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Overtime - Episode #356 (Originally aired 6/12/15)

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Overtime - Episode #356 (Originally aired 6/12/15)
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Welcome to reach me, apart from the HBO making real time. Ok, we're here back on nature. What does the Red Square on your outfit signify elects a serious means we're on the red, in other words, Rollin dad it's a symbol that came out of Montreal when they re not a student, a protest against tuition Hanks, but the deck collective, which is a group that I work with, has served taken it on because ties that bind the ninety nine percent. Is that we're all in debt? but that's, usually a conservative talking, while we're taking over where re appropriating it through them. Something I mean you do, I'm sure you do understand. You realise, of course someone is steeped in politics, as you did. That's the reason the conservatives give for why we can't do any so spending were too in dead already? How can we? How can we give- employment, insurance, the people were in debt. Everything is worrying dead. We can do anything, but they can fly this idea. That government is the same as in any individual rights.
Then the government has to balance its budget and tighten its belt, but I also think that the reason that we as individuals are in so much that is because the government has been shrinking and turning itself over to the private sector in Europe, We don't have basic services, we don't have free education like other parts of the country and so we're trying to push back on that and say look debt is the way that Wall Street occupies our lives. So what would happen if, instead of unions for workers, we had union spur debtors and we're trying to build? You for debtors you. You know. You know there was a time when the United States wasn't index do no. There as the time was during about a month of the Andrew Jackson Administration, and that was literally the only time you know- I'm not making it as recently as as the seventies debt was like the national debt, not the deficit was like seventy five million million, not billion million. That's how we used to live well. But the analogy,
a family? I think drivers on the wrong course when they can, then, when we say you know, we have to balance our budget right, my family does: what does your family meant money, I mean come on, we're yes what happens to our my or the Knox's? We also families also Dunbar from China. Guess vaguely? What can the average American do consistently? That will have the most positive effect on the environment. That's a great good because you know we do so things like recycle. I mean most responsible, certainly people out here and liberal California, we recycle, and what do we do things we bring our own bag to the grocery store is, is it doing anything or it is the air in LA for one thousand, nine hundred and seventy when I started to date, even though this four times the cars movies has more people there's a fraction, this mug is much cleaner. So
a lot that's a big secure. That really is the large animal converted on car power plants role that the European they started to foresee. Pierre signed the cleaner Exxon by Richard Nixon by the way, and as far as California goes people should know, you have a lot of power because this date is so when we do something, yes very often the rest of the country has to like Detroit cannot make a car that they cannot sell to forty million people which is California right. So when we raise our mileage standards, they had to go up for the whole country. So I know you have that power per capita per capita energy use throughout the country has been like this, since the late seventies been like that in California, cuz we've been right, we promoted efficiency, so people pick the low hanging fruit. First, energy, efficient, thermostat, energy saving, light bulbs, you know ride a bike of weather and fitness
Take public transportation of its available near you all that stuff is very cheap home gardening, home composting. Do that cheap and easy stuff? Firstly, will save money, then maybe one day could buy some solar panels. Abkhazia question what is something that environmental, as do that, maybe a fad. That's an empty gesture really doesn't do much is there anything like. I want you to think of you know. I think it's important to recycle, but some people look at recent. Going, and they go what I've done. My part, I put some bottles in the thing, but we have such a problem with single use plastic, even though people put it in that been plastic bottles its best not to use that stop it all began awaiting we'd like Israel. Does it water and yet it is really, leads the world in recycling, water or all the way,
the sewage water? No no one wants to drink. Although people that happens, you know they Dave, treat sewage water and then at Windsor gets drinking water which, when you add a camel urine you gotta, when Europe can only use it for agriculture, you obviously priceless, probably better its fullest shit. All waters recycled water water has been revised since the dinosaurs roam the european own nature, a wonderful job that we need what known as Bio, mimicry and allowed to percolate down through the internet aquifer and use that organic rainwater. We need to collect not just in the aquifers, but in rain barrels. You know cheap rain barrels, an underground is on doing in a more expensive system. Our ability to go back to that there was no question. Isn't the idea that individuals can have an impact on climate change sort of faulty? Don't we actually need real public policy? Did absolute that such a great point to make its like saying we could have defeated Hitler by just saving ten, as they did
No. This is a giant giant problem that can only be solved with public policy like a carbon tax, the and we're going to lose the oceans. It can't survive on earth without the ocean tenant. What people think there? we also. I won't eat fish that this the idea is obliged, to my mind, the human propensity to just a day I see people wearing the masks in Beijing in New Delhi. Really, you wouldn't want to take more fundamental steps to cure the problem oh well. I guess I can't breathe without a mask. Unless I go outside my guess, there are no fish or food Ali Jellyfish cockroaches for the rest of my life. In a little salt to be great Gandhi, said people lead and governments follow, You can't do it alone on their suggesting recycling or light bulbs going to solve climate change. We need to do that and then go get governments too
really move and through legislation the cleaner act helped us get. They are cleaner. Now I wasn't just people drive. Electric cars like may rise a clean Iraq, the enforced at it, and we need to have more than ever. We need to push the countries around the world that are emitting so much co2. What about the Chinese? What about the What about Mexico a bomb of finally made a deal with the Chinese? Now it's not a perfect one, but is better than anyone that came before us. Look. I don't mean security at all, but we need to continue to keep the the thought that travel on the mantel here to make sure that these tests are binding, the rules and by long you can recommend for a car seriously a very good, car. I drive a Nissan leaf, which is a great car, pure electric, but a one size fits all terrific. Our american made is the Chevy vote, because you can try drive it on electric up to forty miles and if you want to drive to New Yorkers Ambrosius go you can drive. I have to. I have a Tesla. I was asking, is a great calamity. Well, yeah I mean I have the original it's a little small UKIP can fit into the oven.
Actually giving an erection. You know it's just actually driven a ban, but why the perpetual irregular I'm there there's no doctor more than four out of those words about prior Prism, you're really erection that won't go away. Your hearts index with meyer- maybe I should be worried me- we're not gonna forbearance I could be that could be the erection that won't go away, cause my red patch, and with that in mind
about you and I were the throb alone, maybe I'll fuckin red Square on this guy, maybe get a nice. That's that's a communist thing because reds, where You set it in a red, is the color of communism. That's candidate, not that come what may failed. Cyst Jeff would would ending the drug war have an effect on our policy of mass incarceration. Well, there's a softball random. I was in this jail and a lot. My opening joke was Some of you have been in here are locked up for possession of less marijuana than I have in my lungs right now. Many people, I know that you in jail are therefore rage. Minimum for drug offences. First,
timers any take somebody who sold we, I thought we'd in high school and I feel college When I started comedy, is anyone. It was a good public servant anglers. We don't win we're not like actors who have to like wait tables. We always figure out a way that we don't have to work. Telling me I saw joints of my problem. It was very profitable, actually every profit if I got in trouble. Luckily I did- and I don't know if I would have survived in what a modern day jail looks like you take. Basically, I weed and you and you in the into jail. He start using sort the blade down as crimes arts to build up and become proper and he gets criminalize inside jail, and now it was so frightening about what I saw. What what quantity did you buy? When you were a dealer, I used to go to Washington Square Park and pretend to play. Midnight I buy like you know
quarter on an ounce of wheat and then rode into marijuana loose joints from Washington, where a parking lot of that you know dude right. You know when I guess we're gonna catering business, that's not a dealer. A deal. I was it I mean I'm not a big deal a byword by a pound rain and then divided because a powder sixteen out just so I divided into seventeen parts, one that was what we called the head tat today about this in medical marijuana saved my life. I was dying of Anorexia
I beg you, everybody. Thank you. Ve told me many sensitive region every Friday night watchman remove information, not ninety, each bio dot, com.
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