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Overtime - Episode #357 (Originally aired 6/19/15)

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Overtime - Episode #357 (Originally aired 6/19/15)
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Welcome to night Vale podcast from the HBO late night series real time with bill, Maher, okay or we are and which republican candidate has the best chance of winning the general election, play hard ones right now, Donald Trump, what about all the money is not being grafter from the Ottoman Skywalker Could you say of the ones. Are large declare norms, Romney walkers, my ticket, wrongly walkers?
But last time you were, you said: if we elect of we nominate, Romney will definitely lose, and I was right by why Willie win this out was to jobs, the giants, and it was because actually form. Well, I went through time time was the charm for Reagan right. It was because very hard to take out in common and the reason I supported Christie back then, and I dont now was because you know he's so flashy and end idiosyncratic think we probably we're gonna lose, but the only shot we had was this. While idiosyncratic gratify, I think, to on cross, shall I would do anything for going on re on trial. Every ran very sound, like a tougher Bernie Sanders it would be much tougher to be in a drink, would be a better candidate than Hillary. Because he would area about the American Middle Rio, glass working glass, Hilary thousand she's, like the elected Republican, she cares about the chamber.
Reactions, verbal Can I marker Rubio, while they gives you may mark a room having markka? Ruby has got the best answer if he saw the announcement he gave, which follows a couple weeks ago, followed Hillary Clinton, stark contrast. We talked about yesterday, a cat. From yesterday I gave a speech about yesterday. Rubio has the the charisma, the sort of freshness he's hispanic? He speaks fluid spanish. That's not these cuban beginning with the Y, understand better, as as they do in Cuba pros improves, doesn't speak Spanish. Our credit is also rapists.
I just get this fascination with Ruby. I really honestly don't what is his qualifications actually be present in United States other than Betty fills a demographic all for you, more qualified than Barack Obama, when he was a speaker of the House and Lord is inadequate. Ass large ass, he passed immigration reform. My party has passed a bipartisan immigration or him be patented. Immigration rethink immigration. Nobody, nobody led him and changed his mind where we're. No, maybe hardware way right. Eighty, he passed it in the in the Senate and then say you assets now passing it past it in the Senate? That's nothing new designs. I'd like me, you know how I feel becomes a law. Yes, I'm champion immigration reform. When you are at work, we didn't have a tenant on the titanic. I think I think that you know
Gruber, you know, and we all these dine I mean firstly, Violated- is pledged you re on saying, comprehensive immigration for reform and that's amnesty. I'm again said he gets people to vote for what are you gonna do with the fifty year you want to do them is ill talking? Would you weren't any savannah doing nothing to say what do we do? We know it's not popular, which is why I prefer Bernie Sanders to continue down the side, because you are out of the box. The american people have three times shot down an embassy in the last ten years and is not because any network or any politician other than you know, a few very small ones were opposing it was american people rising up in saying we don't want amnesty. So, if that you're, being someone employers from ass. No don't it You can get anything in all seriousness right, so I'm with you I wanted to. I want to secure the border. I didn't we. Assimilation, but if we have fifteen or thirty or however thirty million. However many illegals here, what do you do with them? If you
One of the pathway is ensuring Dick was to talk about it until the border is actually a lot that no it isn't that. What would you What do you know? It is a new security by everyone. Similarly there and then one of the nineteen eighty six Reagan passing amnesty saying this: is it well an amnesty law? morning it was a lie. Dummy are going on well, over thirty million Ronald Reagan against law recently won all events being against immigration, with form for the status quo. The means we keep the status quo, The fact is, we have two million people working in the field everyday in America. They provide us our machines now, if I could, if I could, they provide us with food and we should pay them a decent salaries, because this is America number Could it be the number two eleven wandering suggests that the item or to number we and we are not going on board our way out of this? One of the worst we written up RIP Mitt Romney, got more white votes than any other candidate for the presidency of the United States,
any still got his Antwerp by bureaucracy Obama by Finally- and so my point to you, bill is theirs. This new american coalition, its young people, its gay people, its Latinos, the Hispanic, its people leaving the environment, and so when I saw job Bush actually attempt to broaden the tenth of the Republican Party headed diverse group of people. He spoken Galicia and in Spanish fluently any was on an arrays in playing well, girls are lying conservatives can't when Hispanic George, W Bush have been. What I like this one. You know what you re body behind some problem rather than why they guy we push Outswell Sapsworth winning democratic constituency. Why don't we these are hanging jack. You still title dynamism, rang and Democrats, quantity.
Decided to cut off more of the evangelical vote because you are losing without warning Amerika. I wonder if they really know one thing that meant that an culture as you say I think it is absolutely bit insulting to say that Hispanics are and two like lemmings vote for the Republican Party, because you're Canada has an o with the environment they like limit, has, but one for very, like limiting the democratic are because the policies of the Democratic Party, every hole will show you most Latinos and agree with a polarized democratically mortally Amerika only their interests, their voting. The policies they agree would think not on your ruby are turning against really own. Our aim here, my view, lousy lorries, orange our lives wants to be evaluated and creative artists and you have to take it. I don't like you, son, Because, as long as you have you get that obligation on that, but that's not going to win you and election because I'm the one voter, but there are a million voters. There are millions of voters out there and went down.
Tromp and fight what a May, when the bullet Republican not argue, Semira thousand resign or a lot of what he said, and what is that? No one in the for the complainant don't drop? It says. So if JEB Bush challenges Donald Trump Terrorism, and winds and gets through some miraculously get through the republican primaries? I think, then, that they know what they think I champion their cause. He took on the man that call them. Rapists and murderers and he took a month, and you know what they will reward him because of these open. Let me go on to another subject as well as irish push. Did you lose it? No hispanic boats, but you know what you mean by publishing its forty percent of those spanning he's the president. Knowing arrest you need. Seventy one percent of big hispanic mountain- and there are many Sylvan lost. Four percent more of the white voting would have won. What is it all wrong? Publicans fixated on, and I do not think you are speaking for the biggest the space,
Annex in the derisory because their raw may should have been wider. I believe believe urgently admit romping. What's not putting their brain gourd rules against Obamacare. Can we count on punk to ensure that millions are left without insurance, absolutely not they're. Not. Can I mean that Congress is so dysfunction at this point that the irony will be if the Supreme Court rules against unaffordable character can have millions of red State Americans who will suddenly had their middle class insurance ripped out of their hands while blue stay too They had informed exchanges will still have their insurance it'll, be a crisis for those members of Congress in those red states, bitter gonna be fine from their constituents. It wait a minute, I'm my health care. I thought it was just gonna be them and when they find out that it's gonna beat us not them. I think it's gonna be a problem
Health Department? All right! Thank you, but I don't think you. What is yours, horrific? What they're doing for more information Avant hbo dot com.
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