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Overtime: Andrew Gillum, Sen. Jon Tester, John Heilemann, Jessica Yellin

2019-03-16 | 🔗

Bill Maher and his guests answer viewer questions after the show. (Originally aired 3/15/19)

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Welcome to each year from each year making real time first before we get to the guards. You just told me, you went on Fox twice a did. Ok and that's great after became a nominee for the same reason, the sixty seven counties in Florida. I know what you know now. What are you have made? These were not there like a legit legit news doesn't matter, but nonetheless, right now for the people in my state believe them to be, and therefore our right use it as a venue, their deftly knowledge. It knows, but the people that's where people are watching. That's what matters may bill Clinton started that back when he played the sacks on our city Hall member. It was like this is where the audience it's Obama went on every show. We went on crazy shows to firms with the lady with the crazy lips, I mean he did a lot of crazy showed. Ok,
competing wings of the Democratic Party is divided as they seem or is the rift exaggerated by the media? I think, is exaggerated. Amanda there's definitely different perspectives in the Senate. Kok has, for example, it goes all the way from Bernie Sanders Joe mentioned, but the Senate, the Democrats have always been a big tat, were always going to argue about issues, but in the end, how do the right thing for work and family and network? That's will come when I was there actually pretty tell us all the candidates. One expands healthcare, it's a question of how they all want to address climate change. How fast on guns! You can go down the list, but it's really emphasis whose emphasising what issues and to what extent is the cultural that cultural issues playing, and some of that is how you end up, seeing whose a progressive whose considered centrist is also how much they take stick to the establishment, and that's really about rhetoric and positioning
here. The Democrats have always done the right thing for the work, and now here I mean for most revealing you ass compared to the other side, repealing glass Steagall and went to his neck Clinton. I wasn't how to get work. Let me know if you look at, I think last week that the mine I would have my register, came out and said that forty percent of folks who chose Bernie Sanders as the number one chose Joe Biden as a number two in in reverse thirty, seven percent of Joe Biden number ones, show standards as a number two, so Does the white Guy- and I haven't had so back as others like these as much that the poor the parties divided, I think more than anything is like generational, more than is ideological. Now you see the temperamental difference between you know and Nancy Pelosi. Right now says: hey take a bit of table in Congress from tolerably like impatient, motherfucker, The attitude the attitude of differences between that younger crop of activists who have come in just in this last wave,
the older mainstream, moderate, there's a big temperamental difference and on things like impeachment, you can really see that difference is pretty is pretty significant was wolf or barking, and don't tell me I didn't hear a wolf Bork out here that code ease they get everywhere. I tell anybody, has a little dog Kieva most year, because that would get it. What do you think of the of presidential candidate PETE? Oh, I carriages will judge frank you so much. I gotta get edge leader. Twitter will go unnoticed, edge, meta, we're name this year. Booted Buddha Judge Voter Judge like Budapest, but boorish? What do you think a president casual? It pits suggestion that Democrats pack the Supreme Court. That is what he is suggesting while after tried that works are well. Don't know about that. I will say as just a shudder to the court and how would it work?
he had a night whither Norman Layer foundered on arrival to American Way Foundation leginn a great deal. I know where you are normally, but a great deal of their work happens to be around the around the courts in making sure we get good justices. There are those who are not necessarily wider percent agreement with it every time. What are you doing how this works? I mean that Supreme we're just I'd have to be nine. We always think that and then, when I started fucking with it, we learned. Oh, no, it can be fifteen and can be for how would you packed the court? You would have to pay a law to show there are no piece of legislation to its that simple, I mean really is such a low, its legislative change. I mean I mention this would be challenged in court who had so, who knows what comes of it, but this is also one of the hallmarks of progressive verses. Moderates progressive are saying the system so having broken, we have
radical things. Do tricks, locking lets you? I just maiming irish friends. Don't worry about me, I shall we go from nine to fifty nine and the neglect knowledge our weight. If no one is seven and we're already halfway to have banana republics. Senator. How did you manage to survive? The twenty eight turn eighteen midterms, when many of your moderate colleagues lost their elections and Trump targeted you over and over I mean he was unrelenting. We talked about healthcare early, we went all over the state, I listen to people and the ideas that were bonafide, whether there for my party or not, we took back and try to put them into effect, and we talked about that and- and I had a pretty strong brand from a Montanans perspective and the guy was room against it, so it was, it was just give it muttered work deplete the same way
give him or anybody runs for off ass. You go out there and you busted, for as long as I would have been imagined in Montana. You feel like you're, already five links behind your competition, just because you have the dean Ex Dear name, so is a bit of a so edge dishonor get this red stated. Tens it'll tend to vote Republican if you don't give a region a vote Democrat. We gave our region of a Democrat here, they rich third term governor in a state whose also was a third term in that red, saviours democratic right, and I think it goes actually interesting that goes back to this thing. You talk about with him liberally right, which is that with what so ridiculous about the hiccup Hooper question, is here's this multi millionaire who made Billy's alors by sort these brew pub empire in Colorado, the guy's, a capitalist in every bone in his body right right you you asking the question: he immediately goes into trying to figure out
I should say this because my ship, I say, capitalist, I'm gonna, lose part of the party he's calculating trying to figure it out the reason test or when, when you bring that up when I set it at this level, but the reason it has. Recent test towards the Montana you got to spend time with them is that everybody in the state looks out because he's not Democrats, not a Republican, he's tester. We didn't that guy and that's the same reason why the governor their wines, because there's authenticity to it there voted for him, not for the party labour. Right. You got all intensity around saying if John John brings up a very good point of your set, there's a candidate, thinkin gosh will how to answer this question. Because of my caused me votes over here there. You don't look, and I see that a lot of Democrats or ready, I don't see a big improvement and how their how they're running, but one last question Montana, to Senators California to senator
where the four we thought like what we have like forty million people, you have got a million marvellous PETE. I beg you to tell me everything we have been fighting. I watch him any more information, not on each be oh dot. Com.
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