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Overtime - Episode #369 (Originally aired 10/30/15)

2015-10-30 | 🔗
Overtime - Episode #369 (Originally aired 10/30/15)
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Welcome to each year, partly from the HBO making real time to arrive. Here we are in overtime for Maxine waters. What do you think of criticism of liberal candidates by black lives? matters activist. Yes, they were yelling at Hillary yesterday, oh well, this is where I get in trouble with a lot of people. I am a real believer. In first amendment rights encourage people to speak up, speak out. The two to rally and to do all of that you may not like it, but today, since that would ensue and drove over the first Amendment nine zero. No Gary knows it did so anyhow, they are acting out their acting up. They make a lot of people uncomfortable, but as far as I'm concerned deal with it
Ok, I heard the Roger stone. What do you hold? Voters will take away from your book the Clinton's war on women you're pretty tough on the gluttons on this book. You you think Book Clinton has not always been a gentleman s really The point? The point is that her narrative saying you re twenty seven. He says he is a bill cause be types actual predator. We know some of these names. One need a broad work Polish Jones Kathleen Neither other we don't know Christie, searcher Becky, Helen Dowdy and so on. I don't and Hilary has facilitated those yes rate. I dont member ugly words. I would follow Jones someone. I know she was sexually assaulted, pardon me, but it's it's bad. Well, I don't know if it's Hilary who hires the heavy handed private detective to silence these women who made the book not know One is saying that he's not a horn don,
I books not about consensual sex, I'm in favour, consensual, sex between adults, the idea and other brave step a p m. I am Borg Spectral Zack, I wrote a book about his girlfriend is mistresses is one I stand to beat encyclopedia. This is not the point. The point is, he is abused. Women she's help covered up she's enabler, that's what the books about the Clinton's our little hands yeah little raping well, I know as a sort David. What do you make of the news that Holograms of Andy, Kaufman and Red Fox will tour comedy clubs next year? Should I have to follow them.
The killing and follow a juggler Richard brought great new great. Does the end of the one child rule in China? Yes, that's another story. We should have covered ran at a time, one, China, after thirty five years of law, and that we can do in a dictatorship. We could tell people how many kids like and am now you can have to, but no something, no substantive agents. Now, that's right again!
Thirdly, as the I know it no berliners bothered me about that. Is they wanted boys? I may not have a terrible problem over there again of too many men and too few women that right, because the incident aside with yeah this is also making a prison cell a little bit larger, not one to still a government law. I mean popular is one of the biggest problems. We have climate wise to hear something. People like to hear it's the wrong people, procreating religious people, What do you think I talking about I'm just saying we're all gonna relent. There's an arms race between religions, we gotta get more
flags out there we're gonna get more Muslims. Are there it's crazy Grover do expect the republic, Denominate nominate, whoever he or she is, will sign your anti tax pledge, yes, dad Just about everybody has, I expect both Trump and Bush, the two who haven't yet both we'll do it. They both said trumpets, said, opposes tax increases. We just looking to get it in writing to the american people. I think I'll have, and what are you? What do you say to the people who grew would counter that by saying that, if we don't have enough, revenue will explode the debt, which Republicans are also claiming that they hate. If you keeps
ending and you too, and it you'll have that we always do keep spending, including the Republicans, isn't that you are not always that's the whole point I want to have to, but we always, but because you ve got a president controlled by the special interest. That's why you probably I ain't its congress right, but the president can cut spending if he has. The will to do for the problem is that the everyone in the system is controlled by a special interests and she'll tell you everything in the bud just been put there by somebody, but my uncle and one thing: it's it's ok, not to remember history, but in the last four years we ve drop spending from twenty four percent of GDP down to twenty percent of GDP. Just recently been positive. The cap's federal spending because of the cap's that were put in and we ve, held two with little loosening, but they dare not gone away, then giving credit for something, and it was it was his idea.
And we appreciate it, I think, was a greater scope for spending went down because the cat, how we'll just have to keep them on about the fact that the matter is, we had simply call earmarked, for example, right, and there were few people turn by. We gotta get rid of them and they got rid of them. But I want to tell you Republicans, wanted them as much as Democrats, you're angry and they like to take the gravy home or whatever you want to call it, and so is not, as some would say. It's Democrats that spending everybody then Madeleine me. The same Daniel always happened. I've heard this my whole life. We have to start the beast. What does a beast? Do it borrows the beast? Never arms are always anybody believe, there's didn't with this many departments. There's no waste is hundreds of billions of dollars worth of wasted, should measurably. Let's another converted,
but we do need on spending that that the key thing is how much money the government spends. We need to keep that limited, but but not, and then there's not an argument for raising taxes, but you know it's a very hard argument to make with the american people because they have no idea. What's in the budget item, they think like twenty five percent goes to foreign aid, when you couldn't find foreign aid a budget with the jewellers. I most of the money in the budget goes to all people and aircraft carriers. That's what we spend money on now old paper lease paid into it, but Americans don't look at what goes into defence spending. They just hear it and go a blank cheque to the passing on. Of course, we always need more and that's it.
Place where we could really cut a lot and not checked out and not be any less safe, not if any less they should have. One thing to do is invite Congressman Calvert from California on. He has a piece of legislation that would reduce the number of civilian employees at the Pentagon down by about a hundred thousand saves a great deal of money, hundreds of hundreds of billions of dollars over a decade, and it really does bring. Bending down without endangering or getting out there at the headphone guys who get away with not paying their president had married a homeless people off the streets of this lays down it. That's about three billion and what right what our front coverage talking about saving is over a hundred you know, I'm a worthwhile
I'll savings to be made and the Pentagon has not that I and they haven't been helpful and because of this sequester their beginning to think maybe they'll get out of bed and do some fun. I said this to Bernie Sanders when they reserve two weeks ago and the liberals go mad at me. But you know just taxing the people with yachts is not gonna come close to what were what he's wanting to do? You're gonna have to go away down. We can, after all acts. That's right. The actual New York Times shown how you guys trillion and spend emphasise we're done. Always raise a dead limit when we have to- and you know so when we talk about spending- and you know basically whose you're responsible for we all in this game together- and I tell you I- I won- spend more money
on the whole, this was happening in L, a shameful downtown outlay and the streets are all the way up: the City Hall Football to a homeless and until you can talk about, how we spend money on our bedroom too, on the street who have been, you know, away and service making sacrifices until you can talk about taking care of. You know all folks, Medicare and making sure that they have the right to health care that they deserve: quality, Healthcare, You know, I'm not worried about spending too much money. Thank you very much, like you already ensures, had only representative real every Friday night watch him any more information on each be oh dot. Com.
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