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Overtime - Episode #376 (Originally aired 2/5/16)

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Overtime - Episode #376 (Originally aired 2/5/16)
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Welcome to reach me apart from the HBO making real time. Ok here we are, I'm sorry. I was just a little over clamped sing too. I comes together to be able to make such a girl to me. You ve been asked for all of us for a thank you start making out. Why you wonder why
I myself it's a beautiful more, but let's roll page there are so few mainstream conservative comedians. Oh it's true, you're, the only one who can make budget funny. It seem funny to us. Well, there are a lot of mainstream rip. Conservative comedians, it's just.
On purpose right and can grow you just me, you just Joan, have the material to work with I'm sorry. There is no Sarah Palin for you guys on the left. Now you know I mean you can try to make a quick glance. He would never see policy, it just doesn't work. You may not like Nancy Policy of cheese bright that we lack of Tina fan and we lack the you, but I say that
I think we have proven over and over again to be alert to just watch two groups. I don't really g. I could be much vaunted ok glory is the equal rights and members still worth fighting for our forgot all about what know why you're here, where they trying to best it's coming back, it is heavily coming back, there's a big populist movements for it, because I think that we ve realized looking at say the Walmart suit, which was a huge, the biggest sex discrimination sued ever that we lost it, because we couldn't proof state of mind hello, not because there wasn't describe nation. If we had the equal rights amendment, we would have wanted it to be nice. To have women in the constitution's Armstrong Williams. Word. Does the Bam Carson campaign go from here? I saw a headline today that it was circling the drain
I just don't believe everything you re type. Nobody did fire people today he needed to ok and and cuts out, because we need to find us out yesterday. You understand what that does is just part of corporate discipline corporate you gotta go for struck, especially when you leave. I will you don't need those people who is gonna cut him. That's what I want is the fact that he went home to get new clothes awaiting, relaunch. Clear aerial again must be fair, and I think the latest relate this. Don't take it personally right away when you ve been online, don't you going forth their support? Where you been, on the wrong. What a teen days. Sometimes you need to change the, but, as is our relate here, but what there's? No one in the campaign who can go, get them for him. He had to go home, and so it has been on his. It was honest schedule for line really.
This was going on very day. I know what did you just say he wanted to sleep in its own bed. I totally understand one and the same. The sounds like you know. Is America ready for a president? Who knows you know I promise you ve got a holiday shoe. He just says exactly what it is. I'm Goin home. I need a change of close, so modest pit crews. What to set it differently. Doktor Carr suggests a thickness. We putting it on the change. Go you didn't have a few more. Nor less is not one key you could I'll get. Is no no he's gotta pick a madam said he wanted to go home. He wanted to get me why we re now: let's go home rise exchange about obsession cause and fashion and cleanliness, and so that it can actually be the only one who would have thought it might be funny, but it wasn't is good
did ya been. There is criticism of the Hilary vote for the Iraq war. Still fair game will courses in a campaign which, of course it is, but embedding huge vote. Then wait a minute. Obama was big enough to say that if he had been in the Senate at the time and got the same false information about weapons of mass destruction, he didn't know how he would about it. I mean that that was a very gentlemanly. Inter Alia, Obama say that I remember him making a very forceful speed. Now those are so pressing him today about how does it would be to get involved in Iraq? He wasn't in the Senate at the time, those before you yeah. He was inch in Chicago in a street rallies and when I read it he's he said that if he had known the same thing that Hilary knew he might have voted differently. I thought that was great of him to say that,
ok, so you just somebody else, as is the country ready for a female president, seems gonna yeah. I know they are either campaign we face today in the beating a dead horse, but let's just think about who we are ass. A country if America follows that the election of its first black president with the election of its first male and female president, I mean that moment for us, American. We were gonna, Donald Trump having ever run and an end, it would be reasonable vote for someone just didn't know: I'm not
but I do think going time voting Michael this watch inside our since you vote for their oblige we're not going alone. Excuse me we're voting for a woman who represents the majority of women and what percentage of black voters did Obama get over. Ninety Democrats always get the that's because he's a demographic. Well, it is as if they don't do it. Don't get over ninety, but I dont think Hilary is getting over. Ninety percent of women it just doesn't. Workers were only daughter is another reason. It doesn't want to know why the sort of interested mentioned Andrews resort of interested, but as to whether a candidate was which gender or of one so great persuasion and isn t very significant, but there there is a deep reason I think with women, often, which is that most of us,
are raised by women whether we are women, our man, I mean there are many more women rates by which way way. That's my point. There are a lot of their lot. That's my point because we are raised by women and even other a lot more nerve, great fathers now than they used to be, but because we are mostly raised by women, we associate female authority with childhood emotion, our the irrationality you know. So, like the years a greasy known, I was still look at all those studies we see men's authority later in it seems more rational, appropriate to the outside world. So I really don't think we will be able women. We will be able to move for me when I tell you how, because we will really only be able to recognize human,
hell it in all its forms when men are raising children as much as women are, and women are in the public world as much as men are, and then recent studies have shown that when men when husbands participate a lot in the child rearing, like you know, very young, especially changing diapers their testosterone levels, drug all of us here to die, whereas there is there is the fighter flights testosterone, some which, but women also have testosterone. Incidentally, there is also the oxytocin, which is the tendency friend hormone, and that goes up in both men and women when we hold children when we're with each other and empathize with each other. This is not a bad thing, mean testosterone points
That is not what we want, because, let us be honest: we got for deciding on asylum, we don't want some transparent rags. Does a lot in the mail body to regulator bending us. You need to start yes and women need testosterone. Do I'm just saying and they do not need it. I mean we needed in balance. We don't need disown crazed warriors going to test at night with a happy medium. When a man changes a Jaipur, it could threaten his health that's just not bullshit. It's challenge just the truth me to drink and by the way, eighty countries in the world of elected a woman later
amazing. I mean America sure whether this is the euro. Not America should feel embarrassed about. Eighty laid on a lot of starting with the last country to get rid of slavery, one of the last major countries
do we have worked out, I'm yeah right. We have to have gold. A meteor golden should shoulder its always scare me like. I would love to have golden mayor. Look. She certainly looks good this year, Doesn t she never look good, while leaving you Bruce right, which of course, called ripped Alex. Do you think that the DMZ decision to add more debates to the premise goods will have a positive impact for either can unresolved? I mean last night was a great example of that. I just think you have to substantive people. Talking about substantive issues for the country has gone to the party. That's good for people is in turn on the inside apologise to my family conference, but it does look like just a whole different species
when the mean they have this substituted discussion among two, would dulled never went out at the bounds of decorum talking about what Progressive ISM is there just on a different level of the luminaries scenario, unless he sees you can't stand. This certainly is on is on the republic as much more and more resources budget, as rightly your career a longer. They are correct and I say no word about tromp. Isn't he is not
says for business or three times the story about what is real network. You saying now budgets as it means that he is not a success really now he is incense aware of tat man. He s a kind of this little Mary groundwork are wrong. If one hundred taken the two hundred million dollars he inherited from his father, he was born on third base. That is true absolutely now. If he had taken the same amount of money and investor that here, made more money that has now we were very minor is instructive. For so we don't know that figures will never know how much money has because he's a giant, but we voted on more count on us and looked ass this and said that he is not a successful business vanity and invested in New York Times Report is so may well
am I going to get anywhere? You want to do many things you good course. The knows not. A secular sees the now not just from each leases his name and puts it on black taught you get rid of endorsing what you so can I say something about a heifer plays a very, very serious boys. Irish law has not shy and we were able to them from the same city that he is and he is such will. You come we know how which ok you come from to it or you can fly. I do we all do I not words. If so, what does this, thereby? The people as a horrible look? Well, I think they're looking for look as anybody innate that the primary thing they say is. This is successful business man and therefore we can run the country, which is why I think we need to know he is only a
on man, not a successful this asylum Giordano in New Hampshire yesterday, and that here thing you know that about the version used it right I think maybe we can get away to come on board. We settled episode of real time with Bill Maher every Friday night at ten or watching any time on HBO on demand for more information log on to HBO dot com.
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