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Overtime - Episode #365 (Originally aired 9/25/15)
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Welcome to each year, partly from the HBO making real time. Ok, we were at a time before I get to these girls. I want to say we have to british people heard it. And I wanted to ask about the scandal with David Cameron looking into really yes, they have you heard about it was a large Ashcroft. Is a billionaire gave a lot of money. The Tories ice armies somewhat, like British COPE Brothers Survey pays no taxing, just like the cop, rather evades no tax, so tat well, a lot of money to the conservative and then he was very pissed off very puzzling.
Who's was not really made a major Figaro and he apparently has gotten back at them. By reading this memory says the current Prime minister, the conservative David Cameron, when he was an Oxford engaged in marijuana, smoking some kind of weird sex parties, and I guess, as a hazing ritual, put his penis in the mouth of a pig, Leipzig, knowing tat the female is exactly where the problem, Cambridge rediscovered sheet. Really, so this is not unusual or to british people. This wouldn't sound. Weird. Nothing drink, more mercury seems weird about it. You well
I made putting European us in the mouth of a dead pig. I was not a point of fraternity system to sort out. Is that, from my point of view, the thought of putting my penis is impossible because I didn't you know it's got a funny, though the fact that it was a dead pig doesn't make. It sounded better now, but not similar to show for it are just then I know, but there's been so many pedophilia scandals lately with people in show business in Power- and you know here we just keep it to the church over the let's get to the questions are wrong. Ragged. What explains the Republicans obsession with your father may well he's better than Nixon.
S they have really. But it's true every election cycle law. Now they try them out again he's like a fetish object. They bombed at a stroke, the giver, yeah stroke, the Ronnie there and then. Then the question arises as to whether he would be welcome in today's Republican Party. I think, if you look at the record when it was governor of California assigned a liberal abortion law as president, he raised taxes after cutting them. When I found out that raising the adding angrily your amnesty for three million immigrants, get our nukes down to nothing with carbon yeah, two hundred Marines killed in Lebanon and the barbaric spamming. Did not go to war in Iraq. Was ran, ran out there and when an ozone hole opens up over the South pole due to our putting chlorofluorocarbons into the atmosphere that that was a refrigerant. Of course right he did not
see that this was a liberal hoax, designed to deprive us of cold near right, actually did something about it. I encouraged everybody else do so to say. On that basis, no, I I have liberal, where I may also said Medicare with socialism. That would run out our reality, the idea that means that the dear departed got Walker saga about. I mean this guy loves Ronald Reagan to the point of it are, but a fetish Lee. His wife purposely got married on, isn't that eight it is it's like single white female, with a dead guy there that they like have parties on his birthday where the Edith favoured, food is so creepy here is picture
hours. I know it must make you as I wanted to get the Spanish, our ok. If you go on about a guy, just putting a previous you're right priorities. John if Bernie Sanders wins New Hampshire. Does that unseen Hilary as the presumptive democratic commemorating now from the next day spike? What is the best green car out there right now? Good words: what is because vetoes now falling apart? That's enough votes wagons going to stay in business, but make diesel may not just because what
This happened, because these cars are all diesel that that they were. These are only diesel diesel cars and their eleven million, of whom there are eight hundred thousand. I think a five hundred thousand here in the United States, but it is only cars made from two thousand and two thousand fifth, I'm so ignorant about cars and so behind on this up and I would never bought a diesel cars. I associate diesel still with the dairy sector. To act with the biggest That's what I think of his diesel, but what they were selling. Apparently it was. It was right. They were selling clean diesel, it's like when they sent clean coal, but never existed. They just words day other what there is clean diesel there's a substance he put in the diesel engine called urea, which is also what's in here, and it's dead. They sound. They can send this as it. So it's literally
piss injection engine and this car didn't habit and everybody wondered well. How did they do it? How do they do it without the area and they did not so good here, is what I would say that the big winner is. Can we know what I like your left, their learning, something tat. I never knew this about saw so much better. Tom what I would say that the big winner in the scandal is that is our old friend the press are, even though you know it's been around for a long term effect cards been around forever. Electric cars are gonna. Do well because of this test, learn everything else, and then the Germans are coming with their electric cars in twenty eight team. So there's there come back, maybe Jane. What ways can,
average person get involved in animal conservation. Are there so many ways, but the way I am advocating is we have a programme for young people. We can fight and struggle and work to save animals, save environments, but it's a new generations coming up on going to be better stewards than we are what's the point. So we have this programme roots and shoots. It's now in one hundred and forty countries, its roots and shoots regions reaching choose. Imagine a big tree think how it begins: little tiny seed, little tiny roots and shoots appear, but the magic in that seed is so powerful that those little routes to reach the water can work through rocks and brine. Aside that little shoot to reach the sunlight can go through cracks in a brick wall and knocked down hundreds and thousands of young people. Of
ages around the world shows in budget make the world a better place, rolling up their sleeves being empowered to take action. That's what gives me the most is that animals, because what we need to realise is that animals like us, have personalities. They have feelings, happiness, sadness, their despair and we We respect that are sometimes our businesses in their mouths listened to challenge you when you put your penis in the mouth of again. No, I'm in America,
John John. What can you tell us about your new show with Eric Idle, that's gonna be or nothing why did you choose Eric as opposed to the other remaining? I like him, then margin only by the mere he's, also very good, music right that we need Let us all always look on the bright side alive. I'm gonna trotted out inferred because in Florida, if we, if we bomb Nobody'Ll, no right, so they will, you guys are big whatever you do, don't know. No. Now, if we fail in its Acerra Togo, no no Sarasota yeah, I play
Believe me, it's nothing, I've it and our any any any newspapers about by review the services you got your underestimating you're under how anticipated this year with her. It's not it's not very good morning, expectations I am just turning the truth, I'm bored with all the bullshit. It's not a very good. It's what we call sit down comedy is: it needs a new material world materials robot. Ninety, Seven new, but it's not Wilma possible. Four,
I think, you're being very modest, because you- and I regret its charm you're the letter from a huge stuff. You two are the lead and added my card me of God. I would buy, would walk about a thousand I'll. Tell me when she said that we are having fatty ninety to watch him. Any more information, not mind each be oh dot. Com.
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