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Episode #412 (Originally aired 1/27/17)

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Episode #412 (Originally aired 1/27/17) - Bill’s guests are Richard Haass, John Avlon, Eva Longoria, Grover Norquist and Tim Ryan.

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Welcome to each year from the HBO making real time report. Take your birthday gods and said my God: there must be a million people a year. I tell you it's gay seven in the war on facts is going on. I turned on my
I found it added check. The news and Sir said: are you sitting down? but hey? You know what we're still It was a big women's margins that a huge you talk about their lot, the largest gathering of women since the last time they collected the bill, Cosby Victims together very impressive millions of women on all the continents, hugging, crying and moaning. It was like the whole world turn into an Adele concerning because there's something happening and you can feel it. Finally, we
of our own tea party, except with more teeth and no spelling errors on the post. Now, of course, when President Trump heard right outside the White House Window the women who were marching best them in greater numbers than his own inauguration, he took it well. I'm kidding. Of course, you got a bull horn and started pointing out their body flaws, hey job, you could lose filled for not interested and that's the president of the United States, and then we got down to the actual business of running a government which Donald Trump apparently knows nothing about. He spent all week sign
Executive orders in these super classy leather binders, look at the menu would beefsteak Charlie. I, let's see I'll, throw out the Mexicans, bring back torture and the lady will have the full. I he keeps holding them up every every signs and look, look. Look Mamma. I finished my coloring. Maybe we could put it on the refrigerator problem. Is that you know, executive orders are a real thing when a bomb did them, he had the warriors go over it. People knew what was happening. The dwarf is no one. How these things are gonna work, no, no where's! The money. They're just signed tweets, no more Obamacare down. I want opponent
I mean You know cause he's a dewar everybody else's. All talk of this first week was like. Oh, my god. It was like the last half hour of good fellows. One railway out is just coach out of his mind. Doing ten things at once is dropping off its rightful a hand guns, and these making spaghetti. Sauce and helicopters are chasing a care. It can't really go on like this. For years cat it I'm gonna, lose my my I was watching CNN this morning and I thought for the first time in my life. Maybe I should ask my doctor if a bill of fires right, for I mean there is in just one week a lot
to be very alarmed about, but I gotta put on the top of my less the fact that the President of the United States sees multitudes that do not exist twice did that in one week. Firstly, insisted the crowds eyes at the inauguration was the biggest ever and that Ariel Photography is just a theory, but we saw this. We saw these pictures have them all covered in whiteness, but enough about his support I can't stand it that when it comes to the size of the crowd Obama's was bigger.
This is about a guy. You never brought a woman to a MAC. What this is about, you probably don't even think it really existed. A woman is rigged China is very rigid and then were told. You know that there are such things as alternative facts. That's what this week will be for alternative facts and Jones by Sir his press secretary about the crowd size he just went. This is what the President believe.
You're on your own? I think the difference between Scientology and Donald Trump is Scientology. Has better celebrities ideal? Here's how Sean Spicy explained alternative facts. He said it's like the weather report, one whether report comes out insides, it's gonna, be cloudy. Another says: there's gonna be like rain. No one lied to you. Sometimes weatherman do disagree and what the weather is gonna be like tomorrow. What not What it was like yesterday and then as if seeing a million people on the more that weren't there wasn't enough Donald
later in the week, says that there were three to five million illegal aliens who voted for Hillary Clinton when Big studied this dislike for. Five million. How do we know this? A german Gulf Pro told a guy, you told the guy who told a guy and Donald Trump heard it that the german guy was trying to vote in Florida and couldn't possibly disease a german citizen, but he saw hispanic looking people trying to vote. Oh, my god, they must have been a legal powers to explore
the Spanish in Florida, we're off to a great start with the Hispanics. The President, Mexico was scheduled to visit here next week, but Trump tweeted well of Mexico's gonna pay for the wall. You Muslim, just cancel this trip, and the mexican President said: okay, drug Sadie would keep the Mexicans out. There's one hour here. Thinking like a daily these John I wandered far. Seventy is the president of the council on foreign relations and author of a world. In disarray, american foreign policy, in the crisis,
Is it the old order, our friend Richard Hostas over here Richard? How are you, sir? Richard Haas? You are the president of the council on foreign relations and you still do our show. God bless you, so you breathed in that capacity. President Trump, but a year and a half we met for about an hour and tell me something is Europe My impact was modest, what I mean we're. How did you find him? The that's, a long meeting, a meeting ass to how things to say in thoughts in his head, but she was a pretty good given take. We spoke for about an hour, Russia come up. Very little is actually much worse
but immigration, terrorism near North Korea, China, that's before Putin, had the pistol. Ok, what we showed the document we showed the timeline last week in nineteen, forty six to twenty fifty Donald Trump never mentions Russia doesn't give a shit about it. Suddenly, it's all about Russia, somebody's gotta, take ok! So this thing with Mexico that happened this week, I thought was a horrible omen because it to me it's Donald Trump worst inclinations. This is my way of the highway and if you don't agree right away, I take my marbles and go home. For I mean I don't this ever happening before where there was a scheduled visit. The guy didn't do exist play what you wanted at the beginning of the negotiations, so everything it's called off, we can't run the world like this. Can we know It doesn't make sense from Donald Trump Zone standpoint and after the trade agreements have made Mexico better off. If
you're really worried about is immigration coming from Mexico, you should want them to do well. Economically. Over the last few years, more Americans and more Mexicans writer have left than of comment, so this is this is working. So why do you want to change it plus? If you we do want to renegotiate bill. This is not exactly a way to get the Mexicans to show more flexibility. He wouldn't come here. What do you think he's going to compromise and also Donald Trump has a three percent approval writing in and- and they know we it's, you know, unlike some president's when they first take office, they don't like Donald my question to you and you would know this is: do we have enough leverage? I mean I feel like he thinks it's, nineteen forty five and we can tell everybody in the world to do exactly what we want and they will- and I think, if you try to pull this kind of stuff, Mexico will become hostile. Every country will become hostile.
And I don't think we have that kind of pull anymore. Without we don't wanna reasons I wrote, you spoke about a world in disarray, that's exactly right! What you see is a real spread, a capacity North Korea now huh capabilities. China obviously does Russia. Does we can't just insist on things plus its globalization? Now we can't just make things work ourselves. We may do the right thing, but unless others also do the right thing. Whether dealing with terrorism were cyber, you name it alone. We don't have a lot of options, but we also learn this the hard way we learned in Iraq. We learned it in Vietnam, we may be. Stronger than anyone on paper or bringing to bear in practice is something very different right and if we make the world, if we make the world live without us, they might find they like it better. Actually, that's actually go. You argue the opposite. I think the world without us is not than anyone else replaces us it's not that it works itself out. It's actually begins to get really bad. I should think of war
left to its own devices, will not sort itself out. It's probably read what was sitting in the Middle EAST. In some ways, the Middle EAST has much less of us. Didn't you shall wonder when they had a lot of us, but there also not doing so well, and they have very little of us right. Do you think conservatives sane conservatives will start to line up against President Trump because I feel like this is the only hope we have in this world? I mean we, obviously not the Democrats or on one side of it, and it's very painful for any republic into ever be seen siding with a Democrat, but their George will has Linsey, Graham thereof, some. So far we have seen some profiles encourage about people who say yet this is beyond partisanship. Somebody like Henry Kissinger Sure you are familiar with. He saw Nixon go mad, I mean when he sees a guy who sees multitudes that aren't there is somebody like that. Gonna come out elapsed,
it's going to it's going to happen to go Ricci Republican and a happiness over trade, the killing of the Trans, Pacific Partnership, trade deal and happiness with Mexico. You can see it in the next few days if Trump moves trot was unilaterally to lift sanctions against Russia over Ukraine. I think so The Mccain Senator, Graham and others. Marker Rubio will all push back and if he starts lifting sanctions himself, Congress could then introduce sanctions. So I actually that's gonna happen. He's gonna live thanks. What I certainly hope let them unilaterally or unconditionally undig. It's one thing to go to Putin say if you stop doing X, Y and Z will give you some sanctions really, but simply to do it as a kind of down payment in the hopes that Putin exercises self restraint. There's no evidence, let alone make of these reports that are on CIA. Doesn't trust the president with secrets, because they think he might pass them on to Putin. I saw those reports, like president, doesn't need to know any president that kind of granular detail
this or that agent. He needs to know the information and how confident we are Andrew. I mean that that your answer would to be well. I reacted Adela by wouldn't tell any president certain levels were given the broad thrust back, that's kind of frightening when you can't trust your own president, wildly CIA worse than a strict need to know basis no present needs are those that I was hoping you'd come here and make we need to know, but the president isn't in that. Look that level. The detail about whether a certain person is a nation he doesn't need to know. If you need to know how good the information is. Sorry
all right, so final thing: he said that he would start out trusting Angela Merkel a key ally the same as he would burden is in this. A horrible force equivalency to put out there for the world. Does the world even know what side we are anymore. This is like a game in the old days into coal, where we used to wake up. We knew who we were playing with what team everybody was. I don't feel that's much anymore so allies in Europe, like the Germans, allies in Asia or not so sure anymore. This Donald Trump is a disruptor. Here is this about the use of hydrogen and well, I know, but that they say that, like it's a good thing, it's well, it's a good thing. If you ve on a more prudent, because if you want to change the world, rattled tromp has inherited a world which, by large, has been pretty stable. We ve done pretty well as it can. Three economically. So this is a world. The medications we want to restore obviously has to change.
We want a sure. The shop, I don't understand why you wanna, come in and turn it upside down. We ve done pretty well over the less lebanese every year we visit next. President of the council on foreign relations are now less busy. This news, that is gonna, get some final, either seven term. U S, representative, from a higher and author of the real illusion, very slippery
without their rearing, green groceries and the return of the american family farm congressmen. Dim Ryan is an active as producer director and Ankara is next. Film is low writers ever longer areas founder and present, a political life is a groove Americans were tax reform. I've been doing this with global for over twenty years, rubber Norquist over times less than the show on Youtube. Okay, so no propaganda paranoid, but I want to bring this up because I think Donald Trump puts a thousand things you could talk about in a week and we have to focus Before the election, I was saying, there's a slow moving coup happening and fascism could come to America this week, depressed
you have talked about sending troops to Chicago besetting sin, the feds in and by the way Chicago only the eighteenth worst murder rate of cities in America. The idea of Donald, I'm sending you know the private army into an american city, not a precedent. I really want to see talked about starting up black sites for torture overseas. His chief strategy, said the media should keep their mouth shut and just listen him, puzzled agencies, EPA, can't tweet or talk anymore in combination with the eye, this concept of alternative facts, so you can't get out Real facts EPA, so the only facts we here are the alternative facts. I'm just saying it's so they get distracted, I'd like to keep their eye on the big picture of all these things which, to me look like a strong man: fascist,
country coming into the one you're in favour. Ok manner, question, since it admits that one can a government really function on alternative facts now now they are on their way. Here is not the issue with the alternative facts in the tweeting of whatever is on his mind at that moment is that it starts out with a tweet like or three to five million people who voted illegally that just started as a tweet, but now your president of the United States, that
we now turn into an investigation. Might pencils. Now, at the next day saying we need to keep going to find the right order. Courtiers have to write him. The king is same right. It's like when there's a crazy. No, what happened like in the middle ages. There would be a monarchy when the king dies and that in the next one in line is six now, six year old is in charge of the country, so when he says he believes in the east or body everybody starts looking for eggs were America is, but I think the trap is trying to make the press and the media the opposition party and is doing a good job, because never the media law or approve a rating than Trump and so the only
republican right right? That's what kind of an alternative that is our little by little three nobler than game. She played yeah the fact that that he thinks the press should be compliant and at the service of the presidency is not in the tradition of american Press and it's not in the Spirit of the first amendment which guarantees press be protected from you. Do need somebody we do need the press to be the true sayers right now they cannot be reporting alternative. That's ok! Can I quote Lamar Lamar's worth Grover german fumbling load. You shouldn't be roads to promote a mature. This German, you, ok, burglary, user, moron from church use. My state you said better to get
news directly from the president. In fact, it might be the only way to get the unvarnished truth, but the unvarnished Ruth? I mean this is the icy multitudes guy he set on unemployment might be forty two percent, at one point: you're right, it's all anecdotal, its whatever he was just watching on Fox or Alex Jones. Does in this here. The shit out of you Alex Jones, believes and lizard people. Really I mean Donald Trump quotes the inquiry You must be scared. By that I mean, if there's any open this country, I'm going to say it every show its same Republicans, This is not normal republican. He tends to
I asked to go on this way. You can overstepped we're fucked. Already you started by suggesting that the fascist would sometimes people overstate, whether you doing it for comic. If that does not make a point on it doesn't well, it doesn't help too statement doesn't help when he does it either and he ought not, and if you want to say that I think where many people at my inauguration say many don't given. Or a comparison of may not hold up when the FBI is in the tank as they were for one candidate and they become politicized and there are actually working with Russia to get him elected. Yet its fascism, ok, but besides, let's get back to you know this idea that John Spices, that's what the president believes. Don't there have to be Republicans like Lindsey, Graham and as I mentioned, George
people who will stand up and say this is beyond partisanship. We just can't have a country ruled by what the president believes. Whatever shit things that crazy but part of the problem is Democrats, don't go where republicans are. That's been our problem, we don't go to Rural America. If we think we dont go on Fox NEWS, we don't go on CNBC, we don't gone Hugh Hugh at our Lord Ingram, we're afraid to go out and get our own message out there. I give a Grover alot of credit for common on the show is the bottom line is the bottom line is: if we don't go where these people are, that the alternative facts are the only facts there ever gonna hear. That's right. You guys on the right, reacting to Obama, strongly Azure reacting to Trump, and they would point out that Obama said repeated
in the campaign, not once in a tweet but again and again and again in speeches, he was never going to raise talk send anyone who are less internal, fifty thousand dollars year that lasted sixteen days before he did and then Obamacare, the series of tax increases, those were not trip, within the normal parameters of what politicians do that three million people, but don't exist is not. That was not a lie told to actually the other was a lie, told to achieve power right. We were I'll, probably George Bush said: read my lips, no new tax and then and then re they learned and enable can't accept the truth and the government needs money, that's fashion. That is fast. Let's get to let people can't deal with the truth and the governments can still their money. I volund growing check it. Tat their let's talk about the taxes. Grover begets living like a lot on access back because Obamacare Obamacare,
yes, the Obama CARE, repeal giant tax cuts for the rich free trade. I thought Republicans used to be for free trade, the proposer Publican budget, increases the federal debt by over now trillion dollars in ten years Obama, Trump said today we are going to be cutting taxes, massively tat policy centres is drunk tax plans will add seven point two trillion. This is voodoo economics massive increase for the military giant, tax cuts and infrastructure spending. Maybe I am leaving gotta let let's in to your side of reality, when Obama was president, we got no money can't do anything we're broke.
Oh now we found it in another drawer. You said that you said that whether man don't they should worry about that, but you just criticise the regular ministration which, when he cut taxes and deregulated and had some modest spending restraint weak with four percent a year triple the debt to things now we went grit forward
sent a year? One moment go yeah focused on focused on economic growth and job creation, created four million jobs, four million jobs the first year in one month October, we created more jobs than abominate this entire first year of his recovery, it with a large, not alternative fats over Grover that those are those other fast and are not answering the question. Here's your running up a joint debt. Of course you can do shit and, if you just put it on the car with any spends money that has happened Reagan in eighty four, eighty five, eighty six, you went back, they raised gas taxes, resorts W H, W Bush raise taxes and ninety ninety said he wouldn't he had two he had to because of the deficits that we had right. It was. It was an important economic thing for him to have to do. If you look at supply side, Economics, George Bush and I would say, George Bush cut taxes twice, they blew a big hole in a deaf,
it started to wars. Didn't paper thing: did the perch part de Bill for Medicare didn't pay for that blew a hole in the deficit, big time till the collapse of two thousand and eight? That is supply, side economics? We don't have the wonder what the hell will happen. We know why I point: while the Iraq WAR Supply side economics, two wars, that we didn't paper, damn thing we borrowed the whole thing: Grover Show usually very uncertain what that, in years and years, but is starting the war, not how you paid for it. The problem is working on it on a lying on a talking about alternative MAX Trump budget numbers at ease, picking on how we can have. How can we use me? I tell me your party, you knew especially wherefore. Let's get that debt down. How can we have trumped sorted today? Mass massive tax goods, massive tax goods, big military, build up and giant infrastructure spending? How can we have this ETA
and I thought adding up. It was your thing to their mothers, one that the bulk of government federal spending are the entitlement, programmes and not going to be able to I'm sorry, that's all, The facts are made. It is the bulk of government spending and, if you're going to try and rain and spending as a percentage of the economy, you have to reform those and one of the things that Ryan Paul Ryan you keep acting like discussing trump is: if he was a king he's, not the president gets this Tell him he gets signs is a bad habit. He picked up from the previous president, but what you have to
the signing of the criticism that the pen in the pen and funding, but he didn't make that up himself, but what he can't spend any money that Congress does inappropriate, avenue, tax cuts or increases the Congress doesn't do and show their working. They will be working together. What I've Paul Ryan, the speaker, thousands said, is he's looking to block rent Medicaid, just as Bill Clinton did with aid to families. Pendant children and send out to the fifty states. I shall write a money so that people can decide how to do it. I think I'd rather have fifty people states working on it. Then one government doing the same thing that hasn't worked as well. Ok, it's time for a trumps, craziest cabinet pick. We noticed last week that there are six
in cabinet officers up to the job and that same back it was too tempting to make a bracket out of it. So it is time for a trumps, crazy S. Cabinet last week was these long. Sixteen, our down to the Hague polite in this week's match up ill prepared, meets ill equipped, as Energy Secretary Rick very goes ahead to empty headed, gets educating secretary novelty, Betsy De Boss, Betsy Divorce, who never attended a public school, has never put her own children in a public school and does not support public education so tapping her. Its education secretary is kind of like
making Alan the Secretary of Penal Ratsey Danglars, clearly Jews, the worst person would be around school books and Lee Harvey Oswald. So now Riser Confirmation hearing didn't go all that. Well, especially when she said that guns may be necessary in some schools to protect kids from Greece.
There is an argument. I've only heard once before made by a guy on mushrooms, and that guy was me here is Betsy in our family and by the protective way they're holding their hands guessing there about to meet Trump anyway, you might think did Betsy this big sewn up, but not when your guy begins. Rick very rich areas only months ago, on dancing with the stars is in charge of manoeuvre. He himself did not know when he accepted the position as head of a department. He previously, I'd, call for eliminating or would have if he remembered it,
really he thought the Secretary of Energy was kind of a goodwill ambassadors for the oral industry. In fact, his first question when he met energy efficiency was how do you fitted into those little five hour? Bottles Obama gave this job do a noble prize, winning physicist and then a chair of the MIT Physics Department. Rick, on the other hand, has to be a in animal husbandry. It may not know what a centrifuges, but he could jerk off a horse. John G of the daily basted offer of Washington's very well the founding fathers warning to future generations: John Avalon, ok, so, John, let's talk about your book George Washington, one of my heroes too, and I know one of his biggest concerns- was foreign influence here. So I cast my question is if they found a smoking gun about Russia. Now that alternative facts guide the land, would it even make a difference or
but his followers just go. I don't see a smoking gun. I see a bowl of soup, you know as more and more does. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but not their own facts, but then change that. Well, when we know we are sure that guy entitled to our own, but that's where we have to call bullshit and say no you're, not rare, is a reality. There's an objective reality life. We are not going to put up with that as citizens. Just countries especially is journals. That's our job. What do you think they were? The Republicans would be making a bit if it was the opposite. Is Hillary Clinton had all this involvement with Russia packed in the Irish Sea emailed shrilly Hilary got there. Can you imagine right if ever democratic president, it was found to have Russia secretly working to elect its now obviously, we will get a put her in jail for the emails, whereas we are so deep in his somewhere between situational ethics and wilful stupidity.
That's it that's a given, but but what's crazy about the situation, is that Washington did wars I love. This is received wisdom. You know when washing Rhodus farewell address. He was writing. It is a warning to future generations about the forces he felt could destroy our Democratic republic right, hyper partisanship, foreign wars and influence, and these rip deadline. Thanks also to go over to also excessive debt, make you feel better on the other, a conservative side of the hour, but hyper partisanship in these political factions who hijack our democracy and make it so dysfunctional Washington warned that eventually, people get so frustrated that they opened the door to a demagogue. With third turn ambitions right. This is one of the ways of democracy. As a historical scholar, you must really appreciate the irony of the fact that the Electoral college was what was supposed to stop a mentally ill.
From becoming president right. This was their Jean every electors have the final say, and somehow it got to be the exact opposite that over time we forgot what it was four and it became a rubber stamp. So these electors who went there in December and put Donald Trump there and said well, I gotta do my duty. No, actually your duty was the exact opposite. Your duty as an electoral was to stop this. I think we have gotten civically lazy. Execrable culture is one of many checks and balances. They imagined worth remembering. By with a constitution, didn't mention. Political parties mentioned journalists, but not political parties, but the the problem is.
I think we ve taken democracy for granted a bit right. We ve taken the discipline of self government that that no liberty, as the founders used it, is different from freedom. Freedom can be a state of nature. Liberty requires a degree of self discipline that requires taking responsibility and thinking generationally, and we ve stop doing that and look we're in uncharted waters here that this is going to be a stress. Tests for the american system will get through it, but it's gonna be tough. And we're gonna have to remain vigilant as citizens as journalists. There's no substitute for there were as a journalist. What do you think? What do you think? I'm Steve Bannon State banning this Donald Drums, major adviser. He was obvious to everyone else right right bodies. That was the outcome that we know what will be a Goldman Sachs, an end bright by right He said the media should be embarrassed and humiliated and keep its mouth shut and just listen for a while. I want you to quote this. He said that the media,
Here is the opposition party? They don't understand this country, then, as the daily bees do. You must be a little chilled by that amount rich, but I'm a bridge about though, not a war with the media there more with the truth and end, and you know what the constitution does it mention parties it meant Journalists, mentions freedom of speech and they may have the White House for what, but we ve got truth. In fact, on our side, and the constitution never mind, then I'll remind them that a majority of Americans voted for somebody else. So this misreading of a non existent mandate. They have an obligation to reach out. If they don't do that, then we're going to have deep trouble, but the truth wins that wore truth always wins that were eventually, We, as if you're a Democrat no imminent. I know I know you are very always adamant about I'm independent, but he just made you say we
We really did I heard you mean, like we have on our size, actually that that's actually problem. One of the things demagogues do throughout history. Here's the tell tale sent us against them. They always do us against them and administration keeps doing us against them, but here's the thing the real pushed back is to refuse that when I said we are met journalist I meant citizens. I met Americans, and I'm going to say it again that that the country is in the hands of Republicans. Republicans are the only ones save it, especially by the way Fox News- The only way. Information gets in to that part of the country that Trump supporters and will be the end is through Fox news because they don't hear anything else. It is a lot like Scientology it really
as you know, they dont go on the internet. I saw this in the legal remedy thing. I hope we're running, get her on the show that it has an average. Exposing science is the reason why silent scientologists, don't revolt is because there too afraid to go on the internet and see what bad things are being said, so most trump supporters. I sought today they believe his inaugural. And was the biggest crowd ever so Rupert Murdoch. Life is in your hands. News is a big brown. What do you think about the fact that He wants an investigation into voter fraud not into Russia now, but voter fraud, which we have proved over and over again really doesn't exist in person. Voter fraud right remaining, I think also you know he wants. It- is on this occasion and vote if I, which has an exists, but the thing about voter fraud is voter. We should be talking about border
prussian right, and so once about rights, ACT was cut. Early registration cut, it cut, seemed a registration at it, implemented new requirements for ideas, and so all once all of that happens, it's it doesn't stop voter fraud. It stops vote and so in Ohio, your jacket and Ohio. They purge two million people off the list in Ohio. We got rid of the two Billy two million people got rid of golden week, which is a week. You can come and registered a vote and then both at the exact same time, like the greatest thing ever to happen in democracy, was golden weak. They got rid of that in the most of noxious. Thing is in Kyle, you have one voter location for early voting per counting, so kind hope. I County Cleveland has one early voting location, Franklin, counting Columbus, one early voting location even in down. There were long
it's ours and ours. People trying to get in because there was only one place to go vote. That is a form of voters, suppression, because people don't have ours to sit there and wait to go about it. They gotta they got a job. He thinks three or five million people voted illegally and we third, three people here say: there's no illegal voting are voting Minnesota loading. Many like you, in person that voting actual voting that counts. Ok, what we do have not from crazy people, but from Pew the Pew Centre on state
government for years ago? They d this study and said two point: eight million people are registered about more than one state who care, but that doesn't once icon. Does it matter? Arms glittered, like a margin for one point, eight million people who are dead or registered devout now voting either. I well what we don't what what France said and what I think you guys missed, because you just walked into a big problem use they said many. You said none and you can't take less of citizens and non citizens. Ok cross reference. Thirty one second, and we will find out if its bigger, let less of citizens and non citizens. Ok cross reference, thirty one second, and we will find out if its bigger little, I don't know it. Not zero, probably not six million, but I'm happy to find out I dont in anyone who asked me to find out doesn't trust their numbers.
You keep telling the emperor he has closed. I see which side you're no side just sign in just three with you doesn't mean I'm not listening uses, and I agree that an incisive. They don't know America, but but Y know it was a test of loyalty. You got a problem John can answer was embarrassed. Staff to say seem to be present and I want to I wonder where Sean's by Sir said and the press reasoning, because I think this is so important about what's going on in this country, and this is weak one we gotta go for years. They are mentality when he first, this is the first Saturday. This is right if the inauguration, when the press said no, the crowds weren't that big Sean Spacer, it's not about one tweet or one picture. It's about a constant theme. It's about sit. Here every time in being told, we don't think you can do it. He'll never accomplish this,
you can't win that it won't be. The biggest is not going to be the good and that narrative, it's always negative it it's very demoralized, so Did he really say that he I got with word forward and I just wanted to say this mentality is not going to change. Donald Trump is not going to change. The only way you can ever get through to this guy is with flattery. We are going to have to use some of that and there are some things I do actually like that he's doing so, I'm going to introduce a new segment tonight and I hope his team just starts the video now that your show him cold
in the present, because there's some things I do like like the thirty five, he says that costs too much money. They have thirty. Five does cause too much money and he spoke truth to power bully for you, Mr President, and NATO. You know he's right. Nato gets a free ride about. They don't pay
other countries that we pay for all NATO, and you know what no one else brought that up in who brought that up: Donald Trump and infrastructures friendly. Absolutely, let's rebuild America, Obama, didn't think of that. What's up to think of that old throb! Thank you. Donald from. I think these are to report back to the bench. Exactly what you know needs you. Ain't gonna wieners buys no. He saw net Michael, more had a movie that was not positive initiative at the Kazi just so that you can is needed at the one that align thou, take us down chance great and then he was being sarcastic. The rest of the way I tell you just got tunnel jumped the funny thing at the inauguration was the two people that kissed his ass. The most Chris Christie in Rudy, Giuliani or sitting on the day is watching every secretary go by going. There could have been me
right. I heard you know it's only matter timed. It governs the cabinet or start do what you do that to try to find a way to get on tv to have their points parents to get to the president directly. That's the way. I do that's it. This is we're through the looking glass willow but we must go dancing. The two guys who most took this approach didn't make it which can counter tier point, but you did mention several things that he's doing that Youth CS crack either could be. Generally like getting allowing permits to go through, and we have had eight years where the president fought against pipelines being built rather than getting them build
it's a very important part of our authority that if things I dont like but you're, a major issues, you gotta see you don't like infrastructure while not pipeline oil pipelines. We don't need to dig up more oil or we don't even know why but built one. Let me get to that because not even on events in this or that we now know that this is government by brain fart, where he has a brain part and then the courtiers act on it. But you know it's one thing when you run to two like be the guy at the ended, the bar and that's why he won't. Let's Joan is because for years decades the real Americans have been saying if only the guy talked like me, guy just started the ended the barn went in I want. We should build a wall. Unmake Mexico, painful Nana Guy came along and actually got elected, but now we have to do this, but it's not thought through. So when it comes to reality, says we're going to build the war and then how we gonna pay for it MAX
is going to pay for it. Oh we're going to impose a twenty percent. Tax test was not thought through because who would pay that tax. It would consider wait right, american consumers, because their raise prices and because he said I want to build a wall. Mexicans gonna pay for a p, went on the stump and said I'm gonna build wall and american they're gonna pay bore. You would not have got him. Of course that's what's going on in that we would do they impose this tax of twenty percent. It's it's insane This progress. If we all understand where progress that you understand what we're tariffs are the taxes are tariffs and tariffs or tax, as it teachable mom it. As a teacher on us for not paid by foreigners a tariffs, can tariffs are paid by Americans, foreigners have their own.
The tariffs that they pay, but we pay american tariffs raised is the price of everything that we import? I mean it used to be the way we funded the whole country, and there was a great deal of unhappy. Surviving given not only products can be more expensive its. If we have a trade war with Mexico, it's gonna cost six million american jobs that are affected by drawing with Mexico. President's trump is right when he says wars are expensive and it wants to avoid worse. He should just add trade wars or also expand and then we should avoid. We tell him very time for new neural someone assets held Drums Press secretary Sean's by server one one states. We did this. Through and then on Thursday tweeted? There's, there's gotta be a bit
way to pass secrets to Russia. Gibberish euro, the interracial couple that gave birth to twins one wide in one black must admit they toyed with the idea of naming the Micro and Jackson I'm getting. Congratulations are good luck, not rolling your eyes when your liberal friends pretend they still can't tell them apart. You're all neurons, wait for your wife when they say behind every great man is a woman. They don't mean twenty feet behind. Neural. Now that American Airlines has added a new class below economy, basic economy that doesn't allow carry.
These are choosing your cedar anything in They have to add a class below the basic economy called fucking know drains no entertainment. The restroom is a bucket in the corner and in case of an emergency instead of an oxygen mask, a little sign drops Mohammed says FUCK, you hear all stop saying. I have to see Lala Land skipping a movie, not denying the Holocaust. If I want to see a musical about an arts, novel comes to allay and meets the girl who inspires and open a nightclub rewards I do
and finally neural. While this thing of defeat is still fresh in the heart, resulting from that defeats, pile up liberal. We must examine all the reasons why we keep losing elections, starting with demo Rats have gone from the party that protects people to the party that protects feelings from asked, not what your country can do for you too. You owe me an apology publicans apologize for nothing Democrats for everything. Can't we find a balance. You know when two sixteen conservatives, one the White House, both house- the Congress and almost two thirds of governor ships and state legislatures. Whereas liberals, on the other hand, what's the Martin calling carry Fisher beautiful in a tweet and made him take it down, I'm not making that that really happened here. Steve's
sense of tweet. When I was a young man, carry fishery was the most beautiful creature it I'd ever seen she turned out to be in bright as well. Could you Steve We thought we knew you, but this you noted her appearance first and then, but she was ready and bright you're monster. Liberals do this all the time they get offended for people who themselves would not be offended. You know that hope, controversy about the name, Washington Redskins. They did a survey nine out of. An actual Indians. Don't give a shit.
Why would weigh their end? Their ancestors learn first hand that New England Patriots cheat with that. Doesn't stop celebrities from grovelling when they get caught playing, dress up on hollow. We use every Duff last year and then, of course, Sir Tweed, I'm so sorry to Paypal, I did it. Was that properly thought through what I actually read the bottom up by Chris Hems, where was even more beside himself with self loathing. Every attended alone, Ranger themed Party dressed as an Indian. He wrote stupidly, unaware of the offence. Certainly and unreservedly apologise to all First Nations Paypal, but there's thoughtless, acted I'll bet it
Writing my own ignorance. I can help in some small well for fuck's sake. Here. Thor Roma Union offend Indians, any more than you have been gaze when you were a cape and hammer guy, it was a loan ranger Themes party. You can only be a cowboy indian or hours just like the eleven Wyoming, last year, just in timber like tweeted, that an african American Jesse Williams inspired him again had to apologise for this. And of giving someone a compliment. I apologize
Is the area where the Bell bellies added? Third, I have nothing but love for all of you at all of our good, because life knows no sin greater than the one he was accused of doing, which was cultural appropriation, cultural appropriation. That's the idea that White people shouldn't adopt things from other ethnic groups? How dare you mix and match cultures to produce something new? Where do you think you are some kind of melting pot You know. The majority of Americans are actually with the Democrats on the issues. Raising minimum wage, sensible gun laws passed to citizenship, abortion rights, pro environment, you name it, but we keep losing Now, there's a lot of reasons for that, but the war We can immediately fix. Is that too often democrats remind people of a man
who was taken his balls out and put them in his wife's purse and please Someone tweet me right now and tell me how that was somehow inappropriate. So I can tell you to go fuck yourself at the golden globs this month. Michael, keep mixed up the titles of two movies that had a black cast hidden figures and fences and said hidden fences because he's a announcement cue, the outrage cue, the retraction I screwed up it makes me feel so badly that paper mailbag exuberant bills. That's all that matters! No, that's not all that
matters, in fact things like this, don't matter at all! What matters is that why you self involve fools were policing the language at the kids Joyce Awards, a madman talked his way into the white. What matters is that, while liberals were in a contest to see who could be the first to call out fat shaming, the tea party has been
you taking over school boards, stop protecting your virgin ears and started noticing you're getting fucked in the ass cider and sugar lads access to sign into my trip, saying, you're, a new Orleans March eighteenth. I want to thank my guess: congressmen, Jem, Ryan, EVA longer, return, strategy, time, my new german Joan munificent. We haven't ninety ninety watching me a movie commission not behind each be oh dont com.
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