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Overtime - Episode #373 (Originally aired 1/15/16)

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Overtime - Episode #373 (Originally aired 1/15/16)
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Welcome to night Vale podcast from the HBO late night series real time with bill, Maher Ralph Reed? How important is the evengelical vote in the republican Primaries well in Iowa? Is everything it's fifty six to sixty percent of the vote in Iowa right now? If you look at the DES Moines Register Bloomberg politics poll that came out, I guess a couple of days ago it has cruise getting seven per cent of that vote in eleven person field, so indeed, Ramphias were Trump is probably the low twenties, so it that stays where it is here. When the I will carcasses roof based on the strength of his over before whence among them, but is ill it, but isn't that always doktor been really the most Jesus e about them.
It is easy to see a technical term, be a large part of their citizens. Voted no technology in your area where dealing strictly with the here. I don't know when now when he did when he when he divided the fish in the Brad. I think that boy yeah, of course that was workers written down in a book two thousand years old and even the people who wrote it we're not contemporaries objective there. There are, as many can we know about radiance accounts of his ministry. There are, there are astonished, lives, there are none the gas
Excuse me, the gospels were written from seventy to one ten aide de. He died in thirty. Three Saint Paul lived in the fifties, not the nineteenth it. There are no contemporary accounts of do. You must know that there are, as I said, there are temporary, how there I don't know either or not. They were written later, not desert. In fact, would you please referee this? No can do their perennial truth, lay low thy neighbours not out. Why do on to others, as you have one do not the quality in terms of the particular ratings of the text. It certainly occurs decades after that attempt an keep alive. The funding by the eyewitness issue were there. No, its not mark
I thought, I'd wrote it in the year. Seventy its forty years after Jesus was a thirty seven. Thirty seven o clock their work. But not naked, temporary. So you're saying that if I write it, if I write something thirty seven years now, which says I knew you just guys, I don't get, it worries us. There what we have issued definition of term right, a content,
as someone who lived at the same time. The answer to the original question is the evangelical vote is going to be very important. Whatever your personal views are Jesus, his followers are still around, and maybe you are the right man that was a nice made. His gaze at very low crazy development is wrong about a lot of things that provide your panel were divided Panama. Thankfully I mean I never understood why black people wanted to adopt.
The God of the slave may of this year. The older hebrew scripture is that of an old press and persecuted people. Will God says you are subordinated, but I make a cabinet with you all. You have to do with due justly low mercy, while comely with thy God, and you will have a sense of dignity that allows you to stand in the face of farewell when I got back very sound, sparks a sermon and all with a good mother good, that's the best way to spread your bullshit. What do you make? A criticism that Asker nominees didn't represented? Diverse enough pool of actors is a real shame
but I think the problem to be honest, isn't really the Oscars. I don't think they should take that responsibility. I think it's Hollywood in general, who is making movies, who is being allowed? direct. Those movies is being allowed to be in those movies, asserting its strange phenomenon. To me, the Hollywood, the most liberal place in the world where, when twelve years, a slave one, the asker several Oscar voters emitted- we never saw the movie we just no, it should be the bright choice, always anyway, that's very liberal, yes, and they always pick a mania for AIDS or Europe's labour is gonna. When they ask, global, but don't worry I mean it's true. You know
As somebody who is is somewhat an affliction, you gonna what you could have again Gillian more me and if I may, that still ok, began. Chattering, really live, Why are there so liberal? Do they have this prejudice against nominating black people? You think they would bend over backwards to nominate the black we could possibly be. I mean who was it up very well Smith? They wanted nominated, rather will it may be ocean? Maybe could possibly be just at the other five actually did a better acting job, I'm just asking then we ve got me. I think I think the lid Leonardo is just a job.
No doubt about it, but I think this issue get raped by Albert Commodities like AIDS Times laid down is correct, doktor, when what is the future? The black lives matter. Movement allow hoboes, isn't all future. Nobody is not a movement. Yet at the moment it has momentum is not a movement until it able to sustain itself, bring answer If again, allies keep to keep their eyes on the prize, which is freedom, and this everybody, but it begins on the chocolate side of town with his after time. Chocolate balances is overlooked when you talk about abstract, universal category ran matter of connecting and in bringing us all in. This new think about this Eighty seven today Monday the King Jr was born.
Precious Alberta. His mother, I was added it in January, fifteen. Nineteen twenty August. Here is asks guessing although she is about another, I introduced here at the American Musical, What is bill? Clinton liability are an asset on the campaign. Triomphe Helio, that's an interesting question. The answer is, the answer: is both both yeah he's a bit a major asset and he's also liability and he's a liability not only because of tromp the realization. These issues related to his red, asked you no mystery, not women, but also he's the natural, also the fact that it knows where the Jugglery is in every by Bill Clinton is such a gifted politician that Hilary actually looks
striking, normally work contracts as true that such a dangerous thing about him is he allowed trying to raise not his conduct. Nowhere as everybody knows what he did and and nobody held against him even at the time in a sixty seven percent of programmes that we go was impeach some political huddle together with a few The people in your part and argument the voters, the public he was lying around looking there more than sixty percent of countries, is look we're going to shoot anybody here. They miss your fine made on the Disney raise the issue of work on that during those years and you I would have by like people that she was the victim than it has been treated. But that is not the case. There is a pretty robust debate about her conduct or treatment. Lewinsky, I'm gonna go we
get. Thank you very much only represents a real time. My every Friday night watch him any time for more information log onto each be oh dot, com.
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