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Overtime - Episode #348 (Originally aired 3/27/15)

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Overtime - Episode #348 (Originally aired 3/27/15)
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Welcome to each year, partly from the HBO making real time well we're on overtime overseas. Now I have to say I'm partly doing this because I'm gonna be boring overseas. Therein, Arab and May Sweden place I'm going just cancel their arms deal agreement with Saudi Arabia. Why isn't the? U S doing the same could have something to do with oil. Now it's our love of their social policies.
I mean, I I end, and you know when you look at the map- and you see this Yemen thing and why did all the Sunni Countries gettin bomb, because if you look at the map well, the oil goes through the straits of her moves which ran controls and these hoot. These were rainy and back if they control the aim and then they control the one through the Red Sea. This is all about a whale when oil gets involve people care, but I always say I wish we had learned the lesson
Of the First Gulf WAR, which is, if you're going to invade a country for oil, get some oil Zachary Quintal. What can you tell us about your role in the movie about Edward Snowden, limp and playing Glenn Greenwell too frequent contributed here in many other places, I'm looking forward to a gateway to go to Hong Kong and not knowing that this mobile This is where our stones directly and he's really. However, strange outburst, I know me too, I'm really excited about it and to play Glenn who so prolific and re has such a really articulate and and and fixed point of view on everything that that he's done with Snowden in and around exposing indices of reaching is is interesting for me
for two years. Some really stupid point of view too, when I lightly on those yeah, I like global Beggarly, Edward now, there's some totally ok. How should Europe respond to Putin's aggression? Well, I would say first of all its Europe's problem once again our problem cup. Thank you through. It is long since time for us to pull the troops out of your business sixty seven years world war. Two beta went in where Europe is pouring weeks, Europe. Now it's collectible able to defend itself except european, to figure it out of the favorite book in Europe is Tom Sawyer, because they have persuaded us to paint their fence and act like Doing what I was scared, I usually what the fuck are you doing in Ukraine is awful. I think economic sanctions are legitimate and what the european
dont be doing is joining in second, probably putting some troops in Lithuania, Latvia, other democratic nations before put moves to determine. Anyhow, they should be taken the meat I mean you tried to pass a military reduction bill and you know it's very disappointed to see even ran Paul, who I thought was our big hero on this issue. Now is reversing himself. Some that I think are there would never do. I take backing more military spent Midge reading the american people, the american people, I think, agree with us. They don't want to send you ground troops back in this kind of scare tactic, that terrorists are going to come and destroy the country I think, is wearing thin and I believe that we keep pushing you can make the occasion. My book is my.
My theory about how you get back and get people I gum and stop wasting a hundred billion dollars, YO unnecessary and the military do it to help people go to school due to build. What do I think that the right wing- and one of the reasons why Germany among other nations can spend so much more infrastructure on green energy is because they don't have to spend. We laid it on the military. We cover their mill satisfies here? We basically sire Navy, as I want to make us, I wanna be forgiving, I'm not always forty, whatever fifty some odd sixty two years. Yet, although to forgive Japan, I forgive Germany, they don't have to be disarmed, they don't have to rely on us. They can have a bone weapon and we can pull back right, absolute, ok, what its
I am the rise of the anti immigrant national Front Party in France, and should we be worried, maybe the death of over a dozen Jews in France. I mean you know an end cartoonist Jews at this remark it and then the cartoonist such are left out running. That was a pretty significant event. Yes in France, and that can spurs and maybe anti immigrant sentiments and I think, moving the Panthers, maybe capitalizing, on what has some very real fear for Jews, but in Paris and and liberals in Paris. I agree, but also, I think, because of that exacerbated, but I think it's a shame situation. We have begun quoting my book, but we have this problem with working people who have not had a chance to participate in the prosperity that comes forward because the economy in develop western world have children in favour of people with high and skills. So the people who forty years ago could go to work in a factory and make a decent living.
There are problems doing that and I believe economic dissatisfaction is a large part of the tea party, a large part of what's going on. Yes, there will be no Madonna Cuentos tail. Please don't do that. I dont think you want to make a start, a new Kwairyo, myself. George, I end I says I wasn't about. I choose, I wished to know no I've thought about the tea party and the french right that, The equation is actually the dissatisfaction, that's meaning people to be so angry is, I think, a mood economic and I go over back. That's why I want to pull back a hundred billion dollars that we're wasting. I think I ought to be the strongest nation the world, but we do want to be quite strong as we are. If we use that money to deal with economic poverty at home, it would be good.
The child will mediate, and I let distress and to be fair. There is a comparison there s a comparison to be made of between religious fundamentalists of christian stripe, and Muslims rightly they both will believe I mean I was just reading my cock of these book and he says you know: God was on our side and and help this fight battles we win battles. We should have lost in God, is accepting the scales it helps you win battles. That is something that I says initiative which ones they weren't. I got a canal. What would abide by the way it should be put the key party. I find them on it'll kill people, but I do
deregulated, let out and talk about about an unwillingness to have any prospective other than your own, and that's what the similarities I'd say agree, but you still draw a distinction between people who are seeking to intimate and people kill other people at such a pretty big. My wish that that that's, the last would have the same attitude toward islamic extremism as they are. Toward the catholic abuse scandal right, we'll have fallen. Looking at me because I'm the one on my left, I'm with you, throw you know by one who we ve been bombing them in killing them. I think this notion that the left is the job of Islamic each image of enjoyment. I agreed with bills well, but not over the whole policy and the church. The pope needed to be accountable for the action of a few priests who were molesting children, and it is not the case that Islam itself can be held accountable and you can't have that kind of the people have been heathen, though it's just then a couple
of Muslims. If you want to say you can't make the equation the Treasury political can, I would rather have a greater Europe doesn't have. Maybe they do, and I am not aware of it, but it seems like they have the people who they are good wielders was it my move, religious? They say he could be. The prime minister of Acts of HOLLAND ongoing empty in another country and said I M going to a lot of people. Think he's crazy, but I dont think he's a crazy person. I just wish they was somebody who could make this case in a way that wouldn't have them be put way out there as a big it, because there is a case to be made. No question nine and I've. I've made it. I've been about clearing. There was an element newswoman and in particular those people who are islamic Muslims who say this region of origin have been a very poor job of differentiating themselves. What they want they would meet the fight against these people. They could then prove that this was the case, but, just as in the catholic church, the victims of these priests were Catholics are AMOS Trail right, victims of Islam,
make extremely are by and large Muslim, and since this issue blew up, I must say I hear from an awful lot of Muslims who say yes you're defending me, because I'm a liberal muslim. I want to live in a twenty for Lithuania and other body publicly. Who are shouting. Call you a big. It are shouting down the debate that we need to train by day and another, but I would urge them to do. It has to be damaging intimidation within these phenomena community and they have to speak out more and we have no powers for J. What does water have to do with the conflict in them At least well, I know Syria that the war in Syria was partly because there was a horrible horrible drought, they're, not that's right and at worst like
million farmers. Did that editing? That's right and the Assad regime had no commitment to providing the water to those farmers they. What do I want to move away from the agrarian society to more global economy, and so they Martha fight the young farmers migrate to the cities they sat around with nothing to do they get upset. You know, what's in other considerations, rather than most catastrophic impact on our civilization that we ve seen. Yet I mean, if you look at just the most modest projections of of water rise in the oceans. It stands to displace hundreds of millions of people throughout the world, a catastrophe that governments are not equipped, no matter what party is right in the end, all that's an ex anywhere, that's an excellent point and whether it took about climate change, whether a talking about water
mobility in their intimately related. We are not really prepared for that. For that future, where we have to maybe migrate around is already having a moment at around hundreds of all absolutely of northern rushing into right, but so water Northwest India, Bangladesh absolutely right, and that is a key country, the little dog of a country and the price of blue, or something that yours analog to what is it other each Vanuatu than a watch right God bless gutless. Then they had a hard facts. I Cologne and they could be completely, but I guess that I'm here take up onward J shared vision, and this is what we talk and invent. This isn't gonna get solved in a context or even begin to be of mediating in a context in which its fetch
to denounce government. This is only going to happen. We have a political concept, consented that we will come together and put my region, the private sector. They go very good job creating wealth, but that too, though, only exacerbate this, because the pursue unregulated of the profit motive style immoral, but it has negative effects the externalities nobody out. So this is one of the reasons why I think it so important for us to reverse this any government trend, because that would shed governments are not doing who drop some damage even trying and the governments are not trying met the political resources to get it done. Question from acts as the you asked behind other western countries when it comes to gay rights, be, I think, certainly some of them. Certainly I mean we ve found an avian countries area, believing that we ve made a lot of Greek
but a lot of ground in the last ten years. Yes, certainly, we is incredibly encouraging. I think this summer stands to be a kind of defining moment for the legal panel. No, when you think about two thousand and four, when the only a decade ago, New York Bush was able to win reelection because Carl Robe, with smart enough to put gay marriage on the I'll, remember that in eleven states and every redneck Malaysia to vote again game- and I mean no Clinton when that what I am a bill Clinton was right. How accused me of wild? Clearly, I find it almost after the Republicans force did through build. Couldn't did not invent Goma. Bob doll did Bill Clinton, China after the public is best. As waked from forming. Then why are you re using them for those life ran against gay marriage for present sorted President Obama, but great buying runs that both parties to a lesser extent, the republican parties, have moved so far,
so fast. I mean lightning speed. I desire you live in totally untrue. That will probably have moved not at all. They were made every republic presidential, candidate, rail against HIV and its first democratic insured, but I mean like ten Publican senators and not from tell if they don't have a home in favour of giving. You don't want to take that little bit as again, I am saying that it is rather late summer. Cowskin I mean you, don't you don't think that's good and then it was. But the fact is that every republican candidate for president is still very much against us. They vote against any got just mention that will be supportive and the other point on the demagogy. I think they took away to get the sanctuary Craig, but even as they were not for marriage, there were opposed to the public in efforts to pay a constitutional amendment that would have cancelled marriage. So the demagogic been a
not as good as they should be it be in every respect, much better than also a social issue is also its also about how I'm a sexually has been for trade and perceived by the Publican, and certainly in large part by the entertainment industry. If you look at the advancements in how gay stories have been told, I mean glee just ended, say what you will about leads. It was people loved it for a long time, but what it did was it put a face to millions of people every week that had not yet been seen in that way. Huddling, and I feel like it's much I social wave as it did when it was about a high school. Was it a gay shall now, but there were terrorists. Transgender characters are lies with pain, earring show in terms of
rail characters on the show having gay relationships I mean it's. One example of many went about a show by gay, pioneers back out of them were again remind and helping to bring you up as an hour. I thank you very much everybody. Thank you not only makes sense if we had to watch a movie Phoenician, not onto each be dot com.
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