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Episode #408 (Originally aired 10/28/16) - Bill’s guests are Van Jones, Chelsea Handler, Kristen Soltis Anderson, Michael Moore and Rick Lazio.

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Welcome to reach me, apart from the HBO real time
we welcome. Thank you. I know it's a. I love you. I know you have Halloween vapor, who does it it's Halloween? We get. We love it out here in LOS Angeles Halloween. Would people get the cake on make up in Britain? There's someone there not or arrest from calls of campaigning. I gotta great custom is you're gonna terror by Republicans donors asides book.
I think it is rather appropriate that this election is so close to Halloween because happens in every scary movie. You think you killed the monster, who killed him dead, dimes met a tiny orange hand comes lately. Hilary today was nightmare on E mail street. Did you see what happened today? Ok, the f B. I have you didn't. This was all over the news today giants toward the F B. I found some more Hilary emails, so their reopening the investigation, greater There, emails a are like unreleased Tupac song. Just what you think I have them all? They mounted and you'll never believe where they found these new ones on end
may winners, computer, I'm not making. Anthony winners, complete no one thought to look among the deck big for those of you who are not political junkies. You might be why? Why on Anthony waiters computer, because Anthony Wiener is under investigation, that's right! man. I don't bullshit here getting waiters under investigation for sexting with a under age girl across straight state lines. So the we. I seized all these computers, he. Is married or was married to Alma Almaden, whom Almaden, who is Hilary gluttons aid, and they were using the same computer, which begs my first Question, why was homer use
Anthony's? Computer of you things she didn't want to go near, it would be his computer, so Hilary emails are intermingled with. Then he wiener sexting. No wonder why she had her server wiped I'd ever begin on this. This is the We live in now, Hillary Clinton's AIDS ranged husband is a freak, so we to read Hillary Clinton emails. I wish it would send a text to Donald Trump Maybe then we would see his taxes, we don't know what is in. These emails may be nothing J, call me. The director of the FBI he's the one who made this announcement today said they appear pertinent, but quote I can't say There are significant will take
time man there's nothing riding on it? I mean it's so ironic, winners, one excuse what he was just texting. Was he never actually fucked anyone? Well now we have, I dont know if winners, Dick is big, but it certainly casts a long shadow wait. A second I do know is diggers being rewards even on return, but of course you don't trump and crews in the whole gang on the right or wrong. Making Hey added this about its corruption and criminal conduct. Only republicans could look at an investigation into structurally proposition in a minor. And say yet. Did you find anything really disgusting, like mishandled email, something that would really revolt people, so
once again, Hilary political fortunes are driven by out of Control Cox. First it was her husband. Then it was Donald Drums and now it's Anthony winners or what she calls them. My basket of deplorable horn dog. I dont know what they're gonna find had. I dont care she's got a server inner basement. I don't care if you got John, been a Ramsay inner base, not voting for Donald speaking with I'm so glad you're, a good friend of mine, Chelsea handlers back first outweighs the founder of the dream for honesty and anchored tributary all know Van Jones. You see what is your reactions in today's knows. Well,
she's got four men in our life tromp, whose pervert clinic who's, got a racy pass got wiener he's namesakes words, ELF, Ambrosch Obama and Programme the black guy, the one guy, not a job, to be bad black. You ve made your boy, but only in others, the Amene, so even before this, public Windsor, we're saying that they're going to obstruct her investigate her. I mean I picture them doing it right away like like inauguration. I, like you, Should we testifying in a bowl gown, that's their, which you didn't listen. They have four gun the difference between being a party of opposition and a party of obstruction. There's this great honourable
party of opposition, yelled at say, listen! We we think your ideas wrong. We can make them better, but when you just stop, the entire government from functioning there's a word for that treason. That's the word its train. You have to do you happen to you. Have you taken out very well? I may add that that gets us through this approve Gort I mean they took an oath to at least Give a hearing underside bring gorgeousness, and now I heard John Mccain John Mccain, we're supposed to be one of the reasonable ones. This week say, whoever Hilary puts up we're going to block it, and I guess ok with amid the Supreme Court is supposed to be nine. Now its age we could get down to the boy he's dying before it looks like there never going to to even know why we're hearing at anybody this is inside a. I think they listen honestly at a certain point that the Democrats just have to say, listen to guess what expected we get to,
guess, what, if you guys, don't want to show up and do your job will do it, for you were going to suspend all those rules, we are going to let the Supreme Court function period. You can Have one branch of government stop to that's called a tyranny of of a want of a branch. The reality is oppressing United States is both to appoint those justice both to serve. You're giving advice and consent. Listen, you can wait, that if you want you but we're gonna go for it It is pretty amazing when, think about it, how they can really take anybody not or know what's in these emails in the as the emails I'm I'm always trying to find something that in one sentence I could say well, she did that innovation not completely clean, but you are someone who was something we already with this. I mean you were in the other. We would forget that we know you because you were in the Obamas administration and you were.
But if the first Gary Black man there they went after I mean you are ahead of the green jobs, I mean you're, they said Europe Tsar Glenn back did like fourteen shows on fourteen hundred for a fact that, so you know what it's like well over as long as they say two things. First of all, at that time, back was on tv every night and I wasn't and now Well! Well, then it, but with ignoble its oh idea of me, being a green jobs are part of that is that they did not want have the conversation about climate. They did not want to have the conversation
Now I do. What will you do and then, by the way, you're? The only person who has consistently dinner will consistently been a climate. We agree that the most important month import- and there was not one question about it in any of the debate which at which I listen, I think that's gonna- be a gonna go down in history as a huge mistake. My network was a part of it, but I will say this part of his people. Understand how sexy the crime solutions are listen, this is not. Pouring stuff here in California. Nobody knows this in California, we did three sexy things on climate, we we I have a cabin trade programme here where we took money from the polluters and give it to us that sexy
So we said we're going to use the money grabbed without Astley Ass laws right at the outset. That apparently early number do we took the money and we invested it, and we believe that we can now got a billion dollars from polluters in California, put it in poor communities, cheap and low cost dollar panels in the food, workers getting a car pools. We ve got bus passes for low income people, so you can save the people save the planet. At the same time, if you do the right thing with climate policy that Danger that you have is it now you got places like Washington State. They won't take the money from polluters. Give it a corporation. That's wrong. Take the money from polluters, give it to the people, build a big move.
And stop climate change. Just wait for another thing. We think you're like a bad thing is, you know, comparison dropping with the candidates. I had an culture sitting in your chair here about two weeks ago, and it was pretty soon after pussy gate had broken in the nose, and I said I and I said to her- look me in the eye and tell me that if there was a tape, they found a Barack Obama saying: hey, Gimme, a tick tat because you know what, when you are community organizer, you don't even have to ass. They just let you do whatever you want. Greater poses an put out of ribs about if Trump was black the same idea- and I think it's something people need to hear, but I will listen. First of all, I was just mad and I just split the thing on and I talked to thirteen min
that thing got eleven twelve million views, but the reason is very simple: if tromp or black, you would call him a thug, but you would call in any african American going around bragging about sexual assault every avenue. We are going to come on the ear and apologize for the failure of black men, and viruses like this is what you have here is a classic case. We came on the scene to get famous. He said these african american boys in central park or what- sexual assaulters right then he said that the against coming into the country were rapist in sexual assault, as it turns out, it was the white due to sexual assault and all actually action and and part of, I think, the reason people get so upset as a double standard. For instance, got these native Americans who are out there fighting to stop that horrific pipeline there get.
Beat up they're, getting arrested their national heroes. At the same time, you have eleven. Why do the going gets guns and take Over a whole part of the federal government, the Oregon yes in Oregon and guess what beginning of the year these guys these militia types Ayman, Bundy, yes, Clive and Bundy was his father. They are a protest earlier, yet they look over a wildlife refuge with their guns. We ve gone better or property acquitted. Today they walk, what they walk right, Pinky, poky, snow,
nobody should name run run, I mean that those a bit it may have been named that in that I and ii they would be in prison for the President lives up arms hookey. Thank you. As an extra one of our favorite actually from New York were glazier rejoined. As I read, I fear that republic imposed columns for the wash unexamined are also and above all, over again Kristen soldiers Anderson. You know this man wanted Asker is new. Film is Michael, more in Trump land. I highly recommended it. Also Michael more run on your question was united our Times organ answer them after the show on Youtube. Before I get to you guys a couple, a quick programme notes, I've been called
Donald Trump a whiny little, well trained on for about a year. Will now it's a comedy special! You know I'm going to do it on Facebook live on November. Second, I hope your face was in bed around the country. All the time doing my stand up back. I was like an hour of awesome. Fucking. From jokes and there's just gonna go to waste ever the election so giving it to my advance. Also next week we have a special guest on our show. We ve been trying to get em for quite a while, like eight years We sent a petition began again
that's right. Yes, we finally landed that President Obama. There was this a standing ovation, forgetting you on the shore and yet so. Ok, now about two weeks. Today's news, this Friday, big always a big day or on a Friday because we do our showed seems the news Briggs, the IMF, director said this email that the emails that he's looking through our pertinent. But he does not their significant. I guess Putin doesn't them yet,
What what are you mega? This panel has been so many Clinton scandals which I have two in my own head go. Is this something, or is this nothing? This is just another one of these things. She has been attacked and abuse for thirty years, I'm sick of it. I don't want to hear this eleven days before the election we think about when we think about if zones partisan, if these well, I'm gonna, take a will if these emails, these new emails can prove that She started a war because a dictator threat killer, daddy war. She- more profiteering on Behalf Halliburton, or maybe she held at an aid to get her more tick Maybe then I want to read the emails but other than that bill. This. Just such bullshit. I doubt that there is anything that you just described in those emails, but I'm trying to imagine if, two weeks from now the f b I can said by the way
weeks ago, found himself and Anthony winners. Computer, sorry to the time we didn't want to mess with this election, but now you gonna tell you. People would be outraged on and I think justifiably so I think the really no good way to go about this, except as soon as you know, they, the F B. I says we found out yesterday that there was a potential of something going on if they didn't say something and it got to after election day. That's fuel, the fire more and more for Trump to come out and say look this whole thing was Anthony Wiener have to do with heroically outline get. If so, how do I make Anthony Wiener see seeing Hilary on picky, sending all it's not gonna. Do you like your homework? It's not! It's likely not wiener. What did it? Because it's the point is that it is very wife what use with access to the same computer. They sees them because you,
the top personal aid to Hillary Clinton, already read so many of her emails and what they show is her AIDS. EL, each other back and forth. This is from Wikileaks, a lot about appearances and ethics, which is, I guess what AIDS should do? Are they careful? Yes, there careful, I certainly and blame them for being careful as if this put but there's nothing, they will the challenge, is due to the fact that call me he went through convulsions takes we're, not gonna gnawing it's wrong for the Republicans, as there are already out there today saying that, criminal we'd have no idea. What's in these, so that's wrong! That's idea! I would agree. I would only say that she Hillary Clinton is a scandal factory and you look through her had made already her fault. Well, mechanic
future hers, the cattle all the way back there. I can't I've gotta what the hell you ask a bigger pregnant. I withdraw my support and I forgot about the cattle future right here right. Let's elect the pussy grabber, oh by the way who it there's videotape of him as he's passing a ten year old going down you know, I know right saying I got a date. In ten year if, if, if that was teacher fewer teaching at a school in a teacher, you about a ten year old. You know intent there's another date, her you go right down to the principal in turn him it wouldn't you, but my comments, like I say so running away, but he's not you're, not a trumped up. Well, I'm not a trump supporter, and I call him out and I'm looking for Democrats or call on Hillary Clinton standards would want to be one.
What is Hilary don't earlier, but is it? The same? Is the same as a guy who you really can trust with the nuclear codes I mean marker Rubio said I can't trust him with the nuclear cut, I wouldn't trust him with the zip codes What but then I am voting for this guy Jason Chevette Bermuda. He said after a pause gave. You said I can't look my daughter's in the eye and endorse this man and yesterday, He said I am voting for it, but you know this is what I don't get. You know why you have to pick there's only two choice but use. This is why sixty percent of the people, don't trust Hillary Clinton and just cause you don't and Donald Trump doesn't mean it capacity. What Hillary Clinton is that's a good question for a look. Roses yeah exactly, but when you do want, when we use, is built on a way which is, as there were, no classified emails, That was a lie. Ok, but when you don't take the pass, a new do examine both of them right
It still leave you in the place of you can allow man that unstable and vindictive to be president, so that conclusion you ridge, don't you have? as many Republicans Colin Powell, this week's edit, I am vote, Fr Hillary Clinton, so some people, for the Libertarian kindly sense people about right. Somebody of all that we got something not not what the people are going to vote no negative vote. There cannot just sit in a vote for somebody that they believe in that. That is, doesn't isn't disco. A fine they're mine because of their character the conductor ourselves for someone? They don't believe in. That means a you brought up the trumps. Things have been gross about a ten year old girl. The fact of the matter is that most people voting for Donald Trump dont care and no matter what was in these emails today, most people voting for Hillary Clinton. They don't care, so we can have all of the October. You know we took the October surprise, does this crazy things that come out in October Access Hollywood tapes. It help
things got email on Anthony Wieners computer. Whatever people are in their camps, the lots of people who are undecided, it is so small are the only thing that can matter is. If this changes turn out of someone decided couldn't just staying right, it could well and also could make Trump voters come out. I mean, entity wiener could be the cock that ended the world and that I did not predict and you know, you're trying to surprise pool. You know. Donald Trump is going to say he did predicted he tweeting two months ago that Anthony Wiener he's apart. And he's a threat to national security and legal laughed at or in yeah you're right, and so there was a pervert tweeting whose obsessed with twitter doings perversion on Twitter and that's was going to be the next president of the ice age. We don't the waiver winner being present, but but a man who who does it behaves in similar manners with Twitter
why we would this, but the real real, because I'm at the point where I don't ever want to send another email which is really weird because email made all of our lives so much easier fifteen twenty years ago, whatever it was, and now I feel like we're all going to be like spies in a movie where they have to talk on the park bench. RO at the Washington monuments. Always in the background you know, that's the only place they can meet and talk, and also I think it so interesting now that the right likes wickedly now they liked them. They used it well, can I miss Saunders? It's against the Democrats would show is that they don't have any principles, the The principle is, we Democrats play I didn't count me as a Republican who likes what Wikileaks is doing. I think there is a difference between something being revealed through the course of an official investigation and something that has been illegally hacked and, I think, there's a difference between
supposing conversations that are happening about public policy and exposing what people are saying in private convert I think about, and they Nozdrev operate under their original goal. Mike I mean I know, you're a big fan of Julian Assange. Emails on our shoulders were you yeah, but I feel like he's drifted. Now it's a lot of personal shit, I mean at the beginning, it was about. You know we're exposing what's going on in Guantanamo Bay and the Iraq war and letters of you might take Scientology and now its last year there big thing was you the stony hack, let's find out what studio executives think of Adam Sandler. I mean I really feel like they lost his way, a little any hates Heller. You know if you're not doing anything or saying anything that is going to embarrass you. You don't worry about it too much when MIKE I campaigned against my campaign, got hacked dozens of times and my personal computer was has,
absolutely avoid. I'm not saying to her campaign didn't under saying I was hacked and say why I just because I'm not gonna take the shot of acute I don't know, that's not my point. My NATO through- and I point is just that I got hacked a bunch of times and nothing ever there was embarrassed, to me ever came out here's what I think I think, Wikileaks, I think Assange there are the Anarchists Anne and they No, just like a lot of people were voting for trunk know that, he's their human molotov cocktails. They want to blow up the system, it's it's an anarchic move and that's that we here in Europe with Van you're you're talkin about eight Supreme Court justices, we may be down to seven any concern. Some of these conservatives, I should say: listen to their that's music to their ears because they hate the federal government. They hate Congress. They hate the president. They hate the Supreme Court and, if it just all, fell upon that would be their Nirvana. That's a wheel,
have to sit up and get some November. Eight foot isn't fair. Is it fair to condemn the delete, the hacks and, at the same time, recognise that it's not a defence for what people have said as a result of that enough? That's a tough yeah I mean in the autumn to separate things you can dance on that razors edge voted. Yes, I am making the point if she, because once it's out there, it's out that's out there, you said and done it and open it. This is a double edged. Sword of transparency. Right transparency in the abstract sounds like a great thing. We should have all this transparency. We should always know what people and our government are saying, but the double edged sword probably a lot of stuff going on in the fifties in the Sixtys and Seventys. That was wrong in the bar for what we know would not, but but but there was not only was there was more faith in our institutions. Back then run. Is it a problem now that you know it? This is bliss and we're not very blissful any more as we get more information or more angry at our gut.
It does that create the conditions where we have these elections that are just horrible, where everybody hates everything What's going to happen as long as everybody knows everything about everybody, one of the act, illusory wiki, leagues, emails. She saying something like you need a public face and a private face who doesn't movement in this world is exactly the same person from the moment you wake up and take appears and your farting, I think, Bernie. I think, Bernie get it right from the get go Debbie rose, that's that's arms. We ve got the world is falling apart. The ice caps are melting, we're talking about and by the way, that's why people are running out because we go. We have an economy, that's not producing cloudy jobs, ok, that we ve got a one and a half percent growth rate for the economy that they just went through. It was in the news today and no one will see it economy grew two point: nine percent in the third
this. This is like the ones I have with this election. My biggest one is this: we have. We have moved into a fact free world where facts just don't matter if they reported at all right. The economy grew two point: nine percent in one corner and because of that, when you're going forth at less than one percent you're not gonna have even get to you. We won't even get a two percent growth rate for the entire year, which is Stormily Adducing Endeavour deplorable situation really because material and they ran into
its wealth saying I will get unemployment down just six percent and it's been under five when relations. If we see what I just about, you hate the other signs that you'll find whatever is really a fifty year low in terms of homeownership, with twenty million American to pay more than fifty percent of their income for housing. What we're doing he's getting away with rising unemployment Romany? Would you would you say now don't think this? Would we be in this position? That really is he was going. We gotta think we're gonna get a whole for the whole of the Republicans it because a bush, but that's the whole above point- is number for the first time to saving recordings numbers. There have been more small businesses that have closed up shop and have been created for this by twenty eight millions of organs is nobody's tying ice more, but I cannot. I cannot argue that you can find bed in America, but I must admit, he's the best president of your lifetime come before today. It looks like trumpets, gonna lose at an orbit now, but
put up something called Trump tower alive. No one People are saying he's positioning himself to have his own tv show that tv network, like Fox NEWS if he loses the election so Trump Tower alive when on the air, After the last debate, I watched a little of it. It's a little like if a Bellevue had away, but its people are calling a term tv and as it's Halloween they're putting on Halloween Movie Festival course. The horror movies on trumped tv or a little different. Can we see some of the less you and that their movies reflect what scary to trump voters, for example, their showing rose married anchor baby? I know who you rope last summer as death. Where is it? answer
I love this one. The whining
you're from the black neighbourhood are. This is very scary to drug voters that it came from all foods knight of the living wage and prosperity and cursed them chunky course. There's nothing from canoe to stop the breeze she's a host of an international drug, Joe. I'm so glad you out there, because I loved the lesson there were Josie handler. Nature outcry, listen, I'm so glad you're out there talking you become such a valuable voice. Saying here did so drew a menu, we're off the air for awhile, and now it's good that you're back during the election just in time just in time. I know you ve been having a lot of fun with it and you know one thing we did on this over. Why was drawing to show
flags about Donald Trump, and I love one of years I did not think of which is that he doesn't drink and you say this- is a red flag tankers collectively in Latvia. Will you drank? Ok, that's one point for you here. I find that says, like very suspect. Out of you, like most people, don't like to broaden their horizons em, you don't have to abuse alcohol in the way that I do, but I would have three people experimenting with your odds: hallucinogens alcohol loosen up a bit. Otherwise there is a control factor that I dont trust and that's where rates
I spent or somebody like a Donald Trump. Absolutely no and its untrustworthy guy could not agree more. I never trust people who can get Iris. I respect people who are sober because they had a problem and a guy. So yes, but it never tried it right. You're fuckin, tricky, you're, drunk you get a best. What would you do that? drug I Alaska, which giant? I watch that with great interest, because I've done mushrooms not recently but I mean I was actually on mushrooms record why'd. You mention and open up your eyes. Dear. You know, though your big take away, I think, was that you found something with your sister. You had. Yeah I got rugs can do that. I think are drugs are great with like broadening your mind, I mean it's not greater abuse anything obviously, but it's great, I think in different ways and it get outside of yourself and look at your life like you're, not you
we're like you're, not coming from this place of self interest in and so kind of obsession and just relax a little bit. So for me it was a very positive experience and I know from many other people I was This helped them. You know Oscar helps. People quit drinking, I mean it help me do that, but I variants I'd like to drink the idea is fine, I don't you know that, the doors. Yes, yes, I've heard of them. You know they were younger. You they weren't you weren't around when they were right. I was yet, but I know the lungs are equal down. Is anyone here not know the doors anyway. I believe me some people under the very way they got their name from a book about drugs by all the sexually. I think some Huxley called the doors of perception that but he termed drugs. They were door. Yes, actually he had a lot of perception right and
That's going to the fact that a Martian died on drugs, but that they're letting on re down tax, not way point but ok, solar, talk about. The Trump kids was in the news today that none of them have made donations. The Trump campaign which I find amazing, because you think of all the people they would, but then again their father hasn't really either and and peace. I like the way you you don't take the media bullshit about Vanka. You know being perfect because I heard even on the liberal stations. Well, he's got great kids Campi, all bad. That does it first of all those kids are wired into him. For some finance I mean list If I was a woman after everything, that's happened and I don't hate Republicans, but he is such a terrible. You know such a terrible figure in this time, and now you know I can guide. I could ancient actually imagine one day voting for Republican, that's how open minded. I consider myself, but this
China. I meant I would never do it, but I write a river had sex with the Republican. I don't know, I don't get their names, but, like likely, I think I saw. On the contrary, we are speaking at this fortunes women's earthworks into interviewing. You need a hill and I walked back stage and the woman who runs a conference as this is a vodka tromp and I had to go shake and I got I just can't. I can't with you like she. If she would come forward, and I know this is a fantasy, but if she were to come forward now after everything, her father has said and done about women that's been recorded, that's been proven time and time again, which he consists. We do if she were to do that she would be an american hero.
Should we might like? I'm sorry, I know it's my dad. My dad is sexual he's sexually inappropriate and disgusting and even better ass. If that he tried to run for office, I would fucking stop have growth that is mentioned above. It should go to the dead bomber and in New Jersey, the Father yeah he reported is only under the of the EU. Buyers. Brother turned a man, that's too high, level of principle when you, when you turn on your own family, because principle is even higher than that, let me add all seven days for her to do that if she's watching, do you know that from people a great idea up up up up up up from people are saying you're a trump support or new.
Are you telling me how you have cars that I've seen again said Rachel? Clearly, I know, but I mean it's it's funny the way they are you trying to do a good deed. You like we all in our own bubble. We go after Trump a new. I thought it was great you you re He tried to understand the Trump voter and said hey, there is something there very wooden vote for Trump there was something why it and They turn it around and try to make you into something you're not trump. Thank me yesterday, right for public, thank me for the new, not once I want goes on tv, know, you're, going to given the credit for that, thank you, but he he thank me for what
I don't think you see my film. I think what he did was. He saw that his name was in the title. There was very weird I may say something about that in the idea that this man congratulates himself every time there is a loss for a win and credits himself with winning debates that he doesn't when or that was triumphant, or this didn't happen when there's recordings of the very thing that he's denying he said on television, it's like living in another planet and the fact that, he dances around these subjects accuses Hilary of the very thing she does to him. You know Ginger Rogers quote about dancing back we're not achieve only I'm doing everything you're, he was doing lose that items in backwards and know the guy she was dancing with that's your sister.
My criticism is on the dual use doing, but on vat Danzig backward and heels like Hillary Clinton is a fucking bad ass rise and right wing claims that she's killed forty six people on the internet her name and murderer forty it's, come up when I saw that I thought that is badass. That's. Why I want is my commander in chief somebody's going to pull in there for license is going to ship here's a question I want I want. I want to ask that when I'm I'm going to go back to Washington in a couple of days to interview the president at the White House, The question I want to ask him in any Democrat, is even if from loses, is he's gonna win twenty states. Probably there are some people I feel like. He is the acid test. If you can put up a candidate like Donald Trump and people still vote for him, Don T dare threats have to ask what we asked after nine eleven. Why do they,
It is Why do they have in their own right so badly that even Donald Trump will get your vote? He will be. I think, I'm fifty million votes he, while I think Democrats need to ask themselves that question. So I think Donald Trump is unacceptable candidate. As lifelong Republican, I will say that I will also say that I think that Democrats do almost nothing to speak to people outside their base. They don't talk about growth. They don't talk about. Small business, they don't talk about. Empowerment. They don't talk about These things are that they don't talk about. I mean
the amount of opportunities that we're missing at the heart of investigating this all the time, and that is why people feel more empowered these days, because Rocco Bomber has been in the White House for eight years. Using this people felt that way of Michael two thirds of Americans. Wouldn't they grew on the wrong track. Now: wait! Wait where thing and Bridle Morocco Bomber, if a personal, if you voted for Iraq Obama first and foremost you. If you did you owe that he's asking you to go and vote for Hillary Clinton. You owe him and his legacy that vote. If you not every disavowed in the future, you can't die like Barack Obama and then shrunk come in, which means we live on Venus. Talk about the other bad news that kid a trailer this week, which was Obama CARE premium. Mr amid level plan are set to rise, twenty five percent. Now twenty seven national this
and the thirty nine states that use health care, not Gub could go up as much as hundred and sixty percent in Arizona now these projections, factor in the subsidies and eighty three percent Obamacare rallies get subsidies. So the whether the Democrats can spend this is well it's going to cost attacks. There is more there's two way to fix this. None of neither- which is very palatable politically one is you can force people by having higher penalties or more subsidies, which is higher taxes for this? I think about what? What is there a lot of Arizona, older people- and this is a big, the heart of the problem. Right now there are a cause of actual six times as much to provide health care for someone who sixty four compared to someone who's nineteen, but the the law is set up. You can't charge someone more than three times what you charge, the this person in your pool, so young people are paying for twice as
for their insurance law, danglars they're, getting and that's why so few of them Lillian rolling the projections where you're going to twenty one million people in these pools. You ve only Nine millions of orders said mostly those young. How long will, which is why these pulls many them one by one and helping the minor, because if so over regulated these insurance company, but it'll give them different. All yours now learn rarely language. Only I haven't done many times. It was like this. Have king cigarettes you for these things to work? I don't trumps plan right here. Data bash estimate, so you're in the overall is using a bomb gear. Trumpets gotta go bash, it's gotta go report, eleven replace with some terrific! He has said this before the first time. He said it, I kind of let it go when you say it more than once. That's your policy, that's the other policy. The problem will have to look at, but without using his policy is something
the problem here is that the entire companies are still calling the shots. As long as we leave our health care in the hands of private insurance companies, it says the problematic, but let me point out something else: the state, a California is not good to go up to. Five percent accorded the eloi Ellie Times this week, because you have them credit governors. What happens when you have a democratic eggs? get a branch and both houses of the cap, Fournier Assembly are Democrats. On the day of put so many good regulations on the insurance companies. Here it will go up. The five percent in California, next insurance companies by the throat and What's going on in Alabama, Mississippi, you want the fact. The facts are that date that the people or a lot more sick and using it more than was expected not accurately sound or whatever you. So you can look the two ways that it was not act. It was now
actual early or estimated to to get the same losses as there are actually getting in some. He states, like Michigan when you ve, got a forty percent premium increase that is going to overwhelm people that are not getting those subsidies so you're right if you're honest about it. There are two things: if you want to keep what you have you really going to raise, taxes increase subsidies or or similar pair, or even it don't you can go to your universal carried it out, but that's not gonna change without even forced back there's this plan in place. There's a plan in place you have to give at times of exceeding the experts are not going on. Here is right. The medical America, by all, make a terrific and she can't fix it either because she needs Congress people to vote there.
The only thing they the Republican Congress voted. Do you do about. It is repeal. It was extremely interesting is simply, let's take the reason why these premiums are going up. The fact that so many young people don't want to get in the pools. You could pass a tiny fix. That says: look if there companies want to be able to offer plans that are a lot paper. Instead of keeping this, it's gotta be be one third, you get rid of that rule and suddenly younger people can get more affordable health care. The problem is a. I don't think that you could get a fixed like that, through with President Obama in the White House, because his law. It's got his name on it, which is why the Stability of a new president, I think, means there's more of a chance that you could get some of these fixes, but you also have to get Republicans in Congress. I think have a right to say this in our law or with a republican control of conventional Ivan days, and look at. Why at all you don't think, that's it. You don't get it do somebody on the left. We don't want to give. The poor choice in health care or an education or
things like employment training, which is where we got like three million jobs that are posted and we can fill them because we don't have. We have a mismatch between skills and what Private says ravages either because, first of all to push back again, you think about the insurance companies. It's that most that's not the biggest problem, the it's it's the gouging from doktor. In hospitals until you until you put a half how much people can charge, I mean they ve done studies on this from one hospital in one city to one another. It is going to be. Like I told her, I was in person, I told him. I'd vague can charge every thing happening and we saw with my own government in charge. When you have a government in charge, then you want. I want you. Why are you happy pen Situated happened because the government saying we ve gotta by epee pens? We gotta go
from this company, and there was no competitions, they said cool. We can make any sense cost a couple hundred bucks a pop. If you have the ability to have someone else making happy pens, here's then they could have governed not at all it's about administration, because government controls Medicare Medicaid. That's what keeps the price of drugs down. Old people and poor people the government was involved in controlling what the pharmaceutical companies and the insurance companies and, at the same time, I have to say that the only way out of this scale their actual real issues here. Ok, so it's great
point to make that Donald Trump has no idea about what you're talking about right now. I know why the conversation, if we were dealing with running away trying, must immediately we're doing with an air pollution. It's something timber about many who's been raining for less she lives. Really sorry work I have are just got our backing for new term carried has to cope with the hormone ago, no one to join our Monica except the guy plague. It's like seeing homeless people having sex. The kindest reaction is how nice, for you euro before rolling your eyes at the new men's fashion.
Hence fashion friend of short, made out of old Afghans. Consider the fact that their perfect for those times that you're not want to feel like they're taking a nap lon, grandma's couch neural as long as we're getting rid of obsolete technology like coal it's also get rid of the handkerchief. I mean come on its growth, we have kleenex now what do you want to have not near park? And I'm all around the topic the Yankees leaders caused in the pocket square
we'll, take a hike. This doesn't say I'm a man of style of elegance. It says I don't have the guts to be a trench last year, all these stall for your black Republic in Committee has to have at least one black person even worse. If you look at the picture, looks like there may have been a black person there before another white people are trying to decide who made the offensive remark that made a believe neural. This halloween certain people are not allowed to give out
certain candies, because it's just a little too on the nose like Donald from can't he about Dick Tax, Don Drunk Junior can give out Skittles Maloney. I can't give our sugar daddy First Griffin, can't give out jelly valleys, Anthony Wiener can't give out hard get and finally, neural presidential debates need some new rules, starting with each candidate gets three times in the debate when they can call, let's go to the video game? so that when this happens, but he also when asked You're, a disabled reporter mocked and mimic came on national television
can throw the red flag in his arms race and say wrong tape. Please I don't know what I said. I don't remember. Maybe people could actually see saying one thing a second after reclaim the opposite, they'd stuff. Pretending, there's really any other choice in this election Rick than devote Raillery click. Ok, So let us tabulate said Hilary says something at least somewhat falls: twenty seven percent of the time. You knows it present Bernie the Ultimate straight shooter twenty seven is pretty good for a politician. Trump is Seventy one in his hands are raging, wildfire that cannot beacons aid
she lies about a quarter of the time he's Donald Trump, grabs or policy aims, as your pussy fell on his hand, does Hilary play the game with complete honesty? No, to put it in football terms, she's deflated a few balls and our time, and also that thing Tom Brady did what she's still a really good quarterback and speaking quarterbacks. What the guy like carbon capture- and it goes brave enough to lead a smart protest, say things like it almost seems like Hilary and trumpet trying to debate whose less racist you have depicted lesser of two evils, but in the end it still evil. Really Hitler, is evil. Like someone unchristian TV, Hillary Clinton s
Thinking about this earlier today, two names kind of came up: one was just about and the other was a liar. You know your Bible University was united, but I look up at the lie out was the daughter of just a bell and she seized power by murdering her grandchildren. You know just like Hilary does I'm so I am so tired of hearing a charter hearing, I know trumps a creep and Hilary doesn't seem genuine crowded. God, she's a civil servant, not a craft beer. Whatever I'm out with my millennial friends,
chasing. The pokemon manner, are getting our nipples peers, shaving our pubes or a raging actions figures well sending out Dick pics. When the talk turns to the election, I hear some version of their both dead or they deserve each other. There's an election Republican have one path to victory in this. Election and it's called false equivalency. They can't deny from this horrible, its anti. So, one voters to believe Hilary is just as bad and in pursuit of that goal they have a very powerful ally, lazy people. People who like to say there all bad because when you say that you want to do any homework. Say they're all the same, and then you can sound justifiably jaded by the entire.
Process. When really you just don't know anything you say you, you say you're cynical about politics, don't fly yourself, cynical when you know too much you are and haven't bothered to learn anything which Perkins, by the way are capable of Noam Chomsky wants to observe that when he listens to a sports call in show, he said it's plain that quite a high agree of thought and analysis? she's going into that people all sorts of complicated details, on the other hand, he said when I hear people talk about international affairs or domestic problems, its at a level of superficiality, that's beyond belief, In other words, were not clueless? We just apply our brain power to bullshit.
It's before people go out for a taco. They will spend an hour on yelp researching worthy most most one, all for something that will be out of your body. In fifteen minutes. People use six different websites to get a plane tickets for a weekend trip, but they don't care who runs the world for four years get how millennials, who can't tell these candidates apart. Have a hundred Prince Sub genres for music, that, sounds like this? Is that dubstep or techno dough,
or acid techno, because it all sounds like the same shit to me, but I can tell the difference when it comes to live under second, at seven p m: oh yes, Evergreen, Pacific, ten Eastern, I wanna thank requisite Kristen soldiers. Anderson. Like you to tell me everything we have been fighting. I want to make a move from each other and each be oh dont. Com.
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