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Overtime - Episode #346 (Originally aired 3/13/15)

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Overtime - Episode #346 (Originally aired 3/13/15)
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Welcome to each party from the HBO real time we are on the internet, have we counted out Joe Biden as a candidate to early David S, asks that way you're a liar isn't counted out because you know because is, but we know what let me as this pathetic go. What, if, like white water, the nothing's gabble turns into these something scandal and that its too late and Jimmy records I've. Nobody else, the one with Georgia would be Joe, even whacking scandal doesn't ten into anything. The bottom line is that nobody can consider healer inevitable, a mediator the inevitability should have gone out of the window in two thousand eight, when growth is inevitable, but then she wasn't because Obama happened. So who knows?
What's going to happen, I actually think Democrats are probably look more closely at Jim Web he's a war hero, but he especially with NASH Security, probably gonna, be looking like a morbid two thousand sixteen big issue than it wasn't too. I think you know he's is from Virginia which a blue in state. I think he potentially could be. And he's he's out that he's really exporting. It would be interesting to see what I find it a little bit strange that normally some in the press, you might think, would becoming too heavily plans. Ask you right now and saying some of the things that you said that maybe the email thing is not such a big deal. Last on doing really taken a weapon to civil rights that I am the summit and the liberal media have done what normally and editor where you're getting this room. The media's liberal, the media, could give a shit about liberal,
or conservative with media loves scandal. Bull shit. I like the idea that they would ever take a pass on Hillary Clinton when they could blow. I worked in the media, so I'm just telling you sometimes from the and I'd be thorough consideration and I'm Tellin overboard who watch you can have a different opinion, but it makes me think that there are people out there who are looking for a different idea and a different planet would like to say something else come along. Well, I'm one of them What about here? Any everybody should be out want. Area grew red, repeller reorient, I'm actually waiting to see what happened began. Does Herman came yes? I would add that there is less about rising. We always breaking user. On the main I my mask Rain has not said I'm deaf and blind until I hear that the meeting
Do you think the last time he was just warming up that yet Sometimes you need one under your belt August, starter, marriage gotta get. Why do you know about that? Once you start Americans going, you have always trying to how did this moment ass? An exit as a personal failure but I dont have six children now. She really does godmother this day well under the breathing. Godfather right. What can you tell us about the legislation you worked with Senator Jill a brand or first at all,
we're always on the military or against the military data, military Justice ACT and right now we are working on a bell about college sexual assault, which would really flipped incentives for colleges actually report crimes and do right by their students. But the interesting thing too is we have a bipartisan battle which, as you know, very rare these days, you have Marker Rubio, standing next to kiss Angela parameters, the ground, which is the ground again, amazing. So a little bit of the specifics, giving the deployment of education, the power to fine making schools have bi annual survey, so we actually have better data. So we can improve policy. Yeah and also requiring universities have a confidential adviser on campus oftentimes. Students have no idea whether options are they they kind of Tom. They can't go to the police, doesn't count, they tell them that they have no rights to actually go through dedication procedure. Like well uses they'll. Never talk about religion
the boy out. Sometimes it's really awful dean. Sometimes the professor some lines, it's just a guy. He doesn't want you to out his fraternity. So if so disappointing, there's somebody dumb things that go on campus. If you know I've been reading instances where dogma showed about political correctness where they just go, like, I think it's Mount Holyoke? They would then they get rid of the vagina monologues they were performing because they said it wasn't fair to all women, because transgendered women You know what about women, who don't have the giant as they deserve a might mean that kind of crazy shit and then they allow act. Oh brutal rapes, but it just seems soap asked backwards. Wireless because nothing happens. Rape happens. On diverse I mean in the worst that can happen. Is it upon education says? Never do it again. Well, I haven't afford a twenty ten and look. What happened?
That was really opening in your movie? Is that one, We are talking about. The Florida state is adversely quarterback chemist went in those accused of of rape. He was being defended. Girls do as they like? There was any solidarity there. There will again: oh he's a quarter back at a football team. We gotta, we gotta, get those bids to shut up. I think that just goes to show you know you have athletes who are idolized your guys, walking around his inner eighteen nineteen on kids on campus, who are informed by the school by their fans by alumni who come to those games and there never held accountable if you're, making money for the school if your winning football games and who cares what made you off the field and so I think we, but it is appalling that the young girls themselves, who could have been the victim of her now on your side, is disappointing that anybody. What did I tell you
show. How would you characterize the relationship between Obama and the press right now? Relationship is very strange, and I think, if you ask, is it not with everyone? somewhat, but I would say more so and I think that's been expressed explicitly in letters and interviews by reporters in the New York Times washing Pose USA today washing correspond cessation. Why has talk of association bake? They have said in many different ways that this is the least transparent and open administration that they have done and many of them have been in the business on it, and I have there is the way that is what they care about a mean to get back to this Hillary Clinton. The day she made her comments about the email scandal she was talking about women's issues right. Wasn't that what the press, groundwater is supposed to be about she. Twenty years ago, she was in China, saying women's rights. Are human rights and human rights are women's rights, and we have been talking about this,
but around the world view the? U N, just released a report that one in three women around the world experience some sort of violence either sexual harassment, rape, violence, murder and another codified, five even led terrain countries. Much not one member The press asked. One question was all about a male. What was on your server? Why didn't you use so data here, the liberal they just want you're, just jackals air passengers of openness, and I would say that universally each administration from
If we apply have only cover? Three has been worse than the last in terms of lack of transparency, I feel like the federal bureaucracy tends to want to covet information and keep it from us. That's why the press and others is supposed to make a balance, and this one is is- has picked up and stepped up from where the last one was neck, and not just a couple of examples of the way they have them to whistle blowers amount. So what's happening with detention centres that two hundred immigration detention centres in Amerika who each have become like gulags. You can't get information families can get information. This administration has departed more immigrants than Bush singular. There's a lot wrong answer that the fact that the data, He lay there right questions dozen justify what the Obama administration is doing. When it comes to transparency, Ok. What does it mean that book or hurrah is joining ISIS? Yes,
vulgar her arm. A couple of days ago told I suspect they wanna get hedge and ISIS thought it over and the wedding is going to take place now, they're gonna sites like a bachelor. I repeat, really very romantic- is this coalition, building, making them more dangerous? Well, yeah, of course I too peace in this area. This waken, the problem you have as leader of about IRAN and Nigeria's guy could be back or Chicago who is basically a psychopath, and I dont use that as a flippant line. One of the things broke her on this
for his levelling villages, but they also like to go to student dormitories, lock the kids in their set it on fire. Any kid to escape through windows, then get caught by now. Sit there throats. So it's the counterpoint to ices. The problem is joining about the metastasis so often jihadism, which is the particular brand of Islam. It both subscribe to and the islamic state the kind of narrative that its being able to survive and that its expanding is deeply appealing gives it. Its violent extremism, this no Islam involved, but you there are literally uncomfortable about its philosophy. Partisan, Mississippi Gift look again and believe me, I know all right. Thank you very much. Only legislative, real time. You tell my every Friday night watch any time for more information on each be oh dot. Com.
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