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Overtime - Episode #354 (Originally aired 5/15/15)

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Overtime - Episode #354 (Originally aired 5/15/15)
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Welcome to each year, partly from the HBO making real time very we're on overtime. Did the saudi king slight Obama, by not coming to Camp David this week, that's right. The saudi king was both to show up at his Gulf Council conclave and these snubbed us I say good, I say let's break up with Saudi Arabia or other. Why can't we do my biggest fear about another job Bush in the White House is that one of those pictures of a Bush is holding the sounding princes hand and just knowing that weird is marching, stray well to something all presidents have held her hand held there, but you know what's happening
it's time for us to stop. It is not! I remember articles in the seventies when I was in college about how we have to get off the oil with the card to one of them of the oil plump as a had been Dermot needle that were held on the oil member Jimmy Carter. We have the energy independence, but that would require regulation, government spending on infrastructure and we can't have, or at or of energies, carbon tax. That would be the best thing attacks right. We can really, but why don't we tax bed shit? That hurts is like oil instead of good things that, like work, crazy that occasion pass Heather which
for present will have the most aggressive anti party poverty agenda. That's a very good question, so I think that Secretary Clinton actually gets a bomb rap on issues like these. I dont think that she is necessarily the most progressive when it comes to challenge in corporate power, but I think when it comes to arrange her first job with the children's defence buttoned right when it comes to these issues and poverty. These kitchen table economic issues. I think she's gotta Crusaders heart on this actually do well. I remarked we're staters hard, but yes, I agree. I think why not worry about her on domestic issues with the left. I worry about her being to write on foreign policy. That's where I worry about her. Is that she's a kind of a hawk
I would smattering of putting react with one eye on what is the status of campus debate on Islamism. Your dis invited yours, posters, bigot, Brandeis, violence persists, became bandits and I was just provided that it is vital that the house we evolved. This invite grave in fact does invited from America Yours and, on top of the often disguised ass, to be a commencement speed. Your city, that's very frankly that you're funny, because you know you started out as the person that might nobody wanted to be got thrown out. Every school over went to airline video clip nineties like he was the awful die who killed Vince Foster a blow job
and that, as time goes by these like old building at the old horse, equitable? Nobody ever gets mad, and I say this is a rather long and now you're respect they become an inside or outside the right. Anyway. I'm sorry, I think that we should be worried about what's going on in compasses and not all campuses, but students in need to go to college to learn how to
think not what to think. If we don't give him time to reject what did that stick cause. I shame them into actually rescinding be banned and actually letting me, I think, brand as it has been punished enough and it's it's it's a compass culture. Is this whole thing about protecting minorities against what were against learning, how to think minority students, process of minorities and students right it's up to Joe Patriarchal it'll, patronising its patronising and a more worried about that really then about- and I am also worried about radical Islam on campuses, but I think if students learn how to think they'll see for themselves, the difference between the ideology of sheep
the first is the ideology of liberalising and they need to be able to differentiate that when they graduate, then we'll have that's. What would you know about it? What what? What? What who is right about the transpacific trade partnership, Obama or Elizabeth worn? Yes, the the liberal fight between themselves got a little. This wig Obama said Elizabeth, worn was just another politician and he called her Elizabeth and then Sherrod Brown. The democratic senator from Ohio was like hey Obama, that's patronising! the user first name and Obama was like hey, I'm not on the rag you are. I mean I didn't get a has now. Anybody understand ministry, no, live, and I am in favour of free trade, but part of I can figure it out when I read the news stories, the rats. What's in the thing, so they say you do read the most.
Stop that for the first paragraph it is, it is very arcane and are beginning to, but I am indeed the one with a few things almost all economists, I know of the left and right agree is free. Trade is a win win. This thing is free trade, like that's just a slogan, my thing that facts or something like that clear how their our aid is. A word with right. Trade is great. Every would trading all the time we're trading barbs you and I, If we leave it, isn't that what matters is the rules and how you write it frankly, who gets to write the rules and the problem has always been with our board version of free trade that corporations and their lobbies get to write the rules and its cost american jobs.
Every single time? And it's not my life better in the manufacturing country, where there are dying in sweatshops it's? So what do you think Obama southward? So I actually think that there is a piece about this about China. That is geopolitical than is not about. You know jobs and economics at home, but this is actually about showing our biggest competitor that we have relationships with these nations in its area. That's a big piece of it that he, I dont, think you can sort of say and lead with, but I think that is a major piece of maybe he had to make this bargain to get the climate deal, which you know events. Do things behind closed doors. We don't know and sometimes we're glad they do. This raid needs about something else in my world right, so does what sort of water?
for John. How do you explain our obsession with celebrity God? I don't know what I'd when I hitchhiked across the country and everybody pick me up. No one asked about that. No one The debate is that, even if they knew I were anything was so amazing. Nobody wants to talk about celebrity that such you know. The people had a whole different set of questions in the media. The media always asked me about the guests on the show people I run into asked about the issues or they talk about their lives. You know you at which I was much more interested in which I gotta go. I do in an interview in every corner. I wanted to hear what they had to say. So it was amazing to me even if they knew nobody said. What's Johnny Depp, like you know they they, which in real life in you weren't guerrilla. They do arrangement as he was Johnny. Actually, people ask me what Bill Mars like what do you say? Ice.
Basically. I tell him the same thing you said, and we each other after the first show our eyes, you weren't as much about assholes. I thought you said you weren't, mushroom and assholes. I thought it was. It was just love at First Sight Capital is armoury, does George Definite Palaces donation to the Clinton Foundation, compromise his journalistic integrity and have you heard the story? I Joe George Devon opulence gave seventy five grand the Clinton Foundation, and here to apologize? I think this is preposterous. We gave a million though, but I know, but the torrent of staff Annapolis was the
in the war room with commitment and little. We know from the get go where his I will take that were so we gives to Clinton's charity so that they fight AIDS and malaria in the third world. What what what I don't get it I get. I cannot get excited about this. I can either it's ridiculous, be wondering if we didn't know where George Devon, apples stood, but we know and we and we somehow we're ok with the fact that he is now an impartial newsman. What we know about what this guy more than most, we have to admit we know, is in the tank started his career working MIKE. What do you say to people to link crime and violence to rap music after say, you're, stupid, rap, music, hip hop as a entity was started in the late sixties. Early seventies, bunch of kids were in a marked out later Saudi sounds somebody issue. Our
technically at length. I know you like J later than none. I got your checking, I bet, there's gonna be a move, becomes our call, rob Rubble, kings so late sixties. All these caves that we're counter the fall out. Kids of the black nationalist movements, civil rights, poor white people's movement and poor weaken national movement. They had strict tanks in New York in the Bronx that would just simply barked out at some point very late, sixties early. Seventy these kids were like we're. Gonna come up when our peace tree came up with their own peace treaty, decided that we aren't gonna engage environments. Where was the alternative about the Zulu nation was born out of the Afghan whereby the coup heart looked? Google these on telling his way bigger than any Iraqis
I think now into stories way more interesting. These kids, they were children got together apart stall, public electricity, which I strongly support and decided to do partner jams as an alternative to violent. So here pop is not wrap. Your part is the thing that housing rap graffiti break dancing and De Jane and Entrepreneurship, and what it did what it be. It was give poor kids the opportunity to organise as an alternative to vans now fast for forty years. It worked a lot of,
and he came into it. Gas bought big change and tigers and lie is embarrassing. Shit. You got off course, but at our core here pop every time you see a successful wrapper you're, seeing a job creator in a community Jason has provided hundreds of jobs created dozens of millionaires and its change. The economy in places that it wouldn't it be an outcast and Atlantic personally change the economy in the last twenty years. So I would say that people say here poppies: vat is, I would say, let's start with the real violent stardust. Let's start with the three may Abraham religions and thus do away with their books. Let's start with governments and g old, worn politics, let's do away with our leaders. So how do we get down the violet scale of all the things? We are your buyer to get to music it'll, be easy, you're hot shit, about politics, more weight and they don't wet with urgency.
Google? My leg wasn't wrappers delight in nineteen seventeen, one that is the first programme, Carlo Tom and on an odour. Yet training now was rapids delight, but here plots birthday is November, the twelve seventy two. Seventy three, the official birthday is older than me. I'm nobody birthday is my daughter's birthday Amelia, but it it started way before then it just broke. Think people figured out how to sell it. He had started it as an hour targeted to violence. That's what disturbs me about Baltimore when I get when I was on your hands in the air like a factor that sanity, like they just Baltimore Chris and blood, have united with the media, have to kill cops, but all my timeline almost also media ass. All gang members say we are going to be about peace. We are warning with each other, any more data say anything about killing
It was the first time in my life, and I saw member states since ninety. Ninety to say we're going to invoke are all peace treaty in what government should have done is what we do and we got a foreign land get get all the people who rebels in sit down together and say: let's do some trooping, router truth and reconciliation less fix this thing from the ground, and I think we need to start engaging the part and young people in that way, and I think these are shape. You get the last word Geller how lovely brother and Killer MIKE is. Did you tell them? I have, I guess, you're right, I had only representative reopen every Friday night watch him any more information on each be oh dot, com.
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