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Overtime - Episode #352 (Originally aired 5/1/15)

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Overtime - Episode #352 (Originally aired 5/1/15)
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Welcome to each year, partly from the HBO making real time overtime overseas Jane. Does the Eu S do more harm or good with its drone policy? I e the use of domestic drones is doing a lot of harm by the wave domestic demand question I now, but may God of both parents are really killing people with the well? We that's a possibility. I think it's really out of control and we're gonna shred. Our fourth amendment you heard it here. The use of drones internationally is a mixed bag and we should reduce the use of drones, and our foreign policy should be much much more about economic, trade and aid and helping edgy
hey people all over the world, so they have often brown with the support of the drone programme. I believe today it is doing more harm than good oversees. The reason is because we are it's the sole tool, basically of our war on terrorism. When we take out Al Qaeda, safe houses, we wind up taking out the spouses and the children hundred. Sometimes thousands of people have been killed over the years in places like Yemen, in Somalia in Pakistan, and we we we generate this resentment from these population. For that, and we also lose about valuable intelligence is instead of capturing these guys in getting annihilation out of them to prevent a future tat. We want a vapor rising them. We vaporize them in there. How can we, which is all you would agree with what I was just saying- it's because we're there if we weren't there, no shine
Their demands? How where their American isn't Rubens is about how we don't have an empire waters, we don't have a them die, haven't worked before the longer we may be built on those who have not before now you have to I just like a hundred and fifty different countries in the world. Are you crazy? We have like several hundred sixteen basis where fifty thousand troops in Germany. I think we got no right now. It's the right, the two southern sudanese notices in tank in Europe and by if you or your praising Obama's, you know peace record because of this week policy. Now he had no choice to bring american soldiers small detachment hundred soldiers at ten tanks at the russian border. First time in my living memory, american troops are facing russian. In Estonia, Latvia, because it that those small countries are NATO members and by two southern routine, though no american tension, the orbital wake me when he takes Poland
Anyway, I mean yes, we moved a hunter. You make jokes about is yes, obviously, that always Giles Poland will suffer from that. I hope none, ok, harmony show Gary we may make about everything. If I have to watch out of Kosovo is not about you made about the Holocaust, but for pulses, tough propose its term union supports him in Cuba, should send your Gary Shut, This is a stupid thing to say: I'm sorry, I'm a big fan of yours, but to say, that I was making a holocaust joke. When I said wake me won t you tell us about everything I do. But that was not a holocaust joke and I don't think I've ever made one now goodbye for mother, to be sure there is all about
Obama model versus the Bush model right, the four year anniversary of us getting Bin Laden with fantastic, and yet after that present Obama said Al Qaeda on the run, a kind has been decimated. Wow. Look at Yemen. Look at Somalia! Look at Nigeria. What's going on throughout the Middle EAST was heroism is not on the whole, it has inherited end of eight hours and three one. We should never have gone, and I are now not be unlimited. Raining we're celebrating a sealed team operation that took out oh, but it took up in London, is though that is the that is this not radically. They can solve our problem. Around the world. That's the model. I didn't get another hour in two thousand: three were attacks on the coal and there were attacks in around the Middle EAST in the nineties, and we didn't see the signal
Anyone anywhere in the world. That's right what it will. I think what we were saying there is that the model of going after terrorism as a law enforcement and spy agency issue, as opposed to sending invading armies into arab louse, is the more let me say to you by the way that is the model because erected and make a safer in any way. Every time we ve stopped a terrorist attack its because they did some good police work, we were able to get in London for two reasons one, we captured a lot of bad guys and got information out of them in ways that made people like you, uncomfortable and second of armies had to present a presence in the Middle EAST are saying we're like a fact, and it is hardly you I'm happy to debate it with you and we had a presence in the Middle EAST that got us a lot of human intelligence. The cumulative effect this is a which allows us allows us to do a lot of things like the Bin, an operation you're not like, we just send a team it and they go in.
The ironing out we secured democracy for the Middle EAST after that nine Brad thousand three without Ray. Of course, we didn't do that, and I would I Only I intelligence on Iraq, I did- and I was wrong and going into Iraq was wrong, but we, a lot of things right there are three there was a look of three countries is a rock where we went in big and it's a mess. Their Syria, where we actually deliberately stayed out of it, starting in two thousand eleven there's chemical weapons being used against. Syrians hundreds of thousands of people are dead. More than a million our displace there's Libya, when we went in and got right out and left it open, and now it's completely been taken over by militant Islam is so the idea that Us going into Iraq is immoral,
for disaster is absurd in other places where we have been engaged at all that around my only now didn't cause just american lives and religions of dollar is going to be like fire. Where are you could have been thinks? I'm simply sit here. George George saying is: we went in and we gotTA mass and I'm eating rule twenty eight in which there is a man of their general relations. We have been touched and they are even more of a man, but don't don't you think that the people in the Middle EAST have to have a war amongst themselves? some of them want to LE. They are twenty four. We are right now having some of them want to live in the second thing I want, you only need to hide out there. They have lower levels, it is happening. We look what's happening in Yemen right now, right, it's it's basically Shi Ite, Sunni Proxy WAR, sure the Saudis rang, arming one side in the iranian arming the other. Well guess what present Obama just sign this, this framework agreement with IRAN that will give the wrong
a nuclear programme. We can debate how quickly for nuclear bomb garnish. Let me finish, for they got a nuclear programme. The Saudis already saying all right, wealthy Iranian get one. We get one and the cut arrange your saying the same thing in the Egyptians It's gonna be fine, so you want that I'd civil war in the region- fine guess what it's about to be thrown into the nuclear arms race is about to be thrown into the mix when all these countries are due largely sergeant, I leave it to sit there and right now. You're noughties ironing well knew you leaped from a bomb, as I read treaty to IRAN has, nuclear weapons. Now now from IRAN about his announcement of his deal to what the Saudis and the color These are saying in response now they're saying, if you the legitimize IRAN's nuclear programme, we get one too
but it is not legitimate rising. How is he not saying he's hiding their nuclear programme, though it is rather earlier whether nuclear programme right out, so the Saudis organist are saying great. We get one to ok, but a nuclear programme is not nuclear weapon any quickly with a look of our becomes, an actual will have much more quickly become one. If we don't have. The aspect is in that way we can only have forced on United States put crazy shit about IRAN's Nuclear programme, it was Bill Clinton. Ninety ninety five asking Boris Yeltsin to stop supplying IRAN was russian nuclear technology. Triumphant gave a very vague promise and quaint and hasn't,
twenty years ago, a miracle american prisons or a new about the potential problem. But I ain't we actually well Congress trying to block that. We did try and Clinton vetoed it, as I remember by All- and I think we passed it over his veto- you aren't you, you said something that I am shocked to believe. I kind of agree with you on ok, I mean some still it's like I'm hallucinating here, for you said you said it, wouldn't it be great if we had inspectors in there to prevent IRAN from getting its break out nuclear its capability. I completely agree. The problem is the Iranian. Don't agree right that the commander of the commander of the Revolutionary Guard Corps in IRAN has said you can not inspect.
A military facilities in IRAN. Yet that's to win his base. That's the tea party of a rare that doesn't mean that's what the final deal is that you now tell me what the deal is that at the moment, at the moment, the? U s you don't make it may be they in the moment the? U S came out the p five plus one came out with its interim agreement form. This never said that fact. She is spinach geometry. The Supreme leader of IRAN said so we're move right away. Not we present a bomb is saying that school bazookas. Oh yes, there's like there's like a persian version of this document and then there's an american version of dealers and caught and if there is no deal the other five of the p five plus one are gonna walk away from the sanctions and trade with IRAN.
And there will be an arms race in the Middle EAST and the hope is that it will be a good enough deal and we'll all stick together and one of the other beneficiaries of the good enough deal, even though they don't see it. That way, yet is Israel I have I have. I would love a good deal. I do not think this is a good deal and if we- and I think we could get a better deal, this deals negotiated when I caught IRAN's economy was, was strangled and oil was being traded, a hundred dollars a barrel to their today under fifty dollars a barrel nor under more economical measure we go to inventions. Are, I don't think so? Yes, dear Google, is it hearing somebody who was so wrong about a war legs you about? What's going on now, my card can our desert you gotta, be a wife is gonna like that. I just now.
So many mistakes were made and they will argue just like with so many points in facts and figures, and it was so wrong headed there. We will suffer for that for decades. In and out are you are you so that you can you all speak with? Some certainty you were right, then we would be in this situation. We are in the same question. I asked professor figure things out. There I mean. Sixty billion was the estimate from Rumsfeld, Anne and George Bush and cost and over four trillion dollars. What else can you be that wrong about? Whereas can you even close to that? You can say we ve won the war against Al Qaeda when we haven't well. Is that really that's it
view? It's a big deal, it's comparable to big deal, but I do know that hamper will need. So now you it's just what do you say? It's not money, it's not lives. It's just a guy actually is lives not going on in Syria. Now, We must make us think this war is over. Hundreds of thousands of slaughter chemical weapon is arguing the red team. Is that really is real. This interest. I mean this is your team. This is what my Eric and, like nobody ever argues. That is my position and I have to admit, because I saw at first hand that our country in the Bush administration, made huge mistakes huge in the Gulf
I mean I get occasional and I was advocating for things and others who work with me were advocating for things at frustratingly. Our government didn't do to fix things right. We finally did turn things around gradually, but to suggest that this is just some Artisan talking point is allow absurd to suggest that is equally a mistake to send thousands of people to their death caused trillions of dollars with a president prematurely saying that this one terrorist group is on the run theirs. Saying this just absurd it Subserve an iota Jane ready. So I'm fine. I take you well little, but I'm I'm trying to get these things trying to help. Get these things right. I think it's a dangerous world. I agree with what Gary said about Potan. I think if people don't stand up to Putin what what lesson,
We not learning. We have to stand up to Putin and we have to figure out a way we standing a little help. Sanction is which maybe that's what I'm saying annually. One rainy amounts to about giving me instantly really clear that that, well, by the way I work more harmonious, undermining unanimously supported. You knew almost all Democrats and Republicans support army you great by the way in ninety nine, before you on the pressure from Bill Clinton, you green has been disarmed. You great had the sort largest nuclear arsenal bigger than China, Russia and the UK combined. U S demand these arsenal to be to be dismantled. You you can't gave it up for that. Guarantees or what's territorial integrity, its Naturally you as president and by the way, Uk Prime Minister, I mean it's, you have: stand by your signature, but would it be better if all this former soviet republics has nuclear weapons in them? Have none,
not exactly it was a good idea that big big they did it, but there are guarantees in exchange for for removing them back to Russian. Ok well I'd. Take your your point seriously. Why? Why can anybody here talk with certainty about what should happen in the world? Incessant legislate, absolutely, I dont apply, don't think they're organic. I think they are. Are the least least bad options in a lot of these places, where there are no reward options, and figuring out a way forward is important, but this is a point that where maybe we disagree bill, I think withdrawing from all this and letting them all fight it out and seeing word ends up is is not something we should do everything America's responsibility with each other, but we should get em now it also there, but now I'm in here. My comment I think raised. Should I mean we are not the indispensable power where the indispensable partner in the world we have wealth. We
history, and we have stopped thinking of ourselves as so fuckin indispensable. You know why I regard as very we're, not that I want to marry our selves languish in power. The back. I don't think that's what it is you too, for I always the most. I got shot down those thankfully little I didn't love without, as maybe they rapture better way better is millions of people are willing to two and the remember why? What's why? Millions with tense means within the world trying to end without states nothing other countries bigger shed holes. I'm saying why did we think all day? I think our influence Vila greater if we actually fixed America more ray, and this is what is going on if we say that board trillion dollars and just the infrastructure or in our country is robbing boy
We believe it would go to infrastructure stock markets. Well this week we have a choice, we have this was, our political system has working in the right way, but in next, partly because the Republicans no it's interesting things. It's it's. A democratic White House feel so strongly about maintaining a federal guarantee for big investment banks, and so they ever implode again. The taxpayers have to burn them out, and I am for completely untangling that guarantee the innovative Republicans are. I agree with you on that. I'm that there was a big mistake. The way we bail out the banks, we had
to save the banks, but we didn't have to save the bankers, the shareholders and embargoes. So let me now: it's not Republicans in the White House were holding all the way to say they are investment banking lobbyists there very closely this administration and making sure that your dns, let it can- I get secondary resort decisions like sitting injury I actually gives no brainer is no brain and, let's be honest with when Obama was trying to get the economy back on its feet, he begged the Republican Congress to spend money on infrastructure. He said, look millions of people out of work. They could radio on its soil. It's why Andrea Range role of the Congress in the first year of administration going on did. He did Emily orders in the house and the status and you gotta see them eliciting Noah Stimulus pair, I D got Dodd Frank Pass, which, which has a too big to fail, guarantee built into protecting investment banks. You gotta bomber care past. He got a bunch of things passed, so why didn't he porch exactly what you're saying well, he was working on those first
You are correct and a lot of people said he should work on the economy first, and he said you know what American is going to use infrastructural. What's its infrastructure No, that was, we should at last joint construction. But you still New York was a nagging own. I'm right we're agreeing shocking. They, yes, and if people go across the bridge and they die it'll, be a Holocaust I didn't mean it that way. So my point is yes. People said he should work on the economy first and I think what he was saying is our health care system is the economy, and it is because we have that was where everybody agreed before he did. He did healthcare. Everybody agreed that this is a thing. That's gonna break the budget member where the curve was going now
have Obama guaranteed bended the curve and we're not gonna go broke, because that would I never more that argument about what you think about this with us. I never board that argument that by doing healthcare, he wasn't doing the economy by doing health care. He was Doing the ape man there are more people, not valued Samson there, weren't Obama came, there are the more people with opting out of the labour force, was beaten when its neighbours our there. There was thirty years of deregulation, and you know it was by partisan, but there were thirty years of mistaken policies that began under Reagan.
Got worse and worse and worse and, and the result of that is, and to those in eight we had a just for the audience. J remarry, clear words is all your bill Clinton bridled. I did a lot of intervention rig. I just wanna make they know that an economy went into the deepest downturn that we had an eighty years and we pull back now, but it wasn't done as well as it could have been actually had the right investment, but it would have been a lot. You know. I think he had hoped that if the current we didn't turn around and when it came to two thousand and eleven we will have another of those are that there was a political misjudgment. Two thousand eleven, you didn't you no longer control Congress. He couldn't get the second dose that the economy
He did of stimulus and that's why we ve had a lingering recovery with ninety one percent of the benefits going to the upper one percent, but it was a problem that was presented to him. Unfortunately, by end in two thousand and eight I think everyone talk out, regulated Tell me what episode of real time with Bill Maher every Friday night at ten or watching any time on HBO on demand for more information log on to HBO Dot, com.
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