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Overtime - Episode #364 (Originally aired 9/18/15)

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Overtime - Episode #364 (Originally aired 9/18/15)
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Welcome to each year, partly from the HBO making real time on the internet, where the questions were either where these are the ones? Ok, ever ever Republican is elected and rip up that IRAN's nuclear dear, what kind of ramifications will be for the rest of the world good question, bad. So I would rephrase that and say if IRAN has a nuclear weapon, what are the ramifications for the rest of the world and I think what we have done is just allowed them. Clearly, a legal path to a nuclear weapon is not a question of if it's a question of when and by the way, but what happens to the world when they have a hundred and fifty billion dollars? We now,
why significant car will be used to support terrorist groups around the world. That is not a good governor. Yu said it's a question of when we know without the deal the when could be months, it's limiting illegal within deal it's at least ten years away. How is but not better. It's already illegal for a ram, have any type of nuclear program. What we're saying now is we're going to legalize it and pretend that the fact they ignored it. The first time doesn't mean Billig North II and in the meantime, they get a hundred and fifty billion dollars. They get a legal, Anti Ballistic, intercontinental ballistic missile programmes. You do now that, even if we don't, if we'd under the door, the sanctions go
because none of the other countries do not make either our then you can get a deal or we get nothing. Now. That's not true the sanctions that, sooner or later they were passed by resolutions of the security that are about to be repealed with the other countries who are part of the sanctions. You know what marker Ruby, you said we're on a planet where we're just one country all those countries that are part of the sanctions, they're not going to acknowledge the many months and they are going to trade with the ran. So either we get the deal for we get nothing. Now I don't think that's true. If we don't get the deal, they don't get, they don't get two hundred and fifty billion. What's that you get used to become the dominant, not just economic but military power in the Middle EAST, when we know they're going to use it for terrorist activity, while the period they were the number one power in the Middle EAST when Nixon was present and we loved it.
They weren't a terrorist state? They weren't, I remember one. They weren't the number one right state sponsor of carriages whenever we get rid of the dictator, something worse comes along that path and look happened. It has Then we had a because their full of moderates. We had a situation before W came in where we had a number of states or buffers against IRAN's. We had a pretty good bounced within cities into she has ever. There is actually bounced. You had Jordan on our side, Egypt, on our side, the Saudis on our side. You had a sunni government in Baghdad. Ok, what do we knock? Em off gave it your ran. Now we got a sheer governments right across the Middle EAST. Now all hate us as we did at because more and more, we started when we started that. Why I just want to say how can you guys keep doing it wrong and keeping so confident
anything. What did you think? I would you think of Ronald Reagan and rake of ICT in nineteen? Eighty seven thirty made the right that when he, when he offered Gorbachev, to go down to zero zero, get rid of entire nuclear arsenal and how would that go over today with Republican, I think it's very different. I think it's very different because we are as even we're or danger. Where were you have China? You have North Korea, North Korea, even if they sign some sort of a core would never do it. We know they have correlate. China's estimates wait let's twenty nuclear weapons, but we know other countries so back your web Ronald Reagan offered to get rid of our entire nuclear arsenal when, if Obama offered I think that go over only go back. I think it would go over the way it should go over, which is not very well so will not don't you have a regular was wrong of weapons. No, that was a different world and new hope
really different world radio reasons it was you didn't, have a nuclear North Korea, you didn't have what will be a nuclear ran. You didn't have a nuclear China. At that point, you sure you did. China got nuclear weapons and nineteen sixty four why you re worth as much of a challenge to America as they become binding, just love hate Obama. It's it's never known about us. Their personality question APOLLO World America was more respected. It was stronger. People have greater confidence in our future. One Reagan was present, then they do today and by the way you look at the world today, there are over forty million refugees, the largest since the end of world war, two, that is a tragedy and most the large totally because of about the largest numbers.
Bill bill bill, the largest numbers come from two countries, Syria and Libya. Syria is where this present addressed the american Piero. Instead on drawing a red in theory, it is not stabilized because of George Bush's stupid war in Iraq and Syria was Greece that Syria was based analyze before ISIS existed, and the second is Libya, and somehow, I guess, George Bush's responsible Libya to in fact it was this problem. The Clinton Obama policies working with the Italians and the French got rid of Gaddafi right, leaning from behind and one we created this void. Instead of helping forces that would have been proved right.
TAT when Bush got rid of Saddam Hussein, but bear when no bomber get ready. Now not. How can the european countries assimilate the migrants into their pluralistic societies carefully? Is it's gonna, be it's almost impossible for than just find a solution they decided to divide, or they may grow coming in by many countries, are rejecting said. Also, I mean, let's be honest in mexican immigrants who come here, basically share our values system. That is not true, necessarily with the immigrants who were coming into Europe. I mean I don't know of any Mexican to want a theocracy, but there are many Muslims who come from theocratic societies a mean it's very hard. It's hard
to assimilate them. You know who wants to hire. Someone at super cuts are wearing a burka. Now that the priorities I want once they are cut by an invisible lady, I think I know that the crisis might end now, with with winter with the winter, then the number of immigrants he's going to diminish and then the problem brain Rhine other facing Europe is going to the minutes but say Chris Matthews trumps candidacy make us look foolish in the eyes of the world.
I myself was not a one word- I only very rarely ever guy one. I just wanted to make history. I use up my time. Yes things up here, you know when we talk about the country being worse off, you know, there's been a lot of progress in this country in the last ten or so years. You know we have same sex marriage now. What's the republican debate the other night, nobody thought about that. They did maybe there's like a b. You know you read, it is more Joe invitation. Wrote that went over. Nobody wanted to fight about Republic has done so we go through it, but definitely not just over the greatest generational. You know those guys when the done stuff, they wouldn't upset. It's ok to be gay. They said same sex marriages. Alright, they wanted the countries much
now this every one of our kids is more liberal, that this is where they just don't even think about it in every curve. So I just I don't know why we keep wicked ourselves, as they were not as great as we were. The greatest duration was wrong when so many things that services are not integrated right to gaze were beaten up the barracks, I'm sorry the country is better now. Morally
Many ways there was our arabian. Ok. Does the electorate of german carbon in the UK where he was an elected? He was out of the Labour Party in the UK signal a global swing toward populism lantern what that means, but I could ask another german carbon question. He is advocating that the UK apologize for the Iraq war for their participation in the Iraq war. Should America he was carrying a mistake. I mean in two thousand and three we may even the republican candidate and we made up. We made a huge mistake. Journalists are things. It was also part of our responsibility. We were silence and we do not challenge not sure. Yet we did. We didn't challenge in order that we should actually, even though we do yourself- and I don't know-
will you say about the war? I think now that we're doesn't work here now. Furthermore, the fact is that your knowledge and China we should have otherwise I oppose the morn every com. I didn't. I didn't salvage Michael, more guided the outdoor. Actually, I'm sure you do don't be kind of sending now I know what I'm saying is. Don't you like those. We should have done much better chubby Bush. What we challenge, but he is obviously we do in China. Can we not because other out, why do we ordered the war? But why are we all lumped together? What you know some journalists didn't Chris and I spoke out against the war Michael more like I was about to say, stood up in the Oscars and they all boot him, but he had the guts to say we shouldn't do this in its immoral and not right, and there were lots of people. There was demonstrations all around
there are lots of people were against this war, including some people in the Congress. Not Hillary Clinton, not twenty, eight Democrats, but lots of people. So I mean ok, let's not lump no lumping Obama how indeed they all postal and so the last question, and then I want to do. It's all about impression. I do because that Sullivan used to introduce people in the audience and other member when he used to do there aren't farmers in the german Arias night, but the greatest commands of all time, Mister,
short bite is gonna worry shore, where the greatest comedians James Brown, in his soul, crap, will be
Spain happens, but our last question can the Eu S still excuse that China and other countries are not doing their part on climate change? No, I mean yes, the climate is rotten inch in Cuba, but you know they're trying. Yes, they have problems, we don't and we wish they would do it fast, hormonal sure they wish. We would do it faster. But this idea that I heard at the republican debate that you know what other countries do bad stuff, so we shouldn't even try. That's a crass region. I thought America was the leader. I thought we weren't. Both the lead from the new technology and technology is going to change right, ready change. Haiti continuously, and so what we see today is not what we're going to see in ten years or twenty years, and I think that we should leave is ridiculous. This limit, let me say, as a republic and I actually think climate change exists.
And I know that maybe your reports in those words and I honestly think that Europe is not the problem. America is the solution we produce now. Sixteen percent of goodness gave us what Marcus things absolutely right. What we have to do is develop technologies that allows the de harmonise and at the same time, grow our economy and create jobs. If we simply impose costs Latin America, we don't help the global that all the Republicans at the debate. Talk like the jobs are in coal. We're solar now provide acting ten times as many jobs as coal that that the jobs in America are always in the next enlargement, really exactly right, because we're gonna be creating new jobs, More than replaced the jobs that, along what did you write your billions in type writers, more reading? What we're doing here at Hereford said if I ask people what they wanted, they would set a faster who
I waited and thank you very much, MRS Sinnott. We're having Friday night Watchman, remove venetian nonaligned, each bio dot, com.
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