare, education veterans, roads, all the other stuff is lumped into that other forty nine percent, and feel like at times it would be great see more money from the military into education. Go to bed, voter registration for a bigger that money is not needed. I think I said last week. I would that's not about defensive, zebra defence contractors and ass, a thing that this year, the right I mean, I'm giving you examine it
other than that of each of those dollars. It's going to be a giant new hummer right, well, yeah absolute cost twenty billion no at and, of course, if you listen to Trump and the other, a public goods, not just him, they all say we have to. We have to restore our depleted military, are depleted military. We have the most outrageous rock. Your cock out, knock your dick in that direction. Mass murder machine the world has ever stated so ridiculous that they can sell that nobody looks into the facts in Gaza. We maybe we'd. Maybe it isn't depleted as if their there haven't lemonade stand in a big cookie. Beg right again is that the public are ok, so you know you're a tireless work for the poorer they said, and you do it without you, I mean you have no shoes the everyday. Without a you, do everything we do every.
That is because this has been done since two thousand, because you are in support of people who don't shoot, I started travelling to different countries in the world where people can afford wear shoes and I try to play soccer with them. I take my shoes. Often I could even take three steps us at our child. So right I would. I decided I would go three days at home just to see what is like to be barefoot. I did it a shoe fast, so to speak in San Francisco, and I found out that were once the first thing. I learned is that Stepping in dog shit is yeah eyes, worse barefoot, then, if you have she's on, but I started on for three days and went for a walk
been away for a month and a year, and that's been sixteen years that I've been barefoot just kind of in solidarity with people who can't afford to you- and I started with an organization that that cold souls for souls that collects shoes and bring a start after Hurricane Katrina and they collect shoes and bring them to sixty two countries around the world. Whenever natural disasters that Lisbon. Wait a minute. That's it you're sure you just haven't misplaced your we're doing so. I live in old warehouse in San Francisco weakened. Then renovating it bit by bit, so we're gone through some put in some. She rocks of dust all over the house, and I am a thousand. My life is like make sure When you come in the house you put on your shoes, you don't get dust in the bed and they take. The opposite of this must be: ok,
Let's talk about the cops, because your brother is how the brothers police off a brother whose release altogether and unease african American. Yes, this is interesting because a mean in the shootings we saw this week again we see a african american Police Chief Charlotte, sometimes some of the people who do the shooting or Africa marries. It looks like when you wear blue, it's thicker than black. Now I mean the poet I come from very unique family situation are my father is African american and native American, my mother's irish, belgian in German, but you know, may God I was adopted, may says setting out. Isn't it operated by a finnish american family second generation from Finland, my mother had three kids around than she adopted myself in another african american son. I once sisters, lesbian, have a brothers are both officer, and this makes you look at me.
It makes me uniquely authorized to say that you know not all cops are bad people know not all black people are criminals and not all white people are racist, but it seems like in the news the way that it gets played out as you have to be on one side or the other is if you can't have compassion for a mother whose son was shot by police and, at the same time, have a passion for cops who go to work every day and have to do one of the toughest. Jobs in the world. It is like what is, but it's not one of the most dangerous jobs in the world. They have stats on their accounts, not in the top two things like fishermen, electrician, gab drivers, those dare devil, give it. The fishermen have open carry laws. Is that what I could never be a cop, and I admire that they can but look
you have to do it better there, and I say this is unfortunately the shooting in Tulsa the woman car boot shocked the guy. Now she is charged with manslaughter. I mean she should done that, but I must say she is also a victim she's, a victim of bad police training, police do not threaten the way they should. You know if you're that nervous, you can't do this job. Is the Charlotte during which we have some This has happened today. This is the cell phone tape of the guys, wife, who was shot. We need to show it. I have a guy, he ever tv. I he's not gonna, do any are you guys, don't you saw that they fuckin dead, ok,
we don't know whether he had a gun, but even if he did, you don't have to kill every time. Somebody does something that makes you nervous. We have to train our police. Do not be that guy just empty. If I was the police academy, I would say: wait too long, you're in the encounter before you shoot, I seem to be a teacher, shoot first thing in the encounter yet, and I think that I mean I think the truth here is that we actually have ways he would have been better trained parts of the country and the reality here is that it seems- and in all of these instances when I have african american man after African american man, after african american man, by police. What's happening as there is a moment, and in that moment the police officer just assumes the african american man is a threat and we have to get the training that does exist elsewhere.
To say that ever commercial media not necessarily saying that you're a lot of use of force training and then there is an implicit bias and there needs to be guidelines across the country about very useful, and there is also the view that any black man If the they did some minor infraction and then got shot deserved like as if it was a death penalty this week of your hands on the steering wheel is going to give you your license and will not have sold the police. It's not. I mean that the role and when and when the african american penny or any community feels threatened by police. It actually makes policing much harder to do and it threatens more police are reliant on. People are doing a good job losses by the link that either we did an open, carry Stare North Carolina. So we per we live in this country
open carry really just for white paper and also also by the way it's it's open. Angry jasper, white people because, like when you talk to the trumpet their angry and then the media. They talk about. Like that's a virtue. Oh yeah trumps tapping into their anger. It's got to be angry, but black people can be angry and camp Let me now sure you. There was a Congress by Robert tintings her today and yesterday said black protesters quote hate white people, because white people are successful and they're not and then what show the tape of Cathy Miller she's trumps main surrogate, I guess campaign manager in the key county in Ohio, and this is what she says about black folks. They racism until Obama got elected.
We never had problems like this. I mean the real estate industry. There is none. Now you know what the people with the guy shooting up neighbourhoods and not being responsible citizens. That's a big change. I think that's the philosophy that Obama has perpetuated on America. I think that's all his response. And if your black you haven't been successful in the last fifty years, is your own fault There's going to be. This is because this is great, because, if she's right we only have what, if more months of crime and raises the president. Then that's when we'll get sexism we'll, never sexism before you know. I think I think that be. I think that the Trump one of the things about the Trump candidacy is it,
surfaced a certain amount of sort of. It's ok right, a lot and you know I think, look. I think if, if we're being honest about this, it's up to people across the political spectrum to say you know it's not and to develop in a democracy. You don't get about, I just about that. That's a tender from little twelve hours into tangible metal, because how can I go to the polls in both for someone who I dont believe, because I don't believe it. You know why leaders as you did you I say to you what I said in my eleven year old. You get what you getting you don't get upset I'm not I don't mind I have you have at least it is going to happen. We, though, if you remember, I know you don't have a list of what it is its bigger than just not voting for somebody who believe in its that Trump is so dangerous right trump.
Crazy. You can't possibly, as I don't understand, if you re about ways as an ally in all those areas and how it isn't having your house burn down, you can have it You don't want to vote, there's a list of countries where you don't have their that fair enough, but but but but my point is that it's it's gonna be ok I mean we. This is u I yet we gather reply again is like you, I get what you're saying, but my point is. I can not, in good conscience, also go into the voting, booth and vote for someone who I don't know Can you have my problem right because you have not voting for knowledge or mewks and our Supreme Court on balance I live in California, are able to live in different state. I'd have to have to think really horrible. This rate, but I love you, don't think high. I would. I would willingly mainstays republicans above all, love money.
You know what I was going to wipe out your bank account even before he takes office. It think about that. Newman! I got out of the sky, nor all stop worrying about. What's going to happen, the high school english teacher, Jennifer Green Johnson, who suspended for allegedly telling a student to growth? balls, calling others. Another student, a bitch In other words, you look me where I forward she's been hired my ability to help with the bank euro. My car needs quieter walks, Geezer Monti, every week calling out uptight, white people looks bad when I'm idling next to a bus, stop and people here
neurons Tom Hanks, has played a Navy captain, an army captain, a container ship captain and now an airline cap, Let's just get it over with a guy right to making Tom Hanks is happened. Grand There, however, made this naked Donald Trump statue. Disease, herbs an award for authenticity. It looks so much like the real thing that Maloney a closed her eyes and fucked it. While thinking about money may be true that they could be. Neural, someone has to tell the australian woman who spend five hundred dollars on surgery for her goldfish. That there's a reason
looks good as new. It is new lady, this, as gold, very surgery. You shit. I realise that when you're in the waiting room- and you heard this and finally neural next time- apple wants to do something, truly innovative and really think different. They should try not releasing a new phone biggest. Somebody has to teach Americans that we don't always have to have something new were better every year or in the case of our upside down economic system. Every quarter. The only people who really need you to get a new phone every year are the shareholders, but just because they need to sell it. So they can jerk off the stock price. Doesn't
you have to stand in that nerd line and buy it you're, not early, adapting, in fact, quite the opposite. Taking too long to gag John Before we go any further. I know what the people on the nerd liner thinking, oh bill, hoping you say, the Iphone seven is the same as the sex. The old phone had an eighty nine processor and a cat Where were the aperture of two point two and the new one has an eight and, in a one point eight sorry, sorry and the old phone way two hundred but he three grams, the new one, one. Thirty eight. I guess you could keep looking around two hundred and forty three grams phone in your pocket. If you want your ass
they got like black China like going to channel the nerd in my head. I write failure. I get it, I get it the new phone, a thing of wonder: they made the camera work better and low light, which, let's face it, is all going to encourage Anthony winter, but the question I am asking is, dear friends, really need clearer pictures of Europe. You ready, got in your hand, a device that has all your email, all your music, the internet, GPS, takes pictures, get you laid get you a car and driver when you're drunk films cops when they shoot you
oh yeah, it's a phone, it does everything but scratch you're nuts, Are you and I'm sure, there's an app for that it has pokemon, go and grinder an app which enables guys do Oh come on and go so. Why do I keep seeing headlines like why apple needs a new head? The bad news on Apple stock is only beginning is a new Iphone enough to snap apples. Sales slump sound slump since two thousand seven, that phone is made over six hundred and twenty one billion dollars. To put that into perspective.
The amount of Money Donald Trump has given to charity and add six hundred and twenty million Americans keep asking. Why doesn't our economy work for people like me, because it's not design two biggest somewhere along the way we bought into this insane idea that everything always has to get bigger, especially sales having a really good year and then just repeating it not good enough in corporate Amerika. The stock market is the tale that wags the dog growth growth. Only growth is the only thing that ever matters better than last quarter.
Meet expectations it more hamburgers for apple revolutionizing. The world wasn't enough. That was last quarter and it's not just them. It's every company. Shiva wonder, for example, why shaving needs to keep reinventing men used to shave with a sharp rock and key Anna Reeves still does. Then there was the straight razor. Then the single blame, then the double blade razor three blades, another Quattro. Let me tell you something: if you got something on your face that doesn't come off mp3 blades,
that's not a whisker, that's a tumor, or look at that wells, forego scandal. It's that very pressure for growth, constant endless growth, even when you're filthy rich, they led them into a crime where they cheated and deceived their customers. Now, fortunately, Elizabeth Warrens Consumer Financial Protection Bureau found out and put it top to it or, as I see it, cowboy zero Indians. One September thirty, at that very someone, a bag max drugs body, Jan Narrative, merited pronounced.
Worrying down. I got that one right, you're discover overtime on Youtube. Thank your sense of real time. My every Friday night watch him any time for more information on each be oh dot com.
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