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Overtime - Episode #351 (Originally aired 4/24/15)

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Overtime - Episode #351 (Originally aired 4/24/15)
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Welcome to each year, partly from the HBO making real time. Should the Eu S rethinking drone policy? Yes, we didn't get to that issue. We should have, because there was a big course recognition of a Bubu week. We killed two hostages in a drawn strike in January and and two Americans who we are actually trying to kill because their Al Qaeda and Obama apologised to the hostages, families, first apology to anyone, a civilian Got even though the government estimate up to a thousand civilians- apologies don't go everywhere with conservatives. There's your type reconstruct depends on what you're doing is that what you're doing I mean if you, if you were going to stop the drone policy than an apology, would be appropriate I can under
but he's not going to he's going to continue with it, and I can understand the all the control challenging, but nobody but I'd, but this this raid, the fact that it did hit to allocate a people in in in a horrible way the fact that did that those two hostages were killed shows horrible stuff they were they were doing. It shows that they were actually warm. They were onto real I'll Kate, a peep they warn. You know I'd like it worries at the hotel, but now that the word they weren't hating whether inside louder- and this is your here you're. Actually, I think this is an acceptable collateral damage once a once, a hostage kidnapped its there's, not a lot. There's your options. Very limited horrible look at ways. This is actually emphatical able for why the joint programme is bad weather. Better examples are when they hit like wedding perks, rice that actually
I think what this really shows. Actually I mean- and I shall just say I agree with people. I ran Paul when it comes to drown policy, but what I think is really Asia will. He did a whole filibuster over this issue when we're going after american citizens the old ran Paul is not rang. For often, I think he's still there on that issue really, but you should have gone now scan for we had one. While we should ask him again. I think I I I believe he's been consistent on that, but I think, with this story really shows its astonishing to me in reading this, just how bad our intelligence I mean we had. We had tons of surveillance and, like a, we didn't know that the hostages were there, has that work and then, after this happens, it takes weeks to figure out like what exactly happened and how they died. I it's just of its astonishing to me that account
free with their resources and capabilities that we have can't do a better job when it comes to intelligence, that's just astonishing. It isn't. This is therefore the relating Israelis, Ai Weiwei, better job with their tails and media willingly, they're, not droning boy. Maybe I am leaving only remember just like you ignore in our statutory to see behind walls. I mean you know you're asking an awful lot. I have mixed feelings about the drone policy. I would say it's a case by case basis and we should do a lot less of it, because I think it's only causing a lot more aid in the world, but we are sorted that war with certain people and wars do have collateral damage. There's just no doubt about that. You cannot fight one without some of that in, but the idea that the
I mean yes and we have had massive intelligence failures, but to expect them to its never gonna happen. If you're gonna be droning people, you invented some timescale. Of course, you're not gonna get you're, not gonna, have a one hundred percent record of getting everything right and knowing everything out there. That's that's clear, but I do think when you go and you look at how we do intelligence versus how, for example, the Israelis do it. There is more of an emphasis on human intelligence, their abolition, as we like, did you ever work in this area. Now tat- I was right after you and I own. I think I mean well an ironic. Unfortunately, when we're dealing with this kind of situation and very hard and entrenched terrorists. That is not sufficient and we keep saying that over and over and over again nobody's fixing- and another thing we need to remember, is that is that when you use drones when you're not putting your own body in the line of fire, you might have a tendency to over use them relative to the way you would use
Like an infant reminder, as they get our very very hard to get an asset on the ground in someplace, like game and where we know hey guys, Erica sure as shit. What can be so? What the government regulators right to interfere with the proposed Comcast time Warner Merger- I was big news today to companies. Everyone hates and the government says. That's too I hate in one company, I think, is important. I think it is very important that they prevented the merger, because you're talking about the Airways and the availability of platforms and its freedom of speech, are they didn't do it on this, but in my mind I feel like it's a freedom of speech issue. When you get to consolidate the platforms to which people speak, then there is less and less opportunity because they control it. Look what happened? A radio you know with the telecommunications acted and clear.
Channel taking over everything and ruin music and waterways ruin music is no one has to pay for it anymore. I feel it, has made it a little bit better as the people that really want to make it I'm making its ruin the parties. The parties are not as good. Really you think the music better says we have to pay, for. I think it's I mean I like them. You I just like this era of music right now, and I think there is a lot of creativity in people unknown being able to mean you can guess. There's always gonna be a means of good. You can't stop. People from being creative, but unless your Comcast in Time Warner we're right because Anna Maria, what what what a successful challenger Hillary Clinton, look like.
Up. I wish I knew I do want one. I do. I think that I am not be believer in this order. The Pandit truism that should be a better candidate, because if she had a challenge am I just like having options for Divine Comcast and Time Warner me, MRS, like the merger of all in the Clinton merger. This is the Clinton merger in politics, and I like having options, and I dont consider the options on on the right to be ones that appeal to me. Those are actually not not wide range. There either You know there are. There are people that are going to be running. You never know, I I look forward to Bernie Sanders donates. I mean I'm a big burden because this man, what what happens if these scandals, that than theirs gonna be a new one. Every week in a slow
the road and then we wake up. President Obama I was going to sleep on our praise for this everything before he goes to bed. He probably has like voodoo dolls and chicken internals out and and and I dont know what might happen if it does, that's gonna be really fun, though, because everybody should go back and we watch their old episodes again. Why our cause, I think, a dude who used to be Baltimore mayor and then Marilyn governor might have a few skeletons in his closet to, but it didn't work well. For me, yeah, yeah, very impressive, when you ve forgotten people write about, but everybody is when they have nothing on the line rightly, was gazing twenty percent of the vote. You get a lot more cautious. I just want to say a lot I want to say is that I want to save ill de LA zero, her former campaign adjure like oh. I just think that would be great sport horse. I am on the opposite side of this. I would say I want to see the blood you're running as a democratic candidate against Hillary Clinton. Why did we just be so much fun.
Why him disease to beer campaign manager, then he and his knees better during the whole inequality each like when she does it. It sounds like when Mitt Romney, like a really care about poor people. It may be lost, if you admit also generally as a tall person, I'm a bit of a big advocated, more tall people in power, text now I'd like to see this well: okay, Chris, what explains the phenomenon of young men and women in Europe and America, leaving their homes to go, join ISIS. Oh, I don't know, that's a deep yeah, that's what I mean I think that this sort of its little similar to what led certain reckons enough in in the seventies and eighties to support the irish people about irish background. They have this romantic and I think, to the foolhardy. Their de resonated there there there there adrift they did. They feel that their
go over to Ireland and Majorian? Oh no. They never got it on. Watch that we're somebody did there was someone did, but you right. This is a more intense phenomenon. I always why? Why is in the opposite happening? I mean why aren't any moderate Muslims ever going to fight the ices we'll know they're going over her direction. They are one, they're going from their going from muslim countries into the west running there I'm saying oh, if you live in the area of their eyes and show anathema to moderate Muslim, is how comes Euro have done to fight them, and you know they interact driving you fight with really I mean when you think about the people who want to fight in the spanish civil war. I was what Rosa mostly communists, I would say, and they were put up with people in there was there were groups they are fighting who were bringing american communists into contact with the republican forces in in Spain, and you
you also had you know stolen- was backing backing them as well. There is it there was an infrastructure there. I dont know what the moderate muslim infrastructure as a real european arrest warrant was Alice, but yeah. All that I mean, I think I think. Realistically, a lot of people are in this situation. More moderate Muslims are so petrified that if they get anywhere near these guys, our stay anywhere near these guys, they're gonna get beheaded honestly, and I think that's not something. A lot of people are up for just just a little bit of real keeping their. What will it take for republican candidate to separate himself from the pack of other potential nominees yeah? It's funny, because I heard for so long that this is a repeat of twenty twelve would mean allowing car and there was a different front runner every week, but we haven't. We have endeavoured front runner every. We always knew Rio last week. It was worse than it was you general generally. Here I mean a thing that was actually somewhat surprising and twenty twelve was that you have done, and I think it spoke to the fact that met Romney was actually just
a week for so long. I feel like I find fuck it will just go with them now I mean it took me a long time to get to a place where I was like I mean it was literally. I think, like three days before the election, where I was like fine screwed I'll take the box like we're good bye. A lot of people on it's like I was now. I don't think it's the same way. We are going to see a really loosen up on overcharge billion. It's just that it's hardly exit ages, bring that they just bring it out in me. I know what I mean. I think this time around we do have a. We obviously have a bigger field. We we do have Boozer money you. I hate that question so much I've consulted for for these guys, we ve been approach
yeah well and monitor and our promiscuous themselves on tax now, not in the presidential course. You not do everything for everyone. At the same time, I was suggested even the thanks, and I say it was a train, and I saying I did I ever contract between a consultant in their clients and I believe not very which for Non Carly, Fiona Ochre Recovery, your grandpa, Scott locker? Ok, you don't want to know who your money- I just don't know him, beyond, like I can argue admire zones in our ways of its to its. I think it's far too early to say with all of this and are now you know, I guess in November will see were where we are
the brothers were a bit better data. They live in our way, but we ve got report saying that it has a lot of these cope fund. Razors marker, Ruby, husband, the guy he's been the most impressive, so I mean what does that mean right? We, nobody knows it's. Your latest Walker has done something actually to do too as the package of you did in whisk is achievement. Its second preferential differentiates and from what is that Just that were or have been some degree. I say I think that I think we actually have a lot of very accomplished. People in this field, whether you like their at home plants, are not as a sovereign matter, but but I think when you look at this, I mean we dont. This is a big difference between this field and twenty, twelve and twenty twelve mean. Does anybody think that, like Michel Bachman and Herman Kane it regularly accomplished? Madge I mean Rick Santorum. How nobody was only in the field is the same. I mean there are
there. There name lighted like it's. An iranian requiring yell grant, erect parents. Michel environment is accomplished. The inner Michel Bachman this week said that a bomb is bringing on the apocalypse ethics and on this I or has this week she said she bring on the apocalypse, but we should rejoice because it means Jesus will be joining us sooner than we thought where she really said this. She really said she was for a time the republican front. Runner briefly, Twenty twelve everybody gets design, I know, but does that Give you a insider pause into the people on your tea. Comparing Michel document to be one hundred sitting on. My aim has to be a valuable, and I mean TED Cruises. Father said much,
hey. I know organ Apollonia illegitimate, we're gonna have still many daddy issues at the good yes campaign is just not there. I mean not every democratic surprise, but did you know nuts about degree who naming names democratic, says anything that crazy? What was my gravel say? in two thousand and eight rattle was this? A cemetery several million enough in Canada, clearly taken up by rock, walked over to answer Odin and walked off. You didn't really was nothing. He was never a front runner, but but you know parliament, then we're not gonna. Let us like that was like five months before the primary start, but ass. She was a front runner in she it may, but women, no one would say retention when there are even I just don't think when they were like fifty people paying attention to them? I must know what my gravelled Saturday, Nothing, he picked up a big rock through it and upon looked stern and but it was cranky, it was correct.
It. Was it about this danger. I don't even get what that means or what the contemplating that was the whole point, because the only thing people know about how they are better integrated. With my despite everything that my rabble, whose name is going a gravel, maybe he was drawing neighbour, is actually about. That's how the video made an impression is that we don't even know what his name actually well. I glad we never had a month. We did I appreciate it only makes sense if we really want to make a more information, not ninety HBO Dot, com.
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