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Overtime - Episode #362 (Originally aired 8/28/15)

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Overtime - Episode #362 (Originally aired 8/28/15)
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Welcome to each year, partly from the HBO real time. Ok arrived from, surrounded by my there's. This is just what China for What are your thoughts on the iranian Nuclear deal? I'm guessing you love it, because it's Obama, whatever you guys, you're good violated the first principle you dont negotiate with terrorists, and we negotiated with a terrorist organizational ragged at while you dont negotiate with terrorist Sweden. Illusion we didn't go, there's your boyfriend. We didn't really never to yours. If you don't give a shit we're going to meditate on the negotiate with tat, we know about arraigned Contra that wasn't
don't shedding with their regular negotiate, always errors. He also cut and ran when the bombing happened they route and eighty three George Bush's by more than one over there, and that this will not stand or whatever, and then we got and ran has wrong. John. He was wrong then, was wrong. Oh my god. This was this- was a relatively new threat way back then, and and in a radical Islam was on was emergent during the nest the whole getting out of the it looking at a different at a different officially, for I had had the Soviet Union and he was trying to destroy it.
Call your country. S whereas attain ran, has to be just terrorist. The whole country, above all those like me who the country is a two's running the country alight and end the people running the country. Are it is a death called their group of radical Muslims, Shia Islamists, who are more concerned about the hereafter than they are the here and now to any problem? Will, with with the with the policies been over these all the years that we ve been negotiating this rotten treaty which is going to give the moon regime. A hundred and fifty billion dollars to spend on terrorism all the time we have hesitated to help people of IRAN. Why this regime? Would you thousands renting out? It has unity which is not really doing what gives you a thousand nine. The green revolution occurred and the United States of America said nothing. He absolutely passed on doing anything to support when we re doing doings.
Guys all times. I Obama started this. I did it and then the next question, but what were you doing? Momently, let me be anything you say, and I dont know how we invite ices differently. When you drew up your taboos, absolutely bring them out taken the matter. That really does not allow any way as a brilliant terms. How do you really want aimed primarily route, which was the right thing to do I reckon learned a lesson and he started what they call the Reagan doctrine, which is helping people fight the time. Parents who are the enemies denied. I always our added. I write not licensed. Writing I look around loose fighting. I went back to go back to IRAN, the Moor. Regime is a terrorist regime who represses our own people. We there any number of groups there. We could
supporting rural and island areas, but we have entered a new eyes, would agree that ices and ran are the enemy right great there? Okay, so who is the worst enemy? Because I guess by the ragged doc and we should be supporting the other servants are when we should be supporting ices Libya? Look in the Middle EAST, you cannot you can. I mean we learn this during the Iraq war. You cannot defeat Sunni jihadism without having Sunnis on site. I've done a lot of reporting on Syria for four years. I've seen the conspiracy theories devolve from a point of your backing aside, because you support Israel. Now it is. The United States, first, the Shia not just of Iraq, but also IRAN. They want to work with the Revolutionary Guard core which, by the way bill has built sectarian militias in Syria that are burning people alive. Just like ISIS. Can we don't see it on? The nightly news doesn't mean it's not taking right is not be supporting. Is unease in Iraq to sit too to that's the point you make it we shouldn't we support in IRAN at anything. We sure particular should be supporting IRAN as they
as lay their wages, sectarian war and trotted creed, domination, the only ones who are doing our dirty work against. I think they should, but I would like to groups and fundamentally, they fight against the rank of a regime like theocratic holes like like curly, like oh, the irrational locked out of the Sudanese in the end bar privates that use how about how about how about the wearer, though there are already baluchi, there's more birds in IRAN than there are in Iraq, where anyone can have helped area these people Instead, we sign agreement that logic, My eyes is these models who ate us so what's going on with your marijuana I am very proud that the radio Rick vehemently does not We believe and state rice, we believe in personal responsibility, leaving doctor patient relationship
We live in making sure that you have a limited government and a maximum of individual freedom. Well, that means that you should let people smoke marijuana do believe in our fundamental principles. We ve been I can about all these years and I forced the issue. I am very proud to say. For the first time we got through the Congress a bill that permits people at least to use medical marijuana. If, if their suffering have a doctor, prescribed in states where they have already legalised it? So my my builders said: if a state legalised the the medical from our marijuana, the federal government can't stop it
and supersedes our gas days. It unfair of CNN and the Republican National Committee to exclude curly fear arena from their next debate. They really excluding, or will it ascends the hour the sea, has given up responsibility for allowing inappropriate protrusion who's gonna, be under debate. State aid allowed the networks to make the decision. So if someone came in second last time like senators aunt or they can Can I get on the main stayed because the network's decide, however, they want to do it. The party is almost disappeared. Heroisms holing run they do by appalling that the network rise in the polls, so she did ride. She may make this second debate and semi valley. She had a pretty salad, showing according alot of activists will see. I mean she's, so of course, in Trump fee arena. Their scene is
outside or and this in a lot of weight whenever you travel around you see this is the year of the outside. Our people want that kind of person, the Republicans that it makes it hard. Even if you had a blue collar message, you state must be under guys like you who know how government works when Donald Trump says things like, I would slap a thirty five percent, x on board, as if a president can unilaterally. Let us not to see how a country like Sweden rising. Yes, your flash drives us crazy. Ok ten years after Hurricane Katrina? Are we anymore prepared for a natural disaster of that magnitude? Well, I better. We are to a certain degree. I mean they did they built up some levies there, I'm hoping we shit tons of money down there. I must have done,
Something right can all be for being frozen to do. If you use the. Governments going to be doing a good job will work, but you didn't trust. The European Union illegally government has a role in disaster relief. Don't you? Yes, I do. Ok, so FEMA, which didn't work well under Bush, seems to be working better under Obama. I hope so. Worker Wendy is the media tougher on female political candidates. I think there's indifferent standard for female political candidates, and I think my re certainly demonstrated that as a woman, a divorce woman with two children, I went through a very different type of scrutiny about that than a male candidates would do, and I think it's part and parcel of what happens to women in politics and when it does happen, I think it's important that we call it for what it is, because a lot of times people respond to that they don't even necessarily
consciously that they're responding to negative messaging that succeeding in that way and when you bring them present to it and they consider it it really, I think, does make a powerful different sense. More women candidates. Can you please let it is okay? Is there any significance to Cornel West endorsement? What is this about Bernie Sanders, I mean he has huge crowd.
Shewn round the mediators uncover that nearly the way they do, Donald Trump, also, I noticed all republicans- are able to dismiss Bernie Sanders with one word socialist, like case closed to argue anymore, he's a socialist sorceress. Social security is socialism, but would you campaign against? That is what I think Chris Matthews requested that every wash em and shows was really. The operative question was the difference between a socialist and a Democrat and to state my mind. Restrained she's has not answered in no she's been asked multiple times. And they- and the truth is that the Democratic Party is basically a socialist party. These love, what women inside the left, America, every mulatto you terminal different, where democratic, socialist. Well, I wish the Democrats, where social,
ok, ok, whatever anyone these are, only the modern country is a quasi social was country, including the United States. And again, you would not vote to repeal social security. Would you, if you wouldn't than you are also there was a socially just because their programme or the Veterans Administration, Jilting, there's just because the government does certain functions that we believe should be socialize? Does it mean that, where social wisdom in social
I think that we ought to. Russia was something very simple. I mean the fact we provide for a common defence, and we found the developments that make us socialists, because a governess area of cordial immersed in a military wouldn't becomes socialism and the Republicans haven't reach that level, but to the degree that we support. So, if you know what's real, socialism is the fact that every year the Pentagon tells Congress not to build weapons, they say we don't need them, we can use them, we literally have no place to put, and Congress still makes them because it's in jobs programme in their district, that social welfare development, like our aid and went out at any time. You buy weapons system that you don't absolutely need for the defense you're doing a disservice to the people, but what Bernie Sanders we worked with Bernie
It is an iceberg. I need more than a guy's cries of serious concern for the democratic nomination. Is this guy is running a real campaigns? He's kinnock, I am almost every college student I encounter is foreseen. It's unbelievable policy differences between about tone. What what does the policy difference between Hilary good name? One difference between you, That's one group: do your by Bernie Sanders he's yours, third or move to go on thinking really pushing for single hair healthcare system he's talking to support it, but you know what I think that he has helped make the democratic candidates altogether a better group, because he is speaking to something that is really in people's hearts and minds in this country from air so frustrated with income inequality. They are so frustrate With wage stagnation there so frustrating listen violators lands. I talk about anything we're there, you have it. You probably way.
Rachel an angry every solution. I actually advising people. Actually, I believe any standards will put a lot of these walls. Not what to do any work imprison. They don't believe it when Hillary Clinton says it all the time we had all your very very entertaining. I appreciate you seem to be any fighting. I watch him any more information on each be oh dont, com.
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