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Overtime - Episode #353 (Originally aired 5/8/15)

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Overtime - Episode #353 (Originally aired 5/8/15)
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Welcome to each year pipe from each be only real time here. We are over time. Well, you're an esprit under what are your thoughts on the flight gate? They wanna know. Really. They want to know that you are, then everyone does it's the big story you gotta call it like you see it, and Tom Brady cheated me lied about cheating, that's an amateur like the guy want to like the guy seems like I have friends you play with them. It is a great human being, but you don't have to connect the dots if you squint the dot start to blur together, he he knew what would happen, what you'd an analog. They should again. The good work, that is a good question: what are you gonna? Go to the indian Apple S, cold, swagger room and write a hundred times.
I will not use deflated footballs ever again. That's a big issue is a couple. A game seems about raise touch those balls several times a game they never they never knew. They were a few notice that you know gains and you get four hidden somebody right right. What what? What? What bothers me about this story, the sending it bothers me that so many stories, which is that nobody in this country anywhere seems to be able to just go to things are true he's great and ici right. You don't! Why can't we do that? Why can't we say grace anymore? We need data lacquer, its light. That's gonna, go to the vast majority of Muslims are not terrorists, but there.
As a special problem with these Lama culture right now. What can we agree on those two things are both obvious and through every he's like about this issue. Can it can also be obviously true that Tom Brady is a good guy and he cheated some sports baseball? You doctor the ball. If you cheat is kind of a guy he's one of the good old boys trying hard. If you move your bond off, nobody wants do business with roads. That means what offers the most morally upstanding. I dont know if there is a good thing as thing didn't bill Clinton ever bad reputation for doing. If you keep your ball on the golf course you are looked at as an untrustworthy. I must stay away, but no one ever if the referees are moving these footballs around, they never noticed they did. How big a crime is that some men they need
It was big Enough Deal Tom Brady that he spent months texting about it to make sure the balls were deflate testing, a guy who called himself on tackling the deflator giving us an autograph. Later, a big deal like earlier the tied in to the writer road compiles bullet Aaron. How should the government responds to the drought crisis? O water? Can you can we talk about water governing how much? Yes? What do you think about our water crisis? Is that in Europe review? I think it's a terrible crisis. I think there's mismanagement clearly, instead of California, with our water system, is going to have to be completely. We looked at. You know we have water promising. I've been working on the Gardena situation here in California, eyes still stumped. Why can we not make it some national
priority, that we start taking our water supplies and our water systems and the lack of it, the pollution and what we're gonna do when we now have an early fear. Reno says it's that liberals for now and she does environmentalist, wouldn't let us build a new reservoir Obama melted. This no back, that's works! Well. The Clinton cash scandal continue to dog Hilary campaign moments with dogging it now. Yeah appalling says it. She's got an even stronger, and so it that's what dogging, as I'm sure the Clinton's would bring, it say, bring it on. It looks like do you think, that's because the Clinton said becomes like, like John Gaudy Teflon Don, I mean at some point. Oh you are accepting money were real surprised by what I think we kind of thought. That was the case. I think we all went to a larger systemic failure or a political system which
the idea of money coming in from unsavory groups and maybe having disproportionate influence on the political system, is now? But don't you think, that's that's photos inhabit this out. What are not talking about Bill Clinton, Monarchy, Wednesday, Anthony Wiener tie. You really does very logical. Owens tolerate The third thing I don't know, if I may tell you, I'm gonna, tell you walk into areas, link, would listen. Rule of law will soon become a rule of law and not engulf when, God that you have lines beyond the field these cases and generally curious is two years on all of these cases from Bill Clinton to Tom Brady to Hillary Clinton. This isn't the line, the greater sin that sociopath Ec Wind way evening. We can look into a Cameron, go what me it's called politics. I mean everyone like programme work. My way, isn't that matter what you lie about is lying about blowjobs way.
Some important that's been lying about. The things republicans lie about like whether I could like global warming is a real. Do you think weapons of mass destruction ruse who has degrees from printed in harboured? Do you really think he thinks global warming is a hoax or does he know it's true, but he tells that's robes. Oh for him? I believe I genuinely like debating you want your great failings. Is your inability see the intellectual response in the global warming debate that the response, which is Ok, the only well eyes, and only if you click the future. So why should we do any thousand. Why do why arable dictating what the climate will be hundred years from now and you're gonna give me the Celsius it will be, that is in Are you now I mean you have to be a seer to make policy write about
plants of our will to lay our kids, should women be able to have abortions after twenty means, I'm you know they have plenty to say on that. But when you ask about global warming, I'm not a scientist, I'm a diamond! You don't think it's arrogance to look in the face of every scientist on the planet, who doesn't work for a show and tell them you know just as well as you do what's going on really know. You know, that's not the argument. That's that's my original point. You don't seem to understand the opposition's argument, which is not that the scientists are wrong about where we are today, but there's hubris in predicting one hundred years of temperature.
With millions lad one hundred years it's happening like nobody has everything is designed to prevent something that has not yet happened. The global warming policy- that is not true. It was like to manage hours in LOS Angeles, not you and me, but everywhere it is because of climate change will not hear here's the thing you cannot say any specific event is directly attributed to join Clemens. We don't know because it there are absolutely, of course, have always been hurricanes in bed, storms and all that shit. But that's like saying you know what I don't know which Beggar Tito's gave me. Cancer I I I ain't ship forever and I smiled and not I don't know which cigarette did it, but I do know that pudding. Toxins in my body is gonna, make me six and putting toxins in
atmosphere is going to make us all so was was Hurricane Sandy global or maybe not, but basically something is going to reach stage one in the debate, because the next stages, what are you gonna do about in? What's the cost benefit analysis of your proposal in your solution to fix something that you're predicting will be the case in fifty should put to put your argument is let's stick with the old technology? Would actually it's a win win, because new technology is always would goose's the economy, so we went for then that's why other grown up countries are going full on even the Chinese up for green energy. What would you like, when you put your kids? Would you have them rope in a world where the oil and gas industry is writing environmental policy? Are you happy
That future see you guys always boxer task. While the answer is this noble. Lastly, to have your children grow up in a world where, where environmental and energy policy is being written by oil and gas Youtube you drawing is too broad you sing environment, policy versus climate change, not wanting to say our our discussions regarded with bad ethics by the Clinton's I'd like to state that, for the record, is I don't trust you, and this is real Lincoln. If you run for president and now they have declared, we know you are closely getting close bill. What would distinguish you from other candidates? Certainly my record, and that is one first of all, of high ethical standards.
For thirty years ass, a man when you say governor and as the United States, are you saying the course? I remember when you think that you from other candidates- and I guess we're talking about the democratic ended that seems like a lefthanded slap at hilary- you, I think I think it's important, so you don't think she has high ethical standards. Look at the record. Look at the record. That's water or white. Why water goes I never! This last week can star who was a salary As a lawyer, I vow that ties unlike him more weight,
repeated glad we saw? Was the special prosecutor looked into all that shit and his report said I got nothin, but the blowjob, how bout what we started out with the end, that is his secretary of State in what's happened with the Clinton foundation. Present gets five hundred thousand for speech. The state department just gave approval for the canadian mining company enriched uranium mining company be sold to the Russian, but has no connection it goes on and on members of travel gate, just never stops. Travel gave me along like, since this is a winning issue ass. I really don't think I know well ethics with the Clinton's you know I mean I just don't think that their a shady as the right would like to pay
them fight over these poor countries. Room would like water was nothing they looked into it endlessly. It really was noted your argument there. Quaintly is your argument that their clean nobody's. We need a spite. Everyone aerial people on that one more like everybody, what your hair is very necessary. We haven't Friday night watch me for more information log onto HBO, DOT, com.
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