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Overtime - Episode #368 (Originally aired 10/16/15)

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Overtime - Episode #368 (Originally aired 10/16/15)
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Welcome to each year, partly from the HBO making real time arrived here. We are no large for you. If you do not win the democratic nomination on what are the chances are bad.
Will you run as a third party candidate? Look, I wanna be a democratic candidate. I wanna have a chance on the democratic stage, to rally people to what I think is an issue at the core of the Democratic Party: restoring democracy to the people and that's what I want to do. I want the chance to do that. Now. It's been hard because you know I may teach her I'd, I'm not a billionaire, I'm not a politician. If I were a politician, I could be paid while I was running for the United States presidency, but as a teacher once I start running, I gotta give up my job. So there's a period of time where I can run on credit cards and savings accounts when they can't pay me from the campaigner. Anything where I try to get into the rays and what I did in my case was raise a million dollars in less than thirty days. That's more than five republican candidates. It's more than Jim Web and Lincoln Chafing is just about exactly what oh Molly raised. I rallied ten thousand people to the campaign. We have a real campaign: staffing qualified for public funding, but the democratic.
They wouldn't even acknowledge me as a candidate and saw the Paul's wouldn't include me on their paws, and so when they said one percent, you have to be asked to be in this arrays. I would be careful about. This is kind of what Jim Workers rights are. They get area offers whining and then able very apparent during the debate. I tweet oil that meets our laws and during the debate I tweeted they should be included on restoring the plate. But the question is whether you know that was really knows, but here, on the other side there job about half of all said Arabella Gratulating has already that we have to do to be able to breathe. Everybody, the Republican, but I think we ve been around with a small boy bush, but the issue I think, is being raised by by the other candidates. But if the issue is how do we get a democracy rather like? How do we make that the priority? What bill
What girl said in the debate on the on line. That, I think, is the most important line. Not mentioned by anybody set if we're gonna have any chance of addressing these problems. We ve got to do with cat with camping finance, which is exactly my, but they certainly bring this. Eighty percent republicans agree with your. According to limb. By putting this week, which is fast and not as lively another, damn email it meaning. What we want in one of my big problems with liberals in this era is, is that their ability to knit pick fights on the very very, very, very, very far end of the spectrum in indulging abandoned member, that how dare they say, because there to ancient italian men, that You don't think that the baby should be made artificially well, you know you agree with them and ninety nine percent of the thing there to a gay man. Are you really want to pick this night? I don't know about this example. You're saying Bell, but I do
well I'll. Tell you why not nobody? I know more about the Nile Junior Diana scandal. I follow. Don't you get bonobos stores, not this, but but but I believe very much in working with people and you subsume allotted the differences you might have to make to kick to campaign on one big issue and I don't believe in sectarian fights and I think the liberals, the real problem with liberals over the last decades has been that they haven't taken their own side in the fight, and I think one of the things that appealing to approve a bird centres put aside, socialism is a fighter and is fighting Rohingya half averted for actual one of the people of use abiding. You know those living here, Billy, I'm not the good thing about go to Japan. Things established unequivocally. The Elton John is king of the guy is right. We now know that has been actively look. This is gonna smallish. No, it's ok shipments bounded a hundred fifty years ago to redeem the promise of democracy, and I do not make it a small- is absolutely Johan. What
what's behind the rise of anti establishment candidates like Jeremy Corbett in the UK, yet the Jeremy Corbyn is the candidate for the Liberal Party and he is way out there to the left. I mean it's likely more than Bernie Sanders even is here and I'm not travel to live by scientists he's a way to enable them of his position that wouldn't that would establish this point. What is currently one of the key things about Germany? Cobain is that he's a rejection of the new labour project, something when this happened in the? U S is the the bushes with so horrific unsuitable for the kind of precluded, some things that went wrong into the new Democrats and under Clinton and German, hoping that it really wouldn't have that same gap in Britain, so Jeremy Corbett is really about fasting, says about poligized to the Iraq war, but also about rejecting so much of the kind of NEO liberalism of the new life begins at the tiny play is, and I think a similar thing has Bernie actually represents a similar Critias Clinton is, let me doesn't couch is that we really need it.
Not the things that go run for those people in Vegas that I met they dick I run under the Clinton years. We can forget that you write that good things as well. It's important to acknowledge our now. I m not a glutton bogey. I know I know you are. How do you see marker Rubio as a serious content? Went? Yes, Jeffrey I mean he's the guy. I predict when the nomination, I think is, can you come down to three three folks is going to come down to on their establish inside Rubio case, sick or job? I think Jem as a shot, and I think on the other side is gonna, be terrors, like TED crews, and allow me to be a bad thing has to be himself could be one of those against one of those three against TED Growers, John, when I, finally, finally, while judge you put on trumped ignominy, twenty, that's that's hardly, but I'm going to fly out of a guy. You have died when the media has completely guarantee around me. Let me say something about our trump. This, no one has play the media better than down what is years, here's, but but no one has done social media with a twitters. He is dominant.
The news coverage of this whole this whole campaign, in ways that no one's ever seen, because he does it off the cuff, and these are authentic, taken his own kind of crazy way. Too bad? I think, as I think it's embarrassing talk about social media, but this past summer I don't want you. This past summer was an example of media malpractice outside its highest. Could we not turn on tv set without Donald Trellises ocean up all the artist and listen listen? This is a great. Does your recent region to these matters and I will say in all honesty I was about me say this. Let me say that Recently got on the new, so much is because he's newsworthy- and it says stuff that, what's
what do the exact in the world we live in and take eight weeks to line the pockets of Donald Trump Brain like we can think about, is in about a week he's always, but if you look at it always german image among these are clear, very quick by we had a huge amount of coverage about this ridiculous. I e mails and then in less less coverage of Bernie Sanders. We now see the inquiry you guys from the media hype. Ours is worth remembering requirements that Donald Trump wedding. She took money from him right. About this issue when would like eight thousand dollars, but do we think that Hillary Clinton was it don't drums wedding? Could she likes him and wants to hang out with you think? almost rapes you're going to go and only from as they like
That's a good idea! A panel expect any regulations to come out of Hilary gluttons testimony before the Benghazi committing right will be off next week. I think she testifies on Thursday. We should mention here on the air to night a second Republican this week, him out and basically said the thing is rigged. It was. It was just to take political pot shots at her. They can't even keep that quiet, so Well, it's a lot. It's a long running committee that the Watergate Committee is wasted about four point: six billion dollars. However, I run I have your answers on that one or two committee, when she was, I haven't contrary invoke, wasn't bullshit Santa Rosa. I thought there was a senator name, Senator William Fulbright. Why think in nineteen sixty six held hearings on the Vietnam WAR? I think this country would be served well by real, been guys in committee, which would look at the United States policy, been one of regime change. What we doing in Libya, what has done a lead to in the rice as well
see play out in the Middle EAST. That is a welcome did. I think I think a tragedy has been trying to do the right things. I do think that the Republicans of triple over themselves and if they were trying to do the right things, the media attention now as then, whenever ever they put into it, then kind of side. The tragedy of all this bullshit opposition is that it prevents the real opposition that the Democrats actually do need, as they do lots about things. Well, you know I'm running. Are you all right beg you everybody? I appreciate you catch only make sense if we haven't fighting, I watch him any more information on each be. Oh dont, com.
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