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Overtime - Episode #375 (Originally aired 1/29/16)

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Overtime - Episode #375 (Originally aired 1/29/16)
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Welcome to each year, partly from the HBO making real time over time. Tom Hartman. Will you support Hillary Clinton? Should she get the democratic nomination in Harpy? Of course, absolutely right. You'll tell your listeners guide. Tell my listeners there. I said it do. I said you eat the jacket. There are no fish, maybe your first choice each a chicken. It's not even that she's, not terrible and issues really good and a lot aware she's, just not in my opinion, she's, not as really good as Bernie. I think we're on the same page exhaust every member. A lot of the reason is is that she has been demonized thirty years. Nobody gets beat on like Hillary Clinton. She really does have a kick me sign on her back. So, while the Republicans taped it there near Democrats aren't tonight story that I'm in there just something about her that people want to just take it all right. Kristen did Donald Trump make em.
Take by skipping last night's debate we'll find out in three days. I think the problem is that Europe's first of all the ratings for his rally were only a quarter of what the debate was. But really, if, if you wait in the debate there was this moment when Megan Kelly did the old, like TIM Russet, move from meat, the press, we pull the old clips and quotes from people and say: hey you settle these things what's going on by not being Donald Trump avoided having what would have been negatively been like a ridiculous montana and also connect that can I say, I think, what he also new instinctively crises and media person. A television person is that this show has gotten boring I mean when I started to watch the part about the immigration debate between crews and Rubio. I was like, while I've seen this five or six times this exact debate, and I know what comes next its
risk Christie coming in. I know his life. This is what's wrong with lodging than a like me or fat govern. I'm sorry I made largely was when the that's, what they call dumping the show, and if you look at, if you look at Donald Trump pull numbers, they ve gone pretty consistently up, there's only twice that they ve dipped and its after debates were Donald Trump. Wasn't the big headline where he was just one guy on Romania. So he knows that by being just one guy on a stage that beaten board people is the biggest enemy of road. I keep all the natural natural politician. You know where I am not taking its energy men in a way the politicians to step back in the twenties, Oswald Spangler said you know when a civilization is in decline when, when its leadership in its structure becomes a caricature of itself, here we're ok,
try. What kind of revelations WWW disclose in your forthcoming book about your time in Congress who good question? What are we gonna be in store of Paul Paul Ryan? Is a secret muslim number one? The beard wait. I will show actually how things can get done in Congress in house. Only publicans and Democrats are working together, but I also want to show one example would be the influence of money or lack thereof. So, for example, with the gun control people, like all my gosh, the energy they own Congress. The reality is this: a five thousand dollar check Your care pain from the honorary means nothing. It means nothing. Five grand is what somebody wipes there, but within a morning a fund raising in Washington you see. The reality is that the internet has a large membership and those members are people who vote etc. But these are some
subjects out I'll get into how legislation is become like a big turd sandwich, the omnibus bill, which is three thousand very scant, illogical book you hurry, I am unaware, may not see I'm still writing and yes, I would cut take that. How worried should we be about the spread of the Zeke a virus? Well, here an image of mosquito born virus. One thing: I've always loved about southern California. No mistake I'm never been that my Lord S, whereabouts wherefrom as lots and musketeer, has fears our ears a particular irony, the big problem of these viruses. It causes horrible birth defects, state and and and the state that has the highest population of the cities and Dick time mosquito that carries. It is Louisiana where their aggressively trying to stop plan parenthood from passing up worth control. Also
our rights, karma God talking to us or something while you know our imaginary kind of the sky, there, both Bolgia. I take your boy. What are the chances that a third party kinda like Michael Bloomberg, who's talking this week about maybe entering the race, will enter Bluebook will destroy Democrats in this because right here, this. I gave us look the same vote. Yes, the area that I live intends to have sort of moderate, very fiscal conservative republicans who might be considered someone who would support number bluebird as now, just Sort of relegated to this nanny state liberal, hide your big gulp sodas, hide your guns and hide your cigarettes. Because he's gonna commented ok, women, that's a little of his resume, but other than that twenty five years ago. He would be a down the line Republican, who could be the nominee Yemenis fiscally conservative law and order guy a bit of a NEO guns is negative.
Ok, strong on Israel, I mean there's a lot of him. That's old school! Imagine an election there where you have either Hillary Clinton Bernie Sanders. You have somebody on the Republicans, I'd who's, not Donald Trump, and then you have both Donald Trump and the Bloomberg Independent run. Then you start having an election that looks more like those european countries were instead of trying to keep everybody into these two very overly large buckets in a way. You have four different choices that represent very different things. That different motorbikes looks have Trump and Bernie Wall Street and Denmark, let's see who witnessed at that's all you're right, you're right audience. I appreciate how tell me when he said that we are having had a united watch him any more information on each be oh dot, com.
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