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Overtime - Episode #378 (Originally aired 2/26/16)

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Overtime - Episode #378 (Originally aired 2/26/16)
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Welcome to each year pipe from each year making real time we are back and Michael Hayden. Does the effectiveness of drones outweigh the moral concerns about them? Good question I meant to get the two great is the great question and there's always a trade off and even as the first order effect is what you want, and you achieve it. You always trade. Second, third and fourth order effects. It you're gonna have to pay a terrifying sooner or later, so you don't do it lightly. The line I use with regard to drones and our current circumstances. We don't need a switch when you die, meaning when meaning that there still times when such activity is necessary, we ve got an adversary, wants to come in over the perimeter, wire and kill. You me our families. When you have a host government, unwilling Andorra
unable to act. You need to keep this tool available, but again it can always be the default option because you have to leave them with second and third honour. I read an article about it, you said is greatly exaggerated how many civilian aid it is that there are also says it's necessary precise. An imperfect, always have to live with. Then the alternative in, if you look at us in a rack ten years ago, kicking down doors, actual soldiers on the ground getting killed and killing a lot of other Iraqis. I don't know if that's,
but I also think drawings probably do create a lot of terrorism as a trade off I may give you thought it's kind of you to Santa septic. It's a video game. It's not really warfare we're from the from our side the people who operate in tremendous emotional strain because they actually become intimately familiar with the target with the press, the reaper over a target hours. If not days, you see the family. You see the interaction you see. This is a human being and if that still the target it kisses, the kids kisses the wife he gets in the issue of the internet's four hundred yards away from the compound, where you can now take your first shot consistent with the laws of armed conflict, and you do even though you ve stabbing this great emotional Bonci, it's not a free ride for the for the people technically. It is, however, very luring at the political level, because it allows you to do and be seen, is doing
Something without embracing right, the political risk of putting Americans in harm's way for labour. It's what explains your antipathy towards the Clinton's. You know like the limbs now, my loneliness, no, I mean, I think everybody else has now. I mean medics, feelings minority that next but right. Well, you know, I believe that you can only really judge or contemporaries it'll people younger and older than you you gonna guessing, but with your contemporaries you can really read them and Bill Clinton was the first person
Our generation is over, but still my generation to be the present run for the present and the second I saw him. I know this guy, what guys go with them, it oh I did like, and then I don't like him now, so I think may be, as I understand him it. Oh I dont like them. I to me he seemed like a republican it. Oh, I didn't like his policies when he signed that welfare bill I went in saying you know. I mean he was way to the right and made a lot of success was about moving. The democratic party right was a successful, moderate republican President Brown, liberal Democrats. So that is why I do not like him. Hillary Clinton same really. It. Chelsea clean. It just takes we're going to the mix some her fault, but do not help desk flatter body for Hillary Clinton, and I want her to be the president makes it doesn't matter if you like them. You're not gonna have dinner with them. My go our guys and how would you great Obama, as a quote black president.
Not even sure, as opposed to the I'm, not sure what the other Obama you know that the other the way they look, I think he's gonna go down as one of the most incredibly successful in concept. Your presence in the history of this nature. What what what but what he has done on raised will not win and those plaudits he is this Shaquille or Miller President's he he's got four, rings he's an incredibly great president, but he couldn't shoot free throws It does no good for us to pretend that you got alone. I reiterate that, because of their own ability, ethically about what the heck a shake and they exporting them at the end of the game- Obama's weakness, his hack, a check is raised because he was hesitant, he procrastinated and he was loath to address an issue that ultimately forced him into his bully pulpit with extraordinary elegant.
In the last time I was on the show when he spoke that eulogy at that church. He was at his best when he was at his black eyes and therefore he showed America something more powerful. So as a president in general and a as a president who dealt with issues that are a german to african american people about a but you each whose, as your analogy, the NBA ranks black dominated sport. You I said what sort fighting racism is prevalent Margaret follow. Did you lot? Did your lobbying of british Prime Minister David Cameron have an effect on his breaking agenda? That remains to be seen. You lobbied him. I did, I made a video imploring him to think about the health consequences and he entered you know
that was before your and our less warm million now you'll get the now the last year. Now after tonight, I'm waiting for debt by waiting for million people saw that it was probably one of the most popular posts that I've ever and I mean what he's doing. There is, basically, he told the people. If you dont want racking, we won't bring it here and recent. They just turn that around people said we don't want racking any said, Morgan Force you to take it. And just you know that Name: shit: every aristocratic lots of funding the business, like other other people, that there are not many women ragged calmly, racked my back yard right. Well, they made there There are four your money for your father and the nature and the one percent the flames they see that I've seen enough. Let me that's the trade off something people don't think ahead. You know, and some people would like somebody comes at an organic money for your formally.
Your farm in a failing anyway in Georgia. That's that's what it was well a bomb be able to finally clothes Guantanamo Bay. Yes, that was knows this week. We should imagine it didn't have time for that. What do you think about that? One time obey if I hope peace able to do without creating a constitutional crisis by closing it in the face of congressional opposition that we actually get to a political agreement on not concerned about keeping. Prisoners in United States, we ve talked her were really good at that we keep lawyer, I am concerned I am concerned about, but by the legal regime that would be created by what the President's do agreed will be forever prisoners. There are some who will be brought here who would not be tried and whom we will not release and then find another. The other fats
there is back to your NBA metaphor: don't don't operate undershot clock here right. You need to be very careful about who you shut out the door. The recidivism right here is about thirty percent truth and lending. Bush administration, push more people at the door than this administration right. So we but our global, your door. While we did it, we are most of the people who were there, never should have been there in the first place, and then we perhaps people
air, who even our own government says we should release they're just riding. Why don't we go there much trial, I stolen understand. Like us, ethics and I'll system riles work. We have never ever had a high profile terrestrial in a federal court. Were there wasn't a conviction, their pitching? A perfect gay like you liked you, that's that's terrorists being a means, literally a terrorist manual, America dozen try people, they say they rights, but they don't write. Why? Why do you like your work, because this present and his predecessor in the American Congress has said we are with Al Qaeda. That gives us a very
idea of legal regime, not a lawful regime in an unlawful regime, but a variety of legal regimes with which to conduct the war. One is, according to United States criminal law. Another perfectly legal effort is to do it under the laws of armed conflict. A president who is willing to kill people outside of internationally agreed theatres of conflict has already hugged dearly, the concept that we are at war and therefore we do have a right as a belligerent to keep members the opposing armed enemy force as prisoners, but we don't have to go in an area that travelling in the federal court has to work in a wide number didn't want the trail. There therefore we'll stay values. That is absolutely why blue room? Yes, there have been many trials. There is there have been many trials and they're all successful, but it reduces America's moral authority. All around the world- and you can see America trying to lecture Congo Rays on democracy and the importance of it and then
This is what we do. It's just optics sock they re optics are not good. All, though, given their inclination towards mass incarceration. One of the embarrassing consequences, though unintended, could be that a terrorist got a fair trials, and some of our american citizens there's a reason why ISIS executes people in those orange like that. Like we're back. How did not exactly a static desire is that you know
our jumpsuit they'd put them in that outfit because they want to remind people of get my face. Look forward. We we're looking backwards. I understand the impact, but looking forward, if you're unwilling to use all the tools available. Look at the dilemma. The book tries emphasise nothing, easier, there's always tradeoffs. Looking forward, we dont capture anyone who we cannot leave. We don't have confidence. Looking forward that we don't have confidence, we can bring into an article three court and we have a chain of evidence in all those other things that are required for a very high standard of beyond reasonable doubt proof, and when we don't have that tool, when we don't have that body of proof, when we don't think we can bring them to a federal court instead of capturing
under the laws of armed conflict, we kill them, what guarantee was filled with people that ages wraps? I may we hear the starting position that they were. We ran then, and I write when they were just ordinary, tangled in others there dear eighteen years, it's annoying guys. Sorry we meet, we just need to close Guantanamo Bay and stop the political issue for politicians to be able to say I will allow them on american soil gives these guys its income air too many times these are master criminals, sad old man, ok Joanna calls juicy gun control as a women's issue. You,
control is a woman's while the boy friendly pole is very worrying. Where, though, that there is a sort of boy friendly policy, actually single women and not as well protected as married women and women with children, and that to do with when, if a man has been violent in a relationship and you your he's no longer living with the woman on your dating him. He can still by a gun. If he's been violent in a relationship and you still with the woman, he is not allowed to buy gun with background check. So, actually, single women are more vulnerable and its incredibly important actually for single into a know that their more likely to be murdered by a guy with a gun, the new fuel married to him, and secondly, that you should have a conversation with someone if you're dating them about do you have a gun. Where do you keep it? Where's the army
mission and don't have it when you. I know you have it when you say liberals hate. I think that you know so gives ammunition to the programme people, but the truth is that men are generally stronger that women and a gun is equalizer. While I need one holding the gum yeah, but a woman can hold a gun, it's not too heavy for her to pick up well, except that if you live in a house her with a gun, one of you is more likely to die from. Ethel from violent death, and if you don't have anything about Iraq, where I was in not having the matter of not having a revision Bush and I was a woman I'd like to have a gun I would because, if he gets in the house, then I don't have any recourse. Well. Statistics show that your much less likely to be harmed by gun if there were no guns around
That's a lot of idiots. You don't know what they're doing with a gun. You know those Chris Christie backing Trumbull, lend him any credibility with the republican establishment, which one framework wasted the question. I think we're honesty is trying to get a job. I think you're right, I think things when leagues. Finally, I'm gonna be a tip personal inner city. Russia's energy thinks he's gonna, be the vice president, because that would be a little too much of one sort of testosterone fuelled ease goes right, right kind of alpha mail, but attorney general. I think you would love that I think give if he hopes drum drunk from be thrilled of Trump is presently doesn't the point polar Dean, and
No, the plumber judge Argentina for super earlier. Eleven right has the successive Donald Trump diminish the power of money in politics? Will that's a good question do because we saw a job Bush drop out and he certainly had most of the money and Donald Trump yeah either? Isn't gonna try getting money? Just on the sly, I mean it's not that he's not getting money he's just now getting the traditional way, but you know
It's a lot more than his own cash at stake, but I don't think he's a easy answer to the referendum on money. Think chap spend ninety eight million dollars on advertising and if your Donald Trump content machine right, you don't need to have any advertising, because everybody's covering you, you are the content and Jack was simply wrapping. He's adds around the content of trump domain. It doesnt money doesn't help you. If you're, not a good candidates. Job just didn't, look like he wanted it enough receives exports. Do you know over the course of many seasons pro? the way the richer James do do better, but lots of times I mean in the world's every last year. The Mets were not as one of the richer teams either whether royals in the Mets beat them all right. Thank you very much, a catch all new episode of real time with Bill Maher every Friday night at ten or watching any time on HBO on demand for more information log on to HBO Dot, com.
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